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    Yun by dosetsu213

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/28/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |-STREET FIGHTER 3: 3rd Strike  |
    |---Character: YUN
    |---by: D. Pham  .aka. dosetsu213 (dosetsu213@hotmail.com)
    |---Version 1.2 of May 2001
    |---file size(35.8 K)
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    Legal info:
    Copyright 2001 Huy Pham
    This FAQ may not be reproduced any way, shape, or form. It may 
    not be placed on a profitable web page or be used in any profitable 
    organization(ie. magazines, strategy guides, etc.) without my 
    permission, ask for permission at (dosetsu213@hotmail.com). If you 
    are to post this FAQ anywhere, profitable or not, ask me before 
    hand at my email address, and this FAQ may not be altered in any way. 
    This FAQ may be posted in its original, unaltered form on any freely 
    accessible web site, ensuring that the original author of the FAQ is 
    recognized as the author.
    Street Fighter series is copyright (c) Capcom of Japan and (c) Capcom 
    of America.
    FAQ created by Huy Pham <dosetsu213@hotmail.com>
    1. Basic Information
    2. Legend
    3. Colors
    4. Basic moves
    5. Special moves
    6. Super arts
    7. Combos
    8. CPU tactics
    9. Overall tips 
    10. Credits
    11. Revisions
    Yun is the fastest character in SF3. His attacks depend mainly on combo
    attacks and mix ups. He has very little delay after his super moves, and
    can recover from missed attacks easier than most characters. This faq
    assumes that you are familiar with the basic Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
    terminology such as parrying, red parrying, blocking etc.  If not, you
    should check out Kao Megura's 3rd Strike faq, which goes into depth w/
    these techniques. Yun is a somewhat difficult character to master, and
    due to this difficulty as well as the fact that to master him, you have
    to chug the quarters into the machine, not many people(general public)
    choose to play him. In 3rd Strike they fixed the little Yun bug from
    Second Impact, so skill is a definite if you ever want to use him without
    wasting your time and money.  Well this faq is intended to be read and
    kept in mind, in order to cut the amount of money spent, and the amount
    of time used.
    2. LEGEND
    UB   U   UF     B - Back
      \  |  /       U - Up
       \ | /        F - Foward
    B--- N --- F    D - Down
       / | \        N - Neutral
      /  |  \
    DB   D   DF
    P - any punch
    K - any kick
    lp - jab punch(weak)
    mp - strong punch(medium)
    hp - fierce punch(strong)
    lk - short kick(weak)
    mk - foward kick(medium)
    hk - roundhouse kick(strong)
    button1 + button2 = button1 and button2 pressed at same time
    button1(hold)<...> = hold down button, and while holding do whats inside<...>
        ex. F(hold)<lp,mp,hp> 
          means while holding FOWARD, press in sequential order lp, mp, hp
    QCB = D, DB, B
    QCF = D, DF, F
    HCB = F, DF, D, DB, B
    HCF = B, DB, D, DF, F
    3. COLORS
    lp = default(white shirt and gold wrist covers)
    mp = 
    hp = 
    lk = 
    mk = 
    hk = red and black 
    lp + mk + hp = black outfit
    standing - yun does a quick jab
    crouching - yun does a ducking jab
    jumping - yun does an air elbow
    standing - a quick elbow to the face
    crouching - a low punch
    jumping - an air punch
    standing - an foward lunch punch
               - F + hp - yun slides foward, with back to screen, and does
                a lunging palm (good for getting an extra hit after you kill
                someone with the You Hou)
    crouching - a two hit double hand attack
    jumping - an air punch,
    standing - a small kick to the shin
    crouching - a kick to the ankles
    jumping - a typical jump kick
    standing - (far) a high kick, good for anti-air
               (close) a bow kick, hits straight up, good anti-air
             -F + mk- an overhead, where Yun spin kicks
    crouching - a kick to the ankles, more distance than lk
    jumping - a typical jump kick with more range than lk
    standing - a thrust kick to the stomach
    crouching - a sweep kick, and can be followed up with a standing hk
    jumping - an air upward kick, has high priority in air
    --lk + lp--(throw)
    F + throw - Yun rolls and pushes opponent, sends them flying
    B + throw - Yun rolls and pushes opponent with feet and sends them flying
                in the opposite direction
    N + throw - Yun grabs opponent and knees them multiple times, (rotate
                arcade stick and hit punch buttons to increase speed of the
                attacks and the number of attacks.)
