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    Speech Translation FAQ by The True Warrior

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 04/05/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Street Fighter 3: Third Strike...Fight for the Future!
     Speech Translation FAQ v.1.5 (April 5,2001)
    For Japanese and American Sega Dreamcast and arcade, created by Capcom 
    of Japan  (2000)
    FAQ created by The True Warrior [e-mail: thetruewarrior2002@yahoo.com 
    OR thetruewarrior@hotmail.com]
    Legal Stuff:
    This FAQ and anything related to and/or associated with it is the 
    property of me, (Edwand Rivers).  Anyone viewing this document should 
    not, cannot, and will not copy and/or duplicate it without expressed 
    written permission from me and only me.  Also, this FAQ is protected by 
    Federal Copyright Laws and is written for GameFAQs.com.
    (So in other words: NO unauthorized duplication or copying!)
    About this FAQ:
    This is a speech translation FAQ, meaning that it is for those of you 
    wishing to understand what the characters in the game are saying to 
    each other before, during, and after a fight.  This is also to help you 
    if you are interested in studying the Japanese language or wanting to 
    memorize famous quotes from your favorite characters.
    How this works:
    The Character listings go in no particular order so it just starts with 
    Ryu.  First, there is listed the Japanese pronunciation, which is 
    followed by the English translation.  (Note: I am still in the process 
    of accurately describing the words and phrases, so some of the 
    translations may be off or inaccurate.)
    Ken Masters
    Chun-Li (Zang)
    (*Note that I didn't list Alex, Urien, Gill, Dudly, Necro/Effie, and Q; 
    that's because they either speak English or grunt and mumble (in the 
    case of Q.) so there's no need to put them here.)
    What this FAQ needs!
    The Credits!
    Ryu, The True Warrior searching for the Way...
    1.	(Intro 1) Koi = Come!
    2.	(Intro 2) Ikuzo! = Let's go!
    Remy, The Emotionally traumatized Truth-Preacher fighting to prove the 
    futility of fighting
    1.	(Intro 1) Buzama hai boku kuru tieru! = I'm going to bring upon 
    you a shameful defeat!  (Something like that people!) :P
    2.	(Intro 2) Sa, Danzai no jigan da! = You're Judgment/Punishment is 
    at hand!
    3.	(Intro 3) Koko ga Haka bada! = This place will be/is your 
    4.	(Performing the Supernova of Rage) Aei nimure!
    5.	(Taunt 1) Een Dana? = Are you sure about this?  (A very 
    "thoughtful" guy, isn't he?)
    6.	(Taunt 2) Mo E ga? = Can I do/try something now?  (Implying that 
    his opponent is just showing off or wasting time; gosh, what an 
    7.	(Taunt 3/Winpose 1) Nanan da, Anta? = What are you trying to 
    do/Why are you doing this?  (Hopefully, his winning quotes make 
    more sense now!) 
    8.	(Winpose 2) Kore de...E nino ka? = Am I...sure about this/Is 
    this...what I want? (o_O)
    9.	(Winpose 3) Naze omai wo tatta kau? = Why do you fight/What is it 
    that makes you fight?
    10. (Winpose 4) Nani moka moni kuin daiyo! = I HATE EVERYTHING THAT 
    I SEE!
    11. (Winpose 5) Ano yo de kuryo! = (?)
    Yun, The Pallid Heaven Dragon
    1.	(Intro) Oreniwa katenai Ektay! = You can't beat me!
    2.	(Intro) Kataze kono ken ka! = Let me join this fight!
    3.	(Taunt 1) Tsuman ney na! = You're not funny!
    4.	(Taunt 2) Kakka te koi yo! = Come and fight!
    5.	(Taunt 3) Yoi you daze! = I can handle this!
    6.	(Winpose 1) Zato kona mon! = At least I can do this!
    7.	(Winpose 2) Tsugi = Next!
    Yang, Azure Dragon of the Tempest
    1.	(Intro 1) Kimeru = Let's finish this!
    2.	(Intro 2) Kono shobu moratta! = I got this fight!
    3.	(Taunt 1) Sono tedo ka? = Humph, is that all you have?
    4.	(Taunt3/Winpose 1) Amature dana... = You're so immature...
    5.	(Winpose 2) Zenbu yomite ta! = I can read all of your moves!
    Sean, Young warrior searching for perfection in originality
    1.	(Intro 1) Osu!  Yoroshiku onegai shimasu! = I'm honored to meet 
    you! (This is about as polite and formal a greeting a fighter can 
    say to another fighter.) ^_^ 
    2.	(Intro 2) (Dribbling his basketball) Tekagen nashi tsuyo! = Don't 
    hold back!  (I see Ryu's influence has rubbed off on him!)
    3.	(Winpose 1) Yatta ze! = I DID IT!
    4.	(Winpose 2) Yay!
    Ken Masters, Vigor-infused Flaming Dragon and father of Mel 
    1.	(Intro 1) Koitsu tanno shime soda... = This looks promising...
    2.	(Intro 2) Kakatte kina! = Come and fight me!
    3.	(Intro 3/Taunt 1) Koi yo! = C'mon!
    4.	(Taunt 2) Come on!
    5.	(Winpose 1) (Performing his "Classic" Street Fighter 2" Winpose) 
    6.	(Winpose 2) Yatta ze! = I did it!
    Chun-Li, The First Beauty of Capcom fighting to save her Future
    1.	(Intro 1) Ikuwaiyo = Let's go!
    2.	(Intro 2) Junbi wa E! = Are you ready?
    3.	(Intro 3) Chuni hao yen! = (I need help with this one because 
    4.	(Intro 4) Kore ga hontono tsuyo sayo = This is true meaning of 
    5.	(Taunt 1) Sono tedo! = Is that all?
