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    FAQ/Walkthrough by a1ka1in

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/21/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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      =||=====||   /===== \\    =========||     ||      []  |       |]  |   \\  ||
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      Written by: A1KA1iN
      E-mail: kvr162@gmail.com
      Version: 2.0
      Bastion is an action rpg released for XBOX and PC in 2011, published by  
      Warner Bros. and developed by SUPERGIANT GAMES.
      It follows the adventures of "kid" who sets off from his destroyed home world
      to bastion-a place where everyone agreed to meet during troubled times. What
      happens next? it's for you to find out ;]
      Bastion is a breath of fresh air in this age when games are the size of a 
      sumo wrestler containing the same old aliens, zombies or alien zombies ;p
      The game comes to life with an exquisite and endearing soundtrack, puts forth
      dozens of customization options and the art is inspired by anime.
    Your game will be autosaved and there is no manual save so you have to complete
    whole areas at once, if you die once, you can get one extra chance or more than
    one (2) in a certain case.
                               TABLE OF CONTENTS :::
      To easily jump to a particular part of the guide listed below, simply copy
      the respective code to the right of the topic name and find it (ctrl+f).
      1.VERSION HISTORY....................................................... VH1
      2.COPYRIGHT............................................................. CPY1
      3.CONTROLS.............................................................. C1
      4.THINGS TO KNOW........................................................ TTK1
        4.1.COMBAT............................................................ CMB1
        4.3.POWERSHOT......................................................... POW1
        4.3.SHIELD........................................................... SHLD1
        4.4.BUILDING BASTION.................................................. BB1
        4.5.FRAGMENTS......................................................... FRG1
        4.6.WEAPONS........................................................... WPN1
      5.WALKTHROUGH........................................................... WLK1
        5.1  A ROCK IN THE SKY................................................ ARS1
        5.2  RIPPLING WALLS................................................... RW1
        5.3  THE WHARF DISTRICT............................................... TWD1
        5.4  BASTION.......................................................... BST1
        5.5  THE WORKMEN WARD................................................. TWW1
             BASTION.......................................................... BST2
        5.6  The SUNDOWN PATH................................................. TSP1
             BASTION.......................................................... BST3
        5.7  THE MELTING POT.................................................. TMP1
             BASTION.......................................................... BST4
        5.8  THE HANGING GARDENS.............................................. THG1
             BASTION.......................................................... BST5
        5.9  PYTH ORCHARD..................................................... PO1
             BASTION.......................................................... BST6
        5.10 THE CINDERBRICK FORT............................................. TCF1
             BASTION.......................................................... BST7
        5.11 WHO KNOWS WHERE.................................................. WKW1
        5.12 LANGSTON RIVER................................................... LR1
             PROSPER BLUFF.................................................... PB1
             BASTION.......................................................... BST8
        5.13 THE WILD OUTSKIRTS............................................... TWO1
             BASTION.......................................................... BST9
        5.14 JAWSON BOG....................................................... JB1
             BASTION......................................................... BST10
        5.15 ROATHUS LAGOON................................................... RL1
             BASTION......................................................... BST11
        5.16 POINT LEMAIGN.................................................... PL1
             BASTION......................................................... BST12
        5.17 COLFORD CAULDRON................................................. CC1
             BASTION......................................................... BST13
        5.18 MOUNT ZAND....................................................... MZ1
             BASTION......................................................... BST14
        5.19 BURSTONE QUARRY.................................................. BQ1
             BATION.......................................................... BST15
        5.20 URZENDRA GATE.................................................... UG1
        5.21 ZULTEN'S HOLLOW.................................................. ZH1
             BASTION......................................................... BST16
        5.22 THE TAZAL TERMINALS.............................................. TTT1
             BASTION......................................................... BST17
      6.PROVING GROUNDS....................................................... PG1
        6.1  BREAKERS BARRACKS................................................ PGBB
        6.2  TRAPPER SHINGLE.................................................. PGTS
        6.3  WINDBAG RANCH.................................................... PGWR
        6.4  BULLHEAD COURT................................................... PGBC
        6.5  ZULWOOD GROVE.................................................... PGZG
        6.6  THE SCRAPYARD.................................................... PGSC
        6.7  SLINGER RANGE.................................................... PGSR
        6.8  CAMP DAUNCY...................................................... PGCD
        6.9  TRIGGER HILL..................................................... PGTH
        6.10 GRADY INCINERATOR................................................ PGGI
        6.11 BOUNDLESS BAY.................................................... PGBB
        6.12 MANCHER OBSERVATORY.............................................. PGMO
      7.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT....................................................... ACK1
    1.VERSION HISTORY                                                         {VH1}
    VERSION 1.0 - 21/08/2011 - Completed and submitted to GameFAQs.
    VERSION 2.0 - 09/09/2011 - Modified and submitted to Cheat CC, GameFAQs,
                               Neoseeker, cheathappens, supercheats.
    2.COPYRIGHT                                                              {CPY1}
    This material has been created solely for the purpose of guiding players
    through the PC version of the game. If you are using a console then refer to
    a walkthrough written specifically for that console.
    The websites permitted to host this guide are -
    Cheat Code Central
    Cheat Happens
    Super Cheats
    The updated version can always be found on the above mentioned websites.
    3.CONTROLS                                                                 {C1}
    This is the more common style used in all PC games.
    Move Up         W
    Move Down       S
    Move Left       A
    Move Right      D
    Evade           SPACE
    Attack 1        LMB
    Attach 2        RMB
    Secret Skill    Q \ MMB 
    Defend          SHIFT
    Heal            F
    Use \ Interact  E
    Reload          R
    Open pack       TAB
    Next Target     PG UP
    Previous Target PG DN
    A new type of controls system closer to that of the console version of gaming.
    To move, hold LMB then use the mouse to direct kid.
    Stop           S
    Evade          SPACE
    Attack 1       RMB
    Attack 2       W
    Secret Skill   MB3
    Defend         MB4
    Heal           F
    Use \ Interact E
    Reload         R
    Open Pack      TAB
    Next Target    MW-Up
    Prev Target    MW-Dn
    4.THINGS TO KNOW                                                         {TTK1}
      4.1.COMBAT                                                             {CMB1}
    In BASTION you will have access to many weapons, all of which have a primary
    fire, some have secondary fire and secret skill attacks. Each weapon has
    several upgrades which can be obtained from exploring the world / winning
    different challenges. Each weapon has a different method of usage and each
    is useful in different circumstances- don't be afraid to try different weapons
    at different times. Evade / roll is also an important part of the game. Keep
    practicing it whenever possible, it also helps to move quickly.
    The pointer you see has multiple uses in melee just move your character
    close so that he faces the enemy or thing you want to destroy and use
    your pointer to direct kid to the direction of the enemy. In ranged hold
    the click and you can see arrows pointing, align these arrows to your target
    and release the click, rely on the mouse pointer to point to any thing in
    ranged combat.
      4.2.POWERSHOT                                                          {POW1}
    Extremely useful as it deals extra damage, and instead of firing twice at an
    enemy, only do it once. To get the powershot you have to time the weapon
    properly, it is only available for projectile weapons. To fire these weapons
    you have to hold the click for a certain time, as you hold the click kid will
    flash at a time during the duration of your hold, and the powershot only comes
    just before kid enters this flash state. So in a sense you have to hold and
    release the click just as the kid enters the flashing state, the only way
    to get this is to get used to the time, you can practice this in the proving
    grounds. More on this later in the proving grounds section.
