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    Necro by HOwari

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    Necro FAQ Street Fighter III: Third Impact
    By Hajime Owari (hajimeowari@reachme.net)
    Ver. 1.2  12/15/99
    Unpublished Works Copyright 1999 Hajime Owari (Brad Tsunekawa )
    This FAQ and everything included within this file cannot be reproduced 
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    myself. This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Brad Tsunekawa 
    (hajimeowari@reachme.net). All copyrights and trademarks are 
    acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned in this 
    The game "Street Fighter III - Third Strike" and the "Street Fighter" 
    game series is copyright (c) Capcom of Japan and  (c) Capcom of America.
    Author's Notes: I am under the assumption that you, the reader, are 
    familiar with the SFIII:3S game system and have no need for me to go 
    over any basics.  
    Table of Contents
    I.   Basic/Command Moves
    II.  Special Moves
    III. Super Moves
    IV.  Strategies/Suggestions/Tips
    V.   Acknowledgements
    VI.  Revisions
    I. Basic/Command Moves
    Jab (LP)
    The same as all other Character's Jabs (LP) in the game.  Combos into 
    most moves. Leaves you wide open if used in mid-air.
    Strong (MP)
    Necro swings his arm straight out.  This attack lacks range and combos 
    into nothing. I would advise this move only as a desperate anti-aerial.
    Necro crouches down slightly and swings his elbow over his back (I guess 
    you should see it for yourself).  This move combos well into attacks 
    (i.e. Tornado Hook) , but, there are more effective alternatives such as 
    a Standing/Back Forward (MK) or Crouching Fierce.
    Necro perform a stretching palm strike at an app. 45 degree angle.  This 
    move is a great long range anti-aerial when your opponent is jump from 
    far to mid screen.  For you Dhalsim players, imagine the standing 
    Forward (MK)and a slightly higher angle.
    Necro's jumping Strong (MP) is perhaps the inverted version of his 
    Crouching Strong(MP). When in mid-air he/she punches downward at a 45 
    degree angle. Dhalsim players, similar to a jumping Fierce.
    Fierce (HP)
    Necro's Fierce is quite powerful and probably one of his most useful 
    basic attacks.
    Necro stretches/swings one arm out horizontally at his opponent.  This 
    move practically clears the screen and barely whiffs an opponent who is 
    near the edge of the screen.  Good move to pressure opponent into jump.  
    Performing this move too often could result in a Dragon Punch counter or 
    any other move with solid priority.
    Necro Performs an uppercut that goes almost completely vertical and can 
    reach the top of the screen for those high flying hurricane 
    kicks/floating Q's/ and other high, over the head, jumpers.  This is a  
    anti-aerial move and a knock down move and sets your opponent up for a 
    juggle. This move can be followed up by various specials and the 
    Magnetic Storm super (I), but at this time I advise that it is followed 
    up by a Crouching/Back Fierce to produce the most                     
    damage, floor your opponent, and distance him from you.
    This is a low version of Necro's Standing/Neutral Fierce (HP), but it 
    does NOT hit low.  From what I've seen there are no major difference 
    between a Standing/Neutral Fierce (HP) and a Crouching/Neutral Fierce 
    (HP).  So it is your choice on what you would rather use, but I would 
    advise the Standing version.
    Necro swings his elbow out (somewhat larger compared to his 
    Standing/Back Strong (MP)) and if the blow connects it will quickly 
    knock your opponent down and across the screen.  As stated before this 
    is a good follow up to the Standing/Back Fierce (HP) uppercut. This is 
    also a good, quick counter (faster than a sweep) to opponent's who walk 
    too close.
    Necro reaches out horizontally with both hands about 1/4 to 1/2 screen 
    length.  I use this as my secondary jump-in attack. Necro's Jumping 
    Fierce takes out distance and close-range jumpers, and hits long-
    distance projectile throwers.
    Short (LK)
    The same as all other character's Shorts (LK) in the game.  Combos into 
    most moves. Leaves you wide open in mid-air.
    Forward (MK)
    Necro's Forward (MK) lacks solid priority, but has it's uses.
    Necro stretches and swings his leg out between low and mid-level heights 
    and attacks at about the range of a standard shotokan sweep. This attack 
    is good for distancing your opponent, since it is much faster than 
    Necro's Crouching Forward.
    Necro perform a small knee attack that can be comboed into his Spinning 
    Punch and is a good, close-range push move.
    Necro kicks/stretches his leg out app. 1/4 screen length and hits low.  
    It's a long-distance low attack, but is extremely slow.  Good for 
    keeping opponents who like to stay on the ground away.
    Necro performs a diagonal kick upward which can be used to take out 
    opponents higher in the air than him (although it is a rare for this to 
    Roundhouse (FK)
    Necro's Roundhouse is interesting to say the least.  His sweep is 
    especially useful.
    Similar to Dhalsim's standing Roundhouse (FK) although not as fast.  
    This a way to discourage opponents from leaving the ground or for 
    tapping long range.
