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    Twelve by DOwen

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    Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
    By: Dan Owen <Bueford40@hotmail.com>
    June 21, 2001
    Version 1.1
    Copyright of Dan Owen, 2001-2002
    Table of Contents
    I)	Introduction
    II)	Normal Moves
    III)	Special Moves
    IV)	Super Moves
    V)	Combos
    VI)	General Strategies
    VII)	Colors
    VIII)	Revision History
    IX)	Credits
    I) Introduction
    I chose to do a Guide on Twelve because he (?) is often a misunderstood 
    character.  I hear a lot of people ranting about how much Twelve sucks 
    and how he is a worthless character.  I have decided to show those 
    people up and teach them how to be an effective Twelve player.
    I am also assuming you know all the basics (dash, high jump etc) so I 
    will not be describing or listing those, if you don't know them and 
    want to learn them, you can read any one of the General FAQ's.
    OK, enough on that I'll get started on the part you want to here:
    III) Normal Moves
    -Light Punch- LP-
    -Standing- Twelve just kinda flings his arm out for a smack type 
    move. High priority, decent range, but of course very weak 
    damage. Not a bad move for poking
    -Crouching- Twelve does basically the same move except while 
    ducking. Again, not a bad move for poking
    -Jumping- Twelve sticks out his furthest hand at a 45-degree 
    angle.  Comes out fast and stuffs some things, but still pretty 
    -Medium Punch- MP-
    -Standing- Twelve does a knife hand chop to the enemy's head.  
    Good for poking though it can be crouched under. Also good as an 
    anti air when the jump doesn't quite make it all the way to you. 
    Kinda weak damage though.
    -Standing close- Twelve bends over and his far-arm elbow goes 
    over his back and strikes the opponent, very strange looking. Can 
    be comboed into either an N.D.L or an X.N.D.L
    -Crouching- Twelve sticks his hand up in the air at a 45-degree 
    angle. A decent anti-air when you don't have time to do an FP. 
    Horrible horizontal range and will only connect if the opponent 
    is right on top of you (hence anti-air)
    -Jumping- Twelve stupidly sticks his hand out in the same fashion 
    as his standing MP, except in the air. I don't know its air-air 
    capabilities because I never use it. Worthless move.
    -Fierce Punch- FP-
    -Standing- Twelve turns his hand into an axe and whips it upward. 
    A very good anti-air if you can get the timing down. Poor 
    Horizontal range but yet hits farther then it looks. A very 
    important move to master if you want to be good with Twelve
    -Crouching- Twelve turns into a ball and rolls at the opponent 
    while his hands stay on the ground holding his original spot (wow 
    is it hard to explain). A good move that does 3 hits. Ok for a 
    late anti-air, good as a surprise move, very effective.
    -Jumping- Twelve turns his arm into scissors and closes them like 
    you would with scissors. Very long range and good damage. Try 
    using it while you are jumping backwards to surprise your 
    opponent (~_^)
    -Weak Kick- WK-
    -Standing- Twelve does a little kick to the shin type thing... 
    that's about it. It's also comboable.
    -Crouching- Twelve sticks his far foot out, not bad as a stuffer 
    and is comboable
    -Jumping- Twelve sticks his knee out, pretty worthless
    -Medium Kick- MK-
    -Standing- Twelve glides forward (not far) with his knee up. It's 
    an ok move to put pressure on the opponent, but I don't use it 
    that much. It can also be cancelled into a high jump (MK, once it 
    hits, d, u)
    -Holding away from the opponent- Twelve gets down with his bad 
    self and falls backwards and sticks his leg up. Crap for 
    priority, but it is comboable. Not extremely useful
    -Crouching- Twelve sticks his other leg (opposite of WK) out a 
    good distance. It has good priority and stuffs all sweeps and 
    shoto ducking MK's. Comes out fast and can surprise your 
    -Jumping- Twelve does a move similar to his b + MK. It is 
    worthless on the ground and just as bad in the air. I never use 
    -Hard Kick- HK-
    -Standing- Twelve turns his feet into a sickle and swings them 
    around. This has tremendous distance and hits for good damage. It 
    comes out slow and has bad recovery. Good when your opponent is 
    far away, otherwise you'll get nailed.
    -Crouching- Twelve turns into a drill and flies forward for a 
    short distance. Strangely, it only counts as 1 hit, but it has to 
    be blocked for 3 hits. You can use this to your advantage against 
    newbies and over aggressive scrubs. If you whiff, put a fork in 
    yourself, because you're done.
