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"Remember That Time in Rainbow Six..."

Introduction - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Critical Hour is a nostalgic refurbishing of missions from the classic Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear games. John Clark passes the torch to his son in law Domingo Chavez and takes a look back at seven critical missions that started the Rainbow Six series. Critical Hour features a variety of gameplay and new weapons and offers seven remade missions that fans voted to be in this game.

Gameplay 8
There is not much new to Critical Hour as far as gameplay goes, but there are some new features added that make this game very enjoyable. Critical Hour is a copy of the Rainbow Six 3 games as far as control and tactics go. There are some fun weapons and gadgets to use like the breaching hammer and the A-12 gas powered automatic shotgun. In fact there is a lot in Critical Hour that would get fans of Rainbow Six Vegas disappointed because so much is left out of the Vegas games when compared to Critical Hour. There are seven missions that are completely redone from the first games of the series as well as a single player custom gaming mode in which you can play Terrorist Hunt, Lone Rush, and Training. Lone Rush is a time challenge game type and Training involves moving to way points with your team to take on various objectives. The seven missions are fun and fans of the original games of Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear will not be disappointed. Multiplayer offers a variety of enjoyment either online or offline with the P.E.C and new modes like Assassin and Free For All. There is a difficulty setting that makes your enemies go from dumb to smart basically and reduces your health bar, but it is helpful to that extra option for difficulty.

Story 7
The story is not all that intriguing unless you are a fan of the original games and understand what the missions were originally about. Of course there are videos that explain what the situation was and the videos aren't that bad at all. However, there is no original story to propel this game along which is probably good in keeping Critical Hour short and sweet.

Graphics/Sound 7
Critical Hour has that bleary eyed view to it like some other Xbox games. The graphics are like they would be if this game was a transplanted PC game, which in fact it actually was not. So the graphics are ok and the sounds are unique enough. The missions are interspersed with some exciting videos which are clean cut so that makes this game fun to look at it.

Play Time/Replayability 7
You will probably be able to beat Critical Hour in one sitting because the single player campaign is simply short and sweet with its seven missions. The bright side of Critical Hour is that there is plenty to do once you have enjoyed the nostalgia and there are plenty of features to keep you interested in playing.

Final Recommendation 7.25/10
If you are a fan of the first two original games Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear then you will probably want to find this game on the pre-played rack. I think there are a lot of weapons and gadgets in Critical Hour that had no reason to be left out of Rainbow Six Vegas and therefore this game deserves to be looked at for what it offers to the Rainbow Six series. Although many games in this series that came out on the Xbox are playable on the 360 please note that as of 4-21-08 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Critical Hour is not playable on the Xbox 360.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/22/08

Game Release: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Critical Hour (US, 03/14/06)

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