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    Ibuki by dosetsu213

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 05/28/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |-STREET FIGHTER 3: 3rd Strike  |
    |---Character: IBUKI
    |---by: D. Pham  .aka. dosetsu213 (dosetsu213@hotmail.com)
    |---Version 1.5 of May 2001
    |---file size(33.6 K)
    |---Best viewed in: WordPad
    |---Can be viewed in: Word, MS-DOS Editor(a bit shaky)
    Legal info:
    Copyright 2001 Huy Pham
    This FAQ may not be reproduced any way, shape, or form. It may 
    not be placed on a profitable web page or be used in any profitable 
    organization(ie. magazines, strategy guides, etc.) without my 
    permission, ask for permission at (dosetsu213@hotmail.com). If you 
    are to post this FAQ anywhere, profitable or not, ask me before 
    hand at my email address, and this FAQ may not be altered in any way. 
    This FAQ may be posted in its original, unaltered form on any freely 
    accessible web site, ensuring that the original author of the FAQ is 
    recognized as the author.
    Street Fighter series is copyright (c) Capcom of Japan and (c) Capcom 
    of America.
    FAQ created by Huy Pham <dosetsu213@hotmail.com>
    1. Basic Information
    2. Legend
    3. Colors
    4. Basic moves
    5. Special moves
    6. Super arts
    7. Combos
    8. CPU tactics
    9. Overall tips 
    10. Credits
    11. Revisions
    Ibuki is one of the fastest characters in the game, second only to Yun. 
    Due to the weakness of her attacks, combos must be used often and wisely.
    This faq assumes that you know all the basic sf3:3rd strike terminology,
    and basic techniques,(parrying, blocking etc.) There are basically two
    kinds of Ibuki players, really good Ibuki players, and really bad Ibuki
    players, the bad ones tend to be people who've never played her before
    or just jump all around throwing daggers. She's one of the lesser chosen
    characters, but very effective for those who know how to use her. Of 
    course you shouldn't try to be good with her unless you've got a whole lot 
    of cash. It will take practice to get good with her, and a lot of quarters 
    to get this practice. Maybe by reading this faq you can cut down on money 
    2. LEGEND
    UB   U   UF     B - Back
      \  |  /       U - Up
       \ | /        F - Foward
    B--- N --- F    D - Down
       / | \        N - Neutral
      /  |  \
    DB   D   DF
    P - any punch
    K - any kick
    jp - jab punch(weak)
    mp - strong punch(medium)
    fp - fierce punch(strong)
    lk - short kick(weak)
    mk - foward kick(medium)
    hk - roundhouse kick(strong)
    button1 + button2 = button1 and button2 pressed at same time
    button1(hold)<...> = hold down button, and while holding do whats inside<...>
        ex. F(hold)<lp,mp,hp> 
          means while holding FOWARD, press in sequential order lp, mp, hp
    QCB = D, DB, B
    QCF = D, DF, F
    HCB = F, DF, D, DB, B
    HCF = B, DB, D, DF, F
    3. COLORS
    lp = default(tan clothing)
    mp = purple
    hp = faded gray with pale skin
    lk = green
    mk = red
    hk = black and pale skin
    lp + mk + hp = gold and black outfit
    standing - ibuki does a quick jab
    crouching - ibuki does a low jab
    jumping - body horizontal, with fist out
    standing - ibuki hits with her palm, and can be doubled for an extra hit
    crouching - ibuki leans foward and one fist goes back and the other foward
    jumping - body horizontal, with palm out
    standing - spins foward with elbow, and can be doubled for an extra hit
    crouching - stands up, with an upwards palm hit
    jumping - body vertical, and hits with her back fist, hits twice
    standing - a kick to a shin
    crouching - a low kick
    jumping - a flying knee
    standing - a medium kick, if hit with FOWARD, it acts as an overhead,
               (close) she knees opponent
    crouching - a kick to the shin
    jumping - a far reaching jump kick
    standing - (close) leg goes vertical for multiple hits, (far) ibuki spin kicks.