    --Tetsu Zankou-- (EX able) --------------------------------------------
      F, D, DF + P
      Yun slides foward hitting opponent with his shoulder
      EX - Yun slides faster, and hits multiple with his shoulder
      This move is great for combos(discussed in combo section) but the EX
      version is good as an aggressive move, to either cheese them, or to
      catch them after a missed attack. Different strengths of punches vary
      distance of Yun's sliding.
    --Nishou Kyaku-- (EX able) --------------------------------------------
      F, D, DF + K
      Yun jumps at an angle and kicks up twice with both legs.
      EX - He flies up a lot quicker hitting multiple times
      An effective move when using the Genei Jin and great anti air. Use
      the EX to take out a weak opponent who is jumping in your direction.
    --Zesshou Hohou-- (EX able) -------------------------------------------
      QCF + P
      Yun jumps foward with a lunging punch
      EX - Yun flies foward quickly with a punch which hits multiple times
      Can be utilized to keep an opponent juggled or to finish of a combo.
      Also good to take out the last bit of an opponents help, and is great
      for cheaping :( ---> not the 2nd Impact trick, but the newer 3rd Strike
      trick(Shown to me by AKIRA over on the Campus Arcade)
    --Kobokushi-- (No EX) ------------------------------------------------
      QCB + P (QCB + PPP for a fake)
      Like the legendary Kung-Fu move the Red Sand Palm, this move can hit
      an opponent without making contact. Yun stomps the ground while putting
      both of his palms foward, hitting the opponent at a distance.
      Its a good knockdown move that is quick as well.  Use the fake to throw
      people off. And two-in-one it with a low mk(mid kick) to catch an opponent
      off gaurd(due to its alternate timing)
    --Zenpou Tenshin-- (No EX) -------------------------------------------
      HCB + K (Must be close)
      Yun flips over opponent, giving him a split second to attack
      Having trouble getting a Super Art in? Well, this move allows you to
      get a super art such as the You Hou in without fail. I hardly use it
      but am sure it can be used as a combo starter.
    --Raigeki Shuu-- (No EX) ---------------------------------------------
      In Air(Jumping towards opponent): DF + mk
      Yun suddenly will fly down at an angle
      This move can throw off your opponents parry time, and can get you in
      very close to an opponent for combo attacks. Can be used very annoyingly.
    --Taunt-- (No EX) ----------------------------------------------------
      hk + hp
      Yun spins his hat on his finger
      I know taunts are supposed to have special attributes attached to each,
      so look in Kao Megura's faq, cuz i'm not quite sure.  However, I have
      seen this taunt used to get perfects on parry practice in Second Impact,
      where you constantly spin the hat and all the b-balls will be accounted
      for.  Probably won't work at all in the Level 5 3rd: Strike version though.
    --You Hou-- (Can Store 1) ---------------------------------------------
      QCF, QCF + P
      Yun's big 3 hit super art, Yun hits opponent with two hands, a shoulder,
      then a fist.
      This is a very strong super art if you do not combo it, however, its fun
      to use in combos. It acts as a very strong anti-air attack if you can time
      it so all the hits hit.
    --Sourai Rengeki-- (Can Store 3) --------------------------------------
      QCF, QCF + P
      Yun attacks with a flurry of elbows and punches, and ends with air kicks
      A definite combo super, which can be used by itself to take out opponents
      health little by little. If you time this super right you can catch an
      opponent right out of the air to get it in 100% of the time,... basically.
    --Genei Jin-- (Can Store 1) -------------------------------------------
      QCF, QCF + P
      Yun charges up, and has a green trailer behind him which makes him hit
      multiple times.
      A super art you can be creative with, however, you have to know what
      you're doing, or else this super is useless. Comboing with it is a must
      and the time is short, unlike Yang's which has a similar yet different
    7. COMBOS
    note: N = neutral, which just means that you are not pushing on the joystick
    1) mp, hp, B + hp
      Note: a very effective knock down combo, easily executed. Also sometimes
      you can even start with a lp, for a (lp, mp, hp, B + hp). However this
      version isn't as effective as the mp starter.  You can also delay the
      last hit by holding the button longer.
