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    Dudley by RJStreety

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    STREET FIGHTER III - Third Strike - Dudley FAQ
    Second Revision done on October 27, 2000 by RJ Streety
    E-Mail - Ytteres@aol.com
    Street Fighter and all related characters are owned by
      Capcom Inc.
    This FAQ is the property of RJ Streety. Anyone wanting
      to use this FAQ, please ask.
    With the release of Street Fighter 3 - Third Strike on the
    Dreamcast, I found that my first FAQ with Dudley was a
    little lacking.  So now, I've decided to update my original
    FAQ with some new info.  I'm still a little surprised to
    find that a lot of people still don't use him.  He can be a
    very effective fighter.
    * Control Key
    * Third Strike Basics
    * Color Palette
    * Basic Attacks
    * Chain Combos
    * Throws
    * Super Art Meter
    * Special Techniques
    * Overall Strategy
    Control Key
    u = up          df = diagonal down/forward
    d = down        db = diagonal down/back
    f = forward	uf = diagonal up/forward
    b = back        ub = diagonal up/back
    qcf = quarter circle forward (d, df, f)
    qcb = quarter circle back (d, db, b)
    hcf = half circle forward (b, db, d, df, f)
    hcb = half circle back (f, df, d, db, b)
    LP = light punch    LK = light kick
    MP = medium punch   MK = medium kick
    HP = hard punch     HK = hard kick
    P  = any punch button
    K  = any kick button
    PP = any two punch buttons 
    KK = any two kick buttons
    Third Strike Basics
    Dash      - tap f twice.
    Retreat   - tap b twice.
    Block     - hold b for high attacks, hold db for low attacks.
    Jump      - tap u, uf, or ub.
    Crouch    - hold d, db, or df.
    High Jump - tap d, then tap u, uf, or ub.
    Recovery  - when knocked down, tap d just before you hit the ground.
    Parry     - tap f the instant before a high attack connects, or tap
                  d the instant before a low attack hits.  Parrying can
                  also be done in the air.
    Throw     - press LP and LK at the same time.  Holding f or b while
                  doing this modifies the throw.
    Leap      - press MP and MK at the same time.  Short attack for
     Attack       crouching opponents.
    Taunt     - press HP and HK at the same time.
    Color Palette
    Press the following buttons to get these color combinations for Dudley.
      Light Punch  = White shirt, Green pants, Blue boxing gloves.
      Medium Punch = Red shirt, Black pants, Black boxing gloves.
      Hard Punch   = Pink shirt, White pants, Red boxing gloves.
      Light Kick   = White shirt, Beige pants, Beige boxing gloves.
      Medium Kick  = Black shirt, Brown pants, Red boxing gloves.
      Hard Kick    = White shirt, Black pants, Black boxing gloves.
      (For an extra color outfit, while holding down the start button,
        press LP, MK and HP at the same time.)
      Extra Color  = Black shirt, Silver pants, Silver boxing gloves.
    Basic Attacks
    This is a listing of Dudley's standard attacks.  I'll separate them by
      attack button and situation.
    STANDING OR CLOSE - Dudley's attacks while standing away from, or
      close to opponenet.
    LP = Straight Jab - A quick, light punch.  Hold f while pressing to
          do a lunging jab.
    MP = Straight Cross - A strong, straight punch.  Hold f while
          pressing to do a lunging body blow.
    HP = Straight Right - A quick, straight hard punch.  Hold f while
          pressing to do a lunging straight punch.
    LK = Hook - A quick, short range hook.
    MK = Uppercut - A strong uppercut.  Hold f while pressing to
          do an uppercut to the body.
    HK = Body Blow - A quick uppercut to the body.  Hold f while
          pressing to do an overhead smash.
    CROUCH - Dudley's attacks while crouching.
    LP = Low Jab - Quick low jab.
    MP = Low Straight - A stronger low jab.
    HP = Uppercut - An anti air punch.
    LK = Low Jab - Thrown at a lower angle than the low jab.
    MK = Hook Sweep - A quick hook aimed at opponents legs.
