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    FAQ/Walkthrough by OgesMC

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    The Golems of Amgarrak Walkthrough
    version 1.0
    By: OgesMC
    Table of Contents:
    [INT] Introduction
    [MAP] Map of Amgarrak
    [WAL] Walkthrough
    [ACH] Achievements
    [VER] Version History
    [DIS] Disclaimer
    [TYS] Thanks
    			    [INT] Introduction
    The Golems of Amgarrak is the sixth DLC for Dragon Age: Origins and was 
    released for download on August 10, 2010 for the cost of 400 Microsoft Points. 
    This DLC along with all the rest can be found on the Ultimate Edition of Dragon
    Age: Origins. If you do not have the Ultimate Edition, you will need to 
    purchase The Golems of Amgarrak from the Xbox Live Marketplace. This extra 
    content is accessed from the main menu under "new game" or "load game" if you
    have started it already. It is not accessed through the core Origins game like
    the first three content packages.
    The Golems of Amgarrak allows you to import your character from Origins or
    Awakening, or to start a brand new one which begins at level 20. The content
    is pretty difficult on the harder difficulties but rewards the player with 
    Dragon Age lore, and new items. To begin the DLC, select new game from the
    main Dragon Age: Origins menu, scroll to the Golems of Amgarrak picture, and
    press 'A'. Either choose to create a new character or import your character 
    from Origins or Awakening. 
    Warning: This guide is a complete walkthrough for the DLC and describes how to
    solve the puzzles in the quest. The majority of the quest is one big puzzle and
    a few smaller ones (achievements), and using this walkthrough on a first play
    of the DLC may ruin the experience entirely. It may be best just to reference
    the guide for help finding items you missed, or if you are horribly stuck with
    the puzzles.
    			    [MAP] Map of Amgarrak
    	      +------------+			 C  - Normal Chest
    	      |(S)     GCx5|			BC  - Blue Chest
    +------+      |Green       |			GC  - Green chest
    |C  BC |      |Switch      |			PA  - Purple Altar
    |      |      +----+  +----+			BP  - Blue Pile of Bones
    |      |           |  |                          N  - Normal Note
    +-+ +--+      +----+PD+---+			BN  - Blue Note
      | |	      |           | 			(S) - Lyrium Switch
      | |	      |           |			BD  - Blue door
      | |      +--+  Sunken   |			PD  - Purple Door
      | |	   |  	 Grotto   |			RD  - Red Door
      | +---+  | _	 BP       +--------+		 D  - Darion
      |  |BD|  | N|    	         Bb|		 H  - Harvester
      +---+	|  |C |	   +------------+  |		Bb  - Brogan
          |	|  +-+--+  |	        |  |	Ys,Ms,Ws,Cs - Colored Switches
          |	|       |  | 	        |  |
          | |	|  |		|  |   +--------------+
          |	|	|  |	        |  |   |BC            |
    +-----+ +-------+  |		|  |   |__/           |
    |       	   |		|  |   |	      |
    |BN|  +------------+		|  +---+	      +--+
    |BC|  |				|	    Ancient	 |
    +--+  |			        |	     Hall      BC|
       |  |			        +------+      	       x3|
    +--+  +--+			       |  |		 |
    | C   BC |                             |C |              |
    |  (S)	 |		+--------+     +--+---+	      +--+
    | 	 |		|	 |	      |	      |
    |Blue	 |		|Ys    Ws|	      |	  +---+
    |Switch	 |		|  (S)	 |	      |	  |
    +--------+		|Ms    Cs|            |   |
    			|      	 |   +--------+   +-----+
    			+--+  +--+   |			|
    			   |  |      |			|
    			   |  |      |			|
    			   |  |      |    		+-----------------
    		      +----+  +------+       Main
    	       +--+   |			    Chamber
                   | C|   |              PD                              
                   |  |   |                                   
      +------------+  |   |       +------+                     Entrance/Exit X
      |(s)            |   |       |      |
      |	Forge	  |   |	----  |	     |	
      |		  |   |	      +--+   |
      |H		  |   |	         |   |			+------------------
      |		  +---+RD+----+	 |   |			|
      |			 |    | D|   |			|
      +----------------------+    |C |   |	 		|
    			      +--+   +-------+BD +------+
    			 		     |   |
                                                 |PA |
    					Purple Switch
    			     [WAL] Walkthrough
    View the cinematic to learn some of Amgarrak's history and of the Dwarf Jarrik
    Dace, whose brother is lost on an expedition to Amgarrak. When you have control
    you see that you are alone with Jarrik deep underground, and you are given the
    chance to ask him a few questions or just move on. It is best to choose options
    1,2, & 3 instead of 4 first so you can gain some insight on why you are here or
    what the real threat is.
