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    Necro by Yao Yu

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/17/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Necro General FAQ
    Copyright 2001
    Yao Yu
    Version history
    v0.5 reguar moves description
    v1.0 everything you see right now.
    Table of Contents:
    1)Character Introduction and General Information
    2)Regular Moves Descrption
    3)Special Moves Description
    4)Super Arts Description
    5)Combo and Tricks
    6)Style and Stragety
    6.5)More to Come
    f=tap forward
    b=tap backward
    d=tap down
    u=tap up
    QCF=rotate the joystick from down to forward
    QCB=rotate the joystick from down to back
    HCF=rotate the joystick from back to forward
    HCB=rotate the joystick from forward to back
    Jab=light punch
    Strong=Medium punch
    Fierce=Hard punch
    Short=Light kick
    Forward=MEdium kick
    Roundhouse=Hard kick
    Universal Overhead(UO)=pressing strong and Forward at same time
    High parry=tap foward
    Low parry=tap down
    Dash=f,f or b,b
    Super Arts=super=SA
    "Prepare for the battle, prepare for the war,
    Prepare for the real Street Fighter drug war,
    The third of the third prepare to die for,
    Your life's on the line so imma take yours."
    -----Third Strike Intro
    1) Character Introduction and General Information
    Some may ask me why using Necro when there's Chunli, Ken, Akuma, Oro and other terrific characters
    to choose from? Well, Necro is a very underrated character. He possesses incredible range, confusing
    special moves, and painful Super Arts. Oh yes, he's fun to use, that alone should earn him a spot
    on your roster. He resembles Dhalsim and Blanka from previous Street Fighter games. And he seems
    to be a mix of other characters from the SF3 series as well. Regardless his character background,
    Necro is an extremely difficult character to learn and excel at. He is different from other
    characters in this game. Adapting him requires you to think differently on offense and be very
    patience on defense. His downfall lies in the simple fact that he's very slow. He's arguably the
    third slowest character in the game. This translates to defensive liability, and unorthodox offense.
    Necro has some other weakness too. He only has a below average stamina, which means he doesn't take
    damage very well. He's not a combo machine and his combos are only useful in certain situations.
    This means if you want to go all combo happy, please look elsewhere. His regular moves have below
    average priority and as a whole, his moves have low priority. Bearing all these facts, this FAQ is
    written to introduce and perhaps popularize Necro as a solid character among the SF3 fans.
    As a general rule about using Necro, you must be able to parry well, at least have a semi decent
    level. If you have no problem parrying shoryukens, fireballs, low light of virtues, and jumping a
    ttacks, then you're all set. Decent skill of red parry is preferrable but not required. It'll be
    useful against most shotos.Otherwise, your Necro may have to work extra hard to dig a win. Of
    course, you can win without parrying anything, but parrying is just too important in the SF3 universe.
    Learn it, and use it to your advantage.
    Necro in brief:
    Anti air moves
    b+Fierce, db+Fierce, Jab Tornado punch, Denpa blast, Magnetic storm, d+Strong, Roundhouse, and
    Short Rising cobra.
    Combo starter
    Fierce Tornado punch, b+Forward, b+Strong, Strong Tornado punch, b+Fierce
    "So who wanna blood dance with me,
     Get ur body wrapped up while u live a street fantasy,
     In the square thou you besta beware,
     Street fighter, we aint playin over here"
    -----Third Strike Intro
    2)Regular move description
    In this section, you will find a brief description of Necro's most useful regular moves. I also
    include the damage inflict for each move. This is accomplished in dreamcast training mode. And
    the damage scale is based on a Standing Ryu. Note that comparing to Ryu, Akuma's defense is 80%
    and Hugo's defense is 117%. Also that all crouching oppoent takes additional 25% of damage. So
    just don't get freak out if Slam dance takes out a crouching Akuma. It's normal. =)One thing
    you'll soon find out about our favorite character is that his regular moves are unbalanced.
    Some of them are extremely useful while others are pretty much useless. Knowing how and when
    to use a particular move is a key to success. The other thing about Necro's normal moves is
    they are slow and their priority is rather poor. My general advice is don't over poke. Poke
    a bit, then stop. And mix up with other speical moves, overhead and throws. Necro needs every
    ounce of it to win. Necro can shorten his attack range by holding back while pressing the
    button. So b+jab will be a really really short range jab. Necro has some good command moves
    too. Isn't he talented?
