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    Akuma by Kevin S

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 09/17/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written by the Azn Bomber (Kevin S)
    *New E-mail: Azn_Bomber@hotmail.com
    Version 1.4
    Sunday, September 17, 2000
    Location: Toronto, Canada
    Table Of Contents
    Part 1===> Move Definition
    Part 2===> Universal Commands
    Part 3===> Akuma's History
    Part 4===> Why Use Akuma?
    Part 5===> Strengths and Weaknesses of Akuma
    Part 6===> Normal Attack Analysis
    Part 7===> Special Move Analysis
    Part 8===> Super Art Analysis
    Part 9===> Tips to Setup the Raging Demon (Shun Goku Satsu)
    Part 10==> Tips To Play Akuma and Street Fighter 3 (in general)
    Part 11==> Cheap Yet Effective Akuma Tactics
    Part 12==> Tips Against Specific Characters
    Part 13==> Akuma's Normal Combos
    Part 14==> Akuma's Super Art Combos
    Part 15==> Tricks
    Part 16==> Revision History
    Part 17==> Special Thanks
    Move Definition
    U- Up
    B- Back
    D- Down
    F- Forward
    Note: I can write combinations such as UF meaning Up Forward.
    LP- Light Punch
    MP- Medium Punch
    HP- Hard Punch
    LK- Light Kick
    MK- Medium Kick
    HK- Hard Kick
    P- Any Punch
    K- Any Kick
    QCF- Quarter-Circle Forward (D,DF,F)
    QCB- Quarter-Circle Back (D,DB,B)
    HCF- Half-Circle Forward (B,DB,D,DF,F)
    HCB- Half-Circle Back (F,DF,D,DB,B)
    Cr.- Crouching
    St.- Standing
    Jmp.- Jumping
    Universal Commands
    Forward Dash- Tap F,F
    Backward Dash- Tap B,B
    Backward Jump- Tap UB
    Vertical Jump- Tap U
    Forward Jump- Tap UF
    Super Backward Jump- Tap D,UB
    Super Vertical Jump- Tap D,U
    Super Forward Jump- Tap D,UF
    Standing Block- Hold B when attacked
    Crouching Block- Hold DB when attacked
    High Parry- Tap F when you are just about to be hit by a high attack
    Low Parry- Tap D when you are just about to be hit by a low attack
    Air Parry- Tap F when you are just about to be hit by a high attack (Lands 
    far from opponent)
    Throw I- Go close to opponent tap F+K/P (depends on the character and the 
    strength of punch and/or kick)
    Throw II- Go close to opponent and press F or B and tap LP+LK
    Tech Throw- Press LP+LK when about to be thrown
    Universal Overhead- Press MP+MK
    Taunt- Press HP+HK
    Akuma's History
    Akuma was a human but has always trained to become the most powerful fighter 
    in the world, no matter what the cost. He was eventually shun away by his 
    master because the evil within Akuma.
    Akuma then continued to train in the techniques of Shotokan Karate.  After 
    training many years, he finally mastered every technique of Shotokan Karate. 
      He felt empty inside and knew there must be more to Shotokan Karate, then 
    he was taught.  After, he found the hidden part of the Shotokan Karate, also 
    known as the Dark Shotokan Karate.
    Akuma began to train under the Dark Shotokan Karate and unleashing the 
    power, demons soon merged into Akuma's body.  Akuma's power increased 
    greatly, but now he was nothing human.
    Why Use Akuma?
    Your probably asking, why not use Ryu and Ken?  Well, because Akuma for 
    starters has a wide variety of moves, which all have a variety of uses.  
    Akuma does good damage and he has combos that just plain hurt.  Akuma now 
    has 5 types of supers.  The three you can pick from, the Shun Goku Satsu 
    (Raging Demon) and his NEW Kongou Kokuretsu Zan.
    Strengths and Weaknesses Of Akuma
    +Akuma is versatile, he can handle almost situation
    +Akuma can play both offensive and defensive
    +Akuma has great anti-air
    +Akuma have 5 supers
    +Akuma has the best juggling possibilities out of all the Shotokans
    -Akuma take a heck of a lot of damage
    -Akuma has a VERY SHORT stun bar
    -Akuma is not one of the faster characters in the game
    -Akuma has no EX specials
    -Akuma (as like every Shotokan) meaning he's too damn predictable
    -Akuma lost a lot of his priority in SF3:3S
    Normal Attack Analysis
    St. LP- Just a regular quick (to come out) jab, fast recovery and low 
    damage.  Best use is just for setting up a combo.
    Cr. LP- Like the St. LP, quick (to come out) jab, fast recovery and low 
    damage.  Just like the St. LP except your crouching now.
    Jmp. LP- An elbow which does little damage and short ranged, personally I 
    wouldn't suggest using it to much.
    St. MP- Akuma takes an overhead chop.  The damage is ok and this move is 
    great for people who just love to crouch all day and is great to mix up and 
    confuse your opponent with. Just be careful with it, because it has some 
    start up time.
    Cr. MP- This move is fast, and is great to do when away from the opponent 
    (to charge up your super). Overall it's not bad, but I would rather use the 
    Cr. MK.
    Jmp. MP- A downward jumping punch, does the same purpose as the Jumping HP, 
    yet comes out faster.  Yet, I prefer to do the HP as a jump in because it 
    just does more damage. =)
    St. HP- If close Akuma does a mini uppercut, which is great for cancelling 
    into almost any special move.  If far, Akuma takes a HARD forward punch 
    which is good as a counter attack.
    Cr. HP- Akuma just does a crouching uppercut, but I prefer the dragon 
    punch/St. HK and the CR. HP has too much starting time.
    Jmp. HP- A downward jumping punch, great priority, good damage and great to 
    set up your combos.
    St. LK- Takes a little kick foward which has no start up delay yet very 
    little damage.  Great for setting up Akuma's combos though.
    Cr. LK- Akuma takes a small kick crouching with is nice as something to chip 
    at your opponent life.  Too bad the damage sucks. =(
    Jmp. LK- Akuma jumps and attacks with his knee sticking out.  Not the best 
    jump in, cuz of the low damage.  At least it has priority.
    St. MK- From far, he takes a step and does a straight kick.  Looks ugly, 
    crappy damage and is so predictable you're asking for a super in your face.  
    >From close, Akuma knees the opponent, which does ok damage and is great for 
    chaining into other moves.
    Cr. MK- Great for chipping at your opponents life and has decent range and 
    damage.  It's also great to do when you're away from your opponent to charge 
    up your super bar.
    Jmp. MK- Good as a jump in and has priority.  But, the HK does the same 
    thing with more damage.
    St. HK- Akuma takes a BIG kick forward and does this hurt.  It's comes out 
    fast and has priority.
    Cr. HK- Akuma takes a sweep, but now it's speed is greatly reduced from 
    Street Fighter Alpha Series.  The recovery time just plain sucks.  When 
    blocked by your opponent, expect you to get hit back, possibly by a super 
    Jmp. HK- Same as the jumping MK, but has more power.  I prefer the jumping 
    HP as a jump in because it has more priority and gets you more close to the 
    opponent, meaning more hits for my combos. =)
    Special Move Analysis
    Hadou-Ken- Fireball (QCF+P): (Akuma throws a purple fireball foward)  
    Depending what you press with QCF+P the speed of the fireball will work like 
    LP- Slow (Speed) Fireball
    MP- Medium (Speed) Fireball
    FP- Fast (Speed) Fireball
    Fireball has now almost have completely become obsolete.  Fireballs are easy 
    to parry, has low damage and barely charges up your super meter.
    It does have its uses, but only in combos now.  I noticed if you do a combo 
    ending with a fireball, and the fireball is blocked, the opponent can 
    counter depending on the character.  Well, at least you can super cancel the 
    fireball into any of your supers, but super cancelling reduces the damage 
    greatly of your super, making it kinda of a waste to use your super like 
    this.  Fireballs can be thrown to allow you to advance forward though, 
    because most people parry it allowing you to get a little more up close.
    Effectiveness: 3/10
    Zankuu Hadou Ken: Air Fireball (In mid-air press QCF+P): (Akuma throws a 
    purple fireball that goes towards your opponent from midair)
    Depending what you press with QCF+P the speed of the fireball will work like 
    LP- Slow (Speed) Fireball
    MP- Medium (Speed) Fireball
    FP- Fast (Speed) Fireball
    The air fireball is great due to the fact that you can pin your opponent 
    down.  Even if he parries it, who cares, very rarely will he be able to 
    counter it even if he does parry it.  The damage is rather low, but this 
    isn't really used for offense, just offensive pressure.  A great trick to do 
    is to super jump, and release a LP air fireball at the beginning of the 
    jump.  The fireball will hit him before your jump in, somewhat shielding you 
    from his anti-air.  Even if he parries it, your opponent will get confused 
    because he still has a jump in to worry about. You'll probably use the LP 
    one though, cuz you wanna in your opponent down. Remember, your using this 
    for offensive pressure, not for the damage.  For some reason, people really 
    have some problem if you use this move. I hear A LOT of bullshit excuses on 
    how this is "cheap".  Just because people can't deal with a air projectile, 
    doesn't mean you should stop using this.  This move is great to mix up in 
    your Akuma game. Effectiveness: 7/10
    Shakunetsu Hadou Ken- Red Fireball (HCB+P): (Akuma gathers his chi and 
    release a burning red fireball)
    Depending what you press with QCF+P the number of hits, start up time and 
    damage of the fireball will work like this.
