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    Yang by Zerogun

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    Street Fighter III: Third Strike FAQ for YANG
    Version 1.0 1999
    Legal Stuff: All characters and names are properties of Capcom.
       FAQ is copyright 1999 to Zerogun@aol.com
       You may use this FAQ in anyway, reproduce it anywhere, but you must credit 
    this to me and leave his portion of the FAQ in place.
       All right, on to the good stuff.
       Yang is brother to Yun and both of them practice bishounen kung fu.  Yang is 
    in the competition to show his older brother that he has what it takes to be a 
    karate master.  That's about all I know about his history.
    This is a FAQ for beginners and intermediates who want to learn how to play 
    Yang.  If you are advance, then go ahead and read but please don't laugh!  
    1) Yang is fast and has huge priority over everyone, except Remy and Chun Li of 
    2) Yang can link supers easily.
    3) The best EX in the game
    4) Yang does not take damage well
    5) Yang doesn't give that much damage either...
    For this section I am assuming that you know about the basics.  If you don't 
    then go read the K. Megura FAQ on GameFAQS and then come back.  I will only be 
    listing the moves that I think are useful.
    medium punch:  good when standing and crouching.  Great in footsie wars.  Good 
    range and damage.
    fierce punch:  slow but has VERY good range.  Stick this out once in a while to 
    screw with your     opponents. The crouching Fierce punch is a diagnol punch 
    down and not so great range-wise.
    meduim kick, standing: from far away this is a kick at a 45 degree angle.  From 
    close up this       will launch and opponent allowing for some cool juggles, 
    which I will cover later.  The crouching medium kick has long range and great 
    for footsies
    Roundhouse:  good range but has very slow recovery.  Use sparingly.  The 
    standing one has good    range and no recovery but it has a massive start up 
    Over head kick (hold foward, medium kick):  Yang leaps up and does an overhead.  
    Good for mixing up the enemy.
    Raigeki Shuu (while in the air, press down-forward and kick):  bascially a swan 
    dive with a kick. The angle varies with the strength of the kick button.  You 
    may do this move ANYTIME during the ascension of the jump.  Remember that, it's 
    important. You may combo after but only if you hit the opponent's lower leg.  
    Any higher and the opponent has a split second to recover, even if you hit.
    Zenpou Tenshin (HCB, kick):  this is a command throw where Yang will flip over 
    the opponents head  and then leave him stunned for about 1/2 a second.  It isn't 
    that great.  Range sucks, you have to be kissing them, and you end up to far to 
    do any serious damage.  Stay away from this due to the HUGE recovery time if you 
    Byakko Soushouda, a.k.a. Palm Strike (QCB, punch): Yang will put his palms 
    together and press them forward.  The punch button controls the delay and 
    strength of the strike.  Great move, but slow start up.  You have invincibility 
    during the final stages of the Palm Strike.
    Fake Byakko Soushouda (QCB, two punches): Yang will start the motion for the 
    Palm Strike but then stop before he hits.  Only good for fake outs when they are 
    in the corner.  I will explicate further in my TACTICS section.
    Kaibou (forward, HCF, kick): Yang's new teleport.  The kick determines distance.  
    You can be hit out of it, even a fireball will stop you in your tracks.  A higly 
    underated move.  Abuse it.  I will talk more about it later.
    Senkyuu Tai (QCF, kick), EX : Yang rolls foward and then upwards.  Kick strength 
    determines how far he rolls.  The light kick one will not allow him to roll at 
    all, just straight up.  The light kick is good for easy anti-air.  Other wise, 
    stay away.  If you do happen to pull this move off and whiff then try to parry 
    just at the moment that you land.  This can save you a lot of trouble. As a side 
    note, you can get thrown out of the move when you are rolling.
    Tourou Zan, a.k.a. Mantis Slash (qcf, punch.  repeat three times), EX:  Great 
    move. If the first hits then the other two will hit also.  If the first one 
    misses then stop yourself.  Learn to do this from reaction.  There is NO 
    recovery time after the first hit!  But after the second and third then it is a 
    different story... If you miss the first hit you might try to wait for a second, 
    and then finish off the rest of the hits.  Sometimes the opponent will get hit.  
    The EX version will hit for six hits if they are in the corner.
    Raishin Mahhaken (qcf, qcf, punch):  Yang does what looks like a Fierce punch 
    and flys through the enemy giving off several hits.  Okay damage but he can hold 
    only one and it doesn't combo off of anything except a low medium kick.
    Tenshin Senkyuu Tai (qcf, qcf, kick): Yang does a very fast Senkyuu Tai with a 
    lot more hits.  Not exactly the best damage but it is very easily comboed.  He 
    can hold two.  Sometimes through freak accidents you will be thrown out of this 
    super.  Yeap, it happens.  I have had people Power Bomb me, Yoroi Doushi me, and 
    just plain out threw me out of the super.  Not often, but it happens.
    Sei'ei Enbu (qcf, qcf, punch):  Can you say custom combo? Yep, short, short bar 
    and you can go to town with the mix ups.  All you really need to do is to hit 
    him once and you can start juggling like crazy.
    1) medium punch, fierce punch, back + fierce punch (then maybe a super)
       This is the classic kung fu boy combo.  Yes, you can link a Tenshin Senkyuu 
    Tai after this.  You cn also link a Rashin Mahhaken after this but it does ZERO 
    damage. Not great in damage but you can pull it off almost all the time.  Oh, 
    and don't use this too often.  You will get punished for knowing only one combo.  
    Good players will red parry the last hit and go to town on your ass.