    HK = Two Fisted Sweep - Two fisted attack aimed at opponents legs.
    JUMP - Dudley's attacks while in the air.
    LP = Air Hook - A quick hook punch.
    MP = Air Hook - Hits harder than LP version.
    FP = Straight Right - Thrown at a downward angle.
    LK = Short Elbow - Dudley extends his elbow out slightly.
    MK = Short Elbow - Hits harder than LK version.
    HK = Elbow Drop - Dudley swings his elbow toward the ground.
    Chain Combos
    Dudley has a few chain combos that can be done when close to your
      opponent.  Simply press these buttons in the order shown quickly.
      Timing is essential.
    Chain 1 = Press MK, HK, HP.
    Chain 2 = Press LK, MK, MP, HP.
    Chain 3 = Hold f, press HK, MK.
    Chain 4 = Hold f, press MK, MK, HP.
    Body Blows = Press LP + LK.  Press buttons rapidly to increase damage.
    Body Toss  = Hold f or b, press LP + LK.
    Super Art Meter
    At the bottom of the screen, you'll see a meter that fills up as
      your fight goes on.  This is your super art meter.  It will tell
      you when the super art you've selected is available.  On the
      outermost edge of the meter will be a fraction.  The number on
      top represents the amount of bars filled, and the bottom number
      represents the maximum number of times that bar can be filled.
    Special Techniques
    This is a listing of Dudley's special attacks.  I've described it uses,
      advantages and disadvantages.  A (+) is an advantage, and a (-) is a
      disadvantage.  I've also described the enhanced versions of these
      attacks (where applicable).  To enhance a special attack, you must
      have energy stored in your Super Art Meter.  While the energy in the
      bar is flashing, some special moves can be enhanced.  To enhance a
      special attack, press two punch or kick buttons (PP or KK) at the
      end of the special attack controller motion.  Note that when you
      enhance a special attack, you will lose some energy in your Super
      Art Meter.   
    Jet Uppercut - (f, d, df + P)
    Dudley's special air counter attack.  Similar to the well known Dragon
      Punch, the punch button used determines how high Dudley goes with it.
      (+) - HP version hits twice if close.
      (+) - Can be chained with all of Dudley's super arts.
      (-) - Unlike the Dragon Punch, Dudley's not invincible on the way up.
      (-) - If you miss the HP version, you're wide open for a counter.
      Enhanced - Dudley goes up quicker, and at a wider angle.
    Machine Gun Blow - (hcf + P)
    Dudley charges forward throwing a number of quick punches, then
      finishes up with a hard body blow.  The punch button used
      determines how far Dudley charges, and the amount of punches he
      throws before finishing.
      (+) Does good blocking damage.
      (-) Foot Sweeps will always counter it.
      (-) Recovery time needed if blocked.
      Enhanced - Dudley charges further and faster.  He does the HP version
        of this special, finishing with a body blow, plus an uppercut.  The
        uppercut sets up opponent for a juggle.
    Ducking Rush - (hcf + K)
    Dudley dashes forward while ducking.  The kick used determines how far
      Dudley dashes.
      (+) Goes through projectile attacks.
      (-) Foot Sweeps will always counter it.
      Enhanced - Not available for enhancing.
    Ducking Straight - (After Ducking Rush, press P)
    Dudley throws a straight right after the rush.
      (+) Since it's a special attack, it hits a little harder than the
            normal HP.
      (-) Foot sweeps always counters it (See a theme forming?).
      Enhanced - Not available for enhancing.
    Ducking Upper - (After Ducking Rush, press K)
    Dudley throws an uppercut right after the rush.
      (+) Hits harder than a normal uppercut.
      (+) Hits twice if up close.  If your timing's good, you can use this
            as an anti-air move.
      (-) Foot sweeps.  Need I say more?
      Enhanced - Not available for enhancing.
    Back Swing Blow - (hcb + K)
    Dudley jumps back, then charges forward with a body blow.  Button used
      determines how far back Dudley jumps back and how far he charges
      (+) Good for opponents who do a lot of foot sweeps, or jump in at
            you from a distance.
