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    Alex by BWilliamson

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    SF3S - Alex Guide
    Ben Williamson
    Writer's Note:
      Hello.  This isn't structured like most FAQs, because it isn't really  meant 
    to be a FAQ.  I'm not going to go through every single move Alex possesses.  I 
    don't know about his uniform colors, how many hits all his combos do, his 
    background, or his ending.  I do however know how to beat human opponents with 
    him.  That's all this guide is for... trashing other players.
    Basic Strategy:
      Before thinking about anything else, realize this.  Alex does enormous amounts 
    of damage.  More than anyone in the game other than a really skilled Ryu or a 
    pissed off Makoto.  So, you can afford to be patient.  It's fine to get wake-up 
    dragon punched two or three times if the last time you block and Hyper-Bomb.  
    The idea is to make your opponent makes mistakes.  So crowd them, but don't 
    rush... bide your time.  People get nervous (and justifiably so) when Alex is 
    right up in their face, and they will invariably do something silly.  Like jump, 
    or do a special move, or attempt a strong normal.  Wait on the mistake, then 
    punish with Power Bombs, or your bread and butter combo.  You'll win... not 
    necessarily because you're more skilled, but simply because Alex does unfairly 
    massive amounts of damage.
    Brief Note:  
      I'll be referring to the "bread and butter" combo alot.  I'll explain
      it later, but just for reference, it's:
        Jumping HP, Close Standing MK, Jab Flash Chop.
        or just Close Standing MK, Jab Flash Chop.
      Like I said, I'm not going to cover every move.  Just the useful ones:
      They are ordered by my personal preference.
        Alex shouldn't be jumping too much, unless the other player is
        acting like an idiot.  Basically, jump-ins should only be used
        to counter mistakes or when you anticipate a move with recovery.
        1) HP - Hits deep by necessity, combos easily.  Bread n' Butter!
        2) HK - Use only if they are too far away to hit with HP
        See the Special Move and other strategy sections for better 
        ways of dealing with jumpers.
        1) D. HP - Hits twice, annoys semi-skilled parriers.
        2) MK - For longer range jump-ins
        3) F+HP - This looks cool, but it's parry bait.  Best not to use.
        4) HK - Because it's fun to see Alex punt your opponent :)
        Alex shouldn't be playing footsie too long.  Mess around  
        just long enough for the opponent to realize that their 
        footsie game is way better than Alex's.  Because Alex's footsie
        game sucks... if you attempt a ducking HK, you're going 
        to get supered.  Dance back and forth around MK range, trying to
        get them to sweep you.  If they do, jump in with the bread n'     butter.
        1) MK - Very long range kick.  Decent recovery, too.
        2) F+MK - Interesting long range chop... I need to experiment more 
        3) D. LK - Fast, target chains into D. HK (not advisable, see above)
        4) D. MK/MP - Decent standard ducking hits
      Close Range
        By hook or by crook, Alex should get into this range.  Don't make
        the mistake of attempting power bombs like a crazed Zangief/Hugo
        wannabe.  Realize that Alex's normals are great at close range, and
        that your opponent is probably afraid of getting hurled.
        1) MK - Alex's best move.  Bread and butter!
        2) MP - Kind of like the knee, only it whiffs duckers.  Why bother?
        Yeah, I just basically dedicated an entire section to the close 
        range knee.  It's that good.
      Flash Chop
        Okay, we all want to land the Fierce FC and look cool when we choke
        the other guy out or back drop them.  Face it, it's never going to
        happen in serious competition.  You can hit people with it, but 
        usually only as ranged anti-air.  Otherwise, don't get your hopes     up.
        The Jab FC on the other hand is great, and you can throw it out 
        all day long.
        ES: Extra damage, but personally I'd rather have the super.  Use 
            only if you're using the Boomerang Raid super.
      Rushing Elbow
        Note to self: Alex is not Balrog.  Use this move alot and you _will_
        get destroyed.  However, this is pretty decent anti-air.  What it's
        _really_ great for is as a pursuit move, if someone tries to jump
        away from you.  Great for end-of-round dink battles when people are 
        jumping around like idiots.  Also, if you're stuck in a corner and
        Ken's going crossup happy on your sorry self, you can try to run
        under him using this move.  Finally, it's good to keep this charged
        if someone is being silly with mid-ranged special moves... Alex has
        trouble chasing after people sometimes, so this move is great as 
        a counter attack _after_ their move is done.  
