Review by malarkey183

Reviewed: 10/16/06

The Mortal Kombat "Series Finale" (for now)...

This is my first ever review, so here goes...

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon is technically the seventh entry in the series, and I must say that I am happy with the results.

Going into this, I thought the reduction from 3 fighting styles to 2 would have been a major detractor. I felt that the Midway team was just lazy and didnt want to go the extra mile to make everything as complete as possible. But after playing the game, I realize that the change actually works, providing a more streamlined feel overall. However, one gameplay change, I think, has made the biggest difference between MKA and its previous 3D predecessors: The ability to once again jump freely. Sure, jumping was a part of MK: DA and MK: D, but not to the extent found here. The ability to freely "flip jump" backwards OR forwards, as well as perform turnaround jump kicks is the link that ties this game to the 2-D classics. In addition, the all around movement of the characters feels slightly quicker and a little more intuitive.

In terms of graphics, I like them; but they are not as polished as say, the Soul Calibur series. I personally find some characters to actually look better than others. For instance, Scorpion and Sub-Zero seem to have a little more of a graphic edge than someone like Kobra. Nitpicking aside, I am really, really impressed with the environments this time around. Being that this is the "Series Finale" of the franchise, it was only fitting that there would be a majority of re-vamped classic arenas. One thing that I have to point out, is that I love the fact that Ed Boon and his team went out of their way to develop brand new music for each of the revamped arenas; instead of going the cheap route and recycling old music. And whats even better is that the new songs are actually memorable and fit their respective arenas quite nicely.

Yes, this is the first Mortal Kombat since MK3 that actually has memorable music. The remix of the Tekunin Prison is awesome, the new Wastelands song is creepy yet adventurous, and I found myself humming the new Hell theme away from the game. Music is such an important part of MK, and I am so glad that extra attention seemingly went towards this department.

As good as this game is, it has its flaws. Before playing the game, I was disgusted with the idea of the "Kreate-a-Fatality" option. Having no character specific fatalities was like taking the souls away from each character... to an extent. Ive gotta say that it isnt AS bad as I may have thought, but for the next game, the team should either go all the way and give each character their OWN bank of mini-fatalities; or simply return to the classic method. And this next one is a REAL nit-picker, but theres a graphic bug on Noob Saibots belt flap. It seems like it was crinkled in his laundry, and I have to switch to "Troll Hammer" to make it go away.

All in all, this may be the best of the 3D entries. I wish that some of the older characters were given updated looks instead of being recycled from previous games, but I was at least glad to see that some were given new moves, such as Frosts teleport uppercut. For all its flaws, the immense roster offers so much game, that its hard to go wrong. Awesome revamped stages, memorable music, and streamlined, quicker gameplay make this great for MK fans.

Oh, and I forgot to mention... Konquest is actually fun this time and doesnt feel like such a chore; Motor Kombat is okay, but no MarioKart, and "Kreate-a-Kharacter" has enough options to let you really authenticate your own MK character. And being able to re-create the MK2 ninjas adds even more flair to it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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