      (-) No good if opponent jumps in, or foot sweeps if they're close
            to you.
      Enhanced - Dudley jumps back, charges forward at an increased speed,
        delivering the body blow, an uppercut, and a straight right.
    Crosscounter - (hcb + P)
    Dudley leans forward with his arms hanging loosely at his sides.  If he
      is hit with a high attack, he instantly charges forward with a 
      straight right.  The punch button used determines how long Dudley
      stays in his relaxed position.
      (+) Almost always hits if Dudley is induced to charge.  Best used for
            attacks that opponent can't get out of.  A Hurricane Kick for
      (+) The HP version can be used as a fake out since he relaxes very
            briefly.  So you have to have good timing to use this
      (-) No good against low attacks, or projectiles.
      (-) Gives up more energy when hit in this position.  Especially when
            hit with a hard punch or kick.
      Enhanced - Dudley relaxes for a brief moment (HP version).  If hit
        with a high attack, he charges for the first hit, then charges
        again to juggle the opponent.  This takes off a LOT of energy if
        he hits both shots, and odds are he will.
    Super Arts
    Super Art I : Rolling Thunder - (qcf, qcf + P rapidly)
    Dudley charges forward throwing multiple body blows ending with a hard
      uppercut.  Super Art Meter is long, and can hold one charge.
      (+) Dudley's most damaging super art.  Does good block damage, too.
      (-) If you start it from too far away, you may push the opponent
            out of the attacks' range with each blow.  Even if it hits.
      (-) Opponent MUST be on the ground for it to connect at all.
      (-) You're screwed if you miss it.  Opponent has all day to come up
            with a counter if you do.  If you do miss, all you can do is
            stop tapping P, hold b of db to block, and hope for the best.
    Super Art II : Rocket Uppercut - (qcf, qcf + P)
    Dudley does two Jet Uppercuts, then finishes with a high swirling Jet
      Uppercut.  Super Art Meter is medium sized, and holds two charges.
      (+) Dudley's best super art to chain with the Jet Uppercut.
      (-) You're wide open if you miss.
    Super Art III : Corkscrew Blow - (qcf, qcf + P)
    Dudley charges forward with a straight right engulfed in swirling arcs
      of energy.  Super Art Meter is short, and holds three charges.
      (+) Has a quick recovery time.
      (-) Not really powerful.  Hits five times at the most.
    Overall Strategy
    Dudley's biggest asset is his strength.  The only people who can
      outpower him is Alex, Hugo and Makoto (when she's charged with her
      Power Up super art).  His hard punch comes out quick, and you can
      play a mean game of keep away with it.
    Dudley also has a load of anti-air moves in his offensive scheme.  The
      standing medium kick, the ducking hard punch, Jet Uppercut, and in 
      some cases, the standing hard punch and the Crosscounter.
    Dudley, as a boxer, is a ground based fighter.  He isn't very good in
      the air.  Usually, I use the medium kick if I want to play it safe
      if I go in the air.  It exchanges hits, or it rarely knocks the
      opponent out of the air.  His jumping hard punch is only good if
      your opponent is lower than you in the air, which is rare since
      Dudley is one of the worst jumpers in the game.  His jumping hard
      kick is pretty good if the opponent is directly below you.
    Dudley's sweeps (ducking medium and hard kicks) are pretty effective.
      The medium kick is a quick swipe that comes out prety fast, but it
      leaves you open slightly if blocked or missed.  A classic mistake a
      lot of beginning Dudley players do is mistake a ducking hard kick for
      an anti-air uppercut.  Mainly because of the animation of it.  Don't
      fall for it.  It is not an anti-air attack.  This move also leaves
      you pretty wide open if blocked or missed, so try to use it after
      blocking an attack that leaves the opponent vulnerable.
    USE THE CHAIN COMBOS.  I can't stress that enough when you get close
      to your opponent.  They do some serious damage that the opponent
      can't defend against if the first hit of the chain connects.
    This is the end of my Dudley FAQ.  Anything else you want to know
      about or want me to add, just send me a message at Ytteres@aol.com

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