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    Damage Data/Attack Info FAQ by Shiki Dan

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/21/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Damage Data and Attack Info FAQ Ver. 1.0
    For Arcade, Sega Dreamcast, and Sony Playstation 2 (coming soon)
    Copyright 2004 Shiki Dan
    As this FAQ contains a large amount of numerical data, it'd be quite silly for
    me to claim say, "The Hadouken does 8 pts. of damage" as my exclusive property.
    However, you may NOT copy and paste significant portions of numerical data
    straight from this FAQ, or any of my comments for use for any website (business
    or private, except for GameFAQS.com), or any publication, for profit or
    otherwise WITHOUT my express written consent or crediting me or both.
    "Street Fighter" and all of its characters are the property of Capcom Co.
    A) Introduction
    B) What should this FAQ be used for?
    C) What shouldn't this FAQ be used for?
    A) Basic Controls
    B) Terminology used in this FAQ
    ---A) Defense/Damage Data
    ---B) Dizzy Recovery Theory
    ---A) Attack/Damage Data
    ------a) Alex
    ------b) Akuma (Gouki in Japan)
    ------c) ChunLi
    ------d) Dudley
    ------e) Elena
    ------f) Hugo
    ------g) Ibuki
    ------h) Ken
    ------i) Makoto
    ------j) Necro
    ------k) Oro
    ------l) Q
    ------m) Remy
    ------n) Ryu
    ------o) Sean Matsuda
    ------p) Twelve
    ------q) Urien
    ------r) Yang Lee
    ------s) Yun Lee
    ------t) Yun Lee "Genei-Jin style"
    ------u) Gill
    ---B) Most Damaging Lists
    A) Introduction:
    When Third Strike, the third game in the Street Fighter 3 series, debuted in
    Japanese and North American arcades in 1999, the initial response by the
    fighting game community was...lukewarm, to say the least.
    At the time, nearly all of the community ignored the game, feeling that the
    other 2-D Capcom games at the time--Marvel Vs. Capcom and Street Fighter Alpha
    3--overshadowed it. Gamers just couldn't sit down to play Third Strike after the
    lightning-fast combos of MvC or the fun juggling of SFa3. Not only that, but
    popular 3-D fighters like Soul Calibur and Tekken Tag Tournament were drawing
    many players away from 2-D fighting.
    If that wasn't enough, the game had even more strikes against it, in the form of
    critics (you hack magazine reviewers know who you are) who panned the game as
    being slow, average, and simply another Street Fighter rehash; a game-making
    habit that Capcom had become notorious for.
    The Street Fighter fans were no less kind. After years of hearing complaints
    about the same old Street Fighter 2 characters being used in every game, Capcom
    made the Street Fighter 3 cast up of 80% new characters...only to hear the fans
    whine and ask where all their old SF2 favorites went. Fans who had once picked
    up SF2 to play Dhalsim and Blanka complained that the new characters like Necro
    and Elena were too weird and hard to use (Yeah, I know -_-).
    With all these things working against it, Third Strike should have had all of
    the nails in its coffin by the time Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 came out in mid-2000 and
    took the arcade industry by storm. But something peculiar happened. Somehow,
    Third Strike survived. Slowly, but surely, people began to play the game. They
    discovered the complexity of the gameplay system. They mastered parrying. They
    stopped complaining about Sagat or Guile not being in the game and learned new
    characters like Makoto, Dudley, and Urien from the ground up. And now, 5 long
    years after its release and 4 years after it almost died, Street Fighter 3:
    Third Strike is at its peak in both popularity and regard by the gaming
    community. How many other fighting games can you say that for? None, I'd reckon.
    Almost suitable for a "Based on a true story" Disney film, no?
    B) What should this FAQ be used for?
    Can this FAQ be used in terms of practical usefulness, or more specifically,
    does this FAQ have information that can be derived in order to help you in high-
    level tournament play? Well, uh, that depends. But I'd doubt it. The data in
    this FAQ can be, in the worst case, just FYI. In the best case, you might find
    something that can make you rethink your entire game. If even an expert player
    can learn something new from this FAQ, then I've done my job.
    For example, knowing that Akuma's air SAIII (Messatsu Gou Senpuu) is his most
    damaging normal Super Art might influence you to use it more. Or perhaps knowing
    that ChunLi can have better defense than Hugo might encourage you to be more
    aggressive and willing to trade hits with her.
    However, one piece of advice I can give would be to not discredit the usefulness
    of a move or character simply due to numerical data. Often times, the move that
    does the most damage is not always the best move to use. Consider other
    properties of the move such as speed, priority, recovery, juggle ability, etc.
    before judging the value of an attack.
    C) What shouldn't this FAQ be used for?
    First of all, this FAQ is not, nor does it contain, a (complete) movelist.
    Primarily attacks or taunts that deal damage or affect damage (moves that power-
    up or down attack or defense) will be covered. So while moves like Elena's
    Healing or Ibuki's Tsuiji Goe, are not mentioned, they are still in the game and
    are important moves to use. If you need a complete movelist, I do suggest Kao
    Megura's FAQ on this very site.
    Secondly, this FAQ, for the most part, does not contain information on combos.
    Perhaps in the future I will include damage data on certain combos (chains,
    target combos, *basic* bread n' butter) if there is enough demand for it.
    However, I am not a combo master, so don't expect me to tell you the data for
    some 50 hit Genei-Jin combo.
    A) Basic Controls:
    (Up-Back)   O  O  O (Up-Forward)     ( ) Light ( ) Medium ( ) Heavy
                 \ | /                       Punch     Punch      Punch
    (Back)      O- O -O (Forward)
                 / | \                   ( ) Light ( ) Medium ( ) Heavy
    (Down-Back) O  O  O (Down-Forward)       Kick      Kick       Kick
    B) Terminology used in this FAQ:
    UB, U, UF: Up-Back, Up, Up-Forward
    B, n, F: Back, neutral, Forward
    DB, D, DF: Down-Back, Down, Down-Forward
    LP, MP, HP: Light Punch, Medium Punch, Heavy Punch
    LK, MK, HK: Light Kick, Medium Kick, Heavy Kick
    2P: any 2 punches
    2K: any 2 kicks
    EX: With certain special moves or super arts, you use 2P or 2K to do an `EX'
    version of that move
    QCF-Quarter Circle Forward (D, DF, F)
    QCB-Quarter Circle Back (D, DB, B)
    HCF-Half Circle Forward (B, DB, D, DF, F)
    HCB-Half Circle Back (F, DF, D, DB, B)
    DP-Dragon Punch motion (F, D, DF)
    RDP-Reverse Dragon Punch motion (B, D, DB)
    Charge B,F-Hold back for 1 second, move to forward
    Charge D,U-Hold down for 1 second, move to up
    360- Rotate the joystick/pad 360 degrees (full circle)
    720- Rotate the joystick/pad 720 degrees (2 full circles)
    (air)- Perform while in the air/jumping
    PA- Personal Action
    SA- Super Art
    j.- Jump(ing)
    jf.- Jump(ing) Forward
    cr.- Crouching (Down)
    ch.- charge
    (de)- default damage. Used for moves that require tapping a button for extra
    hits. No tapping garners this much damage.
    (**)- Maximum damage for moves that require button tapping
    Personal Action (AKA Taunt)-Tap or hold HP+HK
    Leap Attack (AKA Overhead)-Tap MP+MK **All Leap Attacks do 5 pts. damage**
    Back Throw: While holding B, press LP+LK
    Neutral Throw: While at n, press LP+LK
    Forward Throw: While holding F, press LP+LK
    --In this FAQ, I will be using the official Japanese Capcom names for special
    moves/Super Arts either translated by Kao Megura, or found in the North American
    Dreamcast version of Third Strike's Instruction manual. As such, I will NOT be
    using the "Jab, Strong, Fierce" notations of moves, but "Light, Medium, Heavy",
    which Capcom has been uniformly using for over 10 years. I'm mentioning this
    because it's only inevitable that someone still using the Capcom of America
    instruction manual translations from SF2 will complain about it.
