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    FAQ/Walkthrough by redapocalypse04

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    |                                   Bastion                                   |
    |                       Walkthrough By: redapocalypse04                       |
    |                       Contact: pbreedlove89@yahoo.com                       |
    |                                Version: 1.00                                |
                               ||                     ||
                               ||  Table of Contents  ||
                               ||                     ||
    I. Walkthrough_____________________________________________________________[W0]
       The Rippling Walls______________________________________________________[W1]
       The Sole Regret_________________________________________________________[W2]
       The Wharf District______________________________________________________[W3]
       The Bastion_____________________________________________________________[W4]
       The Workmen Ward________________________________________________________[W5]
       The Melting Pot_________________________________________________________[W6]
       The Sundown Path________________________________________________________[W7]
       The Hanging Gardens_____________________________________________________[W8]
       Pyth Orchard____________________________________________________________[W9]
       Cinderbrick Fort_______________________________________________________[W10]
       Langston River_________________________________________________________[W11]
       Prosper Bluff__________________________________________________________[W12]
       The Wild Outskirts_____________________________________________________[W13]
       Jawson Bog_____________________________________________________________[W14]
       Roathus Lagoon_________________________________________________________[W15]
       Point Lemaign__________________________________________________________[W16]
       Colford Cauldron_______________________________________________________[W17]
       Mount Zand_____________________________________________________________[W18]
       Burstone Quarry________________________________________________________[W19]
       Urzendra Gate__________________________________________________________[W20]
       Zulten's Hollow________________________________________________________[W21]
       The Tazal Terminals____________________________________________________[W22]
    II. Technical____________________________________________________________[TECH]
                                  ||               ||
                                  ||  Walkthrough  ||                          [W0]
                                  ||               ||
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                                 | ================== |
                                 |                    |
                                 | The Rippling Walls |                        [W1]
                                 |                    |
                                 | ================== |
    You start on an island floating in the air. Use the Left Thumbstick to get up 
    and move around. Move to the doorway and land will come up ahead of you. This
    is how the world appears, so get used to it. Stay away from the edges. You 
    can fall off, and if you do, you lose some health.
    You eventually come to a room with a Cael Hammer floating in the middle of it.
    Press X next to the hammer to pick it up. You can now press B to swing the 
    hammer. Use it to destroy the rubble in your way. The game informs you at this
    point that you can press A to evade. Don't do it too close to an edge, though,
    or you'll roll right off.
    You will have to clear more debris from your path to continue. In the room 
    after that, you'll face your first enemy: a Gasfella. Move towards him and 
    hit him once with the hammer, then back off. He'll attack, but his recovery is
    slow. While he's recovering, move up and hit him a couple more times to take 
    him down. Now move to the area at the bottom of this room. Some land will come
    up, connecting you to a small island. This island has a bunch of fragments on
    it. Fragments are your currency in the game, so collect them. Also, destroy 
    everything that you can when you get back to the mainland. Certain objects 
    yield fragments when broken.
    Go up the stairs and a Fang Repeater falls from the sky. Pick it up with X 
    and then hold X to use it. You have unlimited ammunition with all ranged 
    weapons, but they still have to reload. This is done automatically. The amount
    of ammo left in each clip is displayed above your weapons in the lower right 
    Up the next set of stairs you'll find a fountain. Press X next to it to stock
    up on Health Tonics. You can only carry three right now, and they're displayed
    directly below your health bar in the upper left corner. Press Y to heal 
    yourself, then press X again to refill your supply of tonics. Fountains provide
    infinite Health Tonics. After you do this, some more enemies pop up around the
    fountain. These guys are called Squirts. They are weak, but quick. Before 
    going forward, explore the sides of this room. If you go to the right of the
    fountain, land will come up leading you to a small island with some fragments
    on it. If you go to the left of the fountain, you'll come to a memento: the 
    Crystal Barrette. After you pick it up, a few Squirts drop down. Head into the
    Saloon just ahead of the fountain when you're ready.
                                  | =============== |
                                  |                 |
                                  | The Sole Regret |                          [W2]
                                  |                 |
                                  | =============== |
    Go around the room breaking objects. You can even break open Rondy, the 
    petrified bartender on the little platform. You'll find a Health Tonic up 
    here too. Be careful not to break it. After a bit, a Bullhead Shield drops 
    from the sky. Pick it up. You can now defend by either holding in the Left 
    Trigger or by moving the Right Thumbstick in a particular direction.
    A turret comes out of the ground behind the bar at this point. It fires a 
    volley of energy balls at you. This is a good time to practice countering. If
    you raise your shield just before an attack hits you, you can counter. In this
    case, raising your shield just before an energy ball hits you sends it right 
    back to the turret, destroying it.
