Review by Maverick776

Reviewed: 09/19/06

Very Fun

So my weekend excursion to the closest game rental store ended up a slight bust. I say slight bust because my intent was not to rent out Lego Star Wars 2, but in fact the newest Spyhunter installment (which I have no idea if it's even out yet). Seeing that my current objective was not on the display rack, I vowed to make up for it by getting a different selection. Now, I've never played the first Lego Star Wars...simply because I heard it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. And also because I'm a bigger fan of the original trilogy....however, I do love me the Legos, and Lego Star Wars 2 was on the shelf. With curiosity, I rented it out.

I wasn't going into this with high expectations. I'll admit, I would have no sooner pegged this as a re-made hack or two-bit "let's throw this together" instead of the developer taking their time to do it right the first time.
Wow....was I wrong.....

This has been one of the very few games where I have sat back and just enjoyed purely because that is the intention. Everything about this game is light-hearted, meaning it can be enjoyed by anyone who has an open mind, a sense of humor, and a loose following of the original SW trilogy. Even those who don't know the trilogy stories very well will be amused by the comical antics of the lego figurines, and will overall get a good grasp of what happens in the movies.

The other interesting thing about this game is that you can control virtually any character you want, to some degree. Some characters do jack, whilst others characters you may find have hidden talents that can work towards your advantage. It's always good to experiment with them during free play mode, as this will be a great test of who can do what. You won't get all characters off the bat; you have to either unlock them through Story mode or you have to purchase them. The great thing is, if you know what to look for when trying to earn Lego dineros, you can bank a TON within the first few fact, you can get a lot of money just by blowing stuff up in the 'hub' area!

Control is half n' half. I won't lie and say that a lightsaber being used for whoopin' stormtroopers is a lot easier than a blaster, because in some places it's not. I've often found that in your party, if your saber is more effective as a wrecking ball, use it to blow stuff up and reveal goodies. Otherwise, hordes of stormtroopers can easily be wiped out with someone wielding a blaster. Even in combat between saber vs. saber has a lot to be desired. Aerial moves are the most effective, but on some opponents you'll need to do some work if you want to stick to a Jedi (or Sith Lord)'s hardware.
Starship combat and turret control is another area that was grating slightly on my nerves. However, after a few tries in an X-wing I managed to get the jist of flight control down. It's not hard, but if you have a sensitive control pad be aware of what-does-what. I found it's easy to do something less than desired.

One of the things I do enjoy is that you have a lot of stuff to do, but don't let that discourage you. The cool thing about this game is that there are many nooks and crannes to get into, often within free play mode. Use your characters well, and you can find anything and everything you need. Minikits, gold bricks, extras bricks, etc. Some areas require you to think, other areas are simply target practice: finding out what blows up is often the best part of this game!

Overall, one of the best games I've played in awhile. I rarely buy titles I rent, but this I think I'll pony up some of that hard-earned cash and go get myself a copy. Highly recommended.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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