    LP- 1 hit fireball (slight start up delay -> Travels Fast)
    MP- 2 hit fireball (moderate start up delay -> Travels Slow)
    FP- 3 hit fireball (long start up delay -> Travels Really Slow)
    This fireball does good chipping damage but the start up time is insane. 
    Don't bother using the LP and MP fireball, it's pointless if your using it 
    for chipping damage. The only real use I find for this is after you knock 
    down your opponent you do this, which forces them to block or parry.  If 
    your opponent decides to parry it, try to dash in and do a combo (only works 
    for the FP Red Fireball. NEVER do this move when your opponent is actually 
    standing, unless you like a super in your face. =)
    Effectiveness: 4/10
    Shoryu-Ken- Dragon Punch (FQCF+P): (Akuma rises in the air and hits with a 
    Depending on how hard the punch is, the higher and more powerful (more hits) 
    this dragon punch is.  The dragon punch does solid damage, stuns good and 
    helps to charge up your super meter.  Remember though, the dragon punch is 
    no longer invincible, so you must time the dragon punch right now.  Never do 
    this every time someone jumps in because, they'll pick up the pattern and 
    begin to parry it.  Like in all SF games, the recovery time for this is 
    really bad, meaning you will be easily punished if you miss.
    Effectiveness: 6.5/10
    Tatsumaki-Senpuu-Kyaku: Hurricane Kick (QCB+K): (Akuma defies the law of 
    gravity and spins with one leg extended in mid-air).
    Akuma's hurricane kick is a multi hitting one, doing good damage.  It's a 
    great combo finisher and is decent for air to air battle.  The light 
    hurricane kick (if connected) Akuma can juggle the opponent because Akuma 
    lands from the hurricane earlier that his opponent, give Akuma more comboing 
    ability.  Watchout for Cr. Opponents because you will just pass over them, 
    which could mean they could follow up to counter you. This move can also be 
    done in the air, which can beat lower priority air attacks.  There is also 
    juggling possiblities after connecting a hurricane kick in mid-air.
    Effectiveness: 6.5/10
    Tenma Kuujin Kyaku: Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK): (Akuma dives 
    down from the air with one leg extended)
    Great as a jump because of its great speed and the damage is decent.  Mix 
    this up with the jumping FP to keep your opponent off balance.  Remember, if 
    this connects your opponent will be stunned long enough for you to do a 
    combo on them. Also, take note that when it is parried, you'll be right 
    beside your opponent.
    Effectiveness: 7/10
    Ashura Senkuu: Teleport (FQCF+PPP, BQCF+PPP, FQCF+KKK, BQCF+KKK): (Akuma 
    moves his physical self backwards and foward, leaving only a trail of 
    shadows for his opponents to see until he reappears)
    FQCF- Teleports Akuma forward
    BQCF- Teleports Akuma backwards
    PPP- Teleports further than KKK
    KKK- Teleports shorter than PPP
    Akuma's teleporting move has no startup time and he is completely 
    invulnerable while teleporting.  Becareful though, at the end of the 
    teleport, you are completely vulnerable.  Your opponent can hurt you pretty 
    bad if you did a bad teleport.  Remember though, while in the teleport you 
    are invulnerable, even to supers. =) Although I never use it, you can try to 
    add it to your game for style, but I think it's just too slow to be used 
    except defensively and to get your out of corner traps.
    Effectiveness: 5/10
    Hyakki Shuu: (FQCF+K): (Akuma does a jump foward)
    Depending on what button you press after, will decides it's outcome.  If you 
    press nothing, you will do a slide as you land.  This slides comes out slow 
    and easily counter.  Besides trying to cross up your opponent.  I wouldn't 
    suggest that you do this move, since there are better options.
    Effectiveness: 4/10
    Hyakki Goushou- Press P while in air: Also known as the KO punch.  This move 
    knocks the guy down, setting you up for the next set of punishment.  Since 
    this move is blockable, it's not recommended unless your sure that it's 
    going to connect. Don't rely on this move to fool your opponent because this 
    isn't what this move is for.
    Effectiveness: 5.5/10
    Hyakki Gousen- Press K while in air: This makes Akuma do a dive kick, which 
    comes out quickly and should be used unexpectedly. The Dive Kick has been 
    weakened since SF:2I because when parried, it leaves you OPEN.  This move 
    can be done at any point of the demon flip from it's peak onward.  This move 
    is even worse because Akuma has lost a lot of priority since his appearance 
    in SF: 2I.
    Effectiveness: 6.5/10
    Hyakki Goutsui- Press LP+LK while in the air: This makes Akuma do an 
    overhead throw, which tosses the opponent in the direction your facing.  
    This can confuse your opponent, by making him believe this is an air throw, 
    yet in fact it is just a throw executed when the opponent is on the ground.  
    This move is great to pressure your opponent with and should be mixed up in 
    your Akuma game, since it's unblockable.  Just do it too much, or you'll be 
    eating an air the second they see you attempt it.
    Effectiveness: 7/10
    Super Art Analysis
    I Messatsu Gou Hadou: Super Fireball (QCF,QCF+P) (Akuma gathers Chi and 
    releases a large puprle fireball forward)
    Akuma can hold 2 of these and it can be done in the air (In mid-air 
    QCF,QCF+P):  This super's strengths is that it's extremely versatile.  You 
    can pretty much punish any mistakes with this super due to the fact it can 
    travel the whole screen and this super art is hard to counter unless they 
    are beside you.  Being able to do this in the air is also a plus.  The bad 
    side is, it's Akuma's weakest super.  When you super cancel this, the damage 
    is even worse (almost to a point where a HP dragon punch would do more 
    damage.  Even to make things worse, good players can parry all the hits from 
    this super.  This super can also be done mid air, doing a large Zankuu Hadou 
    Ken.  I personally found this mid air fireball is slighty too slow and only 
    works on brain dead opponents.
    Effectiveness: 8.5/10
    II Messatsu Gou Shouryuu: Special Dragon Punch (QCF,QCF+P) (Akuma does three 
    consecutive dragon punches)
    Akuma can hold 2 of these.  The good thing about this super is that it hurts 
    more than the super fireball.  This super has good priority, it has the 
    ability to snuff most normal moves and some special moves.  The bad side is 
    you lose versatility and the recovery of this super art is just plain bad.  
    If this super is blocked, you can kiss 1/2 of your life goodbye. =( 
    Personally, I noticed no one ever pick this super, then again his other 
    supers are just more effective than this one.  The recovery for this super 
    is awful, so try not to miss. =)
    Effectiveness: 7/10
    III Messatsu Gou Rasen: Special Hurricane Kick (QCF,QCF+K)(Akuma does his 
    hurricane kick, but instead of going horizontally, it now goes vertically)
    Akuma can hold 2 of these.  The strength of this super is that it's his most 
    powerful super art of his 3 you can pick from.  It can be used somewhat as 
    an anti air attack and can also be done in the air.  Treat this somewhat 
    like Ken's Shinryuu Ken (Vertical Dragon Punch) except this has more range.  
    Even when super cancelled, the damage is respectable. The downside is that 
    this super art has really short range, making it hard to use as an counter 
    attack except when your opponent is right beside you. This super can be done 
    mid air, yet this ability is not too handy, but it doesn't hurt to have it. 
    You can also pull this off to counter cross-ups if your fast enough. Note 
    the recovery is very bad if you miss this super.
    Effectiveness: 8/10
    HIDDEN SUPER: Shun Goku Satsu: Raging Demon (LP,LP,F,LK,HP) (Akuma slides 
    foward and grabs you and does his Instant Hell Murder)
    You must have 2 full super bars to execute this.  Oh man, this super hurts 
    BAD. The strength of this super is that it hurts, slap one of these on your 
    opponent and see 60% of his life disappear and best of all, it can't be 
    blocked.  The problem is to actually get this to hit your opponent.  Akuma 
    is completely vulnerable, a simple fireball can stop him in his tracks.  You 
    can just easily jump over Akuma when he does it too.  Also, its so damn 
    obvious when you do because all of a sudden you would be doing a few light 
    punches and a light kick and then your opponent will know what's up already. 