      4.3.SHIELD                                                            {SHLD1}
    You will have access to the shield from almost the very beginning of the
    game. Use the button for DEFEND to invoke the shield. The shield protects you
    from all damage from the side the shield faces, but you are vulnerable from all
    other sides. The use of shield is automated; Every time you use defend, the
    shield will automatically point towards the nearest opponent, only protecting
    you from it. In all of the game, there will be multiple enemies from all sides
    hence the use of shield is quite complex, and you have to be quick about it.
    The shield is also used for auto-aim, when you hold the button for the shield,
    as mentioned earlier the shield automatically points to an enemy, just hold the
    button for shield and go about attack the enemy, this is of tremendous use.
    The shield can be used for COUTER-ATTACK. For this simply press the defend
    button just before the opponents attacks reach you or hit you, and it
    is slightly more tougher using counter for melee opponents, because each melee
    opponent has a different way of attacking which you have to watch closely and
    hit defend just before it lays the attack on you. At the end of the day,
    counter attacking can be achieved properly only by practice and your intuition.
    For practicing counterattacking and using shield you will have an arena.
    more on this in the proving grounds section...
      4.4.BUILDING BASTION                                                    {BB1}
    The primary purpose of the game is to restore the BASTION to it's full glory
    as it has been destroyed due to a recent calamity. The whole premise of the 
    game is set in the aftermath of this catastrophe.
    You can build new buildings in the BASTION by adding new cores. Cores are
    central to all building in BASTION, they can be found on different places in
    the map. When you click on a particular place, the map will tell you if it has
    a core or not. And well! the map can't always be right, only one way to find
    out ain't it?
    Later on you will also need to collect shards but if I reveal more it's gonna
    be a spoiler, you'll find out eventually what these are for...
    The following is a comprehensive list of buildings in the BASTION.
    | DISTILLERY        |
    As you level up, for every level you can equip a spirit in the distillery which
    provide extra bonuses or powers which are always active.
    When you upgrade the distillery you can get a hold of more spirits.
    | ARSENAL           |
    When you need to assign a weapon the a particular mouse button or choose
    between various weapons to assigning this is where you go. Also you can select
    the special skills here.
    | FORGE             |
    You fine many "something" in the game. This is the place to use them to upgrade
    your weapons. Each item is used for a different weapon. When the forge is
    upgraded, you will have 5 upgrade slots for each weapon instead of three.
    | LOST-AND-FOUND    |
    This place is a store of sorts. You can buy many things that have been long
    lost in the world around you. You will need fragments as they are what remain
    of the old world and they are used to create the items you wish for. You can
    buy upgrades, idols, spirits and special skills here. Visit often to see what
    new items are in store.
    | SHRINE            |
    The shrine is a place for the fickle Gods of Bastion. Each god has a certain
    effect on your enemies and when activated, there will be a bonus on the XP and
    number fragments in the game.
    | MEMORIAL          |
    it's a place to honor the dead and gone. Memorials come to life when you
    obtain a new weapon and some of the vigils here are already unlocked. Complete
    these vigils and earn extra fragments.
      4.5.FRAGMENTS                                                          {FRG1}
    They are the remnants of the old world and you need to collect as many as
    possible as they can be recreated to something in the present world. More
    on usage of fragments in the LOST-AND-FOUND in the building bastion section
      4.6.WEAPONS - {WPN1}
    The following is a comprehensive list of weapons, the secret skills associated
    with them and the items used to upgrade these weapons - in BASTION.
    Some secret skills are automatically unlocked whereas some need to be bought
    from the lost-and-found and second secret skills are unlocked from beating
    the proving ground associated with the specific weapon.
    There are some secret skills not associated with any weapon - 
    TRAPPER SNARE - Unlocked after upgrading the armory.
    The usage of these are described in the walkthrough after you obtain them in
    the game.
    | CAELHAMMER        |
    The first weapon you acquire also the trademark weapon of the game.
    Upgrade Item - something heavy
    Secret Skill:-
    STUNNING WHALLOP - Unlocked after beating the proving ground The Scrap Yard.
    | REPEATER          |
    The second  weapon in the game is a machine gun type weapon.
    Upgrade Item - something nasty
    Secret Skill:-
    SNOOZE DART - Unlocked after beating the proving ground
    | BREAKERS BOW      |
    It has autoaim and aims at the nearest enemy, only down side is that it takes
    time to fire a shot but has the "powershot" {view powershot section}
    Upgrade Item - something stringy
    Secret Skill:-
    BREAKER VOLLEY - Unlocked after beating the proving ground
    | WAR MACHETE       |
    squirts can digest anything, but this.
    Upgrade Item - something sharp
    Secret Skill:-
    GHOST BALDE - Unlocked after beating the proving ground
    | SCRAP MUSKET      |
    Upgrade Item - something coarse
    Secret Skill:-
    SCRAP SALVO - Unlocked after beating the proving ground
    Upgrade Item - something greasy
    Secret Skill:-
    SLINGER STORM - Unlocked after beating the proving ground
    | BRUSHER'S PIKE    |
    Upgrade Item - something pointy
    Secret Skill:-
    BRUSHER SWEEP - Unlocked after beating the proving ground
    | ARMY CARBINE      |
    Upgrade Item - something fancy
    Secret Skill:-
    TRIGGER BLITZ - Unlocked after beating the proving ground
    | FIRE BELLOWS      |
    Upgrade Item - something foul
    Secret Skill:-
    BURNING CAROUSEL (The best in the game after the bellows is upgraded)
    RING OF FIRE - Unlocked after beating the proving ground
    Upgrade Item - something burnt
    Secret Skill:-
    BOMB BARRAGE - Unlocked after beating the proving ground
    Upgrade Item - something wrong
    Secret Skill:-
    CALAMITY ROCKETS - Unlocked after beating the proving ground
    | BATTERING RAM     |
    Upgrade Item - :(
    Secret Skill:-
    5.WALKTHROUGH                                                            {WLK1}
    [-- A ROCK IN THE SKY --]                                                {ARS1}
    "Proper story's supposed to start at the beginning. Ain't so simple with
    this one"
    The game starts off and an ominous voice narrates the happenings. Move towards
    the void to your right and witness the beauty of the game as the place starts
    to construct itself. This will happen throughout the game and just don't be
    too fast or you might fall off.
    [-- RIPPLING WALLS --]                                                    {RW1}
    Keep going until you find your lifelong friend - the caelhammer. Now to start
    off the real fun - In BASTION you can smash almost everything that isn't the
    ground. Smash the rubble in front of you. Keep moving and there's some more 
    rubble ahead, now time to meet the enemies, you see your first "GASFELLA". Beat
    the gas outta him. And then destroy the three stalls for "FRAGMENTS". Go down
    for some more fragments. Go back and smash every box and the green lantern type
    structure for more fragments. Keep moving and you will find a repeater. Use
    it on everything like boxes, the green lanterns and also the rubble blocking
    you way. From now on, you are on your own to decide what to destroy, you can
    spend time to destroy everything for fragments which are extremely useful.
    Spend some time here to see what you can and can't destroy. 
    As you go you will reach the fountain, these replenish your health tonics and
    can be found in various locations in the game. Now - squirt time, just squash
    everything moving for xp. Move right for loose fragments. And back and left
    for the crystal barrette, your first memento, If sometimes you can't aim at
    something in your way, just roll into it {evade button} to destroy it.
    Now go back and into the saloon. Read the combat and weapon sections for using
    the various weapons and shield effectively.
    And again just to remind you - 
    destroy everything you see including Randy whom the calamity caught, collect
    apples and take your trusty shield {which comes as you destroy a few things
    around you}. Then pop up several gasfellas and squirts, practice using the
    shield and when done, move out to the top right. There are various fruits and
    veggies scattered in the gameworld which give you health.
