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    Q by A.o.D.

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    The Q Faq. (version 0.1)
    by A.o.D.
    Purpose for this faq:  To give prospective players and novices an idea of just 
    what they're getting into when they pick Q in Street Fighter 3:  Third Strike 
    (hereafter referred to as SF3:3s or just plain 3s).
    Required Reading:  Mr. Megura's General Purpose SF3:3s FAQ.  It is good stuff.
    Summary:  This FAQ will provide basic move information and application.  It 
    shall be brief and to the point.
    Table of Contents:
    1.  Colors
    2.  Normal Moves
    3.  Joystick Direction Moves
    4.  Throws
    5.  Command Input Moves
    6.  Supers
    7.  The Tauntâ„¢
    8.  Comboing
    9.  Parrying
    10. Specific Character Strategies
    12. Ending
    1.  Colors
    Colors are irrelevant in your task of destroying the opposition.  Cease this 
    mindless pursuit of trivialities and proceed to the next section.
    2.  Normal Moves
    Note:  You will be using these very infrequently.
    Jab -  It looks like your typical jab.  Unlike almost everyone else's jab, this 
    doesn't seem capable of comboing off of itself or into anything else of 
    consequence.  It shares the same weakness with almost all of Q's moves.  Its 
    fast enough to be a functional jab, and fortunately, don't expect any counter 
    attacks from it, even from other jabs.
    Medium-  Don't use this, useless.  It requires to much space and time to be 
    Fierce-  A lunging two fisted punch.  This is almost as useless as the medium.  
    However, once it comes out, it stuffs almost any of your opponent's normal 
    moves, and has an important function in juggling combos, and is easy to use in 
    those instances, since this punch's hit duration.
    Short-  A standing kick much like the shotoclone's.  Doesn't combo.
    Forward-  A barely acceptable poking kick.  You might wish to use this to create 
    some space, or to snuff an obvious attack.  Its not too terribly slow, but it is 
    slower than most other comparable kicks.  It is the one move Q can cancel 
    specials from, and that's only in the close version of this kick.
    Roundhouse-  An especially slow kick that is almost identical to Q's forward 
    kick.  He lunges a bit when he does it, giving the kick more range, but also, 
    more lag.  Use at your own risk.
    Jab-  Same story as his standing jab.  Acceptable as a close poke.
    Medium- A lunging hook.  It has reach, and perhaps some poking possibilities, 
    but is too slow to be practical.  If your opponent does a far away Hurricane 
    kick, this has a pretty good chance of snuffing the attack.
    Fierce-  Too slow, it looks like it should be an overhead, but it isn't, in 
    fact, it hits low. Whoopie. Yet another normal you don't want to use.  This 
    would be potentially useful if Q had a command overhead.
    Short-  An OK low hitting poke that is like everyone else's except it doesn't 
    Forward-  A low hitting kick that has speed comparable to everyone else's low 
    forward.  Use as appropriate.
    Roundhouse-  A slow, highly vulnerable on the ground drop kick.  It does have 
    its uses, however, and those will be enumerated later.
    Note: Much of Q's aerial arsenal is completely worthless, however, some of his 
    normals do have a small amount of use.  I'll enumerate those that might be of 
    use to you.
    Medium-  An upward reaching punch with a bit of distance to it.  Use this to 
    attempt to knock down jumpers that are higher up in the air than you are.  Use 
    this predominately against jumpers who fly faster and higher than yourself.
    Fierce-  Not a whole lot of priority or reach on this one, but this and the 
    Roundhouse allow you to continue with a combo on the ground.  It is a bit easier 
    to connect with than the jumping Roundhouse, thanks mostly due to its faster 
    Forward-  This kick sticks straight out from Q.  Its not particularly fast, but 
    its his best hope of stuffing another jumper or gaining a safe landing on a jump 
    Roundhouse-  This is slow, slow, slow, and it only hits opponents that are 
    almost directly beneath Q.  Use it as a really deep jump in for the combo (its 
    practically the only way you'll combo with Q outside of a juggle).  It knocks 
    down opponents who are in the air.
