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    Urien by JRodgers

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    Urien FAQ- Version 0.7 "What the who?!" Edition.
    Let me preface this FAQ by saying that I've never written one before, but the
    need presented itself. How many times have you been playing the Speedo Guido
    and wondered, where the hell is a FAQ on this bastard?! Well, it's time...oh
    Revision History:
    0.7- "What the who?!" edition. Yeah, after like a year, I’m updating this
    thing, fixed a lot of strategies, still have much more to do, but I’m going to
    be inactive for a couple days, so I figured I’d upload this. Poking strategies,
    lots of fireball combos added, fake outs and ticks added! Everyone check out
    the Urien combo movies at http://www.gamingmatrixonline.com and
    http://www.white-tower.net !
    0.6- Yeah, that’s right. We are Legion. I now bring to you some of the most
    educational and amazing Urien combos straight from people who are way better
    than I am. These people are Kenneth Miller and Chris Poloncic! Witness their
    brutal, uncompromising juggling techniques! Stand with mouth agape when you see
    that MP fireball hit and a 50% combo result! Slowly wring your hands in
    nervousness as you realize that it is THEIR thong cannonball that will be
    winning today, and you need to go home for some serious headbutt practice.
    Kenneth’s additions will be noted with a * while Chris’ will be noted with a #.
    In addition, the Skill Smith combos are now listed under the combo section.
    Enjoy and beat some shoto ass.
    0.5- "Let me see that thong…." Edition. Went through and weeded out a bunch of
    non-combos, added a lot about juggling after fireball, optimized tactics, added
    some new combos, including an overhead HP into Tyrant Slaughter that may or may
    not work…whoever sent me the skill smith combo translation, PLEASE send again…I
    lost it :(. My bushido is weak.
    0.4- "Thy loincloth art soilt! Shame on ye, thong boy!" edition. Added lots of
    quotes, stuff about colors, totally revamped and added to the VS. character
    section. Added important new strategy, check it out!
    0.3- "This thong is for snappin', not for washin'!" edition. Added Urien's bio,
    some more combos, taunt combos, exciting info about the Aegis Reflector.
    0.2- Super Turbo Hyper Sexy Butterknife Armored Gun Cat edition- Edited some
    grammatical errors, some mess-ups on the special moves, made FAQ
    Ascii-friendly, some GREAT combos added, added parry strategies, snazzy table
    of contents created!
    0.1- First revision, I have nothing to declare except for my genius!
    Future revisions will include more combos, Urien's colors, some 2nd strike
    coverage and additional Vs. strategies. If anybody has some good strategies for
    the Aegis Reflector, lemme know. If you see anybody ripping off my FAQ, email
    me at deltakid@ucla.edu! I spent a lot of time and quarters on this behemoth.
    Table of Contents:
    1. Legal Blather (Important for keeping the man out of my hair.)
    2. Urien's history
    3. Punches: (Because the big U doesn't take no shoto lip.)
    A. Standing
    B. Jumping
    C. Crouching
    4. Kicks (Raaaaaaaange.)
    A. Standing
    B. Jumping
    C. Crouching
    5. Special Moves (Gets Urien where he wants to be)
    6. Supers (Not the best supers in the game, but useful if comboed)
    7. Taunt (Though his taunt really should be the removal of the thong)
    8. Throws (Warning: Illegal on the east coast.)
    Dash (The man’s goin’ places!)
    Strategies (General Strategies for the Thong-ed one)
    Poking Game (Good old stab kick…)
    Urien Player types (Incomplete, more coming)
    Combos (Make the best out of any attack)
    Strategies for the fireball (Own your opponents body.) *
    Strategies for the Aegis Reflector
    11. Parry Strategies (What to do after you've parryed that DP for the 100th
    12. VS. Strategies (No, not MVC you scrub.)
    13. Colors (Though he never changes that thong...)
    14. Quotes (Cuz Urien's a loudmouthed thong-wearin-chariot-rushing PIMP!!)
    15 Owari (I need closure before I can move on...)
    16 Thanks to: (Non-scrubs who help me out)
    Legal Blather:
    Unpublished work Copyright 1999 Jon Rodgers. This FAQ and everything included
    within this file cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form (physical,
    electronical, or otherwise) aside from being placed on a freely-accessible,
    non-commercial web page in it's original, unedited and unaltered format. This
    FAQ cannot be used for profitable purposes (even if no money would be made from
    selling it) or promotional purposes. It cannot be used in any sort of
    commercial transaction. It cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift,
    etc., with a purchase as this creates incentive to buy and is therefore
    prohibited. Furthermore, this FAQ cannot be used by the publishers, editors,
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    etc., nor can it be used by game sites and the like. It cannot be used in
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    media (including mediums not specifically mentioned) in ANY way, shape, or form
    (including reprinting, reference or inclusion), without the express written
    permission of the author, myself. This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Jon
    Rodgers. All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are
    not specificially mentioned in this FAQ. To continue, this FAQ and everything
    included herein is protected by International Copyright Law. Failure to adhere
    to any of the above will result in violation of the aformentioned law, and
    consquently, may be the cause of legal action against prepetrators. Remember
    that breach of copyright (not to mention plagiarism) is a crime. If you
    disagree with any part of this disclaimer, you must promptly delete / destroy
    this FAQ. To put it simply, don't try and make a living off of my work, since I
    have every right to take legal action against you if you do so. FAQ ripping,
    plagiarism and misuse is sadly blatant in today's world. However, if it happens
    to you, remember that anything you create is automatically protected by
    copyright, and that gives you the right to take legal action, assert your
    rights, and punish transgressors to the fullest extent of the law. As an added
    reminder, this FAQ is _not_ to be used by any freelance writer for, or staff
    member of, the Ziff-Davis Video Game Group, nor can it appear any of their
    publications (EGM, Expert Gamer, etc.) The Street Fighter game series is (c)
    Capcom of Japan and (c) Capcom of America.
    Urien, the man, the thong, the legend
    Urien is Gill's younger brother and acts as his secretary. He has a burning
    ambition to lead and usurp Gill. Urien has been created to be a conqueror and a
    leader and has special powers under his control which he will use to ultimately
    destroy those above him or destroy himself.
    Stage - An archaeological dig site in Cairo with pyramids and artifacts in the
    Rival- Alex, who asks him about Tom, his mentor....I think this is only in 2nd
    impact though.
    Boss- Gill
    Punches: (Rated on a scale of 1-10)
    Light punch: 7.5- Useful for stopping rushers and anybody who's trying to throw
    you, can combo into another LP and then into MP.
    Medium punch: 8.0- Decent anti-air, good rush stopper, decent damage.
    Hard Punch: 9.0- This thing knocks a lot of shit. If anybody's flying at you,
    i.e Yang, another Urien, sometimes Elena, the priority on this move will
    usually take care of them. It can also be used as a finisher to a juggle,
    damage is quite good.
    Jumping LP: 5.5- the problem with this punch is that its hit box is simply too
    small and you are not likely to hit anyone except a ducking opponent (via
    MP+MK) or a vulnerable airborne opponent, plus once you’ve hit that button,
    you’re stuck with your elbow out for the entire arc of your jump. Pretty awful.
    Jumping MP: 8.5- Good priority, can be used in certain combos and as a finisher
    to a juggle. Is also useful for the "non-hit", where you jump at your opponent
    and punch over his block box, so that he either tries to block or parry and
    then you land and throw. More on this way down the FAQ.
    Jumping HP: 9.5- Again, like the jumping MP, this thing has high priority and
    high damage, also can occasionally be chained into a crouching LP to start a
    Crouching LP: 8.5- Pretty much the same as the regular light punch, can be
    chained into another CLP, and MP, very quick, the only thing that will break
    attack chains in the corner.
    Crouching MP: 7.5- This little bugger has REACH. The extension you gain can get
    you across the screen if you do it enough, easy to parry though, good for
    catching people after two jabs, when they think they can kick you. ::smirk::
    Crouching HP: 9.0- This is THE Urien move. This two hitter has pretty high
    priority and is the main man's launcher. This leads to his breadnbutter combos
    and lots of possibilities. Unfortunately it’s very slow and can be thrown
    during the startup animation.
    LK: 7.0- This one has pretty limited use, you can combo it with WK chariot
    MK: 9.0- This baby is SWEET! Use it while backing away from people, it comes
    out pretty darn quick and can be put into some combos, even if parried, the
    opponent has to use a ranged attack to attack back, and therefore probably
    won’t be comboing you. One of Urien’s essential pokes.