    [-- THE WHARF DISTRICT --]                                               {TWD1}
    The breakers bow shows up as you fall down. Move bottom left for "something
    stringy". Go right and use the bow on anything that shoots at you. Also the
    breakers bow has auto aim, so all you need to so is shoot. Keep going and you
    will get your first secret skill, click Q or MMB to use it, you use up a 
    black tonic everytime you want to use the special skill. Move down right for
    black tonic and health tonic. Now go up back and up. You see the Distillery
    and Arsenal. Go into the distillery and select a drink. I recommend taking
    the fetching fizz but then - it's your choice. Go into the arsenal and check out
    the special skills and weapons you have until now. Also from now on, in certain
    areas of the game you will have access to the arsenal, you can go in to
    replenish your health and black tonics.
    Move down and now you can see the two cornbins, move quickly towards one
    and use the whirlwind skill if you have it, on these stalls as they keep
    shooting out squirts, so leave the squirts alone for now and beat up those
    stalls. Move down and dust off Maude the Tutor, go back and right.
    Get on the ferrypod and use it, as you move you will encounter many shooters,
    use your shield to counterattack them or simply shoot at them, counterattack
    is the best choice. When it stops, destroy the wall infront of you and also the
    two gasfellas, move around and let the wall complete all around and destroy
    all the white boxes and pick up "something heavy" from the center and get ready
    two scumbags and a giant gasfella and a couple of those squirt stalls. Use
    your secret skill properly here and move around using evade and collect the
    black tonics that are dropped here and there, after the fight - collect all the
    fragments and move up and  pick up the core, at which point things start
    falling apart and you need to move your butt. When you come to your first
    junction go down for a health bottle, stopping to destroy things is a waste of
    time, try to use evade button and roll into obstructions. At the next junction
    go down and roll into the big box for fragments and keep moving and you will
    have a couple of gasfells coming at you and four shooters up front, and two
    behind you (counterattack?), just don't bother with anything, even if you fall
    off or reach the end of this place you will reach your destination - BASTION.
    [--BASTION--]                                                            {BST1}
    This is the whole point of the game - you need to rebuild this place by getting
    Keep going and you will find "HIM". Ask away a few questions. This is an
    important aspect of the game too, you need to speak with anyone you can to
    learn about things and unlock certain items later on.
    Move to the central monument and place the core and see what happens. Move to
    the newly created area to your left with a blue symbol on the ground and use it
    to build a building of your choice. For more info view the buildings section.
    I recommend the distillery as you can choose a new drink now.
    Move up and go to the skyway, two new locations have opened up.
    [--THE WORKMEN WARD--]                                                   {TWW1}
    You can move to four different paths from here.
    Move down and deal with the oldest scumbag of em' all - GERSHEL, when you get
    back to the center you have "something sharp" waiting for you.
    Move to the right and as you just come off the bridge goto right again to Percy
    the Snitch, and dust him off. Go back and keep moving right to the forge and
    go inside and select your weapon upgrades, Go back to the center and move up
    When you reach a point where you can go both left and right, go both left and
    right ;p pick up the ragged hood here. And go back and move up. Deal with the
    foreman first using special skill and later all other guys here won't hurt you.
    So kill of the foreman first pick up the core and go back to the center.
    Moving left you will have to deal with squirts and move left again  for the war
    machete, backtrack and move down to deal with a squirt stall and grab the new
    special skill - squirt lure. Go back and into the skyway.
    [--BASTION--]                                                            {BST2}
    Place the core choose the arsenal so you can select your weapons and secret
    skill. move to the skyway and move out.
    [--The SUNDOWN PATH--]                                                   {TSP1}
    Move right whilst destroying things, hope you didn't forget to destroy things.
    And then - somebody steals your core - WTF?
    Keep going, kill things and be careful not to fall off, at the junction take a
    right to collect the stray fragments and go round the shooters and up whilst
    collecting all fragments, don't worry if you keep falling off, just collect all
    fragments as you have plenty of health. There is only one way forward and just
    keep going till you get to the skybridge linking different paths.Take the first
    one and when you land go right along the narrow way for a spyglass. Then take
    the second skybridge. After landing go to the third skybridge. And then the
    fourth, and go down and kill the gasfella who ate your core and move left and
    use the skybridge and the end of the path and collect "something burnt".
    Go back and head up to the skyway and out of here.
    [--BASTION--]                                                            {BST3}
    No core this time :{ but no worries, head to the arsenal if you want to change
    anything, and the distillery and then out thru the skyway.
    [--THE MELTING POT--]                                                    {TMP1}
    Move up and face the stabweeds, don't get too close or they'll stab ya. Head on
    right to pick up "something nasty", to take out stabweeds use a ranged weapon.
    head back and down taking out the stabweeds.
    Go to the leftmost side and pick up the trip mine, clearout as much of the 
    stabweed as you can, then go down and hit the switch to see all hell break
    loose, When surrounded by enemies use trip mine and roll out of the place.
    After a bit of time black and health tonic will fall, so don't be shy to use
    up as many tripmines as you can all the time. When the cornbin come, plant
    a trip mine close to them and they go boom, soon everything will be fine and
    you can get the core and get the hell outta here. After getting the core head
    down to where the switch was and hit the other switch further down.
    [--BASTION--]                                                            {BST4}
    Put up the core and build the last place. Talk to the stranger and head out
    thru the skyway.
    [--THE HANGING GARDENS--]                                                {THG1}
    " The Dead welcome him with open arms"
    Keep going the only way you can go, dust the dead, destroy things for some
    fragments until you are surrounded by the security, take em' out quick and
    keep going. It seems there is another survivor. You will face a foe near the
    thunder brothers, so be ready for him, after he is bagged, keep going. When you
    reach the Grady's you will be able to see a new memento that looks like a spade
    below the memento  if you reach the edge you can get some fragments, go back
    to the main path and go onto find the core surrounded by enemies, make short
    work of them and pick up the core and head forward to meet the survivor and
    enjoy the cool background of the cutscene and get to know the names of the two
    guys you have met until now.
    [--BASTION--]                                                            {BST5}
    "What do you say to a man who's seen too much?"
    Speak to the two guys and place the core and choose a building, preferably the
    lost-and-found and take some items of your choice and visit the other buildings
    if needed; and move on...
    [--PYTH ORCHARD--]                                                        {PO1}
    "No use praying to the gods these days, no time for it either"
    Go left to the dead end.. @_@ go back down and keep going until you come to the
    fence which you need to beat down. Head down to the "plush pyth" memento and
    go back upwards. Go to the farm head down right for "something coarse"
    and go back towards the path up right till you need to kill off the pyth bull.
    Go into the shrine (read building bastion for more). Head out and face your
    foes. Keep going, take out the gasfella and use your ranged weapon or counter
    block to take out the security on your way. When you reach the raging pyth the
    secret is to hold the shield long enough so that when he takes a break in
    between his attacks start smashing, when he starts again shield yourself, and
    so on, you should be able to go on easy. Take the left path blocked by the stab
    weed, destroy the weed and head back to bastion.
    [--BASTION--]                                                            {BST6}
    "The ura feared the gods, we turned them into toys and put them on our walls"
    Speak to Zulf about the plush pyth and you get a steam-bull in the area
    just below you, you can toy with it till you get bored and then head out to
    the skyway.
