Review by Dan Hibiki Fan

Reviewed: 11/02/06


Mortal Kombat Armageddon finds itself in an unusual situation. This game flirts with the fighting game nuts by adding new fighting elements (which should have been in LONG ago...) yet as a true tease, offers limited and very stiff fighting mechanics. This game also flirts with the MK fanboys promising an epic storyline yet... There is practically no story save the one in Konquest. An oddity indeed.

Graphics -
Easily the best looking MK to ever grace a console, Armageddon flourishes especially with an HDTV capable of 720p. The models are (for the most part) decent looking as well as the levels. The main problem most veterans of Deadly Alliance and Deception will notice is that there is a LOT of copy and pasting going on. EVERY character that has been in those two priors games recieve no new models, no new costumes, no new anything. There is a joke going about that this game should be called "Mortal Kombat: Kopy and Paste" and it's not far from the truth. Also, compared to other fighting games out currently this game does not even compete for the most part.

Sound -
Again, the sound effects are still top notch as they were in the past two games in the series. Cuts, slices, and other gruesome sound effects all come through beautifully (or disgustingly for you squeamish types). The voice work is extremely laughable still however and the music (while being MUCH better than Deception) is still repetitive and there are a lot of tracks like the Subway theme that will make you want to shoot the composer in the face.

Gameplay -
Well, it's MK. That should pretty much explain everything to the fighting game freaks out there and should be an instant red flag to them before they even touch this game. But wait! They've FINALLY added in things like a wake-up game and parries! ...Unfortunately neither are implemented well. The parry window is open for FAR too long for example. Also, where are the throw escapes? Where are move properties? Where is the logical frame data?

Answer: Nowhere to be found.

Fluff -
Again, the MK Team seems obsessed with adding EVERYTHING to their game other than good fighting mechanics and this game is no exception. You have Motor Kombat which is essentially a watered down and laughable rip-off of Mario Kart not even worth a second play. Konquest returns and is much improved but unfortunately remains as only a weak diversion from the weak main game. KAK (Kreate-a-Kombatant) is very bad and not as "deep as a wrestling game" as the MK Team have lied about. KAK sucks. It's limited, it's unimaginitive, and ultimately sucks. The same could be said about the extremely weak KAF (Kreate-a-Fatality) system which has replaced the old style. It will get old after the second or third time.

Oh, by the way, this game offers NO closure to the storyline as was promised. There are no bios or anything. Only extremely horrid endings. You will HATE the storyline of this MK which is surprising considering it's usually MK's strong point (sort of...).

Overall -
What should have been the best MK ever is.....well.....not. Save your money, rent it first if you have to. This game is NOT worth your money.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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