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"One of the best Resident Evils to date."

Resident Evil 6 review

We have Resident Evil 6, RE6 henceforth, the latest installment of Capcoms flagships series. The game has some beautiful graphics, if they didn't have his voice actor I wouldn't have recognized Leon in the first trailer. The gameplay is smoother than Resident Evil 5, gone are the tank controls that have plagued this series since day one. Co-op is back from Resident Evil 5 with some much needed fine tuning. The story is actually good and well set up. The sound isn't as bad as it was in past installments, it's the only Resident Evil I haven't turned the music off. I was excited to play this game, I was even more excited to see them go from a November release to an October release and is certainly one of my favorite Resident Evils.

Graphics: 10/10 "So pretty, oh so pretty"

The graphics are much smoother than in RE5, the enemies look detailed, the environments also look nice. It's what you would expect from a flagship game. I have yet to run into any graphical problems.

Sound: 7/10 "If it isn't ear splitting it's good"

In past Resident Evils I've had trouble discerning things like Music and Enemies (Pre-RE5 mostly) so the music would usually get turned off so I could tell when an enemy was around. RE5 and RE6 have generally fixed this; the music doesn't get in the way and doesn't require it to be turned down and the background noise doesn't get in the way either. The voice acting is well done with the only problem I see is why did they have to make Sherry's voice very similar to Ashley's?

Game-play: 9/10 "It's not flawless, but it's close"

The game is split up in three different campaigns, one unlockable campaign, Mercenaries and Agent Hunt.

The three campaigns are basically three different views of the story; Leon/Helena, Chris/Piers and Jake/Sherry. Leon/Helena is more classic style Resident Evil and is probably the most fun out of the three(four) campaigns. Chris/Piers is what RE5 would look like if it was made with this engine. Jake/Sherry is, I'm told, a mixture of the above two only with some Resident Evil 3 mixed in along with a whole bunch more annoyances.

Leon/Helena is classic RE style, you'll only really run into T-Virus enemies with a few new annoyances littered throughout the game; such as the Screamer who, as it's name suggests, will scream at you attracting a horde similar to what the Boomer does in Left 4 Dead. Just like old style RE you don't even need to kill all the enemies to finish the game; only when the game decides you need to kill everything in a situational kind of event that you really need to take note of all the things and/or bosses. Leon/Helena's side was usually straight forward as well, very little getting lost. All in all I probably enjoyed Leon/Helena's campaign above everyone else.

Chris/Piers is basically RE5 style; the enemies have an advanced form of Las Plagas from RE4/5 so your going to see things like you saw in those game and a whole bunch more; such as shield arms and guns and junk and stuff. This is basically what RE5 would look like if it had this engine.

Jake/Sherry's mission is a sort of mixture of the above two and a bunch more; a little bit survival, a little bit action, a little bit of who the heck is that and why is he trying to kill me if he needs to take me alive?! A lot of the times if your not fighting for your life trying to get from point A to point B your probably running for your life from Ustanak or the chainsaw monster (Yes, when Ustanak can't be bothered to give chase he lets his chainsaw younger brother take up the chase for a while). Also I might add this campaign has the most annoying of the petty annoyances with the Chrysalid enemies; when you run into a random common enemy and start to kill him he will then go into a Chrysalid form and then pop out as the most annoying things in the game. I've run into fights with these things with full ammo across the board and walked out with a bullet and a shoe and believe me I ended up having to use both of them not long after that.

Ada's campaign is a mixture of everything. However I have found Jake/Sherry's annoyances earlier then I would have liked.

As for you partner; you don't have to micromanage them like you did in RE5. Kind of like in RE:Revelations but they AREN'T worthless, it's like a mixture of RE5 partner with Revelations partner. You don't have to worry about letting them have ammo, you don't have to worry about their health and healing them, you only have to worry about their stupidity! There will be times in single player when I get my romp handed to me and need my partner to pick me up; unfortunately for me my partner will be all the way on the other side of the map doing GOD only knows what. You would think it would be just like RE5 that when you go down like that and bleed out it's over right? WRONG! Capcom made another change; being able to pick your own romp off the ground! You only have to defend yourself with whatever weapon you had equipped when you went down. I can only think of a few times I went down and go to defend myself that I realized I had a grenade in my hand or was using the grenade launcher and ended up ending my own life and going back to the checkpoint.

Also unlike RE5 each character gets different guns where as the latter got whatever you wanted them to have; Leon can dual wield pistols while Ada has a machine pistol, each gun for each character has different stats I would think thus making each character unique in their own way. A nice touch overall.

Story: 8/10

Following the events of Resident Evil 5; it's 2012 and Leon finds himself in the company of his best friend a zombie President and Helena Harper, after shooting the President the two go to investigate some ruins to find out why the T-Virus was spread. The two find out they were framed for the Presidents murder and have to go undercover to uncover the truth.

Chris Redfield was leading a mission for the B.S.A.A when just about his entire squad was killed by Ada Wong. He suffered from amnesia soon after and started drinking heavily. Piers Nivans tracked Chris down and brought him back to the B.S.A.A for a mission in China.

Sherry Birkin, now a government agent herself, goes on her own mission to find and protect Jake Muller; Albert Weskers son. He apparently has antibodies to the new C-Virus and is the key to a vaccine to save the world. Others are also interested in him and thus Ustanak (an upgraded Nemesis?) is dispatched to take Jake into custody.

Co-op: 8/10

Why does everyone bash co-op? Most horror movies show a group of 5 or more people in a town with deranged psychopath and usually get picked off one by one. With this in mind; is co-op in Resident Evil REALLY a turn off? The game would have been WAY more action oriented if it was one person for each campaign. This is my honest opinion and I just don't see why people bash the co-op.

With this out of the way; having your partner around is far from flawless; as mentioned above if you go down and your partner isn't right there to pick you up you have to defend yourself until the meter fills up. Unlike Revelations your partner isn't completely useless either; there were times when I was out of ammo and my A.I partner would actually put in work to kill an enemy or help me take down a boss. You don't have to micromanage anyone either; they pretty much have infinite health and ammo and the only thing you have to worry about is when you need to be picked up and can you hold out against the enemy.

Overall score: 9/10 "Not perfect, still love it"

With Operation Raccoon City out of the way I was a little worried and I found myself saying "Capcom has a lot to make up for with this dog turd of a game". I definitely didn't enjoy ORC and was doubtful about this game up until about half way through Leon's first mission. If you are a true Resident Evil fan you will love this game, it's also good for casual gamers as well. Like I said the game is very well put together. A November release might have polished the game off a little but by now it's nothing a patch can't fix.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/08/12, Updated 10/09/12

Game Release: Resident Evil 6 (US, 10/02/12)

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