    [--THE CINDERBRICK FORT--]                                               {TCF1}
    "There is only one way into the cinderbrick fort... the hard way"
    This will be the toughest core to obtain, up until now. Go right to face some
    squirts and head up the stairs to brown security and a few gasfellas, it's best
    to maintain your distance from them holding the shield and when they are not
    attacking you, use your repeater against them. Head down then right then to
    the stairs, but before heading up the stairs head left to face more security
    gasfella and get those fragments after killing the gasfella. Again, keep using
    the shield - repeater combo here. Head up the stairs and take out the windbags.
    Use to switch to get a new weapon the scrap musket. Blow out the squirts and
    the entire area behind the cage and go up the stairs and to the right you can
    find a lot of fragments and a black tonic. Head back and left and again up
    more stairs and take out the security and go into the arsenal and switch
    weapons if you want to. Head out and to the right and grab the core and get
    ready to rumble.
    Head up to two huge gasfellas and a lot of squirts, I recommend using up your
    special skill if you need to, go to the right corner for a black tonic and
    head back and up the stairs. Go right to a lot of gasfella packages dropping,
    destroy them before they can even hatch and grab the black tonic at the end
    and move down to a health tonic and security and gasfellas from packages.
    Keep going all the way grabbing tonics and when you have the green gasfellas
    on either side use up your secret skill(I'm hoping you have your hammer). Head
    on for more security, keep going till you are trapped in the parade grounds.
    Now you face Glutus and Glandon and their scumbag uncles ;)
    First comes Glutus and a couple of his uncles, take him out and after him comes
    Glandon and more uncles, take them out, all this while you have to deal with
    cornbin and a few security, grab the marshal's badge to the left of the screen
    and head upstairs after making sure you grabbed all the fragments and into the
    [--BASTION--]                                                            {BST7}
    As you come in Rucks mentions the smoking pipe, don't touch it yet. Talk to
    them and learn that the pipe is the only remaining possession of Zulf. And
    use the core and make another building. Buy items from the lost and found and
    use the forge or the other places.
    Go to the smoking pipe and use it....
    [--WHO KNOWS WHERE--]                                                    {WKW1}
    This is a sort of dream realm where you get to know all about the kid. The kid
    has 20 reflections which means you will have to fight 20 waves of monsters.
    This is a great place to earn fragments and XP as you can come back here
    anytime and any number of times.
    [--LANGSTON RIVER--]                                                      {LR1}
    Keep going to the left till you get on a ferrypod and switch it on. You are
    aboard the Nelly. As you move you can see other ferry pods around carrying
    security and gasfellas, get rid of them and when Nelly stops get off and down
    and to the right you will have an armory and down the main path is the core.
    After you take the core you have new enemies - peckers, shoot them down and get
    back to the Nelly and you can see that you have two new friends aboard, hit the
    switch and get ready, you will have to face more peckers and a few gasfellas.
    Nelly makes the last stop and gets kid to solid ground, but infested with
    peckers, after you rid the place of vermin go to the opening.
    [--PROSPER BLUFF--]                                                       {PB1}
    Go left and let the gasfella and pecker fight it out, then go down and hit the
    switch, and back up and left the cabbage like plants you see emanate poison. 
    Go down again and take a right, down here take a left and pick up some
    fragments and health tonic and keep going till you hear a music, hit the switch
    and then the skybridge and keep going left then up for a few fragments and back
    on the main path, again when you encounter a blockade go down and hit the
    switch, repeat this once more. Go down to another blockade, go back and up, you
    know the routine by now.
    When you hit another blockade go down and left and blah blah.. when you're back
    enroute, go to the next blockade and down to the skybridge and then switch,
    wow this is new -_- 
    Go to the last blockade and down to the switch and skybridge and then finally
    go up to find the hidebound journal. And go up the new path and talk to the
    singer to get her back to bastion.
    [--BASTION--]                                                            {BST8}
    Talk to everyone and visit all the buildings to see any new items, build the
    last building and go over to the skybridge.
    [--THE WILD OUTSKIRTS--]                                                 {TWO1}
    And now we start off with the second part of the game with totally new monsters
    and new environments. But if you have done the who knows where at least once
    then you should have enough fragments to fully upgrade two of your favorite
    weapons, if not, try to do it by buying the upgrade items from lost-and-found
    and use the forge to upgrade your weapons. Try to complete as many proving
    grounds to unlock more upgrades as prizes and new secret skills, but don't
    sweat it.
    When your ready head to the skyway and onto the wild outskirts.
    Move up to the log and you can find handy Dueling pistols, a good start? move
    up a bit and you can see the first new enemy, pincushion. They can hurt you
    pretty badly if you don't use the shield, so always try to counter attack and
    if you can't just hold the shield when they shoot and shoot them when they stop
    and hold shield again when they start and so on. Upfront you have to deal with
    two pincushions, maintain a proper distance from them and if you can't shoot
    between their breaks, try to evade and shoot, evade and shoot. Now deal with
    the pack of peckers and the one pincushion which then puts your prize in
    view, go pick up the core, that was easy now wasn't it? well, unlike other
    levels you get the core at the beginning of this one and you have a looong way
    to go with a longer fight ahead.
    Move left to more pincushions, if you have the upgraded cael hammer then it can
    be easy when you face one cushion, just hold the shield, get real close and
    smash them, they'd be done in one shot, those upgrades will pay off now. Go
    all the way to your left for an arsenal and a couple of pincushions. Move top
    right to a wall flower, if you try to hit one of these with you ranged guns
    then they will cover themselves and you can't hurt them, best way to take em'
    out is to counterattack the eggs they throw at you, give em' a taste of their
    own medicine. Move down to two new pincushions and peckers, if you're low on
    health at any point just head into the arsenal or pick up the health potion
    that you no doubt have seen sitting close to the arsenal. If you disturb
    the boxes next to the health potion then a couple of gasfellas come out.
    Anyway head south and keep going till you have two cushions on either side of
    a plant and you see your first lunkhead - which don't like things moving on
    two feet - jealous b****** just block them with your shield and smash, a little
    further down you can see blue flowers fall from the sky, they are vineapples
    shooting them gives you xp, so do so and pick up the black tonic, and listen
    to the dialogue on the coal cart. Move down left and get rid of the poison
    plant here and look at the hanging bag to get "something foul", head further
    down to two wallflowers, fry them and go onto the skyway for a cutscene.
    [--BASTION--]                                                            {BST9}
    Your group just lost a member, but pick up the fractured monument and speak to
    Rucks and Zia. Zulf took his rage out on the monument so when you insert a
    core, you get to know that now you have to find shards. Visit the buildings
    if you want to, and then head out to the skyway or gain fragments and xp in
    the smoking pipe; your choice. But, before you make a choice just be sure to
    learn about the game fully if you have missed any parts, just visit all
    buildings and if you feel the game has been too easy, visit the shrine and
    check out the GODs, you will get a bonus on XP and fragment, read the building
    bastion section for more details.
    So let's get em' shards to fix the mess...
    [--JAWSON BOG--]                                                          {JB1}
    When you get up, Rucks scares us a bit, but we won't fall for it now will we?
    Go left then down, then go down the tree bark which acts like a bridge which
    is to the left of the screen. Keep going down and then left to get a view of
    the lovely pink shard, go take it and POOF.....
    Start by going up and face your worst nightmare(s), the stinkeyes, they come
    in a horde and are difficult to hit as they go into defense mode when you start
    hitting them and don't open out and attack until you turn away from them. When
    you are surrounded by them shoot all around and they all close up and then
    shoot them, when they are closed; they can take a LOT of damage, but hey, we
    have infinite ammo. Horn the siren here when you're done to go to...