    |1. You're being secretive.    | 
    |2. Why ask for my help?       | 
    |3. Are you expecting trouble? |  
    |4. Let's just move on.        |   
    When you finally decide to move on, Jarrik will summon his pet Bronto and the
    three of you can begin the search for Jarrick's brother. To find his brother,
    you must first brave the Deep Roads in search of the entrance to Amgarrak. You
    can read the codex entries for both Snug the Bronto and the correspondence from
    Jerrik to you, the Warden.
    *New quest: Find the door to Amgarrak*
    |Jarrik Dace: Rogue, Duelist| Jerrik is an excellent dual wielding rogue and
    +---------------------------+ his tactics are set pretty well, though you can
    |         ~Talents~         | alter them to suit your playstyle. If you do
    |                           | alter them be sure to keep the bronto summon in
    |Dirty Fighting             | for the extra companion! 
    |Combat Movement            | 
    |Coup De Grace              | Head down the tunnel here, looting the three
    |Below the Belt             | deceased dwarves on the way. Right after the 3
    |Deadly Strike              | dead dwarves you are attacked by two Hurlocks,
    |Lethality                  | a Genlock Alpha, and a Genlock Emissary. Defeat
    |Lockpick/Traps: Max rank   | them and beware the trap right before you enter
    |                           | the clearing! Have Jerrik disarm the trap and 
    |Dueling                    | enter the clearing to find three shrieks and a
    |Upset Balance              | strange mist. Go through the opening in the mist
    |Keen Defense               | (right from the tunnel) to find the Runic Golem
    |Pinpoint Strike            | and gain a new quest.
    |                           |
    |Dual-Weapon Training       | *New quest: Activate the golem*
    |Dual-Weapon Finesse        | 
    |Dual-Weapon Expert         | If you can find a control rod, you may be able to
    |Dual Striking              | activate this golem and have it aid you! Loot the
    |Riposte                    | sack near the golem for some runes and interact 
    |Cripple                    | with the golem itself to trigger a conversation
    |Punisher                   | with Jerrik about the golems in Amgarrak. 
    |Dual-Weapon Sweep          |
    |Flurry                     | Return to the room with the mist to find a new
    |Momentum                   | path opened. Move through the room to find the
    +---------------------------+ control rod and a runic anvil. 
    +----------------------------+ As you approach them, three shrieks will
    |     Golem Control Rod      | appear and attack you. Kill them and grab the
    |                            | control rod. You can use the anvil to switch
    |The origins and meaning     | runes in your gear if you need to. Return to
    |of this thing are a mystery.| the runic golem (through the mist room you came
    +----------------------------+ from) and interact with the runic golem.
    *Quest: Activate the golem complete!*
    The Runic Golem is now a member of your party and has some impressive attacks.
    If you had Shale in Dragon Age: Origins, the runic golem will seem like a mute
    version of that lovable character! 
    You still need to reach Amgarrak so go back through the mist room and enter the
    new pathway towards a tunnel. Five Shrieks will attack, and... disappear? 
    Head down the tunnel to see a glimpse of a dwarf fleeing further into the 
    tunnels. Follow after it, looting the maimed corpse along the way for some
    potions. When you emerge into the ruins, note the Stalkers fleeing... What is
    going on here? Head to the glyphs and prepare for a fight. A Revenant, and a
    Arcane Horror are here so take them out and loot the Horror for runes. There
    is a single chest close by, use the Left Trigger to locate it. Look to the left
    of the chest to see the dwarf, and follow it to find the Doors to Amgarrak.
    Enter Amgarrak.
