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    Makoto by ETMa

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    Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 09:12:43 -0500
    MAKOTO Strategy Guide ver 1.0
    written by Edward T. Ma
    I.  Introduction
    II.  Background
    III.  Move Descriptions
    IV.  Combos
    V.  General Strategies
    VI.  Vs Tactics
    VII.  Miscellaneous
    Update History:
    Version 1.0 - The MAKOTO Strategy Guide says hello to the gaming world.
    Version 1.1 - Not here yet.  I’ll do the general strategy section next
    though probably.
    Don’t use this to get money for yourself.  And don’t plagiarize.  And
    brush your teeth.
    Other then that, go ahead and use this FAQ for whatever you want.
    I.  Introduction
    Why am I doing a FAQ in Makoto?  Not really cause I like 3rd Strike all
    that much.  Not that I don’t like it but 2nd Impact was more fun to play
    albeit maybe less balanced but still.  I’m writing this cause I like
    Makoto and because 1) I have a web site on her 2) I want some traffic to
    my site and 3) a good character site should have a strategy guide for the
    character I would think.  So after I’m done, I’ll slap on some <br> tags,
    some <img src> tags, use cut and paste, and put it on my web site.  On
    that note, on with the FAQ!
    BTW, this is my second FAQ.  The first one I did if any of you remember
    was on Marvel vs Capcom a long, long time ago on a computer far, far
    II.  Background
    So here’s the background part on Makoto:
    - Who is she?
    Well, she’s Makoto from Capcom’s Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike.  Simple
    - Why is she fighting in the tournament?
    "The highly respectable and prestigious Karate school... to be.  The only
    daughter Makoto, takes a vow to bring the pride back to her fathers’
    That’s all I could make out of the quote on the picture Capcom released
    of Makoto.  Unfortunately, the ... part was covered up by a big white
    line making it hard for me to figure out what it says.  But that’s her
    basic reason.  Apparently her father became too old and feeble to uphold
    his own fighting style and so she has to kick ass now to prove her
    fighting style can, uh well, kick ass.
    - What, if any, is her relationship to Ibuki/Yun/Yang?
    I guess they’re all young so they have rivalries.(see special intros
    between Makoto and the above three)
    And to you hentai minded people, gross...
    - Can she throw a fireball/dragon punch/hurricane kick?
    No, no, and no.  Go away you shoto’s.
    - Does she have a boyfriend?
    No.  Really.  Seriously, no.
    Ok, honestly I don’t know so go ahead and ask her out if you want.
    III.  Move Descriptions
    (By pushing forward on the controller, all of her buttons can do
    something else)
    JAB or JP:
    Standing -
    A little quick palm strike that doesn’t hit crouchers.  Use it like you
    use almost all standing jabs.
    Crouching -
    A little quick palm strike.  Use it like you use almost all crouching
    Jumping -
    Silly me.  I forget it.
    Jump Up -
    I forget but it’s probably just something where she stick her fist out
    Forward -
    Nice quick jab that hits crouchers which is a plus.  I THINK it’s
    cancelable but I’m not sure.
    STRONG or SP:
    Standing -
    A double fist attack that hits crouchers.  Doesn’t come out all that fast
    but combos all right.
    Crouching -
    A long distance poke that combos well.
    Jumping -
    She throws out her fist downward at an angle in an attempt to hit you. 
    Stick with her other jumping moves.
    Jump Up -
    I forget again.  But also again, she probably just punches straight out.
    Forward -
    A little backhand punch to the midsection that also moves her forward. 
    Good for pressure and variety and to stay close.  Not sure about the
    recovery though.
    FIERCE or FP:
    Standing -
    A quick high horizontal chop that doesn’t hit crouchers.  Decent anti air
    and can combo.
    Crouching -
    A good long distance sweep with her hand.  The first of it’s kind in SF
    history!  Cool.
    Jumping -
    She throws a chop that pretty much covers her entire front portion from
    above to below.  Doesn’t come out right away however but not a bad jump
    in move.
    Jump Up -
    She twirls around once while doing something that looks like her standing
    FP.  Use it if someone is somehow coming in from above you and you’re in
    that position(i.e. Necro/Elena super jumping)
    Forward -
    She takes a quick step forward and then throws out a hard straight punch.
     Push FP two more times before she hits to make her throw out two more
    quick straight punches.  If you have her just punch once, she steps back
    but if she punches all three times, she stays in place after.  Use it to
    keep the pressure on.