    Light punch and Light Kick
    LP 4pts
    LK 5pts
    Just like any other weak moves in the game, they have good priority, do little damge and
    relatively fast. They may combo into itself if it means anything.
    Necro swings his arm straight out.  It has poor antiair ability but it's there. It combos
    into a Jab Tornado punch.
    Necor crouches a bit then swings his elbow over his head. It has little range. Decent priority thought
    You can combo a Tornado punch afterward, however, b+Forward is a better choice, as it has more
    range, and better priority than b+strong.
    Necro perform a stretching palm strike at 45 degree angle.  This move is an excellent anti air
    move. It has good start up time. And it often confuses parry happy players. If oppoent is on
    the ground, you can still hit him/her, but I don't recall there's any combo followups.
    Necro punches downward at 45 degree angle. If you decide to jump in and use this move, be sure you
    stick it out early. Because it has a bit of start up time. There isn't much use for this move due
    to its speed and low damage.
    The everything fierce
    damage=14 pts
    Necro stretches his arm across the screen. The range on this move is close to full screen length.
    Speed and priority are the issues here. While it has great range, most oppoent will see it miles
    away. And parry it. Worse yet, if they have some rushing super arts in stock, they'll overrule
    your move with the rush Super art. An example would be Ken's Shinpuu Jinrai Kyaku and Alex's
    Stunning Gun Headbutt. Just take care when you use it. More often than not, it will surprise your
    oppent with the range.
    This one is better. Necro performs a staight up uppercut and it goes almost full screen vertically.
    It acts like Remy's crouching fierce but with better range and slower recovery. Unlike Remy's version,
    you can hit someone on the ground easily with this move. It this move hits someone, followup with
    some juggle. A good choice is Denpa Blast. Or the Down+Back fierce. Because this move goes straight
    up, you can use it to catch double jump Oro or super jump Elena.
    It looks like the standing fierce. It acts like standing fierce. So just treat it like a standing
    Necro sticks his elbow out and punches his oppoent. It has great speed(for Necro anyway) and
    inflicts good damage. It also knocks his oppoent away. It's probably Necro's best regular move.
    The anti air application is invaluable. Also if you are using Electric snake, make sure you land
    this move often. Because this version does a good amount of stun. Roughly 15% of stun. Maybe more.
    Just use this to push your oppoent away, and use it to charge super meter as well.
    Necro reaches out horizontally with both hands about 1/4 to 1/2 screen length. There're some uses
    for this move. For example, use this to surprise someone in air to air combat. Or maybe use this
    to jump away and treat. If both players are in the air, and you're below your oppoent, don't bother
    with this move. Use it only if you are far away or have higher attitude than your oppoent.
    damage=10 pts
    Sorry people. I don't use this version at all. Necro's b+forward is too good.
    It has good priority! Yes, Necro's most important move is the standing back forward. You can
    combo a hook punch easily after a standing back forward. Use it to build super meter and poke
    your foe. Obviously, when I talk about good priority, I'm not saying it'll beat Makoto's low
    forward, Chunli's low forward or Remy's low strong. It may not even beat shotos' forwards.
    So don't expect too much out of this move in a poking war. Instead, use it to 2 in 1 a
    combo/super instead. Anyway, more info on this move later.
    Necro kind of steps on his oppoent's toe and gently hits him low. The range is about Ryu's
    low roundhouse. So use it if you have the distance right. However the move has terrible speed.
    You can not use it to punish blocked sweep. I mainly use this in a long range poking fight.
    Necro performs a diagonal kick upward which can be used to take out opponents higher in
    the air than him (although it is a rare for this to happen).
    His roundhouse is extremely useless. The only good version is back+roundhouse, because its
    antiair usage. Other than that, don't even touch the button.
    damage=16 pts
    His standing roundhouse is just like Dhalism's standing roundhouse. Except he doesn't
    turn his face sideway. He stretches one leg and kicks upward. There's no antiair ability whatsoever.
    Necro still kicks his leg upward but this time with shorter range. It comes out pretty fast, so
    you may use it as anti air. However, the priority isn't too great.
    It's a long range sweep. That's it. Nothing special about this except it has half screen range and
    you have to hit button early to surprise someone. It's so slow!
    jumping roundhouse:
    It has simliar animation as jumping forward. Necro kicks upward with one leg. It's useless. =(
    "One on one, and u know you cant finish,
    Round on round too, just come and get wit it,
    Your heart ain't cold stole, forget about the power,
    Battle this out to the 24th hour"
    ------Third Strike Intro
    Special move description
    Just like all special moves in the game, different button determines the strength, recovery, start
    up time, damage, range, and priority. Here's the move list for necro. I will describe each one individually.
