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"Do you have what it takes to defeat Doom? and save the marvel Universe?"

First off my preconceived notions about the game were that it was gonna be really good..............................I Wasnt dissapointed.

Graphics 8/10
The gameplay graphics werent spectacular but it was better defined then the XML games as in the XML games it was hardter to find out what was happening after you started slamming down on the A buton. The one thing that was really amazing was definately the good cutscenes every act you get an ASTONISHING cutscene I mean really good with great action there like little mini movies within the game .

SOUND 7/10
The sound was the only thing I was dissapointed in. First off Thors my FAVORITE character and his voice was sorta girly. I was expecting a gruff asgardian Val Halla voice but no. The voices are pretty good besdies that Captain America being good and so was SPiderman but the in game sounds were just straight imports from XML and there was no movie score or anything special so it was mediocre.

Gameplay 9/10
The gameplay is really something else. But only if you really get into the figting part at first I just pounded the special power that did the most damage. But when you really get into combat it turns into a whole nother game espicially on the later levels when youre surrounded by enemies and you Use Thor to clear the room with bolts of lighting but hes vunrelable so you get Dr. Strange to shoot hellfire from the ground in a radius. One thing I love is how with some powers if you slam down on the X,A, or B buttons it modifies the attack like if you do Thors rage if you keep hittin B its keeps the attack going. Thers alot of attack options you can choose to pick up a weapon from the ground like a long spere or an axe and fight with it. I really loved gettin to REALLY control my favorite characters like use wolverin slash an enemy then take his weapon and kill him with it.

Characters 8/10
Theres really a diverse selection of Characters but not in the beggining youre pretty limited to the Avengers/ New Avengers and the Fantastic Four but when you start unlocking characters like Blade Ghost, Ghost Rider, and Dr. Strange you really get to start mixing up teams and findin your own team the my team feature is pretty cool even tho alot of people call it useless if you know how to use it can be really helpful it lets you make your own team and when your team acomplishes a mission you get a skill point which you can use to increase things like team vitality and team synergy. There REALLy is an impressive roster of supporting characters even if youre a marvel fanatic there will be some characters you havent heard of. It was a nice suprise to see Corsair, Lilandra, Mephisto, Dum Dum Doogan and the Inhumans. Really cool bosses with lots of diversity most have some kind of gimmick you have to do but when you do a certain action like jump on Ymirs club or jump inside a cannon and shoot your self at the boss you activate a lil mini game when you have to hit certain buttons in the time allowed and it takes a mighty chuck out of the boss these scenes start out small and gets bigger and bigger untill you get some really cool ones like silver surfer flying around and shooting energy beams the bosses really are good fights.

theres not really any replay value unless you didnt get the Black Panther and Daredevil actions figures which unlock the characters and comics missions but there is X-Box live which helps a little but thers not really any reason to replay unless you didnt do the side missions and replay them to do it. But boy it sure was amzing the first time through.

over all the game is great for comic book fans and fans of marvels and XML lovers will most likely like this game even more and we FINNALY get the Avengers or some of them in a good game this game is definately a must play for everyone.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/09/06

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