    SHORT or SK:
    Standing -
    I actually forget.  Doh.  I think she just throws out a quick comboable
    Crouching -
    Like many crouching SK’s, she throws out a quick shin kick.  Use it like
    Jumping -
    She throws out a knee.  Comes out quick but not very useful.
    Jump Up -
    Same as jumping.
    Forward -
    She takes a quick step forward while kicking straight forward.  A great
    poke move that comes out quick and seems to stuff most normals.  Plus it
    moves her forward so you can keep the pressure on.
    FORWARD or FK:
    Standing -
    A quick anti-air kick.  Misses crouchers(unless maybe you’re really
    close.  Not sure)
    Crouching -
    She kicks out and slightly up.  Not the best range but I use a lot
    because it has good recovery and has pretty good priority too.  Useful as
    a surprise anti-air somewhat.
    Jumping -
    She throws out her leg in a position much like Ibuki’s jumping FK.  And
    sharing much of the same properties as Ibuki’s FK, it’s probably her best
    jump in attack although hard to combo off of.
    Jump Up -
    Same as jumping.
    Forward -
    She takes a quick but long step forward, turns, and throws out an
    anti-air kick and so thus misses crouchers.  Quick recovery after she
    kicks.  Not her best forward+button move but use it as described.
    Standing -
    A powerhouse forward stomp.  Great priority and will beat or trade just
    about anything.  However, it comes out slow so parry masters will kill
    Crouching -
    She throws out a anti-air kick.  Again, the first of it’s kind in SF
    history!  Misses crouchers but has really good priority so treat it like
    Ryu’s standing RK although it doesn’t come out or recover quite as fast.
    Jumping -
    She throws out a quick, almost completely horizontal kick.  A huge
    priority move with great range.  Actually, use this as much as her
    jumping FK.
    Jump Up -
    Same as jumping.
    Forward -
    She takes a quick but long step forward and throws out a trip that knocks
    down.  Recovery time isn’t great but fortunately you can cancel the
    actual kick itself by holding down the RK button.  Then the recovery time
    is instantaneous and you can grab or whatever.  Mix it up.
    - List of cancelable moves:
    JP, SP, FP, SK
    JP, SP, SK
    - Best poke moves(IMO):
    SP, SK
    SP, FK, SK
    SK, FP, SP, JP
    Hayate - QCF punch
    That REALLY fast straight punch of hers.  The punch button you use
    determines the distance she goes.  Hold down the punch to make her pose
    until you let go or push kick to cancel it.  It's basically her
    primary attack special.  The recovery is fairly good if you don't end up
    too close after it.  Stick with the
    jab version unless your trying to surprise/counter attack someone.  I'm
    pretty sure it's impossible to super
    cancel off the Hayate.  So to combo her supers after you have to link
    them.  Very hard to time though although easier with the FP version.
    EX version knocks the person down and leaves her safely out of range if
    blocked.  You can also press
    the taunt buttons afterwards and she does a little pose of some sort
    leaving her open.  Why you'd want to
    do that is beyond me unless you just killed the guy with the Hayate.
    Fukiage - DP punch
    If you've seen the screen shots this is that move where she punches
    straight up in the air.  And that's how
    it's used basically.  Although I've hit people off the ground with this a
    number of times.  I think maybe they attacked me or something and got
    hit.  In case your wondering, that's her FARTHER arm that she uses to
    punch up.  Good priority and easy to super cancel off of and you can
    juggle after too.  It’s just difficult to hit with.
    The EX version is a bit easier to use as she rushes forward a bit and
    then punches straight up.
    Oroshi - QCB punch
    A overhead downward chop where she pounds the ground.  Stick with the JP
    version as the other two come out butt slow so will probably be easy to
    parry.  Takes off a nice chunk of energy though.  Easy to super cancel
    off of. 
    EX version is faster but knocks the opponent down.
    Karakusa - HCB kick
    Her most important move IMO.  A grab move with great range and priority. 
    Probably has about Hugo's or Alex's range.  Also has good "suck" in
    ability.  She lifts the guy up, does like 3 pixels worth of damage and
    then drops the guy allowing you to hit after.  If you're having trouble
    hitting your opponent after she drops them back to the ground, just hit
    the button a split-second earlier then you think you should.  You can
    also try to time it by listening for her grunt when she drops her
    Tsurugi - QCB kick
    Air move.  Think X-Adon's air kicks except not as easily used.  Timing
    has to be much better to hit where
    you want to hit.  Do it early to hit high and late to hit grounded
    opponents.  Will knock the opponent
    down.  I’m not sure if there’s a difference between the kick button used.