    Derivatives: (parenthesis just show that it is special move)
    2) mp, hp, B + hp, (QCF, QCF + P) (either You Hou or Sourai Rengeki)
    3) If you used You Hou: mp, hp, B + hp, (QCF, QCF + P), (F, D, DF + mp),
       (QCF + mp)
    4) You Hou and Opponent knocked near corner: mp, hp, B + hp, (QCF, QCF + P),
       (F, D, DF + mp), (F, D, DF + mk), mk
       Note: I can't remember this combo exactly but it was something like this.
    5) lp, lk, mp
    6) lp, lp, lk, mp
    7) lp, lk, mp, (QCF + lp)
    8) lp, lk, (F, D, DF + mk)
    9) lp, lk, mp, (F, D, DF + mp)
    10) lp, lk, mp, (F, D, DF + mp), (QCF, QCF + P) (You Hou or Sourai Rengeki)
    11) You Hou: lp, lk, mp, (F, D, DF + mp), (QCF, QCF + P), (F, D, DF + mp),
        (QCF + mp)
        Note: the mp's in the last two moves, not sure if this is the correct
        strength, but combo will work if you get the strengths of the punches
    12) You Hou & opponent near corner: lp, lk, mp, (F, D, DF + mp),
        (QCF, QCF + P), (F, D, DF + mp), (F, D, DF + mk), mk
    Note: The parts right after the You Hou can be performed despite if you
    did the part before the You Hou. Meaning you can start a combo straight
    from an executed You Hou.
    -Genei Jin use-
    13)If opponent jumps in, do a standing mk, (QCF, QCF + P) then use the
      (QCF + P) changing the strength of the punch according to where they're
      landing, and when near a corner use (F, D, DF + K) to keep them juggled.
    14)My friend Akira showed me this one.....
      If opponents back is to a corner,
      D + mk, QCB + P, cancel into--> (QCF, QCF + P)<genei jin> and then
      immediately QCF + lp, and then adjust your QCF + P to keep opponent juggled
    -other combos-
    15)D + mk, (QCF, QCF + P) <You Hou or Sourai Rengeki>
       Note: Requires the two in one.
       or in other words D, DF, F, D + mk, DF, F + P
    16) D + mk, QCF + lp
       Note: similar to above
    17) If you jump in with mk, you can go into combos discused above.
    18) D + hk, N + hk
       Note: an easy two hit knock down combo
    19) D + mk, QCB + P
       Note: Not really a combo, but can throw an opponent off.
    20) HCB + K, (QCF, QCF + P) <You Hou or Sourai Rengeki>
    21) mk (opponent jumping or very close), (QCF + hp) or (F, D, DF + mk)
    22) If you kill someone with the You Hou, keep hitting F + hp, and you'll
       get in an extra hit giving you an extra hit for your Superart Finish.
    Newer combos:
    HCB + K, (F, D, DF + KK), (F, D, DF + KK) or (F, D, DF + K)
      Note: Basically you flip over your opponent, knock them in the air with an EX attack
    	and you can either do another EX, or just a plain uppercut kick. You can probably 
          follow up with QCF + P as well.
    Jump in (lp, F + hp), Standing mp, hp, B + hp, (QCF, QCF + P) (You Hou) or (Sourai Rengeki)
    Jump in (lp, F + hp), Standing lp, lk, mp, F, D, DF + lp, (QCF, QCF + P) (Sourai Rengeki)
          Note: This may not work, but if I remember right it does. I'm not 100% sure on it
    There is still room for a lot more combos, especially ones involving EX moves
    so if you know of any please contact me at either dosetsu213@hotmail.com 
    GENERAL - Yun is not only a good combo character but also a good mix-up
    character, in which he can confuse opponents with high and low attacks.
    One such method, is when close, do a standing mk, ducking mk, F + mk,
    D + mk, QCF + lp. Stuff like that can throw off the CPU as well as human
    opponents. Also combos are necessary, don't always try to do the longer
    combos but rather just use the smaller ones often, like combo #16,
    (D + mk, QCF + lp) effective, easy to do, and chips away at health. Use
    the toe dive move when you can (In Air: DF + mk). Combo #1 is great,
    (mp, hp, B + hp), it gets in often and knocks the opponent down and back.