    If you're confused because you don't see names like "Fierce Fireball" or
    "Forward Chicken Kick" in this FAQ, then you'd best adapt. If you don't like it,
    then tough. (By the way, I'm aware of the irony of using "Dragon Punch motion"
    but not "Dragon Punch" in my terminology, so don't bother pointing that out)
    A) Defense/Damage Data-
    The following is a list which shows the relative defensive levels of the various
    World Warriors. This data was found using the training mode in the Dreamcast
    Version of Third Strike, but it should be applicable to the Arcade and PS2
    versions. Please note that while the specific damage ratings are subject to
    change between the game settings and possibly even versions of the game, these
    are accurate estimations of ranking character defense power.
    Admittedly, I got this idea from Kao Megura's FAQ, but I decided to take it a
    step further.
    --The first number represents the damage done by the single most powerful MOVE
    that I could think of: Gill's powered-up (via his PA) Seraphic Wing.
    However, to make sure these rankings were correct I decided I needed an even
    more powerful attack to test. So, I tested the single most powerful COMBO I
    could reliably pull off: (With Gill) PA, jf.HK, cr.HP, Psycho Headbutt, Psycho
    Headbutt, PA, *opponent dizzy*, Seraphic Wing.
    --The second number is the damage done by combo in the sentence above.
    With a few oddball exceptions like Hugo and Elena (who I couldn't get this combo
    to work on), everybody stayed within the same ballpark, so I'm convinced these
    rankings are accurate.
    --In case you didn't pay attention to the above, HIGHER NUMBERS=WORSE DEFENSE:
    This was tested on the DC Training Mode at the default 2 star damage setting.
    Worst              Akuma(Gouki)        174 [264]
    Defense            Ibuki               165 [250]
    .                  Yun/Yang            160 [244]
    .                  Twelve              157 [235]<a>
    .                  Necro/Remy          157 [233]
    .                  Elena               151 [N/A]<b>
    .                  ChunLi/Oro          151 [226]
    .                  Sean<c>             148 [222]
    .            Dudley/Ryu/Ken/Makoto<d>  144 [217]
    .                  Alex/Q              138 [212]
    .                  Urien               137 [207]
    .                  Gill                135 [203]
    .                  Hugo                129 [218]<e>
    .                  ChunLi(MAX)         117 [156]<f>
    .                  Q(MAX)              99  [N/A]<g>
    Best               Hugo(MAX)           88  [N/A]<g>
    --As a frame of reference, each character's lifebar is worth around 170 pts.
    --ChunLi, Q, Hugo can power up their defense via their PA.
    ChunLi has 4 possible PA, picked randomly. To get her MAX defense, you must get
    a PA where she rubs her shoulder OR arches her back, ONCE.
    Q has 1 possible PA. His PA is cancelable from several of his normal moves. To
    get his MAX defense, you must do his PA, THREE TIMES.
    Hugo has 4 possible PA, variable by tapping or holding HP+HK, with or without
    holding start (Arcade) or Up (DC). To get his MAX defense, you must do any PA,
    --ChunLi, Q, and Hugo's defense power-ups last the rest of the round, no matter
    --The CPU cheats!!! Of course, you probably already knew that, but what you
    might not know is that not only the damage setting, but the difficulty level of
    the game affects damage done to the CPU!
    The more stars the difficulty is set to, the less damage a CPU-controlled
    character takes, REGARDLESS of the damage setting! A human Twelve versus CPU
    Hugo on 8 Star Difficulty is NOT a pretty sight, folks! And if you're wondering
    why the CPU you fight at your local arcade's 3S seems to takes a lot more hits
    to beat than a human player, it's probably because most arcades jack up the
    difficulty of their units, either to accommodate expert players or cut down the
    time spent on a game for each credit. They usually the increase the damage/speed
    settings as well, to make it go even faster. Ironically, some arcades (like
    those with a large community of top players) may be better off just increasing
    speed/damage and leaving the difficulty of their Third Strike machine alone :)
    --In general, you can see from this chart that most characters don't really have
    a huge difference between them in terms of defense.
    Unless you're Akuma or Ibuki, you really don't have to be too afraid of taking a
    hit, and unless you're MAX Hugo or Q, you shouldn't be recklessly aggressive.
    Yeah, it's obvious that Alex is tougher than Ryu, and Oro weaker, but 6 points
    out of like 150 really isn't an advantage at all, honestly.
    <a> I've tried this repeatedly, but Twelve always seems to take 2 more pts. of
    damage than Necro/Remy during the combo, but the same otherwise in other moves.
    But as we're talking about less than 1% of difference between them, I don't
    think it's significant.
    <b> Try as I might, I find it impossible to link the second Psycho Headbutt
    (QCB+P) to Elena necessary to make the combo work. It seems that unlike the
    other characters, she doesn't seem to bounce into the air very high at all when
    launched. *shrug* I guess we'll have to assume she's the same as Oro/ChunLi.
    <c> Despite the fact I've seen Sean grouped equally with other characters in
    terms of defense (often pretty low), he seems to be unique, only a little less
    than Ryu/Ken but a mite tougher than ChunLi. That sounds appropriate.
    <d> SURPRISE! Despite what some sources say, Makoto IS equal to Ryu/Ken in terms
    of defense, period.
    <e> The fact that Hugo takes more damage from the combo than Ryu/Ken/Mak/Dud is
    the only thing that really doesn't sit right. I may need to test this more, but
    I'm pretty sure that despite this inconsistency, Hugo is still in the right
    place on the chart (best default defense, but still weaker than the MAX defense
    DEFENSE! I guess she didn't have enough already, what with her having the best
    speed, range, priority, and combos, so we have to give her the ability to put on
    armor which makes her tougher than Alex and Hugo! Seriously, what the hell
    <g> Okay, I haven't been able to test the combo on MAX Q and Hugo, though it's
    not impossible. It's just that I haven't wanted to spend the time doing so, yet.
    To test this on them would mean fighting the CPU in training mode, waiting for
    the CPU to taunt to MAX, then being able to taunt (which leaves Gill open for 5
    seconds) THEN start the combo w/o getting hit, all timing it so the opponent
    gets dizzy before or at the second Headbutt, then canceling in time to finish
    the taunt and super before the CPU recovers. I pulled it off on MAX
    ChunLi only because I got lucky :)
    B) Dizzy Recovery Theory-
    Take the following with a grain of salt, a dash of pepper, a sprinkle of sugar,
    a pinch of garlic, or whatever you need to keep from being upset if I'm wrong.
    I was reading Phil Stroffolino's Street Fighter 2 FAQ on this very
    site, when something interesting caught my eye and I quote:
          "What are the different kinds of dizzies?
    cw21219@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu comments:
    When a character gets dizzy, either stars or birds appear above his head.
    Generally, the bird dizziness lasts a bit longer than the star dizziness... It's
    a good way to judge whether you have enough time to run in and land a combo. Of
    course I always try to regardless :)
    On Super there are four kinds of dizzy animations:
    inkblot@leland.stanford.edu informs:
    These are grim-reapers, not skulls. As far as I know, they have nothing to do
    with killing your opponent. The only difference between the symbols floating
    above your head is how difficult it is to 'RECOVER' (to coin a CPU phrase).
    Incidentially, here's the list in order of ascending difficulty.
    Angels - Stars - Birdies - Grim Reapers."
    Now despite this being written for the SF2 series, I wondered if possibly this
    system has still been kept by Capcom, even up to Third Strike.
    To test this, first I had to see if the same 4 dizzy animations were still used,
    and they are. And then I had to see each character had the same dizzy animation
    every time they were stunned, and they do:
    Angels: Alex, Oro
    Stars: Dudley, Q, Sean, Yang, Yun
    Chicks: Akuma, ChunLi, Elena, Hugo, Ibuki, Ken, Makoto, Necro, Ryu
    Reapers: Gill, Remy, Twelve, Urien
    And then I tried to compare relatively how long it took a character to recover,
    and...I couldn't come up with much of anything concrete. The amount of time
    required to recover from stun isn't completely consistent every time, even for
    the same character, even if you mash (though it does reduce dizzy time).
    IN GENERAL, the most definitive conclusion I can draw is that star characters
    (especially Yang and Q) do recover significantly faster than chick characters
    (especially Ryu and Makoto). In general, without mashing, a star dizzy lasts
    around 3 seconds while a chick dizzy lasts around 5 seconds, more or less. Since
    there are only 2 angel characters, there really isn't much to draw conclusions
    for them. I don't think they recover faster than stars, but they are a little
    better than chicks. I don't think reapers are that much worse than chicks,
    probably about the same or maybe even a little better.
