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    ]-[|/34<#!Destroy ]-[|/34<#!.50
    10,000 Hits!Connect a 10,000 HIT combo. (Arrange A)15
    100,000 Hits!Connect a 100,000 HIT combo. (Arrange A)35
    2x Bonus!Connect a 500 HIT combo.10
    3x Bonus!Connect a 1000 HIT combo.15
    5x Bonus!Connect a 5000 HIT combo.25
    7x Bonus! (secret)Connected a 10,000 HIT combo.50
    A Daunting TaskEnter the Open Second Loop.20
    A.I.Destroy the Stage 1 boss "Element Daughter A.I".15
    Abominable Execution WeaponDestroy "Golden Disaster".30
    Activate Hyper!Activate a hyper by using a bomb stock.5
    Automatic TransmissionTrigger 3 auto-bombs during play. (Arrange B)5
    Bee CompletionCollect all the bee items in a stage.25
    BOMB Style Victory (secret)Clear the game using Bomb Style.30
    Bombing ]-[|/34<#Destroy ]-[|/34<#! using Bomb style.25
    By no means. (secret)Select "NO" at the end of the first loop.10
    Charged UpCollect 5 hyper items and fill the Hyper Meter to MAX. (Arrange A)20
    Descent to Hell (secret)Picked up a bee item while it was flashing on a stage with an average enemy rank of more than 50.20
    Engage HostilesStart up the game.5
    Extreme GeneratorCharge up 5 hyper stocks during one hyper activation. (Arrange A)20
    Full Power!Activate your hyper with 5 hyper items in stock. (Arrange A)20
    God-like ExistenceIncrease the Expert Gauge to MAX. (Arrange B)10
    Humanity's Triumph (secret)Destroyed ]-[|/34<#!.50
    Hyper CancellingCancel a hyper.10
    Hyper*HyperUse a ton of hypers during Stage 1. (Arrange B)10
    In the REDUse the RED Mode.5
    Iron Plate LoveCollect 10,000 "Expert Items" on Stage 3. (Arrange B)20
    Just Don't BombPick up a 1up item.10
    KABOOM!!!! (secret)Survived the mother ship's destruction by an abominable force.5
    Lonnnnnng Range (secret)Stayed at bottom of the screen using Laser Custom. (Bottom 1/3 of the screen for 70% of a stage)15
    NextExyDestroy the Stage 2 boss "Element Daughter NextExy".15
    Non-infinite LoopClear the first loop. (Arrange A)30
    Overpowering ]-[|/34<#Destroy ]-[|/34<#! using Power style.25
    Perfect*Destroy the Stage 3 boss "Element Daughter Perfect*".15
    POWER Style Victory (secret)Clear the game using Power Style.30
    Prepped for Sheer ViolenceSelect Strong Style.5
    Pruning the TulipsDestroy the Stage 1 mid-boss "Tulip".5
    Quitting my Bomb Addiction (secret)Clear the game without picking up a Bomb Item.50
    RaikoDestroy the Stage 4 mid-boss "Raiko".10
    Ray'nDestroy the Stage 4 boss "Element Daughter Ray'n".15
    RED GAUGE MAXIncrease the RED Gauge to MAX.10
    SenkoDestroy the Stage 2 mid-boss "Senko".10
    ShootyDestroy the Stage 5 boss "Element Daughter Shooty".15
    Slow and Steady Wins the Race (secret)Entered the secret route after Stage 3.25
    STRONG Style Victory (secret)Clear the game using Strong Style.30
    Stronger than ]-[|/34<#Destroy ]-[|/34<#! using Strong style.50
    Suicide MissionEnter the Hidden Second Loop.40
    Taking a DetourEnter the secret route. (Arrange A)15
    Taking a DetourEnter the secret route in Stage 1.10
    Thank You For PlayingScore more than 50 million points across all stages. (Arrange B)30
    The One that Got Away... (secret)Let a hyper item drift off-screen.10
    This One's Free!Used a Free Bomb. (Arrange B)5
    Too Close for Comfort (secret)While using Bomb Custom style, bombed when a bullet was 1 pixel away. (Free Bombs not counted)10
    TYPE-AClear the game using the Type-A ship.20
    TYPE-BClear the game using the Type-B ship.20
    TYPE-CClear the game using the Type-C ship.20
    UwaAaaAAaAaCancel a ton of enemy bullets after activating hyper. (Arrange B)10
    White Bee HiveCollect all bee items in a stage while they are white. (Arrange A)20

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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