    HK: 7.5- This axe kick, while it appears to be good from the onset, has very
    little priority and will wind up at the most getting both you and the opponent
    hit. Halfway useful for stuffing wakeup moves, though the timing has to be spot
    on, I’ve knocked Ken out of a DP.
    Jumping kicks:
    LK: 4.0- I rarely use this kick. It has almost no range, very little damage and
    doesn't combo unless you hit the opponent with it VERY deep.
    MK: 8.0- Good flying kick, useful for mixing up the constant knee drops you'll
    be performing and screwing the opponent's strategy. Good for the "non-hit"
    strategy, more farther down.
    HK: 8.5- Great range, will combo into bread n butter, and can hit any shoto
    after a silly fireball. Takes a little too long to come out in my opinion.
    Crouching kicks:
    LK: 8.5- This little bugger shoots out really fast and is good for playing keep
    away with. If you get cornered, you're going to need this one! Comboes into LP
    headbutt or EX headbutt! To do the EX combo you’ll have to be fairly far away
    from your opponent, hit with the very edge of the kick and bounce into your EX
    headbutt. Then juggle (deez nuts?). It can also be linked into an EX Chariot
    Rush, but this is inconsistent in 3rd strike.
    MK: 9.0- This guy is good for playing keep away with, it's pretty fast and also
    has good priority. Use it after a chariot rush for some extra damage, though it
    doesn't combo, it usually catches an opponent who’s trying to retaliate. Be
    careful with this kick though, it’s hit box is on the farther portion of
    urien’s leg, and often will not hit when ultra-close. For maximum efficiency,
    attack from as far as you can get from your opponent.
    HK: 8.5- Though this guy can screw you if you wiff with it, it is quite good
    when an opponent is getting up, or when an ARK has just missed a sweep. Useful
    for setting up the illusion of vulnerability, and on wake-up games. Use it
    sparingly, it has some lag, great range.
    Special moves:
    Urien's special moves are his greatest strength. These guys keep him at every
    corner of the screen, and allow him to monopolize on a mistake by his opponent.
    Stab Kick (Forward + MK): 8.5- I’ve revised my thinking on this, it’s actually
    super-useful, because unlike every one of Urien’s other moves, it is slow and
    misleading. If you’re doing an attack series that has a lot of LP headbutts and
    LK chariot rushes, the opponent can get used to your rhythm and begin to parry
    you, but the stab kick throws off the parry game and is a great poke.
    Uppercut (Forward + MP): 7.5- A decent "Bam! Right in your eye!" attack. This
    sometimes will surprise a big character, though its anti-air is pretty limited.
    Can be comboed with the overhead HP, for a pretty snazzy 15% or so.
    Overhead (Forward + HP): 9.0- This is a great move, it hits twice, and does
    some good damage. The only disadvantage to it is its slowness, which makes it
    pretty easy to parry. If you do hit with it, it MAY be possible to chain it
    into a jab Tyrant Slaughter. I did this once and it registered on the combo
    meter, so I guess it’s official, but very tight timing. This attack is also
    good for after an EX chariot rush, when the opponent is turtling.
    Overhead (MP+MK): 7.5- Unfortuately, the weak range on this little attack makes
    it pale in comparison to overheads like Ryu's. It is also a bit slow. Useful
    for waking up turtlers and mixing up your ground game, of course.
    Chariot rush (Charge back 2 seconds, forward + Any kick): 9.0- You're going to
    need this one a lot. When you block/parry any medium/hard attack, a weak
    chariot rush will usually hit without fail. Thus, this is a very good counter
    move. However, against someone who can parry very well, ALWAYS combo with c.LK
    otherwise they’ll be able to parry the naked chariot rush. Also, when an
    opponent is landing after a jump attack, you can usually catch them as they
    come down with a CR. Make sure to use the range to your advantage! When an
    opponent is very close, DON'T do a roundhouse CR, it will result in a
    block/quick recovery by the opponent. Use whatever is appropriate for the
    distance between you and the opponent.
    *Notes on the chariot rush: The hitbox for this attack occurs after a frame or
    two of startup, in which you may be thrown or attacked. Normally, if you are a
    step or two away from your opponent this won’t occur, as the hitbox establishes
    itself a little outside of Urien’s shoulder when the attack is activated. If
    you must go for uncomboed chariot rushes, just do it one or two steps away from
    the computer, best option I swear ;)
    EX chariot rush (Charge back 2 seconds, forward + Any two kicks): 9.0- This
    little rusher is ALWAYS useful. After a fireball? Use a LK/MK EXCR! Use the
    EXCR a LOT, it's painful and quick. Plus, the second hit is very difficult to
    parry, and all of Urien’s supers can be linked onto the end of the EXCR.
    Unfortunately, I’ve downgraded the rating here, because, unfortunately, there
    is one serious disadvantage to this attack. I'd rather not reveal it as it
    gives all of Urien’s opponents a big help, and I wish to see thongs all over
    the world marching in unison. I’ll just say that it has something to do with
    Violence Knee Drop (Charge down 2 seconds, up+ Any kick): 9.0- This move has
    improved tremendously from Giant Attack, it now comes out faster and tends to
    trick most people into believing it's a jump. With the knee drop, you HAVE to
    use the range. This keeps your opponent guessing. The following tactic usually
    confuses people: After a couple of long range knee drops, do some short range
    ones and then resume the long range ones. BE random. You’ve also got to hit on
    the very edge of the opponent, this makes it so you’re hitting them low,
    instead of high, which makes them whiff the parry or resort to a block.
    Surprisingly, C.HP will *link* from this block, though if you hit with the
    kneedrop it will knock the opponent down. What this means is that normally the
    opponent will try to retaliate after blocking the low knee drop, but all of a
    sudden, you’re popping them into the air. :D
    EX violence knee drop (Charge down 2 seconds, up + Any two kicks): 9.0-
    Fireball? BLAM! Two hits! Good dizzying! Oh yes, this EXKD is a bitch! Whenever
    somebody's ducking, pop one of these off! Also, if an opponent is in the air,
    this is an ok attack, but can be countered by a j.LP or j.LP.
    Head butt (Charge down 2 seconds, up + Any punch): 8.0- If this move had more
    priority, it would be a lot better, unfortunately, it doesn't, and doesn't work
    well as anti-air. One of the best uses of the head butt is corner pressure.
    Even if it doesn't hit someone in the corner, it keeps your opponent afraid of
    the air and gives them borders. FEAR. Plus, it comboes from c. LK, giving you a
    quick 1, 2 punch for those rabid attackers. It’s also decent for building meter
    and stopping dashes or rushes.
    EX head butt (Charge down 2 seconds, up + Any two punches): 9.0- This move is
    good for combos, especially his bread and butter. Good dizzy! It also has
    decent anti-air priority unlike the regular head butt. You can pick on big
    opponents like Hugo with this move, and back them into the corner. Nearly links
    with standing LP, LP, MP chain, usually safe to throw out in any circumstance.
    Metallic Sphere (Down, down-forward, forward + Any punch): 8.5- This is a
    decent fireball, it has some harsh lag after you fire, but the ability to
    charge the fireball will allow you to rarely miss a shot. It's possible to hit
    a falling character with the fireball after a launcher. Not to mention the
    spectacular juggling possibilites, just hit with a LP MS and blam! HK chariot
    rush into EX chariot rush into HK chariot rush xx Temporal Thunder! Yes, that’s
    your opponent bouncing atop your hit box as you carry them into the corner for
    MORE abuse.
    EX Metallic Sphere (Down, down-forward, forward + Any two punches)- 8.5- This
    guy's a bit better, now that it's a two-hitter in 3rd strike, it gains a lot of
    use. It can be used to hit jumping opponents who have already committed to an
    attack, or to hit falling bodies. A bit slow for versatile use though. Use it
    to mix it up if you’re engaged in a long-term fireball war.