    Necro performs a much larger version of his Standing/Back Forward (MK) 
    attack. The knee is larger in size, the attack is much much faster, and 
    the knee hits  much much higher.  This move is an effective anti-aerial 
    IF you can get the timing down, although it doesn't allow you to juggle 
    like the Fierce anti-aerial does. I've found this move to be a good 
    counter to a jumping Chun-Li.
    Necro's sweep is terrific.  It hits low, has 1/2 screen range, and comes 
    out quickly. He basically performs the equivalent of Shotokan style 
    sweep, but the sweeping leg is much longer.  Learn the length of this 
    attack and scare your opponents into crouching more often.
    Necro's Jumping Roundhouse (HP) is like a longer air-born version of his 
    Standing/Neutral Forward (MK). This move hits people who are behind you 
    if you happen to jump over them, but Necro's jump movement is so slow 
    that this is an ineffective tactic. I suggest sticking to the jumping 
    Fierce (HP) if you plan to use a mid-air attack.
    Special/Super Moves Notation:          |
    QCF - Quarter Circle Forward (D,DF,F)  |
    HCF - Half Circle Forward (B,DB,D,DF,F)|
    QCB - Quarter Circle Back (F,DF,D,DB,B)|
    HCB - Half Circle Back (D,DB,B)        |
    II. Special Moves
    Drill Kick D+K (air only)
       This move is very much like Dhalsim's Drill Kick.  For those of you 
    who haven't seen it...well, try it out for yourselves.  The only 
    difference is that Necro's Drill Kick hits twice. Having a Drill Kick 
    gives you the power to switch directions in mid-air at anytime.  Also, 
    having two hits allows you to use the first hit to take out a jump 
    opponent and right when they land they'll get hit again.  This move is a 
    good way to close distance with projectile characters and stop yourself 
    from jumping too far/short.  The power of the kick button controls your 
    angle.  A Short (LP) Drill Kick attacks at a 20-30 degree angle, Forward 
    (MP) at a 45 degree angle, and Roundhouse (HP) at a 70-80 degree angle.  
    Electric Shock F,D,DF+P
       The Electric Shock move is only effective as an anti-aerial attack.  
    Jab (LP) hits 1 time, Strong (MP) hits 2 times, and Fierce (HP) hits 
    three times.  The move does moderate damage and I suggest using the 
    fierce version all the time.  This move is especially good when your 
    opponent begins to parry or you just can't get that basic anti-aerial 
    Snake Fang HCF+K
       This move has moderate range, comes out pretty fast, does good 
    damage, and hits low.  Basically Necro "snakes" his hand out a little 
    beyond sweep distance and grabs the opponent by the leg.  He then 
    proceeds to toss them over his head against the other side of the 
    screen.  I suggest using this move often and switching it up with 
    Necro's other High/Low moves (i.e. Raging Cobra) when your opponent is 
    rising or thinks he's a safe distance.  There is possibility of a juggle 
    combo after this move if your back is to the wall, although nothing is 
    confirmed yet.  I am not positive how using a stronger kick button 
    affects the results, but I'm assuming it does slightly more damage and 
    leaves you open slightly longer.
    Raging Cobra QCB+K (Can be EXed)
       This move has deceivingly moderate rage and solid damage.  Necro lays 
    back on one leg, stretching/bending it in the process, and then, because 
    of the tension, springs back and kicks with his other leg.  It's hard to 
    picture, but just try the move.  The Raging Cobra acts as an overhead 
    attack and, to reiterate, has deceivingly moderate range (about Shotokan 
    sweep range).  Using a stronger kick button does slightly more damage 
    and takes slightly longer to come out.  EXing the move allows it to hit 
    2 times instead of the 1, although I believe it only hits for 2 when 
    you're right next to the opponent.
    Flying Viper QCB+P (Can be EXed)
       This is the good ol' anti-fireball SFIII series move (all characters 
    have an anti-fireball move).  Necro jumps forward and up twice as high 
    as a hop overhead (Strong (MP) + Forward (MK)) and then chops/reaches 
    forward with both hands knocking the opponent down.  This move is an 
    overhead and a good anti-fireball move when your opponent is about 1/4 
    to 1/2 screen away.  Unfortunately this move is not as quick and in no 
    way as deceiving as the Raging Cobra.  Although this move can also be 
    used for when your opponent falls short on a jump in and he/she's 
    prepared for the sweep.  The EX version is faster and does slightly more 
    Spinning Punch QCF+P (Can be EXed)
       This is your one and only solid combo move.  Necro spins, swinging 
    his elbows, while moving forward.  The Jab (LP) version of this hits 2 
    times, Strong (MP) hits 3 times, and Fierce (HP) hits 4 times.  The 
    Strong (MP) and Fierce (HP) number of hits are not confirmed because 
    this move leaves you somewhat open if you perform this move too close.  
