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    Multiplayer Guide by sk8terguyjake

    Version: .9 | Updated: 10/07/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    					Perfect Dark Zero Multiplayer Guide
    	Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Version History
    III. General Tips and Strategies
    IV. Weapons
    A. Pistols
    B. SMGS
    C. Heavy
    D. Assault
    E. Close Range
    V. Game Type Strategies
    VI. Map Strategies
    VII. Legal Info
    VIII. Acknowledgements and Contact Info
    I	Introduction 
    		I got my xbox 360 in mid January of 2006, but had never really 
    been interested in this game, because Call of duty 2 was stealing the show.  
    Then I was perusing for new games to buy one day and found this game.  Played 
    the demo, like it a lot, and found it for cheap online.  After playing this 
    game  quite a bit I decided to write up a multiplayer guide.
    This is a multiplayer guide that will give you some helpful pointers on how to 
    play this game online, in a split screen game, or system link.  This is just 
    general tips on how to become a better online player.  I have put a lot of 
    work into making this guide, but this is a hobby of mine so it's all good.  
    Hope you enjoy my guide, and if you feel like you want to add anything, or 
    make any corrections or have any questions on anything at all feel free to 
    email me at boardslide30@yahoo.com.  I check my email every day, and I love to
    receive emails.  So send me an email if you need to know something that wasn't
    covered in this guide, as long as it's multiplayer related.  
          II  Version History
    	Version .1  August 17 2006
    	Finished general tips today
    	Version .2 August 23 2006
    	Finished SMGS in weapon section
    	Version .3 August 26 2006
    	Finished Assault rifle section
    	Version .4 August 29 2006 
    	Finished Heavy weapon section today.
    	Version .5 September 1st 2006.  
    	Finished pistols today.
    	Version .6 September 21, 2006
    	Haven't written for a while, but I just finished the thrown and close 
    combat section of the guide, which finishes the whole weapon section.
    	Version .7 September 23, 2006
    	Finished the Game type part.
    	Version .8 September 27, 2006
    	Finished Map section, as well as legal info and acknowledgements and 
    contact info.
    	Version .9 October 07, 2006
    	Touched up some of the weapons parts.  Changed little things.
    III	General Tips and Strategies
    1. Work Together with your teammates!
             I understand that this is a fast and frenetic game, but even just 
    asking what your allies are purchasing, or just saying that one of your 
    enemies is somewhere.  Just give your opponents a heads up on whats going 
    down.  Let's face it, this isn't ghost recon, where everyone is totally 
    talking strategy, but just share the minimal things.  This will especially 
    come alive in games where territories or objectives are involved.  But even in 
    team kill count, just say what side of the map you see some enemies or 
    whatever.  An easy way to do this is look below the radar and you'll see some 
    writing that will say something like "east bridge" or "canal street" so if you
    say "I'm at canal street" they know exactly where you are, and maybe they will
    be able to say "oh a guy's coming your way.  Now I understand this isn't ghost
    recon where everyone's talking strategy, but share the little things. But
    definitely work together on the territory and objective base games.
    2. Be paying attention to your surroundings
    	This sounds like a duh, but be really listening for gunshots, or little
    noises, like the clap you'll hear if they jump down, or other sound effects I
    can't think of right now.  This will enable you to react best to the
    situation.  You might be able to jump behind that wall and bash the guy in the
    back, or setup some sort of ambush and take the guy out.
    	Another thing to do is always be keeping an eye on your radar. The red
    is your enemy, and if your enemy shoots a non silenced gun it will come up on
    the radar, guiding you right to the enemy.
    	In objective based games, the blue arrows that come up in the
    singleplayer will guide you to your objective so if you're ever lost you can
    just follow that and you will be guided right to it.
    3. Be the stealthy agent Joanna is supposed to be!
    	Remain as stealthy as possible.  Often this can entail using silenced
    guns, but more often it just means avoiding walking out in the middle, unless
    no one is around, as well as staying crouched and hanging out in the shadows.
    And if you can melee, do that.  Considering that it makes no noise and does
    lots of damage, especially if done in the back, it is very effective,
    especially when you kill them before they get a shot off, or if you sneak up
    on the guy and nail him. 
    4. Use the Cover System!!
    	The cover system is a very well integrated system of taking cover.  It's
    very similar to Ghost recon's system, except you can use this in multiplayer.
    It's good especially when you're guarding a door way or hall way, because you
    are in the 3rd person, so you can see around the wall or corner without
    exposing yourself.  And if you have a really powerful gun, you can just jump
    out and blow the guy away before he can react.  It has saved me many times, so
    don't ever forget to take cover.
    5. Aim for the head!!!
    	This is really big if you're using a sniper rifle.  The head shot will
    instantly kill anybody, and if you headshot somebody with an M60 or Shotgun,
    you'll have a quick kill.  The only time I would say you shouldn't aim at the
    head is when you have the guy totally outpowered.  Like if he's using a magnum
    and you got a shotgun and you're 5 feet away from the guy, just shoot up his
    body, don't take the chance.  But if it's flipped around where you're
    underpowered, go for the head, it's your only hope.  
    	Some people really prefer to shoot at the body, and I am one of them.  I 
    would rather go for the body and have 80 percent of my bullets hit the guy in 
    the body, then have 10 percent hit the guy in the head.  Now it depends.  If 
    I'm playing onslaught and I am one of the pistol guys, I always aim for the 
    head.  That's really the only way your going to kill a guy one on one.  But if 
    I'm one of the guys in the base, I'll shoot you in the body just to be sure to 
    get the kill.
