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    Elena by Ceracryst

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    Ceracryst's FAQ for Elena, Street Fighter III: Third Strike.
    	Use it all you like. I don't care if you take it and claim it as your 
    own, since even if you do, I probably can't/am too lazy to stop you and 
    complain. Besides, I doubt people make money off of SF3 guides in this day, and
    the more places this gets published, the more people will be exposed to 
    much-needed information about Elena.
    	I'm writing this for anyone who might be interested in trying out 
    Elena. There's a pretty fair absence of Elena players out there- but I think 
    she's fun to play if you like being tricky.
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    [GM] General Mechanics.
    	Crouch Damage
    	Combo Buffer
    	Stun Gauge
    	Low Attacks
    	Quick Jump
    	Quick Stand
    	Universal Overhead
    	Personal Action
    [GE] General Info about Elena
    [NA] Normal Attacks
    [CA] Command Attacks
    [TC] Target Combos
    [ST] Special Techniques
    [SA] Super Arts
    [GM] General Mechanics. This section deals with how the game works.
    	Chances are, you know your buttons. Just in case, I'll recap quickly.
    Up, down, left, right- the joystick. I'll call these, "up, down, toward, back".
    You've six buttons for your attacks. The top rows, punches, bottom row, kicks.
    LP MP HP (low punch: "jab", medium punch: "strong", high punch: "fierce")
    LK MK HK (low kick: "short", medium kick: "forward", high kick: "roundhouse")
    	First, I'll start off with some "basics" to Street Fighter III. I don't
    want to call them "basics", because some of them are difficult to pull off, and
    aren't really required to get into the game. However, these things exist, and
    you should at least be aware of them.
    Note about frames: Third Strike is very "smooth". It has a lot of frames. While
    the frames show the sprite-processing power of the CPS-3 system, they also
    greatly affect the way this game is played. The speed of an attack matters much
    more- minute differences in the amount of frames in an attack can determine how
    much of an opening it grants your opponent. The frames also increase the amount
    of timing required to hit your opponent. Third Strike is just about the last
    game you'll want to button mash in.
    Crouch Damage:
    -------------- You will take extra damage if you're hit while crouching. This
    especially hurts if you get hit by a super art in a crouch.
    Combo Buffer:
    ------------- After the first hit of a combo, every successive hit deals less
    damage. Thus, cancelling attacks into a super art will noticably affect the
    amount of damage it does. Sometimes, it's just not worth it to hit-cancel into
    a super art. (i.e. Ryu's Shin Shouryuuken deals massive amounts of damage, but
    if you cancel into it- the amount of damage it does is *greatly* reduced,
    making the overall damage much weaker than it would have been if performed
    Stun Gauge:
    ----------- Underneath your health bar is a small, empty bar. As you take hits,
    it'll fill up with red. It goes back down by itself, but if it fills up, your
    character gets stunned. You'll be knocked down, and when you wake up, you won't
    be able to do anything for a short amount of time. Some attacks stun more than
    others- strong attacks don't necessarily always stun the most.
    Low Attacks:
    ------------ This is a given. Some attacks aim for the legs, and can only be
    "blocked low", or guarded against while crouching. If you want to parry these
    attacks, you'll have to tap "down", instead of "toward".
    --------- These are the opposite of low attacks. These cannot be guarded
    against while crouching- but instead must be guarded against while standing.
    All jumping attacks are considered overheads.
    ----------- These aren't exactly a "function" of the game, but they play an
    important part in a match. The idea is- because you must hold "back" to guard,
    or "toward" to parry, the required direction of these actions change depending
    on the direction the opponent is in. A "cross-over" is an attack that switches
    sides with the enemy, therefore switching the direction that the opponent must
    guard, or parry in. The result is confusion, and a higher chance of landing
    your next attack.
    ------ This is a type of maneuver that places you in a position where the
    opponent is highly unlikely to defend against your next attack. It works off
    the same reasoning as a cross-over.
    	Execution: Tap "toward" or "back" twice in a row.
    You can move quickly towards or away from your opponent by double-tapping in
    that direction. The dashes for different characters vary in speed and distance.
    Some characters can also dash repeatedly, while others have a short recovery
    time after their dash. Note that you can't parry or attack while dashing.
    Quick Jump
    	Execution: Tap "down", then a jump direction immediately following.
