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    FAQ/Move List by psychochronic

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    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike FAQ/Move List:
    VERSION 1.02
    -Created, Edited and Compiled by: Psychochronic 
    (Brettdude in Gamefaqs) of Shoryuken.com
    Another form of Psychochronic Literature!
    Last Update: July 30, 2007
    Notes before reading this document:
    1) This document is NOT a list explaning tiers or advanced
    tactics. This is a specific move list of every character in 
    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike for Sega Dreamcast and Arcade
    and also for PlayStation 2 and XBOX marketed under Street
    Fighter Anniversary Collection so don't expect anything 
    answered like "Why is this character is top-tier?" and 
    "How to do abilities such as charge paritioning and kara-
    specials". If this is not the information you are looking for, 
    please close this text now.
    2a) This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and 
    the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976. This document 
    is for private and personal use only--it cannot be reprinted 
    in part or inwhole or reproduced in any way or in any form 
    (written or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be 
    used in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling 
    it or giving it away as a gift. Although I am...the author in 
    the majority of the text, please respect the other authors 
    whose work I have included in this guide.
    2b) This document cannot be hotlinked to any other forums/
    sites other than Gamefaqs and Shoryuken. To kinda repeat 
    point #2a, this guide cannot be referenced, altered, or used 
    by anybody (including webmasters, publishers and magazine 
    staff) without my express written permission. This guide is 
    created and is owned by me, Brett "Psychochronic" Navarro 
    (aka. "Brettdude" in Gamefaqs) of Shoryuken. Plagarizing is 
    a crime and is punishable by law.
    3) This document is better read on Notepad with the Font 
    set on "Times New Roman" on Regular setting, Size "10" 
    and the screen resolution set on 1024x768. Use the Find 
    feature (Ctrl + F) to find whatever term you're looking for 
    easy mobility. 
    Table of Contents:
    1) Version Changes
    2) Legend
        ^US to Japanese Terminology Translations
    3) Sub-Systems
    4) Characters
       *Each character having the following:
       ^Personal Information
       ^Command Normals
       ^Special Moves
       ^Super Arts
       -Akuma (Gouki)
       *The reason I didn't do Gill is because he's too broken
         and he's banned in high-competition play. Flame me 
         if you will but whatever that can't be brought into a
         tournament is considered useless. Only console 
         scrubs rely on bosses for cheap victories.
    5) Arcade/Console Differences 
    6) US/Japan Differences
    7) Contact
    8) Credits
    Version Changes:
    1.02 - July 30, 2007:
    *Added the following:
    ^NEW SUB-SECTION: US/Japan Differences.
    1.01 - April 22, 2007:
    *Added the following:
    ^NEW SUB-SECTION: Arcade/Console Differences.
    1.00 - May 25, 2006:
    Compilated on May 11, 2006 but finished on May 25, 2006.
    U = Up
    UF = Up-Forward
    F = Forward
    DF = Down-Forward
    D = Down
    DB = Down-Back
    B = Back
    UB = Back
    QCF = Quarter-Circle Forward 
    QCB = Quarter-Circle Back
    HCF = Half-Circle Forward 
    HCB = Half-Circle Backward
    360 = 360 Degree Motion
    720 = 720 Degree Motion
    P = Punch
    LP = Light Punch "Jab"
    MP = Medium Punch "Strong"
    FP/HP = Hard Punch "Fierce"
    K = Kick
    LK = Light Kick "Short"
    MK = Medium Kick "Forward"
    FK/HK = Hard Kick "Roundhouse"
    LP + LK = Throw
    MP + MK = Leap Attack
    HP + HK = Personal Action
    Sega Dreamcast Button Mapping:
    X: Light Punch
    Y: Medium Punch
    L: Hard Punch
    A: Light Kick
    B: Medium Kick
    R: Hard Kick
    PlayStation 2 Button Mapping:
    Square: Light Punch
    Triangle: Medium Punch
    R1: Hard Punch
    X: Light Kick
    Circle: Medium Kick
    R2: Hard Kick
    L1: Punchx3
    L2: Kickx3
    XBOX Button Mapping:
    X: Light Punch
    Y: Medium Punch
    White: Hard Punch
    A: Light Kick
    B: Medium Kick
    Black: Hard Kick
    L: Hard Kick
    R: Hard Punch
    US to Japanese Terminology Translations:
    US -> Japan:
    Akuma = Gouki
    Parrying = Blocking
    *Dashing: Fx2 or Bx2:
    A great tactic to add speed and mobility. Pressing forward 
    twice commands to dash forward and pressing backward 
    twice commands to dash backward. 
    *Throw: LP + LK:
    The basic throw except in a new command here. Does decent
    damage and stun damage and is very effective in gameplay,
    no matter what level. Obviously can't be blocked and is
    unbeatable in certain ranges depending on characters in
    the matchup.
    *Tech-Throw: LP + LK immediately upon being thrown:
    A tactics and counter to avoid the throw which results in 
    both opponents bouncing away from each other and taking 
    no damage in the process.
    *Leap Attack: MP + MK:
    Also known as "Universal Overhead". An overhead attack 
    which must only be blocked standing. Great for mix-ups and 
    to attack opponents who use crouch excessively in their 
    gameplan. Has a very quick startup but hits later down the 
    animation and is extremely difficult to link an attack after.
    -High: Tap F before a high attack hits
    -Low: Tap D before a high attack hits
    -Air: While jumping, tap F before an attack hits
    The known sub-system which made 3S famous also known
    as "Offensive Blocking" around the world and seen in CvS2 
    playing under the P-Groove. Parrying is another form of 
    blocking which enables to react from a regular block and 
    attack instantly. The opponent freezes for a split-second 
    which makes the player to freely strike in that opportunity. 
    Instead of losing damage, a parry gains meter in return. This 
    effects all forms of attacks, whether it's normals, projectiles 
    and even supers. Although a necessity, parrying is for the 
    risky-type players, allowing to have sorts of blind guesses 
    of the opponents attack patterns throughout the match. 
    Parries are also vulnerable to throws, making it more harder 
    at a close-range game so use it strategically as it's one of 
    the most risky sub-systems out there.
    *Red Parrying:
    -High: Tap F during block stun
    -Low: Tap D during block stun
    -Air: While jumping, tap F during block stun
    A new feature here introduced in 3S, red parrying gives
    the ability to parry immediately during blocking except
    the timing must be crucial. When timed correctly, the player
    will glow red instead of blue and gives them a short split-
    second chance to react right after. Great for parrying multi-
    hit moves or attack patterns in which the player is confident
    to know what will come next.
    *EX Moves: Any Special Move using Multiple Buttons 
    instead of one:
    Uses a bit of meter off a gauge, this enables to extend the 
    damage and hits of the move. Some EX moves can juggle 
    which can leading to long combos and some characters' 
    moves don't have it EX classified so watch the timing 
    and the move as it costs meter. 
    *Quick Standing: Tap D as you touch the ground before 
    getting knocked down:
    Seen in the SFIII series and uses the CvS2 Safe Fall sub-
    system. This ability allows the player to simply bounce 
    back from a knockdown attack before hitting the floor. 
    A quicker way to get right back up, a defensive purpose 
    and to avoid follow-up attacks. Be very cautious as each 
    character has their own animation frames for this ability.
    *Super Cancel: Doing a Super Art after a Special Move:
    Characters have the ability to do a Super Art right after 
    a Special Move and it works exactly like a normal attack 
    cancel. Even EX moves can be cancelled too. Obviously
    useful for combos and tactics to deliver the pain in the
    matchup. Common examples are Urien cancelling his 
    Chariot Tackle to Aegis Reflector and Yun cancelling
    his Tetsuzankou to Genei-Jin.
    *Super Jump: D then UB, U or UF:
    This action enables the character to jump slighty higher 
    and further than a normal jump. It can be used for far 
    crossup attempts and increasing the chances of avoiding 
    *Personal Action: HP + HK:
    Personal Action is a taunt done by the character. Each 
    character has their own taunt which can result in a bonus
    in their ability such as attack power increase for a temporary 
    amount of time in the round.
    *NOTE: The order of character has been studied by Tougeki 
    Damashi Magazine which is just going to list the characters 
    by number of favorable matches with the top of the list being 
    the most favored and the low of the list being the least favored.
    1) Yun:
    With his twin brother Yang, he entered the third World 
    Warrior tournament to show his skills. They later found 
    and fought Gill, who appreciated their effort and granted 
    them leadership of their town. They passionately turned 
    down his offer, since they only fought him to stop his 
    maniacal plans.
    Known Players to use Yun:
    -Billykane (France)
    -Dickson (Canada)
    -Knit (Japan)
    -KO (Japan)
    -Mester (Japan)
    -Ochibi (Japan)
    -Pyrolee (United States)
    -Samir (Canada)
    -Secret Weapon (Canada)
    Personal Action:
    Yun spins his hat on every rotation. When done, he gets
    a full attack increase for all of his special move and a minor
    attack increase for his throws and normals. Holding the
    command makes him continue spinning his hat which
    increase his overall attack power. Doing the command
    eight seperate times has the exact same effect.
    Command Normals:
    Dakai: F + FP:
    Yun steps forward a bit as he turns around thrusts his 
    hand outward that pushes the opponent back. Very fast
    startup and recovery time and good for mid-range and
    footsie attacks.
    Senpuu Kyaku: F + MK:
    Yun does an overhead hop kick towards to the opponent. 
    The speed of the attack is pretty fast and can mixup right
    Raigeku Shuu: DF + K (only in air):
    Also known as "Dive Kick", Yun does a divekick towards 
    the opponent. It may leave him open to suffer an anti-air 
    but it's his best attack from the air to begin his combos.
    Special Moves:
    Tetsuzankou: F, D, DF + P:
    Yun roll towards the opponent as he nails a shoulder thrust. 
    The LP version can be comboed and super cancelled for 
    some good damage. The MP and HP version simply juggles 
    the opponent, ready for Yun to do a combo in the air. The 
    EX version goes slightly faster, does two hits and allows 
    juggles. Three of the versions (MP, HP, EX) allow the move 
    to travel under projectiles for some solid damage.
    Zessho Hohou: QCF + P:
    Yun travles in the air and nails a flying fist with differs of 
    range, almost as similar to Terry's Burning Knuckle in CvS2. 
    Good for a surprise attack on close or mid-range and good 
    to finish off a combo. Each button corresponds on the length 
    of the speed as LP version goes mid-range, MP version goes 
    3/4 of the screen and the HP version goes near full-screen. 
    The EX version does two hits and increases in damage and 
    speed which also juggles for one hit but not necessarily useful.
    Kobokushi: QCB + P (Px2 to fake):
    Yun's dual palm strike thurst with big startup time. Good 
    for a single hit but has a long animation and very vulnerable 
    to counter-attack when done. Also good for corner combos 
    which can lead to juggle opportunities and a great projectile 
    stopper when timed right. There is no EX version of it.
    Nishou Kyaku: F, D, DF + K:
    Yun flies up into the air doing a double kick which results in 
    two hits. Great for juggling and but not great as an anti-air 
    attack. The EX version still does the standard two hits but 
    does a good damage increase making it more effective for 
    juggle combos.
    Zenpu Tenshin: HCB + K:
    Yun simply grabs the opponent and flips right over them,
    giving Yun time to strike right after. This move is better 
    known as a tick-throw setup for a strike on Genei-Jin. 
    Super Arts:
    I) You-Hou: QCFx2 + P:
    Yun does an HP, an LP Tetsuzankou then finishes off with 
    a fist blow which juggles the opponent greatly, ready to do 
    more damage. Another super which has invulnerability on 
    startup, making it great for wakeup or anti-air options but
    has bad recovery time if blocked.