    6. Be smart with what you purchase
    I addressed this a bit in the work with your teammates part, but this really
    holds true.  If you're planning on playing a defensive game, buy land mines,
    or maybe get a sniper rifle, so you can pick them off at long range.  Oh and
    always buy armor.  It's only 1000 CR but it can make all of the difference.
    If you have armor and your enemy doesn't, that gives you a huge edge.  Just
    never forget to get armor.    
    7. Know all of your weapons functions!
    	Guns main function is to shoot bullets, but they all have at least one
    other nifty gizmo on them.  If it be a silencer, or a grenade launcher, these
    things can save your life.  These functions can play to different styles.  If
    you're stealthy, then maybe the P9P or DW-P5's secondary function of a
    silencer fit your style.  Maybe you're the kind of guy to go solo, and use the
    Def-12's tertiary function mimic, to look like an ally to your enemy when
    you're on the radar.  This will enable you to sneak into the enemies base, and
    maybe get a few kills.
     	IV  Weapons
    A. Pistols
    	In this section I'm going to go through each pistol in the game, tell
    you what the manual says about it, and what my personal opinion.  I'll go
    through the secondary and tertiary functions, and how effective and useful
    they are.
    	Pistols are useful for close range combat, but the close range guns are
    obviously better.  They are the only guns that can be dual weld which is good,
    and they all have third functions, so always make sure to remember that.
    	Capacity: 9 Rounds
     	Secondary Function: Silencer
    	Tertiary Function: Flashlight
    	Pros: Scope, decent power
    	Cons: 2 piece of crap functions.
          What the manual says:
    	Highly customizable with scope fitted as standard.  Secondary function
    attaches a silencer for stealth kills, while the tertiary function switches on
    a flashlight for use in low light conditions.
    	What I say:
    	This is a very standard pistol, and is fitted with a scope, making it
    accurate at medium ranges.  The secondary function is actually ok, because 
    youcan get stealth kills.  Problem is that with this gun, it's going to take a 
    while to kill the guy, and if he turns and shoots, you're going to turn up on 
    radar, so it will be as if you didn't use one.  But if you're dual wielding 
    and you pop the guy in the head real quick, it's really useful, but hard to 
    	It's tertiary function is just kind of stupid.  There aren't really any
    maps where it's so dark that you can't see anything, where having a flash
    light would be good.  And if it is a dark map, that flashing light is going to
    be like a flash in the dark (no pun intend....actually I did intend that pun)
    	The Bottom Line:
    	This is a solid shooter, but the main strength is it's scope.  This
    gives it some range and accuracy, especially at mid range.  Other than that
    though, it's other functions are just not that great.  The silencer is ok, but
    the flashlight is useless.
    	Capacity: 18
    	Secondary Function: Firecracker
    	Pros: Lots of ammo in a clip, nice secondary function
    	Cons: Not too powerful, lacks a tertiary function
    	What the manual says:
    	A relatively under powered but accurate weapon, favored by professionals
    for its high rate of fire.  Secondary function allows a full clip to be thrown
    down, firing each round in sequence to distract enemies.  
    	What I say:
    	This gun has good rate of fire, but isn't too powerful.  It has a lot of
    rounds in it's clip too, which is good, but I'd almost rather have the good
    power.  I do like it's secondary function though.  This can be good especially
    if you really need your enemy to turn away for a second.  Like if you're
    pinned down, and this guy is just waiting for you to poke your head up,
    tossing that clip and having it start shooting just might give you the time
    you need to poke up and shoot your enemy up.
    	The bottom line:
    	With a good secondary function, and a high rate of fire, along with a
    large clip, this is a decent gun, the only problem is that it doesn't have a
    tertiary function, but I'd rather have one good function than 2 crappy ones.
    (I'm looking at you P9P).
    	Psychosis Gun
    	Capacity: 6 rounds
    	Secondary function: Psychosis
    	What the manual says:
    	Compact tranquilizer pistol used by bail enforcement agents.  Adapted to
    fire a concentrated dose which negates the targets distinction between friends
    and enemies, resulting in serious collateral damage.
    	What I say:
    	This gun is utter crap and you just shouldn't use it.  It's because it
    doesn't really have all that high of capacity, which is important for pistols, 
    and doesn't do much damage.  It's one redeeming factor is that sometimes when 
    you get shot, you will get confused and shoot friendlies, but this is only 
    good in a team game.  The melee on this gun is also pretty strong, but chances 
    are they'll pop you before you can melee.
    	Capacity: 6 rounds
    	Secondary function: decoy shot
    	What the manual says:
    	One for those who appreciate true stopping power, this intimidating six-
    shooter can teach a painful lesson in muzzle velocity.  Secondary function 
    fires a silenced decoy shot with delayed detonation.
    	What I say:
    	This is a good gun, for those good with pistols.  The problem is that it
    doesn't have much ammo, and isn't all that accurate, so if you miss a couple
    of shots, you're in trouble.  But if you are accurate this thing is death,
    especially when dual wielded.  It's secondary function is ok, especially for
    causing confusion.
    	The bottom line: the most powerful pistol in the game, but also the
    least accurate and lowest capacity.
    B. Heavy Weapons
    	Capacity: 80 rounds
    	Secondary Function: Caltrops (uses thee rounds)
    	This belt-fed bueaty lays down a field of suppressive fire that renders
    it's inaccuracy negligible.  Secondary function dispenses caltrops to slow 
    down personnel and stop most vehicles in their tracks.