    Use EX's to finish opponents with low health, especially if you're low.
    But if you can't do any of that there is a cheap technique which virtually
    works on any CPU opponent, especially Urien and Gill. Akira showed me this
    one so I can't take any credit for it.  But, anyway, what you do is get
    a little under a screen's length away from the opponent and do QCF + hp,
    and if they get hit, you did it right.  After they fall down, flip back
    to the correct distance, until they're in a corner, and then just get
    back to the distance and QCF + hp until dead.  Of course this isn't as
    easy as the 2nd Impact trick, but this still works, and is great for
    cheaping Gill. :(
    AKUMA - no matter who I play as, I always hate fighting this guy, his
    speed is great, damage, and combo ability are incredible. And his mix-ups
    ....i'll leave it at that.  But anyway, the cheap trick i mentioned doesn't
    work too well on this guy, but if you can get it started then you've got
    him.  But use the Nishou Kyaku (F, D, DF + K) often, because he jumps often.
    Preferably use the EX version. Unless you're a great parryier i suggest you
    parry only fireballs, due mainly to Akuma's great follow ups. So i suggest
    that you wait till he finishes a combo before doing much. One of Akuma's
    patented combos is the dive kick, low kick, hurricane kick, uppercut. So
    if he does this just block and get him with Combo #1 (mp, hp, B + hp)
    right after he does his uppercut. And always remember that if he does
    a small hurricane kick there is an uppercut right behind it, so watch
    it. Akuma's stun bar is low, so use that to your advantage.  If you
    have a good distance between you, and you think that Akuma is going to
    jump or do a hurricane kick or whatever, try to use the Kobokushi
    (QCB + P). It has decent stun damage and will knock him down so you can try
    it again. If you're worried that it'll miss, do a fake one, and do the
    Nishou Kyaku (F, D, DF + lk) if he jumps. Chances are he'll probably be
    in close.
    ALEX - when playing against Alex its best to use jumps sparringly and to rely
    on the mix-ups and footsie games. Don't over use combos such as #16,
    (D + mk, QCF + lp), mainly due to the fact that it leaves you vulnerable,
    in which he can power bomb you easily. Jumping is a problem, not so much
    because of Alex's flying knee catch(problem in first version of SF3), but
    because for one, if he's in the air, he has a lot of priority, especially
    because of his long range kicks. And if he's grounded he has normal punches
    which knock you down flat. Mainly you probably want to stay grounded and
    move back and forth. Use the Kobokushi(QCB + P) often, and if he goes to
    the skies then use an EX Nishou Kyaku(F, D, DF + KK). You can usually
    see when he's doing a flying cross chop(move where Alex flies down at a
    diaganol and rolls afterwards).  He usually does one after do a flash
    chop(when Alex does a flashing back hand). If you see this occur, be
    weary and get him with combo #1 (mp, hp, B + hp) right when he rolls,
    or better yet, hit him with whatever super you got. If its the Genei Jin
    you have, then when he rolls, hit him with a close mk, do the Genei Jin
    and quickly do the QCF + lp.  Another fun trick to do is to use combo
    #19 (D + mk, QCB + P), this isn't really a combo, but it adds in a
    Kubokushi which has a varient timing to throw the CPU off.  After a blocked
    low mk, the CPU will probably start an attack, in which the Kubokushi
    will reach him first. Alex overall shouldn't be that hard of a character
    for Yun.
    CHUN-LI - Chun-li is a jumper as well as a mixerupper. Of course most of
    her jumps will always end in a predictable jump kick, so parry it and
    combo #1 her when she lands (mp, hp, B + hp). But if you don't parry
    all that much, then use the Nishou Kyaku (F, D, DF + K), however, the
    standing mk might work, but you can take damage easier with it. Combo
    #19 (D + mk, QCB + P) works well, but don't use it constantly. Also, if
    you parry well, all you should really do to cheap her, is jump at her,
    parry her anti-air, then throw her. Almost all of her antiair attacks
    are one hit, except for the lightning kick which can be easily parryied
    anyway. If you use the You Hou, wait until she jumps to you, use it,
    and start the combos listed above from the middle. Or if you have the
    Genei Jin, catch with a standing mk, start the Genei Jin, and combo her
    from there.