    Tyrant Slaughter (Two fireball motions + Any punch)- 8.5- This is a pretty good
    move, that still doesn't do as much damage as it should, IMO. Urien rushes
    forward and clobbers the opponent, doing about 20-30% damage. Can be comboed
    and of course, super cancelled, so it has some uses, it’s the second best super
    because of its link from EXCR and extremely high priority. It’s also fast as
    hell and can punish nearly any missed attack. ####If you are riding somebody
    and you happen to juggle with a fireball into a Chariot Tackle do a Fwd+MP for
    a third hit which cause the opponent to
    air recover. The trick is that right as they hit the ground do a hop punch(or
    universal overhead or whatever you call it there)and combo into a tyrant
    slaughter. This will combo but it is VERY difficult. Anyway if it doesnt combo
    it will usually hit still.####
    Aegis Reflector (Two fireball motions + Any punch)- 7.5- Although I don't use
    this much myself, I've seen it mess people up. Two reflectors and some decent
    pressure tactics will screw an opponent. However, it's not always reliable, AND
    it's been toned down in 3rd strike. When using the reflector, your enemy is
    going to KNOW you want to press him into it, therefore it's best to do it in
    the corner, or if you do it anywhere else, to use unconventional tactics (such
    as varying the ranges on your attacks) to psych out your opponent.
    Aegis Reflector Strategies: The following info comes from A8I6V@aol.com: "I
    like to do a lot of low shorts and low forwards to try and pressure the
    opponent into the corner and try and get them between two Aegis Reflectors." A
    good strategy indeed, basically, your best bet is to corner your opponent with
    the reflector and just keep the pressure on, but not how they expect it to
    come. Using overheads (Forward+HP or MP+MK) are good options as well as some EX
    Violence Knee Drops since they pop out so quick. Additional info! If you hit
    all three punches when doing your super motion, your reflector will come out
    diagonally upwards. A good idea is to launch with crouching fierce, then AR
    with PPP, then hop forward (getting past the frozen opponent above) and AR from
    the opposite direction. This creates a bouncing effect that truly can break a
    character's life bar in two. Also try HK chariot rush super cancelled into MP
    Aegis Reflector, then walking forwards and throwing the opponent back into the
    reflector, causing them to bounce up where you can juggle them at your
    convenience. So, let’s organize this, here’s what to do in any case with your
    Aegis Reflector:
    Case 1: Opponent is on the ground and mid-screen.
    Solution 1: Save your Reflector until you’ve knocked them down, either with a
    throw or a combo and proceed to case 3.
    Case 2: Opponent is on the ground and in the corner.
    Solution 2: Allow them a small amount of space from the corner and then do a MP
    Reflector, then cross them up with a Jumping HK and juggle from there. Or lock
    them in with two MP Reflectors and attack with overheads and/or low attacks to
    break their block.
    Case 3: Opponent is knocked down.
    Solution 3: Immeadiately do a LP Aegis Reflector and jump to the other side,
    crossing the opponent up or attacking low. This is very hard to block
    (impossible?), and will get you a juggle often.
    Case 4: Opponent is jumping.
    Solution 4: Your best bet here is to C.HP into EX headbutt into PPP Aegis, but
    doing a naked Aegis is an option as well. If you do a naked Aegis, you have to
    be ready for the opponent’s bouncing back towards you, so immeadiately hit F+MP
    so the hit frames will connect.
    Temporal Thunder (Two fireball motions + Any punch)- 9.0- I’ve completely
    turned around on this super, I LOVE it, and here’s why: It can do about 20-30%
    damage depending on how much the opponent gets hit by it. It can be
    super-cancelled off of any chariot rush and does a hell of a lot of dizzy. TT
    also charges very quickly, as it has a small super meter. A good combo for this
    bloke is Crouching HP, EX headbutt, Temporal Thunder. The timing's hard to get
    (Do the super motion the second your second hit on the EX headbutt hits). The
    TT is also good for characters that are jumping in with an attack that you'll
    have problems parrying and then countering. An example is Ryu's jump in MP.
    Treat TT like Blanka or Necro's electricity and use it whenever they jump in
    and you can't get a Crouching HP off. The best application of TT is after a
    blocked footsie game, bust one off and your opponent will get hit immeadiately.
    It links with C. LK, but you have to be pretty near your opponent, otherwise
    they’ll block. One of my favorite applications of the super is actually as a
    "counter-attack", once an opponent has committed to an attack such as J. HK and
    they’re coming at you, activate the TT just before their move hits so not only
    does the TT come out, but you’re free to HK chariot rush or EX chariot rush
    their juggled frame.
    Urien's taunt is useful for gaining super energy and increasing his attack
    power (but not for throws). I’m hearing conflicting reports that the attack
    power only lasts until you get hit though…anyone have some info on this?
    It also knocks people down if they are close by. These combos come from Mel
    Ducking HP, taunt.
    Same as;
    Ducking HP, [any special or super].
    You should only get 1 hit out of the ducking HP.
    I don’t use his taunt very often, the best way to build meter is to do active
    chains such as LP, LP, MP and then a MK (after you’ve knocked your opponent
    down for example).
    Body Slam- Forward/Back+LK+WP- 9.0 A good damaging move with some decent range,
    useful for after a block or a parry, sometimes catches rushers such as other
    Uriens, Alexes or Hugos. Also great after a WP headbutt, grab away at your
    blocking opponent.
    Dork Choke- Forward/Back+HK+HP- 8.5- This throw does pretty good damage, and
    actually has AMAZING dizzying properties, used in conjunction with Temporal
    Thunder, you can get an opponent dizzy quick!
    Urien’s Dash is simply the best in the game. It’s extremely fast and has huge
    distance, you can close immense spaces faster than any large character should
    be able to. You’d move fast too if you had a chronic wedge.
    In general, follow the following guidlines:
    1. Mix up your attacks, the problem with Urien is that too many of his moves
    are not comboable and hit only once if not EX-ed (Violence Knee Drop is a good
    example). So try the following: Once your opponent has the timing of your VKDs
    down, start doing short VKDs, he'll try to counter what he expects will be a
    long-range VKD. Instead, you'll land far away from him, and, having charged
    back while you were in the air, you can launch forward with an EX Chariot Rush.
    2. Always hold back on the joystick! Never be without a charge. Once you expend
    a charge, immeadiately charge again. Doing an EX Chariot Rush? As soon as you
    hit Forward and Kick, hit back again, and prepare for the next move. With
    Urien, every move needs to be ready at every moment.
    3. Don't forget your LPs, MPs, LKs and MKs. They help a lot! Your ground game
    NEEDS them, for grappling characters like Hugo and Alex, they will save you
    from a 70% life-munching super combo. Though they don't combo very well, you
    will need them for ranging and baiting your opponent.
    4. Mess with your opponent's head! Try the following: While charging back,
    throw a couple of MKs or HPs, they will charge your meter as well as making
    your opponent think you are vulnerable, when they come charging in, either
    parry, block or EX Chariot rush 'em. Optional: Then step back from the machine
    and say "Foolish scrub! Do you think I would allow you to hit me?"
    5. When doing the poking game, try forward+MP right as the opponent gets up, so
    the attack doesn’t actually hit, but the opponent "blocks", you’ll have the
    advantage and you can easily get a throw. This works with forward+MK, but you
    have to watch out for powerful wake-ups like Shin-shoryuken. -_-
    6. Against dorky fireballers, the VKD is ok. But the EX VDK tends to either:
    hit them twice (decent damage) or hit once and land you behind them (where you
    can wreak havok with a launcher or otherwise).
    7. For air battles, the best choice is to parry (duh) followed by an HP, which
    is Urien's best air move.
    8. Against advanced players, the VKD is a risk to use, it can be parried pretty
    easily and is easy to see coming. Thus, it is best to use in pressure
    situations (for example, EX Chariot rush, then some low attacks, then some EX
    chariot rush, basically just establish that you are going to be rushing, and
    then out of nowhere, pop a VKD off and freak 'em out.) Also try to shave the
    edge of their block with your VKD by doing it as far away as you can but still
    hit them, this way the attack will hit low and confuse the opponent.
    9. Use Urien's mobility to your advantage!! Urien can be anywhere, anytime.
    Shotokan pressuring your ass? Roundhouse VKD to the other side of the the
    screen. Annoying jumper that you can't parry? Chariot rush under them!
    10. Never acknowledge that the name Urien is in anyway similar to Urine. This
    scatological misnomer is the bane of every "thong-boy" player in English
    speaking countries. Control the menace!
    11. Use your fireballs to their maximum potential. Charge 'em up, don't let em
    know when they're coming, and never do a FB when you know it'll get parried or
    jumped over, cuz your lag will get you comboed. Once you’ve hit, BLAM!, hit em
    with a roundhouse HK chariot rush, or in Alex’s case an MK chariot rush (he
    some weird properties with his juggling). Oh yeah and Elena too (grrr), hit her
    with a WK chariot rush as she falls VERY quickly. From there, either dash
    forward and hit the falling opponent with a s.HP or go for those crazy Skill
    Smith chariot rush juggles, or bust a tyrant slaughter or Aegis Reflector.