    However, if you already know the basic and wish to read the stragety on using them, just skip next page or so.
    Tornado Hook HCF+ P /EX
    Jab version damage=16 pts, 2 hts
    Strong version damage=18 pts, 2 hts
    Fierce version damage=20 pts, 3 hts
    Flying Viper QCB+P/EX
    Jab version damage=17 pts
    Strong version damage=20 pts
    Fierce version damage=23 pts
    Raging Cobra HCB+K / EX
    Short version damage=19 pts
    Forward version damage=22 pts
    Roundhouse version damage=24 pts
    Snake Fang HCF + K /EX
    Denpa Blast F, D, DF + P repeatedly
    Air Drill Kick jump in air, D + K
    Tornado Hook Punch
    I call this hook punch or simply hook. Necro stretches his arms and spins horizontally toward your
    oppoent. If you don't know what it looks like, try to picture Zangief's spinning lariat and
    move him across the screen. In essence, it's Alex's flashchop. Depending on the button, this move
    ranges from useless to being Necro's best move. When exceuted using the fierce, it travels almost
    3/4 screen distance. It has terrible start up time, average priority against other moves, inflicts
    good damage, and it has horrible recovery time. So if you just throw it out blindly, and it's
    blocked, just kiss a good chunk of your life bar good bye. The good thing about it is if you
    do connect, it will turn your your oppoent around and allows more combo followups. Didn't I just say
    When is  a good time to use it? Well, honestly, I only use it on stunned oppoent. It has too many
    negatives and the strong and jab versions are way better. The windows of opportunity is too small.
    So moving on people.
    The strong hook punch is better. It's start up and recovery time is decent. Priority is medium.
    And it goes about half screen distance. You can use this move along with the jab version as your
    far anti air moves. This little bug has a nasty trick behind it. But I'll explain it in detail later on.
    Use this move in conjuction with b+forward as your bread and butter combo. It does good damage.
    You also add a good chunk of stun on your oppoent.
    The jab version has almost no start up time and recover time is awesome. Make a habit of using
    this move to close in, instead of jumping toward. It's a good pressuring move. Generally, you
    will not be punished if you whiff or miss it. It doesn't do much damage, but it's main purpose
    is to pressure your oppoent into making a mistake.
    Flying Viper
    Necro leaps off the ground and uses both hands to attack his oppoent. I believe the button
    strength determines the height of his jump, damage it inflicts, and start up time. In any case,
    you may want to use it to jump over fireball/light of virtue. But parrying them is a way better
    choice. This move is made for confusing your oppoent. Necro leaves the ground when he does it,
    so most low attacks, such as low forwards will miss Necro completely. Shotokans, Chunli, Elena,
    Yang/Yun, Remy, and other characters rely on their low attacks to set up combos. Therefore,
    Flying viper is unbelieably useful to Necro.
    Raging Cobra
    Here's the weird one. Necro balances on one leg, and pause for a bit, then springs back down
    at his oppoent. It's hard to explain, you just have to try it yourself. The use of this move is
    limited. But it's there. Surprisingly, it's a decent antiair. Not that Necro needs another anti air
    move. If you do the short version early and anticipate your oppoent's move correctly, the rising cobra
    will beat out some jumpins. Or if your oppoent likes to jumpin and parry your antiair, use this
    to throw off timing. And believe it or not, it's very weird to parry. Mainly because the pause
    before Necro springs back down with a kick. It's just a really weird move.
    Denpa Blast
    Blanka's electricty is back! Necro emits electricity from his body and zaps his oppoent.
    The jab version has fastest start up time but does only 2 hits. Conversely,
    the fierce version does 4 hits(or more) and it has a bit of start up time. Denpa blast is Necro's
    main anti air move. It has great priority. It'll beat most jumpin if Necro has started the move
    already. It's comboable as well. So use it whenever opportunities present. If you mash the punch buttons,
    Necro will keep doing this move for a while. If you knocked your oppoent down in the corner, do
    denpa blast as a wake up. Make sure you mash the button for extra block damage. This tactic is
    only good for chipping away the last bit of his life. The downside is you may look like a button
    masher on crack or something.