    If I were to rank them, it would go: Stars-Angels-Reapers-Chicks. This would
    make the chicks the worst as well as the standard, as the lion's share of the
    roster are chick characters.
    A) Attack/Damage Data
    This is the true meat and potatoes of the FAQ. Here is the damage done by every
    throw, normal, special, command, and super attack in the game. I have repeatedly
    tested each attack listed several times to ensure accuracy.
    --These were all tested in the DC Training Mode, on 2 star damage setting, on
    Ryu (or Ken or Dudley when I got tired of listening to "KOBU"), as I assume them
    to have the "average" defense rating in the game.
    --Unless otherwise stated, assume these numbers to be representative of the
    maximum damage/numbers of hits of each attack (Ex: Ken's HP Shoryuken which does
    3 hits for 25 pts. of damage)
    SAMPLE Normals Chart:
          (Jump Up)     (Jump Forward)
             LP MP HP| LP MP HP
             LK MK HK| LK MK HK
    Standing LP MP HP| LP MP HP  Standing
    (Far)    LK MK HK| LK MK HK   (Close)
                   LP MP HP
                   LK MK HK
    SAMPLE Specials Chart:
    --5 Fingers to the Face Slap (ch.DB, F)
    LP: 5
    MP: 8 (5,3)<2 hits>
    HP: 11 (6,3,2)<3 hits>
    EX: 18 (5,5,5,2,1)<5 hits>
    --Blocking Malfunction (360+P)
    LP~HP <all versions>: 31
    --Protect My Fireballs (QCF+P,tap P)
    LP: 6
    (de)MP: 8
    (**)MP: 11 (8,3) <2 hits>
    (de)HP: 13
    (**)HP: 14 (12,1,1) <3 hits>
    (air)(de)LP~HP: 6
    (air)(**)LP~HP: 10 (6,2,2) <3-Hits>
    <all> Throw (Body Slam): 20
    PA (can hold): +10-15% to next attack for every 2 arm rotations<a>
                5 11 20
                8 13 17
     (far)  x xx xx| 4 14 21 (close)
            x 14 xx| 5 15 22
                4 13 18(11,7)
                4 10 18
    --Flash Chop (QCF+P)
    LP: 17
    MP: 19
    HP: 20
    EX: 24 (12,12)
    --Power Bomb (HCB+P)
    LP: 23
    MP: 26
    HP: 29
    --Power Backdrop (HCB+P behind foe)
    LP: 26
    MP: 29
    HP: 33
    --Spiral D.D.T (HCB+K)
    LK~HK: 23
    --Air Knee Smash (DP+K)
    LK: 17
    MK: 19
    HK: 22
    EX: 27
    --Air Stampede (ch.D,U+K)
    LK: 17
    MK: 20
    HK: 23
    EX: 26
    --Slash Elbow (ch.B,F+K)
    LK: 14
    MK: 17
    HK: 20
    EX: 22 (11,11)
    Chop--F+MP: 16
    Flying Cross Crop--(air) D+HP: 17
    Headbutt--B+HP: 26
    Lariat--F+HP: 19
    *SA I-Hyper Bomb (360+P)
     73 (20,19,34)
    *SA I-Backdrop Bomb (360+P behind foe)
     82 (19,16,15,14,18)
    **SA II-Boomerang Raid (QCFx2+P)
     49 (7,5,6,4,27)
    ***SA III-Stun Gun Headbutt (QCFx2+P)
     25 (5,5,5,10)<b>
    <a> Simply tapping HP+HK makes Alex wind his arm 2 times. You can hold HP+HK
    indefinitely to make Alex keep swinging. For every 2 arm rotations, Alex gets a
    10-15% power increase on his next attack. You can have up to 4 of these power-
    ups, or 8 arm swings for a 40-50% power-up. Like any PA in the game that raises
    strength, this power-up lasts until you are hit or block a hit, or you make any
    attack that makes contact with an enemy, no matter if it connects, is blocked or
    parried. Power-ups can affect the first couple of hits of a combo, but generally
    after 4-6 hits into the combo it wears off.
    <b> The Stun Gun Headbutt will always dizzy an opponent
    ****AKUMA (GOUKI in Japan)****
    <all> Throws (Seoi Nage F/n; Tomoe Nage B): 16
    PA: +40-50% for all attacks except Shun Goku Satsu
    Jump    7 xx 19| 5 13 19<a>   Jump
    Up      x xx 17| 5 11 17<a>   Toward
    (Far)   2 15 20| 4 16 19     (Close)
            x 13 21| 5 16 22/27 (17,5)/(17,10)<b>
                2 13 19
                2 13 19
    --Gou Hadouken (QCF+P)
    (Far) LP~HP: 8
    (close) LP~HP: 14<c>
    --Zankuu Hadouken (air QCF+P)
    LP~HP: 8
    --Shakunetsu Hadouken (HCB+P)
    LP: 7
    MP: 14(7,7)
    HP: 20(7,7,6)
    --Gou Shoryuken (DP+P)
    LP: 19
    MP: 21(14,7)
    HP: 24(8,8,8)
    --Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (QCF+K)
    LK: 14
    MK: 17(13,4)
    HK: 21(13,4,4)
    (air) LK: 11
    (air) MK~HK: 22(11,11)<d>
    --Hyakki Shuu (DP+K, then...)
    nothing: 14
    any P: 19
    any K: 14
    LP+LK: 16
    Tenma Kuujin Kyaku--(air) D+MK: 13
    Zugai Hasatsu--F+MP: 11(6,5)
    *SA I-Messatsu Gou Hadou (QCFx2+P)
    40 (7,7,7,7,6,6)
    *SA I-Tenma Gou Zankuu (air, QCFx2+P)
    44 (8,8,7,7,6,8)
    **SA II-Messatsu Gou Shouryuu (QCFx2+P)
    53 (5,5,5,5,13,11,9)
    ***SA III-Messatsu Gou Rasen (QCFx2+K)
    53 (10,5,5,4,4,3,3,3,3,3,2,8)
    ***SA III-Messatsu Gou Senpuu (air, QCFx2+K)
    56 (8,7,7,8,4,3,3,3,3,10)
    --Kongou Kokuretsu Zan (D,D,D+2P with MAX meter)
    Variable <e>
    --Shun Goku Satsu (LP,LP,F,LK,HP with MAX meter)
    <a> These do the same damage as their Jump-Up counterparts, but are still
    different attacks
    <b> Normally, a close HK will hit twice: once as Akuma is lifting his leg, then
    again as he drops it down. For most characters, the second hit strikes their
    head. But for the "short" characters in the game (Makoto, Oro, Yang, Yun), the
    second hit misses their heads and strikes their legs, doing less damage (the
    same as Akuma's standing LK)
    <c> If you do the Gou Hadou Ken close enough that Akuma's sprite overlaps his
    foe's hitbox (or just inside sweep range), it will do increased damage. For a
    rule of thumb, if the move is close enough to have been comboed, it will do
    increased damage.
    <d> To get the maximum (2) hits out of the MK/HK versions, you must do the move
    beneath a jumping foe.
    <e> The damage of this depends on where your foe is standing. The initial
    lightning strike does 54 pts. of damage, which is where the bulk of the damage
    of this move comes from. If this misses, expect around 20-40 pts. of damage.
    For maximum damage, do the move **just** outside of the range of Akuma's far MK
    for about 80-90 pts. of damage.
    <all> Throw (Koshuu Tou): 17
    (air) Throw (Ryuusei Raku): 11
    PA: +25-33% for all attacks except throws<a>
            5 11 19| 5 08 11
            5 11 19| 7 13 16
     (far)  2 xx xx| 4 14 16  (close)
            x 13 17| 5 14 17
                2 13 16
                2 13 16
    --Kikou Ken (HCF+P)
    LP~HP: 6
    EX: 11
    --Hazan Shuu (HCB+K)
    LK: 14
    MK: 16
    HK: 17
    EX: 23
    --Spinning Bird Kick (ch.D,U+K)
    LK: 18(7,4,3,3)
    MK: 23(7,3,3,3,3,4)
    HK: 27(7,3,3,3,3,3,2,3)
    EX: 29(7,5,6,5,6)
    --Hyakuretsu Kyaku (Tap K)
    LK: Starts at 5<b>
    MK: Starts at 5<b>
    HK: Starts at 7<b>
    Yousou Kyaku--(air) D+MK: 7
    Suitotsu Da--(air) D+HP: 16
    Souren Shou--B+MP: 14(8,6)
    Hakkei--B+HP: 19
    Senjou Shuu--F+MK: 11
    Tenshin Shuu Kyaku--DF+HK: 16
    *SA I-Kikou Shou (QCFx2+P)
    45 <17 hits> <c>
    **SA II-Houyoku Sen (QCFx2+K)
    54 <17 hits> <c>
    ***SA III-Tensei Ranka (QCFx2+K)
    (close) 38 <9 hits> <c>
    (far) 20 <1 hit>
    <a> Out of ChunLi's 4 possible PAs, only 2 will give you the attack power-up;
    the one where she shakes her head, or the one where she arches her back
    <b> I simply don't know the maximum amount of hits you can get from this move.