               if hit with FOWARD, ibuki jumps and does the splits (overhead).
    crouching - a tripping attack
    jumping - an air overhead, where ibuki swings down with her heel
    --lk + lp--(throw)
    F + throw - Ibuki throws opponent over shoulder
    B + throw - Ibuki throws opponent over shoulder and reverses sides
    N + throw - Ibuki throws opponent over shoulder
    --Kunai-- (EX able) --------------------------------------------------
      In Air: QCF + P (angle depends on strength of punch)
      Ibuki throws an air dagger
      EX - Ibuki throws two daggers
      Good for chipping away at health and for retreating, and if you don't mind 
      cheesing someone, if they have low health, EX this move for a victory.
    --Kubi Ori-- (EX able) -----------------------------------------------
      QCF + P (distance depends on strength of punch)
      Ibuki slides on the ground, and if she hits, breaks opponents neck.
      EX - Ibuki slides faster, and on contact breaks opponents neck three times.
      Good move if you know when to use it, but if blocked, she is left very
    --Tsukiji Goe-- (No EX) -----------------------------------------------
      F, D, DF + P 
      Ibuki does a parabolic leap over opponent.
      At the peak of the jump you can use the Kunai. This move has limited uses
      primarily to get on the otherside of an opponent.
    --Raida-- (No EX) -----------------------------------------------------
      HCB + P (distances depend on strength of punch)
      Ibuki grabs opponent, lifts arm, and knocks opponent back with a blast
      This move is strong, and great to end some combos with. However, it can
      be blocked, but has little lag time afterwards. A good time to use it, is
      to dash in, and use it immediately, or jump in(without attacking) and use
      it upon landing. Most will fall for it.
    --Kasumi gake-- (No EX) --------------------------------------------------
      QCF + K (distances depend on strength of kick)
      Ibuki runs foward
      Not that much to this move, just if you want to get under a jump. 
      Unfortunately this move his some lag time to it where an opponent can 
      attack you easily.
    --Kazekiri-- (EX able) ------------------------------------------------
      F, D, DF + K (Height and distance dependant on strength)
      Ibuki leaps up with one foot vertical to kick up
      EX - Ibuki leaps up faster, and kick hits multiple times.
      Great move to stop jump attacks, use the EX version against parryers.
    --Tsumuji-- (EX able) -------------------------------------------------
      QCB + K (different strengths have different kick amounts)
      Ibuki does a series of slash kicks
      EX - Ibuki does the series of slash kicks quicker with more hits
      A good mix up move. You can start out by using the hk version, and then at the
      third kick, hit down and hk for a sweep. This move can combo for extra damage.
    --Hien-- (EX able) ----------------------------------------------------
      B, D, DB + K (distances vary with strength)
      Ibuki jumps foward, and if she makes contact kicks opponent twice
      EX - She jumps in quicker, and hits multiple times
      A nice overhead as well as a good move to use in a mix up attack. You can use
      a raida and the Kasumi Sukazu after it.
    --Tobi En-- (No EX) ---------------------------------------------------
      In Air & Opponent in Air: (close) mp or hp
      Ibuki's air throw
      This one's new to me, but i would figure that it'd be a good follow up after
      an air parry. Also probably to take out those anti-parryiers who jump in w/o
    --Taunt-- (No EX) -----------------------------------------------------
      hp + hk
      Ibuki leap frogs off opponent and waves as she passes
      Not really a special move, but fun.  Can be blocked, and can be comboed.
    --Kasumi Suzaku-- (Can Store 3)-------------------------------------
      In Air: QCF, QCF + P (press punch rapidly for more daggers)
      Ibuki throws down multiple daggers, at a 35 degree angle.
      This super art is hard to use. Why? It can be seen coming, giving the opponent
      ample time to block. However, it is fun to use against those who like to parry
      the air shuriken, because you can cancel out the Kunai and go straight into 
      this super. You can also hit an opponent if they're in the air as well, 
      however, it will hit them until they hit the ground where it will miss.
