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    Twelve by SAL

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    -= SAL's guide to shapeshifting mayhem =-
    A year has passed since the events chronicled in Street Fighter III 2nd 
    Impact. Within that time, the "perfect soldier" experiments run by Gill's 
    organization have finally neared completion. Their top scientist, Doctor 
    Kure, has successfully made use of Urien's theory of cell reconstruction in 
    designing the newest model, and the first "never dying warriors" have now 
    been born. With all laboratory testing producing positive results, the only 
    remaining element is to evaluate these new prototypes with assigned tasks in 
    the real world. Subject Twelve has been chosen as one of these test 
    subjects, with his performance being monitored to determine whether mass 
    production of the model is ready to begin. His mission is to locate and 
    retrieve the escaped subject Necro, dead or alive, before knowledge of his 
    existence reaches the outside world...
    This is only a list of his useful attacks. If it's not listed here, you 
    probably don't want to be using it for anything.
    JAB Punch + SHORT Kick
    A grab where Twelve coils himself around his opponent and scores multiple 
    hits. Tap the buttons to slightly increase the damage. The opponent drops to 
    the ground right next to Twelve afterwards, making it not too good of an 
    idea to use most of the time.
    F/B + JAB Punch + SHORT Kick
    A throw in which Twelve hurls his opponent to the other side of the screen, 
    either in front or behind him depending on the joystick direction used. 
    Useful if your opponent is crowding you and you just can't seem to shake 
    them any other way.
    STRONG Punch (far)
    A quick poking attack with pretty good range. It's useful for scoring random 
    unexpected hits on an opponent in a lot of different situations, especially 
    when they underestimate it's reach.
    STRONG Punch (close)
    An elbow thrust that resembles Necro's equivalent attack. This is useful in 
    that it's his best move that can be cancelled into other attacks, such as 
    the A.X.E. and X.N.D.L.
    FORWARD Kick
    A quick jabbing knee thrust that moves you forward a little. A fairly safe 
    way to get in close, though you don't really want to be that close with 
    Twelve most of the time. It does have excellent priority though, making it a 
    good counter in a poking war.
    D + FORWARD Kick
    A low kick with pretty good range that makes a useful poking attack. Mix 
    this up with the standing Strong and your opponent will probably never be 
    able to get in too close.
    STRONG Punch + FORWARD Kick
    This has pretty long range for an overhead attack. Mixing it up with the 
    crouching Forward usually gets good results.
    FIERCE Punch
    An upward axe-strike with a long diagonal reach. This is an excellent air 
    counter, but must be done early due to the vulnerable lag at the beginning.
    D + FIERCE Punch
    A rolling Strike that scores multiple hits. It has very little range, but is 
    great to use up close, especially as an opponent is getting up after being 
    knocked down.
    FIERCE Punch (while jumping)
    A far reaching diagonal attack. This is great to hit opponents who 
    mistakenly think they're out of range of your attacks, and is excellent to 
    use after gliding towards the opponent from far away.
    A very far reaching horizontal attack. It's a little slow to come out, but 
    faster than most of Nerco's long reaching attacks overall. Use it anytime 
    your opponent is in it's range but not up too close. The only thing to watch 
    out for is people jumping to avoid and counter it.
    A knockdown drill slide. It doesn't have much more range than the average 
    sweep, so it shouldn't be used much differently. This is a unique move in 
    that it can only hit once, but must be blocked mutliple times.
    ROUNDHOUSE Kick (while jumping)
    A downward slice that hits almost directly underneath. Another good attack 
    to use when gliding, but this time you want to be in close. This can also 
    hit standing opponents from a high jump or glide due to it's long vertical 
    INVISIBILITY - Fierce + Roundhouse
    Twelve becomes invisible for a few seconds. If the opponent attacks Twelve 
    he will become visible again, even if he blocks the attack. The N.D.L. is 
    also still visible, even though Twelve will not be. Twelve can also become 
    visible by performing the move again while he's already invisible. Like all 
    taunts, this move leaves Twelve vulnerable for a short time before taking 
    GLIDING - towards, towards, or back, back (in the air)
    Twelve can glide in the air after jumping. This can be done at any point 
    during a jump, though the glide arcs downward slightly at first, and will 
    cancel if he touches the ground while doing so. The glide can be foward or 
    backward regardless of which direction Twelve is jumping, and can change 
    direction once if he touches a wall while gliding. The glide can be 
    cancelled at any time into anything you can normally do in the air (aside 
    from another glide), including parrying and special attacks.