    I've already broken 4 DC controllers in the past 3 years, and I don't want to
    break another one just to investigate this further. Sorry.
    <c> They're just too fast for me to count the data of each hit @_@
    n. Hold (Lever Crusher): 15 (4,3,3,2,2,1)
    B/F Throw (Dynamite Throw): 17
    PA: 1
    PA: +20-25% on all moves except throws
                   5 10 17
                   5 08 13
    (Hold      3 11 20| 2 08 20  (Standing
    Forward)   x 14 16| 4 11 17   Close/Far)
                   2 10 19
                   4 08 14
    --Jet Uppercut (DP+P)
    LP: 20
    MP: 23
    HP: 24(5,19)
    EX: 30(8,22)
    --Machine Gun Blow (HCF+P)
    LP: 15(5,2,8)
    MP: 16(5,2,2,7)
    HP: 20(5,2,2,2,2,7)
    EX: 24(5,2,2,2,2,7,4)
    --Ducking Straight (HCF+K, then P)
    LP~HP: 23
    --Ducking Uppercut (HCF+K, then K)
    LK~HK: 25(7,18)
    --Short Swing Blow (HCB+K)
    LK~HK: 27
    EX: 27 (4,4,19)<a>
    *SA I-Rocket Uppercut (QCFx2+P)
    52 (19,8,7,9,2,1,1,1,1,1,2)
    **SA II- Rolling Thunder (QCFx2+P, tap P)
    (de) 50 (20,5,5,20)
    (**) 58 (20,5,5,4,4,3,3,14)<b>
    ***SA III-Corkscrew Blow (QCFx2+P)
    38 (22,6,5,3,2)
    <a> Why you have use meter to do the same damage in 2 extra hits, I dunno. At
    least the EX SSB is faster.
    <b> Quite a piddly increase in damage for the amount of mashing you have to do,
    isn't it? I guess every little bit helps, though.
    ***I might include the Cross Counter in the future, if I can figure out a basic
    formula for the damage done (Most everyone knows its proportional to the damage
    <any> Throw (Body Slam): 17
    PA: 2 (1,1)
                7 14 17
                7 13 19(5,14)
                5 12(5,7) 20
                5 13 19
                5 13 16
                5 10 14
    --Rhino Horn (HCF+K)
    LK: 24(5,19)
    MK: 29(5,24)
    HK: 27(5,22)<a>
    EX: 31(6,14,11)
    --Mallet Smash (HCB+P)
    LK: 22(17,5)
    MK: 24(19,5)
    HK: 25(20,5)
    EX: 25(17,8)<b>
    --Spin Scythe (QCB+K, then QCB+K)
    LK: 20(8,8-2,2)
    MK: 23(8,9-2,3)
    HK: 24(9,9-3,3)
    EX: (8,8,8 then..)<c>
    -nothing (5) 29-total
    -QCB+K (2,2) 28-total
    -QCB+KK(3,3) 30-total
    --Scratch Wheel (DP+K)
    LK: 19
    MK: 21(13,8)
    HK: 23(13,5,5)
    EX: 29(14,5,5,5)
    --Lynx Tail (RDP+K)
    LK: 8
    MK: 18(10,8)
    HK: 18(11,1,5)<d>
    EX: 19(11,1,1,1,5)
    Handstand Kick--F+MP: 14
    Handstand Whip--F+MK: 11
    Round Arch--B+HK: 20
    Sliding--DF+HK: 14
    *SA I-Spinning Beat (QCFx2+K)
    43 (7,4,6,4,7,8,7)
    **SA II-Brave Dance (QCFx2+K)
    56 (17,12,11,3,3,2,2,2,2,2)
    <a> That's not a typo. The HK Rhino Horn really does do less damage than the MK
    Rhino Horn. Elena's special moves..have really weird properties..
    <b> Weird.
    <c> See <b>.
    <d> See <c>.
    **Healing gives approximately 1/3 of Elena's lifebar back, I believe.
    n. Throw (Neck Hanging Tree): 17
    F/B Throw (Body Slam): 23
    PA (tap): +16-20% on all attacks except (normal, special, SA) throws
    PA (hold): +16-20% on all attacks
                5 14 20
                8 14 19
                5 17 24
                7 16(10,6) 22
                4 13 16
                5 14 24
    --Giant Palm Bomber (QCB+P)
    LP: 16
    MP: 18
    HP: 20
    EX: 29(2,8,19)
    --Monster Lariat (QCF+K)
    LK: 22
    MK: 23
    HK: 24
    (de?)EX: 23<a>
    --Ultra Throw (HCB+K)
    LK~HK: 10
    --Moonsault Press (360+P)
    LP: 35
    MP: 37
    HP: 41(!)
    --Meat Squasher (360+K)
    LK~HK: 23
    --Shootdown Backbreaker (DP+K)
    LK~HK: 26
    Body Press--(air) D+HP: 14
    F+HP: 23
    *SA I-Gigas Breaker (720+P)
    84(!) (26,24,34)
    **SA II-Megaton Press (QCFx2+K)
    62 (10,52)
    ***SA III-Hammer Mountain (QCFx2+P, can hold)
    53 (11,12,10,7,13)
    <a> According to Kao Megura's FAQ, you can hold this to do more damage. This is
    correct, but I need to test this more to find out exactly how the increase is
    based in relation to holding time
    <any> Throw (Yamitsuzura): 17
    (air) Throw (Tobizaru): 21
    PA: 1
    PA: +40-50%(!) on all attacks. You must connect with the PA to get the power-up.
            7 11 xx| 8 11 17
            7 10 16| 5 10 13
    (far)   3 xx 20(10,10)| 4 10 16(8,8) (close)
            x xx 16| 2 14 15 (7,8)
                2 10 16
                2 10 14
    --Kunai (air QCF+P)
    LP~HP: 7
    EX: 15(8,7)
    --Kubi Ori (QCF+P)
    LP~HP: 22
    EX: 27(7,8,12)
    --Kazakiri (DP+K)
    LK: 15(5,2,8)
    MK: 19(7,2,10)
    HK: 23(8,2,2,11)
    EX: 22(8,2,2,10)
    --Hien (RDP+K)
    LK: 15(5,10)
    MK: 17(5,12)
    HK: 20(5,15)
    EX: 26(5,21)
    --Raida (HCB+P)
    LP: 23
    MP: 24
    HP: 26
    --Tsumuji (QCB+K)
    LK: 15(8,7)
    MK: 21(8,7,6)
    HK: 26(8,7,11)
    EX: 29(7,7,6,9)
    You Men--B+MP: 11(4,7)
    Maki Geri--F+LK: 2
    Ura Maki Geri--B+MK: 10
    Koube Kudaki--F+MK: 11
    Sazan--DF+MK: 10
    Bonshou Geri--F+HK: 19
    *SA I-Kasumi Suzaku (air QCFx2+P, tap P)
    (de) 36 (5,4,4,4,3,3,3,2,2,2,2,2)
    (**) 46 (5,4,4,4,3,3,3,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,1,1,1,1,1,1)<a>
    **SA II-Yoroi Doushi (QCFx2+P)
    (close) 63
    (far) 38 (13 hits)
    ***SA III-Yami Shigure (QCFx2+P)
    (1 Kunai) 40 (9,5,5,4,4,13)
    (2 Kunai) 45 (9,8,5,4,4,3,12)
    (3 Kunai) 50 (9,8,8,4,4,3,3,11)<b>
    <a> By default, Ibuki throws 3 pairs of Kunai, with each hitting for 2 hits.