    EX version makes her come straight down out of the air.
    I.  Seichuu Sengodan Tsuki - QCFx2 punch
    Hold only 1
    Your standard upclose high power combo super.  Like the You-Hou or
    ShinShoryuken, etc...  Good
    range but not anti-air although if you hit your opponent right above the
    ground, Makoto will still connect
    with all the hits(i.e. parry jump in, super right away).  First she
    punches you in the crotch area(OUCH, although Ken is probably used to it)
    and then proceeds to pummel you with a few chest punches and then
    uppercuts the crap out of you causing you to disappear from the screen
    for a few seconds(where’d they go?) and then land back on the ground.  I
    really hope they allow her to juggle if she connects with the super in
    the final version of the game instead of just standing there posing
    yelling something I don't even understand.
    II.  Abare Tosonami Kudaki - QCFx2 kick
    Hold up to 2
    I like this super but unfortunately it’s not that good.  It’s kinda like
    a poor man's Maximum Spider.  
    She jumps up to the ceiling and the kick button pressed determines where
    she kicks too but you have to
    be really precise.  It’s quick but there's no auto tracking at all.  She
    tries to do a combo of sorts ending with a EX-like Fukiage regardless of
    whether or not her opponent blocks as long as she touches them.  You can
    juggle after too.  I was using this super to hit this one guys Elena
    whenever he did Healing from across the screen so you can figure out it's
    use.  Let your opponents figure out they need to block the first hit
    high. :)
    III.  Tanden Renki - QCFx2 punch
    Hold only 1
    Probably my favorite super of the three.  Imagine X-Zangief and you
    pretty much know what this super does to her.  If you don't know who
    X-Zangief is, this super basically makes her as strong as Hugo if not
    stronger. I'm surprised it lasts as long as it does(around 7 or 8 seconds
    I think).  However, you can’t block while the super is activated but for
    you parry masters out there I suppose you won’t even notice.
    IV.  Combos
    1.  j. RK, SP, cancel JP Hayate
    Her standard combo although if blocked is a tiny bit risky.
    2.  c. SP, cancel FP Hayate, Karakusa
    The Karakusa doesn't combo but it's so fast it might as well.  Very
    effective but don't do this TOO much or people will start expecting you 
    to do it and super you or something.
    3.  (EX)Fukiage, Hayate
    Juggle off the Fukiage.  Maybe you can do another EX Fukiage?
    4.  Karakusa, FP, cancel Hayate, I super
    You have to link the super after the Hayate which is really hard at first
    but gets easier with practice(I hope!).
    5.  Karakusa, FP, cancel III super, c. SP, cancel FP Hayate
    Any combo done while the III super is activated HURTS. Geez, PMS or what?
    6.  Karakusa, FP, cancel SK II super, JP Hayate(juggle)
    This only works if Makoto is in the corner. Why are you in the corner
    *I like using the Karakusa a lot since it sets up practically anything
    for Makoto. But obviously you can take it out. Still, I recommend
    learning to use it as it's VERY useful.
    V.  General Strategies
    Hah, you think I’m going to do this on the FIRST version?  Right...
    Ok, ok, as a general rule, IMO center a lot of your game around using the
    Karakusa(or the threat of using it) to keep them guessing.  And stay
    close to your opponent.
    VI.  VS Tactics
    See above section.  Even more so.  This is coming WAY down the line.
    VIII.  Miscellaneous
    Hmm, what to put in this section.  The question that bugs all FAQ
    writers.  Well, not really.
    Maybe in the next update, I’ll put in outfit colors or movie reviews or
    something like that.
    IX.  Thanks
    Thanks to Kao Megura for some of Makoto’s move names(wow, surprise,
    Thanks to the guys at the Negative Edge Message Board for pointing out a
    few things about Makoto I didn’t know.
    That’s all for now.
    This FAQ can be found at www.gamefaqs.com(as soon as he puts it up) and
    of course, my own site at
    www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Lair/3168/index.html(as soon as I put it
    Please send whatever you can send(suggestions, comments, etc...) via
    e-mail to edmaedmaedma@juno.com.  Or just visit my website and please
    sign my guestbook.  Thanks.

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