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    Roster Update Guide by GhettoMan4Eva

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/28/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    (Current as of December 1st, 2006)
    Written By: GhettoMan4Eva
       - BROWNS
       - COWBOYS
       - BUCS
       - BILLS
       - DOLPHINS
       - ATLANTA
       - RAMS
       - 49ERS
       - COLTS
       - STEELERS
       - PATRIOTS
       - JETS
       - RAVENS
       - PACKERS
       - RAIDERS
       - EAGLES
       - BEARS
       - VIKINGS
       - TITANS
       - TEXANS
       - CHIEFS
       - DENVER
       - GIANTS
       - REDSKINS
       - DOLPHINS
       - LIONS
       - SAINTS
       - JAGS
       - PANTHERS
       - SEAHAWKS
       - GIANTS
       - BENGALS
       - CARDINALS
       - CHARGERS
    4- CREDITS
    VER. 1.0- All rosters from EA (Dec. 1st '06)
              added & seperated by team &
              position. A few minor updates, as
              of December 28th, are done by me.
              Yes, the teams are out of order,
              who cares. I didn't double on the
              Giants, there are two seperate
              sections. Good night!
    Removed Kelly Butler (T, #71)from Lions
    -Send to Browns
    Removed Kirk Chambers (T) from Browns 
    Removed Dave Yovanovits (G) from Browns
    Added Fred Matua (#67, G) to Browns
    Removed Antonio Perkins (DB) from Browns
    Added Jereme Perry (#31, DB) to Browns
    Put Gary Baxter (DB, Browns) on IR
    Removed William Green (RB) from Browns
    Added Mike Hawkins (DB, #37) to Browns
    Removed Marcus Coleman (DB) from Cowboys
    Added Keylon Kincade (#27, RB) to Cowboys
    Put Tyson Thompson (RB, Cowboys) on IR
    Added Cory Procter (G, #71) to Cowboys
    Removed Matt Tarullo (G) from Cowboys
    Removed J’Vonne Parker (DT) from Browns/Cowboys
    Added Stephen Bowen (DE, #72) to Cowboys
    Added Oliver Hoyte (FB, #46) to Cowboys
    Removed Lousaka Polite (RB) from Cowboys
    Added Nathan Jones (DB) to Cowboys
    Removed Montavious Stanley (DT) from Jaguars, 
    Send to Cowboys
    Put Chris Simms on IR (QB-Bucs)
    Added Luke McCown to Bucs (#12, QB)
    - FA/CAP
    Removed Donald Penn (#70,T) from Vikings- 
    Send to Bucs
    Put Kenyatta Walker (T, Bucs) on IRR
    Removed Philip Buchanon (DB) from Texans, 
    Send to Bucs
    Removed Charles Bennett (DE) from Bucs
    Added Jon Bradley (DT,#98)  to Bucs
    Put Brian Kelly (DB, Bucs) on IR
    Added Phillip Buchanon (DB) to Bucs
    Removed David Boston from Bucs
    Added Charles Bennett to Bucs
    Added Jason Jefferson (DT-#99) to Bills
    Removed Troy Vincent, Send to Redskins
    John McCargo (DT-Bills)  IR
    Chris Villarrial (G, Bills) IR
    Moved Tony Hargrove (DE) to Bills
    *Was on the St.Louis Rams*
    Added Keith Ellison to Bills (OLB)
    Put Josh Stamer (LB, Bills) on IR
    Removed Lee Suggs (RB) from Dolphins
    Removed Trey Darilek (C) from Dolphins
    Added Toniu Fonoti (G-#71) to Dolphins
    Removed Cliff Russell from Dolphins
    Added Paul Carrington (DE, #91) to Falcons