    	What I say: This thing is just death.  It fires so many bullets, with so
    much power at such a high rate that it can take on anything.  The only problem
    is that it doesn't have much range or accuracy.  It's function is good, it can 
    kill drivers of Jetpacks, or Hovercraft instantly, and if you walk over it as 
    an infantry it will slow you down and hurt you some.  Lay the Caltrops in 
    choke points where you think the enemy might come riding through on their 
    vehicles, or on foot for that matter. 
    	The Bottom line
    	While it's really powerful, and has great rate of fire, it's function is 
    somewhat good when used correctly, but overall isn't really convenient. But 
    overall this is an awesome gun.
    	Plasma Rifle
    	Capacity: 40 rounds
    	Secondary Function: Cloak
    	What the manual says:
    	Fires Explosive bolts of superheated plasma.  Secondary function diverts
    energy to cloak the firer.  A self recharging power core provides limitless
    ammunition but the charge is quickly exhausted, especially by cloaking (moving
    while cloaked drains power faster still.)
    	What I say: This is a very useful gun in the sense that it can cloak
    you.  While it does drain power, and doesn't make you totally invisible, it
    still makes you hard to see, and might cause your opponent to hesitate enough
    to give you time to kill him.  It's also just really powerful, and can pound
    the snot out of anything or anybody.
    	The Bottom line: A really powerful weapon with a great secondary
    function makes this a great choice for any player.  
    	Rocket Launcher
    	Capacity: 4 Rockets
    	Secondary function: Fly-by-wire
    	What the manual says:
    	Destructive enough with a standard warhead, but the secondary function
    enables fly-by-wire rockets that can be guided straight to their destination
    from the flip-out finder-provided they strike before running out of fuel.
    	What I say: 
    	This is just really powerful, and has great destructive power as a
    whole.  Only problem is that it runs out of ammo pretty quickly, but while you
    do have ammo, it's just great.  I love it's secondary function, which
    basically gives you a first person view of the missile as it's launching, and
    enables you to blow it up, and also control it's direction.
    	The bottom line:
    	This thing is a beast, a force of nature.  IF you got one of these
    things, you're just going to own everybody.
    Plasma rifle
    Capacity: 40 shots
    Secondary function: Cloak
    What the manual says:
    Fires explosive bolts of super-heated plasma.  Secondary function diverts
    energy to cloak the firer.  A self-recharging power core provides limitless
    ammunition but the charge is quickly exhausted, especially by cloaking (moving
    while cloaked drains power faster still).
    What I say:
    The one thing I love about this gun is the fact that it never has to reload.
    Never.  So you can always keep on firing.  The weird thing though is that a
    headshot does as much damage as a body shot does, so this is a good gun for
    those who don't aim for the head.  But it's secondary function is crap.  The
    cloak just doesn't work, unless you're sniping, which you can't really do with
    this gun.  And actually, if you're being shot at at mid range, you can
    actually dodge these rounds, because they don't travel all that fast.
    The bottom line:
    This is not my favorite gun.  You can actually dodge the rounds, and it has a
    crappy function.  I'd rather have an M60 anyday.
    Capacity: 30 rounds
    Secondary function: xray vision
    What the manual says: A classified experimental weapon, the shockwave's stream
    of highly-charged particles can blast adversaries clean off their feet.  It's
    built in scope complements the secondary function, which allows foes to be
    seen through walls.  Prone to overheating.
    What I say:
    This is a sniper rifle, with the usual slow rate of fire, but high damage and
    accuracy.  But the one thing this gun does have is the most awesome secondary
    function in the game.  You can have xray vision, and you can see through walls
    and all that.  But not only can you see through walls, or doors and all, but
    you can actually see through mountains, and through natural substances, so you
    can totally see everyone on the map, which is awesome.  This is sort of like
    the alien sniper in Halo 2, where it has lot's of shots, but instead of
    reloading you overheat.  It's a good gun, and I think it's better than the
    jackal because of this things awesome secondary function.
    The Bottom line:
    With a built in scope, good power, and one of the best functions in the game,
    this is a great sniper.
    Capacity: Single shot
    Secondary function: EMP marker
    What the manual says:
    A world-class sniper rifle with cornea tracking zoom, the jackal chambers a
    single large caliber round with momentous stopping power.  Secondary function
    scrambles enemy radar (and other electronics) while clearly highlighting the
    targets position on all radar.
    What I say:
    This is just another good sniper rifle, with good zoom, accuracy and good
    stopping power.  It's function is ok, can be useful.  I prefer the shockwave
    because of it's good function, but this gun's not bad at all.
    The bottom line:
    With good accuracy and stopping power, this is a good sniper rifle.  It's
    function is ok but not awesome like the shockwaves. 
    C.   SMGS
    	Capacity: 24 rounds
    	Secondary Function: Silencer
    	Tertiary Function: Flashlight
    	What the manual says:
    	The DW-P5 comes with a built in scope and is easily modified.  Secondary
    function attaches a silencer for recon missions, while the tertiary functions
    switches on a flashlight for use in low light conditions.
    	What I say:
    	This is the P9P of SMGS.  It can have a flashlight and silencer just
    light like the P9P, and it does modest damage, and is decently accurate.  This
    gun is kind of a tweener, it's just sort of in the middle.  Ok at everything,
    but not great or amazing at anything.  The silencer allows you to shoot and 
    not show up on the radar, enabling you to get some stealth kills.
