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    Gill by Doc Holliday

    Version: 1.0A | Updated: 12/12/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game:     Street Fighter 3 Third Strike: Fight for the Future!
    Platform: Dreamcast / Arcade
    Date:     12th November 2000
    By:       Doc Holliday
    E-Mail:   Shingohan@planetnamek.org
    Heh! Firstly, this is only my third FAQ. Secondly - nobody is perfect (but I come very close),
    and so expect me to make some mistakes until I can revise this a little more. Finally - I dont
    actually own third strike - only 2nd Impact - so I'm really writing about what I know you can
    do in second impact, with what I learn from third strike as I go along
    Here is what I am including in this version of the FAQ:
    1.0 - Gill - The Best Street Fighter Boss Ever?
    2.0 - Gill Combo's
    3.0 - What to Watch Out For:
                   ------ 3.1 When your playing as Gill
                   ------ 3.2 when your playing against Gill
    4.0 - Credits & Revision History
    Ok, there has been quite a few bosses that have come and gone in the street fighter series.
    Sagat, Bison (Vega for you Jap boys), and even alternate characters in the Alpha (Zero) series.
    But does anyone of them have the speed of Gill? The strength of Gill? The Stunning power of Gill?
    No one but Shin-Akuma (Shin-Gouki) comes close to Gill's ultimate power!
    Some people argue that he plays very cheaply - I argue that it's just because they can't actually
    use him.
    I will be adding your views into this bit, so do please e-mail what you think he is - the best?
    or just another cheap character?
    2.0 - GILL COMBO'S
    Right, here is the legend thingy that'll help you make sense of all this weird movement:
    f = forward
    b = backward
    d = down
    u = jump/up
    combinations of these moves are written as :
    f, df, d, db, b = this would be a half circle/moon movement from forward to back
    For the punches and kicks:
    lp = light punch
    mp = medium punch
    hp = hard punch
    lk = light kick
    mk = medium kick
    hk = hard kick
    p  = just use any punch
    k  = just use any kick
    Here are the combos:
    #1 - Gill Juggler:
    This move has such a potential for damage, that using it just three times on your opponent, you
    can all out kill them. And an unfair plus point is that it has
    A) a fast recovery if you miss!
    B) it's so easy, you'll never miss!
    Make sure that you're opponent isn't too good at parry, but after the first hit is landed, it
    doesn't really matter anyway.
    The move is basically preformed when you are faced against someone who constant is jumping around
    everywhere. If he/she tries to jump in, then simply duck, and press hard punch - with the right
    timing, you'll get two hits. For anyone that needs the legend style:
    d + hp
    Thats an easy two hits! Now do what the AI can do, do this movement, and then straight after
    landing the two hits, come up from the crouch (not jump, just stand) and press hard punch. You've
    just received another hit! Legend time:
    d + hp, hp
    Now youve mastered the art of the three hitter, make it into a four hitter. This bit is kinda
    tough, and requires precise timing. From the down hard punch, dont go into the standing hard
    punch, but instead stand, egde forward just slightly, duck again and do another crouching hard
    punch! With perfect timing you shouldn't even see the animation of you getting up and moving
    forward, it'll look like you just slid along the floor a little bit. You don't have to be as fast
    as that to land the other two hits, just be quick! Legend:
    d + hp, f, d + hp
    After this, working out the five hit combo has got to be easy - just add the standing hard punch
    after the second crouching hard to receive five easy hits on your opponent! Doing this move will
    do quite a fair amount on your opponent - damage and stun wise!
    *** WRITER'S TIP ***
    Never try and go for a third crouching hard punch when in a battle unless your very proficient - 
    I have tried many times and it is tough even after you've mastered the technique!
    Continuing the Gill Juggler (yes, there is more!) get your opponent into a corner before trying
    this - because it makes the whole thing a lot easier! (whereas it's quite tough in the middle of
    the screen *see writers tip above). Here is the legend:
    d + hp, f, d + hp, f, d + hp, f, d + hp
    Yup - it's doing a four hitter twice! I've tried endlessly on 2nd Impact to get more than four
    juggles, but it just not happening! Could someone please confirm if this restriction is still on
    Third Strike (because if it isn't, then this is an infinite, you can use it to build as many hits
    as the game will allow or until your opponent is dead :)) The eight hitter will give your
    opponent a good amount of damage - but mainly, it will almost stun them - all you need to do
    after this move is a standing hard kick (once, maybe twice) and he'll be stunned. Then you push
    them into the corner and do this combo again, stunning them again - or if they are low on energy,
    I think a super would be in order! :)
    #2 - Double Sweep
    Ok, this is just that little bit risky, because Gill doesn't seem to recover from this to fast,
    but if timing is right, positioning is perfect and luck is on your side, then this combo does a
    lot of damage! All you do is when your opponent is in the corner (this is essential as anywhere
    else would knock him out of the range of the second hit) sweep him, and then just go for another
    sweep just before he lands on the ground. It doesn't always work for only one reason - position!