    Air Drill Kick
    Remember back in the old days when Dhalsim jumps around and suddenly comes down with a kick?
    Well, it's basically the same thing here. You get 2 hit per each successfuly kick. Necro will
    change direction in the air and the angle of direction depends on the button strength. It gives
    Necro more air time and better mobility. It sounds great right? Until you try it yourself. It
    is easily parriable. And if blocked, Necro could be in major pain. Thanks to Necro's lack of
    speed, this move can not be used as a surprise attack if your oppoent's on the ground. Also
    the drill kick has lame priority. Therefore, Necro can not rely on this move to jump in and
    get close. Worse yet, the damage reward isn't even close to the risk involved. And it has
    virtually no combo application. So why using this move at all? Well, here's the thing: this
    move is not suppose to hit. Yes, it does a 2 hit auto combo. But it's main purpose is to simply
    evade antiair attacks, and get close to oppoent. There is also other use for this move and
    I'll discuss them in details in the strategy section.
    "pay the price that u couldnt that u couldnt deal with,
    cold blooded killers and my lock down klick,
    got no time to waste? we taking time off,
    street fighter 3 like a star of ur own"
    -----------Third Strike Intro
    Super art Description
    Magnetic storm
    It's a powered up version of Denpa blast. You must mash the punch buttons to get full
    damage though. This super has short one short super bar and it deals good amount
    of damage if connect. The way I see it, it's basically Chunli's kikoshou. Both of
    them have short bars, inflict good damage, have anti air ability, and good priority.
    One thing that Magnetic strom has over Kikoshou is the vacuum effects. When it's
    excuted, it surrounds Necro in a blue vacuum which will suck your oppoent in for
    some guaranteed block damage.
    Slam dance
    QCF QCF +P
    Unfortunately, Slam dance isn't Houyokusen. Treat it as Alex's Hyperbomb instead.
    It is a throw super thus it's unblockable. There's one invincible frame at the start
    so yes, you can use it in some nasty tricks. The super itself is rather hard to
    connect, due to it's terrible range. Necro barely stretches his arms outward and
    attempts the throw. If only he can stretch his arms in the standing fierce fashion....sigh
    The damage is excellent. It has lots of uses and the super bar is longer than other 2 supers.
    So if you miss it, Necro'll be out of super for awhile. More info on this super in later
    Electric snake
    QCF QCF +P
    If Magnetic storm is Chunli's Kikoshou, then Electric snake is Urien's Temporal thunder.
    Both supers have similar properties such as low damage, high stun, and high comboability.
    The super itself hits low and possess 2 short bars. They're ideal for ex moves but since
    Necro's ex moves are not extrmely important, the best usage of this super is in a combo.
    I'm not very familar with this super. But I'll list some useful combos involve the Electric
    snake. If you decide to use Electric snake alone(which you shouldn't), your oppoent may elect
    to jump over it and nail you with a combo.
    Combo and tricks
    Necro isn't a combo character. He has only a few combos but they're powerful. Necro can turn the
    match around with his high damaging combo. And if you happen to fight an Akuma, ahem, anything'll
    do wonder.
    B + short, strong (2 hits)(Necro's target combo, don't laugh)
    The standing strong is cancellable to either super art 1 or super art 3.
    B + forward, short Snake Fang (2 hits)
    high/low mix up. and it combos too.
    fierce Tornado Hook, short Snake Fang
    well, the short snake fang is basically use to throw your oppoent in the corner. Necro is most
    effective when he corners his oppoent. Generally don't use short snake fang as a combo followup.
    here's way better opitions out there. And landing a clean hit fierce hook is hard already. So
    you'd want to do the most damage you can given the opportunity.
    Fierce Tornado Hook, Any Super Art
    The fierce hook turns your oppoent around just like Alex's fierce flash chop. So use it like Alex's
    flash chop! This is the simplest combo to do.
    Fierce Tornako hook, b+mk, ex hook
    Necro's best looking combo. It does good damage and nice stun.
    Denpa Blast , Magnetic Storm
    Not much to say about this one. Just remember that if you use Denpa as antiair, then Magnetic
    storm will not register all hits. This game has a 6 hits juggle limit, so after the denpa is done,
    Magnetic Storm uses whatever hits are available.