    Throw a fireball, or EX fireball. As it gets close to the opponent, rush in
    with an EX Chariot Rush. Usually surprises scrubs, but against tough opponents,
    try dashing in and throwing.
    13. Learn to use the "non-hit" effectively, where you jump at your opponent and
    punch over his block box, so that he either tries to block or parry and then
    you land and throw. The best attacks for this are Jumping MP and MK, which
    either whiff completely or hit the opponent deep in their block.
    Poking game:
    Urien’s pokes are all pretty decent, and can be mixed up to give you a
    respectable ground game (though shotos, Ibuki, Yun and Yang are still going to
    give you trouble). Use a lot of standing MP and standing MK along with their
    forward+MP or MK varities. Also mix up your LP with crouching LP, as well as
    comboed LPs and MPs. Make sure to utilize the LP headbutt and even LP fireball
    to range your opponent and keep them grounded. EX headbutt as well will startle
    opponents and if it hits, juggle them with a C. HP and a chariot rush. Mixing
    up attacks with dash forwards+throw is also good, as well as ticking with
    standing LP.
    Urien Player Types
    This section is designed to expose the various methods for playing Urien, some
    work better against certain characters, some fall flat on their face against
    The offensive Urien- This strategy involves locking down your opponent, heavily
    utilizing your poking game and using fireballs sparingly. Most effective
    attacks here are standing MP, crouching HP, WK chariot rush, universal
    overhead, forward+HP, WP headbutt and standing MK. The key is to make sure your
    opponent can’t guess on a parry by mixing up highs/lows and throws, and doing
    this in a kinetic fashion, so they don’t get time to rest. This is used best
    against fast characters such as Yun/Yang, Ibuki, Ken, Ryu, Akuma etc., because
    if you don’t beat them at their own game, you’ll find yourself in a defensive
    nightmare, trying to guess on blocks and parries.
    The defensive Urien- This variation of the thonged bomber heavily emphasizes
    fireballs and distancing from the opponent. Only rarely is up-front action
    utilized, in order to keep Urien safe from the mangling hands of, say, Hugo.
    You can play this style against any character, but it’s going to be best
    against Hugo, Alex and another Urien, due to their height and susceptability to
    the MP fireball and, if they get really close, the HP fireball.
    Standing LP, LP, MP into MK chariot rush-(4 hits) Surprises rushers, gets you
    some meaty damage for nearly free, gotta be close though.
    Standing LP, MP into WK chariot rush- (3 hits) This is much more reliable, and
    useful in poking situations.
    Crouching LP, LP, LK chariot rush. (3 hits) Very quick and necessary for ground
    Standing Forward + MP, Forward + HP- (2 hits) A great combo that does some good
    damage and some decent dizzy.
    Deep Jump-in HP, Standing HP- (2 hits) This guy's a bit hard to pull off, but
    it can be done if you parry or if the other character is dizzy.
    #Deep jump in HP,c.HP,EX'D headbutt,Chariot rush,Super Cancel into
    either Temporal Thunder, or Fp Aegis Reflector followed by another chariot
    rush (using the time freeze caused by the super{aegis} to do the charge)#
    |||Bread and Butter combo||| Deep Jump-in HP, Crouching HP, Dangerous Headbutt-
    (4 hits) Again, hard to pull off, you've gotta be DEEP to link the first two
    attacks. After the crouching HP, you can take the combo into any of the
    EX Dangerous Headbutt, Crouching HP (7 hits, or without the jump-in, 6
    hits)(Unfortunately, Urien's Crouching HP, EXHB, Crouching HP, EXHB combo was
    removed from 3rd strike, eliminating the best dizzying combo that Urien has. In
    addition, Crouching HP, EXHB, Crouching HP, regular headbutt is no longer
    possible. In third strike, you will also have to walk forward after the EXHB to
    nab those last two Crouching HP hits.)
    EX Dangerous Headbutt, Crouching HP, Temporal Thunder- (13 hits if all of the
    fireball connects, 12 hits w/out jump-in HP)
    EX Dangerous Headbutt, Crouching HP, Tyrant Slaughter (11 is the max that I've
    gotten, 10 without jump-in HP)
    EX Dangerous Headbutt, EX Dangerous Headbutt (7 hits, great dizzy)
    EX Dangerous Headbutt, any Chariot Rush (HK is preferred.) Use LK chariot rush
    for Elena and MK chariot rush for Alex. Tyrant Slaughter will NOT juggle after
    this. L
    Ducking HP, taunt. (Do this right as your first hit connects).
    Ducking HP, any super. (Ditto).
    Ducking HP, Crouching MP, Temporal Thunder. (In corner)
    When opponent is in the air: EXVKD, charge back, once you reach the ground,
    EXCR. Now....I believe that if you launched the opponent, then EX headbutted
    them, then launched again and immeadiately EXVKD, you should be able to catch
    them high enough, and land to perform the EXCR.
    Deep Jump-in HK, Crouching HK- (2 hits)
    Deep Jump-in HK, LK Chariot rush (2 hits)
    Deep Jump-in HK, EX Chariot rush (3 hits)
    Deep Jump-in HK, s. LP, LP, MP into MK chariot rush into Tyrant Slaughter. (10
    hits, brutal death)
    EX Chariot Rush, Crouching LK, EX Chariot Rush ad infinitum? I can't get the
    timing on this personally, though it does link in 2nd Impact.
    EX Chariot Rush, Tyrant Slaughter (7 hits)
    Crouching HP, LK Chariot Rush and quickly into the Temporal Thunder(timing is
    really rough on that one)(In the corner)
    MP Metallic Sphere into a Chariot and on the way down a standing HP. This
    normally has to be done in the corner.
    If you time it right you can get someone to bounce back and forth between a LP
    Aegis Reflector and MP Aegis Relector. They have to be in the air for that one
    but it looks really funny.
    Any metallic sphere, any Chariot Rush (2 hits)
    Any metallic sphere, any Chariot Rush into Tyrant Slaughter or Aegis Reflector.
    Any metallic sphere, HK Chariot Rush, EX Chariot Rush, HK Chariot Rush,
    standing HP. (This is THE Urien combo!! You must master it!) Here are some
    other variations:
    Any metallics sphere, HK Chariot Rush, EX Chariot Rush, Standing MP into EX
    Headbutt (you have to hit MP as you go THROUGH neutral when going from down to
    up, very tough).
    Any metallic sphere, HK Chariot Rush, EX Chariot Rush, HK Chariot Rush, super
    cancelled into Temporal Thunder.
    Any metallic sphere, HK Chariot Rush, EX Chariot Rush, HK Chariot Rush,
    standing MP or forward+MP. (This combo is good to mix up with the standing
    fierce, because standing fierce will knock them down, but standing MP will
    cause them to flip out of their fall and come down blocking, just walk up and
    wait a fraction of a second and throw them!)
    Jump-in HP, C.HP (cancelled after first hit) into HK chariot rush into Temporal
    Thunder, Tyrant Slaughter or Aegis Reflector.
    Good sources for Urien combo movies are http://www.gamingmatrixonline.com and
    If anyone has any other info on combos, check my contact info at the bottom of
    the FAQ. The following are a transcription of the Skill Smith video combos
    (which I have not seen…anyone interested in sending me a copy or ICQing
    them….?), some of these are listed above, others are brand new and require a
    wrist augmented by cybernetics. Check em out, I’ll edit them later, some combos
    may be repeated from above, had to include them in this edition:
    ***I used the attack names as listed on the game Jab, Strong, Fierce punch and
    Short, Forward, Roundhouse kick.
    Some, probably a lot, of these combos may need to be in or near the corner,
    even if it doesn't say so. If it said so on the page, it says so here. If it's
    in (* ), I know for certain myself.
    If a combo includes (intentionally miss) it means that the headbutt or Aegis is
    not supposed to connect. It is only used to move or cancel attack recovery.
