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A Tactical shooter that, with Xbox Live, have you playing for days.02/03/06CDuke
Mediocrity done right.01/16/06contusionASU
Another Classic from Rare, just don't go thinking its Halo.01/09/06D E E G S
And What Should Never Be06/30/08DandyQuackShot
The series has taken a step back, and lost the PD feel we all know and love.02/03/06FireMonkey31
A very fun game with very few flaws11/28/05Fooruman
Halo killer? Depends. Worth the money? Definately.12/06/05Hector57
Does this match Halo? No... But it's just as good in different ways.11/25/05Jackalope1610
Solid prequel with a few minor flaws06/13/06jimmybiceps
Was it worth the $9.99?02/19/08joeyissoweird
A Nice FPS With Great Action And Weapons But Is Slightly Flawed In Plot01/19/06Joshhalo
Average Dark10/30/09magx
How perfect is Perfect Dark?11/22/05MajinZidane
It's OK02/21/06majjinvagetta
Judgement has passed.01/05/10MessiahComplex
Slightly Imperfect Dark12/05/05mooocooow02
A mixed bag but ultimately worth a purchase01/05/06NCJRB
First person juggernaut01/23/06Oyakuna
Perfect? No but damned close.12/05/05parabolee
VERY Fun Game! Rare does not disappoint01/28/09Poplugi
Although Miss Dark may have a pretty face, the personality of this game drags it down09/19/06PROTOZERO2010
PDZ is a good game, with underrated single player10/14/08Psycho_Kenshin
The Best Launch Game for the Next-Gen Xbox 360.12/26/05ShortyThePimp87
Great, but without the original's greatness.01/05/06SilverLord
A Love or Hate thing03/06/06Unknown50862
Zero is a the correct title, but Perfect it is not.05/17/10vsc1988

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