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"Enter: Armageddon"

The Mortal Kombat franchise has always been a popular franchise among games of the fighting genre. Armageddon, the latest installment, packs more goodies and stuff in it than a swing from Shao Kahn's hammer.

STORY: 8.5/10
Apparently, the tournament has gotten WAY out of hand. The Elder Gods, realizing the kombatants' insatiable bloodlust, have decided that one last fight be held. Winner take all.

In Konquest mode, the story's a bit deeper. As Taven, you must journey through the realms and discover what destiny your parents laid out for you and your brother, Daegon.

Deception PALES in comparison to Armageddon. You immediately start off with roughly 60 fighters, give or take, and they are all from the ENTIRE MK universe. Each fighter, however, only has one hand-to-hand fighting style and one weapon stance; this makes sense, as I doubt there's 120 martial arts out there.

The fighting itself is fast-paced, similar to the old MK titles. You can knock your opponent in the air, and actually jump up and continue wailing on him. There are numerous death traps and methods to pound your enemy into another section of the arena.

And speaking of arenas, there are numerous ones. Duke it out Matrix-style in MK3's subway. Appease the crowds in Shao Kahn's arena (Which has FOUR death traps).

Kreate-a-Fighter, which is cool, is a little TOO involved. You are asked to define EVERYTHING about your fighter, from button combos to biography to facial features. And, you can only use it on Xbox Live. Bummer.

Motor Kombat debuts here, too. Basically, 10 fighters hop in little go-karts and race. There are, yes, death traps on the tracks, and you can fire off character-specific weapons from your kart(i.e. Cyrax drops a bomb behind him). If you liked Puzzle and Chess Kombat in Deception, give Motor Kombat a go.

Konquest has been revamped, BIG TIME. It's similar to Shaolin Monks, but it seems to move faster and more fluidly. The attacks are brutal, the enemies numerous, and the locations nicely detailed. It's a good romp, and it's necessary if you want to unlock most of the game's goodies.

I have not seen the Krypt yet, but I have seen screenshots. It looks more like a mausoleum this time, and the game will actually tell you what's in the locked boxes.

SOUND: 8.5/10
One of the things I like in fighting/action games is a badass guitar. In Armageddon, it's there a lot. There are some good tunes in the game's soundtrack. The voice acting in Konquest is a step up from Deception.

It looks pretty much like Deception, but slightly more fluid and sharper. The fighters look better, but they appear slightly smaller (in my opinion). Konquest, again, beats Deception's here.

What did you expect? This is the ultimate MK package. With all the fighters, unlockables, endings, etc., you're going to be busy.

I highly recommend this to MK fans. It's got virtually everything you could ask for. Screw renting it, go get it: it's $40. And do some MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAT!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/23/06

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