    -Possible Combo use:
      This super art is extremely comboable, believe it or not. I used to think
      that it wasn't. But after messing around with the home version of this game,
      I found that there were a ton of combos for it. More so than the other super
      arts. Check the combo section for this.
    --Yoroi Dooshi-- (Can Store 1)--------------------------------------
      QCF, QCF + P
      Ibuki grabs opponent, raises their elbow, and blasts them back.  Also when 
      used at a distance, Ibuki fires a big blast which goes from a big blast to 
      a small one, which advances horizontally in the process.
      This super art varies. Up close, this super art is a strong throw which 
      knocks the opponent back, taking off 40% plus(depending on arcade settings).
      Far away, Ibuki shoots off a fire ball burst which hits the opponent multiple 
      times. From what i've seen, the farther down the fire ball burst, the more 
      damage it takes out. This super art is very good in the damage department, 
      but takes a while to charge up, so this super should be used by more skilled 
    -Possible Combo use:
      This super art combos by this method--
      Jump in with a close mid-kick, and perform the yoroi dooshi then.
    |--Yami Shigure-- (Can Store 1)-------------------------------------
      QCF, QCF + P
      Ibuki throws three daggers at an angle, and if any of the daggers hit, she 
      advances back and forth the opponent, slashing them.
      This super art can change throwing distances by changing the strength of 
      the punch. Against human opponents, this super art is best comboed, but 
      very easy to see coming. Against CPU opponents... most of the time you 
      can just execute this super and they'll fall for it, but of course that 
      all depends on the arcade settings, so it is always best to combo it. 
      Also, to block this super, you have to block low.
    -Possible Combo use:
      Here is one way to get in this super--
      (Must be close) While N ==> lk, mk, Yami Shigure
    7. COMBOS
    note: N = neutral, which just means that you are not pushing on the joystick
          or in better words, just standing.
    1) D + hk, N + hk
    2) D + hk, N + hk, D, U then hk 
       Note: Basically what you're doing is tripping them, then knocking them up,
             and quickly superjumping. At the peak of this super jump you can knock
             them down with a hk.
             If you are successful, Ibuki trips opponent, does a close standing hk,
             and then immediately superjumps and knocks the opponent down with an 
             overhead roundhouse kick. Hard to do at first but well worth the work.
             Also, instead of hitting that last hk, trying using an air throw, ie
             the Tobi En(not sure it will work).
    3)(close) D + hk, N + hk, mk or hk (timing essential)
       Note: Here's a little trick, after ending with a mk, use your Yami Shigure as
             they land, don't forget to judge their distance, and use the correct
             strength of the super art. This does not combo, but most people do not
             expect it.
    4) lp, mp, mp, D + hk, N + hk
       Note: must be done quickly.. the strong punches especially
    5)(close) hp, D + hk, N + hk
    6) D + hk, N + hk, D, U, (QCF, QCF + P : press P repeatedly) <Kasumi Suzaku>
        Note: Tested in 2nd Impact, chances are it'll work in 3rd Strike
    7) D + hk, N + hk, D, U, F + mp (air throw/Tobi En)
      Note: This combo is untested, but has potential.
    8) lp, mp
    9) lp, mp, hp
    10) lp, mp, hp, QCB + K (press kick repeatedly)
    11) F(hold)<lp, mp> DF, D, DB, B + hp  
       lp, mp, HCB + hp 
          Note: This method requires you to do HCB quicker
    12) F(hold)<lp, mp, hp> DF, D, DB, B + hp
       lp, mp, hp, HCB + fb
          Note: This method requires you to do HCB quicker
    13) lp, mp, hp, hp + hk (comboed taunt)
    14) lp, mp, hp, QCF + lp (EX able)
        Note: Dead sure it works in 2nd Impact, probably will work in 3rd Strike
    15) lk, mk
    16) lk, mk, hk
    17) lk, mk, QCF + mp
       Note: not quite sure about this one, i got it to work once, but haven't been
             able to since then.