    -Jumping- Twelve turns his legs into one big spike. VERY SLOW to 
    come out, but it has great priority and stuns the opponent 
    forever. You can follow it up with just about anything, including 
    an X.N.D.L. (^_^)
    -LP + LK (Neutral)- This is a strange move for more then one 
    reason. Twelve twists around his opponent and squeezes the life 
    out of them. At the max it does 6 hits for pitiful damage, but 
    strangely enough, it brings their stun meter way up. I think 5 of 
    these on Alex stuns him, if only it did more damage...
    -F + LP + LK- Cool move! Twelve wraps his arms around the 
    opponent's legs, scoops them up and slams them to the ground 
    (like a power bomb) looks cool and doesn't do to bad of damage.
    -B + LP + LK- This one looks funny, great for humiliating your 
    opponent (~_^) Twelve starts off the same as F + LP + LK except 
    instead of bringing them back down, he just lets go and they soar 
    through the air behind him and land for the same amount of damage 
    as the other one. I love Twelve's throws!
    -Universal Overhead-
    -MP + MK- Twelve hops forward and does his jumping weak punch 
    animation. Yeah, it's his only overhead.
    -Personal Action-
    -HP + HK- Twelve raises his arm in the air and turns invisible 
    for a short period of time. Worthless against the computer, but 
    against a human opponent it could fool them. Not to bad a deal 
    besides you are completely vulnerable during the whole thing. If 
    you do it again while you're invisible, you become visible for a 
    completely unnecessary move only used to humiliate your opponent.
    III) Special Moves
    Quick notes:
    All his moves are EXable (which means hitting 2P's or 2K's)
    QCF= d, d/f, f
    QCB= d, d/b, b
    QCB in air= Jump in any direction d, d/b, b whilst in air
    QCFx2= d, d/f, f, d, d/f, f
    QCFx2 in air= Jump in any direction d, d/f, f, d, d/f, f whilst in air
    -N.D.L.- QCF + P-
    Let us see how dumb Twelve can get! Twelve sticks his arms into 
    the ground only to have his arms pop up in a different spot:
    		WP- Right next to him
    		MP- Halfway across the screen
    		HP- Almost the entire screen length
    This move leaves Twelve completely open if the opponent jumps in 
    the air. This also is blockable high and low, but can only be 
    parried low. And if that isn't enough for you, it does pathetic 
    damage too! This is only used as an anticipation move, so use it 
    and cross your fingers!
    EX version- This is a little better. Instead of a pre-determined 
    location, it heat seeks to where the opponent is when you do the 
    move. It comes out very fast and is very good if your opponent 
    gets jumpy towards the end of the round. Still kinda pathetic 
    damage, but it has its uses.
    -A.X.E.- QCB + P (can also be preformed in air)-
    Twelve turns his hands into little whips (?) and flaps them 
    around like a psycho girl in a catfight (grrr)! It is best used 
    as an anti air. I only use the LP or MP version because they come 
    out much faster then the HP. LP has no start up delay at all, 
    making it a useful last second anti-air and a decent wake-up 
    move. The only special move you can use in combos, sweet! (-_-)
    You can also use this while jumping. It makes a good surprise 
    move for those parry happy junkies. Good for trickery in the air 
    because they might see you move the joystick in a QCB motion and 
    think you're doing a D.R.A. but instead they will get nailed by 
    the floppy arms of Twelve for 3-4 hits!
    EX version- This version of A.X.E. comes out a little faster then 
    MP and does 6 hits if you mash the buttons. It is best used as a 
    wake-up or in combos, since if you use it as an anti-air, they 
    will just bounce off after the first hit for pathetic damage.
    EX air version- I still don't exactly know what this one does 
    differently, probably along the same lines as the standing 
    -D.R.A.- QCB in air + K-
    This is a pretty stupid move. Twelve does a flip in the air and 
    then drops down at an angle determined by the strength of the 
    	WK- Almost drops straight down below himself
    	MK- Goes about 45-degrees from his original direction
    	HK- Fly's forward about 60-degrees
    DO NOT WHIFF THIS MOVE! If you do, you'll get killed. It's better 
    if it gets blocked, though you are open to a super move. Horrible 
    if it gets parried, and it is very easy to parry if you are dumb 
    enough to do it out of nowhere. Only use it occasionally as a 
    surprise tactic, otherwise it's worthless. Its only real use is 
    to get you out of corners and not to make contact.