    	The Bottom Line:
    	This is a decent SMG, that has the best range out of all of them, but
    doesn't do an incredible amount of damage.
    	UGL Liberator
    	Capacity: 24 Rounds
    	Secondary: Booby Trap
    	What the manual says
    	Powerful but inaccurate weapon favored by the "spray and pray" school.
    Secondary function throws down the weapon, activating an internal explosive
    device that detonates when it's perimeter is broken.
    	What I say:
    	This is like the manual says, an inaccurate gun, but it's decently
    powerful, but especially when it's being dual weld.  That's right this gun can
    be dual weld making it doubly powerful.  It's secondary function basically
    turns the gun into a mine.  If you know a guy is going to come around a corner
    in pursuit of you, chuck this gun down and wait.
    	The bottom line:
    	The fact that it's dual wieldable really makes this gun a lot better,
    especially at close range.
    	Capacity: 40 Rounds
    	Secondary function: Threat Detector
    	Tertiary Function: Reprogram
    	What the manual says:
    	Boasts a stunning rate of fire, plus invaluable additional functions.
    Secondary function pinpoints and enhances enemy threats; tertiary function
    reprograms electronic hazards (aim and press A) such as sentry guns, mines and
    security cameras.
    	What I say: This thing spits bullets out like a 5 year old spitting out
    green peas.  (yeah I don't really know where I got that either)  While it's
    not accurate, it's got two great functions, great power, and a great rate of
    fire.  This is a great close range weapon.  What's also great is that it can 
    fire while scoped, so at mid-range it is actually pretty good, better than the 
    	The Bottom Line:
    	With two great functions, and high rate of fire and damage making this a
    great close range gun.
    Capacity: 24 Rounds
    Secondary Function: hologram
    What the manual says:
    Accurate and fast firing, the CMP can absolutely shred enemies at close range. 
    Secondary function activates an advanced built in hologram projector to lure
    and confuse enemies.
    What I say:
    With pretty good accuracy, and great rate of fire, this thing is a beast.  If
    you can dual wield these things, you're going to be cutting people up like
    there's no tomorrow.  This is a great gun, because it can be dual weld.  But
    It's secondary function's so so.
    The bottom line:
    With good accuracy, and even better rate of fire, this is a great gun,
    especially cause it can be dual weld.
    D. Assault Rifles
    Capacity: 30 rounds/ 1 bayonet
    Secondary function: bayonet shot
    What the manual says:
    A rugged and powerful assault rifle, highly effective when fired in short
    bursts.  Secondary function employs a bayonet for silent takedowns.
    What I say:
    This gun isn't that good because it has decent power up at close range, but
    has no range, and when fired on automatic becomes really inaccurate really
    fast.  It's secondary function just fires a bayonet shot which will kill in 
    one shot with a head shot at close range, and sometimes when you have ran out 
    of ammo in your magazine this could be the saving shot.  Overall it's not 
    great, but ok.
    The bottom line:
    Probably my least favorite assault rifle because of it's poor accuracy and
    lack of range.
    Capacity: 30 Rounds
    Secondary function: sentry gun
    What the manual says:
    Compact and deadly, with a fearsome rate of fire.  Secondary function
    transforms it into an autonomous sentry gun, making it ideal for covert agents
    who need a laptop PC in the field.  Runs Windows 2020.
    What I say:
    This thing has a beastly rate of fire, along with great firepower.  It's
    pretty accurate, but loses it's accuracy as you fire automatically, but don't
    all guns?  It's secondary function is just a piece of crap, making you chuck
    it on the ground, as it inaccurately fires at anything it sees.  It's just
    dumb.  It could be useful if you had like twenty of them sitting in one 
    spot,but overall, it's just better to hold onto it and use It regularly.
    The bottom line:
    Great rate of fire, great firepower, but a useless secondary function, makes
    this a pretty good gun, but not as good as others.
    Capacity: 30 rounds/ 2 shot grenades
    Secondary function: grenade
    Tertiary function: silencer
    What the manual says:
    A precise and adaptable military rifle with standard-issue scope.  Secondary
    function grenades detonate on impact with any surface, while the tertiary
    function affixes a silencer for stealth kills.
    What I say:
    This gun is very all around, with good power, great secondary function, even a
    tertiary function, and a scope.   It's accurate at medium range with the
    scope, and deadly at close with the grenade launcher.  The silencer is 
    actually somewhat useful on this gun because it's powerful enough that you 
    could shoot somebody up before they even know where it's coming from, where as 
    the P9P is just not powerful enough.
    The bottom line:
    A very all around weapon, with grenades that are good at close range, and a
    scope and good firepower for mid range kills.
    Capacity: 20 rounds/6 shot grenades
    Secondary function: bounce grenades
    Tertiary function: night vision
    What the manual says:
    A versatile infantry weapon with built in scope.  Secondary function switches
    to the underslung grenade launcher which, with practice, can be used to bounce
    grenades off walls and ceilings to devastating effect.
    What I say:
    This is a good gun, but I prefer the FAC-16, because it is more accurate, and
    it's grenades are deadlier, or at least I think they are.  Nevertheless, this
    is a good gun, with grenades, and night vision, this is a pretty good gun.
