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"Need for some patience"

NFS carbon its an old racing game some friends recommended it (even if I'm not into racing games), so I played it and I can say it is a great game in some depths while is awful in some others.

The looks-9
The menu is awful arranged but have many options that can help you customize from the control settings to the tracks you want to hear in the game, the purple/blue screen is kinda lame. I liked the actors involved in the game and the chat while you race (they have 'bout 15 different phrases in game) and give some particular style to the game. The status screen of the game is well placed and have all elements you need so there is no complain in here

I liked the gameplay in the way it's very fluid the control, and barely lagging but the problem relay in the kind of car you choose (muscle a.k.a jell-o, tuner a.k.a turtles & exotics a.k.a weirdos) the muscles handling is poor in any way you can imagine you can roil over quite easy and lose control fairly easy and for a game plagued with tricky corners :p, but are for me the best cars in the game for its acceleration so you recover easily, I beat the game with only muscle cars the first time, the exotics are a good choice if you don't hit too much wall because they lose a lot of acceleration and tuners, well don't try this ones on your first time except for drifting, other things that affects gameplay its the games' physics itself, which are weird enough to affects acceleration (most notorious in tuners) if you get close to a wall but actually don't hit it, or the way the cops behave mostly when the chases are up level 4, with cops spawning from thin air or every time you'll get near a hiding spot :p.

Sound- 9
The soundtrack is composed of hip-hop, electro and some rock themes, and you can actually choose which to turn of or on, the sound of the game is very detailed as you can difference when you hit a tree or a steel pipe, altough the tire sound and engine is some what repetitive in the cars it's very realistic and complements the game.

This is where the strongest part of the game is, Palmont city is very well detailed from beach to the north of the city you'll advice the change in the environment for buildings to factories or casinos, as the environment like trash containers, chars, road advises, and except some walls and the buildings you can crush almost everything, car damage is notorious in the paint job and the windows but mostly in the cop's cars, you can beat the crap out of them, but the best part of the game is car autosculpt, you can create so many variants of the same car that you'll be overwhelmed, it's just beautiful.

AI- 4
This is besides the weird gameplay the part where the game fails, when you face opponents you'll face (like in all racing games I've played to date) opponents that go on rails if you play a race many times you can even say when the opponent will hit the brake, for how long and the way they'll take in fact if you restart many times the same race the ai will behave very odd,not to mention that you can be hit and thrown away very easy by your opponents, but if you ram them, is like you hit a wall (all opponents except for cops and traffic, WTF!?), the cops ai is so stupid that they'll try to get near you in a straight line even if there is a whole city block in the way, not to mention you are the only one affected by spike strips (yes cops and traffic are immune to them) and the traffic have the suicide instinct of obstructing you while you have cops chasing you :p.,

In the end you can enjoy this game but like many EA games, first rent it and then judge by yourself.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/16/10

Game Release: Need for Speed Carbon (US, 10/31/06)

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