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"Resident Evil 6...a good game...just not a good Resident Evil game."

Resident Evil 6 is a game with a lot of promise, however doesn't deliver on the level that it should.

Review is broken down into five categories;

1. Story
2. Sound/Music
3. Gameplay
4. Graphics
5. Controls

1. Story-7/10 The story of RE 6 is good for what it is. Nothing to elaborate as the first game, nothing as simple as the fifth. It tells the tale of unlikely heros coming together in order to save the world from a global viral threat. The branching stories are interesting and to recieve a full understanding of it all you absolutely have to play through all of the stories. Each campagin plays out in its own unique way. Leon & Helena has an old school horror RE feel, Chris and Piers is an all out action movie, and surprisingly Jake and Sherry is a love story waiting to happen with a balance of the previous two. Although the story is good, it feels flawed and cliched, Resident Evil 6 does more to be a movie than it actually does to be a game..almost as if Capcom was pulling for whatever they could to continue the series. There are a lot of unexplained events here(for example...where on earth did Jake Muller come from?)I won't go into details on the rest as to stay spoiler free.

2. Sound/Music-6/10 One of the places where most Resident Evil games shine is the sound department, RE 6 however falls a little flat. First off sound can be broken down into two categories Voice Acting and Background Effects. The voice acting in Resident Evil is some of the best of any game, Capcom always comes with a triple A cast for voice acting, no surprise here. Background effects(explosions, enviroment, enemies) are no different. Capcom delivers here as well. Music however is another thing. Before even playing the game one thought that went through my mind is how exciting and riveting the music will be...that is not the case here. None of the music is bad but none of it is good either. Nothing here is memorable and sometimes even feel out of place, the soundtrack seems strange for a game of this calibur especially when you think of classics such as Nemesis' theme in Resident Evil 3 or Weskers theme in 5, even music from lackluster titles such as the Outbreak series and Code Veronica are more memorable and actually pulls you into the game unlike the music here.

3. Gameplay- 5/10 This is where the game starts to lose a lot of its appeal. Capcom was very abitious with this title but nothing feels complete. Running and guning is as solid as ever, the slide and dodging mechanics take sometime to get use to but once they are mastered they will be very useful. The melee however is a different story, with 4 & 5 melee combat was fresh and easy and a simple press of a button, this is complicated for no real reason in this entry of the franchise. The camera acts funny making it difficult to get a precise hit on an enemy this can be very fustrating as there will be times where you will have to rely on hand to hand combat(in more difficult settings of course). There are entirely to many QTE(Quick Time Events) in every fight you encounter,weather it is an emeny that may suddenly grab you, or a boss fight where you are constanly dodging, or walking through the enviroment dodging enviromental hazards you are going to encounter QTEs. Boss fights in themselves are an annoyance not because they are bad or difficult but because they are a tease. You will often have to go through a ridiculous chase sequence before the actual fight. These chase sequences(while extermely fustrating)bring a lot of tension and excitement when the actually done right. When the fight begins the fights are over....all that chasing...all those deaths(and you WILL die)...all that excitment for a repetitous 5-8 minute fight? Speaking of chases one of the most fustrating bits of the game are the chase sequences, they get really old and really fustrating really quick. There is a constant shift in the camera where it will sometimes completely remove you from the action in order to show you the monster you are running from, the game also doesn't explain exactly where to go or what exactly needs to be done. Which also segways into another problem the objectives often there are time where you will be running around like a chicken with your head cut off Resident Evil has a fundness of throwing you to the wolves without any explanation what so ever. Again not the worse however it feels incomplete.


Agent Hunt- Agent Hunt is essentially Resident Evil's vs allows you to take control of a random enemy player and attack the other player. In theory this sounds great, in actual gameplay it is not, this modem is boring, no fun whatsoever, and even if you are to try it, the chances of you getting into a game are slim as it seems as if no one plays it. This could have been something special but like the rest of the game it feels unfinished.

Mercenaries Mode- The classic mode is back. In mercenaries you are to defeat as many enemies as you can before the time runs out. Mercenaries is still fun as ever and very addicting. I often find myself getting really competitive with friends playing this and stay on it a lot longer than expected. Mercenaries has its downsides as well however, there are not many maps for each campign you complete you reiceve a map...thats only 3 maps(4 if you are counting Ada's campign...trying to stay spoiler free). This simply isn't enough, the minigame itself is fun but the lack of content is certainly a let down.

4. Graphics-8/10 The grapics in Resident Evil 6 are second to none. The character models look great, building and explosions are equally as good. There are a few times where there will be texture pop ups, sometimes complete walls will show up...and while most of the enviroment are beautifully detailed there are somethings that aren't for example during Leon's campign cars will drive by you trying to get out of the havoc...those cars have textures that resemble that of last generation games. Aside from that graphics are surperb.

5. Controls-4/10 The controls are truly the worst part of the game. The cover mechanic is horrible, whenever you are holding down the left analog stick to run often feels funny and for some reason the game always seems to steer you to the right which is irritating which is even more fustrating when doing one of the many annoying chase sequences in the game. The inventory seems like an after thought. The controls in general seem unresponsive at times and you will often find yourself in unpleasant situations because of that.

The Verdict: 6/10

Resident Evil 6 does a lot to go above and beyond but simply doesn't deliver it has all the right ideas and are headed in the right direction but this game simply isn't finished. Gameplay is lackluster, controls can be twitchy, and while there is a lot more add, there really isn't a difference in any of it. Resident Evil is losing itself, it is slowly but surely becoming something else. No longer are the glory days of old. The franchise has definetly steered off the cliff and who know's what it will take to survive this horror story.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/19/12

Game Release: Resident Evil 6 (US, 10/02/12)

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