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    A-Ranking Guide by Crudmonk

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/15/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Authored by: Draekon (Crudmonk) & B SMO0TH
    000         Introduction & Updates
    This guide is dedicated to achieving A rankings in Kameo, an X-Box 
    360 action game. Initially, A rankings seem quite overwhelming. 
    Even more so when you have had a crack at co-op or tried a ranking 
    run before. No need to worry though, this thread should hopefully 
    give a good idea of what is required to achieve A rankings in the 
    various levels. 
    Yeah, I know what you are thinking by now, "Just shut the heck up 
    and give me the information." So I guess we ought to begin to get 
    into detail. So good luck with getting A rankings and we hope you 
    find this guide as useful as we would like it to be!
    Update 1 Guide v2 - Some things have changed, the guide has been
    altered to show the changes. Forgotten Forest is the most effected
    change in the A-Ranking Guide and the fact that there are no Doom
    Trolls in Live co-op. The appropriate changes have been made to
    the guide to reflect these changes.
    001              Table of Contents
    Warrior Focus & Doom Trolls ---------- 002
    Basics ------------------------------- 003
    In Depth: Elemental Warriors --------- 004
    In Depth: Enemies & Allies ----------- 005
    In Depth: Levels --------------------- 006
    Miscellaneous ------------------------ 007
    Credits & Sources -------------------- 008
    Disclaimer --------------------------- 009
    002    Warrior Focus & Doom Trolls 
    Q: What is Warrior Focus? 
    A: Warrior Focus is something that can be best described as a 
    slowdown in time where you are able to move at normal speed but 
    enemies are slowed down. It is achieved by attacking enemies in 
    ways that fills your focus bar completely full, which is located in 
    the top center of your screen right under carnage multipliers. 
    Q: How long does Warrior Focus last? 
    A: Focus lasts as long as you are able to make it last. Just like 
    going into focus, the same moves will help prolong you from exiting 
    Q: What are Doom Trolls? 
    A: They are special trolls that you can only find in Warrior Focus. 
    They are small, quick trolls that are very aggressive and will not 
    hesitate to try and strike at you. These little guys are a very big 
    key in obtaining scores high enough for A rankings. 
    Q: What determines how many Doom Trolls appear? 
    A: The amount of Doom Trolls that appear when you enter focus is 
    solely based on your amount of carnage multipliers. The minimum 
    amount required for them to appear is 10. 
    Q: Are there an infinite amount of Doom Trolls? 
    A: No, there are only an finite amount of Doom Trolls that appear 
    and the amount of times they can appear. If you go into focus 
    enough, you will eventually stop seeing them appear. That means if 
    you miss any, they will be lost that replay.
    003                         Basics 
    The first thing that is recommended before starting your ranking 
    runs is to upgrade all of your Elemental Warriors, find the twelve 
    Elixirs of Life, and the four Mystic Eyes. They are not required, 
    but it is highly recommended to make things easier on you. 
    After you have gotten that or decided against doing that, there are 
    really only three basics to getting rankings. Those are gaining 
    multipliers, not losing multipliers, and figuring out when to start 
    using focus. They, however, branch out and are larger than they 
    originally would seem. 
    First, let us begin with gaining multipliers. As you have probably 
    already figured out, you gain multipliers by killing enemies and 
    that threre are three types of multipliers listed at the top center 
    of your screen. Each one has different requirements to get from a 
    kill, but it is possible to get all three: 
    - Carnage -
    These are the easiest of the three multipliers. So long as an enemy 
    dies, you should obtain a carnage multiplier. 
    - Brutal -
    The second most difficult to obtain, though still somewhat easy. 
    Brutals are obtained by killing enemies in one hit. 
    - Frenzy -
    Most difficult of the three and two ways to go about getting them. 
    The first is to kill enemies in rapid succession within 5 seconds 
    of each other. Then the second way is to go into Warrior Focus and 
    after the first kill, all other kills will produce a frenzy.
    Though that is very basic ideas of each multiplier, it should give 
    you a fair understanding. Further down we are going more in depth 
    for each Elemental Warrior that should help support the basics of 
    gaining multipliers. 
    Next we have 'losing multipliers', which many people have a problem 
    with. You can lose multipliers in a lot of ways and some are far 
    worse than others. Here are a few ways you are able to lose 
    - Getting hit -
    You lose one of each multiplier. Note that if you get hit three times
    consecutively, you are thrown back and vulnerable. 
    - Falling off of the level -
    You lose one of each multiplier and begin in a specific part of the 
    area you were in that could possibly be surrounded by trolls. 
    - Catching on fire -
    You lose one of each multiplier every tick. There are a total of 
    five ticks but can be interrupted by switching to a rock type 
    Elemental Warrior. 
    - Dieing/Falling into lava -
    This will make you lose all your multipliers and be forced to start 
    the level over from scratch. 
    All of those should be fairly obvious and more in depth when we 
    talk about enemies specifically further down. Just be sure to keep 
    in mind that even though you may think a particular move is 
    invincible, you can still get get hit and lose multipliers without 
    noticing it. 
    Last but not least, we have Warrior Focus. Now you are probably 
    wondering why this deserves its own part in this guide as Warrior 
    Focus is easy to get in to. However, what you may not notice is 
    that going in to early or to late in a level can drastically effect 
    your score. Anyways, in this last part of the basics, Doom Trolls 
    come into play and I will try to categorize it as best as possible. 
    Doom Trolls if you do not realize already are determined by the 
    amount of carnages you currently have. The first amount of Doom 
    Trolls will appear when you enter focus with at least ten carnages. 
    Then as you build up more carnages you will begin to notice more 
    and more trolls to appear. Maximizing the amount of carnages before 
    going into focus is critical. By doing this, you will be able to 
    pull off more Doom Troll spawns since there are a limited amount of 
    times each score run they can appear. 
    So lets say you have ten carnages the every time you go into focus. 
    You will only get an approximation of 10 or so extra kills from 
    Doom Trolls. Now lets say you have 100 carnages. You may get 
    upwards of 100 extra kills or so, bolstering your score by a lot. 
    It is up to you to figure out where and when to go into focus to 
    make the most of your score. 