    PROJECTILE EVASION - hold towards or back
    Twelve is able to walk harmlessly underneath most projectiles in the game. 
    He can avoid either by walking forwards or backwards, but must begin walking 
    before the projectile reaches him, since there is a slight delay after 
    pressing a direction in which he can still be hit by the projectile. 
    Projectiles he cannot walk underneath include Remy's low Light of Virtue, 
    Ryu's Shinkuu-Hadoken, Urien's Temporal Thunder, and any other projectiles 
    which reach down low enough to touch him (mostly just Super Arts).
    N.D.L. - D,DF,F + Punch
    This takes poking to a new level altogether. Twelve shoves his arms into the 
    ground, and they come up out of the ground a distance away. The Punch button 
    determines the range of the attack, with Fierce reaching almost a full 
    screen away, while Jab comes out just in front of him. This is a relatively 
    safe way to poke at someone far away, and makes for an excellent way to 
    intercept distant jumpers as they land. When timed carefully, it can even be 
    used to simultaneously avoid a projectile by crouching underneath it and hit 
    the opponent with the move at the same time. It can also be used to nullify 
    certain projectiles outright if it hits them directly, but considering all 
    the better ways Twelve has of dealing with projectiles this isn't really 
    recommended. The EX version of this move will intercept the enemy wherever 
    they are on the ground, and hit them twice instead of once.
    A.X.E. - D,DB,B + Punch repeatedly (air or ground)
    Who needs nunchuks when your limbs are made of rubber? Twelve madly flails 
    his arms about, causing massive potential damage if all 5 hits connect. The 
    Punch button used determines two things: the damage inflicted, which is 
    greatest when using Fierce, and the speed that the attack comes out at, with 
    the fastest being with Jab. The maximum damage five hits can only be landed 
    when using the Fierce version on the ground, and only against a grounded 
    opponent. This move has excellent priority, making it an effective air 
    counter when timed correctly, as well as an ideal move to use on a fallen 
    opponent as they're getting up. The EX version basically just combines the 
    speed of the Jab version with the damage of the Fierce version, giving you 
    an insanely quick 5-hit barrage of flailing-arm madness.
    D.R.A. - D,DB,B + Kick (in the air)
    Sky diving must be a popular hobby for creatures who can become their own 
    hang-gliders. Twelve quickly dives at the opponent from any point of a jump. 
    The Kick button determines the angle he comes down at, with Roundhouse 
    travelling quite far across the screen, and the Short almost directly 
    straight down. This won't knock an opponent down, but won't leave you open 
    to most counterattacks unless it's blocked. Like Twelve's other specials 
    this has excellent priority, making it an ideal air-to-air attack, as well 
    as a quick effective counter against ground-based specials or 
    horizontally-travelling projectiles. The EX version dives at the Roundhouse 
    angle, but is much faster, hits twice, and knocks the opponent down.
    I. X.N.D.L. (2 charges maximum) - D,DF,F,D,DF,F + Punch
    Twelve sticks his limbs in the ground and creates a wave of N.D.L. type 
    spikes across the ground. Although it can be cancelled out at times, it 
    usually makes an excellent counter against ground based attacks. It does a 
    fair bit of damage, comes out very quickly, and rarely leaves Twelve open to 
    possible counter-attacks when blocked. It comes in especially handy against 
    most projectiles, which it will nullify and pass through upon impact. The 
    damage and number of hits vary depending on the distance of the opponent and 
    what they're doing. The ideal situation is when you catch an opponent with 
    it while they're performing a ground attack at medium to far distance away. 
    It can be chained off of a close standing Strong or standing B + Forward, 
    but you won't score as many hits with it this way. It can also be used quite 
    effectively to intercept jumpers as they land, but again you won't score the 
    maximum number of hits when it's used for this purpose. It typically does 
    around 20-30% damage, assuming it lands at least 5 hits upon impact.