    One other thing it can do is it can shoot auto while scoped which the FAC-16
    Bottom line: 
    With grenades that can bounce off of walls, and a good rate of fire and
    damage, this is a good gun, very similar to the FAC-16, but less accurate.
    E. Close Combat
    Maximum slash radius: 2 meters
    Secondary function: deflect
    What the manual says:
    A resonating-edge blade of unknown origin and a chilling weapon in trained
    hands.  Secondary function throws up an impenetrable wall capable of
    deflecting bullets right back at the aggressor.
    What I say: 
    This weapon is good because it can deflect, as well as do lots of damage at
    close range.  So if your opponent isn't careful, he might just start shooting
    you, and if you get right in front of him you might be able to just totally
    reflect them all right back at him and kill and confuse him.
    The bottom line:
    This is a good weapon because it can deflect.  Other than that this gun would
    suck, but that's it's redeeming factor.  It can also do good damage at close
    range, and you never have to worry about a reload.
    DEF-12 shotgun
    Capacity: 6 rounds
    Secondary function: Radar sweep
    Tertiary function: mimic
    What the manual says:
    Hard hitting weapon of choice for tight urban environments.  Standard
    electronics protect the carrier and nearby allies from enemy radar sweeps.
    Secondary function highlights all local targets but also exposes the carrier;
    tertiary mode tricks enemy radar into registering you as an ally.
    What I say:
    This is the best close combat gun in the game.  This thing just blows things
    to shreds.  If you're at close range, you will kill anybody with this thing.
    Problem is that it has no range whatsoever, and it's not accurate, but for
    room clearing, this is the gun.  It's secondary function is good, because if
    you know they are there, you can get up close and finish them off quick, but
    be mindful that you get exposed.  Tertiary function is good because they think
    you're an ally, because you show up as one on their radar, enabling you to 
    shoot them right up.
    The bottom line:
    This is the best close range weapon in the game bar none.  That's it.
    Poly carbonate thickness: .250"
    What the manual says:
    Guarantess 100 percent safety from melee attacks and limited protection from
    small-arms fire.  Hold LT to raise it to head height.  Clear panels allow
    combat awareness to be maintained when equipped alongside a weapon.
    What I say:
    You're not going to see this thing very often, and if you get it, that's
    great.  But it slows you down, and only enables you to hold a small weapon,
    like a pistol or smg.  If you have one of these things and your opponent
    doesn't, it really makes his job a lot harder, because he doesn't have as much
    to shoot at.  So definitely if you see one lying around, pick it up,
    especially if you're weapon is an smg.  Problem is that if your opponent is a
    good enough shot, and he's dual wielding smgs, he'll just head shot you.  So
    this is good against not so good players.  It can block against a viblade and 
    melee attacks.
    E Thrown
    Frag grenades
    Blast Radius: 5 meters
    Secondary function: Dual Wield
    What the manual says:
    High explosive fragmentation device with a four-second fuse, which becomes an
    impact grenade if held until the timer reaches zero.  Secondary function
    allows grenades to be carried alongside a dual wield pistol or SMG.
    What I say:
    These are good for lobbing around, flushing people out, and just trying to
    create commotion.  The one thing I do really like is that you can fuse them,
    so you can hold them in your hand and then release it so that as soon as it
    gets to your opponent it blows right up.  This timing is very important if
    you're going to be successful with these things.  They do decent damage,
    nothing special, they're really good when used in support with an SMG or
    pistol or something like that, because you can dual wield with these things.
    Blast radius: 2 meters
    Secondary function: remote control
    What the manual says:
    A powerful deterrent to pursuers.  Can be deployed as a proximity mine to
    detonate when enemies approach.  Secondary function can be used to lay lethal
    trails of mines that explode when triggered.
    What I say:
    These things are death.  Just chuck them and then blow them up.  If you blow
    it up right over somebody, it's basically instant death.  You can do that,
    then whip out an smg and finish the guy off for the easy kill.  You can do
    that, or you can place them in areas to block off certain entry points to your
    base, although be aware that frag grenades can blow them up.
    Flashbang (dual wield)
    Effective radius: 50 meters
    Secondary function: dual wield
    What the manual says:
    Explodes with a blinding light and deafening noise to disorient enemies,
    allowing for quick follow-up attachs.  Effect are indiscriminate, so be sure
    to look away.  Secondary function allows dual wielding alongside a pistol or
    What I say:
    These things are really good when used in the right situation.  The problem is
    that a lot of the time, you'd just rather have a frag grenade, and if you're
    not careful, you'll stun yourself, so whenever you're using one of these,
    always make sure to look away.  That's about it, so just be careful when using
    these, and use them to stun our opponent, then finish them off with an SMG.
    Chance of Survival (unarmored): none
    Secondary function: shrapnel shield
    What the manual says:
    An experimental odditiy with a tungsten alloy blade (use LT to lock onto
    enemies).  The hawk uses miniaturized anti0gravity to extend flight time and
    power it's secondary function, a force field that defends against grenades and
    What I say:
    These are really weird weapons.  What this thing is basically, is a handheld
    object that locks onto enemies, and fires this blade at them.  If they aren't
    armored, it will kill them in one shot, if they are armored, it will sure as
    hell hurt them a lot.  So fire one of these babies, then whip out an SMG and
    just take the guy out.  Lock on by using LT as mentioned above, and then the
    thing will follow that guy around, making them even more dangerous.