    004   In Depth: Elemental Warriors 
    Knowing what each elemental warrior is capable of is important for 
    achieving an A rank. Below I have linked videos and writen a 
    description of how each elemental warrior can achieve a brutal 
    multiplier and enter warrior focus. I have not included frenzies 
    because there are too many and earlier in this guide has already 
    stated how to achieve them. 
    Be sure to be creative and mix and match attacks. Not all warriors 
    can get brutal kills or enter focus mode but you can always mix and 
    match. For example, you can enter focus with one warrior but kill 
    the doom trolls with another warrior. 
    All the attacks were tested on normal Trolls or Armored Trolls. 
    When dealing with Doom Trolls take into consideration they are 
    weaker and since some attacks require time to get a brutal out of 
    them you may need to equip the eye of spirit or unequip all eyes. 
    Most attacks will work the same way on Doom Trolls but not all of 
    Brutal Kills
    - http://files.filefront.com/brutalwmv/;4747928;;/fileinfo.html
    Warrior Focus
    - http://files.filefront.com/focus_1wmv/;4748073;;/fileinfo.html
    Above are videos on how each elemental warrior can achieve brutal 
    kills and enter warrior focus. There are some missing from the 
    videos as they were added late, but otherwise it is mostly in order 
    of the following: 
    -  40 Below  -
    Brutal Kill: 
    - Snow Blower: Pull and hold LT while moveing normally. Eye of 
    strength is required. 
    - Frostbite/Ice Quake: First freeze an enemy with Frostbite hold RT,
    then use Icequake hit LT+RT to make a snowball then hit LT+RT a
    second time to perform Ice Quake. 
    Focus Mode: 
    - Snow Blower: Pull and hold LT, need three or more enemies and 
    does not always work. 
    - Icequake: Hit LT+RT to make a snowball then hit LT+RT a second 
    time. Requires two or more enemies. 
    -    Ash    -
    Brutal Kill: 
    - Inferno: Hold LT. Recommended to use the eye of spirit and stop 
    using it once the troll goes below 100 health. 
    - Incinerator: Hit LT+RT to set the trap then when trolls are near 
    hit LT+RT a second time. 
    Focus Mode: 
    - Inferno: Can be done, but a minimum of six trolls is needed. 
    - Chilla 
    Brutal Kill: 
    - Ice Spike: When you have a troll on your back enter aiming mode 
    LT then hit RT one for each troll on your back. You may hold up to 
    3 trolls on you back and throwing all 3 trolls will result in 3 
    brutals, 3 carnages, and 2 frenzies. 
    - Slam Hammer: With a troll on your back hit LT+RT to use the troll 
    as a club then hit LT+RT to slam the troll into the ground. 
    - Spike Storm: Hold the LT+RT buttons when you have no trolls on 
    you back. Ice spikes will fall from the sky and first stun the 
    enemy then freeze him. Once frozen switch to the aiming mode and 
    throw a Ice Spike at the frozen troll. 
    Focus Mode: 
    - Ice Spike: Enter aiming mode LT then continually hit RT, it will 
    take 3-5 consecutive hits to enter focus mode. 
    - Deep Blue -
    Brutal Kill: 
    - Dragpool: Pull and hold LT+RT 
    - Slick Jet: This technique also requires the use of Ash for 
    easiest usage. First start with as and with no enemies around use 
    ash's Inferno LT then quickly switch to Deep Blue use the Slick 
    Jet, hold LT. The oil should then be on fire. 
    - Spray: Knocking trolls back into walls, water, etc. 
    Focus Mode: 
    - Splash Down: Grab two trolls and attack other trolls with them. 
    -    Flex    -
    Brutal Kill: 
    - None (Flex may not have a Brutal kill but just for fun try 
    holding LT+RT and once a troll is targeted, release then hold LT+RT 
    to shock the troll to death.) 
    Focus Mode: 
    - Storm: Hold LT then use the left thumb stick to move around. 
    - Major Ruin -
    Brutal Kill: 
    - None 
    Focus Mode: 
    - Hyper Cyclone: Hold LT+RT 
    - Pummel Weed -
    Brutal Kill: 
    - Weedkill: Hold LT+RT to enter creeper and then hold LT until you 
    glow green. Finally let go near an enemy. 
    Focus Mode: 
    - Jab: Hit LT -> RT -> LT -> RT to start a jab combo that ends with 
    an uppercut. You must do this 2 times to enter focus, but space 
    them apart a couple seconds so you are not so vulnerable when 
    spawning Doom Trolls. Also make sure you start with the LT it does 
    not work if you start with the RT. 
    -   Rubble   - 
    Brutal Kill: 
    - None 
    Focus Mode: 
    - Stone Storm: Gather about half a dozen trolls and you should go 
    in to focus. 
    -   Snare   -
    Brutal Kill: 
    - Lockjaw: First bite an enemy with RT and then hit LT. 
    Focus Mode: 
    - Toxic Bile: Root yourself with LT+RT and then hold RT. Works best 
    with the eye of spirit and two or more enemies are required. 
    -  Thermite  - 
    Brutal Kill: 
    - Lava Bomb: First enter mortar mode using LT, then hit RT. This 
    will only give a brutal if the troll catches on fire rather than 
    die by the bomb. 
    - Backblast: First enter mortar mode LT then hold LT+RT untill a 
    troll is sucked into the cannon. Finally, hit LT or RT to launch 
    the troll. 
    Focus Mode: 
    - Lava Bomb: Use the same technique to get brutals using the lava 
    bomb (see above), but this will require a lot of enemies and a 
    fully upgraded lava bomb. 
    005     In Depth: Enemies & Allies 
    - Airship -
    Airships are only found in the final level, Thorn's Airship. At 
    first glance they are all the same, but later ones come equipped 
    with archery turrets and cannons manned by trolls. They can be delt 
    with in the same way as the rest since their ships take time to 
    shoot out of the sky by using Chilla's Ice Spear or Thermites 
    Mortar. Keep in mind however, some of these ships spawn enemies and 
    it is not recommended to kill them until they stop generating 
    enemies. You may also just kill the troll who is manning the turret 
    in the side of the airship. 
