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Reviewed: 12/11/06

Even more frustrating than real life bowling

First of all, and if you decide to believe me or not, my wife bought this game for me thinking it would be fun for us to play.'s not, and I almost divorced her for it....well not quite. But anyway, lets get right into this one.

Graphics: 6/10 I guess they are ok. Nothing flashy, nothing special. The characters are blah at best, the alleys are generic. There's little to no interaction between things in the background other than 1 or 2 people bowling on other lanes. The characters look decent though, but for the most part, the graphics are average.

Sound: 5/10 READ CAREFULLY. The music, at least in my opinion, is fantastic. Depending on the type of music you listen to, you will enjoy this soundtrack. Mostly rock/punk I guess and songs are all from people I've never heard of, but they're good. As for the sound effects....generic bowling sound effects. Nothing else. They added some voice acting to the game, but there are only a few phrases per character so they tend to just say the same things, over and over and over and over again. Other than the music, little effort was put forward into the sounds.

Gameplay: 2/10 There are a few different styles of play, from freeplay, multiplayer, to challenges with a lot of characters to choose from...once you unlock them...if you can even play long enough to unlock them. But when it comes down to the actual sucks and it sucks hard. This game could've been good...really good. The power meter and spin meters work flawlessly and are very easy to control, everything is great...up until you throw the ball. You will get splits....lots and lots of splits, and this is what kills this game. After playing it numerous times, the game is very unrealistic when it comes to ball physics and pin physics. It's just not possible to get as many splits in real life as in this game, no matter how bad you are in real life. Because of the fact that you will get many, many splits, this puts the frustration factor up and through the roof. It's ridiculous. The highest game I ever bowled was like a 150 something and I'm guessing that was just because of luck. Between me, my wife, and my sister in law, about 15-20 games, we averaged around 100-110 because of all the splits. And whats even more sad, if you play as a team with computer controlled players, even they can't avoid getting tons and tons of splits. I had a character that out of 10 frames had 7 splits. C'mon, nobody gets 7 splits in 1 game in real life. And it doesn't matter how you throw the ball, throw it straight, throw it hook, left handed or right, you will get splits.

Overall: 2/10 I don't know how much my wife paid for this game, but whatever it was too much. The only reason to even own this game would be for the soundtrack. The game is way to frustrating to be fun. And would recommend anybody staying away from this game at all cost. Just put it back on the shelf, and walk away slowly. This game blows.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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