    You can jump faster/further if you crouch right before jumping. Generally,
    characters that perform a quick jump will have a shadow trailing behind them in
    the duration of their jump.
    	Execution: Tap "toward" the moment a high, or medium attack hits your
    	character, or "down" the moment a low attack hits. In mid air, all
    	attacks are parried with "toward".
    As opposed to "guard". Almost any attack in the game can be "parried". A parry
    is an action that's a mix defense and offense. What happens is, when an
    incoming attack strikes, if you parry it, you will negate the attack completely
    (taking no damage), and recover much quicker than you would from a "guard"
    (holding backwards when an attack strikes). Parrying is an important skill to
    learn. A well-timed parry can create a wide opening in your opponent's offense,
    and change the momentum of the fight. On the contrary, an offensive parry can
    crush your opponent's attempt to counter your attack, allowing you to continue
    your offense.
    	Notes:	1. Grappling techniques cannot be parried.
    		2. There are some attacks which, although can be blocked, also
    		cannot be parried. (i.e. Ibuki's technique where she lifts the
    		opponents arm, and strikes at the midsection with a ki burst.)
    		3. Parrying successive attacks takes some timing- however,
    		certain multi-hit skills require repeated taps of "forward"
    		with no stops in-between, to parry. i.e.:
    			Oro's EX'ed gold ball super art, 
    			the second wave of Gouki/Akuma's D,D,D+PPP super art,
    			Ibuki's mid-air super art, where she throws many kunai.
    		4. It's possible to perform a parry from a guard. The timing is
    		difficult, but if you cancel a guard into a parry, the result
    		is a "red parry", which has the same effects as a normal parry.
    		Going from a guard to a parry, however, can very quickly change
    		the momentum, or tide of a fight.
    Quick Stand
    	Execution: Tap "down" the moment your character hits the ground from an
    	attack. The timing is the same as parrying.
    If you're knocked down by your opponents attack, you can perform a quick stand-
    in which your character flips him/herself back up after landing. In general,
    this will move you a little further back, away from your opponent. You get up
    sooner, so the timings for "get up" attacks come earlier. Since your opponent
    might predict a quick stand, be careful: it isn't always a good idea to quick
    	Execution: Press "Jab" and "Short" together (LP + LK).
    In Third Strike, normal throws are performed by pressing the two weak attacks
    together at the same time. Your character will go into a quick grabbing
    animation, which has a recovery time if it whiffs. This throw comes out very
    fast and, as a grappling technique, can't be parried. For most characters,
    pressing a directional and LP + LK at the same time will result in a different
    type of grappling technique that throws the opponent in the pressed direction.
    	Notes: 	1. If two throws connect at roughly the same time, they are
    		both cancelled, and both the fighters will hop back slowly- no
    		one at an advantage, and no damage dealt. This is a "throw
    		2. There's a sort of glitch/phenomenon called 'warp throw'. In
    		this, a normal attack is cancelled (within the first frame or
    		two) into a LP + LK throw, which results in the character
    		warping forward a few pixels before attempting to grapple. This
    		is difficult to do, but it exists- and effectively increases
    		the distance at which you can grab your opponent.
    Universal Overhead ("leap attack")
    	Execution: Press "Strong" and "Forward" together (MP + MK).
    Every character has a "universal overhead" (shortened: UOH) in which they hop
    up a short distance and attack downwards at their opponent. This attack is
    rather slow, but as an overhead, it can't be guarded against while crouching.
    If your opponent is guarding low, a leap attack will break through if they
    can't react fast enough.
    	Notes:	1. This attack is actually very slow, so it's really easy to be
    		knocked out of, or parried if you're not careful.
    		2. The recovery time from a leap attack varies depending on how
    		far away you are from your opponent when you hit them.
    		Performing the leap attack while close causes a longer recovery
    		time, during which you could be punished. On the other hand, if
    		you connect a leap attack from the furthest distance, you can
    		recover quick enough to continue to attack your opponent. This
    		makes a super art possible from an overhead.
    Personal Action (aka "taunt")
    	Execution: Press "Fierce" and "Roundhouse" together (HP + HK).
    Every character has a "personal action". Performing these will give different
    characters different bonuses. Most of them are also effectively taunts.
    [GE] General Info about Elena.
    Elena is a very tricky character. As far as I know, she doesn't have many
    hard-hitting combos, but makes up for this in the "flow" that she has from one
    attack to the next. Her normal attacks blend in with her command, and her
    special attacks.