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->Short tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->Short tackle-->Temporal
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->EX
    headbutt-->Roundhouse tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->EX
    headbutt-->Roundhouse tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse
    tackle-->standing Fierce punch
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->EX
    tackle-->Roundhouse tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->EX
    tackle-->Roundhouse tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Aegis Reflector (intentionally miss) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Roundhouse
    tackle-->standing Fierce punch
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Aegis Reflector (intentionally miss) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Roundhouse
    tackle-->EX headbutt
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Forward tackle-->standing Fierce punch
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Forward tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Forward tackle-->Aegis Reflector (intentionally miss) -->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Roundhouse tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->Forward tackle-->Fierce
    Aegis Reflector-->Fierce headbutt (intentionally miss) -->Roundhouse tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->Forward tackle-->Fierce
    Aegis Reflector-->Roundhouse tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->Forward tackle-->Fierce
    Aegis Reflector-->Weak metal sphere-->EX knee drop
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->EX tackle-->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Roundhouse tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (opponent on ground ~2 hits~) -->EX tackle-->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Roundhouse tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->standing
    Fierce punch
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Temporal
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Aegis
    Reflector (intentionally miss) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Roundhouse tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->EX headbutt
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Forward
    tackle-->standing Fierce punch
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Forward
    tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~2 hits~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Forward
    tackle-->EX headbutt
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~2 hits~) -->EX tackle-->Roundhouse tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~2 hits~) -->EX tackle-->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->Strong headbutt
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->EX headbutt-->Roundhouse tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->EX headbutt-->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->standing
    Fierce punch
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Temporal
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->EX
    tackle-->Roundhouse tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->EX
    tackle-->Roundhouse tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Aegis
    Reflector (intentionally miss) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Forward tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Aegis
    Reflector (intentionally miss) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Forward tackle-->standing
    Fierce punch
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Forward
    tackle-->Strong headbutt
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Forward
    tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Forward
    tackle-->Aegis Reflector (intentionally miss) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Roundhouse
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Forward
    tackle-->EX headbutt
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->Forward tackle-->Fierce Aegis
    Reflector-->Fierce headbutt (intentionally miss) -->Roundhouse tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->Forward tackle-->Fierce Aegis
    Reflector-->Roundhouse tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->Forward tackle-->Fierce Aegis
    Reflector-->Weak metal sphere-->EX knee drop
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->EX tackle-->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Roundhouse tackle
    crouching Fierce punch (anti-air ~1 hit~) -->EX tackle-->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Roundhouse tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    Strong metal sphere (anti-air hit) -->Roundhouse tackle
    Strong metal sphere (anti-air hit) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Forward
    tackle-->standing toward+Fierce punch
    Strong metal sphere (anti-air hit) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Forward
    tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    Strong metal sphere (anti-air hit) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Forward
    tackle-->Aegis Reflector (intentionally miss) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Roundhouse
    Strong metal sphere (anti-air hit) -->Roundhouse tackle-->EX
    tackle-->Roundhouse tackle
    Strong metal sphere (anti-air hit) -->Roundhouse tackle-->EX
    tackle-->Roundhouse tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    Strong metal sphere (anti-air hit) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Aegis Reflector
    (intentionally miss) -->Roundhouse tackle-->Roundhouse tackle-->Forward tackle
    Strong metal sphere (anti-air hit) -->EX tackle-->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Roundhouse tackle
    Strong metal sphere (anti-air hit) -->EX tackle-->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Roundhouse tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    (*corner*) Fierce metal sphere x 5-->Roundhouse tackle
    (*corner*) Fierce metal sphere x 5-->Roundhouse tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    crouching Short kick-->Short tackle
    crouching Short kick-->Short tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    crouching Jab punch x 2-->Tyrant Slaughter
    crouching Jab punch x 2-->Temporal Thunder
    crouching Jab punch x 2-->EX tackle
    crouching Jab punch x 2-->EX tackle-->Tyrant Slaughter
    crouching Jab punch x 2-->EX tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    COMBO A : (Short tackle-->Jab Aegis Reflector-->jumping Fierce
    punch-->crouching Fierce punch)
    A-->EX headbutt-->Roundhouse tackle
    A-->Roundhouse tackle-->standing Fierce punch
    A-->Roundhouse tackle-->EX tackle-->Roundhouse tackle
    A-->Roundhouse tackle-->Aegis Reflector (intentionally miss) -->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Roundhouse tackle-->Forward tackle
    A-->Roundhouse tackle-->Aegis Reflector (intentionally miss) -->Roundhouse
    tackle-->Forward tackle-->standing Fierce punch
    A-->Roundhouse tackle-->Forward tackle-->standing Fierce punch
    A-->EX tackle-->Roundhouse tackle-->Roundhouse tackle
    A x 2-->Roundhouse tackle-->Forward tackle-->standing Fierce punch
    A x 2-->Roundhouse tackle-->EX tackle-->Roundhouse tackle
    A x 2-->Forward tackle-->standing Fierce punch
    EX headbutt-->Roundhouse tackle
    EX headbutt-->Roundhouse tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    EX headbutt-->Roundhouse tackle-->Roundhouse tackle
    EX headbutt-->Roundhouse tackle-->Roundhouse tackle-->Aegis Reflector
    (intentionally miss) -->Roundhouse tackle
    EX headbutt-->Roundhouse tackle-->Roundhouse tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    EX headbutt-->Roundhouse tackle-->Roundhouse tackle-->standing Fierce punch
    EX headbutt-->Roundhouse tackle-->EX headbutt
    EX headbutt-->EX tackle-->Roundhouse tackle
    EX headbutt-->EX tackle-->Roundhouse tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    EX headbutt-->EX tackle-->EX headbutt
    EX headbutt-->crouching Fierce punch-->Roundhouse tackle
    EX headbutt-->crouching Fierce punch-->Roundhouse tackle-->Temporal Thunder
    EX headbutt-->crouching Fierce punch-->EX headbutt
    Short tackle (corner anti-air hit) -->Jab Aegis Reflector - Aegis Reflector 1
    hit-->Fierce metal sphere-->Aegis Reflector hit-->Fierce headbutt
    Roundhouse tackle (corner anti-air hit) -->Aegis Reflector (intentionally miss)
    -->Roundhouse tackle-->Roundhouse tackle-->Aegis Reflector (intentionally miss)
    -->Roundhouse tackle-->Roundhouse tackle (* the most damaging combo in the
    game (according to Skill Smith) *)
    These combos were translated by Kenneth Miller.
    Fireball Strategies
    ****Urien's most important ability is that he can juggle off the sphere. I saw
    you included more about that in your update but man, it's insane. Urien can
    easily, I repeat, -easily- do 50% with one combo using only one EX move, no
    super. Anywhere even remotely near the corner, if you hit you opponent in the
    air with a sphere (any will do but medium is easiest), do a RH tackle to juggle
    and as soon as you initiate the RH tackle, charge back again. Now comes the
    tricky timing, though once you learn it, it's really easy to do. You need to
    juggle with the EX tackle. The way I can best think to describe the timing is
    that you want to aim right at your opponent like a gun. I mean, with the first
    RH tackle, you do it as quickly as possible and it catches them in the feet.
    With the EX tackle, you want to do it when they are almost exactly in line with
    you. This timing also has to be adjusted slightly depending on how close to the
    corner you are and what character you use it against. (Since we all know you'll
    be fighting 90% shotos, it's not much trouble) Now, if you do this EX tackle
    properly, it will hit both times and you'll be right in the corner with your
    opponent still in the air. You were charging for another Chariot Tackle during
    the EX tackle, right? Good. After the second hit of the EX tackle, do another
    tackle. This brings the total air hits up to 5. Now, since you are limited to 6
    juggle hits in Third Strike, you want to make this "last" attack count. There
    are many ways to end it. I'l go in order of how often I use each, basically:
    Ending #1 - Jab headbutt. You have to charge for the headbutt immediately after
    initiating the last RH tackle to have time enough to charge it. Does good
    and stun.
    Ending #2 - Standing fierce punch. Not quite as good stun as jab headbutt but
    will hit some characters that the jab headbutt will miss, like Elena.
    Ending #3 - EX headbutt. Really, it's a waste of super energy, but it does do
    slightly better damage and stun than the jab headbutt. Why not use medium or
    fierce headbutt you ask? They usually will miss, though I've hit with medium
    occasionally and at least once with fierce. I use the EX headbutt finish when I
    want to show off or I'm playing against a good character who shouldn't have
    gotten hit by that very first sphere in the first place and I want to get every
    bit of damage I can off of it.
    Ending #4 - Medium tackle. I've read that this is the best normal finish to do
    but it seems to do more damage but less stun than the jab headbutt. Did I
    mention that the combo, ending with jab headbutt, does more than 50% stun too?
    don't like this finish because it seems to miss sometimes and it looks boring.