    Tapping makes her throw 2 pair more. No real point to this note, just thought
    you'd like to know..
    <b> As you can see, the more Kunai that hit your foe during the super, the more
    damage it does. For most of the characters of the game, landing 3 kunai on them
    on them is impossible. As I have far as I have seen, only Hugo, Alex, and
    Dudley (he spreads his legs pretty far apart in his stance) can catch all 3.
    I'll have to test for more. A good hint to test this yourself would be to look
    at the shadow a character makes. A big shadow is needed in most cases to get all
    3. Dudley, however, is immune to the third kunai during his boxer shuffle ;)
    n Throw (Hiza Geri): 21
    B Throw (Jigoku Guruma): 16
    F Throw (Seoi Nage): 17
    PA: 2(1,1)
    PA: +25-33% to all attacks
            8 xx 19| 7 14 19
            x xx 19| 7 13 18
     (far)  2 13 19| 2 14 19 (close)
            x xx xx| 5 16 22
                2 13 19
                2 12 19
    --Hadouken (QCF+P)
    LP~HP: 8
    EX: 16(8,8)
    --Shoryuken (DP+P)
    LP: 22
    MP: 23(16,7)
    HP: 25(11,8,6)
    EX: 28(11,7,5,5)
    --Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (QCB+K)
    LK: 15(11,4)
    MK: 19(8,4,4,3)
    HK: 22(8,4,4,3,3)
    EX: 27(8,4,4,4,4,3)
    (air)LK~HK: 22(11,11)<a>
    (air)EX: 33(11,11,11)<a>
    Inazuma Kakato Wari-B+MK: 17(8,9)
    " " " " "-Hold MK: (16-8)
    Fumikomi Mae Geri-F+MK: 11
    Shiden Kakato Otoshi-F+HK: 17
    *SA I-Shouryuu Reppa (QCFx2+P)
    55 (11,6,7,8,4,3,3,3,3,3,2,2)
    **SA II-Shinryuu Ken (QCFx2+K, tap K)
    (de) 54 (12,11,8,2,7,2,5,2,5)
    (**) 68 <15 hits><b>
    ***SA III-Shippu Jinrai Kyaku
    40 (11,5,5,5,4,2,2,2,4)
    <a> To get the maximum hits, do the move just beneath a jumping opponent
    <b> It's impossible for me to mash this hard and continuously pause the game to
    count each hit. Sorry.
    n. Throw (Tacchuu): 13
    B/F Throw (Araiso): 17
    PA: 1
    PA: +25-33% for the first pose, +50-60%(!!) if you hold to the second pose
              7 11 19| 7 10 22
              x xx xx| 8 13 19
    (Hold     3 12 26(22,2,2)| 4 11 17 (close/far)
    Forward)  5 14 17| 5 13 19
                  2 10 14
                  4 13 19
    --Hayate (QCF+P)
    LP~HP: 16
    EX: 23
    (Hold) LP~HP .5 sec: 17<a>
    (Hold) LP~HP 1 sec: 19<a>
    (Hold) LP~HP 2 sec: 20<a>
    --Fukiage (DP+P)
    LP: 15
    MP: 18
    HP: 21
    EX: 20
    --Oroshi (QCB+P)
    LP: 14
    MP: 16
    HP: 20
    EX: 23
    --Karakusa (HCB+K)
    LK~HK: 4
    --Tsurugi (air QCB+K)
    LK: 20
    MK: 22
    HK: 23
    EX: 25(11,14)
    *SA I-Seichuusen Godanzuki (QCFx2+P)
    69 (22,5,4,4,33)
    **SA II-Abare Tosanami (QCFx2+K)
    49 (14,5,10,20)
    **SA III-Tanden Renki (QCFx2+P)
    +75%(!!!) to all attacks for about 10 secs. Cannot block in this mode.<b>
    <a>Simply pressing the button does the default Hayate. Holding for at least .5
    sec (When Makoto finishes saying "Ikuze yo!") will increase the damage by a
    point. Holding for at least 1 second (when Makoto's clothes start blowing) will
    increase the damage even more. For maximum damage, hold about 2 seconds (around
    the time her clothes have been blown 4 times) or until Makoto performs the move
    without you releasing the button.
    <b>Not only does her SA III power her up an insane amount, but it is actually
    cumulative with her PA power-up! Taunt until her second pose while in Tanden
    Renki mode to make your next attack do around DOUBLE damage or even MORE! Her
    F+HP can do around 70 pts. of damage with this! One simple command attack, as
    strong as a Hyper Bomb!
    n/F Throw (Shoulder Slam): 17
    B Throw (Frankensteiner): 14
    <any> Throw behind foe: 29(!)
    PA: 3 (1,1,1)
    PA: +25-33% to all attacks except throws
            4 10 xx| 5 11 14
            x xx xx| 4 10 17
    (Hold   7 10 19| 4 07 14  (Close/Far)
    Back)   6 11 20| 5 10 16
                4 08 13
                5 08 14
    --Flying Viper (QCB+P)
    LP: 17
    MP: 20
    HP: 23
    EX: 28(11,17)
    --Rising Cobra (QCB+K)
    LK: 19
    MK: 22
    HK: 24
    --Tornado Hook (HCF+P)
    LP: 16(7,9)
    MP: 18(7,11)
    HP: 20(7,7,6)
    EX: 32(7,7,6,6,6)
    --Snake Fang (HCF+K)
    LK: 20
    MK: 22
    HK: 23
    --German Suplex (HCF+K behind opponent)<a>
    LK: 29 <2 hit>
    MK: 28 <3 hit><b>
    HK: 28 <3 hit><b>
    --E-M Blast (DP+P)<c>
    LP: 8
    MP: 24(8,8,8)
    HP: 38(8,8,8,7,7)
    --Drill Kick (air D+K)
    LK: 8(7,1)
    MK: 10(8,2)
    HK: 13(11,2)
    Elbow Cannon-DB+HP: 20
    *SA I-Magnetic Storm (QCFx2+P, tap P)
    (de) 34 (23,4,5,2)
    (**) 52 <10 hits>
    **SA II-Slam Dance (QCFx2+P)
    66 (17,16,33)
    ***SA III-Electric Snake (QCFx2+P)
    39 (14,13,12)
    <a> Despite having the same name, same animation, and doing pretty much the same
    damage, this is still different from the other German Suplex (longer range).
    <b> Odd that the MK/HK versions do 1 point less damage and have one more hit,
    when they are exactly the same otherwise with the LK version. I guess the extra
    hit causes damage reduction in the combo, but I don't why Capcom bothered to
    make the moves have extra hits. In short, the MK and HK German Suplexes are
    worthless, just use LK.
    <c> Despite what Kao Megura's FAQ, the DC instruction manual, and just about
    everyone else says, I don't believe mashing punch during the E-M Blast adds hits
    or damage. I'm not that great at mashing, so if anyone can get more hits/better
    damage of these let me know. I've tested this by releasing, tapping, holding,
    and mashing P, and the damage & hits seem to be constant
    n/F Throw (Kubi-jime Kataguruma): 15
    B Throw (Tomoe Nage): 17
    (air) Throw (Kuuchuu Jigoku Guruma): 26
            8 16 20| 8 14 19(14,5)
            x 16 20| 8 14 17
    (far)   4 11 xx| 5 9(5,4) 18(8,10) (close)
            5 14 xx| 5 16 17
                4 09 17
                2 11 14
    --Nichirin Shou (ch.B,F+P)
    LP~MP: 7
    HP: 8
    EX: 14(7,7)
    --Oni Yanma (ch.D,U+P)
    LP: 20
    MP: 23
    HP: 25(17,8)
    EX: 29(10,8,8,3)
    --Niou Riki (HCB+P)
    LP: 19(5,5,9)
    MP: 23(7,7,9)
    HP: 25(8,8,9)
    --Jinchuu Watari (QCF+K)
    LK: 14(7,7)
    MK: 16(8,8)
    HK: 18(10,8)
    EX: 28(9,9,10)
    --Hitobashira Nobori (air QCF+K, tap K)
    (de)LK~HK: 14(5,5,2,2)
    (**)LK~HK: 18(5,5,2,2,2,2)
    (de)EX: 18(6,6,3,3)
    (**)EX: 30(6,6,3,3,3,3,2,2,2)
    Mawashi Hiji-F+MP: 13
    *SA I-Kishin Riki (QCFx2+P, then P)
    46 (5,5,5,4,4,3,3,3,14)
    *SA I-Kishin Kuuchuu Jigoku Guruma (QCFx2+P, then (air) P)
    43 (8,8,7,20)
    *SA I-Kishin Tsui (QCFx2+2P)
    **SA II-Yagyou Dama (QCFx2+P)
    28 (8,7,7,6)
    **SA II-Yagyou Oodama (QCFx2+2P when at MAX)
    80 <12 hits><a>
    ***SA III-Tengu Ishi (QCFx2+P)
    For 10 game seconds, 3 items will assist your attacks, worth 2 or 5 pts. each<b>
    ***SA III-Tengu Midare Ishi (QCFx2+2P)
    For 5 game seconds, 5 items will assist your attacks, worth 2 or 5 pts. each<b>
    <a> To get the max hits, do the SA about three-fourths of the screen away
    <b> Now this is real interesting. There are several properties of the Tengu Ishi
    you might not know about. The Tengu Midare Ishi can shield you from attacks
    while you're standing still, but not the regular Tengu Ishi. For every attack
    you make, the 3 or 5 items will add an extra hit each. What items you get seem
    to randomly chosen each time. But, not all of the items are of equal strength:
    Worth 2 points of damage--toy robot, brick, dinosaur figurine, small boulder,
    flat piece of pavement
    Worth 5 points of damage-big boulder, chunky piece of pavement
    The big boulder is, well, bigger than the small boulder. The flat piece of
    pavement is longer; the chunky pavement has a rocky backside and has a pipe
    sticking out of it, I believe.