    Now you are in the middle of the dead, dust em' and take out the elephant
    squirt and the three gasfellas and head up right to face three elephant squirts
    and a gasfella, speak to Zulf to go to...
    Head north and just ignore everything here, just keep going until you reach
    the skyway to the saloon, if you happen to destroy anything they will retaliate
    Now you will face security all around you and a cornbin shooting elephant
    squirts, hit randy and...
    Head right and take out the dummy pyth and go right to fight with your evil
    clone :@ keep going...
    Go to the orecart to the right and pick up from one of them and go to the
    wagon on the top left and pack the ore, go right to the wood stash and take
    some wood, go to the fire place at the center and place the wood, finally go to
    your bed and rest (so much for all the fighting ;p ) .....
    Back to your senses, pick up the shard and go down left to find a bootlicker,
    and no it ain't lickin' anything, it's going to trap you in cactus if you get
    within a certain range near it, take it out from a far and move up to find
    a black tonic to the left lane and fragments to the right lane, head up again
    to find the boss of this level, the lungblossom along with a couple of pin-
    cushions and a bootlicker, you can find a health and black tonic when you head
    to the left and right of the bridge, just shield out all attacks standing from
    a distance and shoot out everything, if you want to make things quick just
    move upto the mouth of that thing, holding the shield and smash it if you have
    the hammer, but you will have to deal with three lickers and two cushions this
    way and you can get "held up" sometimes by the lickers, just remember your
    shield and everything will be fine, go to the skyway and end this.
    [--BASTION--]                                                           {BST10}
    Place the shard in the monument and now you can upgrade your buildings as
    DISTILLERY - unlock new tonics to use in your tonic slots.
    ARSENAL - unlock a new special skill, the trapper snare.
    FORGE - unlock two extra slots upgrade slots for each weapon.
    SHRINE - unlock two new idols.
    MEMORIAL - unlock new vigils.
    LOST-AND-FOUND - unlock new items and tonics to use in the distillery.
    I recommend using the lost and found to unlock some great new items. If you
    want to take a look at the upgraded buildings, just upgrade, look at it and
    restart the game and you will start again with the shard with you and so on,
    just remember not to go to any other location while you are at it.
    [--ROATHUS LAGOON--]                                                      {RL1}
    Head left and remove all that's blocking your path till you get to a junction,
    head down for some fragments. Head upwards and while you are at it, you can
    pick up the sneaky decoy secret skill near the camp fire, this skill puts up
    a decoy so that enemies attack the decoy instead of you, hitting enemies when
    they target something else results in a critical hit, so pick up the skill.
    Keep going up till you get to a pincushion, taking it down will earn you 50XP
    so might as well do it. Head back and down the left path, take out all enemies
    here including the large pecker and now when you get to the next junction where
    there is tall grass on one edge, say hello to Queen Anne, the only
    anklegator here, now remember this grass, because where ever there is that
    type of grass, Queen Anne will show up to eat your butt, so remember it.
    Keep going till you can destroy the log blocking your path and time for
    stinkweed, don't go near these guys, they stink. Shoot them out from afar and
    still don't go near the stink clouds coming out of that dead thang', after
    the clouds clear out move on to the place surrounded by the tall grass you
    know what that means, pick up the spike but don't hang around for too long
    in between the grass or Queen Anne is going to come, move down the path to the
    left bottom and fend off some wall flowers, go back to the grass since queen
    anne got nervous looking at that pike you got and moved away. Head down right
    and deal with the green pincushion, these unlike the other white ones shoot
    constantly and all around them, so just stand a bit far in between two lines of
    the spikes they shoot and take them out. Head down more and to the bottom lane
    where you see a stinkweed, take it out for a black tonic. Move back up and a
    pincushion shoots at you from a long distance, take it out before you head
    into the grass, now move a little up to reveal two pincushions, but don't
    stay here, go back down where you came from and take out the two pincushions
    and a wallflower if it shows up, the Queen now leaves this place. Keep going
    topside and you will find an arsenal, go in to replenish your supply of tonics.
    Head back to the grass and right, to an area with a lot of grass and you will
    know you are getting close to the Queen's base, just don't hang around too long
    in the grass here, just kill off the lunkhead quick and be on your way to the
    right, alternatively, you can also go left from the grassy area to find a large
    patch of grass, stand near it to lure the lunkhead into the queen's territory.
    It still won't die easily but try, move back to the right when you're done here
    Head out to more grass, just don't linger in the grass and move up to the
    stinkweed, take it out for a black tonic. Down to your right the Queen keeps
    trying to eat the peckers unsuccessfully, you can see a health tonic here to
    the right, just remember to always roll / evade in the grass patches.
    Move down and a crystal blocking your path goes down, but head right to pick up
    a health tonic and ankelgator egg. Go back to the area where the crystal wall
    came down and go in to be trapped inside the Queen's lair.
    The trick here is to see when the queen comes out, just observe the spike
    sticking out of her head and let it get next to you, else the queen ain't
    never coming out. When it gets near you and the spike starts to vibrate
    - evade - and hit and keep doing this till two pincushions show up, when they
    do just don't stop at anything keep moving around and shooting everything, deal
    with the queen only after you rid the place of wallflowers and pincushions.
    I believe you may be able to deal with the queen even with all those things
    around but I had my difficulty maxed from the shrine so I had to take out the
    other things before going for the queen. As the queen takes damage, she keeps
    moving faster and faster and when she pops out she does so for a little time
    After you beat her pick up the shard, head left for goodies and head back to
    where you came in from and go to....
    [--BASTION--]                                                           {BST11}
    DISTILLERY - unlock new tonics to use in your tonic slots.
    ARSENAL - unlock a new special skill, the trapper snare.
    FORGE - unlock two extra slots upgrade slots for each weapon.
    SHRINE - unlock two new idols.
    MEMORIAL - unlock new vigils.
    LOST-AND-FOUND - unlock new items and tonics to use in the distillery.
    You know what the above list if for right? Now speak to your two friends and
    get a baby-gator.
    [--POINT LEMAIGN--]                                                       {PL1}
    Move right to face two monster peckers and two wall flowers which come.
    To you left is the army carbine which will replace your primary weapon. it's
    good to use this at point-blank range, but if you want to do ranged attacks
    you need to let the two white lines(which show when you hold the click) to
    coincide and then only you can get max accuracy. But they don't have to be
    coincident all the time, the further you need to hit, the closer they need to
    be, and the gun can be pretty accurate for quite a distance. Kill pincushions
    and weed that show up and head to the path which the crystal wall was blocking
    now, and head on left onto the Grandrail of Point Lemaign which starts to move.
    If on the rail you stay back as the screen moves up, you will fall and come
    back on the rail, so it's just like falling off normally, But if the creatures
    which come on the rail go they will still hit at you and if the ones on your
    either side move out of the screen they ain't going to come back, so you can
    choose to kill everything or just evade.
    When the rail stops head right for some goodies and a lunkhead. Move back and
    up ahead you will need to kill two fungus coughing wallflowers one after one
    - well, just cure those sorry plants, move left along the narrow path for a 
    health tonic and a wallflower. Move back and up again, till you can see vine
    apple to you right, take care of the lunkhead and move on till you see the
    arsenal, go in to replenish yourself and move right and keep moving on and on
    the only way you can until you pick up the shard and a new rail line shows
    along with peckers. This place is a complete mess and is infested with
    swampweed, wall flowers and peckers - the worst of the pack. Just don't
    hesitate to run into the swampeed, it will blur out the screen but you can
    still use autoaim using the shield.