    EX version- Twelve flashes, then fly's forward at about the same 
    degree as the HK, and it hits for 2 hits, harder to parry then 
    the non-EX version, and does more damage.
    -G.L.I.D.E.- F, F or B, B while in air-
    Twelve turns into a hang glider and flies in whichever direction 
    you pushed twice. It does no damage, and doesn't hit anything. If 
    you are near the "wall" you can hold the direction of the wall 
    and crash into it automatically killing yourself (but really you 
    will just cling onto it and push off, and fly in the other 
    direction). This move is kinda stupid except you can use it to 
    surprise your opponent by jumping backwards, then flying forwards 
    and attacking with a FP or HK. Don't use it too much or they will 
    catch on. (Oh, and I made that name up, pretty creative huh?)
    IV) Super Moves
    I) X.N.D.L.- QCFx2 + P (2 Short/Medium Bars)
    Twelve stands up tall, lets his arms flop around for a second, 
    and then shoves them into the ground causing a wave of limbs 
    moving across the ground. It does about 7 hits (8 hit max) for ok 
    damage. Pretty weak for a super though. Can be comboed off a 
    close MP, a b + MK, and any version of LP and WK (except jumping 
    of course). This is his only super that can be comboed into, it 
    is also my super of choice. It doesn't have to bad of a startup, 
    but it has horrible lag. Just like most of his other moves, if 
    you whiff, you are screwed. It also has crap for priority, so if 
    they do a move at the same time, you'll get hit and they will 
    too, but only once for pitiful damage (I've been hit out of this 
    by a shoto sweep!). The farther out it goes, the less damage/hits 
    it does too. It can be blocked high or low, but only parried low.
    + It is comboable
    + You get 2 bars
    - It has horrible lag
    - Horrible priority
    - Weak compared to other supers
    II) X.F.L.A.T.- QCFx2 in air + K (1 Long/Medium Bar)
    Twelve transforms into a bird/plane (not superman) and shoots 
    down at a wide angle to hit the opponent. The strength of kick 
    you use does not affect the super in anyway. If it should connect 
    while the opponent is on the ground, you will do one of the 
    coolest looking super combo of all time in which you fly back and 
    forth a bunch of times and finishing with a beak/head to the face 
    for massive damage. Extremely difficult to connect and if you 
    connect with them in the air, say bye to the massive damage. If 
    you hit air-air it does about as much damage as a jumping FK (ok 
    a little more) but it is still pathetic. I hate this super.
    There is a strategy I heard from the GameFaq's message board 
    (submitted by Rebirth Gamer)
    "I've seen someone with Twelve taunts, the other person has no 
    clue where it is, and looked hopeless, and Twelve did the XFLAT 
    super on him, totally unexpected, so that was kind of cool"
    + His most damaging Super
    + Good for punishment
    - Hard to connect
    - Easy to see coming and avoid
    - You are dead if you whiff
    - Long bar, so you'll waste all that time building it up 
    and will probably never have a chance to use it
    - Only does good damage if you connect while your opponent 
    is on the ground
    III) X.C.O.P.Y.- QCFx2 + P (1 Long Bar)
    This is a cool super if you are a master at SF:TS, other then 
    that it is pretty worthless. Twelve floats in the air and 
    transforms into his opponent. You do more damage then them, and 
    you have better defense then them. You get all their specials and 
    normal moves, but not there EX or Super (that would be kinda 
    cheap ^_^). The only reason I don't like this is because I'm not 
    good with every character, only a select few, and if you think 
    you're better then your opponent with their character, go right 
    ahead and pick this, personally if I wanted to use that 
    character, I would have chose them, not Twelve. And one more flaw 
    is that you transform back, and when you transform back you 
    freeze in place forever leaving you wide open to attacks, cool 
    eh? (-_-)
    + If you know how to use the other character, you can 
    - The lag when the time runs out (ouch)
    - Why didn't you just pick that character?
    V) Combos
    Twelve is definitely not a combo character. He has few comboable moves, 
    and only 1 special move and 1 super move he can combo into. You won't 
    be using these too much, but I will list them for completeness on the 
    FAQ. You will want to use HK for your jump in attack if you jump in. 
    The Jumping HK is completely optional and will be put in parenthesis, 
    you get the same amount of hits with or without the jumping HK, but it 
    will do less damage.
    	-Comboable Attacks-
    		Standing WP
    		Crouching WP
    		Standing WK
    		Crouching WK
    		Standing Close MP
    		Back + MK
    1)	(J. HK) WP, WP A.X.E.