    3.  Joystick Direction Moves
    B + Medium  An uppercut with a slight delay.  Its your absolute best anti-air.  
    You'll probably be using this a lot.
    B + Roundhouse  A funky little kick with a slow startup that hits low at the 
    beginning and reaches high at the end to perform as an anti-air.  It only hits 
    once, has little range, and is slow as all hell, but can be useful as an anti 
    air, or for some funky mind gaming.  This is of very limited use, except to 
    confuse an opponent.
    4.  Throws
    F/B + Jab and Short:  Typical throw.  Use this to position your opponent on the 
    side you want them to be on.  If you're in the corner, use this to turn the 
    There is another version of this throw, but there is no need to use it.
    5.  Command Input Moves
    Charge Back -> towards + Punch  This is a rushing Punch, called the Dashing Head 
    Attack.  Jab goes a short distance, Medium goes just short of half screen, and 
    Fierce travels just short of a full screen.  It is very easy to counter this 
    move unless you have the proper spacing, so ensure that you use the right punch 
    for the job at hand.  However, if you do have the spacing, only those moves with 
    good reach and priority will stop you.  Furthermore, you can trade with almost 
    any move and the damage exchange will be in your favor.  This move's reasonably 
    quick charge time and fast recovery make it your poke weapon of choice.  Its a 
    decent counter attack against moves with slow startups and/or recoveries.  More 
    importantly, its one of the best ways for you to get close to your opponent, and 
    that's what's really important with Q.  Holding the punch button will cause Q to 
    execute a rushing overhead with a slow delivery.  I'd only recommend it against 
    low skill players who are turtling heavily.  Also, if the overhead is blocked, 
    expect a massive retaliation.
    The EX version of this punch is marginally useful.  It does decent damage, and 
    it bounces your opponent off of the far wall.  Use that opportunity to juggle 
    him for extra hits.
    Charge Back -> towards + Kick  This version of the rushing punch hits low, 
    called the Dashing Leg Attack.  It is just as slow and counter-attackable as the 
    overhead version of the rushing punch.  Use it only against someone afraid of 
    getting nailed with an overhead.. or an idiot.
    QCB + Punch  This is a three hitting High Speed Barrage.  The Jab version swings 
    low to hit crouching opponents.  The Medium version will hit those that are 
    standing.  The Fierce version is an unreliable anti air.  You'll use this 
    predominantly to pressure your opponent when you're in his face.  The object is 
    to get him to keep his head down so you can whack away at his defenses.  This 
    also serves as a moderately decent snuffer, provided you anticipate your 
    opponent's actions.  The EX version of this move hits seven times for decent 
    damage, and is fast enough to be counted on to beat most of your opponent's 
    normals, and what specials that aren't instantaneous.
    HCB + Kick  This is Q's command throw, the Capture and Deadly blow.  Q grabs his 
    opponent, and then hits them high into the air with an uppercut, setting up a 
    golden juggle opportunity.  The Strength of the kick determines how far away the 
    victim is knocked into the air.  It is the basis of most if his juggle combos.  
    It has a slow start up, but its reach is somewhat better than that of most 
    command throws.  The damage it does isn't worth the risk unless you follow up 
    with a juggle, so ensure that you tack on extra hits when your opponent.  The 
    best time to use this against your opponent is when they are getting up from 
    being knocked down, and lack a reliable wake up move, when your opponent jumps 
    over you but doesn't attack, or your opponent is doing some hardcore turtling.  
    Also, this move should be your PRIMARY means of counter attack against whiffed 
    specials and supers that have a long recovery time like fireballs you've jumped 
    over, missed Shoryukens, flash kicks, and blocked air stampedes.
    6.  Supers
    Q only has one super, regardless of what the Super Selection screen may say.  
    His Critical Combo may stock up a lot of EX moves, but Q doesn't particularly 
    survive on those.  Also, it is a piss poor juggling super, and the damage 
    potential just isn't there.  His total destruction may do insane amounts of 
    damage, and it may even offer you two different methods of delivering the blow, 
    but it isn't instantaneous, and any halfway decent player can avoid you until 
    time runs out.  A good player will take advantage of your more aggressive 
    posture to find an opening and punish you.
