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    Dudley by CHolbrook

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/12/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Anything related to SF Copyright Capcom
    Copyright 1999 Clinton Holbrook
    This faq may be recopied for personal use but for no reason should it be copied and resold in
    any way, shape, or form for a profit.
             The Not-So-Beginners Guide to using Dudley in Street Fighter III: Third Impact
    v 1.0======== 09/12/99 Decided to write a faq because there seems to be no faqs on him floating around
                  anywhere. First attempt at writing a faq, even though Ive helped a couple of people
                  make one themselves. This will be updated sometime, probably after Ive gotten the 
                  feeling back to my hands from typing all of this the first time. 
    NOTE========= This faq assumes you know the basics of SF3. This faq covers the special moves,
                  super arts, and combos for Dudley. The basic moves  will be added later on.
                 Rocket Uppercut (f,d,df,P)
                     The strength of the punch button determines how high Dudley goes in the air.
                     This is the basic "Hey look I've got a Dragon Punch!" move. It has fairly good
                     priority on jumping attacks. The downside is that it has very little forward
                     range, so most people have to be right on top of you for both hits to connect
                     from the ground. The EX version comes off a little faster with more forward 
                     range, so it's more likely to give you both of the hits.
                 Machine Gun Blow (hcf,P)
                     Dudley dashes forward a little bit, and unloads with several quick jab-
                     type punches with one hand. The strength of the punch button determines how   
                     far he goes forward. This move is useful as a move to tick energy away from a 
                     turtler, for mid-air attackers who have learned to parry the Rocket Uppercut,
                     and is one of the basic moves in most of his combos. The EX version makes him 
                     pull off the punches faster, auto-matically dash the right distance, has more
                     hits, and ends with a uppercut than you can use to juggle with.
                 Dashing Straight or Uppercut(hcf,k; P or K)
                    Dudley ducks and rushes forward, ending with either a straight punch or an 
                    uppercut. The kick on the first motion determines how far he rushes, and on the 
                    second button press, P makes him do the straight and K the uppercut. This is
                    another move that has several uses. When he dashes forward, he goes under shoto
                    player fireballs to give them a little surprise in their face. Its also used in 
                    a couple of juggle combos. Finally, you can do the motion for the rush and not 
                    press a button for the punch just to use it as a quick dash forward. Note that it
                    cannot be made an EX move.
                Bob-and-Weave (hcb,k)
                    Dudley takes a quick dash backwards and then back forward with a close-range body
                    blow. The step-back length is determined by the strength of the kick. EX version
                    does the same motion but he uses a quick three punch combo instead of one punch.
                    This move is much better than the one that its replacing from 2nd Impact. The main
                    uses for this punch are when waking up, and also when someone is jumping in on you.
                    One piece of advice on this one; don't use it in the corner. You don't go anywhere.
                    You just take a really long time to do a normal punch. Avoid unless you like 
                    eating Super Arts.
               Crosscounter (hcb,p)
                    Dudley procedes to look stupid, and during this time if he is hit with a high attack
                    he will take the normal damage for the move, and hit for roughly twice the damage
                    of his fierce punch. The weaker the punch button used, the shorter his counter will
                    travel, and the longer that he stays in this move. EX version makes him do two hits
                    when it's activated. A few suggestions on what not to use this move on: projectiles,
                    Super Arts, and low attacks. You'll feel some pain if you do. Secondly, don't use
                    this is you cant take the damage. During the last hit of the match, if there damage
                    is enough to knock you out, your punch will do no damage. The best time Ive found to 
                    use this is an air counter. They come in for a jump kick, go into the move, and they
                    get hurt and you look stylish.
              Super Rocket Uppercut(cant remember the official name on that one) qcfx2,p
                   Of course. Anyone who has a dragon-punch type move has to have a triple version of it
                   as a super art. Its law. He does three rocket uppercuts. Fairly good damage on this one
                   , and you can charge two of them. The downside on this is that if you catch them with 
                   this in the air, chances are on the third uppercut, they will go the wrong way and 
                   it will be a complete whiff. Out of the three arts, this is my second fave.
             Rolling Thuder (qcfx2,p,p rapidly)
                   Dudley dashes forward till he reaches his opponent, when he starts to beat the hell 
                   out of them, ending with an uppercut. This is the most powerful super art he has as
                   far as damage is concerned, but its my least favorite for a few reasons. Almost no
                   combo ability with this one at all, and you can only charge one. Another reason for 
                   my hatred for this move is that if you get blocked, you might as well send the will
                   out to the family, because youre over with. Upclose and looking stupid with your
                   arm in the air....not a good position to be in when you cant block.
            Corkscrew Blow (qcfx2,p)
                   Now its time for the one and only super art for me. Dudley unleashes a straight punch
                   that hits five times, while moving forward a bit. This is my super of choice unless
                   I just want to have fun. It will hit people coming in from the air, surprising them 
                   with it 9 out of 10 times. Also the Corkscrew has the most combo potential to it,
                   and allows you to charge three of them in a very short amount of time. Finally, if it
                   does get blocked on the ground, youre far enough away to block all but a far reaching
                   sweep most of the time. I like to occasionally do another one if the first one is
                   blocked, because the start up time is next to nothing and you can ofter get another 
                   one off during the time they are still trying to counter the first one. But if it is 
                   blocked with you deep into them, they can counter you. And its actually the least 
                   damaging of the super arts for Dudely.
                  #1 Up close- LK,MK,MP,HP-----This is his basic chain combo, good damage.
                  #2 Up close- MK,HK,HP-----A variation on his chain combo. Does about the same damage
                                            but it comes out slower for less hits.
                  #3 Jumping HK deep, standing HK, machine gun blow FP------One of the best combos for him
                                                                            Good damage and stun.
                  #4 Jumping HK deep, standing HK, rocket uppercut-----More damage than #3, but less stun.
                                                                       Also note that you can cut off the 
                                                                       uppercut with the Corkscrew.
                  #5 Crouching FK, jumping FP----Good for confusion tactics. If in the corner they can
                                                 be hit with a super art on the way down.
                  #6 Crouching FK, MK dashing uppercut----Decent damage, and the uppercut can be cut off
                                                          into a Corkscrew Blow if done quickly.
                  #7 Up close LK,MK,MP, Corkscrew Blow---- Tiiming has to be real quick on this one. Start
                                                           the motion for the super during the MP animation
                                                           to connect.
                  #8 Jumping FK deep, standing FK, EX machine gun blow, MK dashing uppercut on the way down
                     and end with a Corkscrew blow----Now this is a combo to impress people with. Hits for 
                                                      about 45% damage and 15 hits. You can finish with the
                                                      rocket uppercut super art, but the third uppercut misses
                                                      unless you hit them real deep when they fall back down.
                                                      But if you nail all of that one, its about 55% damage and
                                                      22 hits!
                  If any corrections or additional combos are out there, let me know. 
           Email: mrgrimm280@mindspring.com
    Thanks to:
                  Well, so far Im the only one who has worked on this, but this space looks so empty.
                  Okay then, special thanks to me for getting to a new level of boredom to make me 
                  write this faq.
    Pointless Addition
                  And heres my last thought: if you are a shoto player and cant use anyone else, at 
                  least have some style. No one likes a turtle.

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