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"It's the last MK for PS2 and XBOX? That shouldn't be."

I have always enjoyed the Mortal Kombat series. But like a lot of game series, it has its downs, like Mortal Kombat Armageddon. Now, I'm not fully dissing it. The game has its high points, but many flaws affect it from truly being a great game. In fact, I was thinking this should've been a 360 or PS3 game. That way it would've been more enjoyable. Well, let's get on with the review.

STORY: The MK fighters have grown numerous. So numerous, the universe is coming to an end and the MK fighters have to fight for the survival of their own universe. Right. I've seen more riveting storylines in B-Movies. Plus, it doesn't have bios for the 60+ characters just there. If they're there for any reason, only God knows why they're there. Plus, the endings are lame. The characters beat the final boss Blaze and ti says they control the universe and they do what they wish. Different things, all poorly written. And even worse, we don't see images like we do in Deception. All we see is your fighter doing martial arts poses and the text. Boring. Images would have made the endings tolerable and the fact you can't unlock them. But a cool opening movie is a saving grace for a very low story grade.

CONTROLS: Easy enough to learn. Just know which button to punch and kick and fight styles and that stuff and you can get out there and punch and kick your way to the top.

MUSIC/SOUND: Good sounds. Like the combat sounds and a few grunts and screams here and there. They give individual grunts for characters like Ermac and the bosses. Music is good. Nice oriental and techno music. The one mark against it is the Subway level. They remixed the theme. Why not have the original MK3 Subway theme? I like the fact in Deception they had the original MK2 music for thr Portal and the Dead Pool. They didn't have the MK1 music for The Pit and The Courtyard (but that's another story for another time.).

GRAPHICS: The levels look good. The characters look good too. For the ninjas from MK Trilogy, they gave them their own looks and I give them props for that. Though one thing, they have the MK: Deadly Alliance sprites for Sonya, Johnny Cage and Jax. And the Deception sprites for the others. For Deception, not really a big deal, but they really should update the Deadly Alliance fighters. They updated Scorpion and Subzero. Why not the others? Lazy...

GAMEPLAY: So much to talk about here.. Where to begin... How about the fighting. You fight on a 3-D Environment. Have characters smash through things. Good enough. Bloody good fun. Not perfect though. First the characters have two Fighting Styles (a normal and a weapon one). I prefer to have three like in Deception. They still have the death traps. I think those were neat. Like fatalities without wait. Just lure a guy to them and knock him to his death. I really like it when the have variety, like that one which has four pits: spikes, lava, acid and grinder. Plus you can get a weapon on some levels like a hammer and start smashing. For Armageddon, they debuted a create-a-fatality option, where you push certain things, like you can punch him, rip out his heart, thigh and spleen and rip his head off or beat him with his arms. And the more you do, the higher rating the fatality will be. I have mixed opinions about it. I prefer the old days with Scorpion's toasty fatality and Sub-Zero ripping opponent's heads off, though on the other hand it is fun to play around in it. It does get harder, though. The more you do, the less time you get to do more. But it's not bad. Now on to Create-A-Fighter. I really enjoy games where you create your own guy, but this one is bland. You don't get a lot of exciting options. And some templates. You can have a female Tarkatan and a male sorcerer, but that's it. More templates would have improved this mode. And some things you gotta earn by coins. And you may not care to earn them. Now on to Konquest. I enjoyed this Konquest mode. For me, it was a cross between the Konquest mode in Deception and MK: Shaolin Monks. I explore around the MK Universe and I fight opponents, like in Shaolin Monks. And you get to look for unlockable treasures. The one knock on this is it's not like Deception; one you beat it and you missed something, you gotta replay it. A minor annoyance, but enjoyable. Perhaps the best thing of Armageddon. And Motor Kombat. A Mario-Kart ripoff. You get a few characters and race. You get special moves and you can die in horrible ways. Not the best game, but it kills time. And finally, a lack of unlockables. All there is is the Create-A-Fighter option and two characters Daegon and Taven, and stuff like character props. No crypt mode. You don't get a lot. No bios or concept art. Just bogus. You don't get bios or endings. Not a lot to do. In fact, after I beat the game with a character, it's thankless; I don't even unlock an ending to view it.

MK Armageddon had some potential with 60+ plus characters. Sounds fun, but so many flaws hurt this game. You can get some fun out of it, but the thrills don't last. I recommend it as a rental, or buy it if it's $10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/06/10

Game Release: Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (US, 10/11/06)

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