    Put Patrick Kerney (DE) on IR
    Removed Chris Cash (DB) from Falcons
    Added P.J. Alexander (T)to Falcons
    -Broncos or FA
    Put Kynan Forney (G) on IR
    Removed Chris McGee (T) from Falcons
    Remove Kevin Mathis (DB) from Falcons (injured)
    Added Lance Schulters (DB) to Falcons
    -Dolphins or FA
    Added Tony Bryant (DE) to Rams
    - Saints or FA
    Removed Willie Ponder (WR) from Seahawks
    Move to Rams
    Removed Tony Fisher (RB) from Rams
    Added Kay Jay Harris (RB) to Rams
    Put Orlando Pace (T, Rams) on IR
    Removed Drew Strojny (OT) from Rams
    Removed Duce Staley (RB) Rams
    Put Travis Fisher (CB, Rams) on IR
    Removed Tony Bryant (DE) from Rams
    Added Eric Moore (LDE) to Rams
    Removed Isaiah Kacyvenski Seahawks-
    Send to Rams (#58)(OLB)
    Removed Jamal Brooks from Rams (LB)
    Added Madison Hedgecock to Rams (CG only)
    Removed Paul Smith from Rams (RB)
    Removed Marshall Faulk from Rams (RB)
    Added Adam Haayer to Rams
    Removed B.J. Tucker (DB) from 49ers
    Added Donald Strickland (DB) to 49ers
    -Eagles or FA
    Put Parys Haralson (DE, 49ers) on IR
    Removed Ben Sobieski from 49ers
    Added Tony Wragge to 49ers 
    (CG and Head Coach only)
    Made Joseph Addai (Colts) left handed
    Moved Anthony McFarland to Colts 
    (traded from Bucs)
    Removed Josh Betts (QB) from Colts
    Removed Tyjuan Hagler (LB) from Colts 
    (NG and Head Coach only)
    Added Dexter Reid (DB, #36) to Colts
    Put Mike Doss (SS, Colts) on IR
    Removed Johnathan Wells from Colts
    Added Jerome Collins to Colts
    Moved Ben Utecht from TE to FB
    Added Shaun Nua (#95, DE) to Steelers 
    (NG/CG only)
    Removed Scott Paxson (DT) from Steelers 
    (NG/CG only)
    Put Verron Haynes (RB) on IR
    Removed Marquis Cooper (#58, LB) from Vikings
    Send to Steelers
    Put Arnold Harrison (LB, Steelers) on IR
    Added Chidi Iwuoma (DB) to Steelers-IR
    Added Anthony Madison (DB) to Steelers
    Put Ricardo Colclough (DB, Steelers) on IR
    Removed Hank Poteat from Patriots-NY Jets (CB)
    Added Willie Andrews to Patriots (FS)
    Added Jabar Gaffney to Patriots (WR)
    - Texans/FA
    Added Rashad Baker to Patriots (FS)
    - Bills/FA
    Put Johnathan Sullivan (DT-Pats) on FA
    Added Mike Wright (DT) to Patriots
    Put Billy Yates (G, Pats) on IR
    Added Vinny Testaverde (QB) to Patriots
    Removed Curtis Martin- RETIRED
    Added Na’Shan Goddard (T-#76) to Jets
    -FA/Rookie (may need to create)
    Put Trey Teague (C, Jets) on IR
    Added Hank Poteat to Jets
    Added Eric Smith to Jets (Head Coach only)
    Removed Ike Ndukwe (G) from Redskins, Move to Ravens
    Added Ike Ndukwe to Ravens
    Removed Mike Kracalik from Ravens
    Removed Rob Droege from Ravens (NG only)
    Added Ovie Mughelli to Ravens
    Removed BJ Ward from Ravens
    Added Jamaine Winborne to Ravens (NG and Head Coach only)
    Add Brandon Miree (RB) to Packers- Release from the Broncos
    Removed Tyson Walter (OG) from Redskins- Send to Green Bay
    Removed Koren Robinson (WR) from Packers
