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"Mortal Kombat Armageddon moderately delivers"

Well, as a pretty big MK fan, I have been looking forward to this game for a while, mostly for the story, and for the opportunity to play a game that had all the characters from previous MK games in it. Also, the MK story has gotten pretty good in my opinion. However, this game is not really a huge step up from the previous installments when it comes to gameplay or graphics.

Well, it looks a little smoother than the previous games to me, but it is definitely not a huge step. Games like Soul Calibur and DOA look a lot better. The blood and gore still looks like red popcorn. Some stages really have a lot of detail and look great though.

The voice acting in the Konquest mode is pretty good, but MK games are very well known for inexplicable yelling when special moves are done. I don't know why it has survived for this long, but it is still here, and it is still annoying.

On the Xbox controller (and any controller probably) the fighting can get a bit awkward with the 7 button layout the 3D MK's have, but once you have the scheme memorized it gets a little smoother. Konquest and Motor Kombat control quite easily though.

Motor Kombat:
This is an attempt at a Mario Kart with Mortal Kombat characters. The racing itself is merely extra content, but many races are too short and always seem to end right when the fun starts. It's okay to play once in a while though.

This was very disappointing to me. The Konquest mode in Deception was great because you had the freedom to openly explore the different realms, and it felt like you were really in the MK Universe. This Konquest mode is an extremely linear button mashing hack-and-slash dungeon crawler. It is a meager attempt at recreating Shaolin Monks, and ultimately fails.

The fighting itself did not really improve. It is still a very stiff fighting system. Air combos are not particularly effective or innovating, though they add a little more action to what was a very slow and unexciting engine.

This game also experiments with a different fatality system, where you do a series of moves that lead up to a fatality. Unfortunately, it does not work out. These are basically brutalities. This is unfortunate because the MK games are most famous for their fatalities, and by removing them they eliminated one of the best parts of the MK games.

Playing as every character is good, but now each character only has 1 fighting and 1 weapon style. Like I said though, this doesn't really make things any better (or any worse for that matter). You can always go on XBox live too, which adds some additional fun and competition to the game.

I think the krypt got better for the simple reason that there is only 1 form of kurrency. Deception's krypt was annoying when you needed a certain type of koin to unlock certain koffins. This way makes things much easier and much more effective.

Kreate a Fighter:
This is easily the best part of the game. It's funny because when this game came out I thought this would be stupid and limited, but you actually have a lot of different options and possibilities, whether you want to create an already existing character, or your own original fighter.

While MK:A does not go out with the bang I hoped it would, it is still a pretty fun game. It only really delivers with the Kreate a Fighter and the roster. Every other aspect is at best mediocre, and at worst disappointing.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/20/06

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