    - Boat -
    Floating on top of the water in the Water Temple dropping depth 
    charges at you can be pretty annoying and there is no concrete way 
    to be fully safe. Just be warned that if you get to close to the 
    surface of the water or closely follow them, the troll cannoneer on 
    the deck will begin shooting at you with some fairly good accuracy. 
    Taking them out can be done with Deep Blue or using the exploding 
    mines that are chained to the ground underwater. Just shoot the 
    chain and it will float up to the surface. 
    - Bugs -
    The most annoying enemies in this game in my opinion. They have 
    infinite spawns in most places you come across them until you 
    destroy their spawn point. Luckily, they are easy enough to kill in 
    one hit from anything or if they run into you, but of course you 
    lose multipliers when they run into you. So just try to keep your 
    distance if possible or react quickly to killing them. 
    - Doom Troll -
    An enemy you will encounter the most in the game and will probably 
    become your most hated. They are small white trolls that are very 
    quick and can come in groups of varying sizes. The most difficult 
    to obtain multipliers from out of all the enemies in the game 
    simply because of their numbers, speed, and low health points. 
    The most common and easiest ways to kill them are with Major Ruin's 
    Cyclone and 40 Below's Ice Quake. Just be careful when attempting 
    to use moves as you can get hit while performing them, easily. Even 
    if the moves seem invincible. 
    - Elven Soldier -
    Your only assisting allies you have in the game. Though they have 
    good qualities, they also have bad. Their good qualities is pretty 
    much just keeping enemies off of you that will cause the trolls to 
    be easy targets. The bad part is that if you use Chilla to carry 
    trolls, they will attack the trolls on your back and cause you to 
    lose multipliers. Another bad part is getting in between of them 
    and the enemy they are attacking as you can easily get hit. 
    Thankfully, you are able to kill them fairly easily with moves like 
    Weedkiller. Just be careful when doing it as enemies all around 
    will instantly target you. 
    - Fire Troll (Large) -
    Like their smaller counterparts, these guys are very annoying. 
    However, since there are only three of them in the Water Temple and 
    nowhere else, it is not so bad. They come out after you kill all of 
    the small fire trolls in the room this enemy spawns them in. Then 
    once they spawn, you should already be looking towards the center 
    of the room with Deep Blue. After that, you should use Spray and 
    then finish them off with someone such as Major Ruin or Rubble. 
    Also be careful of the bombs they drop down on you when they 
    - Fire Troll (Small) -
    One of the biggest pains out of all the enemies, much like Doom 
    Trolls and can be considered the absolute worst. The small fire 
    trolls throw bombs that can catch you on fire, which is very 
    troublesome. It is usually the best ways to deal with them is to 
    use Deep Blue's Spray and push them into the wall for a brutal. In 
    levels where there are not very many, it is viable to use Chilla's 
    Grab and then throw them into a wall or off of a cliff. You will 
    only catch on fire using this tactic if their health is blinking 
    (just spawned), you run into them, or you get hit by the bomb they 
    - Giant Troll -
    There is only one of these enemies through the entire game and that 
    is in the Forgotten Forest. Sadly, there is no way to kill them 
    easily for a brutal. Using Rubble's Stone Storm or just spinning in 
    the ground with Weedkiller can kill it pretty easily. Using the 
    Weedkiller technique by just spinning in the ground can actually 
    bring you in to focus. 
    - Glass-Jaw Troll -
    This enemy is different than most and not possible to get a brutal, 
    except for the first one you encounter. The first one can be killed 
    by using Chilla's Aim -> Spike to knock down a chandellier. 
    Otherwise your best bet is to go into focus and use Creeper -> 
    Uprooter to stun him and make his neck vulnerable. Then use 
    Chilla's Spike to shoot him in the neck. An alternative to doing it 
    in focus would be using Thermite's Mortar to stun him instead of 
    Pummel Weed's Uprooter, which will stun him longer. 
    - Ice Troll (Shield) -
    An enemy that is different than most you have come across up until 
    this point. Invulnerable with the shield out, you are forced to 
    remove it using Flex. After that there is not much of a clear cut 
    way to produce a brutal easily. Just be careful that when you use 
    melee on them, you will freeze and become vulnerable for some time. 
    - Ice Troll (Sword) -
    Most people have a passionate hate for this enemy because of the 
    second walrus you come across in the Snow Temple. They have a 
    pretty decent offense and can fly through the air while attacking, 
    making them difficult to deal with. I find that using Ash's 
    Incinerator a good way of dealing with them and producing brutals 
    at the same time. Be careful not to place is to close to the walrus 
    and not to talk into it with a non-fire elemental warrior. 
    - Red Dragon -
    An easy enemy early on that is harmless that later shoots fireballs 
    at you. Throwing one of Chilla's Spikes at them will poduce an easy 
    brutal, but if you throw an enemy troll at them it can produce a 
    frenzy. Just be careful not to get hit with their fireballs in 
    later levels or let them fall on you. 
    - Roll Troll -
    One of the simplest enemies, but most annoying to achieve frenzy 
    multipliers with. Grouping them together to hit them in quick 
    succession is no easy task. All I can say is good luck against 
    them, Major Ruin is difficult to use against them skillfully. 
    - Stone Troll -
    Often mistaken as a golem, these are trolls of stone found in 
    Thorn's Pass. They are harmless for the most part and due to their 
    solid defense and they can be difficult to produce brutals from. 
    - Submarine -
    At first when you encounter a submarine you may think it as 
    defenseless, but it is not. They spawn trolls in scuba gear out of 
    their bottom hatch and fire two missles at you that will explode 
    after a set amount of time or if they reach you, their target. For 
    people who have difficulties killing the trolls they spawn, take 
    them out as soon as possible to prevent multiplier loss. 
    - Troll -
    Your most common troll that you will come across time and time 
    again, often seen holding an axe or a sword. Easily dispatched 
    using Chilla, Pummel Weed, and Ash for brutal multipliers. There is 
    not much to say about them really except to be careful when you get 
    swarmed or when they begin to look like they are going to leap at 
    you by throwing their arms into the air and yelling. 