    18) lk, mk, HCB + mp
    19) lk, mk, Yami Shigure (with mp)
    20) (far)hp, F, D, DF + K
    21) F, D + lk, DF + K
    22) Jump in with mk, N + mk, hk
    23) Jump in with mk, and do combo #4, #7-11 
        Note: opponent must be standing
    24) B, D, DB + K, (QCF, QCF + P : press P repeatedly) <Kasumi Suzaku>
        Note: Kasumi Suzaku must be done immediately after contact. (EX able)
    25) F, D, DF + KK, (QCF, QCF + P : press P repeatedly) <Kasumi Suzaku>
        Note: Must use EX
    Newer combos.
    This next combo was sent in by Kevin Chung.. sorry about the delay in this
    update Kevin. It's a hell of a good combo though.
    Jump in (hp, F + mk), lp, mp, hp, QCB + hk, QCF x 2 + P (Yami Shigure)
    Thanks Kevin again. Now I can say that I have at least one good combo in my
    FAQ =)
    Ok.. here's some other combos.
    F, D, DF + KK, QCF, QCF + P (Kasumi Suzaku)
    lk, mk, (F, D, DF + KK), QCF, QCF + P (Kasumi Suzaku)
       Note: basically you're EXing your uppercut kick, and then immediately
       converting into your super art.. A very nice combo.
    F + hp, F, D, DF + KK, QCF, QCF + P (Kasumi Suzaku)
    Jump in (lp, F + hp), lp, mp, mp, D + hk, N + hk
    FYI - a lot of Ibuki's combos can be started from the middle of them, ex.
          combo #13(lk, mk, hk) can start go just like this (mk, hk). However, the 
          speed of the combo decreases if you omit the first part of a combo, but 
          this can be used against parry-ers to throw their timing off. Also, the
          jump in (lp, F + hp) can start a lot of the combos.
    if anyone else has any more combos(especially ones involving EX moves) or have
    any questions about these combos please email me at dosetsu@neo-tokyo.org
    8. CPU Tactics
    GENERAL - In general, do not overjump, and perform combos wisely.  Sometimes its
    best just to hit the opponent with a standing roundhouse or combo #1. And if you
    do use one of the longer combos and they block or parry, use the Kazekiri right
    after.  The cpu usually jumps after a failed combo. If you would prefer not to, 
    use another combo which starts with a fast attack. Never panic if your health is 
    low, and when your health is low, don't try a super art unless you know you can 
    get it in. Just play a little footsie and cut away at their health, it would be 
    better to use EX attacks rather than a super art which chances are, won't get in 
    without a set up.
    AKUMA - doing a lot of jumping and crouching will do you no good against him, so
    to take out Akuma, its best to use Ibuki's quick recovery time. Don't forget 
    that Akuma has one of the lowest stun gauges in the game, and seeing on how 
    Ibuki combos dizzy quickly, use them to your advantage. Akuma, when in the air 
    and while close, uses his diving kick, so it should be easy to predict and easy 
    to parry. However, Akuma can recover easily, so after you parry, use combo #4 
    (lp, mp, mp, D + hk, N + hk). If he blocks this, he'll be knocked back at a safe 
    distance. Also, Akuma does some predictable combos... dive kick, hurricane kick, 
    then uppercut,.. After he does this uppercut, you can do just about anything to 
    drain his health, my suggestion is to use combo #4 to raise his stun bar, so you 
    can get him dizzy, after that either combo a super art or just use the super art 
    straight foward.