    Ending #5 - Medium tackle into Temporal Thunder. You don't get that much damage
    or stun from the Thunder after all those hits plus a super cancel, but it does
    give you a little more if you're going for everything you can get and/or to
    off. (I like fighting with style)
    Now comes the fun stuff.
    Ending #6 - Standing jab, Temporal Thunder. This is really, REALLY fucking hard
    to time. However, if you do it right, the following will occur: The standing
    will make that 6th hit. (O.K. even more explanation. (I like to be thorough.
    (and I like parenthesis)) In Third Strike, there is that 6 hit juggle limit but
    there are a few exceptions. A normal attack will terminate the combo no matter
    what hit it's on. You can, however, combo that normal attack into a super and
    will combo. The interesting thing is that if you land a normal attack without
    doing a 2-in-1 into a super, the combo counter will come up but if you do a
    super then, it will still connect. It can be parried, though. You may have seen
    someone do Dudley's low RH launcher into jumping fierce, land, then Rocket
    Uppercut. It will all hit, though the super could be parried.) Back to the
    combo. That standing jab will techinically end the combo but then the Temporal
    Thunder comes out immediately after and will hit. It can technically be
    but it's so close, it's nearly impossible. Here's the good part. Because that
    jab ended the first combo, the super is counted by itself. This means full
    damage and full stun. As a result, the "combo" does about 75% damage and 98%
    stun to a normal character. 98% stun. If you've hit them with anything before
    that combo starts, they're stunned. If you do the jab, Temporal Thunder too
    fast, the Temporal Thunder will combo off the jab as a 2-in-1. You don't want
    this to happen. It's easy to tell the difference when you see it. If it combos
    together, you get far reduced damage and stun from the super. Do it too slowly
    and the super will whiff. It's very very tight timing. I've only pulled it off
    successfully a few times but it does work.
    Ending #7 - Standing medium punch 2-in-1 into jab Aegis Reflector, dash
    neutral throw, juggle with ducking fierce, fierce headbutt. Now this no doubt
    looks very confusing so I'll explain it when I explain everything about the
    wonderful world of the Aegis Reflector (the best super in the game).
    Ending #8- Standing medium punch (opponent comes down blocking), walk forward
    and throw.
    Keep in mind that the RH tackle, EX tackle, RH tackle combo will not work on
    Hugo, Alex, Necro, or Twelve. They will get knocked out of the corner on the
    second hit of the EX tackle. Instead, use sphere, RH tackle, EX headbutt, any
    the finishers.***** (Contributed by Kenneth Miller)
    One thing I’d like to add to the above is that as regards Necro and Twelve, if
    you charge FORWARD after hitting the EX Chariot Rush, you can hit back and two
    kick buttons to do another EX CR as they fly out of the corner. Also, most
    times you won’t even be able to hit Alex with an HK tackle after a succesful MP
    sphere, so it’s best to do an EX CR.
    ####If I throw out a metallic sphere 90% of the time it gets tech'd (parried or
    whatever you
    guys call it. So I've found that if my fireball is tech'd a very quick dash
    followed by d+FP into the haedbutt is cheap enough to work,
    because they have to tech opposite while they are still in the air.
    Another real cheap trick is to throw up a MP fireball and cancel into a
    Temporal Thunder. This looks very strange cause the Fireball will knock them
    all the way across the screen and it looks like the super is gonna miss but
    it gains just enough speed to connect. Sometimes 1 hot of an EX'D chariot
    tackle will conect after but basically its only for looks cause it does'nt
    really hurt. Also if you learn to anticipate an high jumper (be it Chun-suck or
    or just a person like me who super jumps a lot) you can stick out a very
    early Fp fireball,dash in d+FP EX'D headbutt standing med punch or kick.
    For some reason a Chariot Tackle will not connect with this.
    Against any mid-tall character I us a lot of Mp fireball because they will
    hit them in the ground,especially:Q, Hugo, Alex, and dudley. #### (Contributed
    by Chris Poloncic)
    Aegis Reflector Strategies
    *****The Aegis Reflector is fun. It's very fun. There are way too many uses of
    it too
    list (though I'm tempted) so I'll mention the most effective. Yes, the
    can be super canceled off a chariot tackle in the corner where you can continue
    the combo, but that's the boring stuff. The Reflector is much better used when
    it either doesn't hit at all or is used in a case where your opponent can't get
    around it. If you look through the Skill Smith combos here you will see cases
    where the combo calls for the Reflector to intentionally miss. The point of
    is that super canceling an attack into the Reflector allows you to 1) eliminate
    almost all lag at the end of the special move before it. 2) Charge for another
    attack while the Reflector is coming out. A favorite combo of mine is if I tag
    someone far from the corner with the sphere in the air, RH tackle super cancel
    into fierce Reflector, RH tackle juggle. After the first RH tackle hits and the
    fierce Reflector comes out, they will fly across the screen and right onto the
    fierce Reflector. This helps keep then in the air to get hit by the second RH
    tackle. Yeah, I know I said it's not supposed to hit. You can do a jab one and
    it will miss and the combo will still work, but it's a little hard to time. The
    last Skill Smith combo listed is a good example of missing. You hit with a RH
    tackle in the corner out of the air, super cancel into the fierce Reflector so
    it goes way off screen and use that time to charge for another RH tackle and so
    on. It really does work. I used to do it all the time until i discovered the EX
    tackle juggle.
    Next fun thing with the Reflector is using the neutral throw to force your
    opponent onto it. There are many cases but I'll use the easiest to explain. Do
    RH tackle to hit your opponent on the ground. Just so happens it doesn't matter
    if it hits or they block it. As long as it doesn't whiff or get parried. Super
    cancel it when it hits into the fierce Reflector. Once the screen unfreezes,
    you'll be a short distance from your opponent (one dash away) and the Reflector
    will be a little behind them. Immediately dash forward and do a neautral throw
    (You know, the one where he squeezes the back of their neck). As he is
    them, the Reflector slowly floats towards you so that it is now overlapping
    your opponent that you are squeezing. Here's the beautiful part. (Yes this all
    really works as crazy as it sounds on paper, err, screen.) As soon as Urien
    his opponent go, they are immediately juggled from the throw by the Reflector.
    They will bounce away after 1 - 3 hits, usually over your head. As soon as you
    let them go, hold back for a very small amount of time. Just an instant,
    but it's important. Then do ducking fierce and it will juggle. Follow with any
    follow up. I suggest fierce headbutt. It's an amazing technique both to see and
    to use. You can use the neutral throw into Reflector juggle without the tackle
    to start, that just sets the distance up perfectly. Thus, that's how Ending #7
    works above. The standing medium punch technically ends the combo and they flip
    out and land on their feet with the jab Reflector right in front of them. You
    dash through the Reflector, grab them, then continue from there. Yes, since
    these this technique relies on a dash throw, it's not a true combo, but it's
    very effective. If you expect your opponent knows you'll try for it (Which is
    unlikely. Before moving to from Austin to Chicago, I regularly played against
    the #1 ranked Third Strike player in the country, Hsien Chang, and landed the
    technique plenty of times.), then instead of dash throw, use another RH tackle.
    Ready for more? The next thing that's great about the Reflector is the fact
    your opponent is always pushed toward the back of it. In other words, if I
    a jab Reflector out in front of myself when my opponent is far away and they
    walk into it from the other side of it, they will take one hit and will be
    bounced away. If my opponent is close and I throw it through them and they walk
    back, they will take 2 - 3 hits and be pushed back through it to the other
    Now, what if you were to throw one out between you and your opponent, then get
    on the other side of them and hit them with an attack? What would happen? Why,
    I'm glad you asked! You may have seen this under certain circumstances. The
    attack will knock them back, they will hit the Reflector, then be bounced back
    to you. You can get close and do repeated jabs for a fun 12 - 14 hit combo. You
    can also use well timed standing medium punches to achieve a similar effect.
    can also do one of those two and then right at the end, use a ducking fierce
    into whatever juggle you want. Now, you might think yeah that's great, but it's
    not easy to throw a Reflector then get on the other side of your opponent.