    2)	(J. HK) D. WP, WP A.X.E.
    3)	(J. HK) WP, EX A.X.E.
    4)	(J. HK) D. WP, EX A.X.E.
    5)	(J. HK) WP, X.N.D.L.
    6)	(J. HK) D. WP, X.N.D.L.
    7)	(J. HK) WK, WP A.X.E.
    8)	(J. HK) D. WK, WP A.X.E.
    9)	(J. HK) WK, EX A.X.E.
    10)	(J. HK) D. WK, EX A.X.E.
    11)	(J. HK) WK, X.N.D.L.
    12)	(J. HK) D. WK, X.N.D.L.
    13)	(J. HK) MP, WP A.X.E.
    14)	(J. HK) MP, EX A.X.E.
    15)	(J. HK) MP, X.N.D.L.
    16)	B. MK, WP A.X.E.
    17)	B. MK, EX A.X.E.
    18)	B. MK, X.N.D.L.
    19)	EX N.D.L. Juggle with HK (Thanks SlimX)
    You can actually juggle an EX N.D.L. with any move, 
    including an A.X.E. and X.N.D.L. (Thanks to Zamuel)
    20)	*J. HK, X.N.D.L.
    The J. HK stuns the opponent for a long time, so when you 
    land, perform the X.N.D.L. and you will get a 8-9 hit combo 
    for good damage (^_^) I usually perform this after I dizzy 
    my opponent, but on some rare occasions you can pull it off 
    on them, like to punish a mistake
    21)	MK, d, u 
    Not really a combo because down, up doesn't do any hits, 
    it's just MK cancelled into a high jump, use if for when 
    you are trapped in corners and you need to get away.
    22)	MK, super jump cancel to X.F.L.A.T.
    "Remember your "combo" #21? Well, you can do the super from 
    the super jump (Of course, like all his combos, you can do 
    the optional jumping Roundhouse to start). The way I do 
    this is to do the standing Forward, immediately do a Tiger 
    Knee motion (d, d/f, f, u/f), then immediately do QCF+K. 
    It's very hard, but if you do it right, Twelve will barely 
    hop off the ground, do the super, and it will combo. It is 
    his most powerful combo. Figured you'd like it."
    (I do like it! Thanks Josh the FunkDOC for your awesome 
    23)	MK, X.C.O.P.Y.
    Not actually a combo since the X.C.O.P.Y. doesn't damage on 
    the start-up animation, rather just a cancellation into the 
    (Thanks to Shadowgeist for that one)
    VI) General Strategies
    -Poke! Keep the opponent away from you at all times. Twelve has 
    the best keep away maneuvers in the game. Use his long reach to 
    your advantage and keep those nasty players away. I will list 
    what I think his best pokes are:
    1)	WP
    2)	D. WP
    3)	MP
    4)	D. WK
    5)	D. MK
    -Twelve has a butt load of Anti-air moves. I will list them for 
    your convenience:
    1)	MP
    2)	D. MP
    3)	MK
    4)	B. MK
    5)	FP (!)
    6)	D. FP
    7)	FK
    8)	A.X.E.
    9)	EX N.D.L. (be careful)
    -Master his FP. If you can get the timing down on that, your 
    opponent will NEVER be able to jump in (it's great to see 
    opponent jump, you smack him with FP, opponent jump, smacked with 
    FP and so on).
    -" N.D.L. isn't dumb but rather a special use move. This and a lot 
    of Twelve's moves are good against the projectile happy. Catch 
    them in their startup animation or wait until it is right in your 
    face since he ducks when he does the move. Non-projectile users 
    will probably dash at you after being thrown so use this to stop 
    their dash before they get near you." (Thanks Zamuel for that 
    constructive criticism)
    -The EX N.D.L. is a very sneaky move. If you ever see them jump 
    backwards, launch this out and they will land right on it. Also 
    you can launch it when they jump in at you, although this is 
    risky, it is effective. Twelve will duck down avoiding MOST jump 
    in attacks, and the opponent will land on the limbs.
    -Use his throws!!! Twelve has great throws, and you can get them 
    in a lot. Parry, then throw. His throws also create a large 
    amount of distance making your keep away game even more annoying 
    (thanks for that input Thehy). His neutral throw is very weak but 
    does incredible stun damage. A good technique is to do a neutral 
    throw, super jump forward (you'll land behind your opponent) and 
    do it again, they will try to hit you out of the air, but their 
    attack will be headed towards the other direction because of 
    Twelve's awkward jump (^_^), oh look, half their stun gauge is 
    already filled, haha.