    Instead, the only super you will use is the Double Deadly Combo (qcf x 2 + 
    punch).  It only holds a single bar, but that bar is long enough for two or 
    three good EXs, should you need them, and you're almost certain to get a full 
    bar by either the first third or half of the first round.  It may not do as much 
    damage as the total destruction, but it does do enough to be very much 
    worthwhile.  This super juggles for its full amount of damage, its fast, has 
    priority over just about everything (It has been snuffed, but by a jumping 
    character. I've used it to beat Shoryureppas and starting Shoryukens on the 
    ground) and can be juggled after the super has run its course.  Furthermore, you 
    can cancel into this move immediately after connecting any normal rushing punch, 
    even one that hits an airborne or juggled opponent.
    7.  The Tauntâ„¢
    There is no question that Q's taunt is the most potent in the game.  Without it, 
    he is a fairly weak character.  With it, he is the closest thing you'll see in a 
    non-Marvel game to the Juggernaut.  The taunt is fairly quick, meaning it can be 
    performed when your opponent is knocked down or a full screen away with little 
    fear of retaliation.  Each time you taunt, the amount of damage Q takes is 
    reduced by a small amount.  Once you have taunted three times, Q only takes half 
    damage from all attacks for the rest of the round.  It is very important that 
    you get all three taunts in early in each match.  The best time to do so is when 
    you've managed to knock your opponent off of your feet, whether it be by means 
    of a juggle, sweep, or hitting them out of the air.  However, if you find 
    yourself a full screen away from a fairly slow, non-projectiling character, that 
    is as good a time as any.  Just remember, once you have that damage protection, 
    almost any traded hit is in your favor, and any clean hit against your opponent 
    puts him further in the hole.  As long as you have 3 taunts under your belt, 
    come from behind victories are much, much harder for your opponent.
    8.  Comboing
    Comboing with Q requires more effort and thought than with most characters, 
    however, the dividends which they pay off with are handsome indeed.  Unless you 
    connect a jump in roundhouse, almost all of Q's combos will require that you 
    juggle your opponent.  Here is a run down of combos of varying skill 
    B+ Roundhouse Cancel into the Taunt  You must connect with the sweep part of 
    this kick, and cancel into the taunt immediately.  If you attempt to taunt once 
    the foot swings up, it is too late to do so.  A mostly useless "combo", except 
    for the fact that it lets you sneak a taunt in (and that's a good thing).  
    Unfortunately, it depends on the mostly unreliable B+Roundhouse.
    Standing medium -> High Speed Barrage  4 hits, moderate damage.  This isn't a 
    half bad poking combo.  Use this as available to apply pressure to your 
    opponent's defenses.
    Jump in Roundhouse or Fierce -> Standing close medium -> Medium High Speed 
    Barrage  Whoopee, 5 hits.  A waste of time and not worth the risk. I won't list 
    any more jump in combos.
    Capture and deadly Blow -> Rush punch. The timing on this is sensitive.  Since 
    the fall rate from this move is identical for all characters, its simply a 
    matter of timing and knowing which punch to use.  If you use a Short CnDB, use a 
    Jab Rush.  If you use a Roundhouse CnDB, use a Medium Rush. If the juggling 
    punch connects with your opponent in the corner, follow up with either a medium 
    or fierce High Speed Barrage.
    Short CnDB -> EX rush punch -> Standing Fierce  A much flashier and damaging 
    combo.  You're essentially juggling twice and doing enough damage to seriously 
    disadvantage your foe.  The timing on the EX Punch is different from the regular 
    punch, so it is recommended that you practice using it in juggles.
    CnDB -> Rush Punch -> EX Rush Punch -> EX High Speed Barrage  This uses a lot of 
    meter for what is probably only 30-35% damage.  I haven't tried this myself yet, 
    so consider this combo unofficial.  Frankly, I'd rather use a juggle that 
    involves the Double Deadly Combo, instead of using all that super meter for 
    those wasted hits on the EX high speed barrage.