    If you haven't got the perfect positioning, this will never work, and you'll have a big recovery
    before you can do anything else -  leaving your opponent (who has probably resorted to being very
    very cheap) to supering your butt! I find the perfect position being him directly in the corner
    and you being just close enough to him so that your shadows just overlap by just a tiny bit. This
    move does impress people who haven't seen his speed in action! The legend for this move:
    d + hk and while continuing to hold d, press hk again
    The double sweep technique doesn't seem to work on every character - some don't hit the ground
    fast enough (Yun/Yang) and some just go straight to the ground (Hugo). Does work on most though,
    so you'll just have to wait until next FAQ so I can tell exactly who it works on and who it
    3.0 - WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR...
    This is what you should watch out for when playing as Gill (basically tactics others may use to
    beat you and what you can do about it!)
    #1 - Jumping in hitters:
    Many find the best tactic to use against Gill is the jump in, do damage, backoff and start all
    over again. Well, they are mistaken. You being the almighty Gill have almost complete air
    superiority. Either the crouching Fierce (d + hp), the standing roundhouse (hk), knee to head
    attack (real name plz + is it still in third strike?)(f, df, d, db, b + k) and even standing
    fierce in some cases (hp) will teach that punk not to jump unless told to do so!
    #2 - Fireball fanatics:
    Is he trying to beat you with just fireballs? Not smart - just go for a the BioKenesis (*is that
    right? real name plz)(b, db, d, df, f + P (depending on punch strength the fireball will either
    be angled at 0* = straight forward, 35* = opposite top corner or 70* = top middle of the screen)
    which will cancel fireball. Best thing to do after the is to the do a die attack (real name plz)
    (f, d, df + P)(strength of punch indicates the distance you wanna go, Which will send you 
    charging at him. 
    #3 - Die Attack (f, d, df + P)
    This attack can be used as either in it's primary form = stunner or secondary form = damage 
    Primary form is when Gill goes right next to the opponent, and then punches setting the opponent
    on either flames or ice (dependant on side!) - this does an alright amount of damage but really
    hits the stun bar hard!
    Secondary form is when he actual passes the opponent slightly, and knocks him down - this does
    hardly any stunnage, but the damage has had a significant power boost.
    Use this move wisely and you can actually control to perfection whether you want to all out kill
    the sucka, or just stun the punk for a super finish!
    This section doesn't really give you many hints against computer Gill, but just some general
    rules to follow when fighting him. I also recommend reading section 3.1 because it'll give you an
    idea of some of the tactics a Gill player may decide to use.
    This section will now cover the different attacks you can employ to defeat a Gill player. They as
    as follows:
    #1 - From the air:
    Do not try jumping INTO/TOWARDS Gill whenever possible. His air superiority is superb, and you'll
    probably eat it! Instead, use dash (either double tap f/b) to quickly move towards and away. Note
    however that you are unable to guard or parry any moves while in this movement phase. Also,
    super jumping away from moves is also a good idea (press d quickly before intiating the jump
    with either u/uf/ub).
    #2 - From the ground (close range)
    Getting close to Gill allows close quaters combat - something that has been amiss in many SF
    games of late (apart from Cap vs SNK which is the first in a long line of 'old engine' games
    that are coming from Capcom). This is your best chance for damage - doing supers up close gives
    the opponent very little time to react to them - parrying needs to be intiated a lot quicker than
    when the move is coming from a distance. However, most Gill players, including the CPU (I know
    that I wasn't really gonna give hints against it but...) like to become turtles when you get
    close, and favour a more block and counter technique rather than trying to match people punch
    for punch - this is because his moves require slightly more charge time near the begin to
    intiate rather than time for recovery. You can also play very defensive (requires you to be
    really good at parrying because you don't want to much block damage) and play the counterer.
    #3 - From the ground (distance attacks)
    Fireballs will not work against Gill! He'll either play classy and parry, or just block them.
    Plus, his projectile (currently called BioKenisis cos I can't remember the proper name) is two
    hits so it'll kill yours, and continue after you!
    * More coming to this section
    It's that time again : Competition time! A celebrated feature which has now been running for two
    FAQ's. Work out what is special in the following letters, and you win an eternal thankx from
    me and your name is put in the FAQ. Only the first ten people get placed in, so please hurry in
    what you think. OK? (Hint : look at letters. look at keyboard. look at letters again. Keep
    repeating seqeunce again until insprisation takes hold!)
    Real easy if you know how!
    I would like to thank...
    Lisa : The orochi awaits you babe...
    Darth Hazzard : Because as soon as you unlock him, your gonna become my punching bag!
    Myself : Cos in the words of Triple H - I AM THAT DAMN GOOD!
    Revision History:
    # None yet cos this is the first one!
    OK - the end is near...the only thing to say now is...
    This document is copyright Nav Dhanjal 2000

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