    II. X.F.L.A.T. (1 charge maximum) - D,DF,F,D,DF,F + Kick (while jumping)
    With moves like this Twelve might as well forget the organization and go 
    sign up for the next summer Olympics. This is a D.R.A. style dive, with the 
    angle and speed resembling that of the EX version. If it successfully 
    connects, he'll proceed to rush through the opponent with a massive air 
    combo of up to 18 hits. This move can be blocked, and is usually rather 
    difficult to hit a jumping opponent with, making it only really useful to 
    use on an opponent who's performing a move on the ground that they won't be 
    able to recover from in time to block. Though the window of opportunity to 
    counter-attack after blocking this move isn't a large one, it's definately 
    there, so you have to be careful with it's use. One way to potentially 
    increase the chance of sneaking it in on someone is to become invisible 
    before trying to use it, though even then it's still rather hard to catch 
    someone off-guard with. If you're fast enough it can also be used to 
    effectively counter some projectiles by quickly jumping and initiating the 
    move as soon as you have a clear line of impact over the projectile to your 
    unguarded opponent. Still, the relatively restricted practicality of this 
    move probably makes it his worst Super Art overall, despite the average 
    damage it inflicts being a high 30-40%.
    III. X.C.O.P.Y. (1 charge maximum) - D,DF,F,D,DF,F + Punch
    If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then this guy really knows 
    how to show a lot of affection. Twelve will temporarily transform into his 
    opponent with this move. Once transformed, the super meter will become a 
    timer, and Twelve will transform back into his normal form once it runs out. 
    While transformed, Twelve can use any abilities of his opponent aside from 
    those which would normally require use of the super meter, namely EX 
    specials and Super Arts. To make up for this loss, Twelve will only take 
    about half the damage that the character he has become normally would. This 
    means that your opponent will only be doing half the damage to you that you 
    are able to do to them with the same attack. Although Twelve is not 
    vulnerable to attack while transforming into his opponent, he is left 
    vulnerable while changing back to his original form, during which time he 
    will take more damage than he normally would from an attack which interrupts 
    the process. Keeping this in mind, your goal should always be to defeat your 
    opponent before the timer runs out, or at least to inflict as much damage as 
    possible while it's still active. In order to have an easier time 
    accomplishing this, you'll want to use this Super Art most against 
    characters who can dish out more damage than they can take. Akuma and Gill 
    are especially ideal targets, because aside from meeting this requirement, 
    they also have no EX specials that you'll be missing. On a final note, 
    taunts will carry their usual effects over even after Twelve changes back to 
    his original form. Note that a morphed Dudley and Sean's taunts will not 
    throw out a rose or a basketball respectively, but they will still function 
    normally otherwise. Also, supporting characters such as Effie and Poison 
    will never appear for a Twelve posing as Necro or Hugo. There may be other 
    slight discrepencies for certain morphed characters, but they aren't likely 
    to have much effect, if any, on gameplay.
    If Twelve's fighting style could be summed up in one word, it would be 
    "anticipation". An unusually high number of Twelve's attacks have an initial 
    lag-time before they'll even connect, meaning you really have to be thinking 
    ahead when it comes to both offense and defense. He is one character who 
    should rarely stay idle or even block, instead always attacking or 
    counter-attacking at all times, with the only notable exception being while 
    waiting in position for a fallen opponent to get up off the ground. His 
    arsenal includes an answer to virtually any situation you can come across, 
    and the key is learning exactly how and when to use every strategy and 
    technique to your advantage. When truly played well, you should get a sense 
    of being able to control your opponent's actions indirectly through the 
    actions you perform with Twelve, forcing them from one trap to the next like 
    pulling on the strings of a helpless puppet...
    Learn to use the standing Fierce almost instinctively against opponents 
    jumping in within it's range, starting it early so it will intercept them in 
    the air. If they start parrying it or jumping in too close for it to 
    connect, switch to using the A.X.E., varying the button used to accomodate 
    the situation. The Fierce A.X.E. is always preferable due to the increased 
    damage over the other versions, but it must be started almost as early as 
    the standing Fierce to ensure it connects. The Jab A.X.E., on the other 
    hand, is able to connect virtually instantaneously, allowing you to counter 
    incoming attacks in a pinch when necessary.