    ALEX - one thing not to do is to do a combo which, when blocked, leaves you 
    right next to him, ie. combos 8 through 11. And if you happen to do one of these
    combos, quickly do D + hk, N + hk.  Either this will knock him away, even if he
    blocks. Due to Ibuki's quick recovery time, if he blocks a combo, you can 
    recover fast enough to start a new one.  My suggestion is to use jumps 
    sparringly, but when the time arises to do a jumping mk, end with combo #2 
    (D + hk, N + hk, U + hk). Alex leaves himself open when he misses a flying cross 
    chop,.. This move is easy to predict, just watch him do a flash chop from a far, 
    and usually after this he'll do a flying cross chop.  This is a perfect 
    opportunity to do a super art or a combo.  Another predictable move of Alex, is 
    his rushing elbow.  He usually will constantly walk backwards, so stay still, 
    and when he rushes foward, parry it. Now you can do a combo or super art.  But 
    if you happen to block, just trip combo him, ie combo #1.
    CHUN-LI - Chun-li does a whole lot of jumping, with the same predictable kicks. 
    So if you can parry, parry them then combo. If not, use the Kazekiri
    (F, D, DF + lk.) Of course Chun-li does stay grounded once and a while, so if 
    she sits there doing her rapid lightning kick, break her neck with Kubi Ori
    (EX preferably). If she does a spinning side kick, wait until she drops and use 
    combo #1. Watch out for her cornering, and don't stay still, because she hits 
    low often, and mixes in some over heads as well. 
    DUDLEY - Dudley can be really annoying at higher stages, so watch out about 
    tripping him, mainly because he can avoid trips, and charge back and attack. 
    However, Dudley has a lot of moves which leave him open, so use the EX Kubi Ori 
    when you can, especially after he does his Machine Gun Blow(rapid punches). 
    Don't let him get close to you! He has combos that drain health like no other, 
    especially when he EX's them. A common trick human players will try, is 
    throwing a rose, then using the EX Machine Gun Blow. What this does, is when 
    you try to parry the rose, you have to parry an EX Machine Gun Blow (difficult). 
    So if you see a rose coming block it instead of parrying it, but if you are a 
    parry master, then go for it.
    ELENA - No matter what level of Elena I play against, it seems like she falls
    for the same thing. For the most part Elena can be thrown often, but to know 
    when is the key. Whenever Elena does a super jump, you can throw her when she 
    lands. If she jumps at you, you can parry her jump kick and throw her, however, 
    sometimes she does a multiple hit attack in the air so watch out for this. 
    Elena uses a lot of mixing of overheads and low attacks, so keeping your 
    distance is important. She can be pretty predictable,.. for one if she dashes 
    towards you, chances are she is going to try to uppercut kick you, so block
    (parry if you can) if she dashes at you, and get her with a trip combo or a 
    throw when she lands from the uppercut kick. When she does her rhino horn(flies
    at you with her heel), parry or block it, and either throw or combo her.
    GILL - (Boss) Gill is no picnic, and pretty hard to go against when using Ibuki. 
    My suggestion is to mix up combos, in which if you fail to get a combo in, 
    immediately start a different one. Gill does a lot of dashing if you are at a 
    distance, so you can use a Kubi Ori. One combo that you can try up close, is 
    combo #14(lk, mk, QCF + mp), sometimes he will fall for the finishing Kubi Ori. 
    This may sound like suicide but if you can get at a correct distance from Gill, 
    about 1/4 the screen, you can constantly use the Kubi Ori(with hp), but i'd 
    watch it, because if you screw up, the penalty is great. Also, up close, use 
    combo #16, from what i've experienced he will fall for the Yami Shigure if it 
    is at the end of this combo. Watch out for his dashes though, he will dash in 
    and low attack and sometimes use an overhead, so what i'd suggest to do is use 
    an EX Kubi Ori immediately, or use the Hien(B, D, DB + K).
    HUGO - Hugo is tough if he is up close, but he is easily cheaped. Just use a 
    standing hk, quick recovery time and hits him whenever he tries basically 
    anything. But if for some reason he doesn't fall for this, follow this advice. 