    - Troll (Archer) -
    Frustrating trolls with bows that can rapidly fire arrows at you 
    and hurt you with ease. Due to their arrows being difficult to see, 
    your best bet is to try to try to hit them from a distance. That, 
    however, will not produce you a brutal but will at least keep you 
    from losing multipliers. If you think you are good enough, feel 
    free to get in close range, but know that they will run and it will 
    be more difficult. 
    - Troll (Armored) -
    Trolls that cannot be delt with by normal means as melee attacks 
    are quite ineffective against them. However, they are very good for 
    going into focus mode because of that. The easiest ways to go about 
    killing them are with Snare's Lockjaw, Thermites Mortar, or by 
    simply pushing them off the edge while in focus. 
    - Troll (Bomb) -
    Another form of troll that uses two small bucklers on his hands and 
    throws bombs. These guys can be thrown onto Chilla's back when they 
    are throwing a bomb, but it is risky to do it this way. To remove 
    their shield you can use Pummel Weed's Jab into a combo. You can 
    also use Pummel Weed's Weedkiller on them to just down right kill 
    them if you wish, but if a bomb hits you while doing this you will 
    be caught on fire. (Chilla can actually knock the bomb away when 
    trying to throw them onto his back, but then you need to back off 
    quick since the bomb is near him) 
    - Troll (Scuba) -
    Trolls that seem to really frustrate players due to the nature of 
    Deep Blue's control scheme. If you are not good using Deep Blue, 
    then it is recommended that you ignore them and try to bypass them 
    as quickly as possible. Otherwise they are ok to kill, but be 
    careful of their spears they throw as they are difficult to see. 
    - Troll Cannoneer -
    Cannoneers tend to be quite annoying and put in many levels through 
    the game. Your best bet is usually to use Chilla's Ice Spear to 
    kill them. However, later in the game they tend to be on wooden 
    towers. You can take out the towers to kill the trolls quickly 
    using Thermites Mortar. 
    - Troll Cannoneer (Bomb) 
    I believe there is only one of these enemies in the game, Thorn's 
    Castle. You can actually get a brutal off of this enemy by using 
    Weedkiller on it without having Pummel Weeds leaf blades hitting 
    him. Just be careful not to let the rolling bombs hit you as they 
    can catch you on fire. 
    - Walrus -
    Your other ally in the game, but only helps you progress through 
    the Snow Temple while you guard him. The first one is fairly easy 
    but the second one can have multiple waves of Archer Trolls and 
    Cannoneers. Laying an incinerater near his back (but not close 
    enough to hit him) can deal with the Ice Troll Swordsmen fairly 
    - Water Troll -
    A form of etheral troll that is not found in any of the levels but 
    is found in between them while you are playing the game or 
    collecting items. Since brutals are not important when you face 
    them, just use Deep Blue's Spray on them to make them vulnerable 
    and have at them. 
    - White Troll -
    Unable to figure out a good name for them, I have been reduced to 
    calling them this. They are the white trolls that are quite skinny 
    and jump under saucers with retractable spikes to attack you when 
    you get close. Using Weedkiller is a fairly easy way to get brutals 
    from them. Also keep in mind that if you knock their shells into 
    the walls they will usually explode, rendering the trolls quite 
    006               In Depth: Levels 
    Patch Update: Since the co-op patch, it's changed a few minor
    things. Most of them you don't need to worry about but one stage
    in particular changed a lot if you go by the guide to achieve
    A-Ranking. That level is Forgotten Forest. There's now a new video
    up courtesy of Dmbledore for that stage, so be sure to thank him
    for that and not me.
    Another thing that they have updated, well, added was Live co-op.
    This is different than your local splitscreen co-op as there are
    no Doom Trolls in it. Yes, that's right, no Doom Trolls. Do not
    worry though as the score required to achieve A-Rank over Live is
    significantly lower in all cases. If you're having trouble with Live
    co-op, just have the other player be the "bait" while you rack up
    points and finish the game. Though if you do that, be sure to do it
    for the other player too if he or she needs it.
    - Thorn's Castle -
    Required Solo Points: 15,000,000
    Required Live Points: 6,000,000
    Rapidshare Video:
    - http://rapidshare.de/files/10553424/thorn_castle.wmv.html
    Filefront Video:
    - http://files.filefront.com/thorns_castle_1wmv/;4681248;;/fileinfo.html
    The first level of the game but could be considered the easiest as 
    there are no easy ways to die, unlike Thorn's Pass and Airship. 
    Here you do not have access to the Wotnot Book and are limited to 
    only three warriors, Chilla, Pummel Weed, and Major Ruin. 
    As you begin there are enemies below you shooting cannons at you, 
    which are killable. Next you go up the ice path on the wall and 
    there is a cutscene. After the cutscene you are faced with two 
    trolls and three optional red dragons that are easily delt with. 
    Now that you have killed the two trolls, you are faced against 
    another troll after a small cutscene. Finally once they are all 
    dead you can stick around for three more trolls to climb up the 
    side of the tower and then you are done with this area and can head 
    through the pipes to the next area with enemies. 
    This next area the first troll is found after a cutscene and the 
    troll runs under a saucer before you are able to attack him. Kill 
    him and then it is followed by a quick cutscene and a troll who 
    throws bombs. Shortly after that cutscene three more trolls enter 
    the area wether you kill the bomb troll or not. After those four 
    enemies are deal with, hop over the ramp and you will meet two 
    trolls and a small fire troll. Quickly finish them and continue on. 
    For your last enemy in the area after you cross the pipe is a small 
    fire troll hiding in a wooden box. Deal with him and continue on. 
    Your next area brings you to an open area with a lava pit in the 
    center. After you enter you are confronted with a single roll 
    troll. Deal with him and shortly after you are confronted with 
    three more. Take your time if needed, frenzies are hard to produce 
    with these guys. After dealing with them, go under the gate and 
    cross the bridge and a troll will jump out. Grab the troll and deal 
    with the two red dragons as they fly by and then continue through 
    the next gate. 