    -His jumping FP is a great move. A funny thing to do while your 
    opponent is about sweep distance away is to jump straight up and 
    throw this out. Most likely they will walk right into it! Another 
    way to use it while your opponent is right next to you (which 
    should never happen) is to jump backwards and throw it out, and 
    because of its incredible range, the opponent will probably get 
    hit. Finally, when the opponent is far away, jump backwards, 
    G.L.I.D.E. forward (in air, f, f) then throw out this move. The 
    poor unexpected victim will be suffering from Twelve's scissor 
    -When you are stuck in a corner, do "combo" #21, and when at the 
    peak of your jump, do a HK D.R.A. and you will be out of the 
    -WP A.X.E. isn't just for Anti-air boys and girls, you can use it 
    as a highly successful wake-up move. It comes out so fast that 
    the opponent will never see it coming... though it still does 
    pathetic damage.
    -"Twelve can also be a pain as they're getting up. Again, the 
    crouching HP/HK are excellent though use the HK with discretion 
    (mixing with universal overheads) but both will stuff most wake-
    up parry happy people. And that's not even mentioning the A.X.E."
    (Thanks again to Thehy for his infinite knowledge)
    -His taunt can be useful (I don't use it though) to confuse your 
    opponent. I cannot see myself; I have no clue where I am!!! (But 
    neither does your opponent). I don't see (bad joke) how this 
    really helps, but that's just me.
    -And of course I must state the obvious. LEARN HOW TO PARRY! If 
    you have DC SF:TS go to parry training (this is how I learned) 
    and pick your character and fight Ryu. Have him use Shinku-
    Hadokens, Hadokens, and EX Hadokens on you over and over. In no 
    time you will get the hang of it. (You can also read Thehy's 
    awesome parrying Guide for advanced tactics)
    -Twelve can walk under most projectiles when he walks! I will 
    have a list of what he can and can't walk under in my next 
    update, I swear!
    VII) Colors
    Colors have nothing to do with strategy, but you might as well look 
    cool while winning (^_^)
    This is for the DC version, but I will list what the buttons equal on 
    the arcade stick too. Only DC gets the hold start colors, you receive 
    those after you defeat the game with Twelve.
    X- WP
    A- WK
    Y- MP
    B- MK
    L- FP
    R- HK
           Normal	|	Holding Start
    X-	White		|	Platinum (Shiny White)
    A-	Aqua		|	Light Pink
    Y-	Yellow		|	Purple
    B-	Green		|	Lime Green
    L-	Dirty Orange	|	Black
    R-	Brown/Grey	|	Green and Orange (strange)
    Special Color- To do this push X, B, & L at the same time:
    XBL- Gold (my color, don't steal it (~_^)
    VIII) Revision History
    V.1.0- Created my First FAQ ever
    V.1.1- Added some new strats, Color guide, and Some sweet combos
    V.1.2- Fixed a typo, fixed my huge mess-up on the buttons, and 
    attempted to organize the color chart so it was readable (^_^)
    IX) Credits and Thank You's
    First off, I would like to thank Capcom for making the best games 
    ever (including Mega Man, Power Stone, Cannon Spike, Ghouls and 
    Ghosts, Strider etc...)
    Capcom again, but this time for making Street Fighter 3: Third 
    Strike and adding the misunderstood awesome character Twelve
    GameFaq's for being the best page on the web (it's what got me 
    into this game and prompted me to write this FAQ) hopefully this 
    will appear on there
    Kao Megura for the move names. I'm sorry about your issues with 
    other web pages. I, and others, really appreciate your work, and 
    completely respect you for what you do.
    Thehy for being a genius in this game (to bad you had to go to 
    Hong Kong, we'll miss you (;_;)
    SlimX for also being a genius in this game and for signing my 
    guest book at my web page (www.dgo.homestead.com). If it wasn't 
    for you, I bet I would still completely suck at this game.
    Shadowgeist for telling me about the MK, cancelled into 
    Josh the FunkDOC for that awesome X.F.L.A.T. combo. If I could 
    only do that consistently it would be my favorite super.
    Thanks to Zamuel for his input on the EX N.D.L. and the N.D.L. 
    Anyone who is reading this, and decided after reading this to 
    move the cursor off Ken and over to Twelve (^_^)
    I am completely open to criticism and praise so give me feed back 
    at <Bueford40@hotmail.com>
    So there's V.1.1, I will get the Projectiles that are walk-
    underable in here soon, I swear!

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