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    Necro by Jack9

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    Author: Jack9 (jack9@teacher.com)
    Street Fighter III: Third Impact FAQ: Necro FAQ 1.0
    October 3, 2000
    I.    Introduction
          -My Experience
    II.   Legend
    III.   Moves
    IV.    Strategy
    V.    Character Info
    VII.  Credits
    VIII. Legal Stuff
    IX.   Version History
    I. Introduction
    Okay, this FAQ was created for all of you powerplayers out there who want to win and/or want to
    use Necro for tournament play.
    I first started using Shawn in the original SF3, before switching to Necro. SF3 brought to light
    some VERY big problems with the engine. Primarily, if you were a parry expert and all other
    things were equal...Ryu, Yang, and Ibuki would always win over the other characters. I switched
    to Necro after my friend Hamusutaa@hamusutaa.com got dissilussioned with him as a character.
    In all honesty, I do not think Necro was even a decent character until third strike.
    Necro's moves are a combination of the longest range, fastest recovery, and a mixup of overhead
    and sweeping moves, not to mention the more-than-average damage they do. Necro also has the BEST
    anti-air move there is. There isnt much of ANYTHING that a jumping character can do against it,
    which I will justify later. There are lots of moves available that are safe to perform against a
    blocking opponent, that do decent block damage. Necro's moves all hit via the END of the
    Slow. Some moves telegraph badly. You must be able to parry well. You need to be a throw whore.
    Necro's jumping sucks. Many of Necro's moves you will never use. Most of Necro's power comes from
    your ability to play the metagame. Necro can not only be hit, but altogether STUFFED by hitting 
    his appendages while executing a move. Of course, you can only hit an appendage by NOT being on
    the receiving end of the appendage.
    II. Legend
    Blah. You should already know from other FAQs.
    DP = Dragon Punch (or equivalent).
    I often use the term "hop" and I mean the MP/MK overhead.
    'Stuffing' is interrupting a move, cancelling it, while doing damage.
    III. Moves
    Jab (LP) -
    Dont use when jumping. Standing jab is pretty fast, but a crouching one is faster.
    Strong (MP) -
    Necro swings his arm straight out.  The beauty of this move is that you will primarily be using
    LONG range attacks and short range attacks. When you are caught with the opponent, just out of 
    jab/hop range, whip out the arm. It will stuff a fireball and is such an underused move, that I
    have NEVER seen it parried. As with most of Necro's moves, it will push a blocking opponent back
    (a little). Most of the time, try not to think about using this move.
    Necro crouches down slightly and swings his elbow over his back. This move combos well into 
    other attacks (i.e. Tornado Hook) and is AS FAST, if not faster than the crouching jab. This move
    also has better range than the jab. This biggest problem with this move is that you have to 
    STAND to do it. I am never standing when I'm NEAR enough to an opponent to hit them with this. I
    have seen other players use this move to open all their combos with Necro. It's just not my 
    Necro perform a stretching palm strike at a 45 degree angle. Most people use this as anti-air,
    which is WRONG. Any player worth his salt will parry that in-air. There is only 1 anti-air move
    for Necro (justification later). A much better use is as a strike against a standing (sometimes
    even crouching) or hopping player. It comes out fast and 'just' forward enough to protect you or
    stuff them.
    Necro's jumping Strong (MP) is 1 of the only 2 moves you should use in the air if you are going
    to risk jumping and are not planning to drill kick. When in mid-air Necro punches downward at a
    45 degree angle FAST. This is a GREAT move since the recovery is fast and the range is so far you
    probably wont even land near the opponent if they block. Use it as you are jumping away
    (backwards) to stuff their followup jump.
    Fierce (HP) -
    Bread and butter.
    Necro stretches/swings one arm out horizontally at his opponent.  This move practically clears 
    the screen and barely whiffs an opponent who is near the edge of the screen. DP will stuff it IF
    parried or timed VERY VERY VERY precisely.
    Necro Performs an uppercut that goes almost completely vertical and can reach the top of the
    screen. This is an anti-aerial move (and you already know how I feel about those) and sets your 
    opponent up for a juggle. This move can be followed up by various specials and the Magnetic Storm
    super, but a fierce Electric Shock or crouching fierce do AS MUCH if not MORE to the opponent.
    Supers do less damage from a juggle, which experts should already know. If I hit with it, I go 
    for the Electric Shock, buffered into the Super if possible.
    This is a low version of Necro's Standing Fierce, but it does not hit low. Use it to hit
    advancing or recovering players (for when they are not blocking). Use it to mix up your
    moves. Usually an opponent will go for a jump or fireball series out of frustration.
    Necro swings his elbow out, and if the blow connects it will quickly knock your opponent down and
    across the screen. There are actually a number of moves this will combo into. Especially in a 
    corner. If you are in a corner, Snake Fang. Their body comes down, this will connect (as an 
    Necro reaches out horizontally with both hands pretty far. If can be started unless you are more
    than 3/4 of the way through the jump. It does lots of damage and shifts the shape of Necro's body
    in the air.
    Short (LK) -
    Dont use when jumping. Standing jab is pretty fast, but a crouching one is faster.
