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"Why am I being punished for being a MK fan?"

Ok; first of all, I have been a huge MK fan since the very first one. If it says Mortal Kombat, I have probably bought it.

That being said... why are Midway and the creators of MK punishing us, their loyal fans?

The idea behind Armageddon is pure genius! Have every single character ever in a single MK 3D game. Not only that, but we will allow the player (our loyal fan) to create themselves in the MK world! How could they go wrong! Well they figured out how to do this, and then take a nice big steamy poop on it (note: I said poop becuase hopefully minors will read this, but we all know what I meant).

I purchased it on X-box, it was between MK:A and NFS: Carbon. I know I made a mistake becuase I would rather have paid for a kick in the teeth than this game. I get home, a start her up. I must mention here that it was a purchase for fun, but also to have the collection complete (this is the last one -yeah right!). The intro is amazing, though it doesnt make any sense with the old stories. OK I was impressed for the 4 or so minutes it lasts.

KOMBAT- The old style fight your way to the top MK. Pretty hard to mess this up, but they found a way. Silly fights, with some of the old CHEAP bosses tossed in. Make it to the top and fight BLAZE which is just a cheap weapon-less ripoff of INFERNO from SOUL CALIBUR. He is actually easier than the cheap bosses like MOLOC or KINTARO. Fighting them is a test in luck and ability to continuously jump kick. By the way, why even bother showing how many "combo-breakers" they have if once they run through their three, they can continue using them? So you finish the Kombat, and now for the end. Oh look its just whichever character you chose dancing and the narrator telling a story of what happened. Terrible, and if you ever want to go back and see it... well you have to do the lame KOMBAT mode all over from the beginning!

MOTO KOMBAT- This HAS to be a joke, please tell me it is. A game for 5 year olds... which by the way shouldn't be getting MK anyway! I can't believe you took out Fatalities for this! This feature alone should scream out "DONT BUY ME!"

KONQUEST- The "story" mode. Predictable... too linear... horrible. They should have just saved the room for better character models, and FATALITIES!!! You miss an item excuse me, RELIC and you are screwed... no way to go back. You have to do the story mode all over again! A test of your button crunching abilities as well as luck. Horrible. THIS ISNT MORTAL KOMBAT

KREATE-A-KOMBATANT-AWESOME idea... but like the rest of the game they managed to find a way to screw it up. With such a a limited amount of moves... all characters play the same. So all you are changing is the look. Which is funny, because everone who has made a character on my X-box has made them all look pretty much the same.

KREATE-A-FATALITY- Horrible. Just another combo system. NOT MORTAL KOMBAT. Scorpion doesnt take his mask off and torch the guy, Sub-Zero doesnt rip their head off. etc...etc... disappointing etc... After the first five times, you wont even bother trying this.

LEVELS- OK, at best. It is nice to see some of the classic levels back again in 3D. But terrible music, and some of hte best ones are missing. Probably taken off tom make room for MOTOR KOMBAT.

CHARACTERS- They are all the same. One stun, one charge, one teleport. Even if they aren't supposed to have any. Lame!

MUSIC- Some are ok, most sound like terrible synthesizer garble. Not worth any special mention.

EXTRAS- Demos for games you probably should have gotten instead of this one.

UNLOCKABLES- Nothing Special. Most are gotten through the sotry mode. And if you actually are lucky enough (or dumb enough to go through multiple times) to get all 60 in KONQUEST, you get EVERYTHING. More than half of the unlocks are just pictures. A few ok videos, and second costumes. The pictures are basically so you know whos a$$ to kick for blowing your money. I've looked them over and over... so I hope for their sake, I don't see any of them on the streets. The music is terrible, so why would I care to be able to listen to them? As for the Koncept art for MOTOR KOMBAT... its basically to show you a a terrible idea goes through stages to become worse and worse.

In conclusion... this game is terrible. I gave it a two becuase the intro is OK, and it lets me play as every character ever. Other than that I am hard-pressed to find any redeeming qualities. I feel as if the games have been getting worse and worse, and I for some reason buy them hoping that things have changes. Well they have for the worst! If you want the whole MK collection... wait another week till this game is in the bargain bin for $20. Then leave it tucked away somewhere, AND NEVER OPEN IT!

Ask yourself what you loved about the Mortal Kombat series... and take it away. That is what ARMAGEDDON is. MK without any of the cool stuff that made Mortal Kombat what it was. If anything I can say I learned my lesson. ARMAGEDDON was the perfect name... because it is over for the franchise. Never again will I be excited for another title with MK in it.

I still can't believe they put MOTOR KOMBAT in this? DIDn't they learn with MK tetris. SAD

I was punished for being a fan!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 11/06/06

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