    Denpa Blast, Electric Snake
    More often than not, if you can psych out your oppoent with your high low mix up, they'd want to
    poke you back just for the hell of it. And if you use Flying viper religiously, they would refrain
    from using low poke. To counter accordingly, do denpa blast on standing oppoent, and cancel it to electric
    snake for major stun. Make sure you cancel the Snake early so the Denpa doesn't push them too far.
    fierce Tornado Hook, Denpa Blast, Magnetic Storm or Electric snake.
    a combination of previous 2 combos. Yes, I'm extremely lazy. =)
    fierce Tornako Hook, Jab  Tornado hook, crouching roundhouse
    A good 6 hits combo. Just like any other fierce hook combo, the difficult part is to connect
    the fierce hook on someone.
    Neutral or F Throw, MP, Magnetic Storm (Hits vary)
    this is a psuedo combo. for guarantee combo, do bd+fierce instead.
    * Can only be performed in a corner.
    Air Juggles:
    Necro's air juggle starts with B+Fierce. If you can corner someone, his "hand bang" throw also
    starts juggle. But it's way hard to do. In any case, Necro's B+fierce comes out fast and it has
    good vertical reach. It hits both standing and air oppoent. So fireaway! Note that you can link
    almost all of Necro's normal moves after the b+fierce. I'm just going to list eh more important ones.
    Combos like b+fierce, jab, don't
    b+fierce, db+fierce
    The most important combo of all! It knocks the oppoent away and the db+fierce does good stun too!
    The damage is rather good for such simple command.
    b+fierce, denpa blast
    um..mash the denpa blast for most damage. It doesn't do enough damage and it keeps oppoent close
    Necro. Darn...
    B+fierce, Jab Hook, Denpa blast or Magnetic storm
    I THINK the denpa blast works and the whole sequence connects as a combo. However, I have to check
    and watch for a new update soon. =)
    Skillsmith exhibition combos:
    The followings are some combos done by skillsmith under some special conditions, such as stun,
    and corner. But no system direction is used nor any extra option is activated. I'll give the
    condition to perform these combos but I don't recommend practicing them.
    Fierce hook, b+roundhouse, jab hook, electric snake, b+mp, ex flying viper, b+mp, ex raging
    cobra, jab, denpa blast
    condition: vs. Q, Q in the corner, Q is stunned after fierce hook.
    Fierce hook, b+roundhouse,db+fierce, short, universal overhead, taunt, denpa blast, magnetic
    condition: vs. Q, Q in the corner, Q is stunned after fierce hook.
    B+roundhouse, ex hook, b+mp, db+fierce, jab, denpa, magnetic storm
    condition: vs Hugo, Hugo in corner, Hugo is stunned after b+roundhouse
    B+rondhouse, b+mp, short snake fang, jab, denpa, magnetic storm
    condition: vs Q, Necro in the corner. Q is stunned after b+mp.
    Alternative of above:
    B+rondhouse, b+mp, short snake fang, denpa, electric snake, db+fierce, electric snake
    same condition as above
    Fierce hook, jab hook, slam dance
    condition: vs Hugo and Hugo in the corner. Hugo is stunned after second hook punch.
    Fierce hook, b+short, jab hook, short snake fang
    This combo may even work under normal settings. just give it a try.
    condition: vs Hugo, anywhere, no stun involved.
    Finally, we're at the Tricks section. Necro has tons and tons of tricks under his sleeves(or armpits)
    that any Necro user must know and utilize. Some of them are done with Slam dance, while others are
    just deadly mix ups. I'll try my best to describe each trick and their usage.
    1)Air Drill tricks
    As I mentioned before, air drill should not hit your oppoent because it doesn't make Necro's
    offense any stronger. It doesn't combo and you'll often get parried. Bearing this in mind, you
    should vary your direction as often as possible, even if it means a waste of move. Suppose you're in
    the air and you're facing an Urien. Urien has 2 basic anti air moves, the sphere and crouching fierce.
    To fake out a sphere, do a normal jump, then short air drill. It'll drop Necro directly down and
    Urien's best antisphere, strong sphere, will most likely miss. If Urien likes to use crouching fierce to
    anti air Necro, do a super jump, then roundhouse drill kick. It'll travel slowly to the other side and
    out of Urien's crouching fierce. The best option against Urien's sphere is to air parry it. And
    jumping around against someone with a fast dash might get Necro into trouble. Nonetheless, use
    it to fake out Urien once or twice. But don't overdo it.