    DUDLEY - Watch out for trying to low attack Dudley, due to the fact that
    he can easily charge back and combo you. But, he falls for a well timed
    Kubokushi(QCB + P) mainly because all of his moves require him to charge
    foward. Don't ever let Dudley get close to you,  his combos take out a
    ton of damage. When fighting Dudley at lower levels, he does predictable
    things, such as if he does a weak machine gun blow (flurry of punches),
    he'll probably charge foward and do it again. So either parry it, or
    do a Zesshou Hohou(QCF + P), or a Kubokushi(QCB + P). If Dudley strictly
    dashes in, don't attack, because chances are he's going to follow up
    with an uppercut.
    ELENA - She seems to be pretty easy to beat at any level i fight her, mainly
    because she's predictable an very easily thrown. If you haven't noticed
    already, Elena does a lot of jumping, if she high jumps, she won't follow
    up with an attack, if she low jumps, then she's going to jump kick. So
    if she does a high jump(super jump) walk to where she'll land and throw her.
    If she does a low jump, parry her jump kick and throw her. However,
    sometimes she'll jump in with a multiple attacking jump kick, the parry
    time is basically the same as a hurricane kick, but don't try to throw her
    after she does this, instead parry low. Also if she does her move where
    she lunges at you with her heel, parry it and either combo her or throw
    her. If she dashes at you, don't throw or attack, instead either parry
    or block because she'll probably do an uppercut type move. You can use
    the combo #18 (D + hk, N + hk) often, because of how quick the second
    hit comes in on that combo, and also how it'll knock her back. Elena
    shouldn't be too much of a problem at all.
    GILL - (Boss) Gill is hard for anyone if you don't plan on cheaping him.
    If you don't want to cheap Gill, then what you should do is learn his
    mannerisms. Some are, he will dash in and then do 3 low attacks to throw
    you off. He'll also dash back and fly at you with both of his knees and
    will follow up with a flurry of attacks. If you try to trip him, he'll
    probably do an overhead axe kick. One such tactic that I use and I don't
    consider cheap, is to jump right at him, parry whatever attack he does,
    and then throw him. Its not cheap cuz it takes skill. But anyway Gill
    does have a lot of anti-air attacks, but most of them are only one-hitters,
    so can be easily parried. But he might try his fireball which hits twice
    but this shouldn't be that hard to parry either. But if you can't seem
    to beat this guy, because Gill can be pretty cheap, with his death super
    arts and his ressurections, do the Gill/Urien cheap trick, which does
    work on other opponents as well. My friend Akira showed me this one. But
    anyway, what you do, if you hadn't read earlier, is that you get about
    less than a screen's length away, (get a screen lengths away, dash foward
    once, and step back once should give you a good estimate of the distance)
    and do a (QCF + hp) Zesshou Hohou. If it knocks him down, you've chosen
    the correct distance, then dash back to the correct distance, and repeat
    until he ends up in a corner, and just repeat the process. This technique
    is cheap, but very effective and if you want to see Yun's ending then
    why not? Gill is hard if you want to really beat him but too easy if you
    cheap him.
    HUGO - Hugo isn't all that hard if you know what to do. Don't use the
    Zesshou Hohou at all unless you definitely know you're going to get it
    in. Hugo has a ton of great upclose attacks which take out a ton of damage.
    He's pretty easily cheaped. What i do, is use the Kubokushi (QCB + lp).
    What you should do is constantly do it at a safe distance and repeat process
    until he's stuck in a corner. Eventually if you're at the right distance
    and do the move right when he's about to do an attack, he'll be stuck and
    he'll be dizzied often, in which you can do whatever super art or combo
    you want. You can try combo #18(D + hk, N + hk) often if you like, if he
    blocks it he'll be knocked back anyway, so you'll have a decent buffer
    zone between you two. Hugo shouldn't be much of a problem at all.
    KEN - Ken is usually always a problem, but shouldn't be too hard to beat.