    Good for footsie. Mix em up with hops.
    Forward (MK) -
    Necro's Forward has very little priority.
    Necro stretches and swings his leg out between low and mid-level heights and attacks farther than
    a shotokan sweep. This should be used as litte, and under the same circumstances, as the standing
    forward, since the recovery sucks.
    This move is useless.
    Necro kicks/stretches his leg out 1/4 screen length and hits low. This is a bread and butter
    move. If they sweep and you block, respond with a crouching MK. If they are walking towards you,
    crouching MK. The damage is GREAT and the recovery is great. The move comes out a teeny bit slow.
    Necro performs a diagonal kick upward at a 45 degree angle (IN THE AIR!!!). It's slow and is the
    opposite of the jumping Strong. DONT use this move. Use THAT move :p
    Roundhouse (FK) -
    35 degree angle kick that goes most of the way across the screen. Slow to come out, slow to 
    recover, and can only hit characters 1/4 of the way through a jump, that STARTED on the opposite
    end of the screen from you. This move is too easily stuffed and should not be RELIED upon.
    Necro performs a much larger version of his Standing Forward. The knee is larger in size, the
    attack is much much faster, and the knee hits much much higher. This move is an anti-aerial move,
    so dont use it (much).
    Necro's sweep is ok at best. It hits low, has 1/2 screen range, and comes out pretty slow. The
    revery is 'ok' at best. You can be DP'd, short'd out of it, so start it at SAFE times.
    Necro's Jumping Roundhouse, is a kind of flailing leg move. This move hits people who are behind
    you if you happen to jump over them sometimes. It comes out kinda like the Standing Forward. It
    is useless.
    AIR THOW- There is none :(
    HEAD-BASH (LP/LK)- You grab them and smash them with your head. Great priority for being a throw.
    Nice damage and throws them across the screen.
    PILEDRIVER (LP/LK from behind)- You grab them bend your back into a 'U' smashing them to the 
    ground. This does 150% damage, compared to the HEAD-BASH. The opponent is left RIGHT next to you,
    so step away...
    Drill Kick (D+K air only) - This move is very much like Dhalsim's Drill Kick. The only difference
    is that Necro's Drill Kick hits twice. Also, having two hits allows you to use the first hit to
    take out a jump opponent and right when they land they'll get hit again. The power of the kick
    button controls your angle. A Short Drill Kick attacks at a 15 degree angle, Forward at a 45
    degree angle, and Roundhouse at a 70 degree angle. You shouldnt be jumping, but if you need to 
    close distance, this is an OK way to do it (via fierce). You are taking a chance just by jumping,
    so you might as well make it a drill kick, eh? You can often surprise an opponent by jumping->
    cancelling into a short drill kick, as yet-another kind of overhead.
    Electric Shock (F,D,DF+P) - The Electric Shock move is the ONLY effective as anti-aerial attack. 
    It's true that if you hit Jab it will hit once, Strong it will hit twice, or Fierce it will hit 3
    times...but that's dumb. You MASH THOSE BUTTONS. A Jab Electric Shock will go for 3 or four times
    if you mash. And more for the others. The most important thing about the electric shock is that
    it can go on FOREVER if the opponent parries. As long as the move continues to connect, you can
    continue it, via mash. Blocking opponents will eventually be pushed away (after some decent block
    damage, and the move will peter off in 3-4 'voltz', unless you stop earlier. The other GREAT
    thing about this move, is that while it is connecting, the 'votlz' come out, speedwise, according
    to the strength of the button registering. So if you mash all 3 while an opponent is jumping 
    in/parrying, his timing will eventually be thrown off by an odd fierce volt->jab volt. You can
    also cancel into a super from this. After 4 or 5 solid hits (of any strength) an opponent will be
    thrown clear UNLESS you start into a super.
    Snake Fang (HCF+K) - This move has moderate range, comes out pretty fast, does good damage, and
    is a low GRAB. Although I have seen it both parried and throw-cancelled. Go figure. Basically
    Necro "snakes" his hand out a little beyond sweep distance and grabs the opponent by the leg. He
    then proceeds to toss them over his head against the other side of the screen. Blocking this, 
    much like the rest of his arsenal, pushes the blocker back. The stronger the kick button used, 
    the more damage and the longer it takes to come out/execute.
    Raging Cobra (QCB+K / EX) - This move does a lot of damage. Necro brings his leg over his head
    and does a damaging overhead. It telegraphs badly. The stronger the kick, the farther out it goes
    (all the way to 'just beyond shotokan sweep') and the slower it executes, and the more damaging
    it is. EXing the move allows it to hit 2 times instead of the 1, although it only hits for 2 when
    you're right next to the opponent.