    Another Air drill trick is to land just before your oppoent or hit him/her with one hit of the
    drill kick. Your oppoent will not going into hit stun and they're more likely to attack you as
    you land. Solution: magnetic storm or slam dance. Magnetic ignores any non projectile retaliation
    and vacuums Necro's oppoent in for major damage. Slam dance has invicible frame at start up. So
    landing it is very easy and rewarding. Obviously slam dance will not hit if your oppoent jumps.
    But Magnetic storm hits cleanly.
    Sometime I use drill kick to take out low jumpers such as Dudley. It's not a terribly useful
    air combat move, nonetheless, use it to surprise air parriers.
    Slam dance things:
    Here're some good way to land Slam dance.
    1) air drill kick, slam dance.
    I've already explained it but...
    2)Universal Overhead, Slam dance
    Universal overhead is used to keep your oppoent guessing and on the ground. It works even better
    if you can corner your oppoent.
    3) b+mk, Jab/Strong hook, slam dance.
    b+mk, jab/strong hook is an actual combo. If it hits, well, no love lost. If the hook is blocked,
    you can either do the super immediately or wait a split sec then do it. The result is the same.
    And once again, if your oppoent jumps, then slam dance will miss. The good thing is most players
    never see it coming. Because if your Necro is a rush down Necro, well, b+mk, Jab/strong hook is
    a very common combo. So you can choose to poke, mixup, or do super after the combo. You oppoent
    has to keep guessing your next move.
    4) b+fierce, juggle with jab,  whiffed jab hook, Slam Dance.
    This uses the same idea as the whiffed Short hurrican kick, demon rage setup. Basically the
    whiffed jab hook closes the distance and makes you right next to your oppoent. Because the
    juggle is a normal move, your oppoent will flip on his/her feet instead of his/her back.
    This gives Slam dance enough time and range to connect. Give it a try and annoy the hell out of
    your friend.
    5) jumpin jab/short, slam dance.
    This one is risky and most commonly used. Nothing too special about it.
    6)repeated jab hook punch, slam dance.
    When you corner someone with jab hook, you'll likely see your oppoent try to attack you back.
    Remember that invincible frame? well, yeah, pay close attention to the animation, and if you
    see any retaliation, whip out slam dance. It'll hit right on mark. Perfect against shotos' low
    shorts or low forward.
    7) Antiair slam dance.
    When you see a jumpin, wait until your oppoent almost lands, do your slam dance. Slam dance has
    a tiny bit of vacuum effect. So it'll get your oppoent. If you're not sure about it, just wait
    until he lands, then slam dance him. I have never seen anyone jumpin, land, then jump staight up
    again. (thanx to slim for mentioning and teaching me this technique)
    8) Vs. dashing moves only slam dance
    What I mean by this is since slam dance has that invicible frame, when a dashing move homes in
    at you, you should wait until the last sec(think of parrying here) and excute slam dance. For
    example, suppose for some weird reason, Chunli does her Houyokusen from full screen distance.
    Even though Chunli's super has some invicible frames as well, but by the time it gets to you,
    slam dance will completely have the upper hand. So just let her dash in with first wave of her kicks,
    and activate slam dance right before she kicks you. If you've done this correctly, you'd see
    Chunli's legs go through Necro's body and the game freezes for a sec, then Necro grabs Chunli
    with slam dance. It's difficult to pull off, but it's worth the trouble.
    9) wake up slam dance
    This is obvious. If someone's sticking limbs out while you're on the ground or they just don't
    think slam dance has enough range, do the slam dance and use their extended limbs as extra range.
    Part 2: Magnetic storm
    Well, essentially, you can use Magnetic storm in the same manner as Slam dance. The only difference
    is you sacrifice unblockable for vacuum effects. The super still hurts and its bar is short.
    I'm not going to rewrite everything I've mentioned already. Just remember that if Magnetic is
    blocked, stop immediately. It doesn't do enough block damage even if you mash the buttons. And
    if you stop the super immediately you'll often surprise your oppoents. They are more likely
    misjudge their retaliation attacks and you might just get away from a meaty. Make sure you
    cross your fingers!
    Styles and Stragety
    Like I mentioned before, mastering Necro demands a good parrying skill. Unlike some other
    characters in this game, Necro has more problems defending himself. So if you can't parry well
    or at least semi decent, you got some homework to do. In any case, Necro has enough variety of
    moves in his arsenal that makes him very flexible to different styles. Each one gives Necro
    a different look. I'll just decribe some of my tactics.