    This move connects with Standing Jab (LP), Standing Short (LK), and 
    Standing/Back Forward (MK).  Also, if you connect with this move and the 
    last hit does NOT knock your opponent down, but instead spins your 
    opponent around so his/her back is to you (i.e. result of Alex's QCF+P 
    move), your opponent will be open for a Jab (LP) Spinning Punch or an EX 
    Spinning Punch.  The EX version of the Spinning Punch is quick and can 
    be used after your you block an opponent's attempt to sweep you, after a 
    parried fireball, etc.  Any ground move that leaves your opponent open 
    for a good second.
    III. Super Moves
    I. (1 Short Bar) Magnetic Storm QCF,QCF+P Repeatedly press P (25-35% 
       Considering how few of Necro's moves are good EXed this short bar 
    super isn't a bad choice. This move is a much more powerful version of 
    the Electric Shock move in which Necro steps forward and huge bolts of 
    electricity cover his body.  Those huge bolts pull your opponent into 
    the super (similar to Ryu's EX Hurricane Kick).  This super can only be 
    stopped by a projectile.  If an opponent is in a mid-sweep, a jump kick, 
    etc. it will not interrupt your super.  Necro is practically invincible.  
    Also, because Necro steps forward, you can hit opponents that are as far 
    as sweeping range.  One more good trick is to perform a drill kick in 
    which you barely clip your opponent on the second hit and then perform 
    the Magnetic Storm right after.  Many of your opponents will think 
    you're wide open after the second hit.
    II. (1 Moderate/Long Bar) Slam Dance QCF,QCF+P Close Range (app. 30% 
       Slam Dance is a throw super.  It has high priority (as do all throw 
    supers) and is great for taking down those turtles (people who block all 
    day long and play too defensively).  Slam Dance has the same 
    invincibility that Magnetic Storm does although can only be used on 
    grounded opponents.  This is a great wake-up/get-up move when your 
    opponent is standing right next to you. Especially effective against 
    those people who like to overhead, sweep all day long.  Also, having the 
    large bar allows you to counter opponents who sweep non-stop with an EX 
    Spinning Punches (the only good EX move IMO).
    III. (2 Short/Moderate Bars) Electric Snake QCF,QCF+P (app. 20-25% 
       The Electric Snake is not too flashy like the other supers.  Necro 
    sends a flash of electricity along the ground and if it hits it shocks 
    and knocks down your opponent.  The super only hits low and I believe 
    (not confirmed since I have not used this super often) that it goes 
    under most projectiles.  I do NOT recommend this super as it does leave 
    you wide open for most attacks, does not do well in desperate 
    situations, and despite the 2 short/moderate bars for EXs, I would 
    recommend the more useful Slam Dance super.
    Author's Strategy Notes
       Necro can be played however you'd like.  With Necro you have powerful 
    long-range and short-range attacks and any strategies I give are mere 
    suggestions or tricks that I use against opponents. I do NOT give 
    strategies on defeating the computer or in defeating a particular 
    character played by a person (since people's playstyle ALWAY vary).  If 
    you do have problems with a particular person's style of play I will be 
    happy to respond to you via e-mail (hajimeowari@reachme.net).
    IV. Strategies/Suggestions/Tips
    Keep That Opponent on the Ground
       Necro has lots of low/high ground moves and this strategy is obvious.  
    Necro has Snake Fang (hits low), a long-range sweep, Flying Viper 
    (overhead), and Raging Cobra (overhead).  When your opponent is getting 
    up switch it up on him.  Most opponents block low on getting up so the 
    Raging Cobra is a good choice.  After you hit him with this mix things 
    up.  Necro has a powerful close-range ground game.
    Magnetic Storm Trick
       If you're using Magnetic Storm as your super then this is a good way 
    to trick your opponent into getting hit by this super.  Perform a Drill 
    Kick so the second hit barely clips your opponent.  Most people will 
    then assume that you're wide open after the second hit and attempt to 
    hit you (sweeping being the most common reaction).  Perform a Magnetic 
    Storm once you hit the ground and you'll almost always snag them with 
    V. Acknowledgements
    - GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)for great FAQ writing tips and 
    directing me to Kao Megura's site.
    - Kao Megura for his wonderful site (http://i.am/kao) filled with FAQ 
    writing tips, suggestions, and copyright law warnings.
    - Rook for the challenge he provides me in having to cope with very 
    effective (and sometimes annoying) tactics.
    - Those hard-core SF regulars who frequent Naughty Nicks (Stockton,CA) 
    and provide hours of great competition.
    VI. Revisions
    v1.0 (12/14/99)
    -NecroFAQ is created.
    v1.2 (12/15/99)
    -Made massive formatting corrections.
    -Revised disclaimer.
    -Added a Table of Contents.
    -Added acknowledgements section.
    -Added Revisions section.
    Hope you've enjoyed the Necro FAQ. If you have comments, suggestions, 
    questions, or anything else SFIII:3S related please feel free to e-mail 
    me at hajimeowari@reachme.net
    -Hajime Owari

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