    Everything finally stops; head to the right to more cushions and wallflowers,
    and on more till you see zulf's evil twin. Pick up the note and head right
    [--BASTION--]                                                           {BST12}
    Speak to Rucks and Zia and come home to the ceramic stockpot - just like the
    pipe it transports you to who knows where. This place is about Zia and you
    get to face the new enemies. Ankelgators, Wallflowers, different peckers etc.
    [--COLFORD CAULDRON--]                                                    {CC1}
    Pick up two far range weapons before entering this place.
    Eeeeevry vineapple explodes here, so maintain your distance, you have already
    faced all the foes from here so no sweat.
    Go to your right to an exploding vineapple and the group of stinkeyes. Top left
    is a stinkweed and two more vineapples. Go down when you're done.
    Pick up you're new best friend - The Fire Bellows. Burn down those flying
    cretins and all the dry weed around you for fragments. Go right to some
    stinkweed and wallflowers, you can take them out with the bellows if you
    stand on the edge here.
    Go back and down, not all of the stinkeyes you see will attack, but some will,
    so be careful. Keep burning everything you see and move on to the pincushions.
    After you take out all of them and pick up the pecker's nest head down left.
    The bellows can burn wallflowers even when they are closed so it's a very
    powerful weapon so burn all the wallflowers away and don't bother with the
    skineyes as they don't attack you. Go all the way to pick up the shard.
    Now about those stinkeyes -- they wake up. But the bellows is too powerful for
    any number of stink eyes. Up front you have wallfower and stinkweed and a big
    pecker, just ignore them and run to the skybridge or burn them up.
    On the other side are more stinkeyes, and weed block your path, raze everything
    to the ground and go to the skyway past the stinkweed back to...
    [--BASTION--]                                                           {BST13}
    Speak to get a new friend and upgrade a new building and move on.
    [--MOUNT ZAND--]                                                          {MZ1}
    I hope you have the firebellows with you.
    This place looks more like a rainforest than any mountain. The plant growth
    is so high that you won't be able to see the kid or his enemies in almost
    the whole of this area. But good for us we can auto-aim using the shield and
    we also have the mouse pointer to aim.
    Move up to face a lunkhead, just shield him and burn for some toad fry, the
    Japanese do it best ;p move further up to another lunkhead and then go top left
    for a couple of enemies and a few peckers; go down to find some goodies.
    Go back to the place where you fought your second toad and go right for another
    toad and another toad, keep moving right to get something greasy. Go back to
    the center (the place with the pool) and go upwards till you see a wallflower,
    burn it and go up the wood bark to the right of the flower to another flower.
    Go up to a pincushion and right to a gator and a stinkweed. Go back and up to
    a wallflower and two stinkies, to the left here is a cushion covered with some
    leafy growth. Go up the bark bridge and pick up the king around these parts -
    the Galleon Mortar. This mortar is extremely powerful, infact it's the most
    powerful weapon now in the game, to use it, simply hold the click and you see a
    bullseye, the longer you hold, the further the bullseye goes, when you're ready
    to make a hit, leave the click and BOOM.
    To your bottom right are three large peckers, mortar them from a distance, and
    further right is the arsenal, and to the right of the arsenal is a Fine 
    Gramophone. And as soon as you pick it up, a cushion surrounded by stabweed
    falls down, we don't even need to go near them.
    Go back all the way to where you picked up the mortar and further left to three
    wallflowers, go up the ramp here and left to find two pincushions, move further
    up and keep going, if you see wallflowers just mortar them. Keep going up and
    right and down the bark bridge to find a health and black tonic. Go back up
    till you see 6 cushions shooting at you from far off, just take them out and
    go to the skybridge to the left.
    Now the shard is in plain sight, pick it up for a boss battle. Two lungblossoms
    and a lot of minions, the two biggies' rain down crap onto you, so just don't
    stay in a place. Use up all you're secret skills and take out the stinkweed
    for more black tonics, you'll be fine. When you're done, move to the skyway
    and onto...
    [--BASTION--]                                                           {BST14}
    Talk to them friends of yours and get the gramophone working for some groovy
    numbers. You can get all the wonderful music of the game here from the
    gramophone. Upgrade and move out.
    [--BURSTONE QUARRY--]                                                     {BQ1}
    This place was used to build everything before the calamity struck, but now
    it is in bad shape. There will be logs and other things blocking your path
    throughout this stage, so just keep burning or smashing things all the way.
    Head left and then keep going till you see rattle-tails, these things dig
    underground and throw mud on you and are somewhat resistant to some attacks
    while underground, but you can still blow them using mortars. Ahead you can
    see two pincushions shooting at a friendly gasfella. The gasfellas you see
    in this level are all friendly, but don't get too close to them or they will
    turn on you. Move ahead to another gasfella and a wallflower and a pincushion.
    If you hit the switch here, it will change the landscape a bit but it's of no
    use now. These switches can be found throughout the level, they will move the
    shards that stick out from the ground from place to place and summon new shards.
    Further on, you will find another switch - again useless. Go down and right to
    another friendly gasfella, move on to a pincushion and you see a lunkhead
    trapped between the large shards you can move by hitting the switch close-by.
    Pick up the health tonic and move up to another switch, but before you hit it
    move right and up to a health tonic and fragments. Come back and hit the switch
    but take care of the two rattle-tails here. Hit the switch and go right to
    find stinkeyes and fragments. Go back down to a gasfella near a switch, hit it
    and go to the arsenal nearby.
    Head down right to the gasfella and you can see two pincushions. Move left down
    and hit the switch and keep going for "something stringy" and a few stinkeyes.
    Go back and hit the switch again to remove the shards that are blocking the
    path to the right down and ignore the switch here as it will block the path
    further down. So, go down and hit the switch here, go right to pick up some
    fragments and go top left from the middle all the way for fragments, backtrack
    and go down and hit the switch here, explore for a bit for fragments and tonics
    head down and right to meet Sir Lunky. There is no Queen of England here, but I
    think Queen Anne knighted him.
    Sir Lunky is an easy hit, just keep moving when he hops and hit when he is
    still. After ridding the place of the fine toad, his lackeys show up, two
    rattle-tails and a pincushion. Keep going up to the place where you first saw
    Sir Lunky and pick up something coarse and a health tonic and a black tonic.
    Move back and down and speak to Zulf and hit the switch, pick up the shard and
    go topside to the skyway.
    [--BASTION--]                                                           {BST15}
    Just like Zulf warned, the Bastion is under siege and it's up to you to break
    Move on to see a new enemy - the Ura countrymen. These blue guys have a spear
    with them and move in real fast and thrust the spears into you. But they are
    not as bad as they sound, just shield and take them out. Move up for another
    Ura and to see that they have blocked the way off to Bastion. Head down the
    other way which opens up and at the end move down left for the Harp Guitar.
    The Ura kidnapped Zia, go the opposite lane for fragments and then right for
    skyway into the middle of all the action. Kill all of them quickly and don't
    worry about your friends who are helping you here as there is no friendly fire.
    After all the action is over speak to Rucks and place the shard in the monument
    to get things back to normal (nearly).
    [--URZENDRA GATE--]                                                       {UG1}
    A really unique level.
    Now, for the final shard.
    Keep moving all the way up.
    When you reach the central place you see a shooting ura, take her down and face
    another one and move left top of the campfire for fragments. Go back and right.
    A lunkhead comes at you from behind fry it and move on up and burn the blockade
    and face another lunkhead and keep moving and clearing the place of the barrage
    and the final lunkhead.