    there's one easy and fun way. Again, land a neutral throw. Anywhere, as long as
    it's not right in the corner. The instant you drop them, do a jab Reflector and
    immediately begin charging down. Now, if your opponent did quick standing after
    the throw, you're screwed. No go. Most people, however, don't do quick standing
    at all and if they do, the neutral throw (because you can spaz to get out of
    and the super in there make the timing difficult. If they did not quick stand,
    you're fine. O.K. You were charging down. Now, as soon as you let the Reflector
    go, do a fierce headbutt. It should pass completely over your opponent. All
    happens while your opponent is lying on the ground. Now, start atacking right
    they get up. They should be in the Reflector so they can't do an attack. They
    can parry, which will screw it up, but it's hard to do. I suggest rapid jabs or
    low short. They can't block both ways at once so they will get hit. No way
    around it if they miss that first wake-up parry. After a few jabs, do a ducking
    fierce and juggle away. Done succesfully, every throw chance equals lots of
    extra damage. It's like an unblockable super, basically.**** (Contributed by
    Kenneth Miller)
    Parry Strategies:
    On the ground: First off, your best best for your attack after parrying is some
    sort of quick rushing attack. Good choices are LK chariot rush, EX chariot rush
    or a Tyrant Slaughter. I would advise against attempting a crouching HP after a
    parry due to some start up on it. Don't forget that it is generally a good idea
    to either parry all of a multiple hit move or red parry the last hit to have
    the most time to counterattack. Moves such as Dudley's machine gun blow and Q's
    "spazzy hands" attack will not be counterable until the last hit. Here's some
    advice from Fredo: "Basically Urien can go from a Parry into a Chariot Rush. If
    you are charging back or down-back and see or anticipate an attack tap forward
    on the joystick to Parry the attack and then press any kick button to activate
    the Chariot Rush to hit the opponent while they are stuck in their attack pose.
    It would be wise not to attempt this against multi hitting for obvious
    From the air: If someone's jumping in and you parry their attack, you've got a
    decent chance at getting a crouching HP off. Also, a LK Chariot Rush is a good
    knocker and quick. Sometimes a standing roundhouse is a good choice because it
    hits twice and does great dizzy.
    In the air: As stated above in the strategies section, it seems best to use an
    HP since you're probably only going to get one hit off. However, if you land
    the HP deep enough, you can chain to a crouching HP and begin your juggle
    mayhem of choice.
    Vs. Strategies:
    Super art to choose: Tyrant Slaughter is a good choice because it can be
    super-cancelled off the EX Chariot Rush. Aegis reflector is ok, it can be used
    once you're breaking out of an aggressive Ryu ground chain, just parry, then
    c.HP them into a PPP Aegis Reflector and watch the sparks fly.
    With Ryu, you basically want to counter everything he does on the ground with
    either a low short into LP Chariot Rush or just an EX Chariot Rush. The lag
    that slow old Ryu gets after an HK is enough to connect the Chariot Rush. Keep
    him guessing, he'll try to counter your VKD with a Dragon Punch, but just
    change up your VKD ranges and you'll be ok. If he jumps in, you want to parry
    the inevitable roundhouse, and then crouching HP the bitch, unless he throws,
    in which case you throw counter. Don't let him Shin-shoryu you, and if he's
    gonna throw a Denjin Hadoken, just EX VKD him. One of the terrible things about
    Ryu is that even after parrying most of his attacks, he can still parry your
    incoming LK chariot rush, so again, always combo into it with either a
    crouching LP, LP ground chain into LK Chariot Rush or standing LP, LP, MP, MK
    chariot rush.
    Super art to choose: Same as Ryu, above.
    Same as with Ryu pretty much except watch for his fake-outs with his overhead
    kicks. If he starts to do his overhead kick, you can usually get an EX Chariot
    Rush off.
    Super art to choose: Same as above, damn these shotokans!
    Ugh. Watch for the Raging Demon of course. Wait for him to throw the air
    fireball, THEN pop a VKD or EXVKD. Remember to wait for a bit after the air
    fireball, otherwise you'll wiff. You can also hit him with a HK Chariot Rush as
    he’s fireballing in the air. Try to get him into the bread and butter combo,
    since Akuma will take a lot of damage from it. Don't play in the air with
    Akuma, his Hurricane Kick is difficult to Parry and he can juggle afterwards.
    Watch for his traditional combos, i.e, low forward into hurricane kick, etc.
    Stay on the ground and counter. And when he starts doing that bullshit jumping
    throw, your best option is EX headbutt into juggle. Don’t let him abuse you
    with that, I hate that move.
    Super art to choose: Tyrant Slaughter is a good choice for when an attack
    whiffs as usual. Another good choice is Temporal Thunder for when Sean is doing
    lots of overhead pressure tactics.
    Basically don't throw too many fireballs, as he will sean tackle you. His
    uppercut is easy to parry as is his flying kick move. He has some recovery
    after his pseudo-hurricane kick, so use that to EXCR or Tyrant Slaughter or
    bread 'n butter him. Learn to parry the forward overhead flying kick move, it's
    simple to parry, and is pretty slow except for the LK version. Once you've
    parried it, spread some butter on that bread. Prepare yourself for empty sean
    tackles into universal throw, so have your hands on your throw buttons.
    Super art to choose: Tyrant Slaughter is an effective counter for whiffed
    uppercuts or parried golden orbs into EXCR into Tyrant. You can nail Oro with a
    MP fireball super cancelled into Temporal Thunder after his chicken kick
    (regular only).
    Oro can be a pain to fight with Urien. This is because of Oro's chicken kick
    move, which disables the bread and butter combo almost completely. Try to learn
    to parry this move, and then counter with a chariot rush to his backside
    afterwards. You should be able to block, but the kick has some odd properties
    that cause you to switch your block at a certain point and this will make it
    difficult counterattacking with the chariot rush. Also watch for the throw
    super, which can end a fight quite quickly. He usually does this right after a
    whiffed attack, so attack conservatively if he has a super bar. One way to
    counter the chicken kick is to do an HP fireball and juggle with a c.fierce or
    a LP Chariot Rush. Don't jump in too much, because Oro's uppercut move is
    difficult to parry. If an Oro EXes his Yagyou-Dama super, be prepared with an
    EX VKD to stop him before he attacks OR, parry or block and then EX Chariot
    rush him.
    Super art to choose: Temporal Thunder is a good choice, as shown below in the
    strategies section.
    If he "sonic-booms", VKD him. If he flash kicks and doesn't hit, nail him with
    a chariot rush, tyrant slaughter or VKD him if he's still in the air. Parry the
    horizontal flying kick and start the bread and butter combo. A favorite tactic
    of Remy players is to sonic boom you and then cold blue kick, effectively
    cornering you. A way to get out of this is to parry the sonic boom and then
    immeadiately Temporal Thunder. Don't worry, it's just Guile in drag.
    Super art to choose: Temporal Thunder is a decent choice because you need to
    keep your distance from Hugo. However, since it is so easily parryable, whiff a
    standing MP or any attack and super cancel into TT. Aegis Reflector is ok,
    sometimes good to pressure a turtling Hugo into the corner, do an AR and hit
    them from both sides. Tyrant Slaughter is probably the worst choice, because if
    it's parried, you're finished.
    With this guy, don't VKD too much! He can grab you right afterward and screw
    your life bar. Whenever you find yourself waking up next to a hungry Hugo, just
    use your crouching LK and LP, they can sometimes save you. Counter-throwing is
    risky, but sometimes works. Parry the rushing punch attack and throw or super.
    Don't jump too much, because of Hugo's air grabbing attacks. Play keep-away
    with your fireballs and juggle with chariot rushes and standing HPs.
    Super art to choose: Tyrant Slaughter is a good choice because of Necro's
    vulnerability after a missed spinning punch. Aegis Reflector is ok, again,
    pressure into the corner and AR them.
    Necro can be a bitch because of his jumping spinning attacks which will strike
    downward and disable the bread and butter combo. Just parry those moves though
    and you should be able to start the combo. After blocking a spinning punch,
    tyrant slaughter or counter in whatever way you want to. VKDing will either
    trade or knock Necro out of his electricity which is good, because that is
    Necro's main anti-air. Don't make yourself predictable though, as the Necro
    will start parrying. Always be ready for throws after the end of an attack
    chain, never jump in if he’s got meter and is using Magnetic storm.
    Super art to choose: This really depends on what super Twelve chooses. If he
    chooses the maximum-spider esque super, choose Temporal Thunder, so you can
    parry or even intercept his attack. If he chooses the tentacle super, choose
    whatever, because that thing sucks. If he chooses copy super, just make sure
    you taunt a lot and make up for the attack and defense (?) that Twelve will
    gain. In general, Tyrant Slaughter is a good choice.
    Be ready for Twelve's anti-air HP move where his arm turns into a swinging axe.