    I tried to test to see if there was a repeated pattern of what pieces of junk
    you get, but I couldn't find anything. I don't think it's possible to get 3 or 5
    5-pointers (big boulder, chunky pavement) in any one super, though. I also had a
    theory that the stage you fight on affects the probability of what junk you get,
    but I found that it really doesn't. If anyone finds any other junk while using
    the Tengu Ishi, let me know.
    n Throw (Seize and use Knees): 16
    B/F Throw (Depraved Impact): 20
            5 xx xx| 5 14 19
            x xx xx| 5 13 21
            4 xx xx| 5 13 19   (close)
    (far)   x 16 xx| 5 14 22
                2 13 17
                2 11 19
    --Dashing Head Attack (ch.B,F+P)
    LP: 17
    MP: 20
    HP: 22
    EX: 23
    --Dashing Overhead Attack (ch.B,F+hold P)
    LP: 14
    MP: 16
    HP: 19
    --Dashing Leg Attack (ch.B,F+hold K)
    LK: 16
    MK: 18
    HK: 20
    --High Speed Barrage (QCB+P)
    LP~HP: 20(7,7,6)
    EX: 32(4,4,5,5,5,4,5)
    --Capture & Deadly Blow (HCB+K)
    LK: 16
    MK: 17
    HK: 19
    B+MP: 14
    B+HP: 17
    B+HK: 20
    *SA I-Critical Combo Attack (QCFx2+P)
    52 (11,10,9,8,14)
    **SA II-Deadly Double Combination (QCFx2+P)
    67 (22,45)
    ***SA III-Total Destruction (QCFx2+P, then..)
    QCF+P- 51
    QCF+K- 68
    **Q does NOT suck!
    n Throw (Crazed Waltz): 13
    F/B Throw (Disturbed Contour): 19
                5 10 18
                7 13 17
    (far)   2 08 16| 4 10 17     (close)
            4 11 19| 5 13 18(11,7)
                2 08 14
                4 08 14
    --Light of Virtue (ch.B,F+P/K)
    LP~HK: 8
    EX: 16(8,8)
    --Rising Rage Flash (ch.D,U+K)
    LK: 17
    MK: 19
    HK: 20
    EX: 26(17,9)
    --Cold Blue Kick (QCB+K)
    LK~HK: 17
    EX: 22(13,9)
    Pure Needle-F+MK: 11
    *SA I-Light of Justice (QCFx2+P)
    43 (8,7,7,6,6,5,4)
    **SA II-Supreme Rising Rage Flash (QCFx2+K)
    51 (14,5,5,7,3,2,3,3,3,6)
    ***SA III-Blue Nocturne (QCFx2+K)
    49-57 <7 hits><a>
    <a> To get the full hits, your foe must be on the ground. I don't think the
    strength of the attack countered affects the damage done, unlike Dudley's Cross
    n/F Throw (Seoi Nage): 17
    B Throw (Tomoe Nage): 16
            8 14 20| 7 13(7,6) 20
            x xx 19| 7 13 17
    (far)   2 14 19| 4 16 19  (close)
            x 13 xx| 5 16 20
                2 13 19
                2 11 19
    --Hadouken (QCF+P)
    LP~HP: 8
    EX: 16(8,8)
    --Shouryuuken (DP+P)
    LP: 20
    MP: 22
    HP: 24
    EX: 27(16,11)
    --Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (QCB+K)
    LK: 19
    MK: 22
    HK: 24
    EX: 28(7,6,6,5,4)
    (air)LK: 14
    (air)MK: 16
    (air)HK: 17
    (air)EX: 25(5,5,5,5,5)
    --Joudan Sokutou Geri (HCF+K)
    LK: 17
    MK: 20
    HK: 23
    EX: 17
    Sakotsu Wari-F+MP: 12(5,7)
    Kyuubi Kudaki-F+HP: 20(10,10)
    *SA I-Shinkuu Hadouken (QCFx2+P)
    42 (10,9,8,8,7)
    **SA II-Shin Shouryuuken (QCFx2+P)
    76 (8,27,25,16)
    If initial strike misses- 26 (5,5,5,4,4,3)<a>
    ***SA III-Denjin Hadouken (QCFx2+P or hold P)
    No charge: 8
    Level 1: 16 (8,8)
    Level 2: 23 (8,8,7)
    Level 3: 30 (8,8,7,7)
    MAX Level: 36 (8,8,7,7,6)<b>
    <a> If your opponent isn't close enough during the start of the super, Ryu will
    simply do this 6-Hit Shouryuuken
    <b> Pressing, rather than holding P will create the no charge version.
    Holding P until the super flash ends will result in Level 1.
    Holding P until the ball covers Ryu's gloves will result in Level 2.
    Holding P until the ball covers Ryu's forearms will result in Level 3.
    Holding P until Ryu does the move on his own will result in the MAX Level.
    ****SEAN MATSUDA****
    n/F Throw (Seoi Nage): 17
    B Throw (Tomoe Nage): 20
    PA: 1
            5 xx 19| 7 13 19
            x xx 19| 7 13 16
    (far)   x 11 17| 2 13 17 (close)
            x xx 17| 4 13 21
                2 11 17
                2 10 17
    --Sean Tackle (HCF+hold P)
    LP~HP: 24(13,11)
    EX: 32(5,5,5,5,12)
    --Dragon Smash (DP+P)
    LP~HP: 19
    EX: 25(13,12)
    --Tornado (QCB+K)
    LK: 14(7,7)
    MK: 20(7,7,6)
    HK: 22(7,5,5,5)
    EX: 23(8,5,5,5)
    --Ryuubi Kyaku (QCF+K)
    LK~HK: 17
    EX: 19(10,9)
    Rolling Sobat-F+HK: 13
    Sean Headbutt-F+HP: 18(8,10)
    *SA I-Hadou Burst (QCFx2+P)
    **SA II-Shoryu Cannon (QCFx2+P, tap P)
    (de) 30 (11,6,5,4,4)
    (**) 53 <14 hits>
    ***SA III-Hyper Tornado (QCFx2+P)
    61 (2,5,7,7,6,6,5,5,4,4,4,6)
    If anyone can get any more hits/damage out of the Shoryu Cannon, let me know
    n Throw (H.U.G)<Hug>: 12
    F Throw (F.L.G)<Flog>: 17
    B Throw (T.R.W)<Throw>: 17
            4 10 xx| 5 11 14
            x xx xx| 5 10 17
    (far)   x 09 xx| 4 10 16 (close)
            x xx xx| 5 10 14
                4 08 14(5,5,4)
                5 08 13
    --N.D.L <Needle> (QCF+P)
    LP~HP: 8
    EX: 11(7,4)
    --A.X.E <Axe> (QCB+P, tap P)
    LP: 8(4,4)
    (de)MP: 13(5,4,4)
    (**)MP: 17(5,4,4,4)
    (de)HP: 17(7,5,5)
    (**)HP: 27(7,5,5,5,5)
    (de)EX: 18(8,5,5)
    (**)EX: 32(8,5,5,5,5,4)
    (air)LP: 10(4,3,3)
    (air)(de)MP: 13(5,4,4)
    (air)(**)MP: 16(5,4,4,3)
    (air)(de)HP: 15(7,4,4)
    (air)(**)HP: 19(7,4,4,4)
    (air)(de)EX: 16(8,4,4)
    (air)(**)EX: 24(8,4,4,4,4)
    --D.R.A <Drop Attack> (QCB+K)
    LK~HK: 16
    EX: 17(10,7)
    B.M.K <Back Medium Kick>-B+MK: 11<a>
    *SA I-X.N.D.L. (QCFx2+P)
    52 (8,8,7,7,6,6,5,5)
    **SA II-X.F.L.A.T. (air QCFx2+P)
    60 (4,4,3,3,3,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,1,8,7,7,3,3)<b>
    ***SA III-X.C.O.P.Y (QCFx2+P)
    Twelve gets a 25-33% power-up on all attacks except projectiles based on the
    person he is copying<c>
    <a> This is the official name of the move, which proves that Capcom doesn't use
    the "Jab Strong Fierce" notations.