    6.	(Taunt 2) Sore dake? = Is that all?
    7.	(Winpose 1) Shei shei! = Thank you
    8.	(Winpose 2) (Jumping up and laughing...O_O) Yatta! = I did it!
    9.	(Winpose 3) Temerai ba makeyo! = If you stop, you will lose!
    Oro, The age-strengthened deathless Senjutsu master
    1.	(Intro1) Icho munjaro = I'm going to smack you!
    2.	(Intro 2) Yoku kitano... = Welcome... (This is a strange way of 
    saying it.)
    3.	(Intro 3) Himatsu bushi niwa naru kano! = At least I can use this 
    time better than sleeping!
    4.	(Taunt 1) Haraga tsui tano = I think I'm hungry!
    5.	(Taunt 2) Nanka no! = Something's not right!
    6.	(Winpose) Yowai no! = You're too weak!
    Poison/Hugo, Beauty and the Beast...
    1.	(Intro 1) (Poison says) Anta no devai no! = It's your turn!
    2.	(Intro 2) COME ON!
    3.	(Performing the Gigas Breaker) Ein, Zwei, Thrai, END!!! (If you 
    didn't know, they are 1, 2, 3, and END!!!  I'm a little fluent in 
    German. ^_^)
    4.	(Winpose 1) (Poison walks out and says) Chotta de kerio ne! = 
    (You're good but,) You're not as good as [Hugo]!
    Makoto, The young warrior proving her fist and fighting style for the 
    sake of honor
    1.	(Intro) Shobu ja! = Let's fight! 
    2.	(Performing the Hayate) Ikuze yo! Chesto! = Let's go!
    3.	(Performing Refined Spirit technique) Koko raja! = Here it is!
    4.	(Performing standing Fierce) Soko ja! = There! 
    5.	(Performing (Need help with this!)) Yiro san ze yo! = I will not 
    forgive you!
    6.	(Performing (Need help with this!) Tchikara minagi chou! = The 
    power is awaking!
    7.	(Winpose 1) Nanija? Ay toko nashi jano! = What? That wasn't your 
    true power!
    8.	(Winpose 2) Geni yo waka... = You're too weak for me...
    9.	(Defeated w/light attack) Nan...Nandija? = Wha...What happened?
    Ibuki, A shinobi struggling to live the life of a teenage girl
    1.	(Intro) Ibuki, Ken zan: Here's Ibuki!
    2.	(Performing Yami Shigure) Kurae! = EAT THIS!
    3.	(Performing Yoroi Doushi) Kaku go = GET READY!
    4.	(Performing Kasumi Suzaku) Atare! = Hit!
    5.	(Taunt 1/Winpose 1) Shojin shinaiyo = Grow up/get stronger!
    6.	(Winpose 1) Saraba = goodbye (Ninja-style) 
    7.	(Winpose 2) Naten nayo = You're nothing!
    8.	(Winpose 3) Aaaa...Dame dame! = Uh oh...No no!  (She's shy!)
    Gouki (Akuma in the U.S.A) The Ultimate Warrior...
    1.	(Intro 1) Moi! = COME!
    2.	(Winpose 1) Usero = Get out!
    3.	(Winpose 2) Shoshi! = Pathetic!
    4.	(Winpose 3) Hajito Shirei! = Realize how pathetic you are!
    (Just to clear things up: I know Gouki/Akuma says, "Messatsu, Mestu, 
    Hissatsu, and Tenma Gou zanku."  These roughly translate into 
    "Magnificent Destruction, Great Destruction, Certain Death, and Divine 
    and Glorious Destroying Slash."  Cool, eh?)  
    Elena, Kind-hearted warrior feeling the beat of the Earth
    1.	(Intro) Yarish kanai! = This is what I want to do!
    2.	(Winpose 1) Dou, Tano skata? = Wasn't that fun?
    3.	(Winpose 2) Mattau ne...Thanks! (?) = See you later...Thanks!
    4.	(Winpose 3) Domo Arigato! = Thank you!
    5.	(Winpose 4) Tano skata wa! = That was fun!
    Twelve, The next step in Biological Warfare
    1.	(Intro 1) READY?
    2.	(Winpose 1) COMPLETE!
    (If you can make out anything else he's/it's saying, feel free to mail 
    *(And, as a bonus, HERE'S THE ANNOUNCER'S SPEECH!)
    2.	ARE YOU READY?  GO!
    5.	GO FOR IT!
    7.	DOUBLE K.O.
    8.	K.O.
    9.	YOU WIN!
    10. YOU LOSE...
    11. TIME OVER...
    12. JUDGMENT!
    (And that should do it!)
    What this FAQ needs:
    Well, this FAQ is done except for one of Chun-Li's intros and some 
    little things about Remy that I need.  If there's anything else though, 
    feel free to mail me!
    The Credits!
    Welcome to the most important part of the FAQ!
    1.	Capcom.  I guess this is the last true STREET FIGHTER!  Well 
    Capcom, thanks for 14 years of showing the world HOW TRUE 
    2.	Kenta Sato.  For translating everything for us!  This guy is too 
    good at this game! I can barely manage to tie with him!  Keep it 
    up...my true rival...
    3.	Chris MacDonnald (a.k.a Kao Megura) If it wasn't for this 
    guy...This is in your honor, man!
    4.	CJayC.  The man that makes it all possible!  Props!
    5.	YOU!  You're what make this FAQ what it is!  Thanks for 
    WE AWAIT YOUR RETURN...WARRIOR... (That's about as TRUE as it gets from 

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