    	1. Elena is all kicks. Because of this, many of her attacks look
    	similar- hard to distinguish from one another. Even her *throw* looks
    	like a kick. You can use this to your advantage to play mind-games with
    	your opponent- especially in that her command overheads blend in with
    	her normal kicks as well.
    	2. Elena steps back and forth in her stance. No matter what pose a
    	character is in, the positioning of their *shadow* on the floor is what
    	determines where their actual position is. Elena, in her normal stance,
    	will take steps back and forth, which actually affect where she's
    	standing (and thus the range required to hit her). This is a small
    	detail, but it can't be disregarded completely. Especially because...
    	3. ... While standing, if you perform a LP, or a MP- when you return to
    	your stance, Elena's first step will be forward. If you perform a LK,
    	or a MK, her first step will be backwards. With some careful
    	positioning, you can use this to play some more with your opponent.
    	i.e., whiffing a MK, then standing still will make her take a slow step
    	back- in which time your opponent could attempt to sweep, and miss.
    	Whiffing a MP might make your opponent think you're out of range, but
    	when Elena takes a slow step forward, you'll be within striking
    	distance. HP and HK seem to make Elena stay still for a moment, then
    	take a step back (which is possibly her normal stance animation).
    	4. Elena's quick jump (D, U) will make her jump super high. You can use
    	this to your advantage to win an air-to-air encounter, but otherwise-
    	this also gives your opponent a long time to react to your jump.
    	5. Elena's forward dash is very quick, and has a good amount of
    	distance. The only dash that's better would be Makoto's. You can also
    	dash fairly well repeatedly. It might not seem like too much, but
    	Elena's dash should play a large role in your offense. You can use it
    	to keep pressure on your opponent, or even to slide underneath (and
    	thus cross-over) a jumping attack. Also, a good usage for Elena's dash
    	is: after landing an air-to-air HP or HK, you land before your opponent.
    	You can take this chance to dash underneath your opponent right as
    	they're about to land- resulting in a last-moment switch of directions-
    	a reset.
    	6. Elena's backwards dash is a backflip. It isn't fast- actually rather
    	slow, but it gives her a good amount of distance, and it can be done
    	non-stop. Because of its slow speed, it's better for breaking off an
    	attack, or backing off than for quickly avoiding an attack and
    	retaliating afterwards.
    [NA] Normal Attacks.
    This is probably the most important section of this FAQ. Elena's strengths lie
    in dominating the match by tricking your opponent, making them unable to know
    what's coming next, and taking hits the whole time. To do that, you'll have to
    blend her normal, command and special attacks- but you'll be using her normal
    attacks the most often.
    "Jab" attacks, LP.
    --	Standing: Elena performs a quick spin kick aimed at the head. Since she
    arcs her leg high, this kick doesn't have that great an amount of range. It is
    fairly fast, and could possibly be used to hit enemies out of the air.
    Honestly, I haven't used this attack that often.
    --	Crouching: Elena sends a quick straight kick with her closer leg. The
    range of this attack isn't too bad, and it's fairly fast with good recovery.
    Note that it can be blocked standing, though. Good for repeated poke.. though
    personally, I don't like to use the same attack over and over again.
    --	Jumping: Elena performs an Ong-Bak kick... that translates to: jumping
    knee attack. It probably comes out the quickest of all the air attacks, but
    since it's a knee attack, it doesn't have much range.
    "Strong" attacks, MP.
    --	Standing: Elena leans back, and throws a high spinning hook kick. Since
    this kick is roughly aimed at a 45 degree angle, its lateral/horizontal range
    isn't *great*- but it's still decent. It's fairly quick, and good for attacking
    jump-ins. It doesn't have that great priority, though. The main draw of this
    attack is that it's two quick hits, which is ideal for hitting people who like
    to jump-in and parry. (they'll have to parry twice). If both hits of this
    attack hit- it deals a very good amount of stun damage.
    		Note: This attack is cancellable on the first hit. You'll have
    		to do it *fast* though, because the two hits go by quick.
    		Cancelling into Mallet Smash, or Lynx Tail gives her nice
    		trickiness with a quick overhead or low attack.
    --	Crouching: It looks the same as her crouching "jab", except this attack
    is slower and stuns the opponent longer if it connects. It does better damage,
    though- and because it's slower, it's easier to cancel into a special attack.