    II) Sourai-Rengeki: QCFx2 + P:
    Yun does a barrage of normals that ends with a modified flip 
    version of Nishou Kyaku. This super has slight invulnerability 
    on startup but does low damage..
    III) Genei-Jin: QCFx2 +  P:
    Yun activates himself similar to CvS2 A-Groove or SFA3 V-
    Ism. From there, the players does custom combos that have 
    juggle state in them. One of the best super arts in the game 
    which has short  meter and high damage potential. A highly
    recommended super art due to the above sentence listed.
    2) Chun-Li:
    Having made her peace, Chun-Li continued her work as a 
    police officer and retired from mainstream street fighting to 
    teach young children martial arts after taking down Shadoloo 
    for good. Urien kidnapped a young girl for his scientific 
    projects and Chun-Li manages to catch up to him. Challenging 
    him, she does her best to fight him and Urien, impressed by 
    his opponent's fighting spirit, agrees to let the child go. 
    Since then, Chun-Li has continued to raise her adopted 
    Known Players to use Chun-Li:
    -Amir (United States)
    -Fubarduck (United States)
    -JS Master (Canada)
    -Justin Wong (United States)
    -MOV (Japan)
    -Nuki (Japan)
    -Raoh (Japan)
    -Ricky Ortiz (United States)
    -Tokido (Japan)
    Personal Action:
    Chun-Li has four different taunts in which each of them
    having a different bonus:
    -If Chun-Li yawns, her stun gauge recovery rate increases
    and can be stacked up to three times. 
    -If Chun-Li cracks her neck, her attack power increases
    for all attacks except for throws.
    -If Chun-Li pats her shoulder, she gets a defense increase.
    -If Chun-Li arches forward, she gets an attack and defense
    power incrase.
    Command Normals: 
    Senjou Shou: F + MK:
    A kick that moves Chun-Li forward. Very useful during
    footsies as it rarely whiffs but it gives options to setup
    for parries and guessing games right after like a quick
    throw right after.
    Yoku Senkyaku: F + HK:
    Chun-Li's standing HK with the same properties as she
    moves a bit forward.
    Tenshin Shuu Kyaku: DF + HK:
    Chun-Li flips over to the other side to the opponent
    and does a swing kick that has slight frame advantage
    but it's very slow, making it easy to parry on reaction.
    Hakkei: B + FP:
    Chun-Li does an abusable palm thrust that has great
    priority. Very good stun potential as it beats out a
    large number of pokes. Good for ground and foot
    Souren Shou: B + MP:
    Chun-Li does a two hit slap that whiffs very fast
    and has good recovery time.
    Yousou Kyaku: D + MK (only in air):
    Chun-Li's head stomp that allows her to recover right 
    after bouncing an opponent's head. Very limited use,
    other than aerial game.
    Kakushu Raku Kyaku: hold MK (close only):
    Chun-Li does a multi-hit heel kick that's very fast up
    close and has good uses right after.
    Yousou Suitatsu Da: D + HP (while jumping up straight):
    An awkward command normal which leads the opponent
    hitting the ground quick.
    Special Moves:
    Kikouken: HCF + P:
    Her famous projectile. It stops on a certain spot depending
    on which button pressed with LP going slow but stopping
    far, MP in between and HP going fast but stopping close.
    The EX version of it goes extremely slow meaning it's 
    great to the rush in and give various attacking options 
    before the projectile hits. Great setup for Koyoku-Sen
    for that chip damage.
    Hyakuretsu Kyaku: Pressing K rapidly:
    Also known as her "Lightning Kick" ever since her WW 
    days. It can do deals of damage on impact andt it's very 
    easy to combo or land in majority situations. The EX
    version comes out more faster making it harder to parry.
    Spinning Bird Kick: Charge D, U + K:
    Another classic attack from Chun-Li's move list. Chun-Li 
    flips upside-down, does the splits and spins around for 
    a short amount of time. This move is appicable if she 
    doesn't and needs to build some meter. It can hit some 
    crouching opponents but it can sometimes make Chun-
    Li open. The EX version spins more faster on the same 
    Hazan Shu: HCB + K:
    Also known as her "Split Kick". Introduced in 3S, this 
    flipping overhead attack can ONLY be blocked when 
    standing. This move is also safe on block which is good 
    for the Chun player for some good damage. Interesting 
    part is that it's an air-attack and Chun-Li can't be thrown 
    out of it in any way possible. Excellent for close/mind-
    games. The EX version has verticality on it and when it
    hits, it leaves the opponent laying down on the same
    spot they stood on.
    Super Arts:
    I) Kikou-Shou: QCFx2 + P:
    Introduced in SFA1, Chun-Li extends her palms out, 
    releasing a stalling sphereical projectile forwarding the 
    opponent. Possibly the fastest super art in the game and 
    a reliable anti-air but does half the damage.
    II) Hoyoku-Sen: QCFx2 + K:
    Chun-Li simply dashes forward with a barrage of Hyakuretsu 
    Kyaku's under an 8-8-1 kick formation. The final hit can be 
    super-jump cancelled and juggled for some extra damage
    but can be parried and instantly reacted if blocked which is
    the downfall of the technique. The good part is about this 
    super art is that it can be easily cancelled from a special or 
    various normals and a verifiable way to combo into it. 
    Another part is that it's Chun-Li's threatening super art as 
    it can travel and punish through various projectiles but she 
    has to be very close to take advantage of the technique. 
    III) Tensei-Ranka: QCFx2 + K:
    Chun-Li does an EX Hazan Shu which does multiple hits.
    A great anti-air but that's its only good use. Doesn't have
    potential for high damage and ground combos.
    3) Ken:
    Ken entered the third Street Fighter tournament. By this time, 
    a Brazilian teenager named Sean had been pestering him to 
    become his student, and Ken relucantly accepted, beginning 
    to train him. He fought Sean and won against him in the 
    tournament; though he still lost, he was now also beginning 
    to train his son Mel in rudimentary fighting techniques. He 
    also told Sean to go find Ryu and challenge him, giving him 
    some free time with Eliza. Though bored, Ken hears about a 
    mysterious organization and goes to investigate, and may 
    have confronted Urien. He does win his third straight U.S. 
    Martial Arts tournament victory, which is a new record and 
    offers the trophy to Sean, although his student says he 
    wishes to earn it for himself. He also learned that Ryu had 
    sought him out and traveled all the way to New York from 
    Oakland for their long-awaited rematch. Tossing some 
    friendly jabs at each other, both have a good fight that Ryu 
    wins. Since then, Ken has continued to train Sean and Mel, 
    handle his family and business, and keep up with his old 
    friend Ryu.
    Known Players to use Ken:
    -AdamB (Canada)
    -Alex Valle (United States)
    -C-Royd (Canada)
    -Chunkis (England)
    -Daigo Umehara (Japan)
    -Deshiken (Japan)
    -Flash G (United States)
    -Hsien Chang (United States)
    -Keeper (Japan)
    -Mike Watson (United States)
    -Mymoza (France)
    -Ricky Ortiz (United States)
    -Ryan Hart (England)
    -Samir (Canada)
    -Spellmaster J (Japan)
    Personal Action:
    Ken taunts the opponent to tell them to come forward.
    He recives an attack power increase for all attacks except
    for throws. The taunt also hits twice but doesn't combo.
    Command Normals:
    Inazuma Kakato Wari: B + MK or hold MK:
    Ken does an overhead axe kick that does two hits which
    gives him frame advantage. With the slow startup there,
    it can be easily reacted but it has the ability to link to a 
    super art or mixup.
    Shiden Kakato Otoshi: B + HK (can be held for cancelling):
    Ken does an overhead axe kick which moves him forward
    a bit. It can be cancelled which gives the ability to mixup.
    Very easy to react if faked or blocked.
    Fumikomi Mae Geri: F + MK:
    Ken does a lunge kick that moves him forward a bit. Due to
    the long startup, it's pretty easy to see it coming, making
    it very easy to react instantly.
    Special Moves:
    Hadouken: QCF + P:
    The classic move to which Ken unleashes a projectile from
    his palms. Has some slow startup and big recovery time if
    done in mid-range which doesn't look good. The EX version
    does two hits, knocks down, more damage and is completely
    safe if blocked. Good to use as a fairly dominant poke in mid-
    range for surprising attacks at the use of the meter.
    Shoryuken: F, D, DF + P:
    Ken does a rising fist that has invulnerability on startup, 
    does good damage, also good for anti-airs and wakeups. 
    The LP version does one hit and can juggle with another, 
    MP version does two and HP version does three hits while 
    his fist is in flames. The EX version has more verticality, 
    does four hits and more damage yet the MP, HP and EX 
    versions have that recovery time so watch out.
    Tastmuaki Senpuu Kyaku: QCB + K (also in air):
    Ken's classic spinning kick that does multiple hits but does
    not knock down. Good damage but whiffs to crouching 
    characters, making Ken completely punishable before the 
    move is over. The EX version hits at a downward arc with
    more hits and catches crouching characters yet all versions 
    are not safe if blocked.  
    Super Arts:
    I) Shoryu-Reppa: QCFx2 + P:
    Ken does two LP Shoryukens and finishes it off with an HP
    Shoryuken. Does okay damage with great chip damage and 
    can be easily comboed but not safe if blocked due to the air 
    time on the move.
    II) Shinryu-Ken: QCFx2 + K then K rapidly:
    Ken does a vertical Shoryuken on the same spot that does
    more hits the more times you press K rapidly. Great for anti-
    airs but must be done close due to the distance. Has big
    recovery time due to the air time on the move which leaves
    him open to get hit.
    III): Shippu-Jinrai-Kyaku: QCFx2 + K:
    Ken does a barrage of MK's and HK's with his standing
    close HK linked to a Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku going up
    vertically. Can be comboed or poked into which does
    good damage but can be easily reacted. The last hit can
    be red parried and when blocked, leaves him open for a 
    combo or throw. Recommended super art due to easy 
    access of the EX moves, low meter and great damage. 
    4) Makoto:
    When Makoto's father, Masaru, died, she inherited the 
    Rindoukan Dojo in Tosa. She travels around the world 
    trying to promote the dojo, which is in financial distress. 
    She finds and fights Ryu, and brings prestige back to 
    the dojo.
    Known Players to use Makoto:
    -Boss (Japan)
    -Exodus (United States)
    -Henry Ching (Canada)
    -Ken I (United States)
    -Ino (Japan)
    -Izu (Japan)
    -J (Japan)
    Personal Action:
    Makoto's taunt has three different parts to it as she charges
    her body. Taunting once is the first part and holding the 
    command after leads to additional taunts if the buttons
    are held long enough. The first part hits once for little
    damage and gives her an attack power and stun gauge
    recovery increase. The second part gives her another
    attack power and stun guage increase. The third part
    gives her another stun guage recovery increase.
    Command Normals:
    Kazami: F + LP:
    Makoto does a cancellable poke that has other real use.
    Kaoruna: F + MP:
    Makoto does a lunging pokethat has slight frame advantage
    that's a decent poke in close-range.
    Shimaki: F + HP:
    Makoto does a straight punch that has good range except
    the recovery and startup times are poor so use with caution.
    Yamase: HP (during Shimaki):
    Another punch after Shimaki. Good range.
    Shinbuki: F + LK:
    Makoto does a kick that moves her forward and is an okay
    pokes in close-range.
    Naruto: F + MK:
    Makoto does a spin kick that hsa great range and is hard 
    to avoid in footsies.