    Flying Viper (QCB+P / EX) - Anti-fireball move. Necro jumps forward and up twice as high 
    as a 'normal' hop and then chops forward with both hands in a damaging overhead. This move is a 
    good anti-fireball move when you are close enough. This move is quicker than the Raging Cobra,
    but still telegraphs badly. Only use it when you are guaranteed a hit. The recovery on this ALSO
    beats out the Ragin Cobra's recovery. The EX version HOMES in on the target (up to 'just' beyond
    range of the fierce Viper) and hits twice. It does more damage, is fast fast, and the SECOND EX
    hit is the knockdown hit, so you get both hits in ^^
    Spinning Punch (QCF+P / EX) - Necro spins, swinging his elbows, while moving forward. The Jab 
    version of this hits 2 times, Strong hits 3 times, and Fierce hits 4 times. These numbers are in
    NO WAY important, as it is always very damaging. The key is recvoery. You can pretty much do the
    jab Spin all day against a blocking opponent and they wont be able to do much without jabbing you
    at the EXACT right time. The jab and strong versions knock your opponent down. The fierce version
    spins the opponent around, allowing you to do...whatever you want to them. I usually go for an
    EX SPIN (TONS of damage, comes out VERY fast, LOTS of hits for blocking damage), Fierce electric
    shock into super, or into a strong spin. When you opponent is dizzy, opt for Fierce Spin into EX,
    or Strong spin. The Piledriver throw may be more damaging than the strong spin, but I'll look 
    into it later.
    SUPERS (*cough* Super)
    I. Magnetic Storm (QCF,QCF+P Repeatedly press P) - This move is a much more powerful version of 
    the Electric Shock move in which Necro steps forward and huge bolts of electricity cover his 
    body, pulling nearby opponents into the super (similar to Ryu's EX Hurricane Kick). This super
    EATS normal projectiles (effectively making them dissapear). I have used it to eat a fireball 
    and suck the thrower into the super on more than one occasion. If an opponent is in a mid-sweep,
    a jump kick, etc. it will not interrupt your super. Necro is practically invincible. Great 
    blocking damage. DONT mash is you want to avoid the massive revery time. The super will end 
    prematurely and the opponent will probably not be prepared. That's the best I can offer right
    now. The super also has a short bar and can only store 1, so EX / Super often.
    II. Slam Dance (QCF,QCF+P Close Range) - Slam Dance is a throw super.  It has high priority (as
    do all throw supers). The throw reach is almost nothing. You have to be touching them, basically.
    This super blows.
    III. Electric Snake (QCF,QCF+P) - The Electric Snake is not too flashy like the other supers.
    Necro sends a flash of electricity along the ground and if it hits it shocks and knocks down your
    opponent.  The super only hits low and it goes under all projectiles. There are ways to combo 
    into it, but I never cared to learn them, since the super already does such little damage. This
    super blows.
    IV. Strategy
    Stay on the Ground - Necro has lots of low/high ground moves and this strategy is obvious.  
    Necro has Snake Fang (hits low), a long-range sweep, Flying Viper (overhead), and Raging Cobra
    (overhead).  When your opponent is getting up switch it up on him. Most opponents block low on
    getting up so the Raging Cobra is a good choice x 2, then backup and sweep.
    It's much easier to do win if you lead early, be doing more damage then your opponent, then 
    waiting him out. DONT go for the kill if you lead in life.
    If you want to beat the computer to see his ending, use the snake viper often. Gill can be 
    EASILY defeated by exclusively Snake Fanging him. You can even kill him, have him ressurect, and
    kill him again with it. It's that easy.
    V. Character Info
    Why is the text for Necro, RED when he wins or loses?
    - Because you couldnt read it, overlayed on his white skin, if the text was white.
    Who is the little girl with Necro?
    - A girl scheduled for (or being) experiemented on in the same lab as Necro. Perhaps his sister?
    Necro's Taunt?
    - Necro's tongue does a tiny bit of damage. Get someone in the corner (stand right next to them)
    and HOLD the taunt for additional laughs.
    - Necro's tattoos and skin tones change according to the "costume". No I havent memorized them 
    since they all basically look the same. A BLACK Necro would be cool.
    - Twelve was made to replace Necro. Twelve is the twelveth (and final) try. Twelve sucks compared
    to Necro, so I dont see why they chose him. Necro/Twelve get a special beginning to a fight with
    each other, much like the Makato/Dudley, Hugo/Alex, and Ken/Ryu fights. All 11 other 
    "experimental" beings that were made before Twelve, get scared? away when Necro arrives.
    Sorry I'm Late?
    - Necro says a number of things when arriving on a fight. "Let's get it on!" is another. There
    are 4! that I have heard, the most common being "Sorry I'm late!". The others occur infrequently
    or apparently one time per every 100 games.
    VII. Credits
     - Capcom
     - GameFAQs
     - Jack9 (aka Me)
     - Camelot and Sunny-Hills Golfland in SouthernCalifornia USA
       Thanx for the 15 years of good times.
    Questions, corrections, comments, submissions, anything? Send it in.
    If you have input, more combos, urls, exact damages, character info (DC or ARC),
    PLEASE contact me.
    VIII. Legal Stuff
    This document is Public Domain, free for duplication in-part or in-total within any number of 
    formats. FAQs should, and will always, be used for educational and entertainment purposes.
    IX. Version History
    1.0 'Nuff said.
    For internet news, faster than you can read, visit http://www.jack9.org

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