    The range of this attack isn't too bad, either- but like the crouching LP, it
    can also be blocked standing.
    --	Jumping: Elena throws a kick aimed a little high. Because it's aimed
    high, it's ideal for hitting mid-air opponents. 
    		Note: This cancels into a mid-air HP for two hits if it
    "Fierce" attacks, HP.
    --	Standing: Elena performs a slow, spinning inner circle kick. This
    attack has a long start up time as Elena spins in a circle. However, because
    this kick is aimed high, it's decently good at hitting opponents in mid-air
    (you'll have to time it). Although it's a slow attack, it deals good damage (as
    far as Elena goes), and deals *very* good stun damage. It can be a very good
    attack if you learn how to time it.
    		Note: This cancels into standing HK, if you press HK the moment
    		it connects.
    --	Crouching: Elena supports herself with two hands, a foot- and delivers
    a strong push-kick upwards. This attack is good for hitting jump-ins. It does a
    good amount of damage, and has decent priority, but because it's only one hit,
    the standing MP might be a better choice if your opponent has learned to parry.
    --	Jumping: Elena does a split kick in midair. Her front leg is aimed down
    a bit. This attack is good for jumping in, since, as a strong attack, it makes
    the opponent recoil for a long time if it connects. The angle of the kick and
    relative speed at which it comes out make it an ideal mid-air attack.
    "Short" attacks, LK.
    --	Standing: Elena sticks her foot out for a quick kick at the shins. This
    kick has very little range, but it's also very fast. This makes it ideal for
    interrupting your opponents attacks at close range.
    --	Crouching: Elena throws out a kick with her further leg. This attack
    isn't quite as fast as her crouching LP, but as a low attack, it must be
    guarded low.
    --	Jumping: Elena delivers a quick heel kick. Although it's not too great
    on damage, and not the best angle, this kick comes out the fastest of all her
    air attacks (with the exception of her jumping LP). It's quick enough to kick
    some standing characters on your way up from a backwards jump.
    "Forward" attacks, MK.
    --	Standing: Elena throws out a spin kick aimed towards the midsection.
    Since the angle of this attack is pretty shallow, its horizontal range is very
    good. It's not quite as fast as her weak attacks, but it's pretty quick for its
    range. In my opinion, this is a very good ranged poke, and you won't be
    punished often for throwing it out.
    		Note: Can be cancelled into her crouching HP, which will launch
    		the opponent far away.
    --	Crouching: Looks the same as her crouching LK, except slower. This
    attack is about the same speed as her crouching MP, except it's a low attack,
    so it must be guarded low. It also has a fair amount of range and speed-
    however, it's *not* cancellable. That makes this attack for low, ranged poking
    purposes only.
    --	Jumping: Elena performs a jump kick with her far leg tucked in. The
    kick is aimed low, so it's good for hitting grounded opponents. The angle is
    roughly the same as her stronger jumping HP, and it hurts less. However, the
    main draw to this attack is that her far knee can also hit the opponent, which
    makes this her jumping cross-over attack.
    "Roundhouse" attacks, HK.
    --	Standing: Elena hops a little, tucks in and performs a spinning axe
    kick. This attack comes out rather slow (though a bit faster than her standing
    HP), and it doesn't do as much stun damage as the HP- but the key of this kick
    lies in her small hop, and the way her leg comes down on the opponent. These
    two points make this kick a perfect counter to sweeping attacks. If you think
    the opponent will sweep, this kick will hop over the sweep and bring her leg
    down on the opponent's head. -- Also, this attack lasts a while, so it's good
    for stopping a rush-in.
    		Note: Even though she's swinging her leg down, this kick is not
    		an overhead.
    		Also, if you do (back + HK), Elena will hop a little backwards
    		while performing this kick, and bring her leg down at a steeper
    		angle. This is a safer counter for sweeps- though you'll end up
    		further from your opponent in the end. This kick can also hit
    		jump-ins because of its wider arc. Also- this version of the
    		kick deals very good stun damage, even more than the normal.
    --	Crouching: Elena lies tummy down on the ground and pushes out with both
    her legs. As her sweep attack, this kick has pretty good range. However, its
    startup time and recovery time are both pretty bad. So, to be safe, don't try
    this attack from close range. It's best from further away.