    He has a ton of fake out kicks in which he can convert to an overhead or
    just throw you. So my suggestion is, if you see him doing one close to you,
    just trip him, and if he's far away use the Zesshou Hohou (QCF + P). He'll
    try to do a hurricane kick from a far from time to time so use the
    Kubokushi(QCB + P) to knock him out of it. If he jumps just use the Nishou
    Kyaku(F, D , DF + K), or if you like parry the attack and combo him. But
    sometimes he'll just jump in without attacking and then throw, a common
    technique to trick parryiers. If Ken dashes in expect either a low attack
    then a fireball, an uppercut, or a hurricane kick, so be cautious if he
    dashes in. Use trip combos when you can<combo #18> (D + hk, N + hk).
    MAKOTO - Makoto is always hard no matter who you're playing or what level
    you're fighting her on. She may seem slow but she has a fast dash and fast
    dash attacks, not to mention an air attack with high priority. Watch out
    when she dash punches you, because if you block it or get hit, she'll
    probably follow up with another one, fast enough so you can't counter.
    Jumping in to attack her shouldn't be much of a problem, she only has a
    couple of antiair attacks, one being one to stop crossups, so if you don't
    crossup, you can jump in without much problem. Makoto seems as if she was
    designed specifically to counter very skilled players, so be weary. Seeing
    on how you're the fastest character in the game, use your speed to counter
    every missed attack she does or attack her before she even gets one executed.
    She's pretty difficult, but can be taken down if you practice a bit.
    NECRO - I hate going against this guy, his defense is great and he has a ton
    of anti-air attacks, so don't jump in unless you feel confident about your
    parrying skills. Necro does have a tendency to jump when he is close to you
    so use the Nishou Kyaku (F, D, DF + K). Also, you combo #19(D + mk, QCB + P)
    He's pretty much a sucker for it, and if you like you can just use the
    Kobokushi (QCB + P) by itself. If he does a spin kick at an angle, after
    he lands he'll probably do a long range trip, so be careful for that. He
    also has some decent overhead attacks so, don't block low all the time.
    You can use Zesshou Hohou (QCF + P) pretty safely, due to Necro slow lag
    time, but of course don't over use it, he still can counter it if he wants
    ORO - What I usually do against Oro is use throws. Usually by jumping in
    parrying his attack and throwing him. But anyway, Oro can be difficult
    and he takes out decent damage as well. So you should do toe dives at him
    (In Air: DF + mk) and comboing him afterwards, and also use combo #19
    (D + mk, QCB + P) to throw him off. If you block his jumping head stomp
    move(where Oro flies at you and stomps on your head multiple times) dash
    to where he'll land and trip combo him (D + hk, N + hk) or throw him.
    However, the throw usually can be stopped by a throw block which he tends
    to do. Overall he's not all that hard, and can be easily predicted.
    Q - (Secret Boss) To get to him, don't lose a round, don't finish anyone
    with a cheese, have grades which average above a C, and finish off opponents
    with at least 5 super arts. And if you have this by the time after you beat
    the character after the parry bonus stage, you'll see his face slide by,
    and you'll fight him. He's not that hard for the most part, a well timed
    Zesshou Hohou (QCF + P) will usually get him, and trip combos such as the
    (D + hk, N + hk) will do well. He has two super arts which require him to
    be fairly close so don't try the Zesshou Hohou if he has one charged up.
    He has rush in attacks which hit high and low, so if he starts one either
    Kobokushi (QCB + P) him, of Zesshou Hohou him. He also has a trip move,
    in which he'll kick your lower legs with both legs, in which he is vulnerable
    after, so rush in and trip combo him.
    REMY - Remy is a difficult character to go against, he has a ton of anti-air
    attacks and he knows how to mix-up well. He has a low and high sonic boom
    attack and the EX version of that move can be difficult to parry. It almost
    seems that he'll jump at the most inconvenient time for you and catch you
    off gaurd at anytime. So what you should do is stay grounded for most of the
    fight, and use either a standing mk, or use a Nishou Kyaku (F, D, DF + K)
    if he jumps. You're pretty safe to do a trip combo(D + hk, N + hk) because
    of Yun's speed and recovery time. If he comes in with a low attack, expect
    another one, so either block low or parry it, then attack, but watch your
    jumps, if you do he'll flash kick you out of the sky. So if he does a low
    attack hit him with a low lk, then two-in-one it with a jab Zesshou Hohou
    (QCF + lp), watch out about trying to trip him after he does a flurry of
    low attacks, because his low lk, will probably knock you out of your trip,
    leaving you open for a combo attack.