      A trick to do is to trip your opponent and then use the raging demon.  Due 
    to the fact that it would be too late for them to do anything if they were 
    in a blocking stance (which most people do after getting up).  I've heard 
    rumors that the Raging Demon can be cancelled off the St. HK, but I find it 
    purposeless.  The fun part of the Raging Demon is the fact that it can take 
    60% off, what's the fun when it only takes 30%?  If you can do the Raging 
    Demon at will, this is a great offensive tool.  Try to practice a 
    "Parry-Demon", it's damn stylish and hurts like hell =P
    Effectiveness: 5.5/10 or 8/10 (If you mastered the Raging Demon)
    HIDDEN SUPER: Kongou Kokuretsu Zan: (D,D,D+PP) (Akuma lifts up his hand and 
    hits the ground HARD and purple flames surround him)
    You must have 2 full super bars.  Does this super rock or what!?!?  The 
    strength of this super matches the raging demon and is a lot easier to 
    connect.  Isn't it great when your losing a match and all of a sudden you do 
    one move and you just won. =).  The strengths of this super is that it can 
    be used as anti-air and it does a MAD amount of damage.  Even the block 
    damage is insane.  The weakness is that it takes 2 super bars, but since 
    Akuma has no EX's, that shouldn't be much of a problem.  I don't think this 
    move can be super cancelled due to its start up time.  It is possible for 
    people to go right beside Akuma and avoid the super though.  Remember that 
    this super is for show only.  I think this super is humanly impossible to 
    parry, even though I've seen computer in training parry it all??
    Effectiveness: 6/10
    Tips to Setup the Raging Demon (Shun Goku Satsu)
    I have heard from others that the Raging Demon is a powerful move and one 
    can use this move offensively after mastering this attack.  In California 
    Mike Watson and Alex Valle has fallen many times to Hsien's Raging Demon.
    Here are some setups:
    1==>If you land a Cr. MK and then chain into a LK hurricane, instead of 
    doing a Dragon Punch, do a St. HP and cancel into Raging Demon.  If you time 
    it just right, your opponent will land right in it.  It is possible to 
    reverse this, but some character cannot counter quick enough or you can just 
    catch opponents off guard.
    *Note* Instead of a St. HP, you can try a St. LP
    2==>Do a red fireball from close range, and if they parry it, Raging Demon 
    their ass.
    3==>If someone jumps, dash back and their attack will miss.  Then dash under 
    them and do the Raging Demon.
    4==>If someone jumps in, do a St. HP.  If they get hit, follow up with a 
    juggle.  If they parry the St. HP, cancel into the Raging Demon and they'll 
    land right into it.
    *Note* You got to have REALLY FAST reflexes to do this one.
    5==>If someone jumps in, parry and then QUICKLY Raging Demon them.
    Tips To Play Akuma and Street Fighter 3 (in general)
    Tip 1: In Street Fighter 3, you must use your THROW, if not don't play this 
    game.  Don't be surprised if you see 10+ throws a game, especially from a 
    good opponent. It does great since you can now use (Go close to opponent and 
    press F or B and tap LP+LK), which makes it easier to throw. You wouldn't 
    believe how many moves can be countered by a throw, almost everything 
    blocked can be parried right after. Also, never get the impression that 
    throwing is cheap.
    Situation 1: Akuma is getting everything parried, like his fireball/dragon 
    punch and your opponent is just countering everything you parry.  9/10 
    chance is that he's turtling, so do you know what to do?  Just walk right up 
    to him and THROW him.  Most likely he won't even do a anti-air or any 
    special because the throw was not expected, or he was in a blocking stance 
    or he was getting ready to parry, thinking you were doing a special move 
    (joystick is tapped forward). That should give him a wake up call, and if he 
    doesn't learn from it, keep throwing him.  Don't let some SCRUB that knows 
    how to turtle and parry ruin your day. Someone who knows how to go on the 
    offense and parry is a whole different story. =)
    Trick 1: If someone constantly parries your jump-in attacks, just jump in 
    and throw him.  You wouldn't believe how many times this worked, it ain't 
    Tip 2: Use your Universal Overhead (Press MP+MK).  Never forget to use your 
    universal overhead, it gives your opponent a wake up call and does a bit of 
    damage.  This keeps your opponent confused which then you mix your attacks 
    hitting both low and high.
    Situation 2: Akuma should always mix up his ground offense with an 
    occasional universal overhead.  This moves especially good for Akuma because 
    most people expect Akuma to do a sweep most of the time.  This move is also 
    great for turtlers, just do this move to give them a wake up call.
    Tip 3: Learn to Parry- Sure it may take time to get it down, but try to 
    learn to parry.  If you can't get it down perfect, try to at least parry the 
    fireball and dragon punch.
    Situation 3: Some scrub knows how to do a fireball/dragon punch trap.  Even 
    though this in general doesn't work anymore, it can be a real pain in the 
    ass if you don't know how to parry.  You jump over the fireball and then 
    you'll be eating a dragon punch.
    Learn to parry and you can easily parry the fireball, completely destroying 
    your opponents lame strategy.  You can even just jump over his fireball and 
    parry the expected dragon punch, and then counter by giving your opponent a 
    combo for his efforts.
    Parry can really give you a serious advantage if you mastered it, but 
    learning to do so isn't easy.  Something that pisses me off is turtlers who 
    think they are good by parrying. How hard is it to be on the defense and 
    parry?  On the other hand, a GOOD player can parry for defense and use it to 
    break any defense when on the offense.
    Tip 4: Practice Doing the (QCF, QCF)- Man, Capcom did a great job by making 
    the supers the (QCF, QCF).  Personally, when I go to the arcade and watch 
    people think their so good with Wolverine, can't even do a super in SF3. 
    Personally, I'm tired of scrubs from Marvel vs Capcom and it's funny watch 
    their sad effort in SF3.  HCF is much easier than (QCF, QCF) which leaves 
    the scrubs without supers in SF3.  (I love Marvel vs Capcom, but it's funny 
    when people who think their good with Wolverine can't do jack in SF3).
    Situation 4: Your opponent did a mistake and you have the opportunity to 
    counter.  Instead of doing a super, you do a fireball.  You just took 8% of 
    this life when you could have hit him for 50% of his life. This situation 
    can happen to many new players.  Practice makes perfect.
    Tip 5: Dash, Dash, Dash (FF or BB)- Gets you into the offense/defense 
    quickly and confuses.
    Situation 5: Dashing in and out can really confused your opponent, but you 
    easily back in the offense when you do a mistake.  Akuma has a decent dash, 
    short distance but it comes out and is fast.  When you see your opponent do 
    a mistake, dash in and combo/throw him.
    Tip 6: Mix it All Up- Patterns suck, cuz people will punish your sorry ass.
    Situation 6: You got a combo that hits hard, but then your opponent parries 
    it all.  What's the problem with the combo?  It's nothing with the combo, 
    95% chance you did this repetitively. Unless you enjoy the thrill of losing, 
    remember to mix up your attacks.  This works great with Akuma, because of 
    his wide variety of moves.
    Tip 7: Classic Ryu/Ken style doesn't work anymore- SF2, SF Alpha style 
    doesn't work in SF3.
    Situation 7: Fireballs have become obsolete in SF3 now, because of the 
    ability to parry.  The air fireball is decent and should be used to pin back 
    the opponent.  They are easily to jump over, and which then for sure your 
    going to be counter attacked.  The dragon punch is no longer as invulnerable 
    as before, so try not to rely on this move as much as in SF2. The classic 
    fireball/dragon punch trap just doesn't work anymore, so don't even bother 
    Tip 8: Akuma can't take much punishment- Ouch, that's what you'll be saying 
    when you see Akuma get hit.  Akuma also stuns VERY easy, since he has a real 
    small stun gauge.
    Situation 8: When using Akuma, don't even try to go for trading hits and 
    expect to win.  Akuma takes a LOT of damage, so watch your life gauge 
    carefully.  Akuma's small stun gauge can also be a problem, people like 
    Dudley can easily stun Akuma with a few simple combos.
    Tip 9: Ask your opponent if he/she is playing mercy or expecting you to play 
    Situation 9: You slack off in the second round thinking you are getting a 
    mercy round, meaning you just lost 50 cents.  The other situation is the 
    opposite, and I've seen opponents that this pretty bad.  Still, it's only a 
    quarter or two, nothing to go psycho over.
    Tip 10: If your losing, don't keep using Akuma over and over again
    Situation 10: You keep losing, even when your really good with Akuma. People 
    can learn your pattern, so change your character.  (This means getting good 
    with more than just 1 person).
    Tip 11: Understand Akuma is not the best character in SF3:3I
    Situation 11: Just read my Strengths/Weakness of Akuma.
    Cheap Yet Effective Akuma Tactics
    1--> Do an air fireball, land and then throw
    2--> Do the Demon Flip (Hyakki Shuu) and hit kick for the dive kick.  This 
    pushes them back to the perfect range for you to do another Demon Flip, but 
    this time do the throw version.
    Tips Against Specific Characters
    I don't give strats to beat computer, cuz computer is all pattern, which I 
    find lame if you need my help to beat em.  Trust me, your not cool if you 
    can beat computer, it's when you beat real people than you can call yourself 
    the SF3 master.
    Akuma Vs Akuma
    You really have to mix up your attacks to come out victorious, because your 
    opponent will expect you to play Akuma like classic Ryu/Ken.  The ability to 
    parry will help greatly on both defense and offense.  Parry any fireballs, 
    which he throws at you. When on the offense, parry his dragon punch or St. 
    HK and do a combo of your choice.  Lately, I find Akuma players very 
    aggressive, launching fireballs everywhere and constantly using their dives 
    kicks to find an opening to combo you.
