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    Super Arts FAQ by EuphorLance

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    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
    Super Arts FAQ v.1.0
    By EuphorLance@hotmail.com
    September 10th, 1999
    Here is a quick FAQ about what super arts do for each Character because most 
    of us don't understand the Japanese name or the name of the move doesn't 
    make sense.
    Revision Info:
    1.2  Minor Corrections made.
    1.0  Added Oro's Tengu Stone Variant and Gill's Angel of Death.
          Added cool sounding qoates from characters.
    0.5  First release.  Missing Oro's Tengu Stone Variant and Gill's      
    "Third Super"
    Help Needed:
    1. STORYLINE!!!!  Does anyone have the storyline to this twisted Street 
    Fighter Game?
    2. Endings.  Endings would help solve the mystery of the storyline of this 
    3. Quotes from the Characters when they preform their Super Art.
    Akuma: "MESSATSU! Hmmmmmph! SHOUSHI!"
    Messatsu Gou Hadou:	5 hit fireball.
    Tenma Gou Zankuu:       5 hit air fireball.
    Messatsu Gou Shoryu     3 dragon punches.
    Messatsu Gou Rasen      Hurricane kick that goes straight up.
    Shun Goku Satsu         Unblockable rushing grab that leads to 15            
    Kongou Kokuretsu Zan    Ground punch causing geyser of purple flame.
    Alex: "HA! YAH! HYPER BOMB!"
    Hyper Bomb:             Grab.  2 suplexes and a power bomb.
    Variant Hyper Bomb:     Grab from behind.  5 suplexes.
    Boomerang Raid:         4 flash chops and a suplex.
    Stun Gun Headbutt:      Forward jump and grab.  5 Headbutts + Stun.
    Chun Li: "Haaaaaa! KIKOU SHO!"
    Kikou Sho:              Blue Stationary Projectile.
    Houyoku Sen:            2 sets of lightning kicks and a high kick.
    Tensei Ranna:           Anti air flip kick surrounded by blue force.
    Dudley: "ONE! TWO! JET UPPERCUT!"
    Rocket Upper:           3 Jet uppercuts.
    Rolling Thunder:        Rapid body blows followed by uppercut.
    Corkscrew Blow:         5 hit straight punch.
    Elena: "SPINNING BEAT! HA! HA! YAH!"
    Spinning Beat:          3 Anti air flip kicks.
    Brave Dance:            Forward jump + Combo Rush.
    Healing:                Heals 25% of life.
    Meteor Storm:           Fire and ice rocks fall from sky.
    Resurrection:           100% healing after losing.
    Angel of Death:         Full screen attack.
    Gigas Breaker:          2 Backbreakers + Body splash.
    Megaton Press:          Anti air body slam + Body splash.
    Hammer Frenzy:          Flurry of attacks.
    Kasumi Suzaku:          Multiple air projectile attack.
    Yoroi Doushi:           Orange stationary projectile.
    Variant Yoroi Doushi:   Grab.  One launching punch.
    Yami Shigure:           Projectile followed by multiple slashes.
    Ken: "SHINRYUKEN!"
    Shoryu Reppa:           3 Dragon punches.
    Shinryu Ken:            One multi hitting dragon punch.
    Shippu Jinrai Kyaku:    Flurry of kicks followed by hurricane kick.
    Seichusen Godanzuki:    Gut punch, multiple punches, uppercut.
    Abare To Sanami:        Off the wall jump kick, knee, kick, uppercut.
    Tanden Renki:           Attack power up.  Can't block.
    Necro: "DENPA STORM!"
    Thunder Storm:          Body emits electricity stationary projectile.
    Slam Dance:             Grab.  3 leg flips.
    Electric Snake:         Multiple hitting ground projectile.
    Kishin Riki:            Multiple body slam.
    Variant Kishin Riki:    Grab.  Really high suplex.
    Yagyou Dama:            Multiple hitting floating projctile.
    Variant Yagyou Dama:    One really big air projectile.
    Tengu Stone:            3 objects will multiply your hits.
    Variant Tengu Stone:    5 objects will multiply your hits.
    Note:                   Oro must be at max super and use two buttons         
                 to perform variants.
    Critical Combo Strike:  5 Rushing punches.
    Deadly Double Combo:    Gut punch + Hammer back of head.
    Total Destruction:      Small explosion on impact.
    Light of Justice:       Multiple projectile attack.
    S. R. Rage Flash:       3 Flash kicks.
    Blue Nocturne   :       Counter attack.  Short combo rush.
    Shinkuu Hadou Ken:      5 hit fireball.
    Shin Shoryu Ken:        Multiple hitting dragon punch.
    Variant Shin Shoryuken: Grab. Body blow + Left handed dragon punch.
    Denjin Hadou Ken:       Unblockable fireball + Stun.
    Sean: "HADOOOU BLAST!"
    Hadou Burst:            One really fast fireball.
    Shoryu Cannon:          2 Dragon punches.
    Hyper Tornado:          Running grab, uppercut, tornado, overhead kick.
    X.N.D.L.                Needles run across the ground.
    X.F.L.A.T.              Nose dive from every angle.
    X.C.O.P.Y.              Morph into your opponent.
    Tyrant Slaughter:       Multiple shoulder rushes.
    Temporal Thunder:       5 hit projectile.
    Aegis Reflector:        Mirror like stationary projectile.
    Raishin Mahhaken:       Face poke + multiple hitting body blow.
    Tenshin Senkyuu Tai:    Ground roll + kicks in the air.
    Sei'ei Enbu:            Shadows mimic your moves.
    Yun: "HA HA! HIYAAH!
    You Hou:                Face poke + Body check + Uppercut.
    Sourai Rengeki:         Combo rush.
    Gen'ei Enbu:            Shadows mimic your moves.
    This has been another EuphorLance production.

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