How do I beat Markov?

  1. I believe it is the last mission on normal i cant kill Markov. Hit him with well over 10 normal missile and the QAAM's but doesn't seem to affect him. Do you have to shoot him down with machine guns?

    User Info: gosroth1

    gosroth1 - 5 years ago


  1. you need to keep initiating DFM on him.
    there will be 5 sequences:
    1. at the very beginning of the battle.
    2. a run on that goes over the pentagon.
    3. one where he blows up your allies on two bridges.
    4. you have to chase him up up past the US Capitol building
    5. the last run where you actually shoot him down is when he begins his run on the White House and you can see the Washington Monument in the distance...

    you have to initiate DFM as soon as you can, there's a hidden timer that will allow him to fire trinity once it's up. In between the 5 main sequences, you might be able to initiate DFM as well but he will quickly perform a countermanoeuvre on you - these won't count towards killing him.

    User Info: Coruvian

    Coruvian - 5 years ago 0 0

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