    --	Jumping: Elena flips upside down and kicks at the opponent with her
    arms and legs spread. This attack starts up fast, and does two hits- one from
    her knee, and a second when her leg is fully extended. The kick is aimed fairly
    straight, though- so it'll be difficult to hit grounded shorter characters- and
    just about impossible to hit crouching opponents. Because of the two hits,
    though, it's ideal for hitting opponents who attempt a mid-air parry. Notice,
    the first hit deals a small amount of stun, but the second has good stun.
    Together, they deal a significant amount of stun damage.
    [CA] Command Attacks.
    Elena's command attacks combined with her normal normal attacks together help
    her to achieve versatility. These attacks are also important, as they fill out
    her offensive potential.
    ----- Elena hops up on her hands and delivers an upside down kick to her
    opponent. This is an overhead attack with a good amount of range. Unlike the
    universal overhead, this move doesn't cause a "break" in Elena's flow. As she's
    constantly moving around, this overhead is difficult to see. This attack does
    have a noticeable startup time, but its recovery is good- and she ends up the
    same distance as where she started the attack.
    ----- Elena performs the same action as her F+MP command attack, but uses her
    other leg. The difference lies in the startup and recovery. This kick comes out
    faster than her F+MP attack, making for a quick, smooth overhead- however,
    after the recovery, she ends up closer to the opponent than she was before. So,
    this attack is more offensive, and risky compared to her F+MP.
    ----- Similar to her standing "roundhouse" (HK), except she hops back when she
    performs this kick, and brings her leg down at a steeper angle. The wider arc
    that results can be used to hit jump-ins. Very good stun damage- comparable to
    her standing HP.
    ------ Elena slides along the ground. This is a low attack that knocks the
    opponent down- it also has a good amount of range, because of Elena's slide. It 
    does have a bit of a startup, though- and its recovery is very horridly
    punishable, so be careful when you use it. If you don't use it too often, it's
    good for a surprise knock-down.
    [TC] Target Combos.
    These increase Elena's damage potentials a bit- they have their uses.
    Standing MK -> Crouching HP: The crouching HP will knock the opponent far, and
    away. This puts a good amount of distance between you and your opponent- and
    creates a long enough break in the fight to recollect yourself.
    Standing HP -> Standing HK: The HK is difficult to connect, because its rather
    short range- but this increases the damage and stun done by Elena's standing
    HP. Also, the HK is less punishable than the HP, so this target combo also
    serves to push the opponent further away, if your HP is blocked.
    Jumping MP -> Mid-air HP: Like the jumping HK, is a mid-air two hit attack.
    This deals good damage for an air attack, and could be relied on if your
    jumping MP is parried.
    Note: None of her target combos can be cancelled into a super art.
    [ST] Special Techniques
    Here's the "movelist". Neat thing about Elena's techniques is that they mix
    very well with her normal attacks. In general, they're fairly quick- but aren't
    the best for priority. Most of these attacks fulfill only one or two roles- but
    they do them well.
    Rhino Horn
    	Execution: HCF + K
    Elena winds up, then performs a far jumping kick. This technique has a very
    long startup, so it's not the best idea to do it from a distance you can be
    punished. Note that it also misses most crouching opponents altogether. Those
    are its weaknesses.
    After the initial wind up, Rhino Horn travels forward fairly fast- and delivers
    a strong knock-back attack to the opponent. It can be used as a sort of
    "catching" attack for opponents trying to jump away- but that's hard to time.
    Note, though, that at the start of her jump kick, Elena arcs both her legs
    above her head. You can hit a mid-air opponent with this, which knocks the
    opponent even higher. The blunt force of the Rhino Horn will miss, but you'll
    land in a position where the opponent is falling towards you, and can now be
    	Overall, it's slow- and rather limited in use... but it does do well in
    	certain situations.
    	EX: Elena performs her Rhino Horn faster- and the forward attack does
    	more hits- though the overall damage isn't much better.
    Mallet Smash
    	Execution: HCB + P
    Elena jumps up, swinging both her legs in an arc, which she brings down over
    the opponent's head for two hits. Using different strengths of P will make her
    jump closer to further. This attack isn't *fast*, but it's decently quick.
    Because she jumps, she'll easily avoid low, and sweep attacks with this
    technique. What's most important is that this attack is an overhead. The
    recovery time of this move is also pretty good- which means if your opponent is
    even a little slow in punishing, you'll be able to block- or even Scratch Wheel
    your way out.