    Move back and pick up the fragments down the stairs, go back up and right and
    destroy everything here for more fragments and go back to the place you first
    came. Move up to face a Ura and go left and down for another one and keep
    going all the way down and left and find another Ura and some trash to burn.
    Move on and you have to fight two Ura at a time, no sweat, kill one and one
    more pops out, take them all down and destroy the stuff to the top left corner
    to reveal something fancy. Head right and onto the ferry.
    Just go all the way here, there is only one route and one Ura to deal with...
    It seems we have a stalker. Take him out and move right.
    This place has frozen rubble blocking your path, so when ever you can't move
    just remember to melt the ice.
    Move right to deal with five peckers and a Ura fighting with one of them. Go
    right to deal with a stinkeye and pick up the two tonics here. Go back and up
    and left for a black tonic. Go back and right all the way.
    Keep going right all the way and then left for a Ura and fragments and then
    right all the way.
    Go all the way to the right and pick up the sha.... Woooop, kill all the
    rattle-tails that have surrounded you, just remember to keep moving, take
    the skyway after your done here. Head back to Bastion and then to...
    [--ZULTEN'S HOLLOW--]                                                     {ZH1}
    Head up and destroy the four standing structures you see here along with the
    Ura. Pick up the calamity cannon and a Ura security will show up. Unlike the
    normal security they shoot laser beams at you. Just shield and hit when they
    take breaks. They also only activate when you are at a certain distance from
    them and if you are far enough they don't activate but you can take them out.
    Head to the path that just cleared up and melt the snowball blocking your path
    here. Go up all the way fighting Ura and more security to the conductors. You
    just destroyed these and you're going to do it again and again throughout this
    level, so whenever you see these conductors just break them down.
    Head left for fragments a security shows up. Go back and up to see three
    security shooting at you. Past them is the arsenal. Move left and deal with
    the rattle-tail. You get to more security and conductors and a rattle-tail.
    Further left you need to deal with more rattle-tails and after that go down
    left and the path is blocked and a rattle-tail is on the other side. Kill that
    cretin and destroy the conductors and the blockade falls down, move in and
    collect something burnt.
    Head all the way up till you can see a lot of conductors, and as you go into
    the area, don't stop to kill the stinkeyes, just move ahead and you will see
    two stinkbins, destroy them both before you get rid of the two security and all
    the conductors here. Go right and a Ura is waiting for you and further are
    fragments and something foul. Go back and up all the way for Ura who give
    health tonics when dead and a stray health tonic. Go back and left and destroy
    the conductors here to open a path upside.
    You get to face another stinkbin surrounded by snow balls and a pesky Ura. Take
    out the stinkbin first. Destroy the conductors to your right to open up a path.
    Take out the enemies in the center and head down left to face Ura and five
    security and take something wrong.
    Go back up to see a new kind of Ura, three of them. Go left and pick up the
    Child's Drawing, and as soon as you do, two rattle-tails show up. Destroy the
    conductors here if you already haven't and go up and talk to Zia.
    [--BASTION--]                                                           {BST16}
    Speak to Rucks and Zia and know you learn that Rucks was not speaking to you
    but to Zia. Go visit the buildings and then look at the Bedroll which is
    in between the stockpot and the pipe, this time it's about Zulf.
    [--THE TAZAL TERMINALS--]                                                {TTT1}
    The legendary tazal terminals is here. Time for the final battle. Do everything
    you have to do and head to the last battle...
    You are greeted by three baby rattles, up front you will have a security
    watching you. Move on and on till you have to deal with the spear Ura and
    another one is shooting at you from the other side. Move up, take care of the
    blockade and the three Ura here and move left and collect the tonics along.
    From here just evade everything till you reach the end, it will save you much
    hassle. In the end you still have to deal with a few Ura, after you are done
    go back to where you were surrounded by Ura and take them out. Go back and
    up right to the center of the hell hole. Just use up all your special skill
    here as you are up against all type of Ura, tiny Rattle-tails and a stinkbin.
    After you are done, move to the right to deal with more Ura. I found that the
    special skill Burning Carousel is very very effective. Head to the skypad in
    which one of the larger Ura came on and borrow it.
    This is the most beautiful part of the game.
    Head right to face a Ura and onwards to face another. All Ura's here are the
    powerful ones. Move on till you get the Hop-Scotch - niceeee. Hop and pick up
    the tonics which are to your bottom and right and go back to the main path all
    the way till you see a few Ura. This place is slowly falling apart piece by
    piece, so watch where you hop, Ura attack you from all four sides and when you
    go up, a security shows. Just don't forget that you can hop. Further upwards
    you have to deal with four more Ura. After you move further up you will be
    on a bridge filled with Ura and a lot of trash blocking your path, ignore all
    Ura here and just try to jump over the trash or destroy it and move forward
    until you are off the bridge and onto the skyway just ahead.
    You will face a boss Ura who isn't any different or tougher than the other ones
    Just remember your shield and pick up all those tonics and go to the right
    where you can see broken pieces of ice floating, get on these. You have to jump
    for some time ahead, just be wary of the Ura that are present here and take
    care while jumping, in the end get on the skypad and move on.
    Move down and jump and activate the switches on either side here to open the
    gate. Pick up the tonics here to the top left lane and hit the switch and go
    right to pick up the best weapon in the game and arguably slowest weapon too
    "The Battering Ram" - this thing can smash any other thing in a single hit.
    As soon as you pick it up, the pyth bull comes to life, ram it and go back
    along the way you came and take out another bull and smash up the gate - now
    nothing can stop you.
    Go back to the central place and down, and whenever something stops you, ram it
    The only weapon you can use from now is the ram. It has primary, secondary and
    secret skill fire modes., try them all out, the secret skill especially looks
    awesome. Keep destroying everything and go a bit right and down and get onto a
    Now use the secondary fire -- kid smashes the ram to the ground, this does a
    splash damage around you and pretty much everyone goes down in a single hit,
    don't forget that you can still shield yourself with the ram, when facing
    a lot of foes just shield yourself and they get close, now use the secondary
    fire and see the fun. Move right and more Ura will fall onto you, remember
    the shield and smash way for an easy outing. Further right are three security,
    stop and shield when they are lazing you and move closer when they take a
    break and then break them.
    Move downward and the screen zooms out and you have the shard in your sight.
    A large Ura is carrying it. Go near him and he zooms away summoning some Ura
    henchmen. Repeat this a few times and take out all the goons that come at you.
    Finally the large Ura puts the shard down and has two pyth bulls come, you
    can see the awesome power of the secret skill here. After picking up the shard
    move to the right where the new path showed up. Move here until you see Zulf
    being butchered by his countrymen and you have two options -
    If you do this you are just going to fight a large army of Ura up front but
    nothing you can't handle, but be warned that the health bar disappears and
    after taking out the first few guys you will become invincible and won't take
    any damage even if you stand still.
    You pick up Zulf and move on in which case you see the same army and some 
    shoot at you, but most of them will watch in silence as you carry their injured
    Whatever you choose, move on up and hit the switch if you chose to take Zulf or
    just ram thru if not. Move on and hit the skyway.
    [--BASTION--]  {BST17}
    Follow through here by waking up and placing the shard. Zulf is nowhere to be
    found even if you chose to save him.
    You are inside the Bastion, speak to Rucks about everything and then to Zia
    who now has a voice of her own.
    Move to the front of the machine and you again are given two options -
    Send everything back in time the way it was before anything happened.
    Get out of that darned place to your old country and explore the world.
    The ending cutscene differs on the choice you made above, I leave it to you
    to find out ....
    You can always replay the last level even after you beat the game.