        ES: Alex's only worthwhile ES move.  This might be reason enough for
            me to use Boomerang Raid.  Ultra fast, two hits, smites jumps         
    but good.
      Whatever Stampede (Stompy Move)
        Want to get parried-into-Marvel-vs.-Capcom-sized combo?  Want to
        pretend your Elena doing a Rhino horn?  Use this move, and let go
        of the joystick because you're going for a _ride_.  This move has
        two uses:
        1) _Very rarely_ throw in a MK Stompy to confuse someone who's going
           footsie on you.  Do _not_ do this more than once in a very long
           while.  Trash talk your opponent for getting caught with such 
           a stupid move.
        2) For ultra snazzy skill points, whiff a HK Stompy to jump _over_ 
           someone that you predicted was going to do a heavy move on you.
           Then Hyper Bomb them from behind.  I'll worship you if you can
           pull this off often.
        Other than style points, this move just hurts you more than them.
        ES: Doesn't even seem to do more damage.  WTF?
      Flying Knee-to-the-Groin Manuever  
        Looks good.  Even worse priority than Rose.  So why use it?  
        Okay... first of all, I never use LK or MK Flying Knees.  However,
        the HK flying knee is great.  What for?  Akuma and Ibuki, and     
        occasionally a floaty Necro or Twelve.  See, the move has crap
        priority but great range and speed.  So use it when people can't
        attack you, and you're fine.  Wait for Akuma or Ibuki to chuck a
        projectile.  Dash under it or parry, then do a flying knee.  Or,
        wait for Twelve to hang glide or necro to miss a jumping attack. 
        Ta da!
        ES: Doesn't seem to do more damage, but style point city!  If you 
            ES this you can hit _standing opponents_ with it, which is         
    really fun.  See combos.
      Swinging DDT
        See Alex leap!  See Alex hold out his arm!  See Alex look stupid!
        It's duckable, and Alex tends to do horrid things like jump _over_ 
        the opponent and get hurt.  Also, those rare times that you might
        be able to land the move usually come right after you were blocking,
        so you end up getting a Rushing Elbow.  Personally, I don't use the
        move much.  You can use it sort of like a dash to get out from under
        a cross up.  You can use it to jump over someone who footsie's you,
        if you are _really_ good at judging the range... then throw them
        from behind.  Finally, if you try to parry-Power Bomb but they are
        out of range, do a parry-DDT instead.
      Power Bomb
        Yay!  Sort of like Zangief, but with massive startup.  Hurrah!
        Okay, so it sort of sucks, but it has it's uses.
        1) Punish just about _any_ blocked special move.  Yun's rushing 
           punch, Shotobrat's shoryuken or hurricane kick (watch out for
           another shoryuken or a super though), Makoto's rushing punch, and
           many more.  Usually you can get a HP powerbomb out, but if you   
           want to be safe use a LP powerbomb.
        2) Anti-air.  Parry into power bomb.  Yay!
        3) Often, when people see you anti-air them, they will jump in with
           a parry.  Personally, I think this is the stupidest possible        thing 
    to do, especially against alex.  Simply wait until they are               about 
    to land, and give them a great big Alex Power hug.
        4) After a HP power bomb, the timing and distance are _perfect_ for
           the following sequence:
           Dash - Dash - HP powerbomb.  
           Unless they either jump up or do a special/super move, they
           will get sucked in.  Don't do it too often, but it's _great_ for
           surprise value.   
      Hyper Bomb
        My super of choice.  How do you use it?  Simple.  _don't_.
        The primary mistake of people is trying to use this move     offensively.
        Never, ever, do that.  Aware players will jump straight out of it,
        even _after_ the move starts.  
        Instead, remember what I said about patience?  No matter how good
        the player, they will eventually make a mistake.  Especially if you
        crowd them on the wake up.  Do they stay still and get power bombed,
        or do they dragon punch you?  Well, if they dragon punch you once 
        or twice on wake up... the third time you block.  End of round.
