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"Mortal Kombat History Wraps Up"

The Mortal Kombat History has always been a key element in the fighting genere of video games.

First of all, when I think of Armageddon, I think of a Ton of new and Exciting Prospects about the game. Unfortunatly, in the nostalgic sence of mind, it falls short, but the game it's self is pretty impressive. With the cast of 60+ characters, it's definatly the most difinitive MK game since MK2.

The characters whom have been resurected, have been ressurected gracefully. Some characters you would figure that would give a huge disadvantage, like the bosses, are actually rather equivilent to the rest of the roster. However, the skills of the combatants and options that go with them seem to fall short. Thus, I like to start with Motaro. His original figure of being half horse and half human like seems to give away to a new shape with only two legs. His old Moves and quickness that he had in MK3 seem to be gone and gives way to a rather fresh start for him, instead of rather bringing him back as he was. I beleive his alternate costume should have been the four legged self. His new look is impressive, but all that work for him to re-appear one more time in a MK game seems worthless.

I like the nostolgic sence of the game. But I also beleive they should have put more effort into the ensemble of the cast. There is no Human Smoke, nor the original form of Reptile. I believe they should have based the game off from it's characters, and not about throwing in Konquest and Kart Racing. The original game was built for fighting only. It was rather how many Quarters can you place into the arcade rather then the gimmick of side missions. Thus, if this was left out, then we could have seen more alternate costumes, ressurection of the old backgrounds, and lots more of the recent games death trap levels and cleaver level designes from MK Deadly Alliance and Deception. Instead, we seem to have the watered down version of what Trilogy would look today with a Krypt and Konquest.

Now that I have that off my mind, there is greatness in this game as well. As much as I am against Konquest, there was a vastly far improvement since Deception. It does have a Shoalin Monks feel to it and it is visually more pleasing. The other thing I liked about Konquest, you don't really have to do it to open nearly everything. But what you do have to do to access 4 characters, unless you use Action Replay or the ???? box in the Krypt, is challenging enough, but not to the point of having to learn 60+ characters moves to complete the game. This is a definate improvement.

The krypt is actually a step down from Deception graphically a little bit. There is Many things I rather not see in the krypt. Instead, maybe unlockable past 16 bit games from Midway, of MK4, for fun, more movies, more about the character then sketches... Or the past movies from Deadly Alliance and Deception in full, or the biggest thing to me, being able to review every characters ending at any alotted time instead of beating the game over again or looking for a Faq that has them written down. Deception did have the option to review endings, this game does not.

The endings I guess I have a mild gripe about. you just listen to the narration instead of watching something. MK4's ending sequece was actually a movie. And no matter how corny it might have looked back then, it was still cool. That defiantly would have worked well here and I would have Paid $80 for the game if that was simply in the game.

The fighting in the game can be glichy. Blocks and menuvers are sometimes slow and most of the characters special moves have some sort of glich, depending where you are on the level. Noob has plenty of gliches, but the bosses sometimes just cant connect when you know they should have. I worry when Microsoft makes the emulator for the 360 and how it's going to run. Deception is a bit more buggy, hopefully Armageddon will be less.

The fatality system is also rather disappointing, and I do miss the cinimagic of each character having there own fatality. I do wish they brought back Babality, Animality, Freinships, and Mercy for all the characters. As well as the Original Shang Tsung from MK1 and some cool characters in the past two Konquest adventures. They alos could have made up some ground with adding characters from Sub-Zero Mythologies and Special Forces. Even though the games are not notorious for being popular, it would bring back the nostolgic value. Alos, the female Chemelieon would have been nice too.

The Games Music, 9.
The Gameplay value, 8.5
The Graphics, (Both PS2 and Xbox) 8.5
Replay Value, 9.5
Special Features, 6.0

I understand everyone has there right to there opionion, I respect yours, please respect mine.

Thanks T.j. Rancourt

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/19/06

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