    Tue true, he's a slow character. He has some terrible recovery time on his moves and unlike
    Ibuki, he just doesn't look like a rush down character. However, don't let his appearance
    fools you. The main tactic behind rush down is using jabok punch to pressure your oppoent.
    The jab hook punch has terrific start up time. Try not to jump though, because Necro doesn't
    have a good air game due to his lack of high priority jump ins. If you want to close in your
    distance from the oppoent, use jab hook punch instead of jumping. Now you are close enough to
    your oppoent, what do u do next? Well, start poking and mix up your high/low attacks.
    For example, do a standing short, then short snake fang. this is Necro's basci high/low
    confusion attack. It won't combo, but you can vary the timing to throw off parry/block attempts.
    Another one is low jab(s), jab flying viper. The low jabs will(hopefully) keep your oppoent
    blockig low, then hit him with a light flying viper. You can subsitute the flying viper with
    a rising cobra or continue with low attacks to further mix up your attacks. Personally, I prefer
    a flying viper over rising cobra. Because flying viper jumps over low attacks while rising cobra
    has a slow start up time. Just beware of counter shoryukens. It'll hurt. Sooner or later,
    your oppoent will make a mistake, now hit him with a combo or super.
    What if they're just too good at blocking? Remember those Slam dance tricks? Find an apporpiate
    one and use it on them. Slam dance is unblockable so it'll hurt the turtles. Of course, you don't
    have to do the slam dance. You can just do the set up and end with universal overhead. It has
    quick recovery and start up. It doesn't look confusing, but its speed it excellent. It'll give
    really piss someone off. Let me give you an example:
    Jab hook punch,(get close), b+mk, jab hook punch, universal overhead, universal overhead, slam
    dance. The key is to simply outsmart your oppoent and control the pace.
    Of course, your oppoent won't allow you work him over like that. He'll retaliate. Depending
    on the situation, you can do one of the followings:
    1)parry. provide your parry skill is decent and you are not afraid to risk your life. The good
    thing is once you parry his attack, you can do major damaging combos on him that are previously
    impossible to land on average or above players.
    So parry then retaliation is probably the most effective solution.
    2) What if you can't parry well? If you have a Magnetic storm or Slam dance ready, use it as
    anti retaliation. To be sure you don't waste one super bar, especially the slam dance bar,
    poke or mix up for awhile, then stop. Wait for the retaliation to come out, then
    utilize Necro's invinclble frames, vacuum effect and unblockable super to punish anything coming
    your way. Let it be shoto's sweep, or someon's low forward, as long as it's in the range,
    just use super on him. It will beat his attack.
    3)another jab flying viper. Yes, another one. For some strange reason, most palyers like to
    attack you with low moves. The most famous ones are shoto's low forwarda and low roundhouse.
    If you use a rising cobra, Necro'll get hit because rising cobra has bad start up time. And
    the flying viper will hit for sure.
    4)block. this is the safest way to go. Just block whatever you see, and attack your oppoent
    once he's done. Some suggestions are jab or strong hook punch, snake fang, any super, overhead,
    b+fierce, b+forward, and b+strong. Depedning on the situation, you should choose your option wisely and
    quickly. Necro doens't have lots of time in his hand so you better stick something out fast.
    More to Come:
    Hit and run style analysis
    More super art tricks
    Some stun combos
    To Slimx for his help on Urien, Necro, Priority issues, combo and tricks, and other various third
    strike related topics. I can't list them all because I only have so much space. He made me
    realize my true skill level and my weakness. Thank you so much! (BTW, Temporal thunder was, is and
    always will be better than Aegis reflector. hehehe)
    To Gene Lam, Sonny Ngo, and Johnson Chau
    for starting me on Street Fighter games and beating me mercilessly with your characters. Remember
    my first attempt at low forward->fireball combo? hehe, that was a "slow" fireball, right? But
    payback is a bitch, isn't it? hehe
    To Capcom
    for making this game and filling my empty life with something to cheer on. and please, don't
    discontinue Street Fighter franchise. Let Ryu finish his quest and let future generation take over
    the legacy. At least wait until I get marry.
    To Thehy, Billykane, Kal el, Czigga, Gunblade, KDTC, and countless number of gamefaqs.com regulars,
    thank you! I really appreciate all of your help and I've learned so much from your guys. It's a blessing
    for me to have such a great group of people around me and discuss the greatest game on earth.

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