    Kurushio: F + HK (can be held to fake):
    Makoto does a turning sweep with good range. If faked, 
    it allows her for mixup opportunities.
    Special Moves:
    Hayate: QCF + P:
    Makoto does a quick dahsing punch that has great range
    but leaves her open if blocked. Can be comboed into, juggles
    and does good stun damage. The EX version has more 
    range, knocks down, more damage and is safe if blocked.
    Fukiage: F, D, DF + P:
    Makoto does an uppercut that looks like a taunt. It works
    as anti-air and can be super-jump cancellable if it hits.
    Great stun damage and good for juggles after a connected
    Abare-Tosanami. The EX version moves her forward
    slightly, making it easier to land as anti-air.
    Oroshi: QCB + P:
    Makoto slams her fist to the ground. Overhead, fairly slow
    on startup but can be cancelled into a super art. The EX
    version knocks down and comes in more faster. Great for
    wakeups, mixups and rushing situations.
    Karakusa: HCB + K:
    Makoto's command grab as she grabs the opponent as does
    a choke. This move is the factor for Makoto's rushing and
    mixup game as it can setup for combo and super art chances
    for big damage. There is no EX version of this move.
    Tsurugi: QCB + K (only in air):
    Makoto does a flipping axe kick in the air that has slow
    startup, Hard to parry on jumpo and can be used in juggles
    after landing an Abare-Tosanami. The EX version does
    more faster.
    Super Arts:
    I) Seichusen-Godanzuki: QCFx2 + P:
    Makoto does a few punches than finishes it off with a
    modified Fukiage. Can be linked off a normal and does
    big damage and has various way to combo into it. Also
    good for wakeups or desperations but has a little bit
    of recovery time. Recommended super art if you don't
    plan to use EX moves and want to deliver that damage
    with the one meter.
    II) Abare-Tosanami: QCFx2 + P:
    Makoto leaps from the wall and dives down with a jumping 
    MK that links to an Oroshi, a barrage of normals and ends
    it with a Fukiage. Can be cancelled from various moves
    and sets up juggle opportunities. Also gives great stun
    damage, 50/50 mixups but is unsafe if blocked and the hits 
    can be easily red parried but time it wisely. Recommended
    super art as it gives access to EX moves, damage and
    stun potential and rushing opportunites.
    III) Tanden-Renki: QCFx2 + P:
    Makoto glows red which results in all of her attacks having
    a massiuve damage increase until the timer runs out. The
    only condition is that she can't block during this time which 
    is not good. Makoto must play offense or it's a waste of
    time. The opponent can easily turtle or attack Makoto as
    she can't block.
    5) Dudley:
    As a Street Fighter III character, Dudley has no official bio. 
    He was born in England to a wealthy family. From the time 
    he was a little boy, he's wanted to be a fighter, but his family 
    told him he was too small to compete. Later, his father lost 
    the family fortune. Gill acquired his Jaguar at an auction. The 
    losses prompted Dudley to take up boxing to earn back lost 
    assets. Although he didn't win the third World Warrior 
    tournament, Gill was impressed enough to give Dudley his 
    car back. Despite his return to affluence, Dudley still boxes.
    Known Players to use Dudley:
    -AneurysmX (Canada)
    -Dainama (Japan)
    -Dukus (England)
    -Hong (Australia)
    -Kokujin (Japan)
    Personal Action:
    Dudley throws a rose to the opponent. Whether it hits or not,
    he gets an attack power incrase but not a super meter increase.
    Command Normals:
    Slipping Jab: B + LP:
    Literally the same as standing LP except a little bit of startup
    and less recovery that's hardly noticable.
    Liver Blow: F + MK:
    A very fast blow to the mid-section with a decent amount of
    frame advantage after it. Can be easily linked to any super
    art, great for guessing games and cancellable for some juggle 
    Stomach Blow: F + MP:
    A gut punch that moves Dudley forward a bit. Okay poke at
    close range, otherwise nothing special.
    Dart Shot: F + HK:
    A very fast punch that's an overhead. Can be linked to super
    arts against crouching opponents.
    Step Straight: F + HP: 
    Dudley's standing HP except it moves him forward a bit. Can
    be linked into super arts, good poke with good range, very
    hard to avoid when playing footsies in the right distance.
    Special Moves:
    Cross Counter: HCB + P:
    Dudley does a taunt like he's playing possum and when he
    gets hits, does a lunging punch right after. Knocks down,
    trades damage with the opponent but only works on aerial
    and standing attacks, not crouching. The EX version does
    more hits and more damage.
    Machine Gun Blow: HCF + P:
    Dudley dashes forward as he does a rapid-fire punch combo
    that has great range and does good chip damage. Passable
    for punishing whiffed attack and can be comboed off various
    pokes. Good for footsies and rushing games but the last hit
    can be easily red parried. The EX version does more hits
    and juggles which leaves numerous combo opportunities.
    Jet Upper: F, D, DF + P:
    Dudley rises his fist as he says "Uppercut" in his version of 
    a Shoryuken. Good for reversals and wakeups and provides
    big stun damage. If it hits, Dudley goes more horizontal but
    if blocked, he stays up vertical like a Shoryuken. The EX
    version comes out more faster, does two hits and more
    Short Swing Blow: HCB + K:
    Dudley dashes back then dashes forward as he does a normal
    to the opponent. Great for footsies, wakeups and throw attempts.
    The punch in the end can be cancelled to a super art for good
    damage. The EX version does three hits and knocks down.
    Ducking: HCF + K:
    Dudley dashes forward in a crouching position as he's ready
    to strike. Great for any type of throw or mixup game and can
    be used to go through most projectiles. There is no EX version
    of this move.
    -Ducking Straight: P (during Ducking):
    Dudley does his standing HP after Ducking.
    -Ducking Upper: K (during Ducking):
    Dudley does his crouching HP after Ducking.
    Super Arts:
    I) Rocket Uppercut: QCFx2 + P:
    Dudley does two LP Jet Upper and finishes it off with a spinning
    modified HP Jet Upper. Does reasonable damage in combos and
    can work well as anti-air but has recovery due to the air time if
    blocked. Recommended super art if you plan to use EX moves
    and anti-airs oftenly.
    II) Rolling Thunder: QCFx2 + P then P rapidly:
    Dudley dashes forward with a barrage of modified crouching 
    HP's and ends it with a crouching HP. Can be easily parried 
    and none of his command normals combo off it. 
    III) Corkscrew Blow: QCFx2 + P:
    Dudley dashes slightly forward with a multi-hit punch. Does
    little damage but has lots of priority, safe from close ranges 
    and can be comboed into. Recommended super art as it has
    access to EX moves and if you plan to fight on the ground
    than the air in most times.
    6) Yang:
    A Kung Fu expert from China, he wears a sleeveless 
    salmon kung-fu shirt, yellow wristbands, black pants 
    and sneakers.With his twin brother Yun, he entered the 
    third World Warrior tournament to show his skills. They 
    later found and fought Gill, who appreciated their effort 
    and granted them leadership of their town. They 
    passionately turned down his offer, since they only 
    fought him to stop his maniacal plans.
    Known Players to use Yang:
    -Boss (Japan)
    -Goemon (Japan)
    -KO Fiend (United States)
    -Rohishikari (Japan)
    -Ultrayox (France)
    Personal Action:
    Yang fixes his hair as he gets an attack power increase but
    his throws receive a little bit of increased damage. His taunt
    also his opponents.
    Command Normals:
    Senpuu Kyaku: F + MK:
    Yang does an overhead hop kick towards to the opponent. 
    The speed of the attack is pretty fast and can mixup right
    Raigeku Shuu: DF + K (only in air):
    Also known as "Dive Kick", Yang does a divekick towards 
    the opponent. It may leave him open to suffer an anti-air 
    but it's his best attack from the air to begin his combos.
    Special Moves:
    Tourou Zan: QCF + P (can be done three times, five times
    for EX):
    Also known as "Mantis Slashes", Yang does a series of
    punches which does good damage and knocks down.
    Great to do for combos, has little recovery time and is a
    decent poke in mid-range. The EX version allows Yang
    to do five Tourou Zan's instead of three for extra damage,
    chip and stun.
    Senkyutai: QCF + K: 
    Yang rolls on the ground with him doing an upward thrust
    kick. The LK version rolls close, MK version rolls mid-range
    and HK version rolls near far-screen. Good for juggle setups,
    going under projectiles and close-range combos but has big
    recovery time due to the air time on the move. The EX version
    rolls more faster and travels more further doing more damage
    right after.
    Byakko Soushouda: QCB + P (Px2 to fake):
    Yang's dual palm strike thurst with big startup time but with
    more horiztonal range compared to Yun's Kobukushi. Good 
    for a single hit but has a long animation and very vulnerable 
    to counter-attack when done. Also good for corner combos 
    which can lead to juggle opportunities and a great projectile 
    stopper when timed right. There is no EX version of it.
    Kaihou: F, D, DF + K:
    Yang dashes forward that's similar to a teleport. Very easy
    to be open to attack on both startup and recovery, it's also
    important for that guessing and rushdown game. There is
    no EX version of this move.
    Zenpou Tenshin: HCB + K:
    Yang simply grabs the opponent and flips right over them,
    giving Yang time to strike instantly. Good for mixups and 
    Super Arts:
    I) Raishin-Mahaaken: QCFx2 + P:
    Yang does a modified standing HP and when it hits, does
    a multi-hit standing HP in a lunging animation. Does good
    damage, combos fairly easily, great mid-range poke and 
    has frame advantage if blocked.
    II) Tenshin-Senkyutai: QCFx2 + K:
    Yang has an extended version of his Senkyutai which can
    be easily comboed into but has long recovery due to his
    air time. Recommended super art which gives easy access
    to EX moves, damage potential and combos.
    III) Seiei-Enbu: QCFx2 + P:
    Similar to Yun's Genei-Jin, Yang activates two shadows
    which follow and repeat each other with slight delay time.
    Can't be comboed into, no guaranteed setups for landing
    combos but great to mixup and poke different attacking
    7) Akuma (Gouki):
    Akuma didn't not enter the third World Warrior tournament, 
    but once more lurked in the shadows. He even successfully 
    pulled off a Shun-Goku-Satsu on the tournament sponsor 
    Gill, although he left without realizing that Gill had resurrected 
    himself. Over this timespan, Akuma had trained relentlessly 
    until finally harnessing his power and learning several new 
    techinques, some that were meant to create tidal waves, some 
    described as strong enough to split Ayers Rock in half and 
    one that could kill an opponent with a single chop. Akuma's 
    self-taught technique is called the Kongou-Kokuretsu-Zan, 
    in which Akuma channels all his power into both hands and 
    then slashes away with life-threatening chops that create an 
    aura that protects him from harm. Akuma continued to develop 
    his now-incredible fighting skill, and even fought with Oro in 
    a simple, inconclusive battle, each other sensing the other's 
    massive chi and testing their powers. Akuma has now 
    demonstrated the ability to remain underwater under massive 
    pressure for extended periods of time, and has managed to 
    destroy a sunken ship with the technique that he has now 
    devised, Tenshou-Kaireki-Jin, much to the chagrin of the 
    naval crew who witnessed the attack performed.
    Known Players to use Akuma:
    -Chris (Canada)
    -Jiro (Japan)
    -Match (Japan)
    -PaulT (Australia)
    -TSC (Australia)
    Personal Action:
    Akuma does his standard stomp with the red aura surrounding
    him as he gets an attack power and stun damage increase.