    Roundhouse CnDB -> medium or fierce Rush Punch; cancel into the Double Deadly 
    Combo; Juggle with a rush punch or standing fierce.  If you're in a corner after 
    the last rush punch (and you should be) follow up the punch with a medium or 
    fierce high speed barrage.  This is perhaps Q's most lethal combo.  It also 
    requires precision to cancel properly.
    Rush Punch; cancel into Double Deadly Combo; Juggle with fierce rush punch.  
    Again, you have to know what you're doing on the cancel part of this combo.  At 
    least you don't need to rely on the laggy Capture and Deadly Blow to initiate 
    this combo.
    In Corner CnDB -> Double Deadly Combo; Juggle with Standing fierce.   It 
    requires very exacting timing, but doesn't require so much twitchyness as the 
    cancelling version.  Fortunately for you, the damage is still quite worth it, 
    though your positional options are more limited.
    Q of course has more combos, but in play experience, those are his main ones 
    that are practical. 
    9.  Parrying
    Q's game is heavily dependant upon the parry against certain opponents.  Against 
    Remy, Ryu, Ken, and Akuma, you are only as good as the number of fireballs you 
    can successfully parry.  If you cannot at least reliably parry a 3 hit 
    Shakunetsu Gou Hadoken from Akuma, then you should seriously consider picking 
    someone else.  In the high end game, you'll need to be able to parry most 
    attacks in situations that you would expect them, like waking up, fireballs, 
    jumping in, and defending from jump-ins.  In the mid to low end game, parrying 
    fireballs will be your primary concern, though you might want to invest in 
    teaching yourself how to properly parry Remy's Cold Blue Kick pressure game, and 
    how to red parry a hurricane kick.
    Of course, it shouldn't need to be said that you should punish an effectively 
    parried attack to the best of your capability.  The goal here is to make your 
    opponent reluctant to press the attack against you, giving you the opportunity 
    to utilize the Capture and Deadly Blow to maximum effect.  
    Also, one other note, if you have an opportunity to use the Double Deadly Combo, 
    go ahead.  It does enough damage to win you the match, and if not, at least your 
    opponent will be very, very hurt.
    10.  Specific Character Strategies
    Akuma-  Expect many, many fireballs.  However, don't see this as a hinderance, 
    but an opportunity to get easy meter from parrying the storm of fireballs he 
    sends your way. Once you are ready to start pressuring, use a well timed fierce 
    rush to close the distance in between air fireballs.  Don't let him predict your 
    punches, though, or you'll be parried, or eating an uppercut, or worse.  
    Furthermore, don't try to out-prioritize the Messatsu Gou Rasen or the Kongou 
    Kokuretsu Zan.  You will lose every time.  The key to winning this match is to 
    be patient.  Every traded hit with Akuma hurts him far, far more than it hurts 
    you.  Use your superior damage receiving abilities to their fullest extent.  
    Finally, don't stand over a knocked down Akuma.  Like all shotoclones, he has 
    very reliable wake-up moves.  
    Ryu-  He plays much like Akuma, except that he doesn't jump very often.  Expect 
    a conservative offense or defense that centers around one or two devastating 
    combos.  Watch your stun meter, though, since he tends to deal the most stun 
    damage out of any Shoto.  Also, its important that you don't expose yourself to 
    any solid hits.  Use your crouching medium or roundhouse to kill a hurricane 
    kick that is done too early.  Ryu can combo very, very well off of a standing 
    fierce, and with the Shin Shoryuken, even a super cancel deals a lot of damage.  
    However, just like Akuma, patience pays off.  This is one of the few matchups 
    where jumping will be necessary.
    Ken-  Ken players tend to be very aggressive, but often like to back off and 
    throw fireballs to throw off your timing.  When Ken is in your face, watch out 
    for the game of footsies, but be certain to avoid his overheads.  Fortunately, 
    Ken will give you many opportunities to unload with a Double Deadly Combo, so be 
    certain to take advantage of that and put some fear into his game.  Your only 
    two defenses against the hurricane kick are to use the crouching medium or use a 
    jumping retaliation, and even then only if the HK is performed far enough away 
    for you to do something about.  Under no circumstances should you pattern Ken or 
    telegraph your moves, as his supers and shoryuken are more than capable of 
    snuffing your entire arsenal.