    After you beat the game once, you unlock a special plus mode and new GODs and
    various features in-game including the availability of all weapons and spirits
    from the beginning.
    6.PROVING GROUNDS                                                         {PG1}
    You can see all the thorny blue balls floating around you. Pick up the breakers
    bow and line up so that you can hit three balls with one shot, if you can make
    proper powershots, you can take out three at a time shooting diagonally and the
    last one, so it can be done in a total of five shots minimum for 1st prize,
    second is 5-10 and third is above 10 shots. You will need those prizes so keep
    practicing and the perfect score of five is extremely hard to get now, so just
    settle for second place and go back to the bastion. You can restart the proving
    ground by moving to the left and hitting the use button near the switch. You
    can always come back to this pace unlike the island containing cores which you
    can only play once. You can't find use of the prizes just yet so just move on
    if you want to.
    First Prize - Breaker Volley.
    [--TRAPPER SHINGLE--] Proving Ground  {PGTS}  Fang Repeater
    A challenging one, you got to shoot the blue spike balls as you move avoiding
    a fall. There is only limited amount of balls here (64). You must not miss any
    if you want the first prize and if you miss and the path falls off, you can't
    come back. Just be quick and you will do fine. One tip is that shoot when you
    have ammo standing in one place as many as you can, and when it's time to
    reload use evade to move forward and after reload is done start again.
    Third - 24 balls
    Second - 48 balls
    First - 64 balls
    First Prize - Snooze Dart
    [--WINDBAG RANCH--]  Proving Ground  {PGWR}  War Machete.
    Nothing much to this except to tell you to finish it as fast as possible, the
    best way to do this is when you begin stand in the central place from which
    the squirts start coming from the ground and keep slashing, when that is done
    concentrate on the shooters, be careful as they take some damage and shrink to
    make you think they are dead but keep hitting them till they disappear totally,
    head to the cornbins and take em out and finally kill what's left. whoo,,,
    The green ones are hard to hit and may need a throw of the machete, this is
    where you will lose time - hitting the green ones.
    Third - just kill everything
    Second - Under 90 secs
    First - Under 60 secs
    Prize - Ghost Blade
    [--BULLHEAD COURT--]  Proving Ground  {PGBC}  Shield
    The simplest proving ground in the game. All you need to do is time the counter
    properly (read combat section). When there are security just hold your shield
    and go real close to them so that the shots bounce back at them. But you may
    have problems with the gasfellas and the squirts and scumbags. Just learn to
    time the shots and every time possible position yourself so that the shots
    coming out of the security will hit other security or gasfellas. When you are
    against the scumbag, move as far as possible before he attacks so that you can
    have enough time to see it coming, when it's on the move towards you then hit
    shield for a proper counter, Everything else  is pretty much straightforward.
    First Prize - 2500 Fragments ( 2 hits or less) Hit the balls to get your stuff.
    [--ZULWOOD GROVE--] Proving Ground  {PGZG}  Scrap Musket
    This is the easiest Proving Ground. Just make sure you are close to a ball when
    shooting and facing as many balls as you can and you will do fine.
    Third - 25 or less
    Second - 16-25
    First - 15 or less
    First Prize - Scrap Salvo
    [--THE SCRAPYARD--]  Proving Ground  {PGSC}  CAEL Hammer
    Pick up the hammer, pick a spot and start mashing you mouse, cover everything
    in a circle, it's tough.
    third 40 and more
    second 27 - 40
    first  less than 27
    First Prize - Stunning Whallop
    [--SLINGER RANGE--]  Proving Ground  {PGSR}  Dueling Pistols
    "The slingers could plug you full of holes faster than you can say draw"
    This is a purely reflex challenge, also it depends on how good you are at
    mashing the mouse.
    Walk down the log bridge, pick up your pistols and when a dummy randomly falls
    on a side, start shooting. The trick here is that you need to hold shift as
    soon as you see a dummy fall down and start mashin'; don't bother aiming with
    the mouse, you don't need to aim, just hold shift as soon as you see it and
    shoot it, in fact after the first dummy, don't even bother releasing shift,
    just hold it for the rest of your challenge but only shoot after you see a
    dummy. You may want to upgrade your pistol a bit before you can win first prize
    but the rest are easy pickings.
    Third  less than 500
    Second 500-700
    First more than 700
    First Prize - SLINGER STORM
    [--CAMP DAUNCY--]  Proving Ground  {PGCD}  Brusher's Pike
    This many look really difficult the first few times around, but it can get real
    easy after a few tries.
    In this area are 6 switches, you need to activate them as soon as possible.
    The trick here is to destroy only those pincushions which block your path to
    the switch, killing others will simply waste your time. Start the course from
    your left, then go to your right, then up left, then up right, then down and
    down again. Going this way will save you some time.
          [3]         [5]
          [1]         [6]
                {} - start
    That is the order which you can go. Going that way also saves you considerable
    amount of time destroying the pikes. Another handy tip is that first, when you
    click the mouse you make a hit, now don't release your mouse, hold it and throw
    at you next target, so click-hold click-hold don't keep clicking, also throwing
    lets you destroy upto three cushions, so you can save a hell load of time using
    what I mentioned. Also before coming to this area equip the hearty punch tonic
    which gives you an extra chance after you die, now when there aren't too any
    cushions shooting at you or if there is only one shooting at you just pass thru
    it instead of killing it, this can save a lot of time too.
    Finally, along the first few tries don't rush through the areas, just take your
    time and see the shortest way to the switches.
    Go take the skyway back to Bastion and take the skyway here again to...
    First Prize - BRUSHER SWEEP
    [--TRIGGER HILL--]  Proving Ground  {PGTH}  Army Carbine
    An extremely easy course even by a far shot. The trick here is to know that
    you don't need to hold the click till both lines intersect. First off pick up
    the gun and then go to the edge of the left area and just click once without
    holding and you can take these two out instantly, next hold long enough only
    so that the two lines touch the vineapples and you're done here, but for the
    far ones go all the away till both lines are one. Then do the same to your
    right, just be sure not to waste any more time than needed and you can pass it
    easily without a drop of sweat.
    First Prize - TRIGGER BLITZ
    [--GRADY INCINERATOR--]  Proving Ground  {PGGI}  Fire Bellows
    This place can be a pain if you don't know how to do it properly.
    Pick up your weapon and roll into the middle, as soon as all the peckers are
    around you (this take only 1 second) roll out of the flock and burn them all,
    you don't get fried chicken around these parts, but you do know what you do get
    You may need to add upgrades to your weapon before you get the first prize.
    First Prize - RING OF FIRE
    [--BOUNDLESS BAY--]  Proving Ground  {PGBB}  Galleon Mortar
    An extremely easy one - again!
    You have only five mortars and you need to blast 80 squirts for the first prize
    There are two waves of squirts moving left and right, for max damage just try
    to hit these when they are at the center and everything else is a piece of cake
    First Prize - BOMB BARRAGE
    [--MANCHER OBSERVATORY--]  Proving Ground  {PGMO}  Calamity Canon
    Simple - Kill all the windbags and don't let them destroy the conductors. But
    doing this is most troubling, better get the cannon upgraded before you try.
    Stand on the edge and hold your fire button and don't bother releasing it.
    First Prize - CALAMITY ROCKETS
    7.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                                          ACK1
    First I would like to thank SuperGiant Games for making such a beautiful game
    and also Warner Bros. for bringing it to us.
    This is my first guide, so it you find and shortcomings or mistakes or if you
    have any suggestions for improving this guide, please write to me at -
    Also please tell me how you liked the guide and thank you for reading my guide.
                                         THE END

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