    Added Shaun Bodiford (WR, #19)) to Packers
    Put Robert Ferguson (WR, Packers) on IR
    Removed Shaun Bodiford (WR) from Packers (injured)
    Added Todd Bouman (QB, #8) to Packers
    -Saints or FA
    Put Aaron Rodgers (QB, Packers) on IR
    Removed William Whittaker from Packers
    Added Will James (DB/CB) to Eagles (formerly William Peterson)
    Put Donovan McNabb (QB, Eagles) on IR
    Removed Greg Richmond from Eagles
    Made Andrew Walter #1 QB, Aaron Brooks #2 QB for Raiders
    Added Ricky Brown (LB) to Raiders
    Removed Grant Irons (OLB) from Raiders (injured)
    Added Joe Echemandu (RB) to Raiders
    -Vikings or FA
    Put LaMont Jordan (RB, Raiders) on IR
    Removed Rod Smart (RB) from Raiders, now on FA
    Put Mike Brown (SS, Bears) on IR
    Added Cameron Worrell (SS, #44) to Bears
    -FA/CAP/Other teams
    Added Darrell McClover (OLB) to Bears
    Added Rod Wilson (LB) to Bears
    Removed Jamar Williams (LB) from Bears
    Removed Derrick Strait from Jets, Send to Bears
    Added Bethel Johnson (WR-#81) to Vikings
    -Pats or FA
    Removed Norm Katnik (C) from Jets-Send to Vikings (#64)
    Added Rod Davis (LB) to Vikings
    -FA/Other Team	
    Removed Jason Glenn (OLB) from Vikings (injured)
    Added Artose Pinner (RB) to Vikings
    Put Tony Richardson (FB, Vikings) on IR
    Moved Jim Kleinsasser (TE, Vikings) to FB
    Added Terna Nande (LB, Titans) to Free Agents
    Removed Rob Reynolds (LB) from Titans
    Put David Givens (WR, Titans) on IR
    Put Erron Kinney (TE, Titans) on IR
    Added Justin Geisinger (G, #73) to Titans
    Put Zach Piller (G, Titans) on IR
    Put Daniel Loper (T, Titans) on IR
    Removed Rien Long from Titans (Head Coach only)
    Added Seth Wand (T) to Titans
    -Texans or FA
    Removed Daniel Loper (T) from Titans
    Added Jonathan Orr (WR) to Titans
    Removed LeVar Woods (LB) from Lions, Send to Titans
    Removed Dexter Wynn (DB, #25) from Eagles, Send to Texans
    Removed Lional Dalton (DT, #75) from Chiefs, Send to Texans
    Added Anthony Maddox (#95, DE) to Texans
    Put Seth Payne (DT, Texans) on IR
    Removed Alfred Malone  (DE) Texans
    Removed Edell Shepherd (WR) from Texans (Head Coach only)
    Removed Quinton Porter (QB) from  Texans (Head Coach only)
    Added David Anderson (WR, #14) to Texans
    Put Lewis Sanders (CB, Texans) on IR
    Put Travis Johnson (DT, Texans) on IR
    Removed Chris White (C) from Packers, Send to Texans
    Added Mike Pearson (T) to Texans
    Put Zach Weigert (Texans, OL) on IR
    Removed Charlie Adams (WR) from Broncos, Send to Texans
    Tim Sandidge (DT) Added to KC
    Removed Ronnie Cruz from Chiefs (injured)
    Moved Kris Wilson to TE from FB
    Added John Welbourn to Chiefs
    Added Paul Ernster (K-#3) to Broncos
    Removed Todd Sauerbrun (P) from Broncos, now on FA
    Added Rob Hunt (C, #63) to Broncos
    Put Sam Brandon (DB, Broncos) on IR
    Put Matt Lepsis (T, Broncos) on IR
    Added Quincy Morgan (WR) to Broncos
    -Steelers or FA	
    Put Courtney Brown (DE, Denver) on IR
    Added Kenny Peterson (DE) to Broncos