    Yun/Yang-  I know they play very different.  However, as Q, those differences 
    are rather small.  Look for wild jump ins, huge combos that lead off of a 
    crouching short or jab, and all sorts of crossups.  Your size and speed are your 
    biggest disadvantages.  However, don't be discouraged, as it takes 2 or 3 of 
    their hits to equal one of yours.  Be patient, and wait for them to over extend 
    themselves and punish them appropriately.  This battle is not as hard as it 
    first seems.  Also, you might be able to occasionally get away with starting the 
    Capture and Deadly Blow over them while they are fallen, but don't get too 
    cocky.  They have the means to punish you.  Of course, you should never try that 
    if they have a super waiting.
    Remy-  This is one of your most difficult fights.  Almost all of his moves out 
    prioritize you.  Expect to spend most of the match parrying high and low sonic 
    booms.  You *must* be able to beat his cold blue kick, or your battle is lost.  
    Fortunately, it's not that hard to parry, after a little bit of practice.  You 
    have to be somewhat aggressive against him, but don't be so aggressive that you 
    end up eating a super for your troubles.  Your Double Deadly Combo will come in 
    handy, provided you have the meter for it.  Also, use your EX High Speed Barrage 
    to snuff his close range normals and/or dish out a load of tick damage.  Chances 
    are, a good portion of the damage you deal to Remy will be from blocking.  You 
    might be able to get away with not having to deal with parrying from Remy, since 
    it ruins his charging.  Just remember, you deal more damage than Remy, and take 
    Alex-  Ugh.. this is rough.  First, he can close in on you almost at will, 
    thanks to his Elbow slash and Air Stampede.  His command throw is infinitely 
    better than yours, and his normals all outprioritize yours.  Watch out for his 
    Rising Knee Catch, because you are not safe while on the ground.  This is 
    actually one of the few matches where you want to keep someone away from you.  
    Use the arm flail for this, and never ever use an inappropriately spaced Rushing 
    Punch.  However, quite a few of Alex's moves have a window of retaliation. Use 
    this fact to good effect, and you might just win the match.  Don't count on your 
    damage dealing and receiving abilities, since Alex can easily keep pace with 
    you.  This is one of the few matches where time is not on your side.
    Hugo-  This is another very rough match.  He actually deals more damage than you 
    do, but at least he's a bit slower than you are.  Don't get stupid and put 
    yourself in a position where a Gigas Breaker or Earthquake bomb will be used to 
    punish one of your mistakes.  Don't bother jumping against Hugo, except to 
    escape his ground throws.  There is one positive note, though, he is *so* big 
    and *so* slow that you will have many, many opportunities to connect the Double 
    Deadly Combo.  Use your rushing punches to cover a lot of ground, and to keep 
    your opponent on edge.  The high speed barrage can come in handy, since it has 
    more range than Hugo's standard throws.
    Urien-  This is the other of your most difficult fights.  The danger in fighting 
    Urien is that he has many, many tools to keep you outside of your effective 
    range, and beating your rush punches is child's play for him.  Countering his 
    attacks can be difficult at times, but if he fireballs you, that's your chance 
    to move in, provided that you don't let him psyche you out.  This another match 
    where you might be forced to depend on your parrying abilities all too much.
    Chun Li- If you're playing against a scrub, you have a tough fight.  Be patient, 
    and wittle her down.  If you're playing someone that is as good as you are, or 
    is better, get another quarter handy, because you will lose.
    Sean-  He's delicious and crunchy.  Eat him up.
    Twelve-  He's smooth and creamy.  Drink him with a straw.
    Q's quotes are irrelevant to destroying your foes.  Concentrate on the task at 
    hand.  Mercy is for the weak.
    12.  Ending
    Q's ending is of no interest to those concerned with victory.  Show no mercy to 
    your impudent opponents.
    Written by A.o.D.
    Corrections and insights please utilise that email address.
    Flame reporting form at the following URL.
    Print and use as necessary.
    Thanks to:
    Deltakid, for pointing out the Roundhouse cancel into taunt thing.

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