    V Gametype strategies
    A Deathmatch
    What the manual says:
    Deathmatch is a creation of dataDyne Corp.  Players compete in virtual arenas
    using any set of several different groups of weapons.  The mainstreat game has
    swept around the globe, and the top ranked DeathMatch players are feted as
    celebrities.  Away from the rigid structure of the ranked matches, anything
    goes; some players even spice up the gameplay with bots...
    What I say:
    This is basically a gamemode with unlimited respawns, and it can be in teams
    or not, but there's nothing special.  It's just either a deathmatch, like Kill
    ocunt and team kill count, Capture the flag, and Territorial gains, your king
    of the hill mode.  Basic tips are as always work together, especially on
    capture the flag and territorial gains.  But I'll go into that when I discuss
    each mode.
    Kill count
    What the manual says:
    A free-for-all match.  The winner is the player who racks up the most kills.
    What I say:
    Basically what the manual says.  I can't give a whole lot tips for this type,
    because there's just not much strategy involved.  It's shoot, or be shot.
    Just always move around, be smart, and be aware in your enviroment and you'll
    be fine.
    Team Killcount
    What the manual says:
    A team-only match.  The winning team is the one that achieves the most
    collective kills.  
    What I say:
    Play this like you would regular kill count, except now you're on a team, so
    that brings in a whole new element to the game.  One of the key strategies I
    use when playing this game type, is to always try and trap the opposing team
    in a base.  The one thing you can do on this game is control spawn points,
    which don't give you any points, but they let you spawn at different areas.
    So if you can narrow it down to one area, you can setup snipers, lay mines, do
    whatever, and be able to trap them in there and kill them, and also leave them
    with less access to weapons.
    Capture the flag
    What the manual says:
    A team-only match.  Each team tries to grab the flag from the enemy base and
    return with it to their own base, thereby capturing it.  The team with the
    most successful captures is declared the winner.
    What I say:
    This is actually one of the more strategic game types in this game.  The key
    thing to always remember is to always coordinate your attack, who's attacking,
    who's staying back and protecting.  You can do one of two things.  One of the
    things, the easier one, is to have some people hang back, and others go
    attack.  Another thing you can do is have everyone attack, but have everyone
    take a different route, so that the enemy can't sneak by, and if one of your
    guys gets killed, which is more than likely, everyone will know, oh Johnny
    over here got killed on the left side, let's go kill the guy who killed him
    before he gets to the flag.  But be careful, don't send everybody, or the
    opposing team will just rush you.  This plan only works if you are REALLY
    organized, if not, just do the first strategy, and you'll be fine.  Always
    coordinate your attack plan, sending everybody around to one side isn't bad,
    because then you'll just rush the defense, and probably outnumber him. If one
    of your guy's manages to grab the flag, have everyone go over there and help
    him out, shoot up the guys who are pursuing him, so he can score.  Only people
    who should hang back are the defenders.
    	As far as protecting the flag goes, have the defenders just camp at a
    spot, maybe lay some mines, or have grenades or whatever, and just have them
    stay watchful and vigilant.
    Territorial Gains
    What the manual says:
    A team-only match.  Teams try to capture several neutral hills and retain
    control of them until they generate points.  The team that seizes and holds
    the most territories is the winner.
    What I say:
    This is the king of the hill variant for this game.  There are a bunch of
    locations that have to be captured, and by holding these you acquire points,
    and guess what, the team with the most points wins.  So there you are in a
    nutshell, what this game is about.  A key strategy to use, os to identify,
    which locations your opponents aren't guarding, and then go capture them.  You
    can also try and trap your opponent, because these points act as spawn points,
    so if you can capture all but one of them, the one that is in the middle of
    the map persay, then the whole team will be trapped, and you can just pick
    them off.  Now bear in mind that there is one main base where they will always
    be able to spawn, but nonetheless this can be a useful strategy for capturing
    other points.
    B. Darkops
    What the manual says:
    DarkOps is a round-based multiplayer game.  It is a slower-paced and more
    tactical game than DeathMatch.  Each round, players must buy weapons from
    their personal stock of cash, erned through killing the enemy and achieving
    scenario objectives.
    What I say:
    Basically just that.  These games are for the more strategic player, as they
    involve objectives that have to be met, and have some what loopy objectives.
    A lot of these games you are going to have to act as a team, where as the
    DeathMatch game types you could slop through it and not really communicate.
    What the manual says:
    A team-only game.  The last team with any members left alive wins.
    What I say:
    This is basically when two teams are formed, and you have no respawns, so if
    you get killed, that's just too bad.  This forces you to play more
    strategically, locate the enemy and pick off each one.  Try and isolate some
    of your opponents, so that you can get the easy kill.  Other than that, just
    stay alive and work together.
    What the manual says:
    A team-only game.  One team defends a base, gets one life each and can buy
    weapons as normal.  All other teams have only basic weapons but infinite
    lives.  The team that stays alive longest while defending the base wins.
    What I say:
    If you are defenders, chances are you're not going to be able to hold it the
    whole round, and that's okay, because that's the way this game is designed.
    The question is, how long can you hold it before dieing.  Since this is a game
    with two parts, I'm going to split it up into Defenders, and Attackers.
    What I say to the Defenders:
    Defenders, you are in a hopeless position.  There's just not a whole lot you
    can do but hold on for as long as you can.  To help you do that, the one thing
    to do is buy close range weapons.  Such as shotguns, or maybe assault rifles.
    The reason for this is that all they have are pistols, so they are going to
    try and get close, in which case you can just blast them with your shotgun.