    Command Normals:
    Zugai Hasatsu: F + MP:
    Akuma does a downwards chop that acts as an overhead
    Tenma Kuujin Kyaku: D + MK (while jumping forward):
    Akuma does a diving kick towards the opponent.
    Special Moves:
    *NOTE: Akuma doesn't have any EX versions of his
    Special Moves.
    Gohadouken: QCF + P:
    Akuma throws out a fireball from his palms.
    Zanku Hadouken: QCF + P (only in air):
    Akuma throws out a fireball from his palm in the air
    which goes at a downward angle.
    Shakunetsu Hadouken: HCB + P:
    Akuma throws out a flaming fireball from his palms
    which can do multiple hits but has some startup
    time in the process.
    Gou Shoryuken: F, D, DF + P:
    Akuma does a rising punch that's a great anti-air and
    has some invulnerability on startup. It also juggles
    off of an LK/MK Tatsumaki Zankuukyaku for combo
    and damage.
    Tatsumaki Zankuukyaku: QCB + K (also in air):
    Akuma spins around with one leg forward similar to Ryu
    and Ken's Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku. Akuma's version is
    more faster but is unsafe if blocked. The aerial version
    also serves as a great but annoying crossup tactic.
    Ashura Senkuu: F, D, DP / B, D, DB + P/Kx2:
    Akuma does his taunt for a split second then quickly
    teleports. The P version goes farther than the K version.
    Also great to get off of corners, on wakeup or to play a 
    simple defensive game.
    Hyakki Shuu: F, D, DF + K:
    Akuma jumps towards the opponent in a rolling position...
    -Hyakki Gouzan: No input (during Hyakki Shuu):
    Akuma does a sweeping attack which can be tricky to
    block or parry when coming. This move has little recovery
    time so watch out.
    -Hyakki Goushou: P (during Hyakki Shuu):
    Akuma does an overhead punch that has big recovery time
    but has good mixups in there.
    -Hyakki Goujin: K (during Hyakki Shuu):
    Akuma does his Tenma Kuujin Kyaku but it doesn't serve
    as an overhead. Great to get close, start various mixup
    patterns and has slight frame advantage when blocked.
    -Hyakki Gousai: LP + LK (during Hyakki Shuu):
    Akuma does an overhead throw.
    Super Arts:
    I) Messatsu-Gouhadou: QCFx2 + P:
    Akuma does an extended version of his Gou Hadouken.
    Great to use for chip damage and for super cancelling
    but has slow speed if done at a near-far distance.
    Recommended super art.
    I) Tenma-Gouzanku: QCFx2 + P (only in air):
    Akuma does an extended version of his Zanku Hadouken.
    Great for anti-air counters and chip damage. This super
    art can only be executed when Messatsu-Gouhadou is
    II) Messatsu-Goushoryu: QCFx2 + P:
    Akuma does two LP Gou Shoryukens and finishes it off
    with an HP Gou Shoryuken. Does good chip damage but 
    doesn't punish ground pokes and has long recovery time.
    III) Messatsu-Gourasen: QCFx2 + K (also in air):
    Akuma spins around as he jumps straight up doing a long
    Tatsumaki Zankuukyaku and ends it with his stright jump
    HK. Good for anti-airs but does less damage than the other 
    super arts and has long recovery time. The anti-air is the
    only good use of this super art.
    MAX) Shun-Goku-Satsu: LPx2, F, LK, HP:
    Akuma dashes forward a bit in teleport animation and 
    when it connects, explodes the opponent upon impact.
    Requires a full gauge and can be used with any super
    art chosen. Has invincibility on startup which is good
    to use on wakeup, can punish jump-ins and for corners
    MAX) Kongouko-Kuretsuzan: Dx2 + Px3:
    Akuma raises his fist as he slams the ground with waves
    surrounding him on impact. Requires a full gauge and can
    be used with any super art chosen. Very good for chip
    damage and it's unparriable, also a good and desperate
    anti-air and chip damager, safe on wakeups and crossup
    attempts but has some recovery time if blocked.
    8) Urien:
    *NOTE: According to the favorable list, Urien is tied with
    As a Street Fighter III character, Urien does not have an 
    official bio. He is the inferior brother of Gill and tried to 
    claim the leadership of his organization, the Illuminati. 
    When he finally succeeded, he learned that there was an 
    Emperor outranking him, his brother Gill. Now Urien still 
    longs to overthrow Gill by creating his own army with the 
    G Project. He kidnapped one of the children Chun-Li looks 
    after so she could get back in shape. While his brother 
    wields fire and ice, he can wield lightning and make his 
    skin metal.
    Known Players to use Urien:
    -Ack! (Canada)
    -Emphy (United States)
    -Gootecks (United States)
    -Pierre (Japan)
    -RX (Japan)
    -RX50Cent (Canada)
    -Senaka (Japan)
    -Shonen (Japan)
    -Tokido (Japan)
    -Ushi- (Japan)
    Personal Action:
    Urien slams his fist to the ground that's similar to an
    earthquake and during that process, he gets an attack
    power increase. The downside is that if the taunt hits,
    he doesn't get the bonus.
    Command Normals:
    Quarrel Punch: F + MP:
    First introduced in 3S as it replaces Urien's Thrust Swing, 
    Urien does a quick poke to the opponent's face. The anti-
    air of the poke is pretty limited and it's very fast and it can 
    be comboed into his Terrible Smash right after.
    Terrible Smash: F + HP:
    Urien does a quick punch below that can be only be blocked 
    standing. Great to confuse crouchers and to setup mixups 
    and begin Aegis Reflector combos.
    Quarrel Kick: F + MK:
    Uiren slighty goes forward a bit doing a kick to the opponents 
    mid-section. Good for footsie games but it's very slow and 
    misleading but great to ruin the opponent's parrying rhythm 
    and it's a cheap poke.
    Special Moves:
    Metallic Sphere: QCF + P:
    Urien shoots a thunderous sphere from his fist towards the 
    opponent as he says "Kill". The projectile goes on three 
    different directions depending which button is pressed. The 
    LP version goes straight to the opponent just like any other 
    projectile. The MP version goes on an up-forward angle and 
    is good to hit any character that floats or jumps in their game-
    plan. The HP version shoots a bit upward a little more, similar 
    between a 45 and 90-degree angle. The EX version of this 
    move only goes straight, goes at a slow-rate and hits twice. 
    This move can follow-up with a Chariot Tackle for that 
    offensive damage.
    Chariot Tackle: Charge B, F + K:
    Urien charges fast towards the opponent and tackles them 
    as he says "Crush". The LK version is for low distances and 
    good to combo off of. Also great as a modified poke at mid-
    range. The MK version goes slight more distance under the 
    same LK animation. The HK version goes near the full-length 
    of the screen and it's good to super cancel. The EX version 
    goes more range than the HK version and does two hits one 
    after the other. The thing about all versions is that it can 
    juggle when timed right but they're all not safe when blocked.
    Violence Knee Drop: Charge D, U + K
    Urien jumps straight into the air, does a backflip then rushes 
    downwards fast using his knees to attack as he yells "Destroy". 
    Great for crossups in different ranges and is great to hit 
    crouchers. The EX version goes much faster as it rushes 
    towards the opponent and does two hits and doesn't knock-
    down, which is similar but slower to Gill's Moonsault Knee
    Dangerous Headbutt:  Charge D, U + P:
    Urien leaps forward with a flying headbutt attack similar to 
    Gill's Psycho Headbutt. This attack is very useful for wakeup, 
    surprise and juggle attacks and can be verypassable as an 
    anti-air. The LP version has extremely fast recovery so that 
    should you miss, it can be great to setup a throw right after. 
    The EX version does two hits and juggles on the second, 
    making it great to add in stundamage and the ability to do 
    a Chariot Tackle right after or a quick throw if it misses.
    Super Arts:
    I) Tyrant Slaughter: QCFx2 + P:
    Urien does a barrage of Chariot Tackles then finishes it off
    with a Cyber Lariat. Does great damage but has slow recovery
    time and can be easily parried. Decent super.
    II) Temporal Thunder: QCFx2 + P:
    Urien throws out a giant projectile which has decent height,
    decent damage and good stun damage. Great to use after
    a juggling combo but can be easily avoided by parrying
    or jumping since the farther it goes, the slower and smaller
    the projectile gets.
    III) Aegis Reflector: QCFx2 + P (Px2 for upwards):
    Urien throws out a stationary stalling projectile that can
    reflect projectiles and can hit the opponent six times. Even
    though it doesn't do much damage, it gives the opportunity
    to setup for a combo from there and can even execute his
    unblockables which can do major damage and can turn
    the tables of the match within a matter of seconds. The
    buttons vary on where the reflectors goes to. LP goes
    close, MP goes mid-screen and HP goes 3/4 screen.
    Recommended super art as it provides low meter which is
    good for EX moves and the setups from the normals and
    specials provide more meter for more Aegis Reflectors.
    The Px2 version does his LP version but upwards.
    9) Ryu:
    *NOTE: According to the favorable list, Ryu is tied with
    Ryu enters the third Street Fighter tournament to further 
    advance his fighting abilities. He defeats Hugo, but with a 
    considerable amount of difficulty. The seemingly unstoppable 
    Hugo puts on a grand fight and even withstands a direct 
    Shin-Shoryuken. Ryu also narrowly loses to Oro, but is 
    able to conjure the strength deep inside to overcome the 
    powerful master. The hermit is so impressed, that he takes 
    an interest in Ryu and begins to train the young warrior.
    Known Players to use Ryu:
    -Alex Valle (United States)
    -Frankie3S (United States)
    -Mopreme (United States)
    -Ruu (Japan)
    Personal Action:
    Ryu does  acharge taunt similar to Akuma's as he receives
    a stun gauge recovery rate. Can be stock up to three times.
    Command Normals:
    Sokatsu Wari: F + MP:
    Ryu does an overhead that does two hits. Very fast, does
    stun damage for a normal but can be reacted fast.
    Kyuubi Kudaki: F + HP:
    Ryu does a thrusting punch to the mid-section that does
    two hits. Has slow statup but gives Ryu frame advantage
    if blocked which gives the chance to start a mixup. Due to
    the slow startup, it can be very easily reacted by parrying
    or countering.
    Special Moves:
    Hadouken: QCF + P:
    The classic move to which Ryu unleashes a projectile from
    his palms. Has some slow startup and big recovery time if
    done in mid-range which doesn't look good. The EX version
    does two hits, knocks down, more damage and is completely
    safe if blocked. Good to use as a fairly dominant poke in mid-
    range for surprising attacks at the use of the meter.
    Shoryuken: F, D, DF + P:
    Ryu does a rising fist that has invulnerability on startup,
    does good damage, also good for anti-airs and wakeups.
    The EX version has more verticality, does two hits and
    more damage yet both versions have that recovery time
    so watch out.
    Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku: QCB + K (also in air):
    Ryu's classic spinning kick that knocks down. Good damage
    but whiffs to crouching characters, making Ryu completely
    punishable before the move is over. The EX version hits
    multiple on the same spot and hits crouching characters 
    yet both versions are not safe if blocked.  
    Joudan Sokutou Geri: HCF + K:
    Ryu does a dashing kick that has good damage and stun
    damage but has heavy recovery time. Can only be used
    in punishment situations and must be timed right too
    after a normal for that combo. The EX version bounces
    the opponent from the wall which puts Ryu open to do
    a juggling attack right after. 