        Play defensively when you have this move.  One of two things will 
        happen.  Either they will miss a special/super move, in which case
        you get the super for free.  Or, they will play _so_ carefully, not
        doing _anything_ with recovery time, that you will beat them with 
        normal moves and combos.  Make sense?
        The final way to use this is as anti-air.  Sure, you can do
        parry - Hyper Bomb, but where's the style?  Also, I think it's 
        escapable by certain fast moves (dragon punch, for example).        
        Skip the parry.  Hyper Bomb has HUGE invulnerability.  Wait for
        a jump in, and finish the motion right before they hit the ground.
        Their foot/hand will go through your face, and they will fall into
        you _after_ you grab, but you will still complete the move.  Takes
        some timing though... experiment!
      Boomerang Raid
        My second best super.  Good for wake up, and because it seems to 
        push people back a bit if they block, you won't get MASSIVELY     
        comboed.  You'll still get punished, but not as badly as if you
        (for example) whiffed a shoryureppa or something.  It comboes, of
        course, but it doesn't do much damage in a combo.  Instead, use it
        as a counter... take advantage of it's invulnerability, not it's
        damage dealing capacity.  Also, it's good if you like using ES     moves.
        In particular, the ES rushing elbow is great, and the ES flash chop
        adds a little "oomph" to the bread and butter combo.
      Stun Gun Headbutt
        Great if you are playing a drunken, catatonic 7 year old with no
        limbs.  Otherwise complete and utter crap.  Yes, you can land it
        on occasion.  Yes, it does huge damage.  It's just that the 
        other two supers are sooooo much better.
      Can we say "Bread and Butter"
        Okay, call it what you will.  You can call it the "Ben has only
        one testicle" combo.  It's still _the key_ to playing Alex 
        If someone fireballs you, whiffs a special, or attempts a sweep,
        jump in with HP, close MK, Jab FC.  Check out the damage this     
    does...it's ridiculous.  And if they block, no worries.  FC has         nearly 
    zero recovery.  Keep the pressure on... every time you are     close, just do 
    standing close MK into Jab FC.  Every once in a while     throw in a throw, 
    powerbomb, or ddt and you're set.  Excellent as 
        retaliation, as pressure, after a jump in, even as a wake up. 
        There's no reason _not_ to use this combo.  
      Style combos
        Deep Jumping HK into B+HP headbutt works sometimes.
        Jumping HP, close MK, ES Jumping Knee looks great.
        I _think_ that it's possible to do:
          HP FC -> MP FC -> Close standing MK -> Jab/ES FC
        I'm not sure how to check the timing to see if it's possible to
        get HP FC -> MP FC to work though.  Anyone verify this?               
    Final notes:
      Sorry if this was a little disjoint, but I hope it gives you a head
    start on playing Alex.  I know I'm a little nuts about that MK->FC combo, but it 
    really makes all the difference.  I've been playing Alex since the very 
    beginning, trying to make him not suck.  But other than getting lucky with 
    Zangief tactics, I generally got reamed by decent Ryuken players.  Now I defeat 
    everyone.  Mu ha ha ha ha.  Seriously though, I am king of Sunnyvale Golfland 
    =).  Well, maybe it's because everyone else is playing Tekken Tag and doesn't 
    care about me.  Ah well.
      Anyway... get the word out!  Ryu and Ken are tired, 40 year old bastardized 
    kickboxers that wouldn't know Karate if Makoto bit them on the arse.  Major 
    props to anyone who plays Alex, Q, Twelve, Oro, Makoto,
    even Ibuki or Chun Li.  I'm just frickin SICK of Ryu and Ken.  And someone come 
    to golfland and show me how to play Sean please!
      Thanks to Jinston for getting me to write this.  Thanks to Kao Megura for 
    crediting me in one of his FAQs and generally being a vast source of 
    information.  Thanks to Natalie Portman for gracing my desktop as I write this.  
    Mm... goth Natalie.  yum.
    Okay, that's it.  Oh yeah... if you want to post this, put it on a 
    website, or stick it in a larger FAQ, I'd be honored.  But _please_
    notify me and credit me, or I'll have to use my Hung Gar to terrorize
    your younger siblings!
    -ben williamson

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