    This is almost always what is used when you jump in. Just parry it and deep HP,
    crouching HP into whatever you want. If Twelve tries the tentacle attack, just
    EX Chariot Rush him. If he goes invisible, EX VKD or Chariot Rush him, use
    Urien's speed. When Twelve flies around, use Urien's Metallic Sphere to knock
    Twelve out of the sky.
    Super art to choose: Tyrant Slaughter will work. Parry, c.short, EXCR, tyrant
    slaughter, you know the drill! A decent tactic is to do an Aegis Reflector
    while Dudley is on the other side of the screen. Dudley is hard pressed to get
    over this barrier, and so you can taunt away. However, if he does try to jump
    over, intercept him with a c.HP or an EX fireball.
    Watch for any rush attacks and counter them. Jump in and anticipate the
    uppercut, parry, then have some English blood for tea. Your VKD will not be
    countered by Dudley's counter move, so feel free to abuse that. When Dudley
    jumps in with his flopping elbow attack, parry and crouching HP him. When he
    taunts and throws his dainty flower, EX chariot rush him as he throws it, or LK
    VKD as he rushes towards you after tossing the rose OR parry the flower and EX
    chariot Rush..
    Super art to choose: Tyrant Slaughter is a good option after parrying an arm
    rush or Alex's bread 'n butter.
    Don't jump very much, because of the flying knee catch. Basically play the
    ground game, parry the elbow rushes, throwing, EX Chariot rushing, or Tyrant
    Slaughtering afterwards. Keep Alex away from you with fireballs, limit his
    range, and when he finally does rush in, be ready for him with a Chariot Rush
    or other goodie. Stay out of range of his grabs, and tech hit his headbutts and
    body slams. Always be ready after a c.MK for his command throw, so be ready to
    jump and then jab out of the incoming rising knee catch.
    Super art to choose: Tyrant Slaughter is pretty good after her long delays.
    Temporal Thunder is good for comboing within the bread 'n butter combo which
    can be started if she misses an attack or you block one.
    Block high or parry high. EVERYONE uses Elena's high attacks and rarely her
    lows. After that spinning kick where she moves towards you on the ground, after
    the third kick, EX Chariot rush her or Tyrant Slaughter. Parry the scratch
    wheels and crouching HP her.
    Super art to choose: Any super art is good here, Tyrant Slaughter will beat
    some of her overheads, as will Temporal Thunder. Aegis Reflector is not too
    good because you will be hard pressed to ever pressure an Ibuki.
    Don't let her get close! If she does, she will hop over you and snidely
    yoroi-doshi you, keep her away with parries, fireballs, EX chariot rushes and
    some EX headbutts for anti-airs. Be ready for the sliding grab move, LK VKD
    will put you in the air and bring you down right on top of her, though a c.LK
    into EX Chariot Rush is good too.
    Super art to choose: Tyrant Slaughter is great after parrying, Temporal Thunder
    will nail them after their traditional jump in downwards kick combo-starter if
    you parry it and super immeadiately.
    I don't care if they're two separate characters. Just watch for the traditional
    combo starters, such as that rushing punch thing, if you can parry or block
    that, an EX chariot rush will hit them. Also, LK Chariot Rushes work as
    counters. Throw them to discourage getting too close to you. Temporal Thunder
    is a good choice because it will stuff any jumping-in combo starters.
    Super art to choose: Tyrant Slaughter is a good counter for her rush punch.
    Watch for her rushes, if you can block one or parry one, you can EX chariot
    rush and tyrant slaughter to hell. If she tries the flying-at-you super, just
    VKB to either hit her or to a safe distance away where you can Tyrant Slaughter
    or EX Chariot Rush her. Watch out for her command grab, which she’ll always
    pull after an attack chain, so be ready to either jab or do some backwards
    |-----Chun Li-----|
    Super art to choose: Temporal Thunder is a good idea for countering her flip
    kicks. Aegis Reflector is great for launching her into/blocking her progress.
    Watch for a spinning bird kick, which is almost always followed by the
    lightning kick. As the lightning kick stops, rush the helpless hottie and beat
    her mercilessly. Watch for her flip-over roundhouse reversal, if you can, parry
    it, if not, block and chariot rush her. Be looking for her rushing kick super,
    and try to stay away from her, if she does manage to pull it on you, block all
    except the last hit, parry the last hit and Crouching HP her.
    Super art to choose: Tyrant Slaughter is great after or during any of Q's
    slow-ass attacks. Since it's easy to corner Q and keep him cornered, Aegis
    Reflector is a good choice.
    Watch for the EX rush, try to stay away from Q, since all his power is in close
    range. VKB a lot and fireball a lot, when he jumps in, fireball or parry his
    attack. Don't forget that the rushing punch super has a low hit also! So when
    he does that one, just block low for the whole time and then recover with a c.
    HP to his dork-superhero ass. If he’s standing right next to you and you’re
    waking up, good luck, be ready with either a LP, a throw counter or a jump
    backwards (to protect from his godly command throw).
    Super art to choose: Tyrant Slaughter for rush countering or Temporal Thunder
    for VKD countering.
    Screw with the other player's mind. Do things that aren't kosher in the Urien
    world. But be safe as well. Parry any VKDs and crouching HP after that.
    Fireball his VKDs too.
    Urien has secret colors in both Giant Attack and 3rd Strike.
    ---Giant attack---
    Albino Urien- LK+HP when you're selecting Urien.
    ---3rd Strike---
    Blood Red Angel of Death Urien- LP+MK+HP when you select Urien.
    During Tyrant Slaughter: "Tyrant Punish!"
    During Temporal Thunder: "Orbital Sandaa!"
    I rule the world! Anybody who challenges me shall be eliminated!
    Scream! Cry out! Suffer to your heart's content.
    I will not forgive anyone who tries to oppose me!
    Writhe in agony! Your body shows the anguish of defeat!
    I am the real emperor! I have no reason to lose!
    My anger will calm only when I am proven to be the true Emperor!
    Try as you may, your attempts will not succeed. Why do you try?
    Traitor! Devote yourself to the ruler and repent your sin!
    I have finished you! Stand against me and be destroyed.
    You're annoying, and a failure! Get out of my way. (Maybe to Necro only,
    because Urien created Necro)
    Tremble before me! Are you ready to meet with death?
    Feel the spirit of the true emperor! (Incomplete)
    My perfect "Iron Body" is invincible...whoever resists it will meet their
    I am not satisfied! You shall satisfy me with your death! (Maybe only Akuma)
    How dost thou suck? Let me count the ways... (Capcom translation at its finest)
    To Ken: Your 'burning hand' reminds me...you shall suffer. (Psst..he's
    referring to Gill, his ass brother.)
    To Ryu: There can be only one! I'll crush anyone who claims to be the world's
    To Yang: Your defiance was a mistake! I'll give you a punishment that suits
    After finishing a match with Tyrant Slaughter: My body is as hard as iron! My
    ultimate attack mashes like a cannonball! (Somewhat Random)
    ---Rival character dialogue--- (From memory, exact quotes coming soon):
    Alex: What do you know about a man named Tom?
    Urien: Never say that name to me again!
    (Most of the above are from Giant Attack, I'm working on getting the 3rd Strike
    Well, that's it for now! If anyone can send me Urien’s colors from the DC
    version, I would be most happy, any contributions are welcome!!
    Thanks to:
    Zeku- His quote FAQ gave me all the material for my Quote section.
    A8I6V@aol.com (Fredo) who helped me out with some parry strategies and combos.
    Kao Megura, who's 3rd Strike FAQ gave me the groundwork for this FAQ and whose
    copyright text at the top I blatantly copied! Also for translation help.
    Rec.games.sf2 is a good resource which has helped my game greatly.
    Aoiryuu <aoiryuu@earthlink.net> helped me out with some embarassing omissions.
    MrGrimm280@mindspring.com, who sent me a bunch of GREAT combos, with a lot of
    juggles I hadn't thought of before.
    pingu@actrix.co.nz <mailto:pingu@actrix.co.nz>- Mel Boyce, for the taunt
    Kenneth Miller (Slim@systorm.com) for the invaluable aegis reflector and
    fireball strategies.
    John Choi and Alex Valle, for showing me how annoying Akuma and Ibuki can be.
    Chris Poloncic for some more juggling options and that interesting Tyrant
    Slaughter combo.
    The UCLA Ackerman and Sunset Village Arcades for being the greatest arcades
    I've ever set foot in, as well as having some TOP competition.
    Any questions? Comments? Additions? Email me at deltakid@ucla.edu.
    Unpublished work copyright 2000 Jon Rodgers

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