    Akuma Super Art Analysis
    I. (2x) Messatsu-Gou-Hadou- (Akuma gathers chi and releases his super 
    It comes out fast and can easily be comboed.  The damage is only average for 
    it, and when cancelled does close to nothing.  If you are good at parrying, 
    don't hesitate to do so.  Be careful if your opponent decides to dash in and 
    combo you.
    I. (2x) Tenma Gou Zankuu- (Akuma gathers energy and then releases his super 
    air fireball.)
    It comes out slightly slow and should only be used immediately after someone 
    launches a fireball or on a brain dead opponent.  Like the super fireball, 
    it only does average damage at best.
    II. (2x) Messatsu-Gou-Shoryu- (Akuma's does 3 dragon punches in a 
    He does a LP Dragon Punch, then a MP one and follows up with a FP dragon 
    punch.  It comes out fast and has high priority.  It lacks range but it does 
    above average damage.  Take note of the priority because it can snuff out 
    regular moves.  If he misses though, there should be no problem of punishing 
    III. (2x) Messatsu-Gou-Rasen- (Akuma rises doing his hurricane kick 
    vertically, but his legs are extended from the usual hurricane kick.)
    It has very short range, yet the damage is fairly high for this super.  
    People can use this super similar to a dragon punch, but timing must be 
    precise.  Note that this super can be executed in the air.  If he misses, 
    he's in a big world of hurt, because this supers recovery is just plain bad.
    IV. (1x-Max Level) Shun Goku Satsu- (Akuma moves fowards and attempts to 
    grab you, and if he connects, he hits you with a 15-hit combo)
    Akuma's signature move, the RAGING DEMON.  Akuma is completely vulnerable 
    when executing this super, yet this super is UNBLOCKABLE.  In a hands of an 
    idiot, this super is completely useless. Try not to fall for the Cr.HK 
    followed up by the Raging Demon.  In a hands of a master, this is a deadly 
    offensive weapon.  There are many effective setups for the Raging Demon, 
    which you can find some in my FAQ.
    V. (1x-Max Level) Kongou Kokuretsu Zan- (Akuma lifts up his hand and hits 
    the ground HARD and purple flames surround him)
    Akuma's new super.  This super can be used as anti air if timed right.  
    Since this super has a long start up time, you do not need to fear that this 
    super can be cancelled.  Note if you go right beside Akuma when he executes 
    this, you can easily throw him out of it.
    Akuma Vs Alex
    NEVER turtle against this guy, he'll punish every second you don't move.  As 
    much as you would like to feel a power bomb and lose about 30% of your life, 
    you should go on the offense and keep the pressure up.  Alex has some solid 
    bread and butter combo, which do good damage and have fairly good recovery). 
      His fierce flash chop will set up for a lot of combo possibilities, but it 
    start up time makes it hard for Alex players to connec.  Most of Alex's 
    moves have bad recovery, and make sure you punish each mistake he does.  
    Alex also stuns rather well, which can lead to problems for Akuma.
    Alex Super Art Analysis
    I. (1x) Hyper Bomb- (Alex attempts to grab you and then goes into a big auto 
    The greatest strength of this super is that it is unblockable.  If you 
    turtle, Alex can punish you bad with this super.  Also, remember this super 
    HURTS bad, especially since your Akuma.
    II. (2x) Boomerang Raid- (Alex does an auto combo which begins with a few 
    punches which ends off with a throw.)
    Alex players will not hesitate to cancel this super, which doesn't benefit 
    you in any way.  This super has almost no range though and if he misses, you 
    can punish him easily.
    III. (1x) Stun Gun Headbutt- (Alex jumps across the screen depending on the 
    punch button he press) (for range which can be done so that he's beside you 
    or to you across the screen)
    If he lands beside you, he'll headbutt you until your dizzy.  Then most 
    players would use a HP Flash Chop and follow up with a Power Bomb.  This 
    super can be comboed with good timing after connecting Alex's Slash Elbow.  
    This super is unblockable, but lacks priority.  If you happen to dragon 
    punch him in the super would be one way of countering it.  You can also try 
    jumping away from it.
    Akuma Vs Chun-Li
    She fast, has high priority, has an air throw and he supers kick ass. 
    Chun-Li's one opponent to be afraid of, especially in the hands of a master. 
      Most good players I've seen using her minimize their special moves and 
    often tries to stuff your moves with her lightning quick LP and LK, which 
    has high priority.  All of her regular moves come out lightning quick, so 
    watch out, cuz get used to being stuffed. The dragon punch is handy in this 
    fight because she'll be jumping all over the place, but don't abuse it. When 
    fighting Chun-Li, expect to see many throws from both the ground and in the 
    Chun-Li Super Art Analysis
    I. (1x) Kikou-Shou- (Chun Li gathers energy and does a large but short 
    ranged fireball.)
    The damage for this super is rather good and the recovery is decent for it. 
    This super can be used as anti air with good timing.  The greatest weakness 
    for this super is that it's short ranged and Chun Li can only hold 1 of 
    II. (2x) Houyoku-Sen- (Chun Li dash forward and does an auto combo which 
    finishes with a launcher.)
    This is probably Chun Li's most effective super, since it can pass through 
    fireballs with good timing.  This super can be comboed right after a Cr. MK, 
    which means quick and painful damage.  Also, Chun Li can follow up with some 
    air hits after the launcher.
    III. (3x) Tensei-Ranka- (Chun Li does an improved version of the Hazan Shuu, 
    in which she is protected by a blue flame.)
    This super can be used as an anti-air with good timing, yet it lacks range.  
    EX happy players will use this super since there are 3 bars for this super.
    Akuma Vs Dudley
    Dudley's moves come out extremely fast, but they have terrible recovery 
    time.  Dudley's hits have an EXTREMELY dizzying ability and Akuma has a 
    really small stun bar, which ain't good. Dudley has some very nasty bread 
    and butter that can smack you for half your life, so make sure Dudley 
    doesn't have a chance to set that shit up. If you don't keep your guard up, 
    expect to get dizzy and get smacked by a super. Just pressure him with some 
    air fireballs and when he does a special move try to block/parry and then 
    counter it.
    Dudley Super Art Analysis
    I. (2x) Rocket Uppercut- (Dudley does 3 consecutive Jet Upper, which begins 
    with a LP Jet Upper, then a MP one and finishes with a HP Jet Upper.)
    This is easily cancelled and has high priority, like any dragon punch based 
    super (but only in the beginning).  If you block it, you can say he's good 
    as dead.
    II. (1x) Rolling Thunder- (Dudley dashes forward quickly and if he hits you, 
    he'll go into a big auto combo.)
    This super goes through fireballs, which you shouldn't be doing too much if 
    you followed my advice.  If he misses, he'll be vulnerable for a second, so 
    take advantage of that.
    III. (3x) Corkscrew Blow- (Dudley does a big lunging punch forward.)
    This lacks range but you can hold up to 3 of these.  The damage is decent 
    and this super can be cancelled.
    Akuma Vs Elena
    Elena can be a pain for Akuma because of her long reach and decent strength. 
      All her moves look confusing and is rather hard to parry.  The best thing 
    for Akuma to do is, parry her air counters and keep the offensive pressure 
    up.  The dragon punch can snuff most of her special moves though.  Her 
    footsie game is insane though, and if she learns to parry, you're gonna be 
    in a whole bunch of problems.
    Elena Super Art Analysis
    I. (3x) Spinning Beat- (Elena does 3 Scratch Wheels, beginning with her LK 
    one, then her MK one, and finishing with a HK Scratch Wheel)
    This super has no start up delay so the most obvious use for this super is 
    to put it into a combo.  Having 3 short bars, expect to see this a lot and 
    maybe a few EX's.
    II. (2x) Brave Dance- (Elena leaps forward and goes into an auto combo of 
    The strength of this super is that it leaps forward, so it can punish 
    mistakes.  A blocked Brave Dance means a dead Elena though, so take 
    advantage of that.
    III. (1x) Healing- (Elena crouches down and begins to glow and heals 
    This is definitely a unique super for any character.  Elena heals about 30% 
    of her life, unless she's interrupted.  This super is great when the machine 
    damage setting is low, since it can mean the difference between a win and a 
    lose.  Don't worry too much about this super since she can only hold 1 
    Healing at a time.
    Akuma Vs Hugo
    Hugo is easily the most powerful character (physically) in the game.  Having 
    a large stun gauge and a taking minimal damage means that trading hits with 
    him will not be the smartest tactic to use.  NEVER turtle when playing 
    against Hugo, this would mean that you'll eat a Moonsault Press.  A 
    Moonsault Press on means that you just lost 35% of your life away.  Yet, 
    Hugo suffers from his bad recovery time, which you can take advantage of 
    when you parry or block one of his moves.  Good players parry everything you 
    can throw at him (Hugo then seems like a moving wall) and punishes your 
    mistakes. Hugo can dizzy pretty good and take note that his moves have LONG 
    range (example) St. MP.  The St. MP has extremely long range and will swat 
    you like a fly. Remember that some of his attacks move him forward, letting 
    him get closer to you.