    RYU - Ryu is a very difficult character to go against due to his tremendous
    strength. He can take half your health with a single combo. Unless you're
    very good at parrying don't try to parry his attacks, unless its a jump kick
    or a predictable fireball. This is because, his hurricane kick, as long as
    any part of it hits you, you'll take the same damage, so if you parry part
    of it and get hit by the next shot, it'll be for nothing. You'll notice
    that Ryu will always get uncomfortably close, and will jump when he is
    very close to you, which is pretty unexpected. But if he jumps, he'll
    usually follow up with a single-hitting jump attack, so use the Nishou
    Kyaku (F, D, DF + K) or parry the attack and combo #1 him (mp, hp, B + hp).
    Ryu is a great cornering character, so if you seem him getting you into a
    corner trip combo him to knock him back (D + hk, N + hk) and get out. If
    you have the You Hou, get him as he jumps in, simple as that, then combo
    him afterwards for extra damage.
    SEAN - Sean is pretty easy no matter when you fight him, but be weary that
    on higher levels, his Sean Tackle move(where he slides fowards and grabs
    your legs) can be a nuisance. My suggestion is that on low levels parry
    him, and if you don't know how to parry, he's a great character to practice
    on. He does a lot of predictable things. One mannerism is that if he does
    two low mid kicks, expect a jumping over head attack, so parry it and attack.
    If he jumps without attack, backwards two or three times, and sometimes at
    the end he'll jump foward once, expect a tornado kick, which you can parry
    easily, just 3 hits. If he dashes in, expect a comboed uppercut. On higher
    levels, he'll trick you and do two low mid kicks and a Sean tackle. Also,
    if he does a Sean Tackle and gets it in, don't think that you're free yet,
    he'll do another Sean Tackle, and then again for a third. This can be very
    annoying so, if he gets one in, expect another. And if you want to follow
    up a parry, keep this in mind. On Lower Levels: After parrying Seans jumping
    overhead kick, he'll be vulnerable to high attacks, so use combos that start
    high. After parrying Sean's tornado kick, he'll be more prone to be ducking
    so combo #1 him (mp, hp, B + hp). On Higher Levels: After parrying anything
    he'll probably be ducking to prevent higher combos, so just use combo #1.
    He should be probably the easiest character you'll go against besides Hugo.
    TWELVE - Twelve isn't that hard much of the time, but now and then he can be
    a real problem. He has many anti-air attacks, and surprising low attacks.
    Use combo #1 (mp, hp, B + hp) or use the Kobokushi (QCB + P), he'll usually
    get knocked back. Also do low combos such as (D + mk, QCF + lp), (D + hk,
    N + hk), or (D + mk, QCB + P) He has some mannerisms which may prove useful,
    such as if he just does a standing tentacle slash, chances are he'll do
    a low underground one, so if he does a standing one, get ready to either
    Zesshou Hohou(QCF + P) or jump in and attack. However, be cautious with
    jumps, because he does have a multiple hitting anti air which can be
    difficult to parry. If he jumps without gliding or attacking yet, he'll
    probably either do a dash down attack or his air super, in which if he misses
    he'll be vulnerable to a combo or a superart. Overall, he shouldn't be hard
    at all.
    URIEN - Urien isn't that hard with Yun especially do to the Gill/Urien cheap
    technique. So if you want to know what it is read under GILL or GENERAL
    listed above. Urien usually will always dash in after an attack, so be ready
    with an attack, after he misses his. If he jumps in at you, he'll kick at
    the very last second to throw parryiers off, so be weary of this and parry
    at the correct time. He tends to shoot his fireballs in pairs, so if he
    shoots one, he'll probably shoot another, so either Zesshou Hohou(QCF + P)
    before he gets the other one started, or jump over the second one to attack.
