Review by Darth Raven

"The last MK of this generation, but it's not going out with a bang like Boon said it would."

Boon said this would sum up everything, tie up all loose ends, make it the ultimate Mortal Kombat game. It's far from acheiving that.

These would be good on the PS2 but they're nothing compared to the bars set by DOA 3 and DOA U both of which came out before this game. The graphics aren't any better than Deceptions were(Which is a two year old game)

Character Roster~10/10
This is the part that saves this game. Every Mortal Kombat character ever(Except minor unplayable characters and Khamelean) are playable. Everyone from the characters most people hated, like Bo Rai Cho and Stryker, to the fan favorites like Scorpian and Sub Zero, they're all here. Having over 60 kombatants in a fighting game(Not including anime) is a major acheivement.

Motor Kombat~2/10
This mode is a sad attempt at a mario kart clone. There is really no point to this mode because it doesn't give you anything it's just for quick races. This mode should have been removed to work on the fighting system.

Fighting System~3/10
This is where all modern MK's fail most. The characters feel stiff unlike the very fluid Dead Or Alive or Soul Calibur games. Each character has a very limited move set and some even share styles(Although this isn't a huge deal with the roster) This system needs much work.

This is slightly above average. It tries to be like SM but doesn't come close. It's just a linear hack and slash game. Don't expect free roam like Deceptions Konquest. After you're done with this mode and you missed a relic you have to do the mode again to get the relic(You can't go back to any place you want to get items you missed)

One of this games best aspects, so much better than Soul Calibur's. You can choose what type of body type, appearance, and you can create your own custom fighting style

The Krypt~7/10
Not much too this, instead of the huge ammount of unlockables in Deception/Deadly Aliance you have about 288 things ranging from small movies to koncept art.


I wanted to like this game, I love the old Mortal Kombats but the high bars set by Dead Or Alive's graphics and fluid fighting style and Soul Calibur's fluid swordfighting I don't see any reason to buy this game.

Rent it, you will unlock everything in two or three days.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/17/06

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