    Super Arts:
    I) Shinkuu-Hadouken: QCFx2 + P:
    Ryu combines in 5 Hadoukens into one tand throws it to
    the opponent. Can be linked from various normals and
    specials and is completely safe if blocked or parried,
    enabline Ryu to strike after. Recommended super art
    which the meter can give him access to EX moves and 
    II) Shin-Shoryuken: QCFx2 + P:
    Ryu does a monsterous four-hit Shoryuken for massive
    damage. Another super that can be linked from a normal
    or special however is unsafe if blocked as it leaves Ryu
    open in the air and doesn't provide much ground game
    and time for EX moves.
    III) Denjin-Hadouken: QCFx2 + P (can be charged):
    Ryu charges his Hadouken that's unblockable and locks
    in stun damage when hit with parrying or jumping being
    the only way to avoid it. A full chrage can stun any 
    opponent, can be linked off of a Shoryuken or Hadouken
    and best used when they're cornered. The downside is
    that it can't be comboed like Shinkuu-Hadouken, it's
    used for stuns then a simple combo right after when fully
    hit. Recommended super art but can watch out if the
    opponents are prepared for it.
    10) Oro:
    Oro is referred to as a Sennin (a hermit/recluse who are said 
    to gain mystical powers as a result from their meditation and 
    seclusion) by Akuma during a bout between the two at the 
    third World Warrior tournament. He also defeats Ryu in the 
    same tournament, after which he declares that Ryu will be 
    ready to fight him in another fifteen years. Oro possesses 
    tremendous physical and spiritual prowess for a man of his 
    (or any) age, and is capable of the execution of many strange 
    (though vastly effective) fighting techniques. Oro sees Ryu 
    as a potential successor to his form of martial arts, after he 
    has mastered his current style.
    Known Players to use Oro:
    -Combofiend (United States)
    -Dirty Music (Japan)
    -Hungbee (United States)
    -Tek (Canada)
    -Thanatos (Japan)
    Personal Action:
    Oro takes a snooze as his stun gauge is lowered slightly 
    and can be held to gradually lower it more.
    Command Normals:
    Mawashi Hiji: F + MP:
    Oro does a spinning backhand that moves him forward a
    bit. Whiffs against most crouching characters is its 
    2 Dan Tobi: Ux2:
    Oro does a double-jump which is used for various reasons
    such as aerial game, preventing opponent's anti-air and
    crossup tircks just to name a few.
    Special Moves:
    Nichiirin Shyou: Charge B, F + P:
    Oro throws out a projectile from the tip of his finger. The
    buttons vary on the angle he shoots at. LP version goes
    straight, MP version goes at a 45-degree angle and HP
    version goes between a 45 and 90-degree angle. The EX
    version does two hits but slows down the closer it
    reaches the opponent.
    Oni Yanma: Charge D, U + P:
    Oro does a spiral uppercut than used is some combos and
    in wakeup. The EX does more hits and comes out faster.
    Niou Riki: HCB + P:
    Oro does a command grab that slams the opponent three
    times. Good for linking combos but it's blockable despite
    being a comman grab. There is no EX version of this move.
    Jinchuu Watari: QCF + K:
    Oro jumps forward a bit as he stomps the opponent. Good
    for extending juggles and crossups but is very unsafe if
    blocked. The EX version travles much faster and homes
    in to opponents.
    Hitobashira Nobori: QCF + K (press K rapidly, only in air):
    Same description as Jinchuu Watari except Oro does it in 
    the air that's great as an overhead. 
    Super Arts:
    I) Kishin-Riki: QCFx2 + P then P:
    Oro glows in red and when he catches the opponent before
    the timer runs out, he does an extended version of his Niou 
    Riki. Unblockable, doesn't deal a lot of damage and has 
    limited access to EX moves due to one meter. 
    MAX) Kishin-Tsui: QCFx2 + Px2:
    Oro leaps forward as he grabs the opponent, lifts them up
    in the air for an amount of time then slams them to the ground
    with an explosion following after. Can only be done with a
    full meter and chose the Kishin-Riki super art.
    II) Yagyou-Dama: QCFx2 + P:
    Oro send sout a large, slow moving projectile that travels in
    an arc depending on which button pressed. Safe to travel
    closer to opponents and has great juggling. Recommended
    super art due to damage potential, juggling and access to
    EX moves.
    MAX) Yagyou-Oodama: QCFx2 + Px2:
    Oro jumps up as he throws a large projectile to the floor
    that nearly covers the full screen. Can only be done with 
    a full meter and chose the Yagyou-Dama super art.
    III) Tengu-Stone: QCFx2 + P:
    Oro summons out objects that surround his head until time 
    runs out. Great for juggling and chip damage. Recommended
    super art due to damage potential.
    III) Tengu Midareishi: QCFx2 + Px2:
    Same description as Tengu-Stone except the objects surround
    his body and time runs out much faster. Can only be done if
    the Tengu-Stone super art is chosen.
    11) Ibuki:
    Ibuki was sent by her clan to procure documents from Gill's 
    organization. These documents concerned the "G-File" 
    project, which was responsible for creating Necro and 
    Twelve. Gill voluntarily gave Ibuki the documents, though 
    the project was already under way by that point. In 3rd 
    Strike, Ibuki tracks down Oro to fight him for her ninja 
    graduation exam. She fights well enough to pass and 
    moves on to go to a university.
    Known Players to use Ibuki:
    -Aruka (Japan)
    -Chris (Canada)
    -Eddie Lee (United States)
    -Xiao (Japan)
    Personal Action:
    Ibuki leaps forward and when it connects, she leaps over
    the opponent and gets an attack power increase. The down-
    side is that she doesn't recieve the bonus if it doesn't
    Command Normals:
    Oiura Ken: HP (after an HP connects):
    Ibuki does another HP after hitting her first one.
    You Men: B + MP:
    Ibuki does a two-hit uppercut that's used in her chain combos.
    Not very useful if not being used in a chain combo.
    Maki Geri: F + LK:
    Ibuki does a shin kick with decent range however, other pokes
    are better options.
    Koube Kudaki: F + MK:
    Ibuki does a leaping overhead kick that has frame advantage
    after it. Even though it look like a Yami-Shigure, it can be
    punished very easily.
    Ura Maki Geri: B + MK:
    Ibuki does a slow spin kick that can be cancelled into Koube 
    Sazan: DF + MK:
    Ibuki does a slide kick that has decent range. It's safe if it 
    hits late at the right distances and it's also hard to avoid 
    during footsies.
    Bonshou Geri: F + HK:
    Ibuki does a hop kick that's really fast with great priority 
    and goes over low and crouching attacks.
    Special Moves:
    Raida: HCB + P:
    Ibuki's command grab as she grabs the opponent as does 
    an exploding chi blast which is good for rushing. There is 
    no EX version of this move and is blockable.
    Kubi Ori: HCF + P:
    Ibuki's command grab as she dashes forwards to the opponent.
    If it connects, she goes from behind and snaps their neck.
    Comes out fast and goes good damage but isn't safe on 
    block. Good for footsies and mind-games such as poke-
    range. The EX version does three hits and comes out more 
    faster but the move in general is risky.
    Kunai: QCF + P (only in air):
    Ibuki throws a shuriken to the opponent at a downward 
    angle in the air. Buttons determine on which angle it's being 
    thrown. Good for defensive purposes like pushing back 
    opponents or offensive purposes such as rushing down. 
    The EX version comes out more faster, throws out two 
    shurikens and has an unusually long hit stun in the end.
    Tsuji Goe: F, D, DF + P:
    Ibuki does an overhead flip that can be cancelled into a
    Kunai. May nbot be useful but it can become a tactic
    for escaping corners. There is no EX version of this 
    Kasumi Gake: QCF + K:
    Ibuki does a fast dash forward similar to a teleport. It
    can be cancelled by some of Ibuki's chains but can be
    risky if opponents are expecting it. If Ibuki gets hit
    during this move, she sustains more damage than
    normal but it's good move to use for rushing purposes.
    There is no EX version of this move.
    Kazekiri: F, D, DF + K:
    Ibuki does a rising vertical split kick in the air that has 
    some use for juggling and anti-airs. The EX version
    comes out more faster but doesn't knockdown but
    allows her to do an aerial attack right after if it hits.
    Also good for reversals.
    Tsumuji: QCB + K:
    Ibuki does a fast spinning kick. If using the MK version,
    you can also press D to do a sweep instead. Decent poke
    and the MK version is safe if blocked. The EX version 
    comes out more faster and hits more times which is good
    for combos and chip damage.
    Hien: B, D, DB + K:
    Ibuki jumps forward with a two-hit step-kick then bounces
    back. Can be cancelled into Kunai or Kasumi-Suzaku during
    its recovery. Even though it's a slow overhead, it can be
    used as a setup for Kasumi-Suzaku. The EX version homes
    to the opponent and does more damage. Also a good way
    to go over projectiles and land a super art as she gets close.
    Super Arts:
    I) Kasumi-Suzaku: QCFx2 + P (only in air):
    Ibuki throws out a lot of shurikens but has heavy recovery.
    Also does a great amount of chip damage and is somewhat
    hard to parry. Recommended super art as she can cancel
    her Kunai into it, has access to EX moves and has a lot
    of damage potential.
    II) Yoroi-Doushi: QCFx2 + P:
    If Ibuki is close to the opponent, she does an extended
    version of her Raida that comes out in a single frame and
    is unblockable. If Ibuki isn't close to the opponent, she
    unleashes a projectile similar to Kikou-Shou. The startup
    time is great but it's hard to get all the hits. 
    III) Yami-Shigure: QCFx2 + P:
    Ibuki throws out three shurikens in the ground and if it
    connects, she slashes the opponent back and forth. The
    button determines how far she throws the shurikens and 
    the farther the throw, the slower the travel. Can be linked
    off few normals and moves but does diddly damage.
    12) Elena:
    Elena is a princess in an African tribe that has a cultural 
    tradition of fighting. She may have been born in Kenya and 
    her fighting style is Capoeira which utilizes her strong, long 
    legs with dance-like moves and fancy legwork. Her father, 
    the tribe's chief, is a witch doctor. However, he also has a 
    PhD in medicine obtained from a French university. Elena's 
    views of fighting and martial arts differ from most due to her 
    light hearted personality allowing her to befriend some people 
    and annoy others. She wants to travel around the world, 
    meeting new friends along the way. She studied as an 
    exchange student in Japan, where she met her best friend 
    Narumi. She later continued those studies in France.
    Known Players to use Elena:
    -Combofiend (United States)
    -Nech_Neb (Canada)
    Personal Action:
    Elena does a dance that's a variation of one of her win poses
    as she gets a stun damage increase which can be stocked up 
    to four times.
    Command Normals:
    Handstand Kick: F + MP:
    Elena does a fast overhead that has amazing range and can be
    done from far away.
    Handstand Whip: F + MK:
    Elena does a fast overhead kick which moves her forward 
    that has good range but has frame disadvantage if blocked 
    which makes it unsafe.
    Round Arch: B + HK:
    Elena does he rstanding HK that moves her backward which
    has great priority and makes her invulnerable to throws and 
    crouching attacks on startup. 
    Sliding: DF + HK:
    Elena does a slide attack that has good range and moves 
    her forward which is good for foot game but hard to make 
    it whiff. Vulnerable if blocked from close range.
    Special Moves:
    Mullet Smash: HCB + P:
    Elena does a rotating kick that serves as an overhead. Has 
    some frame advantage after it but fairly slow and vulnerable 
    to parries if abused a lot. The EX version comes out faster 
    and has slightly longer frame advantage in the end of it.