    Before or after you enter, you have probably noticed the bugs 
    skittering around on the spiral staircase. Deal with them and every 
    other window a troll will jump out, beginning with the first. Once 
    you are done with that, head through the next gate but do not go to 
    far from the gate and kill the enemies standing on the bridge with 
    Chilla. Then continue on but do not enter the next tower yet. Stop 
    in front and shoot down the left and center chandelliers with 
    Chilla quickly. Proceed through there and go up the spiral 
    staircase to a bomb troll cannoner. Kill him and go through the 
    last gate to the next area. 
    Now you are in the area before last and probably the longest of 
    them all. After you enter there is a cutscene and you have some 
    trolls running at you. Deal with them as you see fit and when you 
    get close to the center of the area,a small fire troll breaks out 
    of a wooden create. Finish him off and then knock the shells off of 
    the tower for the next part coming up. Finishing that up you can 
    finish all the final trolls who are running around and hiding 
    behind objects for a cutscene. Kill the three white trolls that 
    come out of the tower and you are visited by another cutscene. 
    Finally after the cutscene you can wait a bit for a lot of trolls 
    to come out of the tower. Finish up there and head towards the 
    tower from the cutscene. 
    Kill the troll cannoneer before you climb up the water tower and 
    then climb up the next ice wall after it. Kill the two or three 
    trolls there and head up the final ice wall. Once you drop down and 
    get off the ledge you fell on you will have a final cutscene with a 
    Glass-Jaw Troll. Kill him by knocking a chandellier on his head and 
    deal with the two trolls in wooden created along the left wall. 
    Congrats, you have completed the level now, so feel free to exit 
    through the door that opened up. 
    - Forgotten Forest -
    Required Solo Points: 15,000,000
    Required Live Points: 1,000,000
    New Video:
    Filefront Video
    - http://files.filefront.com/ForgottenForestAwmv/;5284870;;/fileinfo.html
    Old Videos:
    Rapidshare Video:
    - http://rapidshare.de/files/10560593/forgotten_forest_2.wmv.html
    Filefront Video:
    - http://files.filefront.com/Forgotten_Forest/;4674807;;/fileinfo.html
    One of the toughest levels aside from the snow temple. The concept to
    completing this level is easy but pulling it off will require skillful
    use of Pummel Weed and obtaining brutals. Due to the heightened
    difficulty, we will make this level a little more in depth. 
    When you start, head off into the first room and the gate will close
    behind you. Kill the troll with a shield and free the kid, then break
    the gate with the bomb shell he summons. After breaking the first gate
    turn around and trolls will start showing up. You can do this one of
    two ways:
    	1) Wait untill you have four trolls then get to the outside of
    	them and preferably find one that is alone. Start the Quick-Jab
    	combo (LT->RT->LT) to enter focus. Once you have entered focus
    	quickly use weedkiller to get a brutal then jab combo to stay in
    	focus. Be sure to watch the health of the trolls so you only kill
    	them with the weedkill manuver. Keep doing this until they're all
    	dead, but don't let yourself get more than 10 brutals and go into
    	focus or it will make it much more difficult to achieve A-Rank.
    	It's probably now prefered that you use the second choice due to
    	the patch. 
    	2) Wait until all four enter the screen and try to stay as close as
    	possible towards the center of the room. Equip the Eye of
    	Regeneration and make sure you're using Pummel Weed. Start off by
    	going into the ground and then using Weedkiller. The trick of this
    	is to use it as quickly as possible and chain-weedkill as quick as
    	possible so it also produces frenzies. Keep doing it until they're
    	all dead. Please note that this does take time to use this strategy
    Next up you will work your way to the second troll spawn. You will first
    have two white trolls under shells. Line up their path with the fire and
    they will come out of their shells then you can easily use weedkiller to
    get two more brutals. Now switch to the eye of strength and move down the
    hill. Use Rubbles blast to kill the trolls from a distance and make your
    way back up the hill after setting the kid free. Head out and use Pummel
    Weed's creeper to kill the bugs then take out the troll and break the gate.
    Then chuck 3-5 rocks over the next 3 trolls and use Rubble's blast and you
    can get 2 frenzies if done right. Do the same thing for the next three and
    use weedkiller on the two trolls that pop out of wooden boxes next to the
    spike pit. 
    Make your way through the tree tunnel and a troll that throws bombs will
    appear. Kill him and the others with Weedkiller while attempting to get
    frenzies at the same time. After killing all four trolls get rid of the
    four green shells by getting under them and throwing them up the tree tunnel
    or uppercut them into the walls to force them to explode. Now a cutscene
    will ensue showing the third statue, but before even going down the slope
    use Rubble's blast to kill the archer. Then you can go down and get brutals
    on the remaining trolls. Work your way up the hill and kill the four white
    trolls that normally hide under the shells. This is where the second troll
    spawn is, ignore it and move on. 
    Use the two trolls near the huge troll to enter focus with Pummel Weeds Jab
    Combo, immediatly switch to Rubble and use his non directional blast to kill
    the doom trolls then use it again while focused on the big troll. Four to
    six more trolls with show up in the same area, kill them without entering
    Now is the point where you start earning some points. You should have at
    least 25 brutals, but it's possible to have much more. Switch to the eye of
    spirit or at least unequip the eye of strength so you have no eye equiped
    and go back to area you just left. At the end of the tree tunnel there is
    an invisible point the trolls cannot pass. Lure two or more trolls to this
    point and use Pummel Weeds Jab combo to enter focus. If you are behind the
    invisable wall all the doom trolls will be lined up nicely so long as you
    are not to far back. Quickly switch to Rubble and use his blast to kill all
    the doom trolls. Switch to Pummel Weed to kill the last few doom trolls
    with Weedkiller or Quick-Jab. Be patient and repeat this till you have no
    more doom trolls. You should already have more than enough for A rank by now.
    Head back to where the big troll was and break the gate and continue on. At
    the end of the tunnel two bomb trolls will pop up, kill one as soon as he
    pops up then stay close to the other so he wont throw a bomb, but don't get
    to close to the archers. Then switch to Rubble and quickly move to the center
    pillar. Peek out and shoot the archer on the left and be very patient as
    this may take several attempts of peaking out to kill him. Finally after
    taking out the one on the left do the same for the one on the right till he
    backs up then walk around the pillar and do the same thing. Go up the path
    and finish off the rest and exit the stage.