    Don't do a lot of jumping around him, because he can grab you out of the sky 
    or knock you down. A lot of Hugo's moves leave him vulnerable to a distanced 
    trip, so use combo #1 often. And if he happens to parry both attacks, either 
    advance into another combo, or jump back quickly. Also, seeing on how most of 
    his moves leave his lower area vulnerable, use the Yami Shigure plain, right 
    when he does just about any special move, but judge distances to aim your super 
    art. If you are good at parrying, his jump kicks and rush attacks can easily be 
    parryied and the Yoroi Dooshi can get in easily.
    KEN - Ken is a tough cookie, primarily in how he can fake you out. If he does
    any of his fake out kicks, fake or not, use combo #1. Most of the time this will 
    get him. Ken does jump often, and parryiers beware, mainly because he will 
    convert into a hurricane kick sometimes, or not kick at all, allowing for him to 
    throw you easily. So if he jumps, use an EX Kazekiri. Sometimes Ken will get 
    into a phase where he will weak uppercut, then mid uppercut, .. sometimes he'll 
    even go into a strong uppercut, but right when you see him start the mid 
    uppercut, come in and use a combo or super art. Watch out when he dashes in, 
    because usually he'll do 1 of 3 things-> Uppercut, hurricane kick, or low mid-
    kick to a fireball, so after he dashes, expect a quick move.
    MAKOTO - Makoto is real tough no matter who you're playing. Makoto appears slow
    due to her walk, but has fast dash in moves. If she dash punches you and hits or 
    if she doesn't block low, becauses chances are she is going to hit low and do 
    another dash punch. Jump attack Makoto at low levels works, and you can combo 
    into combo #1, but at higher levels she can take you out easily. Makoto's moves, 
    when she misses leaves her very vulnerable, so use an EX Kubi Ori when you can. 
    Makoto can take out a lot of damage, so don't stay to close to her, and use her 
    post-move lag time to take her out with Ibuki speed.
    NECRO - Necro has a ton of anti-air attacks, so unless you are confident about 
    your parrying skills, don't jump unless you know you can get a hit in.  Necro 
    tends to jump when he is very close to you, so you should use the Kazekiri 
    often. Watch out with trying to trip combo him, mainly because of his overheads 
    and long reach. So when you see an opportunity to jump in, do so without 
    attacking, and when you land do combo #13 (lk, mk, hk) and if it misses, use 
    the lk version of the Kazekiri, and upon landing perform combo #1, just in case 
    you miss. Chances are, something will get in, and necro probably won't retaliate 
    due to an onslaught of quick attacks.
    ORO - (Sub-Boss) Combo #1 works like a charm.  Jump in with a mk, and quickly 
    perform that combo. Oro usually doesn't use much of his anti-air attacks and 
    usually will fall for the combo. And besides, if the combo misses, you'll be at 
    a safe distance. Oro will try his head stomping attack often, so its pretty 
    easy to predict. Parry it if you can, and if not block it. After blocking dash 
    towards him, and when he lands do combo #1 or a derivative of it. If you'd 
    rather not do this, just throw him. 
    Q - (Secret Boss) For the most part, Ibuki should not have much of a problem 
    with Q. Start combos off by jumping in with a mk, but don't forget that 
    overjumping is annoying and usually leaves you in a vulnerable position. Combo 
    #1 works well against him, and don't forget to keep about half a screen length 
    between you and him. He has rush in attacks which hit high or low, and two of 
    his super arts require him to be close, and they take out a whole lot of 
    damage. He tends to try to low attack you with a jumping double kick which 
    leaves him vulnerable for quite some time after he misses, so run in and combo 
    REMY - I think Remy is difficult at any level he's at, so be careful when 
    fighting him. Sure he has a low stun bar, but he'll chip away at your health 
    like a maniac. He has an array of anti-air attacks, and low attacks. Parrying 
    this guy is annoying. So keep in mind that he'll jump when he is pretty close 
    to you, and prepare to either block or parry, after that, perform a combo, 
    with a follow up combo in mind. If he hits you with a low kick, expect another 
    one and parry it. After that you should hit him with a low lk. If you try to 
    trip him after parrying, he'll probably get in an attack in before you do. 