    Rhino Horn: HCF + K:
    Elena does a thrust kick to the opponent. LK version goes
    short range, MK version does mid-screen and HK version
    goes near full-screen. It has some frame disadvantage but
    the block stun is long. A very annoying move against large
    characters due to the fact that they can't crouch under it.
    The EX version comes out more faster, does more damage
    and sets up a juggle that's hardly noticable.
    Scratch Wheel: F, D, DF + K:
    Elena does a rising kick in the air. Good for combos, anti-air,
    wakeups and reversals. The EX version his more times and
    has more priority.
    Spin Scythe: QCB + K (can be repeated two times):
    Elena does a spinning roundhouse that's very slow and does
    not combo into. Good for guessing games but doesn't follow
    up. The EX version comes out faster, comboable and puts
    opponents in a juggle setup but does the same amount of
    damage. Also has heavy recovery time so avoid using it in
    an often basis.
    Lynx Tail: B, D, DB + K:
    Elena does a spinning kick on the ground that hits low that
    ha good range but terrible recovery. The EX version hits
    more times but the last hit completely whiffs against most
    crouching characters.
    Super Arts:
    I) Spinning Beat: QCFx2 + K:
    Elena does three Scratch Wheels in a row that does decent
    damage and has juggle potential if done in the corner. It
    combos in the ground easily but only from close range.
    Also can be used as a decent anti-air.
    II) Brave Dance: QCFx2 + K:
    Elena does a barrage of normals that can be linked from
    various normals and does more damage. Also does good
    chip damage, has quick startup but has heavy recovery.
    Recommended super art due to the damage potential and
    access to EX moves.
    III) Healing: QCFx2 + P:
    Elena recovers up to 1/3 of her vitality with this super art.
    During the healing process, she's completely vulnerable
    to any attack coming to her. Holding Px3 stops her healing 
    immediately and quicker.
    13) Necro:
    As a boy, Illia was kidnapped by a mysterious organization 
    led by Gill and converted into a human test subject for the 
    biological warfare think-tank known as the G-Project. As a 
    young man, Necro's cellular structure and outward appearance 
    had changed drastically, the result of DNA alterations forging 
    Illia into a prototype super soldier. Accompanied by his 
    mutant girlfriend Eiffie, Necro enters the third World Warrior 
    tournament to personally get revenge on Gill and to win his 
    and Eiffie's freedom from the G-Project. When Necro found 
    Gill, Necro would have died at Gill's hands had Eiffie not 
    saved him. Feeling that they could not let them live knowing 
    the G-Project's secrets, Gill's organization constantly hunts 
    for the two mutants. As of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Necro 
    and Eiffie are still on the run.
    Known Players to use Necro:
    -Pino AB7 (Necro)
    -Sugiyama (Japan)
    Personal Action:
    Necro flails his tongue as he recieves an attack power
    increase for all attacks except for throws. The command
    can be held to continue the flailing of his tongue.
    Command Normals:
    Jab: B + LP:
    A quick poke that's good in close-range. Can be cancelled 
    into a super art on reaction.
    Elbow: B + MP:
    Same description as Jab except except a little bit of startup
    and less recovery that's hardly noticable.
    Necro Upper: B + HP:
    Necro does a stretching uppercut that's easily suspectible
    to parrries. Passable as anti-air, good stun damage and 
    juggle potential.
    Knee Dagger: B + LK:
    Necro does a short knee attack in close-range.
    Knee Attack: B + MK:
    Same description as Knee Dagger except except it has 
    mid-range on it.
    Knee Missile: B + HK:
    Necro does an upwards knee attack that has huge frame 
    advanatage after it. Good for anti-airs, combos and stun 
    Elbow Cannon: DB + HP:
    Necro does a short elbow attack that's fast, good damage 
    and puts opponents in a juggle state when hit. Juggles 
    are fairly limited though against majority characters.
    Drill Kick: D + K (only in air):
    Necro spins down in a drill position similar to Dhalsim's. 
    Button determines the angle of descent. Great for corner 
    game and away to get in close.
    Special Moves:
    Electric Blast: F, D, DF + P (press P rapidly):
    Necro steps forward a bit as his body is surrounded by 
    electricity. Great for anti-airs, has some juggle potential 
    depending on which button pressed, makes parrying 
    very risky and can be used in combos if timed right.
    There is no EX version of this move.
    Flying Viper: QCB + P:
    Necro jumps forward as his hands extend down for a
    blow. Only use is an overhead and can be reacted fast.
    The EX version moves faster, hits twice, more stun
    damage and has frame advantage. Great for pressure
    and corner game.
    Snake Fang: HCF + K:
    Necro's command grab as he grabs the opponent's leg
    and throws them to the other side of the screen. Great
    range and can be juggle if connects. Has a huge count
    of frame disadvantage when blocked due to the slow 
    recovery. There is no EX version of this move.
    Tornado Hook: HCF + P:
    Necro spins forward as he does a barrage of spinning
    punches. Good for juggles and the LP version is safe
    if blocked. The HP version puts opponents in a hit
    stun, does stun damage and turns them around but 
    has recovery time. The EX version comes out more
    faster, does more hits and more damage.
    Rising Cobra: QCB + K:
    Necro does a modified version of the splits which acts
    as an overhead attack. Very slow on startup and easy
    to anticipate. The EX version is a bit more faster, does
    more damage and hits twice.
    Super Arts:
    I) Magnetic Storm: QCFx2 + P then P rapidly:
    Necro does an extended version of Electric Blast but only
    combos with his main pokes and his target chains. Great
    for juggling but damage isn't worth it, can be worked as
    anti-air and absorbs some projectiles.
    II) Slam Dance: QCFx2 + P:
    Necro's command grab as he does two of his regular back
    throws and finishes it off with a regular throw. Possible to
    combo into but doesn't do much, it's better to do it without
    a combo for more damage. Good for wakeups, reversals or
    close surprise games. 
    III) Electric Snake: QCFx2 + P:
    Necro throws out an electric current on the floor that can
    only be blocked by crouching. Does good damage and
    stun damage and has the ability to juggle opponents right 
    after. Recommended super art is it can be cancelled by most 
    moves. has access to EX moves and also stun, zoning and 
    damage potential.
    14) Alex:
    As a Street Fighter III character, Alex has no official bio. 
    All that is conclusively known about him is that he's an 
    American from New York (although given by his accent, 
    many assume Alex is from Brooklyn). Alex entered the 
    third World Warrior tournament because its sponsor, Gill, 
    had seriously injured his best friend and father figure Tom, 
    even though Tom had told him Gill had won fairly. Tom 
    allowed him to go, letting him make his own decision. Alex 
    won every match and then faced Gill. Although he defeated 
    Gill, Alex did not have a chance to kill himand he went home
    to find Tom fully recovered. Thoughts of revenge no longer 
    clouding his mind, Alex encountered Ryu, who offered a 
    match with him. When Ryu won, he encouraged Alex to 
    hone his skills and seek out worthy opponents.
    Known Players to use Alex:
    -KSK (Japan)
    -Zangoef (Japan)
    Personal Action:
    Alex winds up his arm as he gets a power attack increase.
    Holding the command keeps him winding his arm which
    builds his attack power to a specific limit.
    Command Normals:
    Chop: F + MP:
    Alex does a quick overhead chop to the opponent.
    Very fast but does somewhat little damage for a
    command normal.
    Lariat: F + HP:
    Alex swings his hand to the opponent while he swings 
    his clinched fist. A somewhat 50-50 for an anti-air and 
    good does good damage up close.
    Headbutt/Sleeper Hold: B + HP:
    A command throw to which Alex catches the opponent
    he does a Headbutt. Does good damage and has stun
    potential. If the opponent is turned back while Alex does 
    that command, he does a back choke hold instead which
    does diddly damage.
    Flying Cross Chop: DF + HP (only in air):
    Also known as "Air Dive", Alex dives to the ground from 
    the air to the opponent. Somewhat different from the 3S 
    version, Alex remains in that animation until he lands on 
    ground which has him having very slow recovery right after.
    Special Moves:
    Flash Chop: QCF + P:
    Alex swipes his hand in a backhand form. The LP and 
    EX version can be comboed after a few normals for solid 
    damage. The HP version spins the opponent around for 
    a split-second amount of time, making it useful to startup 
    a combo or Super Cancel for massive damage.
    Powerbomb/German Suplex: HCB + P:
    A damaging command throw with a good range and fast 
    timing. Great for tick-throws and to block an opponent's 
    block-state. It can also be comboed after an HP Flash 
    Chop, resulting in Alex doing a release German Suplex.
    There is no EX version of this move.
    Spiral DDT: HCB + K:
    Alex hops forward and if it connects, he does a Spiral
    DDT to the opponent. Unblockable but can be avoided
    by jumping or crouching unlike few characters. There
    is no EX version of this move.
    Head Stomp: Charge D, U + K:
    Also known as "Air Stampede". Alex jumps into the air 
    and comes smashing down with a double boot stomp 
    which is effective for crossups as it can be confusing 
    to block. The HK and EX version can go near 3/4 of the 
    screen, making it useful to punish projectiles fast, but
    timing must be done quite early.
    Dashing Elbow: Charge B, F + K:
    Also known as "Slash Elbow". Alex dashes towards 
    the opponent with an upper leveraged standing MP. 
    Comes very fast and it doesn't get beaten early as it's 
    going more forward towards the opponent. The EX 
    version goes much faster, does two hits and does a 
    pounce which is great to confuse opponents mid-range.
    Air Knee Grapple: F, D, DF + K:
    Also known as "Air Knee Smash". Alex glides into 
    the air and tries to catch the opponent, slamming them 
    directly to the ground under his LK animation. It's a 
    great anti-air which must be done very early before the 
    opponent attacks. The bad things are is that it can be 
    air-blocked and it has no invulnerability, making the 
    move more difficult to use. The EX version does the 
    same version as the regular versions except that it 
    carries a small window of lower body invulnerability.
    Super Arts:
    I) Hyper Bomb: 360 + P:
    Alex does two German Suplexs and finishes it off with
    an HP Power Bomb. Does massive damage but can
    be easily avoided by jumping right before his arms
    lock in. Also great to do on wakeups. If done when
    the opponent is back, Alex does 7 German Suplexes
    instead which does a bit more damage.
    II) Boomerang Raid: QCFx2 + P:
    Alex does repeats FP to a quicker modified Flash Chop
    twice and ends with a grab. Does good damage but
    pushes Alex back if blocked. If the punches don't hit
    and the grab does, Alex does a Power Bomb but it
    can leave him open to get hit during his punching
    animations. Recommended super art due to his EX
    move options, damage potential and consistency. 
    III) Stun Gun Head Butt: QCFx2 + P:
    Alex leaps forward with a jumping LP and when it lands,
    does four Headbutts which results in the opponent being
    stunned. Can be easily avoided by jumping and gives
    chances for combos once connected.
    15) Remy:
    While the official backgrounds of most Street Fighter III 
    characters are vague at best, much can be conjectured about 
    Remy from dialogue and endings. His purpose seems to be 
    to convince people that violence is futile, and that the path 
    of a warrior is ultimately self-destructive and irresponsible.
    Remy makes numerous comments about a father who 
    abandoned his family. Due to sharing a similar playstyle 
    with Guile, many fans previously concluded that Remy is 
    the illegitimate child of Guile. Capcom has officially denied 
    this rumor.
    Known Players to use Remy:
    -Naysayism (United States)
    -Pierrot (Japan)
    -Ryo-Chin (Japan)
    Personal Action:
    Remy does a thinker's pose as he receives an increase
    of his stun damage. Can be stocked up to four times.