    - Water Temple -
    Required Solo Points: 17,000,000
    Required Live Points: 2,500,000
    Rapidshare Video:
    - http://rapidshare.de/files/10237627/water_temple.wmv.html
    Filefront Video:
    - http://files.filefront.com/water_temple_3wmv/;4746251;;/fileinfo.html
    This can be considered one of the easier levels once you learn how 
    to deal with the fire trolls. It was realized that the old video 
    for this level was really bad so B SMO0TH recaptured it. The 
    recaptured video still does not show how I get the high scores but 
    it still shows how to get A rank with ease. 
    The only hard part about this level may be Deep Blue's controlls 
    while under water. Honestly though they are not that bad, just 
    different then what you are use to. The key to controlling him is 
    first of all, you never really need to use the right thumb stick 
    like it seems you should but not using it helps many people. Also 
    keep in mind you do not need to shoot scuba trolls but we are 
    including it anyways. 
    You will start under water, follow the submarine and shoot the 
    trolls it drops before they get to shoot at you. About 10 or so 
    will drop then you can take out the sub. Go through the opening 
    that appears after you shoot the last archer. There are two trolls 
    in the path to get to the circular room. Use the **eye of spirit** 
    and kill the two sets of small fire trolls that appear. Then a 
    large fire troll will appear and bombs will drop around you. Spray 
    the troll with water as you move away from the bombs then switch to 
    Rubble and you can kill the troll with one blast or even Major Ruin 
    if you wish. Now spray the wheel on the wall, stick around after 
    the cut sceen for the first troll spawn. 
    Once you get back out to where you first started shoot the 
    submarines then go up the ramp. Blast up the ramp with Major Ruin 
    then tap the RT to stop at the top. To get across the next part use 
    the LT to jump over the gap then at the peek of your jump blast 
    with the RT. You have one more slope to get up, be very careful 
    here and go up the right side so you don't get hit. Once up top 
    push the ball trolls off the ledge, then jump through the pipe in 
    the mountain with Major Ruin. 
    You now have 3 archers to take care of, so be very carefull here. 
    Next you are in the big room and lots of small fire trolls will 
    appear. Use Deep Blue's Spray with the eye of spirit equipped. Two 
    more large fire trolls will appear, use the same method you did 
    earlier. Try to stay in the center because if you don't these plant 
    guys will break out of the vases and they only die by fire, you can 
    take care of them after you take the fire trolls but before you 
    spin the wheel on the wall. (They can also be taken out first thing 
    by circling around the room with Ash quickly) 
    After spinning the wheel, trolls will start jumping through the 
    windows. Use Major ruin to enter focus and take care of the doom 
    trolls. DO NOT use Pummel Weed because any of the vents or the big 
    vent in the middle will catch you on fire. Also beware of breaking 
    the objects hanging off of the ceiling as they can reduce 
    multipliers unless you are using Pummel Weed. 
    Now that you have finished off all the trolls you will have a few 
    more in the halway on your way out. Once out in the water again 
    there will be 2 submarines and a ship. First follow the two 
    submarines with the eye of strength equiped. To kill the ship do 
    not follow it from the back, but instead shoot it from the sides to 
    be safe. Now three trolls will come from the tower, shoot them as 
    they come out then enter the room. The easy method is to ignore the 
    three archers outside and the 3 or 4 inside and just work your way 
    up the slope. Push the first troll into the water and use 
    Weedkiller on the top troll. Finally now that you are now at the 
    top of the tower, there are several trolls fighting with your 
    allies. Take them out and finish the level. 
    - Snow Temple -
    Required Solo Points: 30,000,000
    Required Live Points: 8,000,000 
    Rapidshare Video:
    - http://rapidshare.de/files/10625593/snow_temple_1.wmv.html
    Filefront Video:
    - http://files.filefront.com/snow_temple_1wmv/;4735476;;/fileinfo.html
    Possibly the second hardest level but for two simple reasons. One 
    is that you can't pass the level if the one of the warlus die and 
    the second is that there are several difficult jumps that will 
    quickly drop your multipliers. 
    When you start, you are on a ledge with an icewall on the far side. 
    As you begin to climb you will have a short cutscene of two 
    cannoneer trolls. Continue to the first ledge sticking out from the 
    cliff wall and shoot them in quick succession. Then continue on 
    until you reach the first walrus. 
    First thing to do is to free the troll then use deep blue to kill 
    the small fire trolls while ignoring the other trolls. Then switch 
    to Chilla and kill the remaining trolls. Next, quickly move up the 
    ramp and use Ash, Major Ruin's Cyclone, or Chilla to kill the three 
    archers. After that is done, go back down and don't stop moving or 
    you will get hit by the spikes that fall. The troll will break 
    through the wall soon enough. 
    Proceeding across, Queen Thyra will start spawning bugs behind you. 
    Use who you like to kill the annoying ice bugs, Ash or 40 Below is 
    probably the safest and easiest to use. Once you have killed the 
    first wave then use Chilla to kill the cannoneer troll on the left 
    and quickly switch back to kill the second wave of ice bugs. After 
    you have successfully defendended the first troll, stick around and 
    trolls will show up. 
    You now have your first set of tough jumps, but falling is not as 
    bad as Thorn's Pass as you do not die when you fall here. This jump 
    requires two dashes with Major Ruin, so be careful. Once you finish 
    enter the above room this is where you probably want to enter 
    focus. Kill the trolls that are there and then kill the three ice 
    trolls with swords and the two ice trolls with shields. Now, trolls 
    will start climbing into the room. Use these trolls to enter focus 
    but try not to kill them all until doom trolls stop spawning. 
    Finally after you have no more trolls, use Deep Blue to get through 
    the next part until you reach the next walrus. 