    	Note that the HP version can hop over most opponents if you try it from
    point blank. It'll miss- and it crosses over, but the recovery time doesn't
    seem to be any better, and you're better off hitting the opponent anyway.
    	EX: Elena does it faster, at the HP distance.
    Lynx Tail
    	Execution: Reverse DP + K (B,D,DB+K)
    Elena performs a windmill, swinging her legs at the opponent's ankles.
    Contrasting to Mallet Smash, this is a low attack- and must be guarded low. It
    has a bit of a start up time, so you can't just use it as your sweeping attack-
    but it does come out decently quick, and because of Elena's long legs, has a
    good amount of range. The LK version will only hit the opponent once. The MK
    version lasts a bit longer, hitting the opponent twice, and the HK version will
    make Elena perform two windmills, for a total of 4 hits.
    	Using the weaker versions is less punishable, while the HK version
    deals more damage- but leaves her open for about three seconds if it whiffs.
    	EX: Elena performs the HK version quickly, and at the end performs a
    	hand stand, which kicks the opponent far away.
    Spin Scythe
    	Execution: QCB + K (x2)
    Elena performs two spinning kicks, aimed at around shoulder level. She slides
    forward a little bit during these two attacks- further if a stronger K was
    used. After these two kicks, you can (optionally) enter the command again and
    she'll perform a third spin kick, this time using both her legs (for a total of
    4 hits).
    	The last attack of this technique can be performed instantly after the
    second hit, in which case it'll successfully link as a combo. The last attack
    can also be delayed- there's a long recovery time after the second attack,
    during which you can perform the third attack at any time. This is a good
    timing trick to use if the first two attacks are guarded. When the opponent
    thinks he/she sees an opening and lashes out to attack, you can execute the
    final spin scythe.
    	EX: Elena performs three spin scythes in rapid succession, then kicks
    	the enemy high up into the air, after which they can be juggled.
    	Optionally, if you enter the command again during the third attack,
    	she'll finish with a fourth, two-legged spin scythe.
    Scratch Wheel
    	Execution: DP + P
    Elena's anti-air attack. Unlike the shotokan shouryuuken, Elena has no
    invincibility. However, she does have *very* fast execution. This technique
    comes out just about instantly, so it's perfect for punishing slow attacks, and
    fairly decent for anti-air. It doesn't have much priority, though- so it's not
    uncommon to see her get knocked out of it from an opponent jumping in.
    	The medium and strong versions are super-cancellable on the first hit,
    	but they won't knock down in that case.
    	EX: Elena performs a HK Scratch Wheel that hits 4 times (and probably
    	has better priority- I'm not certain).
    [SA] Super Arts.
    I. Spinning Beat
    Elena performs three scratch wheels, the third of which carries her backwards a
    little bit. This super comes out quick, but the starting range of it is fairly
    limited (the same as a normal scratch wheel's). The damage of this super isn't
    too great, but you get three, short stocks- so you'll be able to perform it
    often along with EXs. It's important to note that Elena has no invincibility
    frames, so she won't be able to use this to pass projectiles. 
    II. Brave Dance
    Elena makes a fast hop forward which, if it connects, makes her go into a
    series of kicks ending in a high kick. Because of the range of the quick hop
    forward, and its good priority, this super art is very good for punishing
    attacks. The damage is better than her Spinning Beat as well- but it comes in
    two moderately sized stocks, rather than three small ones. It's a good,
    hard-hitting punisher with a good amount of range. Like the Spinning Beat,
    Brave Dance doesn't have invincibility frames either- so you won't be able to
    pass or punish projectiles.
    III. Healing
    Elena crouches on the ground, and starts to shine. During this short period,
    she'll regenerate up to 1/4 of her health- unless interrupted. While this isn't
    quite exactly the most innovative super ever, it is able to turn the tides of a
    fight. It comes in one long bar, so you won't be able to do it often- and
    performing an EX will cancel your ability to perform this super art. Because of
    the nature of this technique, you'll want to keep the opponent as far away from
    you as possible when you do it.
    	There are several techniques you can use- your throw serves decently,
    	as well as the Scratch Wheel. Also, Standing MK -> Crouching HP target
    	combo works very nicely.
    There, it's done. I hope this gives you an idea, or maybe a new perpective on
    how Elena can be played. -6.28.05
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