    Hugo Super Art Analysis
    I. (1x) Gigas Breaker- (Hugo grabs you and does an auto combo, which 
    includes breaking your back and finishing you off by landing on you "OUCH!")
    The greatest strengths of this super is it's raw power and the fact that it 
    is unblockable.  This super ignores any normal attacks during it's 
    execution, which is nice to have.  The weakness of this super is that Hugo 
    has to be real close for it to connect.  This super has no combo 
    possibilities, which means you don't have to fear about it getting cancelled 
    into.  Since your Akuma (meaning you take A LOT of damage), means that if 
    your tagged with this, you'll lose about 90% of your life (don't be 
    surprised if you lose 100% of your life if the machine damage settings is 
    II. (2x) Megaton Press- (Hugo jumps diagonally foward and if he catches you 
    in the air, he goes into a big auto combo)
    This super can be used as anti-air somewhat, but must be timed correctly.  
    Hugo can combo this be connecting his Ultra Throw and immediately doing the 
    Megaton Press.
    III. (2x) Hammer Frenzy- (Hugo does a auto combo which is just a mix of high 
    and low attacks)
    This super is good because it has a mix of high and low attacks.  Also, this 
    super can be delayed by holding the punch buttons, so watch out for it.  
    This super can be chosen by people who are EX happy.
    Akuma Vs Ibuki
    Ibuki greatest asset is her speed.  Yet, with her great speed, she lacks the 
    power of the other characters.  This means that one of Akuma's 3-hit combos 
    would equal to an 8-hit combo by Ibuki. can be a pain, but your damage 
    potential is higher than her.  Her best anti air would have to be Kazekiri 
    (kick version of the Dragon Punch).  It must be parried multiple times but 
    the damage isn't great for that move.  Expect her to do her Tsumuji, but 
    watch out because depending on the kicks she press, she can hit both high 
    and low.  Her Kyuu Kage (she slides across the ground) can easily be 
    countered if you block low, but it's real fast when Exed, but it lacks 
    power.  If Ibuki doesn't know how to parry well, utilize your dragon punch 
    to the most, since Ibuki loves to jump and hop around. Trading hits with her 
    isn't a bad strategy but take caution because Akuma takes A LOT of damage. 
    Ibuki's dash can be used for some ugly setups to cross you up, so just be 
    careful about how you block/parry. Luckily, Ibuki is no longer as powerful 
    as she was in SF3:2.
    Ibuki Super Art Analysis
    I. (3x) Kasumi-Suzaku- (Ibuki jumps in the air and throws about 20 daggers 
    at you)
    This super cannot be comboed and the damage is only decent at best.  This 
    super can hold 3, which EX happy people will love to choose.  This super has 
    a small bar, which means that Ibuki will be doing this 3-4 times a round.  
    This super is going to be used most often for EX or chipping (chipping is 
    good for this super).
    II. (1x) Yoroi-Doushi- (Ibuki grabs you and charges her hand and blasts you 
    away-close range) (Ibuki extends her hand and an orange fireball is 
    At close range, this super becomes UNBLOCKABLE.  This is her strongest super 
    art, and probably the most effective.  This super hits hard taking about 50% 
    of your life instantly. So, just jump as you see her come close and do this 
    At long range, she does a short ranged orange fireball that does about 20% 
    damage.  The range really sucks for this, so it's not much of a problem.
    III. (1x) Yami-Shigure- (Ibuki grabs her daggers and throws them at your 
    feet, and if it connects, she dash around stabbing you back and forth)
    This super greatest strengths are that it comes out extremely fast and it 
    hits low.  The damage is really lacking for this super, but the bar for this 
    super is pretty short.  It has some stun potential, which could be a problem 
    for Akuma.  Also, Ibuki can control the distance she throws this, which 
    makes this super much more versatile. If you can see it coming, it's pretty 
    easy to avoid, just jump or block low.
    Akuma Vs Ken
    Ken's probably has the best footsie game out of all the shotokans.  Ken's 
    power is amazing for his speed and his combo ability is stylish and hits 
    HARD.  Most good players no longer do fireballs, so you shouldn't be seeing 
    it often.  When you jump in, you should occasionally see a dragon punch, so 
    just parry it and follow through with a combo.  Ken has some great fakeouts 
    and overheads (B+St.MK) which becomes annoying quickly.  Most Ken players 
    love to combo their supers in any means possibles, so Ken players won't 
    hesitate to sacrifice damage due to canceling. If you jump in a lot, watch 
    out for Ken's Super II because you'll get smashed up pretty bad.  Ken 
    players love to poke, which is hard to counter until you can see a pattern.  
    Akuma has to watch out for Ken's jump-in with his MK, because it's a great 
    cross up attack and followed by his St. MP and St. HP means you just lost 
    40% of your life.
    Ken Super Art Analysis
    I. (2) Shoryu-Reppa- (Ken does 3 Dragon Punches, beginning with the LP one, 
    then MP one, finishing with his HP Dragon Punch.
    This super comes out really FAST and has decent horizontal range.  It's 
    strength is that the first Dragon Punch is invincible, meaning you can 
    pretty much stuff any move as long as your quick on the draw.  The recovery 
    for this move is awful, so if your opponent misses with this, counter 
    II. (1x) Shinryu-Ken- (Ken does a vertical Dragon Punch)
    This super also comes out quick on the draw.  This super has about 0 
    horizontal range but goes completely vertical, meaning your opponent can use 
    this as an anti air.  This is Ken's most damaging super, especially when he 
    mashes the buttons.  When your opponent chooses this super, becareful of 
    your jump-ins because you'll get punished.  Fortunately, Ken will probably 
    only do this super once a round at most.
    III. (3x) Shippu-Jinrai-Kyaku- (Ken does a ground auto combo which finishes 
    with a Hurricane Kick)
    This super strength is that Ken can hold up to 3 of these babies.  The 
    damage is decent at best though.  Expect Ken players to cancel almost all of 
    their attacks into this super, without any regrets.  Since it has 3 bars, 
    you can expect to see a lot of EX's from your opponent.  Also, if your 
    opponent does not connect this on you, he won't finish this super with a 
    Hurricane Kick but there is still more than enough time for you to counter.
    Akuma Vs Makoto
    Makoto is quick, has high priority and hits HARD. Makoto's poking game is 
    great because of her Cr. MK, which has speed, priority and great recovery. 
    Makoto has one of the best dashes in the game, meaning in less than a second 
    she can be in your face.  When she's up close, you can expect a Karakusa or 
    a throw.  Take note that her Hayate is lightning quick, and the EX version 
    goes across the whole screen FAST.  Makota also has good priority in the air 
    with her axe kick.  The axe kick has a slight delay, but once it's release, 
    don't expect much of your attacks can counter it. Makota has decent recovery 
    for most of her moves, so it's best you keep the offensive pressure up, 
    instead of waiting for her to do a mistake.  Don't hesitate to Dive Kick her 
    because she lacks good anti air, unless your opponent can parry well.
    Makoto Super Art Analysis
    I. (1x) Seichusen-Godanzuki- (Makoto does a single punch to your gut and 
    follows up with another 3 punches and finally smashes you into the air)
    This super has decent range and hits pretty hard.  Perhaps the greatest 
    strength of this super is that it combos off almost anything.  Luckily, 
    Makoto can only hold on of these at a time.
    II. (2x) Abare-Tosanami- (Makoto jumps back to the wall and comes down with 
    a FAST divekick.  If she connects, she goes into an auto combo and finishes 
    with a Fukiage)
    When you see this super, think Spiderman's Maximum Spider.  This super goes 
    the distance Makoto wants it, from close range to across the screen.  This 
    super can be comboed with good timing, but your opponent will need mad 
    skillz to pull it off.  This is probably the best solution for Makoto to 
    kill fireball happy opponents. Don't even try throwing 1 fireball if she has 
    one bar filled.  This super does only decent damage when connected, but 
    since Makoto can juggle after this super, you can be in a big world of hurt.
    III. (1x) Tanden-Renki- (Makoto gathers her energy and turns all red for 
    approximately 10 seconds)
    After Makoto does this, she will become completely vulnerable (Makoto can't 
    block).  However, she will be doing about twice as much damage.  Definitely 
    a expert super, if your against a person who can parry well, your gonna be 
    in deep $hit.  Expect simple bread and butter combos do take about 40% of 
    your life.  Just watch yourself and keep counter where you see appropriate.
    Akuma Vs Necro
    Necro does solid damage and his range is probably the greatest in the game.  
    Akuma will have a hard time with Necro because of his range.  Fireballs 
    don't have much effect on Necro, because they can be easily parried.  