    Now for the difficult part of defending the second walrus. Before 
    freeing the troll kill all trolls around and remember you always 
    want to kill in a way to get brutal and frenzies if possible. After 
    all the trolls are dead look up behind the big troll and use Chilla 
    to kill the two cannoneer trolls. Equip the eye of strength and 
    move to the left of the troll, facing where the archers are going 
    to appear. Then free the walrus and kill all the archers and switch 
    to ash to kill the ice trolls with swords that appear. Be careful 
    not to hit the warlus at all as it can and will kill him. Once the 
    walrus begins moving, use Chilla to kill the troll on the tower to 
    the left. Continue to set the incinerator traps and use Ash's fire 
    or 40 below to kill the ice bugs. When you get to the end use Ash 
    to destroy the tower on the right as quickly as possible. Basically 
    every thing is happining all at once and you have act quickly and 
    know what you are going to do. If you try and think about it, it is 
    likely too late. One wave of the ice bugs getting by you will 
    really bring down the trolls health and may even kill it. 
    Now that you have past the most difficult part of the level, kill 
    all the trolls that climb up onto the center platform where the 
    bridge is up. After finishing them off, go and dispose of the small 
    fire trolls that spawn in sets on each side of the door. After 
    finishing them off, head up the icewall on the left side to enter 
    the last room. Finish cleaning up like you have in the previous 
    room and enter through the doors to finish the level. 
    - Thorn's Pass -
    Required Solo Points: 30,000,000
    Required Live Points: 15,000,000 
    Rapidshare Video:
    - http://rapidshare.de/files/10618395/Thorn_s_Pass.wmv.html
    Filefront Video:
    - http://files.filefront.com/Thorns_Passwmv/;4735212;;/fileinfo.html
    This is an easy level to receive the 30 million required for A 
    ranking but the tough part are the jumps. There are 4-5 jumps that 
    if you miss them you will die and one of them is at the very end of 
    the level. 
    To begin, it is recommended that you have Chilla, Thermite, and 
    another character of your choice hotkeyed. Immediatly use thermite 
    to take out the towers on the left and right and to stun the big 
    troll. Use Chilla to finish off the troll. This area is the first 
    troll spawn. Use a method you like to start racking up the 
    Next there will be a short cutscene. Take a step back then snipe 
    the 2 red dragons and take out all the trolls that spawn. Once no 
    more trolls show up shoot the chains on the gate. Before passing 
    through the gate there are archers to be taken out on the left and 
    the right inside the room. Use Deep Blue with the eye of spirit to 
    take out the small fire trolls that appear, their are about 10-15 
    of them. Use Thermite and hold LT+RT and roll down into the lava 
    and onto the small platform with a ramp. This is the first jump but 
    an easy one, just use Major Ruin and Chilla. Once over the fence 
    use Thermite to take out the scorpion spawns and the scorpions, 
    also shoot the gate off the pipe you must enter. 
    This is the first of the lethal jumps, so be careful. This next 
    room has lots of small fire trolls and scorpions, so using Deep 
    Blue and Thermite is probably best. Once outside again, use 
    Thermite to take out the trolls and the three towers. You will 
    still be shot at by another tower which you can not kill yet, so 
    keep on the move. You now have another lethal jump ahead of you but 
    an easy one. Once you are up to the drop top, move to the corner in 
    the left and look up to kill the troll up on the ledge then take 
    out the tower. Next, move on up the ice to the really tricky part. 
    You are now at the part that really sucks. Their are two jumps to 
    make with lava below. Obviously use Major Ruin, get right up to the 
    ramp and angle to the right a little. Charge your blast up and use 
    it then tap the RT when just get to the landing point. If you fully 
    charge a second time it will be tough to stay on the ledge. Next 
    turn to your right to go up the second ramp. Charge up and release 
    then as soon as you are at the top tap the RT to easily landon the 
    ledge. Turn to the ledge with the big metal boxes with all the 
    bomber trolls. Aim for the metal box on the right then quickly 
    switch to Thermite and start dancing. 
    After taking out all the trolls, enter to pipe with Major Ruin. 
    Inside are three huge rock trolls. In the video focus was entered 
    once or twice here, but it is suggested that you do not do that. 
    After the three rock trolls are dead there will be five boxes with 
    small fire trolls in them. 
    Now you are at a good point to enter focus, again it is suggested 
    using Major Ruin or 40 Below with the eye of strength as it is 
    easy. After all the trolls are dead you have the last hard set of 
    jumps. Angle to the left and only blast once then hold it at the 
    ice to switch to Chilla. Take out the airship and then complete the 
    last two jumps and each one only takes one blast with Major Ruin. 
    You should have your points by now so I will leave you with this. 
    Their are several more trolls to take out but becarefull because 
    about half of the floor on the right side will fall out. Don't 
    finish the level untill you their are no more enemies and you are 
    - Thorn's Airship -
    Required Solo Points: 30,000,000
    Required Live Points: 20,000,000 
    Rapidshare Video:
    - http://rapidshare.de/files/10488820/air_ship.wmv.html
    Filefront Video:
    - http://files.filefront.com/air_shipwmv/;4721551;;/fileinfo.html
    As you start off, you will find yourself on a platform suspended in 
    air with two airships flying very close by. They will begin 
    dropping enemies and it is your priority to dispose of them so they 
    can drop more. After they stop dropping them, feel free to kill the 
    airships as well as two more airships that are further away and do 
    not drop any enemies. After you have done that, head down the tube 
    and use the ramp to enter your next area. 
    In this next area you are confronted with a bunch of roll trolls 
    that you need to hit into the airships rutters. After the rutter is 
    knocked out, some normal trolls and bomb trolls will begin heading 
    in. Kill them without catching on fire. Then head to the near area 
    towards the left. 
    The second airship rutter is your objective. There will be armored 
    trolls dropping from the ceiling and a airship with a cannon 
    shooting at you. Keep in mind you can shoot the troll manning the 
    cannon on the side of the airship but be careful of the armored 
    trolls, and vice versa. Once the trolls are all dead and you have 
    disposed of the airship, head back and be careful not to be caught 
    under the malfunctioning door. Then head across and into the next 
    Much like the previous area, you need to take out the rutter. The 
    only difference between this area and the last one is that instead 
    of a cannon, you have a rapid fire archer turret on the side of the 
    airship. This can also be taken out without taking out the airship 
    if wanted. Finish up with the trolls and head back to the center 
    area to drop down the hole and continue on. 
