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"One of those middle ground games"

Resident Evil, a game that literally grew up with some of us. It started out as a game that ventured outside the box, scary and puzzling at the same time. Years later Capcom expanded on it and made RE 2, which is still to date critically acclaimed. When most games start to get stale, Capcom changed the whole formula up with RE 4. Then...well I don't really know. Most people seem to hate 5 with an undying passion, and now the 6 has been released people have been hoping it fixes the problems 5 had while retaining what 4 did for the series. Does it do this, or has Capcom run another IP into the ground? Let's find out shall we?

Overall set up:
This part of my review shall talk about the games set up and extra aspects like the city Leon starts in and if there is an overabundance of blue (like Battlefield 3 has almost no vivid colors). The way this game is set up, you have 3 (the 4th is unlock able) scenarios which all come off as having different experiences. Leon feels more like a RE game with more Zombies and more enemies that just "appear", giving off a creepy vibe. Chris is more for the twitch players, shoot first and as much as you can till the enemy is dead. Jake tends to be like Chris but more up close and personal, especially if you use his hand-to-hand skill (he can kill most regular type enemies in one hit this way).

For the way the game is set up, I'll say it gets a 8/10. But the set up leads to something I had a little problem with...

As stated before, this game is technically (I'll explain the technically part) split up into 3 scenarios. This is a huge undertaking Capcom did, because this makes the game not only last longer but you also get a feel for each character in their own situations. For the most part they did this wonderfully, with them showing different perspectives when each scenario crosses. But this is also an area of much discontent, because the fact is when the stories interconnect depending on the situation you'll have to do a series of events all over again. One example is a boss early on where Chris and Jake have to fight him together. If you beat that boss in Chris's story you still have to beat him in Jake's story. While some people may say "since you beat him once you can beat him easily the second time", it still is frustrating repeating something on your first playthrough with no extra benefits. The story itself tends to be your typical world domination type, with your unlikely heroes the only ones that can stop it from happening. The other problem here is that the story suffers from "Michael Bay Syndrome". Explosions and action scenes are abundant in this game, which by itself isn't bad. The bad part is that a decent amount of this game is Quick Time Events, added for dramatic effect. Capcom just released two RE movies before this game released (in theaters and DVD/Blu-ray) so most people don't want a playable movie, they just want to shoot a zombie in the face.

The story all in all is written properly, despite the good old fashioned 1980's dry lines they say. The story begins with a goal and it sticks on a plan all the way to the finish. 9/10 for the story, which is the best part of the game.

The main part of every video game ever made, gameplay. This is also where I begin to get a little harsh and take off major points. You buy a game to play (hence the word "GamePlay"), you buy a movie to watch. Video Games cost on average $60, movies cost between $15 to $25. If you have to pay $60 for something, it should be worth that price. This game sadly isn't, you're paying for a movie with some controllable aspects in it. I'm not saying it's only worth the price of a movie, but what I'm saying is that it's not worth $60. Too many QTE's, too many instances where you press a button and nothing happens, instances where you're opening a door slowly and enemies are getting free shots on you, small inventory, and a VERY redundant aiming scheme draw this game back hard. I'd like to focus on the item balance issues here too. Too many times you're either loaded with ammo but have no health items or have every type of healing item but minimum ammo. This is what is called "artificial difficulty". Capcom's remedy for this is to add a "infinite ammo" option before you play, which shows they knew there would be a problem but they didn't bother to fix it. Also like I said earlier, the scenarios are meant to be different perspectives but they have slightly different actions in them. In the example given earlier, Chris beats the boss in his playthrough, but in Jake's playthrough he beats it. This changes the story and dialogue, and if this was related to time travel it world destroy something in the future because it doesn't stay constant. This shows the points in where the writers did get lazy.

Gameplay gets a 5/10, simply because the only game that makes dying fun is Demon/Dark souls. The deaths you will have in this game are all based on poor programming and the game literally taking control out of your hands at the wrong time.

I'm not going not go to deep into this category because the game is on two systems and each offers it's own benefits. The PS3 version looks overall better, but suffers the most hiccups like screen tearing and clipping. The Xbox 360 version looks pretty bad, like a RE 4 HD remake and suffers from minor zoom problems when in cover. Both versions suffer from poor lighting settings, a good word of advice is just to set the brightness to 25. The game tells you to turn the brightness down until the 6 is barely visible, but you can't get it right that way.

Graphics will be split, 6/10 for Xbox 360 and 8/10 for PS3.

Glitches, bugs, and other annoyances:
Surprisingly, this game doesn't suffer from too many bugs. There are times where your character will get stuck on nothing, or you will be aiming to shoot and pressing the shoot button does nothing. There will be A LOT of senseless deaths that could easily be prevented (like in Leon's campaign in chapter 1 with the ambulance) if they programmed them better. Other than that, this is a solidly built game.

9/10 for releasing a mostly bug free game!

Original vs Final goal:
Capcom has been tweaking the Resident Evil series for years now, and right now they are in the "more action" phase. People got tired of the old style of gameplay so they changed it when they made Resident Evil 4. That game won many awards with critics and fans alike. Resident Evil 5 took 97% of the horror out and even added a partner (or a pack mule as I called her). The problems with Resident Evil 5 pushed old fans away and never even drew looks from prospective customers. Resident Evil 6 was Capcom's chance to draw them all in, yet they ultimately failed because hey kept the partner system (but took away the partner inventory, which would have solved the inventory problem), went too showy with the story, and threw in too many QTE's. I wouldn't say this is all deathly bad, but in the gaming industry you can't please everyone. The old fans are complaining about wanting the old RE back while people that started at RE 5 want something better but still action orientated.

Capcom set out to make something and they stayed strong on that path. The problem is that the fans didn't like the plan and they don't like what the plan made. No rating for this category, just a description.

Resident Evil 6 is in a whole, not a bad game. It's very tedious because each chapter is longer than it should be, but that can also be a good thing for replayability. The puzzles can't don't even qualify as something you can put in a hallmark book in a dentist office because they tell you were to find the stuff. The graphics could be better and the acting is good for an Die Hard movie. But in all, this game gets a 7/10 because it isn't something that you will feel you wasted money on. It's long, has action, has a good story, and has collectibles to add minor replayability so you will get your money's worth, but like I said before the money your are spending is too much for a resident evil game. Now if this was a new IP it would have gotten rave reviews because this is something you need a new game to do, but since we all know how a Resident Evil game should be the bar is set and this game sadly doesn't meet it.

7/10 for the total game, you won't feel bad for buying it but you might get a better deal if you wait until you can get it used or on sale.

*I didn't add a replayability category because there frankly isn't any in this game. One type of collectible isn't enough for people to actually replay a long chapter and the 4th storyline is more of a bonus since it isn't available until after you complete the game. Replaying involves literally re-playing something, and you won't be doing that in this game, it's not that good.*

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/08/12

Game Release: Resident Evil 6 (US, 10/02/12)

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