    If he does an EX fireball, parry it(2 hits) and he'll most likely dash in
    for an attack.  If he does a low attack, expect more low attacks ending with
    a trip. Watch out about tripping him, because he has an overhead axe kick
    with high priority, and due to his long reach, he'll hit you and you'll miss
    him completely. His rush ins are pretty predictable, either he'll be walking
    backwards, or following up a missed attack with a running shoulder. So parry
    it and combo #1 him (mp, hp, B + hp).
    YANG - (Sub-Boss) Yang is pretty easy with Yun. Yang will either start a
    combo attack far away from you or try to jump in and attack which can easily
    be parried or countered. If you're close to him he'll do mix-up attacks which
    will be annoying so keep your distance. He has a tendency to over jump, he'll
    jump vertical once, jump back, then super jump towards you and then toe dive
    so parry it and attack. The Zesshou Hohou (QCF + P) works wonders on this
    guy, for he'll start a Mantis Slash from a far, in which case, you can
    Zesshou Hohou him. He also does his rolling up kick(when Yang rolls then
    pushes off with one arm for an upwards kick) prematurely, in which you can
    see it coming and you can either parry it or block it, and either you can
    follow it up with a combo, throw, or better yet a super art. He's pretty
    easy to beat.
    SUV - (Bonus Stage) - <Starting on left>  Use the jab Kobokushi (QCB + lp)
    until a panel flips up from the side of the hood. Then jump on top of the
    car, and D + hk it until the glass is all gone. Return to the otherside
    and continue to do the jab Kobokushi until its all gone. Also, when on
    this side, use your Super Arts. With the You Hou, start it immediately when
    you get to that side. With the Sourai Rengeki, to it towards the end, right
    after the air bag lets out. And with the Genei Jin, charge it up, and use
    the Kobokushi (QCB + lp) non-stop. <Starting on right> Use the jab Kobokushi
    until all the doors fall off. Then jump on top of the car and do a ducking
    roundhouse(D + hk) until the glass is all gone. Then precede to the other
    side of the car and do the jab Kobokushi until the car breaks down. With
    the You Hou start it immediately as you get to the other side, and Kobokushi
    it until the car breaks. With the Sourai Rengeki, use it right after the air
    bag lets out. And with the Genei Jin, charge it up immediately and Kobokushi
    it until the car breaks. If you do it right you should get an Excellent rank
    which gives you an extra 50000 points I think. You should get a time over
    24 seconds if you did it right.
    Yun is very fast, and has an array of combo attacks which can keep an
    opponent juggled for a very long time. However, use combos when you can
    but don't try all of them at once, and do them only when you know you can get
    it in. Trying a combo to much can get you to lose easily. You should never
    go berserk with a character such as Yun and shouldn't overjump or do your
    special moves constantly. You should use him in such a way as to basically
    keep him completely still, and counter moves as they come. This is not to say
    you can't use him aggressively, because you can. He takes awhile to get used
    to seeing on how there is no character like him in the street fighter series
    unless you think Gen, in which Yun is nothing like him now. Don't execute
    any large combo attack, unless you have a follow up combo in mind, or an
    escape plan. The Genei Jin is his best super in my opinion, but takes awhile
    to get good at, so try to be creative with it. Overall, don't play Yun
    brashly and don't overdo any one technique, instead just play calmly and
    learn how to predict an attack.
    10. CREDITS
    -Thanks to Kao Megura for allowing me to use the names of the various moves
     as well as setting up his web site which gave me a ton of legal information.
     And of course you can't even write a faq without mentioning his name once :)
    -Thanks to AKIRA, you know who you are, who just kicks ass at this game and
     showed me a ton of tricks and who challenged me to be a lot better than what
     I was. He's a great player who can score over an A ranking easily.
    -Thanks to my campus arcade who are the only ones who I've seen carry the
     SF3: 3rd Strike console in my city.
    -Thanks to Gamefaqs for making my Faq available to all.
    June 2000 - v. 1.1 n/a just made it
    May 2001 - v. 1.2 Fixed notation, added a couple of combos.
    Send all comments, info, and questions to <dosetsu213@hotmail.com> 
    with subject heading "IBUKI FAQ" or some SF3 related title.
    COPYRIGHT 2001 Huy Pham

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