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    Remy by RBlumel

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/28/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Street Fighter 3:Third Strike -Remy Character Guide. ver. 1.0
    By Robert Blumel (elphfves@earthlink.net)
    Table of Contents
    0. Terms & Abbreviations
    1. Basic Moves
    2. Special Ataacks
    3. Super Arts
    4. Combos
    5. Credits & Commentary
    Terms & Abbreviations used in this FAQ
    jab	strong	fierce
    short	forward	roundhouse
    -Six basic attack buttons.
    p = any punch button
    k = any kick button
    u = Up			d = Down
    uf = Up Forwards	db = Down Back
    ub = Up Back		df = Down Forwards
    -Eight basic directions on the Joystick.
    QCB = quarter circle back. basically moving the joystick from the down
          to back position in one fluid movement.
    QCF = quarter circle forward. same thing just down to front.
    Charge = hold the joystick in the direction specified for a few moments.
    Ex -Pressing more that one punch or kick to activate 
        a special move will 'EX' that move making it stronger
        using an ex move will require some of your super meter.
    1. Basic Moves
    Jump				Tap u/ub/uf
    Super Jump			Tap d,u/db,uf/df,ub
    Dash 				Tap f,f
    Backdash			Tap b,b
    Parry				Tap f as you are about to be hit 
    Low Parry			Tap d as you are about to be hit
    Air Parry			Tap f while in the air as you are about to be hit
    Ground Recovery			Tap d when you hit the ground to roll to safety
    Throw				Press LP + LK
    Leap Attack			Press MP + MK
    Taunt(personal Action)		Press HP + HK
    -Remy has two throws. Both of which do minimal damage.
      b/f + LP + LK 	Remy preforms a side kick knocking your oppenent to whichever 
    			direction you pressed to preform the throw.
      LP + LK		Same command just you have to have the joystick in the neutral
    			position. Remy preforms three quick attacks and sends your opponent
    			crashing to the ground. Very stylish.
    Launching Attack - Crouching fierce
     - the launching attack will send opponents skyward giving you time to set up 
       some juggles.
     -Chains are standard attacks that will connect one after the other.
      Air Chains
      - Remy has no air chains that i have found. If you know any please email.
      Ground chains 
       -standing jab, standing short 
       -close standing forward, standing roundhouse
       -crouching jab x 3
    2. Special Attacks
      overhead kick		f + forward
      -Remy steps in and does a kick that hits crouching opponents
      Light of Virtue (EX)	Charge b, f + p/k
      -the punch version is a high projectile while the kick version is a low projectile
      -the kick version will travel under fireballs ( ummm.. sonic boom?)
      -the EX version of either one creates two projectiles that travel in slightly irregular
       paths. very useful.
      Rising Rage Flash (EX)    	Charge d, u + k
      -Remy does a back flip and hits you with his feet. (ummm.. flash kick?)
      -the EX version hits twice and does more damage.
      Cold Blue Kick (EX)	QCB + k
      -Remy does a nice little jump kick that has a small amount of start-up delay.
      -the EX version hits twice and does more damage.
    3. Super Arts
    I Light of Justice	QCF x 2 + p
      -Remy Tosses out a grip (ok just 7) of his little projectiles.
      -useful for block damage combos very nicely lacking a bit in
       the damage department. although you can combo two in a row if 
       your opponent is in the corner.
      -you can store two of these with moderate super bar length.
    II Supreme Rising Rage Flash 	QCF x 2 + k
      -Remy does a series of three Rising Rage Flashes' hitting for
       10 times in total. 
      -more damage than the first super also easily comboable.
      -you can store two of these, also has the longest super bars
       (but just by a little) so you can hold more super energy for EX attacks.
    III Blue Nocturne	QCF x 2 + k
      -this is a counter attack only super. meaning your oppnent must hit 
       you with a direct attack (no fireballs or supers) right after you
       preform the move.
      -Remy basically goes into an auto combo ending with a Rising Rage Flash
       for 7 hits and pretty decent damage.
      -jumping attacks will trigger the super but you will only get a few
       hits in.
      -really short super bar but you can only hold one. 
    4. Combos
      -(EX) means you can EX the move if you want to. if it says EX before
       the move, then the move must be EX'd for the combo to work.
    --Easy combos
    Jumping fierce, crouching jab x 2, Rising Rage Flash (EX)
    Jumping fierce, crouching strong, Rising Rage Flash (EX)
    Jumping fierce, standing forward, standing roundhouse
    Jumping fierce, standing forward, Light of Virtue p/k (EX)
    Crouching fierce, Rising Rage Flash (EX but it only hits once)
    Crounching fierce, Light of Virtue p/k  (EX)
    --Not so easy combos
    Jumping fierce, standing forward, Light of Virtue p/k (EX), Light of Justice or
    Supreme Rising Rage Flash
    Jumping Fierce, crouching strong, EX flip kick, Supreme Rising Rage Flash
     -super wont connenct with all hits, and you need to be real quick.
    Crouching fierce, short Cold Blue Kick.
     -as with any combo starting with crouching fierce if you hit your oppenent
      while he is in the air, the combo will be a bit easier to complete. with this 
      paticular line of combos if you hit them off of the ground your timing has to be quick.
    --Oppenent in corner combos.
    Crouching fierce, Short Cold Blue kick, Rising Rage Flash (EX)
    Crouching fierce, short Cold Blue Kick, Supreme Rising Rage Flash
     -super wont connenct with all hits.
    EX Cold Blue Kick, Supreme Rising Rage Flash
     -super wont connenct with all hits.
    Jumping Fierce, standing forward, Light of Virtue p/k, Light of Justice x 2
    5. Credits & Commentary    
    Ok youve probably noticed by now that Remy plays alot like Guile. Hmmm... even that
    Crouching roundhouse. So i suspect that he is Guiles' illegetimate goth son who
    dropped out of french boarding school. but thats only my opinion. even in the game 
    Remy doesn't know who his father is. hmmm.. amyway you can play Remy like you can 
    Guile for the most part. either sit in the corner all day. (boring and only effective if
    your opponent can't or won't parry.) or strategic hit n run. basically  deliver a quick 
    combo back off throw a few projectiles then come back in for another quick combo.
    Also always remember that all of the fighting doesn't just take place in the monitor.
    use your head for crying out loud. talk during the game, sing if you want. taunt often.
    compliment your opponent if he does something cool, ask questions, give answers. and don't
    blame the joystick, acknowledge that it's broken and move on. and if you whine about 
    anything i'll smack you, serious. it's a game have fun above all else. ok enough of the
    peace love and video games. 
    This FAQ is copyrighted to Robert Blumel 1999. And is to be distrubuted freely without
    charge and malice aforthought. if you want to use part of this FAQ for any reason ask
    and it shall be given. 
    I'd like to thank:
    K. Megura  <kmegura@hotmail.com>
    -For providing great works to aspire to.
    Gustavo Ayon & Angel Lozano <tserian@juno.com>
    -for being friendly(not to mention talented)punching bags.
     and putting up with my Rainbow Mika in Alpha.
    Rainbow Mika
    -for reminding me that video games are fun and that any character can be used
     effectively if you play around with them. Oh and being drop dead gorgeous even
     though you are an animated character.
    and finally all Elvenkind and Qui-Gon Jinn for giving me heroes i can beleive in. 
    -Okay so I'm a bit odd. but i would love to hear what you think and ideas, combos, tricks
    personal info, and Ascii art for the Remy faq are needed desperatley. send them one and all
    to <elphfves@earthlink.net>

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