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"A Fresh Take On An Old Classic"

Gameplay/Controls: 9/10: The Resident Evil series has undergone a huge overhaul since the last major game. (RE 5) In the last game you were not able to move while aiming or reloading, this has been changed now and you are able to do these things meaning no longer will you have to stand still to reload when there is a large group of enemies charging at you, this is a great addition as it means that you are less likely to be hit by stupid things. Along with aiming, it never really made sense to do this: “There's a large man with an extremely large axe, I'll just stand still while I try and shoot him.” It has now been added so that you can strafe, (move while aiming)so that you will have more of a chance to avoid weapons that get thrown at you by the enemies. In addition to this, the knife no longer has the command button, it is now a weapon in it's own right for Leon and Chris. (Hand to Hand for Jake) There is also now the addition of a melee button which has proven extremely useful as it has great use for conserving ammunition, however there is also now a combat gauge which limits the amount of melee attacks you can use. It does recharge though when it gets used up, the slower you move the faster it will recharge. Control-wise, instead of using both of the control sticks to have to turn around, only one of them is required, the left is used for moving the character you play in a full 360 degrees and the right control stick is used for changing the camera angle and looking around.

Graphics/Sound: 9/10: The graphics, I feel, have been much improved since the last game. The graphics are much smoother than the last game as so far I've noticed no running problems, no glitches and no lag online. The game runs really smoothly from the snow that rolls along the floor and even the characters hair that blows in the wind. On top of this, in one of the snowy levels if you become covered in the snow as it blows against your character. (I found this to be a nice, small addition) For the sound, I think it is of a regular standard, although the voices of the characters and enemies will get louder and quieter depending on how far away from you they're stood and also which side of you they are stood on. Again this is just another nice little feature as I know some games will just keep the voices at one volume regardless of where people are stood.

Gimmicks: 6/10: Resident Evil games have never really been known for their gimmicks and as far as the Resident Evil series has gone this one is no different. Resident Evil 6 is essentially the same as Resident Evil 5 in this department. (RE5 had BSAA emblems, RE6 has Serpent emblems) There are 80 serpent emblems in the game. (4 per chapter, 5 chapters in a campaign and 4 campaigns) Collecting all 4 serpent emblems in a chapter or all 5 of one number emblem (e.g.. The first emblem in all chapters) will result in you unlocking one of the figures.

Replay Value: 8/10: The replay value on Resident Evil 6 is slightly improved from that of Resident Evil 5. (In my opinion) This is due to the fact that in Resident Evil 6 you have all of the four campaigns to complete, The Mercenaries mode and Agent Hunt mode. The Mercenaries mode is pretty much unchanged: Defeat as many enemies as you can within the time limit while trying to rack up as much of a combo as you can. From the ones I have played so far I would have to say that the difficulty has been upped since the last game. Agent Hunt is a completely new mode to the series that allows you to play as one of the enemies in the game. You join another players campaign (who is playing of Veteran or higher as I've seen so far) and do nothing more than try and kill them. As little as this sounds it is a very enjoyable new mode as you join other players in trying to take the person whose game you have joined.

Leon & Helena's Campaign: In the beginning you start off in Tall Oaks U.S.A. At an Ivy league college, having just witnessed the president's death. You then go on to make your way off the campus, into the sewers all the while being led around by Helena telling you that it's important that you get to Tall Oaks cathedral with no explanation given. Leon & Helena's campaign plays mostly like the traditional style of Resident Evil, just with more action and explosions pumped into it. It goes back to basics of having the main enemies as zombies and then different variations on the zombie such as the Whopper and the Shrieker. As well as having the dramatically large bosses in stereotypical Resident Evil fashion. I would also say that this campaign is by far the longest as the first time that I played through it, I took around 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the first chapter. (This was while watching the cut scenes) Then when I went back a re-did it as fast as I could it still took me an hour to complete. This campaign is more unique as even though all four of the campaign intertwine, this one only has brief moments with the other campaigns. The only major problem that I've had with this campaign is that not much of it was explained. By this I mean that you are given no reason why you are just thrown straight into the scenario with no real prior explanation and just led around being told to do things. Essentially, I enjoyed it, I just didn't understand why I was doing the first 2/3 chapters. After that it made more sense.

Chris & Piers' Campaign: At the start you see Chris sat alone, drinking in a bar being watched by Piers. You then are taken to become the captain of your own squad of men and you are then tasked with saving hostages from the new breed of enemy known as the J'avo. Chris & Piers' campaign I would say that it somewhat a mix of traditional Resident Evil and Call of Duty, simply due to the fact that you control soldiers, have no main story behind you besides “carrying out the mission”. The enemies in this campaign mainly consist of the J'avo and the various mutations that they take on. Despite this campaign being the most mechanical and rehashed (seen it the most) I can honestly say that this had the most touching ending out of all of the campaigns available. I genuinely felt sad at the end of it. There is also a fair amount of cross-over between this campaign and Jake & Sherry's. The problem I have with this is again, not much explanation to it and a distinct lack of story to it besides “carry out the mission” and “stop her”. As well as this, the campaign seems a little on the short side compared to the other campaigns. On the other hand it is full of fast paced action which is reminiscent of a good Call of Duty game.

Jake & Sherry's Campaign: In the beginning of this campaign you see a group of men, including Jake Muller, around various places in Edonia. They then go onto injecting themselves with a new time of virus, the C-Virus. All but one man then becomes mutated from this shot. Bringing the introduction of the J'avo, the men become aggressive and attack Jake. After the fight a girl, Sherry Birkin, walks in and tells Jake she need him for something. It is her mission to get Jake out of the country without alerting the J'avo and the BSAA. Jake & Sherry's campaign involves a mix of traditional Resident Evil and additional stealth, with a lot of sneaking around being done on this campaign. Out of the four, this is by far my favourite This, I would also say is the best explained campaign as you are there from the start, when Jake first injects himself. This was the first campaign which reasoning I fully understood. This campaign is another one which could stand to be a little bit longer. But it is definitely a new type of gameplay in the Resident Evil series as there has never been all that much stealth involved in the game series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/04/13

Game Release: Resident Evil 6 (EU, 10/02/12)

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