    Jump-ins are dangerous because of Necro's Denpa Blast (electricity around 
    him).  Necro's Snake Fang can punish your mistakes from quite a distance and 
    grabs low, which is a strange property from most fighters.  His spinning 
    punches can be used to put pressure on you and most Necro players will 
    capitalize on your mistakes. Akuma must dash in and out and wait for an 
    opening to hurt Necro.  Try to block or dash away from his drill attack 
    instead of parrying in case he decides to fake you out, which I see very 
    Necro Super Art Analysis
    I. (1x) Magnetic Storm- (Necro steps forward and surrounds himself in 
    This super has a neat vacuum property meaning it will suck up any one who 
    comes close to it.  This super leaves Necro almost invincible, to any move 
    which doesn't involving using a projectile.  The damage is rather good 
    considering this super's short bar.  Just throw an air fireball to stop your 
    opponent from doing this super.
    II. (1x) Slam Dance- (Necro grabs you and smashes you HARD)
    This super is a throw super, meaning it's unblockable.  Expect this to be 
    chosen by the Necro player if he sees that you are turtling too much. You 
    probably would only see this super once a round because of it's long bar and 
    Necro can only hold one of these.
    III. (2x) Electric Snake- (Necro touches the floor and electricity travels 
    along the floor)
    This super hits low, and goes under certain attacks.  This super leaves 
    Necro very vulnerable if you jump over the super though.  Take advantage of 
    that weakness.
    Akuma Vs Oro
    Never underestimate an Oro player because he's surprising strong and his 
    priority is really high.  Expect Oro players to throw a lot, both in the air 
    and the ground.  Oro can do some funky combos that involve his Niou Riki.  
    Don't be surprised to see Oro throw a few fireballs (mixed between low and 
    high), but it's low damage shouldn't really be one of your main concerns.  
    Watch your life gauge when fighting him, because don't be surprised if you 
    took a LOT of damage from him without even noticing.
    Oro Super Art Analysis
    I. (1x) Kishin-Riki- (Oro glows orange and all his punches become throw 
    Oro will now try his best to throw you, by just pressing his punches. If you 
    don't watch yourself, you could lose a LOT of life.  Just plain more 
    defensively and wait until this super runs out and you should be fine.
    I. (1x) Kishin-Tsuki- (Oro grabs you and you get thrown up and land getting 
    burned BAD)
    Oro players will take advantage of this super since it's unblockable.  This 
    throw can only connect you when you are on the floor.  This means you can 
    avoid this super by doing overheads.  So if you can anticipate this super, 
    try doing more overheads to dodge this super.  Be careful of this super 
    because it does a LOT of damage
    II. (3x) Yagyou-Dama- (Oro focuses and release a slow moving green ball of 
    Oro players will choose this super to use to setup combos and to help him 
    pressure you.  Oro can have up to three of these on the screen at a time, 
    but rarely have I seen player do such.  This super is easy to parry, but I 
    don't suggest it because your opponent will follow up and combo you while 
    you're parrying.
    II. (1x) Yagyou-Daikon- (Oro jumps into the air and throws a HUGE fireball)
    Don't be surprised that Oro players will use this super just for it high 
    amount of chipping damage.  If you are caught in the air with him when he 
    does this, you will have no choice but to parry it.
    III. (1x) Tengu-Stone- (Oro surrounds himself with a bunch of garbage)
    Oro combos gets more hits with this super, because the garbage that 
    surrounds him also hit your opponent.  This will increase both his damage 
    and will reduce his recovery time since some of the garbage surrounding him 
    will still be hitting your opponent.
    III. (1x) Tengu-Ranseki-
    Akuma Vs Q
    Q is a character who is VERY DANGEROUS in the hands of a master.  Q has good 
    priority and loves to poke.  Q's Dashing Head Attack can counter you FAST 
    across the screen and it gets worse if he EX's it.  His High Speed Barrage 
    can play games with your mind and can possibly confuses it because it just 
    plain different from everyone else style.  Up close, Q can Capture & Deadly 
    Blow like crazy and follow up with some sick combos.  Most Q players love to 
    turtle, and it gets worse if you given him enough time to taunt 3x. (He 
    takes 1/2 damage for the rest of the round), this combined with a person who 
    can parry good means that your going to get your ass kicked.  Tricks I have 
    seen with the Capture & Deadly Blow is that he stands a distance away from 
    you which you cannot throw him, but he can Capture & Deadly Blow you.  Just 
    be prepared for a hard match cuz Q rules.
    Q Super Art Analysis
    I. (2x) Critical Combo Attack- (Q goes into an standing auto combo which 
    finishes with a low hit)
    The strength of this is probably for Q to use EX's, since this super has 2 
    bars.  The Critical Combo Attack itself kind of sucks for damage.  Just 
    watch out for the last hit, because it hits low.  Besides that, there isn't 
    much to fear from this super.
    II. (1x) Deadly Double Combination- (Q hits your gut HARD, and then smashes 
    you to the ground so hard that you get knocked up HIGH)
    Expect most Q players to choose this super, since it is probably Q's best 
    super.  This super comes out instantly and can be followed up with his St. 
    HP or Dashing Head Attack.  This super takes off A LOT, and can easily be 
    cancelled from some of his moves.  Fortunately, expect only 1 per round max 
    III. (1x) Total Destruction- (Q begins to glow and he will be able to 
    perform special throws until the super ends)
    Q begins to glow and now he can do one of two special throws. D,DF,F+P will 
    execute a long range, yet blockable throw. D,DF,F+K will execute a short 
    range, yet unblockable throw.  If you see your opponent do this super, just 
    dodge until his super runs out.  This is where the teleport comes in handy, 
    because Q isn't the fastest character alive so there should be almost no 
    chance that Q can actually smack you with this super, unless your dumb =p.
    Akuma Vs Remy
    Remy own probably the only versatile fireball in the game.  The charge time 
    for his Light of Virtue is VERY short and since it can be used both high and 
    low can be rather annoying. *I suggest you practice your low parry*  The 
    recovery for his Light of Virtue just like the Sonic Boom is great.  If you 
    mix up Remy with your overheads, Remy will have a harder time to charge up 
    for his specials.  Watchout for his Cold Blue Kick, because Remy players 
    love to use this to pressure you, and this move comes out lightning quick.  
    The EX Cold Blue Kick goes FAST, and the whole screen, so a good Remy player 
    will be able to stuff most of your moves from anywhere. Also learn to air 
    parry well, because you can expect a lot of anti air from Remy in both 
    Rising Rage Flash and normal moves.
    Remy Super Art Analysis
    I. (2x) Light of Justice- (Remy throws out about 10-15 Light of Virtues, 
    both low and high)
    Remy players will use this to punish almost any mistake you do, since this 
    super travels across the screen.  Don't even bother to parry this super, 
    since the Light of Virtues are all scattered, making it hard if not 
    impossible to parry.
    II. (2x) Supreme Rising Rage Flash- (Remy does three Rising Rage Flash, 
    beginning with the LK one, then MK one and finishing it with a HK Rising 
    Rage Flash)
    Expect most Remy players to choose this super because it is comboable and 
    the damage is solid for this super.  With good timing, a Remy player can use 
    this as anti-air. It has a long bar though, but Remy can hold two.  Easily 
    punishable if he misses though.
    III. (1x) Blue Nocturne- (Remy taunts and flashes, if he is hit during this 
    super (besides from a projectile/super he will go into a auto combo)
    This super combo is only used to counter attacks, meaning this cannot be 
    comboed.  This super does good damage considering its small bar.  Remy can 
    only hold one of these though.  If you can anticipate this super, just do a 
    fireball or a super to stop your opponent from looking like a moron.  Don't 
    worry if you jump-in attack this super, you most likely will only get 
    counter attacked for a few hits, but nothing too major.
    Akuma Vs Ryu
    Ryu (another Shoto) has GREAT stun potential and a high amount of power.  
    Ryu goes for short and sweet combo unlike Ken's long and stylish combos.  
    Ryu players also love to poke in both forms of Cr. LK and Cr. MK.  Ryu's 
    bread and butter combos that involve the Joudan-Sokutou-Geri, means there 
    will be a LOT of stun involved.  Ryu can do up to 70% Stun in ONE COMBO.  
    This is worse for Akuma because its not typical that Ryu will be stunning 
    Akuma no problem. Good Ryu players mix up their overheads, combos and 
    throws. It's hard to block/parry a good Ryu player because it's hard to 
    anticipate what they will do next.
    Ryu Super Art Analysis
    I. (2x) Shinkuu-Hado-Ken- (Ryu launches a large 5-hit fireball from his 
    Ryu players enjoy this super because it's very easy to combo and you can go 
    EX happy when you pick this super.  Also, this supers versatility is almost 
    unmatched, you can use this super to punish, combo, after an EX Hurricane 
    Kick and the list goes on.  The damage is only decent with this super art 
    and if you can parry well, feel free to do so against this fireball.  Watch 
    out if Ryu dashes in though, because you can't parry both high and low at 
    the same time. =)
    II. (1x) Shin-Shouryu-Ken- (Ryu does a HARD hitting Dragon Punch at closer 
    range and does a multi-hitting Dragon Punch at long range)
    When a Ryu player needs just pure power to punish mistakes, expect them to 
    pick this super.  This super hits HARD, doing about 60% to a regular 
    character and about 85% to Akuma.  This can be comboed, but this means that 
    it's damaged will be reduced, but that's still a lot.  Ryu can do a 
    Hurricane Kick or a Joudan-Sokutou-Geri to continue to juggle their 
    opponents for even more damage.  If Ryu missed his super, he'll get a 5-hit 
    Dragon Punch.  It does very little damage, so most Ryu player won't be using 
    this super for anti-air.