    *Quest: Find the door to Amgarrak complete!*
                 ~O0==============={ Amgarrak }===============0O~
    After you enter Amgarrak, the door from whence you came is magically sealed,
    so you have no choice but to descend the stairs in front of you. You arrive in
    the Main Chamber, which has three paths to take (not counting the way you came
    in). Note the creature that scurries off to the right passage, and examine the
    blood stain on the floor and Darion's Journal. Jarrik will comment on the stain
    and the journal scrap will tell of Darion's discovery of Amgarrak. You can read
    the journal pages in your codex, though there is a narrative reading of each
    page you find upon finding it. Since the left and forward passages are blocked
    by some sort of barrier, take the right passage (where the creature went).
    As you enter the Ancient Hall, four golems attack and they can be pretty 
    formidable foes, so be careful. After you defeat them you can check the signs
    nearby (which are a warning not to disturb the sentinel golems) and use the 
    rune anvil if you need to. Note the 4 chests here with a blue barrier about
    them, you cannot access these now but make sure you open the normal chest to
    find some random treasure. Take the hall to find Brogan, though he is unaware
    of your presence and trapped in the same blue barrier as the chests in the 
    other room. Assure Jerrik that you will find out how to help his brother (after
    all, that is your quest), and follow the hall to the Sunken Grotto. 
    *New Quest: Harvest of Amgarrak*
    -Find a way to free Jarriks brother of this strange curse.
    You see the creature again and are attacked by 2 phantasmal crossbowmen, a 
    phantasmal shadow, and a phantasmal warrior. Take them out (the shadow and
    crossbowmen first, then work on the warrior, stun attacks work great) and 
    observe the grotto. There is a door with a purple barrier here, a note with a
    blue barrier, another piece of Darion's Journal, a Chest, and a Note. The note
    will open up the sidequest "Amgarrak's Secrets", in which you are tasked with
    finding research writings. The research writings will enhance your golem ally 
    and are also needed for an achievement. Darion's Journal here will give some
    insight on the colored barriers, they are Lyrium based and some sort of switch
    can divert the energies. Keep this in mind. Check the pile of bodies, and then
    head to the Blue Switch room.
    In front of you is the Blue Lyrium core, a blue chest, a chest, and a pressure
    plate in between the chests. Loot the chest first (you can use Jarrick) for a
    Greater Tome of the Mortal Vessel, and then get ready for some puzzle solving.
    Step on the pressure plate. Everything blocked by a blue barrier is now useable
    or otherwise able to be interacted with, and anything that did not have a blue
    barrier is now inaccessible. You are now within the blue barrier itself, and
    now know what it is, a Lyrium stream. Start off looting the blue chest right in
    front of you and go back into the next room to find two Warped Watchers that
    you have to defeat. After they are done with, loot the chest and grab the 
    tattered note. Do not go up the stairs yet. Instead, head down the small hall
    to the Blue Door which you can now open. Head down and fight through the 
    ambush of eight Corpses and a Twisted Sentinel. Open the blue chest for a 
    Tome of the Mortal Vessel and note the other chest that cannot be opened. This
    is a normal chest and you need to switch off the blue Lyrium to access it. The
    Blue door will remain open even with the blue Lyrium stream controlled. Head
    back to the Blue Switch room and activate the switch again, run back and loot
    the chest only to be ambushed again! This time it is four golems so defeat 
    them and finally open the chest for your first set of research notes.
    |Golem Research Notes (1/6): Healing                                       |
    |Allows your runic golem to release pulses of healing energy for the party.|
    Head back to the Blue Switch and activate it again. Return to the Sunken Grotto
    check the pile of bones and Darion's journal before heading down the hall to
    Brogan. Talk to Brogan to find that he wants to find Darion. Brogan now joins
    your party, he is a sword and shield berserker and has almost the full list of
    talents for both trees. Change his tactics if you want, and make your way back
    to the Ancient Hall to find two Twisted Sentinels and a Warped Watcher there.
    Defeat them and loot the four Blue Chests here to find some weapon coatings,
    arrows, and two Golem Research Notes.
    |Golem Research Notes (2/6): Fire                                          |
    |Gives golem's weapons the ability to set enemies on fire.                 | 
    |Golem Research Notes (3/6): Mechanics                                     |
    |Boosts golem performance.                                                 |
    Head back to the Main Chamber and defeat the six corpses there. Head through
    the now open Blue Doorway to find Darion's Journal, the Purple Switch, and a 
    Purple Alter. Check the journal, hit the switch twice (one to leave the blue
    lyrium stream, and one to enter the purple lyrium stream) and check the purple
    altar for some scattered notes. Now in the purple lyrium stream, you can open
    the purple door in the Sunken Grotto, so make you way back there. Head through
    the purple door to enter the green switch room. Hit the switch here and defeat
    the six powerful golems that appear. Hit the switch again to enter the green
    lyrium and gain access to the five green chests here. Two of the chests hold
    research notes, and one holds a unique weapon, The Reaper's Cudgel.