    Watch for his EX projectile, trying to parry it could chip at your health. 
    Just keep a safe distance from him, about a fourth of the screen away, and 
    don't jump unless you know you can get in an attack or if you're dodging an 
    RYU - Ryu is always difficult, primarily because of his strength. I wouldn't 
    bother trying to parry his hurricane kick unless you have to. Reason being, 
    that his hurricane kick takes out the same damage at any point of its flight.
    A lot of the times Ryu is going to get uncomfortably close, and usually he will 
    jump at an unexpected time. So when he does, use the Kazekiri. Often he might 
    jump in without even air attacking so parryiers watch out. He'll land and 
    uppercut combo you. If he is about a fourth of the screen away, jump straight 
    up, and chances are he'll try an uppercut and miss. You'll land first, and have
    priority. He does fireballs pretty often, usually after he dashes back, so if 
    you see him dash, be ready with an EX Kubi Ori. Watch out for his cornering
    and if he happens to corner you, use combo #1 to push him back, and if he 
    jumps, do the Kasumi Gake(D, DF, F + K) to run past him.
    SEAN - At low levels, Sean is an absolute push over, but on higher levels he can
    get pretty annoying to fight against. At low levels, he is very predictable, and
    can easily be parryied. If he does two low mid kicks, expect his overhead jump 
    kick, where you can parry and do combo #4. If he jumps back twice and sometimes 
    he'll jump once foward after that, he'll usually do his tornado kick. Its not 
    that hard to parry but if you can't parry it just take him out when he lands. 
    But if you can parry it do combo #15 (lk,mk,HCB + mp). If he dashes foward or 
    keeps on walking toward you he'll probably try an uppercut or punch. So block or 
    parry it and combo #1 him. If you continue this, he'll get dizzy and you can 
    finish him with a Super Art. If you do all this right, you can get MSF easy. On 
    the harder levels, watch out for the dreaded Sean tackle. At first I thought 
    this move sucked, but trying saying that after he kicks your ass with it. But 
    anyway, if he catches you once with it, he'll probably do it 2 times right after
    it, so be cautious. If he does two low mid kicks, he do 1 of 2 things, either 
    he'll do an overhead jump kick, or do the unexpected sean tackle, so be careful 
    with your parrying. Overall, Sean usually shouldn't be too much of a problem for 
    TWELVE - Twelve has plentiful anti-air attacks so watch out when jumping in for
    an attack. You should use combo #13(lk, mk, hk) and if he blocks, use a Kazekiri. 
    When he flies, dash to where he will land, and combo #1 him. He does a lot of 
    predictable things. For example, if he does the standing tentacle slash, he'll 
    probably do the low tentacle attack, in which you can probably jump in and combo 
    him. Watch out when he jumps, mainly because he has attacks in the air where he 
    can dash down at you. So don't always expect to parry a normal air attack. He's 
    usually easily cornered, and you can execute combo after combo. And if a combo 
    misses, be ready with another one. 
    URIEN - Urien is pretty difficult with Ibuki, as he fights similar to Gill, but 
    not nearly as annoying as him. He'll jump in and kick at the last second so 
    watch out for prematurely parrying. The Cpu can be pretty predictable when it 
    comes to his ram attacks and his downward knee attack, so if you see him 
    charging back or down, get ready to parry, he should be pretty vulnerable 
    afterwards. Urien also tends to shoot fireballs in pairs, so if you see one, 
    get ready to jump over the next and attack him. If he shoots an EX version, it 
    should be easy to parry but its best to use an EX Kubi Ori, because after he 
    shoots one of these, he dashes foward, leaving himself vulnerable. Watch out 
    for trip comboing him, because he has an overhead heel which has high priority. 