    <b> You really get a deeper appreciation for how cool this move is when you
    watch each hit countless times in slow-motion :)
    <c> For example, if Twelve copies Ryu and does a HP, its damage would be based
    on Ryu's normal HP, not Twelve's, and would be about one-fourth to one-third
    stronger than Ryu's HP. Considering all that you have to give up to use
    X.C.O.P.Y, this attack increase is pretty low. But it makes up for it somewhat,
    as you get increased defense (I'll have to investigate to see how much) AND you
    can keep any PA power-ups you do even when you revert back to regular old
    I.E. X.C.O.P.Y Hugo and do 4 PA to have increased defense for the rest of the
    round, or X.C.O.P.Y Makoto, do the second pose of her PA just before the super
    timer runs out and have 50-60% on your next attack as Twelve.
    n Throw (Destroy Claw): 12
    F/B Throw (Spartan Bomb): 20
    PA: 1
    PA: +25-33% for all attacks but throws, if the PA knocks downs your foe, you
    don't get the power-up.
                7 13 19
                7 13 19
                2 11 19
                4 11 13/18(11,7)<a>
                2 08 15(10,5)
                2 10 14
    --Metallic Sphere (QCF+P)
    LP~HP: 10
    EX: 22(11,11)
    --Chariot Tackle (ch.B,F+K)
    LK: 17
    MK: 19
    HK: 22
    EX: 24(13,11)
    --Violence Knee Drop (ch.D,U+K)
    LK~HK: 16
    EX: 19(4,15)
    --Dangerous Headbutt (ch.D,U+P)
    LP: 17
    MP: 19
    HP: 20
    EX: 22(11,11)
    Quarrel Punch-F+MP: 11
    Quarrel Kick-F+MK: 13
    Terrible Smash-F+HP: 17
    *SA I-Tyrant Slaughter (QCFx2+P)
    58 (7,11,6,9,25)
    **SA II-Temporal Thunder (QCFx2+P)
    39 (10,9,7,7,6)
    ***SA III-Aegis Reflector (QCFx2+P/2P)<b>
    19 (4,4,3,3,3,2)
    <a> You must be -VERY- close to get Urien's 2-hit, 18 point standing HK.
    <b> Any projectile that is reflected does 1 point less damage if it hits your
    ****YANG LEE****
    n Throw (Hiza Geri): 21
    F Throw (Youhon Shiun): 17
    B Throw (Monkey Flip): 17
    PA: 1
    PA: +33% to all attacks but throws
            x xx 17| 5 11 14
            x xx xx| 5 10 16
    (far)   x 07 17| 2 08 12(3,9) (close)
            x 11 xx| 4 11 14
                2 10 14(7,7)
                4 07 13
    --Tourou Zan (QCF+Px3)
    LP: 20(4,4,12)
    MP: 23(5,5,13)
    HP: 24(5,6,13)
    EX: 30(5,7,6,6,6)
    --Senkyuutai (QCF+K)
    LK: 18(11,7)
    MK: 19(11,8)
    HK: 20(11,9)
    EX: 27(13,2,12)
    --Byakko Soushouda (QCB+P)<a>
    LP~HP: 22
    Raigeki Shuu-(air)DF+K: 10
    Senpuu Kyaku-F+MK: 11
    <chain combo>-MP, HP, B+HP: 22(8,7,7)
    *SA I-Raishin Mahaken (QCFx2+P)
    62 (13,9,6,5,8,7,14)
    **SA II-Tenshin Senkyuutai (QCFx2+K)
    42 (14,2,3,3,11,4,5)
    ***SA III-Seiei Enbu (QCFx2+P)
    Two shadows follow Yang and can add one extra hit to each attack Yang makes. The
    shadows each deal approximately 10-16% of the damage that Yang does.<b>
    <a> You can do this move with 2P. The 2P version does no damage; it's meant to
    fake out your foe.
    <b> The shadows do not benefit from Yang's PA power-up.
    ****YUN LEE****
    n Throw (Hiza Geri): 21
    F Throw (Monkey Flip): 17
    B Throw (Monkey Flip): 19
    PA: 1
    PA: Simply pressing HP+HK makes Yun twirl his hat once, which gives him a
    whopping 1 point increase to any attack. Holding HP+HK makes him keep twirling
    his hat indefinitely. For up to 7 twirls, you can compound these increases. But
    for 8 twirls, you get a 50-60%(!!) increase on all of Yun's attacks!
            x xx 17| 5 11 14
            x xx xx| 5 10 16
    (far)   x 07 19| 2 08 12(5,7) (close)
            x 11 xx| 5 11 14
                2 10 14(4,10)
                4 07 13
    --Zesshou Hohou (QCF+P)
    LP: 14
    MP: 16
    HP: 17
    EX: 22(8,14)
    --Kobokushi (QCB+P)<a>
    LP~HP: 26
    --Tetsuzan Kou (DP+P)
    LP: 16
    MP: 18
    HP: 20
    EX: 22(11,11)
    --Nishou Kyaku (DP+K)
    LK: 18(11,7)
    MK: 19(11,8)
    HK: 20(11,9)
    EX: 23(11,12)
    Raigeki Shuu-(air)DF+K: 10
    Senpuu Kyaku-F+MK: 11
    Dakai-F+HP: 20
    <chain combo>-MP, HP, B+HP: 22(8,7,7)
    *SA I-You Hou (QCFx2+P)
    53 (8,16,29)
    **SA II-Sourai Rengeki (QCFx2+P)
    43 (10,9,6,5,4,9)
    ***SA III-Genei Jin***<b>
    (see notes)
    <a> See Yang's section. I'm too lazy to repeat it again.
    <b> At first I thought there was a consistent % of power Yun's attacks lost in
    this mode, but I was wrong. Some attacks lose a little power, some lose over
    half, some don't lose at all, and one becomes even stronger! Not to mention the
    fact that most of his moves gain entirely new properties! For these all reasons,
    I decided to just give "Genei Yun" his own section.
    ****YUN LEE (Genei-Jin style)****
    n Throw (Hiza Geri): 28(!)
    F Throw (Monkey Flip): 17
    B Throw (Monkey Flip): 17
    PA: <same as Yun>
            x xx 17| 5 11 14
            x xx 16| 5 10 13
    (far)   x 05 08| 2 05 10(5,5)
            x 05 xx| 4 04 07
                2 5 12(7,5)
                2 4 07
    --Zesshou Hohou (QCF+P)<a>
    LP~HP: 13(5,4,4)
    --Kobokushi (QCB+P)<b>
    LP~HP: 17
    --Tetsuzan Kou (DP+P)
    LP: 10(5,5)
    MP~HP: 13(5,8)
    -Nishou Kyaku (DP+K)
    LK~HK: 10(5,5)
    Raigeku Shuu-(air)DF+K: 8
    Senpuu Kyaku-F+MK: 11
    Dakai-F+HP: 8<c>
    <a> Won't knock down, unlike regular Yun's version of the move
    <b> Ditto
    <c> One reason why this move may have lost so much power is the fact that you
    can juggle someone repeatedly with it in the corner. The odd thing is, while in
    the right corner I can juggle someone 6-7 times with repeated F+HPs, in the left
    corner I can only do 2 in a row before they fall.