    +------------------------------------+  +----------------------------+
    |Golem Research Notes (4/6): Healing |  |The Reaper's Cudgel         | 
    |Send a shockwave through the ground,|  |Mace, Main Hand	     | 
    |Reviving unconscious allies.        |  |Dragonbone (Tier 7)	     | 
    +------------------------------------+  |Requires 32 strength        | 
                                            |			     |
    +-------------------------------------+ |Damage 8		     | 
    |Golem Research Notes (5/6): Lightning| |Critical chance 0.80%       |
    |Creates a lightning storm at a chosen| |Armor Penetration 8         | 
    |location.                            | |Strength modifier 1         | 
    +-------------------------------------+ |+5 damage                   | 
    					|Chance to knock target back | 
    Exit the green lyrium stream with the   |                  	     | 
    switch, leave the room, and head back   |sockets: 3                  |
    to the purple switch.			+----------------------------+
    Enter the purple lyrium via switch and head over the bridge through the large
    purple doorway. Check the bloody footprints here and enter the door nearby.
    Defeat the two Watchers and hit the switch to leave the purple lyrium stream.
    Grab Darion's Journal in the back of the room to learn about The Harvester.
    Note the colored switches on the pillars guarded by idle golem sentinels, leave
    this room to be attacked by a phantasmal mage, warrior, and archer. Defeat them
    and cross the small bridge to find another group of phantasms: two warriors, a
    mage, and a rogue. After all of them are defeated, grab Darion's journal and
    head through the door to find Darion's Body, Darion's Journal and a chest that
    holds the Sash of Forbidden Secrets. Darion's body holds a note that tells how
    to enter the forge and find the Harvester. Activating the colored switches in
    the other room in the correct order, will open the way: YMWC. Go back to the
    room with the switches and activate them in that order. Hit the Red switch that
    appears and make your way to the Red Door, fighting the corpses on the way. You
    will enter the Forge. Take a right as you enter and climb the stairs to find a
    chest with the final Golem Research Note. This is the final note needed for the
    A Secret Stitched Together achievement.
    |Golem Research Notes (6/6): Mechanics                                     |
    |Boosts your golem's performance to a great degree.                        |
    Head back down to the Forge and make a manual save. Enter the back of the forge
    to find the Harvester!
    	   ~O0==============={Boss: Harvester}===============0O~
    The Harvester fight is a two part battle. For the first part do your best to
    whittle down it's health while keeping the corpses it summons at bay. Use the
    Runic Golem's healing to keep everyone alive, keep the golem alive at all costs
    and dont let it get surrounded by corpses. Use your strongest skills or spells
    on the Harvester itself, and when it changes to the second form, you have to 
    chase after it as it flees. Chase it, get some attacks in, and repeat until it
    is dead. As before, keep your golem healing the party and keep your golem in
    the fight! After you defeat the second form, the forge is destroyed and the
    Golems of Amgarrak, and their secrets, buried for all time...
    			    [ACH] Achievements (3)
    Reaper     25GS
    Defeat the Harvester
    Grim Reaper      50GS
    Defeated the Harvester on Hard or Nightmare difficulty
    A Secret Stitched Together     25GS
    Gathered all of the research notes in Amgarrak
    			    [VER] Version History
    4/9/2011 version 1.0
    - Guide completed.
    			    [DIS] Disclaimer
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is my own work, and has been created by me for use on
    Websites allowed to host this guide:
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2011 by John "The Ogre" Kwitkowski
    Contact Email: jwkwitkowski@gmail.com
    			    [TYS] Thanks
    - Bioware, for all of their excellent games. Especially Dragon Age: Origins,
      and for the continued support to us gamers with the release of such DLC
      as The Golems of Amgarrak.
    - All who may find this guide useful or any part of it.

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