    III. (1x) Denjin-Hado-Ken- (Ryu charges up a fireball and depending on how 
    long you charge will determine it's stun and damage)
    This super strength is that it is unblockable and stuns your opponent fast.  
    This means that setting up this super, is pretty much the best way for a Ryu 
    player to get this on you, rather than comboing it on you.  This super is 
    comboable, but the damage and stun would end up being pathetic.  There is 
    also a neat trick that Ryu can do with this super, and that is to rotate the 
    joystick while charging, this decreases the time to charge the fireball 
    greatly.  This makes this super a great threat to Akuma, due to his small 
    stun gauge.  If you want, you can attempt to parry it, but I'd suggest to 
    either jump over it or teleport through it, in case you make a mistake.
    Akuma Vs Sean
    Sean strengths are in his normal moves, because they are fast and effective. 
      It's sad that almost all of Sean's special moves are useless though.  
    Sean' Tackle, can be seen a mile away and easily countered.  Most players 
    minimize the use of Tornado Kick, unless in a combo.  If you block or parry 
    one of these, throw immediately when it's finished. *Works like a charm =)* 
    Sean's Ryubi-Kyaku can be easily parried, but watchout when your crouching, 
    cuz it can easily tag you. Don't get crossed up by his rolls though.  Sean's 
    Dragon Smash is easy to parry because it only does one hit, and has about 0 
    horizontal range. All in all, Sean was weakened from SF:2I, and shouldn't be 
    too much of a problem for Akuma.
    Sean Super Art Analysis
    I. (3x) Hado-Burst- (Sean does a fireball, and if it connects, blast you 
    This supers most likely to be used if your opponent is going to use Exs.  
    Besides that, this super sucks because Sean does very little damage and this 
    super can be parried easily from a distance.
    II. (2x) Shoryu-Cannon- (Sean does 2 Dragon Smash, beginning with a LP one 
    and finishing with a HP Dragon Smash)
    Definitely Sean's best super, doing solid damage and having the ability to 
    combo.  This super can be used as anti-air with good timing, so take care 
    when you jump in.
    III. (1x) Hyper Tornado- (Sean charges forward at his opponent and goes into 
    an auto combo)
    This super is used as a quick counter, if your opponent sees your doing a 
    lot of mistakes.  This super does solid damage, but luckily your opponent 
    has one of these, meaning it's a one shot wonder.
    Akuma Vs Twelve
    Twelve is certainly different from the average character.  All his moves can 
    confuse you because they all his moves are unique, think Shuma Gorath. Most 
    Twelve players love to use anti-air, which he has a huge selection from.  A 
    good Twelve player can poke you occasionally with N.D.L, but the recovery is 
    pretty bad.  All you have to do is jump over it, because it's completely 
    ground based. Twelve sole combo move is his A.X.E., which can be used to 
    chip and as an anti air.  Most Twelve players usually fall into patterns, 
    which you must take advantage of it.  If you can see the anti-air a mile 
    away, parry and follow through.  Also, be careful of D.R.A., because he can 
    cancel it into an air attack, which might catch you off guard.
    Twelve Super Art Analysis
    I. (2x) X.N.D.L.- (Twelve sticks his arms into the ground and creates a wave 
    of N.D.L. type spikes across the floor)
    This super comes out fast, and leaves Twelve relatively safe as long as you 
    blocked this super.  Twelve players can combo this super, so take note of 
    that.  This super does decent damage and can only be used to counter ground 
    based attacks.  If you can anticipate this super, it shouldn't be a problem 
    to jump over.
    II. (1x) X.F.L.A.T.- (Twelve does a D.R.A. dive, and if it connects, Twelve 
    will go into an auto combo)
    Twelve players will most likely use this to counter dumb mistakes and if you 
    do a fireball. *DON'T DO FIREBALLS*.  If you block this super, you can 
    easily counter.  Watch out, because this super comes out quicker than one 
    would think.
    III. (1x) X.C.O.P.Y.- (Twelve becomes the character he is fighting)
    Twelve becomes your character for a limited amount of time and does not have 
    the EX ability.  In this form, Twelve take about 1/2 damage as usual.  Just 
    fight him like a usual Akuma (since this is an Akuma FAQ), but remember 
    don't trade hits because Twelve will come out on top.
    Akuma Vs Urien
    Urien has become a big bad ass now.  Urien has now gained a lot of priority 
    and recovery since SF3:2I.  Urien still hits hard and his recovery for his 
    moves are amazingly fast for such a big guy.  Urien's
    Chariot Rush has almost 0 recovery time, meaning he can use this to pressure 
    you easily.  His EX Chariot Rush, comes out really FAST and smacks you hard. 
      A good Urien player will stuff almost all your moves with this move.  
    Never really on fireballs (like usual) in this battle, because an EX Vicious 
    Knee Drop is all that is needed to knock some sense into you.  Urien also 
    has a very sick footsie game, and since his legs are sooo long, you probably 
    won't be able to keep up with poking. Urien can pressure you by dashing in 
    and out (since he has one of the quickest dashes in the game) and usually 
    follows up with his throws.  The most scary thing about Urien is how his 
    elbow can set up for you to lose 60% of your life in one combo, so WATCH 
    OUT!  A weakness with Urien is that if he parries, he will be unable to use 
    his specials, since he is after all a charge character.
    Urien Super Art Analysis
    I. (2x) Tyrant Slaughter- (Urien rushes forward and tries to close line you 
    like mad)
    Urien players will utilize the speed of this super.  This super has a very 
    quick start up, meaning Urien players will most likely choose this super to 
    punish mistakes.  This super is surprisingly easy to parry though, so it 
    doesn't hurt trying.
    II. (2x) Temporal Thunder- (Urien gathers energy and launches a huge 
    Urien players usually don't choose this super because of its slight start up 
    time.  The damage isn't that good for this super too.  This super is 
    slightly harder to parry because the fireball accelerates as it goes across 
    the screen (from slow to fast).
    III. (2x) Aegis Reflector- (Urien raises his hands and releases a mirror of 
    Expert Urien players will know how to mess with your mind with this super.  
    Having two reflectors will give you hell, because you won't have any space 
    to breathe.  If you get caught in the corner with this, you could be in some 
    deep shit.
    Akuma Vs Yang
    Yang is another speedy pixie type of character.  He has an annoying poking 
    game that involves Tourou Zan.  This can keep you guessing if he'll go for a 
    low or high attack.  His EX Tourou Zan, is definitely one of his best moves, 
    if not one of the best moves in the game.  This EX comes out FAST and his a 
    very high stun potential.  Yang has his Kaihou, which most players use to 
    get into the offensive quickly, or to try to cross you up.  The teleport 
    itself is very fast, but he is vulnerable at start up and the end of this 
    special.  The Raigeki Shuu, is used as a jump-in by most Yang players, yet 
    it does not stun long enough for him to combo, unless he does his dive kick 
    chain. Try to block instead of parrying Yang's Raigeki Shuu, because good 
    Yang players will often do a LK Raigeki Shuu, and then dash in to counter 
    you (when you try to parry the Raigeki Shuu). Watch out for Yang's Byakko 
    Soushouda, because the last few frames of this special, he is invincible. 
    Overall Yang can't dish out too much damage, but getting hit combo after 
    combo can be fatal.
    Yang Super Art Analysis
    I. (1x) Raishin-Mahhaken- (Yang stomps the ground and does his spear hand 
    strike.If he connects, he will stab you and run right through you!)
    Yang players will use this to punish mistakes most often.  You can 
    anticipate this super because it has a *slight* start-up.  Yang players can 
    combo this off their Cr.LK, but I find that it's rare for players to do so.  
    The damage is good, but certainly not worth Yang's super bar.  Don't worry 
    about Yang players using this as anti-air because it's really hard to pull 
    II. (2x) Tenshin-Senkyutai- (Yang will roll forward and launch you sky high 
    with him kick you up all the way)
    Yang players will choose this super mainly for the EX Tourou Zan.  This 
    supers damage is pathetic, so even get smacked by one of these, isn't such a 
    big concern.  Watch out for the EX Tourou Zan, because it hurts like a 
    bitch.  Since we're Akuma also, we'll get stunned from two EX Tourou Zan.
    III. (1x) Seiei-Enbu- (Yang will make 3 images of himself)
    Expert Yang players will choose this because this super is used to confuse 
    your opponent.  Also, this super is hell to parry, so don't even try.  This 
    super last about 7 seconds, and the bar itself for this super is very SHORT. 
      Don't be surprised to see Yang do this super 2x-4x a round.  Luckily, this 
    super doesn't hit too hard.
    Akuma Vs Yun
    Yun is another quick character, but he can chain his supers much more easier 
    than Yang, and he hits harder.  But to do so, he sacrificed his recovery 
    time. Expect Yun to constantly cancel into supers whenever he gets a chance. 