    Also, always buy armor.  This is key.  This will really help you stay alive.
    	Also, try and stick together.  Imagine it this way, if there is a group
    of 8 people with armor and assault rifles bunched together, and a group of 8
    with pistols and no armor attacks them, who should come out on top?
    Invariably the people with armor and assault rifles should.  But that is only
    if everyone stays together, if they don't, there could be trouble.
    What I say to attackers:
    The key to victory is always staying together.  If you stay together, you will
    eventually win.  One thing to try and do is have everyone go in at once, and
    focus fire on one guy, because let's face it, you're not going to kill
    everyone first attack.  So go in and say "guys let's hit the first guy on
    front.  When you see me shoot at somebody, everyone else shoot at him."  What
    this will do is enable you to steadily but surely take everyone down.  Where
    as if you just run in, you're not going to get kills, because your opponents
    have armor and way better weapons than you.
    	Another thing to try and do is aim for the head.  That is one of my
    general tips, but in this it can't be more important, especially when you're
    going one on one with somebody.  The reason is that that's all you got.  If
    you shoot him in the body, he'll just shoot up right up.  You have to try and
    get the quick kill.  The last thing is try and dual wield.  When somebody
    dies, pick up his falcon and dual wield, because this basically doubles your
    power, which then actually gives you a punchers chance.
    What the manual says:
    A free-for-all game.  There are two factions of players: infected and
    uninfected.  Most players start off uninfected.  After a player dies, he/she
    becomes a member of the infected.  If the uninfected stay alive until the end
    of the match, they are the only players to get points.  If the infected wipe
    them out, they are the only ones to score.  The player with the most points is
    the overall winner.
    What I say:
    This is strikingly similar to onslaught, where one team can buy armor and
    weapons, while the other just has a falcon.  Except with this if you get
    killed, you're not dead, you join the other team.  Again with this since there
    are two types, I'm going to go through both of them.
    Infected: Use a lot of the same strategies as mentioned above for onslaught.
    The difference is now you actually recruit more guys as you go.  Each kill is
    an added guy to your team.  That's huge, it makes a big difference.  On this
    game type it's easier to pick out the loners, because there is no base or
    anything to hold them in.  So they can wander if they choose, but that
    wouldn't be smart.  Again, try to pick one guy and focus fire on him, and come
    in as a big group, and you will slowly but surely kill them, and add on new
    members.  Oh, and always dual wield falcons when your allies get killed.
    You have to play this like you would onslaught, except now you really have to
    be careful, because if you get killed, you join the infected ranks.  One thing
    I tend to do is round everyone up in a room or building, and just camp.  Yes
    it's weak, but that's a very effective strategy.  In general try and keep
    everyone together, because then they are going to have a hard time focusing
    fire on one guy.  Other than that, just use the tips for onslaught, always buy
    armor, and get something good up close, and you'll be ok.
    What the manual says:
    A team-only game.  Targeted destruction- the team that ultimately causes the
    most damage to the other teams property wins.
    What I say:
    This is a round based game, where one team has to attack the other teams
    property, while the other tries to defend it.  At the end of the game, the
    team that's done the most damage wins.  So I'm going to split this up into
    attackers and defenders.
    Everyone should pick a spot and go with it.  That's the way you have to play
    this game.  Spread your attack out evenly, maybe have snipers cover you
    because chances are that they are posting snipers to defend against you.
    Maybe bring along a superdragon or F-16 because they have grenades, making it
    easier to blow up the property.  Work together, coordinate your attack, and
    just in general be smart, and don't get killed because you only have one
    Depending on the map, placing snipers around isn't a bad idea.  This will
    enable you to hang back and pop them off before they get close.  One thing to
    try and do is just plug up all entry points.  Make sure they can't just slip
    through and destroy a bunch of stuff.  Cover all of the flanks, and don't
    leave any holes or gaps to get through.  Make them fight you for each dollar
    of property damage.  Don't give them any freebies.  Another thing you can do
    is assign people to different sabotage points, so that every point is
    defended, so again, the enemy can't just get a bunch for free.
    VI  Map strategies
    This is a sniper map.  It's just full of room and space.  Try and take cover
    as much as you can, as always, but you'll be exposed especially in this map.
    There are some good spots, such as Sanctuary caves.  Eagle pass also provides
    a good vantage point for looking out to the village, speaking of which can
    provide for some good close quarters combat.  What I like about this map is
    that you can snipe, or you can hang out in the village and pummel people
    there.  There are also valleys and passes funneling into the village, so
    placing snipers to guard these areas isn't a bad idea.
    This map has a good combination of what could be sniping or something like
    that, or mid range, and some close range combat.  The car park provides a good
    sniping spot to the whole square, and the mall. There's also the casino, which
    gives a good view of the long street ahead of it, as well as some of the
    square, only problem is that some leaves are blocking your view.  Another good
    spot in general is the ramps leading up to the car park.  You can find some
    pretty sweet spots up there.  That's where I usually go to snipe.
    Old Town
    This is a really small map, good for close range.  It's full of buildings, and
    rooms, and just urban combat in general.  There isn't much chance to shoot
    people at mid range much, so be ready for close range reflex style match.
    This map is all about who gets the jump on the other guy.  You really have to
    always be on your guard on this map, or you'll get killed.  No bout a dout it
    (intentional).  That's the key, so if you have a gun with a good rate of fire,
    maybe hiding out in a balcony, and waiting for a fight to break out isn't a
    bad idea.   