    Sometimes you can trick him, by crouching near him, doing a low lk, and then 
    EX Kubi Ori. Also, use combo #13 when you jump in, and if you miss, use the 
    lk Kazekiri.
    YANG - Yang, for the most part, isn't that difficult, but if you stay too close
    to him, he'll do mix up attacks which will be hard to block or parry. You can 
    usually predict when he will jump in for a toe dive, when he jumps vertical once, 
    and then back vertical. After that he'll superjump towards you and toe dive. 
    Parry it and take him out. Sometimes he'll use his mantis slash prematurely and 
    continue it despite how he's hitting no one. Get close enough so you can parry 
    the last hit, and use combo #4. He can be easily thrown, especially after a 
    missed jump kick. And if you don't think you can throw him, use the Kazekiri 
    YUN - Yun has speed to rival Ibuki's. He will also do a lot of mix up attacks 
    and jumping. He also tends to do a lot of low attacks which will convert into 
    a special. If he does an overhead midkick, expect a lunge punch and parry it. 
    Right then you've got your window to attack. Try not to overjump, but jumping 
    works well against him, and you can follow up a jump kick with a combo. Use 
    combo #1 when you can, but don't stay still. Move back and forth to tempt him to 
    jump, and use a Kazekiri. When you see him do a series of low weak kicks, use 
    your EX Kubi Ori. 
    SUV (Bonus stage) - <Starting on left> use a standing mk until a panel flips up 
    from the side of the hood. Jump on top of the car, and do a ducking mk until 
    glass is all gone. Go on the other side and keep on using a standing mk, until 
    the car is demolished. If you have the Yami Shigure or the Yoroi Dooshi, keep 
    beating the car until the air bags go, give it one solid standing hk, and 
    execute your super art. <Starting on right> (basically the same method) Use
    a standing mk until all the doors fall off, then jump on top and use a 
    crouching mk until all the glass is gone, and then proceed to the other side
    and use the standing mk until the car blows up. You should, for both sides,
    get an excellent rank, and 25 seconds plus.
    Ibuki recovers quick, so use combos when you can, and if they block it, end with 
    a Kazekiri or another combo. She has a large array of moves and combos, so don't 
    expect to use them all, and don't try to use them all. Find the particular 
    combos which work best for your style of play, and have back up methods, in case 
    that those don't work. If a tactic didn't work the first round, don't try it the 
    second, but have a different method of play. Ibuki is a character who you have 
    to be patient with and a character who is best used if you know her limitations 
    and strengths. Ibuki is quick, full of combos, and good super arts, but her 
    strength is lacking and is a character which takes time to get accustomed to. 
    Don't be brash when playing her..timing is everything, and rushing into anything 
    without a backup plan will get you nowhere.
    10. CREDITS
    -Thanks to the campus arcade, who are the only ones who have Street Fighter 3: 3rd 
     Strike in my whole city.
    -Thanks to AKIRA, who is great at this game, and who challeged me to be a better 
     player as well as did some japanese translation on the way. I owe a lot of my 
     skill to this guy.
    -Thanks to Kao Megura, who's web site helped me through all that legal stuff.
     Also, Kao told me about the air throw Tobi En and allowed me to use various
     information such as the specific special move names. Thanks again.
    -Thanks to Kevin Chung for his combo. Now I have a respectable combo to put
     in my faq ^_~. Thanks bro.
    -Thanks to CJC for giving my FAQ a home.
    April 2000 - v. 1.1  n/a just made it
    April 2000 - v. 1.2 Added the SUV right side method, and added the move the Tobi
                 En. (Kao Megura contributed) Made various simple revisions such as
                 adding special color and throws.
    June 2000 - v. 1.3 Added some combos, ...nothing much
    May 2001 - v. 1.4 Been this long.. bah.. Ah well. Added some combos. Changed
                     some notation.
    Send all comments, info, and questions to <dosetsu213@hotmail.com> with subject heading
    "IBUKI FAQ" or whatever.
    COPYRIGHT 2001 Huy Pham

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