    Twelve's lack of in-close combos is compensated by the huge array of attacks 
    he has at his disposal with which to keep his opponent from getting in close 
    enough to do any themselves. The standing Strong and crouching Forward both 
    have great range and speed, allowing you to poke opponents away with 
    relative ease and safety. His overhead attack and sweep also do a great job 
    against grounded opponents, though they aren't quite as risk-free. If an 
    opponent does get in close, his crouching Fierce is a good attack to try, 
    though even it has a slight lag at the beginning, making it difficult to get 
    out against someone who's constantly attacking. Just don't forget his 
    tossing throw (towards/back + Jab + Short) if things get too hot to handle, 
    as sometimes it really is his best bet for getting out of a tight situation.
    Due to his gliding and aerial specials, Twelve always has plenty of options 
    once airborne. Gliding in with a Fierce or Roundhouse can catch people off 
    guard, and be quite difficult to counter even when they see it coming. If 
    they try to parry your incoming attacks, try using the A.X.E. while 
    airborne, as parrying every hit is difficult, to say the least. Finally, 
    don't overuse the D.R.A., but always keep in mind that you have it while 
    jumping. It will counter practically anything in the air and plenty of 
    attacks on the ground, giving you a quick all-purpose attack to use whenever 
    you see an opening in your opponent's defense.
    Defensive opponents who wait on the ground for Twelve to take the initiative 
    are actually in the worst position possible, as when it comes to range 
    fighting, Twelve's options are even more open and safe than Necro's. The 
    simplest way to attack from a distance is simply by poking the opponent with 
    the Fierce N.D.L., causing them to either take the initiative or sit there 
    taking block damage. If they're actually able to sit there parrying the 
    N.D.L. on a regular basis, turn invisible to make it a lot harder for them 
    to see it coming. After you manage to lure them in a little closer, his 
    standing Roundhouse makes a great attack to throw at them, being relatively 
    safe at long range and doing considerable damage when it connects. When an 
    opponent has been knocked down and doesn't recover with a roll, try either 
    standing on top of them and using a crouching Fierce or Fierce A.X.E. as 
    they rise. If they're able to time a Super Art to counter those, try 
    standing back and hitting them with a standing Roundhouse or N.D.L. instead. 
    Though you aren't likely to score any big damage on them on ground offense, 
    Twelve's diversity of long-range moves allow him to constantly assault his 
    opponent from even a distance with relative ease and safety.
    Try using X.C.O.P.Y. during the SUV bonus stage. Although you won't turn 
    into the car (you weren't really expecting that, were you?), it produces an 
    interesting effect.
    There is a special pre-fight sequence that happens before the first round of 
    a Twelve vs Necro match. You're guaranteed to see it if you play through the 
    game with either of them, since they are each other's "rival" character (ie. 
    the final 'set' match-up before fighting Gill).
    His binary winning quotes actually spell words if you assign letters to the 
    numbers represented. The number 1 (00001) equals A, the number 2 (00010) 
    equals B, and so on. Translations are as follows:
    01011.01111 = "KO"
    01011.01001.01100.01100 = "Kill"
    10000.00001.01001.01110 = "Pain"
    00101.01101.00001.01111 = "EMAO"
    00100.00101.00001.10100.01000 = "Death"
    00101.11010.01010.01111.00010 = "EZ Job"
    00110.01001.01110.01001.10011.01000 = "Finish"
    10100.01000.00101.00101.01110.00100 = "The End"
    They spelled his name wrong on the opponent selection screen! Although it's 
    correctly spelled "Twelve" everywhere else, it's incorreclty spelled 
    "Tweleve" in that one spot. And here I thought we'd finally seen the end of 
    errors like this in Capcom's games...
    That's it... have fun kicking butt with one of the most fun, imaginative, 
    and potentially dangerous characters to show up in a Street Fighter game 
    yet! :)
    email me at: bitoku_no_kishi@hotmail.com
    be sure to also check out my Sean guide, available at www.GameFAQs.com

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