    -Packers or FA
    Added Damien Nash (RB) to Broncos
    -Titans or FA
    Added Michael Jennings (WR-#15) to Giants
    Put Amani Toomer (WR-Giants) on IR
    Put LaVar Arrington (OLB-Giants) on IR
    Removed Taylor Whitley (G) from Broncos, Send to Redskins
    Made Jason Campbell #1 QB for Redskins, Brunell #2 now
    Put Clinton Portis (RB, Redskins) on IR
    Added Kedric Golston to Redskins (CG and NG only)
    Added Nick Novak to Redskins
    Removed John Hall from Redskins (injured)
    Removed Chris Clemons from Redskins (CG and Head Coach only)
    Removed Nic Clemons from Redskins (NG only)
    Re-ordered depth chart for Dolphins QBs – Lemon, Harrington, Culpepper
    Hakem- Removed (FA)
    Added Kevin Kasper (WR-#83) to Lions
    Added Aveion Cason (RB-#36)to Lions
    Put Shawn Bryson (RB-Lions) on IR
    Put Brian Calhoun (RB-Lions) on IR
    Add Stephen Peterman (#66, G) to Lions
    -FA or Dallas
    Put Damien Woody (G, Lions) on IR
    Added Blaine Saipaia (C, #67) to Lions
    -St.Louis or FA	
    Added Corey Smith (DE) to Lions
    -49ers or FA
    Put James Hall (DE, Lions)on IR
    Added Corey Bradford to Lions
    Removed Kevin Kasper from Lions
    Added Jay Bellamy to Saints (SS)
    Put Roman Harper (Saints-SS) on IR	
    Removed Michael Haynes (DE) from Saints, now on FA
    Added Antwan Lake (DE) to Saints
    Put Rob Ninkovich (DE, Saints) on IR
    Added Billy Miller (TE) to Saints
    - Cleveland or FA
    Removed Pat Thomas from Jaguars (OLB)(IR, No Space For Him)
    Added Brian Iwuh to Jaguars (#59) (LB)
    Put Mike Peterson (MLB-Jags)on IR
    Add James Wyche (DE) to Jaguars
    Added Brandon Jamison (LB, #57) to Panthers
    Put Dan Morgan (LB, Panthers) on IR
    Added Craig Terrill (DT, #93) to Seahawks (Currentgen/Head Coach only)
    -FA/CAP/Other teams
    Put Marcus Tubbs (DT, Seahawks) on IR
    Add Oliver Celestin (DB) to Seahawks
    Put Michael Green (DB, Seahawks) on IR
    Removed Kemp Rasmussen from Seahawks (injured)
    Added Adrian Awasom (DE) to Giants
    Added Chris Claiborne (LB) to Giants
    -Rams or FA
    Added Lance Legree to Giants
    Added Ben Wilkerson (C) to Bengals
    Removed Adam Keift (T)from Bengals (Injured)
    Removed Antonio Chatman (WR) from Bengals (injured)
    Added Reggie MCNeal (WR, #10) to Bengals
    Put Tab Perry (WR, Bengals) on IR
    Added Domata Peko (DT) to Bengals
    Added Monty Beisel (LB) to Arizona
    Put James Darling (LB, Arizona) on IR
    Added Matt Ware to Cardinals
    Removed Lamont Reid from Cardinals
    Removed Anton Palepoi from Cardinals
    Added Chris Cooper to Cardinals
    Put Leander Jordan (T, Chargers) on IR
    Removed Christian Morton from Redskins, Send to Panthers
    Removed Jordan Carstens from Panthers (injured)
    Removed Reggie Howard from Panthers
    Put Edwin Mulitalo on IR 
    Put Brian Rimpf on IR
    Put Simeon Rice on IR
    Put Betrand Berry on IR
    Put Darren Sproles on IR
    Put Will Svitek on IR
    Put Chris Gocong on IR
    Put Jeremy Newberry on IR (CG and Head Coach only)

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