    This map has a few subway terminals, surrounded by balconies, and passageways
    leading to other small areas, but the majority of combat is going to be
    happening in and around the subways and the terminals.  That's going to be the
    key.  Sometimes a good thing to do is go up on the balconies and just kill
    people walking around on the bottom.  You can also hang out in the subway
    trains themselves, although this can be risky because if they fire an
    explosive grenade or something in there you'll be totally dead.
    This is a jungle map with multiple levels, and is filled with trees, and lush
    vegetation, all taking place in a maya style temple.  This map is filled with
    corridors, leading to open spaces, so this is a real good map for laying
    mines, and just in general having close range weapons, such as a shotgun or
    something.  There is plenty of grass and vegetation to somewhat hide behind,
    just making you harder to see in general.  Often a good strategy to use is
    hide up on a level, and look down and observe the people fighting below, and
    if you have a superdragon, launch some down as soon as the fighting gets
    really fierce.  
    This is an urban based map, with some pretty intense action going on the lower
    floors.  There are also some stairs that you can find that will lead you to
    different warehouses, and other rooms and alleys, and corridors.  One of the
    spots that has a lot of action is if you go to the Granville house Stairwell,
    go all the way to the top, and head over to the balconies, you can get a great
    view of some of the action going on at the TAI PO tower.  They even provide a
    FAC-16 which as we all know has a grenade launcher and can pummel people down
    below you.  That's one of the spots that I use all of the time.  In general,
    be really careful going into warehouses and the such because chances are
    someone is waiting for you, so be really careful entering those areas.
    This map takes place in a desert setting, and has a system of trenches, thus
    the name trench.  In the middle of the trench is this big crater where you can
    find some weapons and all that.  This is a good map for ranged combat, but
    there is a lot of cover, so fire quickly.  If you hang out in the trenches, be
    aware of people who might be watching over you, waiting for you.  What's good
    about this map is that you can play close range, like in the trench, or you
    can shoot at more of a distance, if you're outside of the trenches.  On this
    map my favorite weapons are Superdragons and FAC-16's because they are good at
    both medium range, and up close.  On this map, if you are ever getting shot
    up, take cover as always, but on this map there are lots of loose odds and
    ends to hide behind.  Not to mention the trenches themselves.
    This is a dark, urban based map.  It's pretty dark out, and is pretty hard to
    see people.  This map has twisting avenues and alley ways that are good for
    ambushes.  There are some buildings you can go up into to get a good sniping
    spot, or even if you want to just act as a spotter for your team or something.
    One of the spots is the Main Doors, by the Church Hall.  This gives you a
    pretty good view of the Belltower Plaza and the surrounding areas.  Another
    good spot is Angel Bridge, which goes over a little river.  From here you can
    see Corner Bridge, as well as the other side of Belltower Plaza, the main area
    of action.  
    This is a snowy mountain map, with a large tower in the center of it.  You can
    access this tower by zip lining to it from the mountains, or just entering it
    regurlary.  This tends to be the center of action, as this is sort of where
    everyone is gathered.  Now depending on your map variation, if you're doing
    small, you literally just have the tower, and the mountain surrounding it.  IF
    you are doing the base variations you'll have a couple of bases you can get
    to, but you basically play It the same way.  Snipers can be pretty useful on
    this map because you can snipe them from all of the surrounding areas.  Be
    smart, take cover, and avoid going into that tower, because you are just
    waiting to be shot.  I tend to patrol the areas surrounding it, so that I'm
    not too exposed to sniper fire.
    The main places of action on this map are the spider silo, and the landing
    zone.  On this map there is just a lot going on, it's not a very large map.
    This map is like a factory carved into a mountain, so you're going to see lots
    of silos, landing zones, and it's all seamlessly blended together, so be ready
    for lots of action on this map.  Lots of it.  The King on this map for me is
    the Superdragon, and shotgun.  Maybe even a laptop.  Anything that you're good
    with that can get up close and personal is going to be your best bet on this
    map.  There are hardly every any shooting beyond 20 feet, so have a quick
    trigger finger, and be ready to roll some heads.
    VII Legal Info
    This guide may not be changed, altered or in any other way changed from this
    form.  You may not post this guide on any site without my permission, to get
    my permission, you can contact me at boardslide30@yahoo.com.  You may not
    plagiarize this guide and take it for your own credit.  If you do these things
    I will prosecute you.  
    					Copyright 2006 Jake Parker
    VIII Acknowledgements and Contact info
    I really want to thank Rare for making a pretty good shooter, a fun game for
    me to play while I was writing this thing up.  I want to thank gamefaqs.com
    for taking this guide, and I want to thank all of those who wrote guides for
    me that helped me out when I was stuck, which inspired me to write guides as I
    am now.  Thanks to my family for supporting me, and last but not least (well
    maybe least), is you the reader.  Thanks for giving me a reason to write these
    guides and motivating me to write better, as I am learning.  If you have any
    questions on the game, or any comments or questions in general, feel free to
    email me at boardslide30@yahoo.com I always check my email, at least once a
    day, so I'll get back to you real quick.  I actually like to hear from my
    readers, so don't feel shy at all about emailing me.  IF you have anything you
    want to contribute to this guide, you can email me at the above address, and I
    will stick it in there, and give you full credit.  You can also contact me at
    my gamertag bigbadblubanana yes you read it right bigbadblubanana you can
    contact me there, send me a voice or text and I'll get back to you.

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