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"Looking for a fun time set in the Star Wars universe? This is the game for you."

Lego Star Wars II is a game that a player of any age could enjoy. It follows the plot of the original Star Wars trilogy through all three movies, with missions including each major scene from the films. In it you play as various characters including favorites such as Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, or Han Solo, as well as a few characters only Star Wars fanatics are likely to recognize.


Lego Star Wars II offered great gameplay. The controls are easy to use for younger children as well as adults. The one problem I experienced is that the vehicle controls are strange and difficult to use and sometimes on the foot levels you'll find yourself shooting your allies. This can be a problem, but you always respawn if you “die” (your character falls apart into his or her bricks), so it is easily remedied.

Basically, you play as the main characters from the movies as they go through their roles, except all in Lego form. Everyone is modeled after their real life Lego mini figure, and everything a Lego set has been based on is modeled after that particular set in-game. For instance, all of the X-Wings look like they would if you built the X-Wing Lego set in 3D videogame graphics.

This is an action/adventure game, with a lot of puzzles thrown in. You run through the levels shooting stormtroopers and using your allies combined skills to manipulate various aspects of the environment in order to progress through the game. There are Jedi, droids, smugglers, and bounty hunters, all with unique abilities you will have to use to find your way through the levels. Some of these are slightly confusing, but are not very difficult to figure out.

There are also studs to collect. These studs fall out of basically every destructible item on each level, as well as sometimes just appearing on the levels in lines, shapes, etc. Studs can be used to “purchase” extra characters or cool effects and stuff to use in the game. Beware though, your studs are lost and scattered about if you die. However, death is not permanent and you reappear a second later, able to grab some of the studs you dropped.

Finally, the game offers a free play mode, allowing you to go back through any mission you like with any character. Also, if you have a Lego Star Wars I save on your XBOX, you can, for a certain amount of studs, bring many of your characters from that over to this game, effectively doubling the amount of available characters for free play.


The story of Lego Star Wars II follows the three movies of the original Star Wars trilogy. Some missions, for the sake of creativity and enjoyability, are much different from the movie counterparts. In fact, most levels will not accurately reflect the movies. The story is just there, more in the background then it is anything else. However, the cutscenes do feature some funny parts that even little kids would enjoy. Most of these involve wacky stunts.


The graphics are nothing spectacular-I would not recommend this game if that is a big issue for you. As everything is in Lego form, graphics are not a big issue. The graphics are up to date with the latest XBOX games, but everything is still blocky. It is important to note that this is intentional, not a shortcoming of the designers. Since Legos are blocky, the characters, ships, etc are blocky as well.


Lego Star Wars II's story can be completed by teenagers and adults in a couple of days of casual play, younger players may take longer to figure out puzzles and the like. The real fun is going back through each level in free play. There are many unlockables to discover and put together, and with the huge supply of different characters, your single player experience can be very different each time.


Try this before you buy it. If you like Star Wars, I'd recommend picking it up. Its fun to play and kill time with, and for older players it's a nice and easy-going game. This is a great game for older siblings to enjoy with younger siblings, because both can enjoy its many facets. If Star Wars isn't a big thing to you, play it first. This game is not for everyone. I gave it a 7/10. Lego Star Wars II is fun and enjoyable, although easy and sometimes a little too silly. The controls also bothered me and I felt at least the flight ones could have been done better, but overall a great game for all ages!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/23/07

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