    **In general, Genei Yun's moves are all faster, comboable, and can be used to
    n Throw (Impact Claw): 27
    B/F Throw (Guilty Bomb): 29
    PA: +50% for all attacks. However, if hit while doing his PA, Gill takes DOUBLE
    damage from ANY attack! 0_0
                8 14 20
                8 14 20
                5 16 23
                5 14 16
                2 11 22(14,8)
                2 13 19
    --Pyro/Cryo-kinesis (QCF+P)
    LP~HP: 10
    --Cyber Lariat (DP+P)<a>
    (close) 29
    (far) 11
    --Moonsault Knee Drop (HCB+K)
    LK~HK: 27(8,19)
    --Psycho Headbutt (QCB+P)
    LP~HP: 19
    Palm Upper-B+MP: 17
    Step Kick-F+MK: 14
    **SA II-Meteor Strike (QCFx2+P)
    **SA III-Seraphic Wing (QCFx2+K)
    96 <20 hits>
    <a> The close version will also knock down a foe. The far version won't knock
    down, but instead covers a foe with fire or ice, stunning them long enough so
    that Gill can recover from the move with impunity (cheap!)
    <b> A total of 16 meteors fall in this super, 8 fire and 8 ice (by my count). I
    believe it's impossible all 16 meteors to connect, even on Hugo. The most I can
    is 13. Each meteor is worth 11 points to begin with, then after every second
    meteor that connects, the damage reduced down (by the combo), until 5 points for
    the last meteors.
    B) Most Damaging Lists:
    Just for fun, and quick reference, I figured I'd highlight some of the most
    damaging moves in the game.
    #1<29-tie> Necro's German Suplex (n/F behind foe)
    #1<29-tie> Gill's Guilty Bomb (B/F)
    #3<28> Yun's "Genei-Jin style" Hiza Geri (n)
    #4<27> Gill's Impact Claw (n)
    #5<26> Oro's Kuuchuu Jigoku Guruma (air)
    #6<23> Hugo's Body Slam (B/F)
    #7-10<21> Ken(n), Yun(n), Yang(n), Ibuki(air)
    ---TOP 10 MOST DAMAGING NORMAL MOVES (without power-ups)---
    #1<27> Akuma's close standing HK
    #2<24-tie> Hugo's close standing HP
    #2<24-tie> Hugo's crouching HK
    #4<23> Gill's standing HP
    #5<22-tie> Alex's standing HK
    #5<22-tie> Hugo's standing HK
    #5<22-tie> Ken's standing HK
    #5<22-tie> Makoto's jump-forward HP
    #5<22-tie> Q's standing HK
    #5<22-tie> Gill's crouching HP
    ---TOP 10 MOST DAMAGING COMMAND MOVES (w/o power-ups)---
    #1<26-tie> Alex's B+HP
    #1<26-tie> Makoto's F+HP
    #3<23> Hugo's F+HP
    #4<20-tie> Dudley's F+HP
    #4<20-tie> Elena's B+HK
    #4<20-tie> Necro's DB+HP
    #4<20-tie> Q's B+HK
    #4<20-tie> Ryu's F+HP
    #4<20-tie> Yun's F+HP
    #10<19-tie> Alex's F+HP, ChunLi's B+HP, Ibuki's F+HK
    ---TOP 10 MOST DAMAGING SPECIAL MOVES (w/o power-ups)---
    #1<41> Hugo's HP Moonsault Press (360+P)
    #2<38> Necro's HP E-M Blast (DP+P)
    #3<33> Alex's HP Power Backdrop (HCB+P behind foe)
    #4<29-tie> Alex's HP Power Bomb (HCB+P)
    #4<29-tie> Elena's MK Rhino Horn (HCF+K)
    #4<29-tie> Necro's German Suplex (HCF+K behind foe)
    #4<29-tie> Gill's close Cyber Lariat (DP+P)
    #8<27-tie> ChunLi's HK Spinning Bird Kick (ch.D,U+K)
    #8<27-tie> Dudley's Short Swing Blow (HCB+K)
    #8<27-tie> Gill's Moonsault Knee Drop (HCB+K)
    #8<27-tie> Twelve's (**)HP A.X.E (QCB+P, tap P)
    ---TOP 10 MOST DAMAGING EX MOVES w/o power-ups)---
    #1<33-tie> Ken's (air) Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (air QCB+2K)
    #2<32-tie> Necro's EX Tornado Hook (HCF+2P)
    #2<32-tie> Q's EX High Speed Barrage (QCB+2P)
    #2<32-tie> Sean's EX Sean Tackle (HCF+2P)
    #2<32-tie> Twelve's (air)(**) EX A.X.E (air QCB+P, tap P)
    #6<31> Elena's EX Rhino Horn (HCF+2K)
    #7<30-tie> Dudley's EX Jet Uppercut (DP+2P)
    #7<30-tie> Elena's EX Spin Scythe (QCB+2Kx2)
    #7<30-tie> Yang's EX Tourou Zan (QCF+2Px5)
    #10<29-tie> ChunLi's EX Spinning Bird Kick (ch.D,U+2K)
    #10<29-tie> Elena's EX Scratch Wheel (DP+2K)
    #10<29-tie> Hugo's EX Giant Palm Bomber (QCB+2P)
    #10<29-tie> Ibuki's EX Tsumuji (QCB+2K)
    #10<29-tie> Oro's EX Oni Yanma (ch.D,U+2P)
    ---TOP 10 MOST DAMAGING SUPER ARTS w/o power-ups and non-variable)---
    #1<96> Gill's Seraphic Wing
    #2<84> Hugo's Gigas Breaker
    #3<82> Alex's Backdrop Bomb
    #4<80> Oro's Yagyou Oodama
    #5<76> Ryu's Shin Shoryuken
    #5<73> Alex's Hyper Bomb
    #6<71> Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu
    #7<69> Makoto's Seichuusen Godanzuki
    #8<68-tie> Ken's (**) Shinryuken
    #8<68-tie> Q's Total Destruction (QCF+K)
    #10<67> Q's Deadly Double Combination
    This is my first FAQ, and so I'm always open for constructive criticism. You're
    free to tell me I stink or have something wrong in this FAQ, as long as you
    explain what corrections need to be made in order to make this FAQ better.
    If there are other features you want to see, like data damage for all the target
    combos in the game, or maybe just a certain combo, then I'll post it here if
    there is enough demand for it. Keep in mind that I will not put data damage for
    anything I can't pull off myself to verify. So if I can't do the combo for any
    reason (it doesn't work for the DC version, or my own personal lack of skill),
    then it will not be in this FAQ. Also, unblockables or glitches from the arcade
    version have no place in this FAQ, either.
    Feedback is necessary for this FAQ to be as interesting or useful as possible.
    If you have any complaints, comments, compliments, or corrections, the best way
    to reach me is to post at the GameFAQs Dreamcast SF3: Third Strike or Fighting
    Game message boards. You WILL reach me much faster that way rather than e-
    mailing me, trust me. I very rarely check my e-mail, so if you want a prompt
    response, use the boards. If you insist on e-mailing me, make sure you clarify
    in your subject line that your mail is related to the FAQ, and do use civil and
    legible language, otherwise I'll most likely delete or block your mail. I would
    also prefer it if you do not e-mail regarding minor corrections (typos, a
    correction on a single move, etc.), but instead bring it to the boards.
    --To Kao Megura, for move names, commands, translations, and great FAQs.
    --To Phil Stroffolino, for information on dizzies from his Street Fighter 2 FAQ
    --To Erik Suzuki/the authors of the NA DC instruction manuals, for making more
    sensible names for Makoto, Q, and Remy's moves @_@
    --To YOU, for reading this and keeping the 2-D fighting genre alive!
    --To all arcades which carry a (working version) of Third Strike, or any
    Capcom/SNK Playmore/Sammy game for also keeping the 2-D fighting genre alive
    --To Sega, for damn good hardware in the NAOMI and Dreamcast
    --To Capcom, for a damn good game
    --To CJayC, for a damn good website
    --To my parents, for their help
    --To God, for everything
    Sayounara, adios, bye-bye!

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