    Command Normals:
    Amari ni Muku no Alguille: B + MK:
    Remy does a slow overhead kick that doesn't look like 
    anoverhead kick. Recommended to be used far from the
    opponent as it has huge frame disadvantage leaving the
    opponent to react quickly after.
    Special Moves:
    Light of Virtue (High): Charge B, F + P:
    Remy throws out a spinning projectile that's similar but
    smaller than Guile's Sonic Boom. Has great recovery,
    can dash before it hits the opponent and is great to
    use while opponent's are cornered. The EX version
    comes out faster and throws two projectiles.
    Light of Virtue (Low): Charge B, F + K:
    Same description as Light of Virtue (High) except Remy 
    throws it low instead. The only difference is that it has
    slower recovery time than Light of Virtue (High).
    Rising Rage Flash: Charge D, U + K:
    Remy does a flip-kick that's similar to Guile's Somersault
    Kick. Good range, speed and priority and a great anti-air.
    The EX version goes more faster, has more priority and
    does two hits. Great to use as a reversal or wakeup.
    Cold Blue Kick: HCB + K:
    Remy jumps forward with a thrust kick. Good damage
    and setup after throwing any Light of Virtue but the
    further it hits, the more Remy is safe. The EX version
    comes more faster, safer and does two hits.
    Super Arts:
    I) Light of Justice: QCFx2 + P:
    Remy throws out 9 Light of Virutes under a 3-3-3 formation
    where its High-Low-High. Can be juggled, does useful and
    verifiable combos and has frame advantage when pushing
    away opponents but it can be easily parried and the damage
    it does is decent.
    II) Supreme Rising Rage Flash: QCFx2 + K:
    Remy does two LK Rising Rage Flashes and finishes it off
    with an HK Rising Rage Flash. Very useful as an anti-air
    and does good damage. Recommended super art because
    it gives a lot of meter to work with for EX moves.
    III) Blue Nocturne: QCFx2 + P:
    Remy puts up a knee and if her gets hit, does a barrage
    of normals and ends with a Rising Rage Flash. Very easy
    for the opponent to react, doesn't do much damage, a good
    anti-air or counter-attack on desperation or guessing but
    can only counter normals, not specials.
    16) Q:
    While the true origin and nature of Q is unknown, many 
    fans have developed theories on who Q is and where he 
    came from:
    *Theory 1: There has been speculation that Q is none 
    other than Balrog, the boxer who worked for the criminal 
    organization Shadoloo. The circumstantial evidence to 
    support this theory is that Q witnessed the fall of Shadoloo. 
    When Shadoloo's original leader M. Bison was killed, Balrog 
    took over and almost immediately ran it into the ground. 
    Also, Q has a number of powerful punch attacks, and some 
    of his attacks closely resemble those of Balrog. However, 
    the idea that Q could be Balrog is unlikely, since they are 
    not similar in height, build, or skin color. 
    *Theory 2: Another strange enigma is Q's insides. When 
    he is hit with a lightning-based attack, his skeletal system 
    is supposed to be shown, but all that is shown is a muscular 
    system and a metallic, non-detailed head. This leads some to 
    believe that he could be robotic, possibly a cyborg. To further 
    support this, in Q's ending, there is a slip of paper next to the 
    projection screen near the end of the scene that says some-
    thing along the lines of "Robodexx-Q." It is possible that he 
    may have been a cyborg project that mysteriously escaped 
    and hid his identity under the iron mask and trenchcoat, 
    which could also explain as to why a security team was 
    sent after him shortly after his discovery. 
    *Theory 3: There are also theories stating that Q is the 
    black commissioner wearing a red tie and white dress shirt 
    during Q's ending. The evidence supporting this is that the 
    lone patch of exposed skin under Q's mask matches the 
    complexion of the man, their ties and shirts match and after 
    the two other people are seen exiting the room, leaving the 
    man alone, Q's silhouette is seen dashing in front of the 
    projection screen. It is also possible that there may have 
    been more than one Q and the black man in the projection 
    room left there at the time was one of them. 
    *Theory 4: Another possibility is that M. Bison is Q. 
    Shadoloo was trying to make another body for Bison after 
    he was killed by Akuma. 
    Known Players to use Q:
    -Kuroda (Japan)
    -TK (Japan)
    Personal Action:
    Q arches his body and arms forward as he gets a defense
    bonus for the rest of the round. Can be stock up to three
    Command Normals:
    Toubu ni yoru Jouhou Kougeki (Kari): B + MP:
    Q does a swift uppercut that's passable as an anti-air but
    suspectibile to parries.
    Ryouude ni yoru Zenshin Tsuugeki (Kari): B + HP:
    Q does a lunging punch that's similar to his standing HP.
    It has faster startup and recovery but doesn't knockdown, 
    whiffs against crouching characters and can be used in
    Tentou kara no Toubu Tsuugeki (Kari): B + HK:
    Q does a sidekick that ends with him falling to the ground.
    Extremely bad recovery but it's cancellable and is passable
    for an anti-air or surprise attack.
    Tentou kara no Kyakubu Tsuugeki (Kari): DB/DF + HK:
    Q does a moveing version of his crouching HK. It has the
    exact same properties except it can be moved forward or 
    remain stationary.
    Special Moves:
    High Speed Barrage: QCB + P:
    Q does a few quick slaps to the opponent. LP version angles
    downward, MP version angles forward and HP version angles
    upward. Can be used as an early anti-air or chip damage but
    can be red parried. The EX version does more hits and results
    in a knockdown.
    Dashing Head Attack: Charge B, F + P (can be held):
    Q does a dashing punch to the opponent. If the P button is
    held, Q does an overhead punch instead. Fast startup and
    good recovery, great range and good for various combos.
    The EX version takes out the recovery but bounces the 
    opponent to the wall for more damage and gives a juggle
    Dashing Leg Attack: Charge B, F + K:
    Q does a low hitting version of the Deashing Head Attack.
    It has the same fast startup but has bad recovery. Very good
    for tricky and overhead combination games. The EX version
    does more damage and hits twice and can be super cancelled
    off of the first hit if timed right.
    Capture & Deadly Blow: HCB + K:
    Q's command grab as he grabs the opponent and does an
    uppercut which has good juggle potential. Very slow on
    startup which can be easily avoided but has incredible range
    and gives the opportunity for mixups and juggles. There is
    no EX version of this move.
    Super Arts:
    I) Critical Combo Attack: QCFx2 + P:
    Q does five Dashing Attacks which result in the opponent
    bouncing off the wall and to the other side of the screen.
    It has invincibility on startup which can be used on wakeups,
    reversals and does good damage on combos but the startup
    is slow yet is quick to punish certain moves. Recommended 
    super art as it gives access to EX moves and gets the ability 
    to pass through projectiles and ground attacks.
    II) Deadly Double Combination: QCFx2 + P:
    Q does a lunging punch and when it connects, does a hammer-
    like blow which results the opponent flying up into the air. Does 
    good damage and is effective as anti-air but has extremely bad 
    recovery time if blocked, leaving him open to get attacked very 
    III) Total Destruction: QCFx2 + P then QCF + P/K:
    Q's system activates into red as he has a limited amount of
    time to grab the opponent for an explosion. The P version is
    a normal hit but can be blocked and the K version is a grab
    where his system says "Danger" and is unblockable. Does
    great damage but has slow recovery and can be easily
    17) Hugo:
    *NOTE: According to the favorable list, Hugo is tied with
    Hugo Andore and several members of his family were 
    promiment members of Mad Gear, although Cody outfought 
    the elder members in a cage match in the West Side and 
    Haggar humiliated him in the original Final Fight, which
    infuriated the wrestler to no end. Enough that in Final Fight 
    Revenge, Andore attempted to give a televised broadcast to 
    Haggar challenging him to the mayorship through a wrestling 
    match-a broadcast that ironically never aired. Andore and his 
    family would continue to join Metro City's most prominent 
    gangs for years to come, including a revived, worldwide 
    Mad Gear in Final Fight 2 and Mad Gear's successor the 
    Skull Cross gang in Final Fight 3. Even so, Haggar and his 
    friends crushed each of these syndicates and Andore's 
    hopes of glory. Seemingly going fully legitimate and 
    accompanied by Poison, Hugo entered the third World 
    Warrior tournament in Street Fighter III: Second Impact 
    because he wanted to find a suitable tag team partner, due 
    to his former one being mysteriously killed off by a rival. 
    During the tournament, Hugo battled with Ryu, a traveler 
    who is constantly perfecting his fighting skills. In that 
    battle Hugo was hit by the Shin-Shoryuken, Ryu's most 
    powerful move, but he wasn't knocked out by it and 
    continued to put on an amazing performance. Ryu may 
    have temporarily been his tag team partner anyway, but 
    a permanent solution was not given and again Hugo 
    needed a partner. Eventually, Hugo and Poison decided to 
    start their own wrestling promotion in Street Fighter III: 
    3rd Strike, the Huge/Hyu Wrestling Army (HWA). Their 
    main objective is to take over all of pro wrestling.
    Known Players to use Hugo:
    -Hayao (Japan)
    -Henry Cen (United States)
    -Pecheur (France)
    -YSB (Japan)
    Personal Action:
    Hugo stretches his arms down as he gets an attack power
    increase for all attacks except for throws. When holding the
    command, he performs a taunt that increases his throw
    damage. At anytime a taunt is done, he gets an additional
    defense bonus which stocks up to two times.
    Command Normals:
    Body Press: D + HP (only in air):
    Hugo does a splash-like move that can be used as a crossup
    that's tough to get a position to execute it. If blocked, Hugo
    gains frame advantage for him to use Moonsault Press
    or Gigas Breaker right after.
    Hammer Hook: F + HP:
    Hugo does a swinging fist that can be used as anti-air but
    can be easily reacted by parrying or blocking.
    Special Moves:
    Giant Palm Bomber: QCB + P
    Hugo does a clapping attack that does massive damage and
    stun damage but has slow startup and gives good frame
    advantage afterwards which is great to use a special move
    or normal right after. The EX version does a more damaging
    hit and juggles too.
    Moonsault Press: 360 + P
    Hugo's fast command grab which can do big damage and has
    great range as he spins up with the opponent in the air and
    backflips with Hugo on the of the opponent. Can be easily 
    avoided by jumping before Hugo hands reach. There is no 
    EX version of this move.
    Monster Lariat: QCF + K
    Hugo runs towards the opponent as he does a lariat to the
    opponent which knocks them right down. Good to use
    against opponents who'll back-dash or commonly do jump-
    in attempts but whiffs against crouchers. The EX version
    comes out more faster and does more damage.
    Shootdown Backbreaker: F, D, DF + K
    Hugo jumps up in the air and if he cataches the opponent,
    he does a backbreaker upon landing then throws them down.
    Has zero priority and various jumping attacks and anti-airs
    can beat the move easily. Also has heavy recovery upon
    landing so use with caution. There is no EX version of this
    Meat Squasher: 360 + K:
    Hugo runs towards the opponent and when he catches them,
    he slams the to the other side of the wall. Has very heavy
    startup which various attacks can easily beat which has
    very little uses for. There is no EX version of this move.
    Ultra Throw: HCB + K:
    Hugo throws the opponent to the wall as they bounce upon
    impact which gives him the opportunity to juggle a combo
    right after. Various moves to do right after are Shootdown
    Backbreaker, Megaton Press or EX Gaint Palm Bomber.
    There is no EX version of this move.
    Super Arts:
    I) Gigas Breaker: 720 + P:
    One of the quickest super arts in the game as Hugo's command
    grab does two Shootdown Backbreakers and finishes off with a
    Moonsault Press. Has invincibility on starup and does huge
    damage for one meter. Recommended super art for the rushdown
    type and for little uses of EX moves.