    After falling down the hole, you are assaulted by airships with 
    cannons on each side. These can be taken out but are quite 
    difficult to do so safely. Once you finish that and head into the 
    next part, you will encounter a glass-jaw troll with a bunch of 
    armored trolls. Take out the glass-jaw troll and normal trolls with 
    drop from above into the room, along with elven soldiers. Finish 
    them and head into the next room. 
    This room is really deadly for your multipliers. It is filled with 
    small fire trolls and white trolls that take cover under the shells 
    and assault you as soon as you go down. Be careful down there but 
    feel free to avoid them if you wish. After you have finished that 
    or decided not to, free the airship hanging in the center of the 
    room with Chilla and head to the next area that opens up. 
    Once you head out to the wing of the airship, your objective here 
    is to blow up the two airships to continue on. However, these 
    airships will drop normal trolls down for some easy kills. Both of 
    these airships come equipped with dual cannon turrets though, so 
    take out the trolls manning them as soon as possible. Then just 
    kill trolls as they pour out. Finish up with killing the two 
    airships after you finish off the troll spawn and continue on to 
    the other wing of the airship. 
    Like the previous area you were at, this area is not much 
    different. This time you will be dealing with a archery turret on 
    an airship, so take out the troll manning it quickly. Then when 
    enemies begin to drop they will be roll trolls, so it is best to 
    just knock them off the ledge in groups. Finally once that is done, 
    blow up the airships and leave the area to finish the level. 
    007                  Miscellaneous 
    Q: What is the difference between Score Attack and the Magic 
    A: Score attack is accessable without actually going in and game, 
    but will leave whatever Mystic Eye you had equipped when you were 
    last in the game and saved with (If any at all). It will also save 
    whenever you finish the level without worry and if you die, finish 
    the level, or quit, you will be taken back to the main menu. 
    The magic mirror removes any Mystic Eye you have equipped when you 
    enter and sometimes may not save your score after you leave the 
    mirror. So it is highly recommended you try and force an auto-save 
    if you use this method. 
    One thing to keep in mind when deciding to use one or the other, 
    that in Thorn's Castle you do not have the Wotnot Book yet. Due to 
    this you cannot remove or switch Mystic Eyes that are equipped and 
    thus can very easily effect the outcome of your score. 
    Q: Ok, I got an A ranking. Now where do I view/use that of which I
       have unlocked? 
    A: There are two places that you can access unlockables but neither 
    have the same thing. The first would be skins of Kameo and cheat 
    sets, which can be found in your Wotnot Book under Bonus. You can 
    scroll right and left through all 15 or so cheats with RT and LT. 
    Now all the other unlockables, such as movies and art can be found 
    at the magic mirror after selecting a level. 
    Keep in mind that the cheat sets will prevent you from being able 
    to gain points in a level. There are some of the more harmless 
    ones, like Big Head Kameo and such that do not have that impact 
    Q: My unlockables are gone? Why? I already unlocked them! 
    A: Sorry, this is a fairly uncommon glitch that occurs and the game 
    does not save after you use the magic mirror to make a score run. 
    You will have to replay the level to unlock them again and try to 
    force a save by switching elemental warriors and/or mystic eyes. It 
    would be safer to use score attack after going in the game and 
    switching Mystic Eyes and getting the game to save.
    It is alsp possible to have this happen after Score Attack but it's 
    far less likely.
    Q: It says I got over XX million in score but did not recieve the 
    A: This actually is not a glitch of any sort, you are just most 
    likely misinterpreting the ranking screen that you get after you 
    finish a level. When you finish there are four numbers on the 
    screen that looks sort of like this: 
    Score Recieved: ###,### 
    Difference of the two: ###,###
    Previous High Score: ###,### 
    Total Overall Score: ###,### 
    When looking at this, you are likely reading the 'Total Overall 
    Score', which is actually the incorrect one. You want to read the 
    very top number on the ranking screen. This is a fairly common 
    misconception as many people do not know that there is a score 
    added up from all the levels at first. 
    Q: Draekon why do you not write back, accept my game invite,
       or chat invitation? 
    A: Things have changed a bit since I last worked on the guide. I
    just don't have the time to help people as I once did, even though
    I was quite limited before. This means my chances of playing Live 
    co-op with people is extremely limited, if I get a chance to at
    all. Most of the time I'm on my 360, I'm playing with friends and
    can't really break away to help people.
    Anyways, I still answer every message I get. However, it really
    needs to be a text message now and not a voice message or a Halo 2
    message. If you don't have a USB keyboard to send me a message,
    please signup on the xbox website and link your gamertag to a
    passport account. Then click the link at the top of this guide
    to my gamertag and send me a message from there. Although you may
    get a quicker reply making a post on the Kameo sub-forums here as
    there are some very helpful people who visit here.
    Q: Where is B SMO0TH? I haven't been able to contact him.
    A: It seems he may have sold his Xbox 360. I assume it was true,
    however, he's been spotted on Xbox Live from time to time so he
    may still answer your questions. However, it's most likely best
    to ask the question here by creating a thread or searching this
    008              Credits & Sources
    Rare for making such an addicing and fun game. 
    EV1L 360 for his threads on ranking scores and
             unlockables/achievements and helping review the guide. 
    The Annoying people for bothering Draekon enough to make a more
                        in depth guide. 
    B SMO0TH for going along with Draekon when he asked for help on
             the guide. 
    Dmbledore for helping review the guide and create the new
              Forgotten Forest video.
    DarkestMoBsTeR for helping review the guide and contributing
    FouFromage for answering some questions concerning Live co-op.
    ??? for figuring out the Live A-Ranking score requirements.
        (I honestly don't know who did, but they're not from me for
    009                     Disclaimer 
    This guide is ©2006 to Draekon and B SMO0TH from X-Box Live. You
    may not reproduce, sell, change, or claim this guide as your own.
    It is not authorized to be on any site except for Xbox dot com,
    Gamefaq dot com, or kameo dot draekon dot com without prior
    consent. Linking directly to this guide is however, permitted.
    The latest and most up to date disclaimer can be found at Draekon's
    website, posted earlier in the disclaimer. 

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