      Yun has some very solid bread and butter combos, which he can all very 
    easily cancel into a super to finish. Yun is great at faking you out with 
    his jump ins, making you think to parry and when he lands he smacks you with 
    a combo.  If you jump in, expect him to do a St. MK, which you can easily 
    parry and hit him hard.  Yun's recovery is not as good as his brother, which 
    you must take advantage of.  The moment he misses his Zesshou Hohou, smack 
    him hard.
    Yun Super Art Analysis
    I. (1x) You-Hou- (Yun punches his opponent up, then juggles them twice)
    This is Yun's most damaging super and this can be comboed very easily.  Yun 
    can only hold one of these at a time.  Yun can further juggle you, after 
    connecting all three hits.  This super can be used as anti-air, but only one 
    of the hits will connect.
    II. (3x) Sourai-Rengeki-(Yun lunges forward with a series of kicks and ends 
    it with a jump kick)
    Yun does very little damage with this super, but since he can hold three 
    bars, you can expect to see a lot of EXs.
    III. (1x) Genei-Jin- (Yun creates 2 shadows to follow him)
    Expert Yun players will choose this often to confuse his opponent.  Just 
    like Yang's super, don't even try to parry this, because it's close to 
    impossible.  This super comes in 1 very SHORT bar, meaning you'll see this 
    super 2x-4x in a round.  Again, the damage for this super is not great.
    Akuma's Normal Combos
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==>Cr.MK==>Fireball 
    Description: The classic 2 in 1 combo.
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==>Cr.LP==>Cr. LK 
    ==>Fireball (QCF+P)
    Description: The same as the above, except more hits and changes the timing 
    for your opponent to parry.
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==>St. MK (Knee) 
    ==>Fireball (QCF+P)
    Description: Another variation of the 2 in 1 combo
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==>Cr.Mk==>HK 
    Hurricane Kick (QCB+HK)
    Description: A solid damaging combo, except your opponent must be standing 
    or your Hurricane Kick will miss.
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==>Cr.LP==>Cr. LK ==> 
    HK Hurricane Kick (QCB+HK)
    Description: Solid damage, different timing to parry.
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==> Cr.MK ==> LK 
    Hurricane Kick (QCB+LK)==> HK Hurricane Kick (QCB+HK)
    Description: Good damage, and a nice amount of hits.
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==>Cr.LP==>Cr. LK ==> 
    LK Hurricane Kick (QCB+LK)==> HK Hurricane Kick (QCB+HK)
    Description: Good damage, and a nice amount of hits.
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==>Cr. MK
    ==> LK Hurricane Kick (QCB+LK)==> HP Dragon Punch (FQCF+HP)
    Description: A really good combo, with great damage.  After the LK Hurricane 
    kick, just juggle with the Dragon Punch.
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==>Cr.LP==>Cr. LK
    ==>LK Hurricane Kick (QCB+LK)==> HP Dragon Punch (FQCF+HP)
    Description: A really good combo, with great damage.  After the LK Hurricane 
    kick, just juggle with the Dragon Punch.
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==>Cr. MK ==> HP 
    Dragon Punch (FQCF+HP)
    Description: Solid damage, but make sure the Cr. MK connects or your gonna 
    get hurt after the Dragon Punch.
    When you and your opponent are mid-air, do a HK hurricane kick==>St. HK
    Description: After your hurricane kick connects, do a St. HK to juggle.
    Cr. LP==> Cr. LK==> St. MP
    Description: This isn't a combo, but is used to confuse your opponent. The 
    Cr. LP and Cr. LK are there to confuse your opponent.  While he is still 
    blocking, hit them with Akuma's St. MP (overhead).
    Cr.HK==> HP Red Fireball (QCB+HP)
    Description: Not a combo! If the sweep connects, use the Red Fireball as 
    chipping damage.
    Akuma's Super Art Combos
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==>Cr.MK==>Fireball 
    (QCF+P)==> Messatsu Gou Hadou (QCF, QCF+P)
    Description: The Messatsu Gou Hadou is super cancelled, so the damage of 
    this super will be reduced.
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==>Cr.MK==>Dragon 
    Punch (FQCF+P)==> Messatsu Gou Hadou (QCF, QCF+P)
    Description: The super must be super cancelled while Akuma is still on the 
    ground when doing the Dragon Punch.
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==>Cr.MK==>Fireball 
    (QCF+P)==> Messatsu Gou Shoryu (QCF, QCF+P)
    Description: The Messatsu Gou Shoryu is super cancelled, so the damage of 
    this super will be reduced.
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==>Cr.MK==>Dragon 
    Punch (FQCF+P)==> Messatsu Gou Shoryu (QCF, QCF+P)
    Description: The super must be super cancelled while Akuma is still on the 
    ground when doing the Dragon Punch.
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==>Cr.MK==>Fireball 
    (QCF+P)==> Messatsu Gou Rasen (QCF, QCF+K)
    Description: The Messatsu Gou Rasen is super cancelled, so the damage of 
    this super will be reduced.
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==>Cr.MK==>Dragon 
    Punch (FQCF+P)==> Messatsu Gou Rasen (QCF, QCF+K)
    Description: The super must be super cancelled while Akuma is still on the 
    ground when doing the Dragon Punch.
    Jmp-In Fierce/Diving Kick (UF, at the peak press D+MK)==> Cr.MK ==> LK 
    Hurricane Kick (QCB+LK)==> Messatsu Gou Rasen (QCF, QCF+K)
    Description: A good damage combo, the Messatsu Gou Rasen is super cancelled.
    Cr. HK ==> Raging Demon (LP,LP,F,LK,HP)
    Description: This is not a combo!  If the Cr. HK connects, usually the 
    opponent will be in a blocking stance, letting you connect the Raging Demon!
    As your opponent jumps in ==> Kongou Kokuretsu Zan (D,D,D+PP)
    Description: When your opponent jumps in, do this super.  It is almost 
    impossible to parry and there is no air blocking!!  Trying to do this as 
    late as possible for the highest amount of damage.
    Akuma's Taunt- His attack power increases for all of his moves except 
    throws. Additionally, all of his attacks (even throws) do more stun damage.  
    Note that the Shun Goku Satsu will not do more damage even if you do Gouki's 
    Personal Action.
    Hidden Colors for each character can be performed by pressing LP+MK+HP when 
    you select your character.
    Q (Super Armor)
    Taunt 3x in a round and Q's will take only 1/2 of the damage for the rest of 
    the round
    Ryu's Denjin Hadou Ken Quick Charge
    When charging his fireball, do 360s to charge quicker than usually.
    Revision History
    Version 1.0- (Tuesday, August 24, 1999)
    -Nothing much to write about
    Version 1.1- (Thursday, March 23, 2000)
    -Tried to fix some spelling errors
    -Added new move for Akuma- Special Move Analysis (Forgot to put it in)
    -Updated Section- Special Move Analysis
    -Added new tips to Tips To Play Akuma and Street Fighter 3 (in general)
    -Updated Section- Tips To Play Akuma and Street Fighter 3 (in general)
    -Updated Section- Tips Against Specific Characters
    Version 1.2- (Monday, April 03, 2000)
    -Added Hyakki Shuu section (sorry, I forgot)
    -Added Tips to Setup the Raging Demon (Shun Goku Satsu) Section
    -Added Cheap Yet Effective Akuma Tactics Section
    Version 1.3- (Tuesday, April 04, 2000)
    -Added credit to Marvin (sorry, forgot to)
    -Completed Update Section- Tips Against Specific Characters
    -Added Character Super Art Analysis
    -Added small descriptions for each special move and super art
    Version 1.4- (Sunday, September 17, 2000)
    -Updated and Corrected Errors I Noticed
    Special Thanks
    Arlieth- arlieth@west.net
    -For making the most in depth and accurate FAQ for SF3 (IMO).  Also thanking 
    him for teaching me a lot of tricks and tips for SF3.  Read both his Yang 
    and Makoto FAQS cuz they kick ass.
    Kmegura- kmegura@hotmail.com
    -For the info that made my Akuma FAQ more accurate.
    Echou- scuddman@uclink4.berkeley.edu
    -For some Ryu info
    -Giving me the history of Akuma in this awesome site- 
    Elusive- elusive696@aol.com
    -Great SF3: 2I info for Akuma
    Andrew Ward- award@WPI.EDU
    -Thanking him for giving me some great info on how to setup up the Raging 
    Demon and some effective tactics for Akuma.
    Marvin Li- chiggaroid@thebws.com
    -Thanking him for helping me information about the Hyakki Shuu and various 
    other topics, and RAGING DEMONING me enough fucken times. "Parry Demon"
    Jay (Jahangir, LOL)- swtraverboy@hotmail.com
    -Thanking him for playing 100+ matches of SF3 on the Dreamcast with me and A 
    LOT of other matches at the arcades.
    Any problems or suggestions? Should I write another FAQ and about who? 
    E-mail me at Azn_Bomber@hotmail.com
    This document Copyright 2000 Azn Bomber (Kevin S)
    The author of this FAQ shall no liable to any damage or injury resulting 
    from the use FAQ.

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