    II) Megaton Hammer: QCFx2 + K:
    Hugo does a Shootdown Backbreaker setup and upon connection,
    spins the opponent up in the air with more verticality as he lands 
    on top of the opponent. Good damage, good for anti-airs if timed 
    right and is good to use after a juggling combo.
    III) Hammer Frenzy: QCFx2 + P:
    Hugo runs towards the opponent with a barrage of normals 
    andfinishes it off with a Giant Palm Bomber. Has invulnerability 
    on startup which can go through projectiles and is good for 
    wakeups but it can be easily blocked and parried upon reaction 
    and has huge recovery time, making him unsafe if blocked.
    18) Twelve:
    *NOTE: According to the favorable list, Twelve is tied with
    With Necro being his prototype, Twelve is genetically 
    engineered to regenerate, form other shapes (usually 
    weapons) out of his body, copy a person's appearance 
    and skill, and is meant to be incapable of being damaged. 
    The "G-Project", the secret project that resulted in Twelve's 
    birth, was executed by Dr. Kure, and overseen by Gill's 
    brother, Urien. Twelve is ordered to retrieve Necro after 
    the latter frees himself from Gill's organization. Twelve is 
    also being mass produced by the organization to create 
    an army of Twelve-like creatures. Twelve considers Urien 
    to be his father because of his involvement with his 
    Known Players to use Twelve:
    -Burton (Canada)
    -Chikyuu (Japan)
    -Yamazaki (Japan)
    Personal Action:
    Twelve does a taunt which let's him disappear for a limited
    amount of time. He'll reappear when he gets hit, blocks an
    attack, throws the opponent or doing a super art. Taunting
    while invisible makes Twelves reappear.
    Command Normals:
    B.M.K: B + MK:
    Twelve does an upwards kick that's cancellable.
    Kobe Haritsuki: Hold F against a wall in the air:
    Twelve holds on the wall for a short amount of time.
    Kokkuu: B/Fx2 (only in air):
    Twelve does a flying air dash for any type of purpose.
    Special Moves:
    N.D.L.: QCF + P:
    Twelve does a strange projectile-like attack where he puts
    his arms on the floor and they come out further into the
    stage and they act as needles. LP version comes up close,
    MP version comes up half-way and HP version comes up
    near full-screen. The EX version comes out and recovers
    slightly faster and can put the opponent into a juggle
    A.X.E.: QCB + P (also in air):
    Twelve flails his arms around him like a whip for multiple
    hits. The EX version does more hits and more damage.
    The ground version is vulnerable if blocked and the
    aerial version can be used to beat anti-air parry attempts.
    D.R.A.: QCB + K (only in air):
    Twelve does a diving attack. Button strength determines
    the diving angle. The EX version goes more faster and
    knocks down and is good for going over projectiles and
    punishing whiffed attacks while jumping.
    Super Arts:
    I) X.N.D.L.: QCFx2 + P:
    Twelve does an extended version of his N.D.L. which travels
    through the length of the screen. It can be comboed into but
    the recovery time is terrible. Recommended super art as it does
    decent damage, access to EX moves and is the only safest 
    super art in his move list.
    II) X.F.L.A.T.: QCFx2 + K (only in air):
    Twelve does an extended version of his D.R.A. which does
    decent damage if hit on the ground but horrible damage if hit
    on the air.
    III) X.C.O.P.Y.: QCFx2 + P:
    Twelve morphs into his opponent until the timer runs out. As 
    the morphed character, his offense and defense gets boosted
    but doesn't have access to their EX moves and super arts.
    When the timer runs out, Twelve morphs back into himself
    which causes a lot of recovery time and can be easily hit
    during that timeframe.
    19) Sean:
    The events of how Sean became Ken's student are somewhat 
    unclear, but what is known is that Sean's main reason for 
    entering the third World Warrior tournament was to prove 
    to Ken that he had become a much greater student then he 
    had been the previous year, while training with Ken. Although 
    skilled in his fighting style, Sean lacked the discipline and 
    experience to make it too far as a fighter in the U.S. championship 
    tournament, being knocked out in the preliminaries. Despite 
    this, he kept his big dreams of one day winning a tournament 
    of his own, even turning down Ken's offer of the U.S. trophy, 
    claiming he wanted to earn his own one day. Despite the loss 
    at the tournament, Sean continues to train with Ken and it's 
    possible he's also training alongside Ken's son, Mel. It is 
    likely Sean is familiar with Ken's son, as well as his wife, Eliza
    and could very well be staying at their home for training 
    purposes. Considering the wealth of Ken's family, this is not 
    Known Players to use Sean:
    -C-Royd (Canada)
    Personal Action:
    Sean does a hook shot as he throws a basketball to the
    opponent. If it hits, he gets a stun damage increase which
    can be stock up to three times. The basketball must hit each
    time or else he doesn't recieve the bonus.
    Command Normals:
    Sean Pachiki: F + HP:
    Sean does a headbutt that's an overhead, does two hits and
    has heavy recovery time. Whether it's hit or blocked, players
    can react instantly with any attack possible. Can be used in
    mixups and various pokes.
    Rolling Sobat: F + HK:
    Sean does a hopping spinkick which moves him forward a bit.
    Very good against mid-level attacks but extremely unsafe and
    whiffs against crouching characters and crouching attacks.
    Special Moves:
    Zenten: QCB + K:
    Sean does a command roll as he can roll through opponents.
    Can't be thrown off of but remains widely open to any sort
    of low attack. Great for wakeup situations. There is no EX
    version of this move.
    Sean Tackle: HCB + P (hold P):
    Sean does a command dash and if he grabs the opponent,
    he nails them down for a two hit blow. Even though it's sort
    of a command grab, it can be parried. Also has very small 
    recovery which has the chance to attack right after. The EX
    version does two more punches then a hammer blow right
    after for extra damage.
    Dragon Smash: F, D, DF + P:
    Sean does a double-fist Shoryuken-like attack that has less
    horizontal range and low verticality. Very good for knockdown
    combos but leaves him open in the air if blocked. The EX
    version does two hits, comes out faster, a slight bit more
    height and is passable for wakeups.
    Ryuubi Kyaku: QCF + K:
    Sean does a leaping kick that has an arc as it goes towards
    the opponent. Very slow, has frame disadavtange and can
    be easily reacted after a block or parry. The EX version comes 
    out more faster, does two hits and is slightly safer.
    Tornado: QCB + K:
    Sean does his version of the Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku. Can
    hit crouching opponents but it doesn't knockdown, not safe
    if blocked and can be easily parried or red parried. The EX
    version is more faster, more hits and has less air time which
    makes it slightly safer.
    Super Arts:
    I) Hadou-Burst: QCFx2 + P:
    Sean does his version of a Hadouken which knocks down
    and does good damage. Very good to attack from mid-range
    or long distances but has long recovery when blocked as the
    opponent can easily dash right after for a combo. Recommended
    super art as it has access to the EX moves and can be comboed
    for that monsterous damage.
    II) Shoryu-Cannon: QCFx2 + P then P rapidly:
    Sean does two Shoryuken-like moves not similar to his 
    Dragon Smash for decent damage the more times P is 
    pressed. Has the potential for juggling, does good chip 
    damage, works as a good anti-air but must be done 
    extremely close to land in combos.
    III) Hyper-Tornado: QCFx2 + P:
    Sean does a Sean Tackle and when it connects, he does a
    barrage of normals, a Tornado and ends it with a Ryuubi 
    Kyaku. Not safe if blocked but does the most damage.
    Great to use on wakeup or desperations and effective of 
    all distances. Recommended super art if you don't plan to
    use EX moves and what to cut-to-the-chase very fast.
    Arcade/Console Differences:
    *I've added this new sub-section for people to know the
    differences between playing Arcade and on Console. With
    Street Fighter Anniversary Collection being on the back-
    wards compatible list to be played on XBOX 360, that will
    also be added too.
    The PS2 version is arcade perfect. In fact, the resolution is 
    probably better on the PS2 than it is on arcade. The links
    are easier to do (which is more lienient) and the damage
    scaling seems to be a little different. Then you have the 
    XBOX which is not a bad choice for both offline and for 
    XBOX Live except while playing on XBOX Live and 
    choosing Yang on Seiei-Enbu, once that super art is 
    activated in the match, the network for some reason will 
    lock up and will cause a disconnect on both sides. Again 
    it is arcade perfect, but for some reason, it is faster than 
    the other versions. You can easily suspect this is so it can 
    keep up online. Then lastly you have the Dreamcast. There 
    is input lag so certain combos are harder to do. A lot of 
    moves have recieved extra damage scaling and the ani-
    mation frames have been messed around with, meaning 
    certain things are almost, if not impossible to do, which 
    makes the Dreamcast version the worst.
    You can't go wrong with the PS2, you can do alright with 
    the XBOX, but the Dreamcast....I wouldn't even take a 
    dump on the disc, but just ot go in-dpeth from above
    (this points to both PS2/XBOX):
    -Oro's Tengu-Stone on console is better as the stones 
    follow Oro's moves faster and don't lag behind like they 
    happen to do on arcade sometimes. This make Tengu-
    Stone pressure stronger on console
    -Akuma's Zugai Hasatsu is unthrowable on arcade, but
    it's throwable on console.
    -Yang has slowdowns sometimes in arcade when doing 
    EX Tourou Zan, expecially on his stage. There are no 
    slowdowns on console.
    As for playing it on the XBOX 360, as of mid-April 2007,
    Microsoft has made Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
    backwards compatible due to online petition. Due to the
    emulation, there are some problems/glitches when playing
    it and here it is:
    -When both characters are jumping, and one of them has 
    a super jump that goes beyond the screen (like Oro or 
    Necro) 3/4 times, there will be a slow down or hitch. Seems 
    to be related to moving the screen...happens more when 
    you are jumping toward or away than straight up or down.
    The slowdown only happens frequently in a few stages 
    (Yun and Yang's most notable). It doesn't happen during 
    ground fighting, but if you jump in the air, the game slows 
    down for a second or two. At most, it might screw up your 
    parry time, but you can always play the game on a stage 
    other than the ones that have slowdown and you'll be fine.
    -There's a slight flicker on the smash the car bonus stage 
    and in Chun-Li's stage (the two old men drinking tea flicker 
    during win poses).
    -When the round is over, the reverb sound effect plays a 
    few seconds too long.
    -Aside from that, the emulation is perfect. Just a few small 
    tweaks and everything should be golden.
    US/Japan Differences:
    *I've added this new sub-section for people to know the
    differences between playing the US and Japanese versions.
    Not really a big deal, but it has few minor differences.
    -Japanese versions (arcade and console) have blood.
    -Twelve is misspelled in the arcade version. When picking
    your opponent, it'll say "TWELEVE" on his section.
    -Urien has aegis unblockables in the arcade version. Quite 
    frankly, this is the version that top arcades house in their 
    machines (aka. Version A).
    -In the arcade (Version A), the machine can be reset due
    to a glitch known as The Makoto Glitch. How to do this is 
    Ken vs. Makoto in Makoto's stage. Ken uses his neutral
    throw (knees) and Makoto will die from chip knockout. 
    The machine will freeze must be booted back from the 
    start where the CPS3 CD-Rom loads up the software.
    -Urien has an extended time out pose in japanese versions
    (arcade and console). What happens here is that when 
    Urien loses by time out, he holds himself, then a few 
    seconds later, blood spews out of his torso as he's in 
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    like to know this information.
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