    2) down medium kick, Mantis Slash (or EX the Mantis Slash)
       Good combo that will leave you safe if you miss.  Just remember to stop 
    yourself if you miss the first hit of the mantis slash.  If you EX the Slash 
    then you can get more damage than a Super Combo!
    3) close medium kick, medium kick Senkyuu Tai
       Best when done after a parry.  You will launch the opponent into the air and 
    catch him as he falls. Timing is important, get it right or you will feel really 
    stupid missing such a great opportunity for juggles.
    4) close medium kick, Tenshin Senkyuu Tai
       Alright, another super link! Best when done after a parry.  The best thing 
    about this combo is that the damage from the super isn't combo buffered!
    5) close medium kick, medium kick Senkyuu Tai (EX also), Tenshin Senkyuu Tai
       Only do this in the corner.  If the opponent isn't in the corner then you are 
    going to miss.  I guarantee you that now.  The most flashy combo for Yang, and 
    by far the most damaging.
    6) down medium kick, Rashin Mahhaken
       Probably the only way to combo the Rashin Mahhaken with decent damage.
    7) light kick, medium kick, roundhouse
       Good chain combo that is really fast and does about as much damage as combo 
    1.  Use sparingly and only as a surprise move because it doesn't allow you to 
    link any supers afterwards.  Also use it to push the opponent backwards when you 
    feel pressured.
       Okay, this is the most important section for anyone wanting to learn to play 
    * Using the Rashin Mahhaken:  Do it for anti air works okay.  Best time to do it 
    is after a parry and then down medium punch, and Rashi Mahhaken.  If an opponent 
    blocks combo number 1 then pull a Rashin Mahhaken to fake them out.
    * with combo 2 use an EX Mantis Slash sometimes for HUGE damage.  Learn the 
    timimg for the EX Slash.  The hits should come out a lot slower than you think.  
    You should get 6 hits in the corner.  But if you they aren't in the corner then 
    never finish it.  Sometimes you will miss the last hit!  I dont know why but it 
    happens.  You will laugh, and then cry.  Just get over it.
    *Mix everything up.  Overhead with holding forward and medium kick, then try 
    combo number 2, then universal overhead then jump and Dive Kick.  You get the 
    point.  Keep them guessing.
    *Learn to parry.  Yang is so fast that he can punish big time after a parry.  
    Parry jump ins like crazy because this sets you up for a close medium kick and 
    then a juggle.  When you get knocked down try pressing forward or down as soon 
    as you get up.  You'd be surprised as to how many time that you will parry a hit 
    and then super combo.
    * Dive kick wisely.  You will get parried for doing this too much.  Mix up the 
    dive kick with other stuff.  Always aim for the lower leg or they can throw you 
    when you land.  Try diving just in FRONT of them and start into combo 2 right 
    away! Or dive behind them and do a super!  Or dive right in front of them and do 
    a super. Yes, it all works.  Just don't overdo it.
    *Abuse the EX.  The EX Mantis Slash does more damage then a combo buffered 
    Tenshin Senkyuu Tai!  Abuse the power.  Use it in combo number 2 or just 
    straight out of no where.
    *Abuse the Kaibou.  So many people think that the teleport sucks.  It doesn't!  
    Teleport to get close, but not too close... Just out of range of a sweep.  
    Teleport in front, behind, right next to, etc.  Make them guess where you are 
    going to end up.  I have never been supered out of my teleport due to the fact 
    that they don't know where I am going to land!  Try teleporting right next to 
    someone and then throwing them.  Or teleport right next to them and super!  This 
    works so well...  When you have the oppoenent on the ground teleport in front 
    then behind then in front again... You can pull off three or four teleports 
    before they wake up.  Which side will you land on?  Will you go into a combo or 
    will you throw??  hm... get the picture?
    *Never, ever attempt to play Yang like Yun.  Y0u will get slaughtered.  I mean 
    it.  Yang isn't THAT fast and he doesn't have the 10 hit chain into super combos 
    AND he doesn't take damage as well. Doesn't the older brother get everything?  
    Stay still and try to pressure him but be like a ROCK. Don't be pushed but do 
    the pushing.  Like Ibuki you must use your relatively "safe" moves with no 
    recovery time to chip away at his life meter while not taking damage yourself.
    *Corner Tatics:  Remember when you get them into the corner, make them bleed.  
    Try these tactics:
         -down medium kick, mantis slash
         -jump dive kick in front of them go into combo 2
         -Palm Strike as they are getting up
         -Fake Palm Strike then throw or go into one of the combos
         -Teleport left and right of them while they are on the ground
       As you can see, all of these tactics are based on the fact that they are on 
    the ground and are getting up.  This is the best time to fake them out.  If you 
    want to push them really hard then use combo 7 (the three kicks combo) to push 
    them into the corner.  If you find yourself stuck in the corner and you want to 
    get out... never use the teleport!  The teleport is used for offense only!  They 
    will punish you so bad for tryin it, parry instead. Try a jump out (a little 
    damgerous) or reverse sides by throwing.  Now they are in the corner!
    Thanks to J Christpoher for writing a mess of FAQS. I've seen a lot less Ken 
    Players since he posted those...
    Thanks to the single creator of gamefaqs.com, Jef Veasy,  for maintaining this 
    wonderful site by himself.   I don't know how you do it but... you rock.
    Thanks to Fighters.net for being a good fighter's site and having a great forum 
    for discussion, and all those who took the time to read and write posts.
    And finally to Paul Le who has been a good punching bag, good consultant, and 
    all around good friend.
    Any of you who read this I would like some feedback.  E-mail compliments and 
    flames to Zerogun@aol.com

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