    After it's down, a few Windbags drop in. These guys are basically miniature 
    Gasfellas. Use your shield and don't forget to use evade. If you evade and 
    roll through an enemy, you will damage them. More Windbags drop in, and you'll
    wind up having to hold off several of them at once. After they're gone, a lot
    of Squirts pop out of the ground, accompanied by a Gasfella. Note that this 
    Gasfella is a different color from the first one you encountered. He will 
    lunge at you and attack faster, so be on your guard. Take him down first, then
    deal with any leftover Squirts using your repeater. When using a ranged weapon,
    you should automatically lock on to the nearest enemy, but sometimes it's 
    sketchy. If you can't lock on, hold your shield up and then shoot. Once all 
    enemies have been cleared out, head over to the window that the narrator is 
    talking about and press X.
                                | ================== |
                                |                    |
                                | The Wharf District |                         [W3]
                                |                    |
                                | ================== |
    Press X to pick up the Breaker's Bow. This weapon fires at a much slower rate
    than the Fang Repeater, but you can hold down X to charge your short. When
    you blink white, release the arrow to do major damage. Move forward and deal
    with the three turrets that pop up. After dealing with them, head forward 
    and down. You should see a short wooden walkway that extends down and to the
    left. There's an upgrade material at the end of it: Something Stringy.
    Head forward and you'll wind up on a series of wooden walkways. Be careful not
    to fall off here. Turrets occupy the rocks floating alongside the walkway.
    At the bend, you'll pick up a secret skill: Whirl Wind. As soon as you do, a
    bunch of Squirts come out right next to you. Immediately press the Right 
    Trigger to use your secret skill, which should take care of most of the 
    enemies near you. You'll need Black Tonics to power your secret skill, so 
    go down and pick some more up, then head back and continue on.
    There are a few more Squirts and turrets to deal with. You will eventually 
    come to two buildings. The Distillery allows you to equip Spirits. These give
    you passive bonuses. You have three to choose from right now, and you can only
    equip one. Once you've picked one, enter the Arsenal. Here you can switch your
    weapons and secret skills. If you prefer the Fang Repeater to the Breaker's 
    Bow, this is your chance to switch back to it. Also, note that you have three
    secret skills total, one for each weapon. Switch between them at your leisure.
    Now head below the Arsenal to continue on. You'll pick up more Black Tonics,
    and face more Squirts. On the next large platform you come across Cornbins. 
    These blue contraptions spawn Squirts indefinitely, so take them out quickly.
    There's a secret path in the lower corner of this island, but it only leads
    to a petrified person.
    Once on the ferry, a Gasfella appears. Take him out and hit the switch to get
    moving. You'll have to deal with turrets while on the ferry, and some of them
    throw out three energy balls at a time. Gasfellas also drop in, but they come
    inside of boxes. If you can destroy the boxes before the enemies come out of 
    them, then you won't have to worry about fighting them. There might be a couple
    of Squirts thrown in for good measure as well.
    When you dock, deal with the Gasfella and move to the center. Pick up the 
    upgrade material, Something Heavy. Note the two Health Tonics on either side 
    of it. You'll probably need them, because as soon as you acquire the upgrade
    material, you're stuck on the platform in a boss fight of sorts. There are two
    new enemies to deal with: Scumbags. They are large, constantly throw blue stuff
    at you, and leave a trail of blue slime wherever they walk. The more you hit 
    them, the smaller they become though. Cornbins also drop in that constantly 
    spawn Squirts. You'll also have to deal with a huge Gasfella that acts as the 
    main boss here. Try to whittle the Scumbags down to a more manageable size, 
    and take care of Cornbins when you can. The focus should be on the Gasfella,
    though. When he slams his hammer down, he destroys that part of the floor. If
    you let him go for too long, you'll wind up constantly falling into the abyss.
    Still, the boss fight isn't too difficult. Once you've finished it, head 
    through the open gate. You'll come to a Core. Pick it up and the world will
    start to fall apart. You'll need to run along the walkway now. Obstacles and 
    enemies will spring up all over the place. Just evade to roll through 
    everything. Once you reach the end, press X to leave this area.
                                    | =========== |
                                    |             |
                                    | The Bastion |                            [W4]
                                    |             |
                                    | =========== |
    Move forward until you come to the Stranger. You can talk to him about the
    items in your possession. After that, move to the Monument in the center of 
    the area and place the core in it. This causes the Bastion to start to form 
    back up again.
    To the left of the Monument, some black pads have sprung up. One of them has
    a glowing blue symbol in it. Walk over to that pad and press X. The pads 
    are foundations. Collecting a core allows you to place a building on a pad. 
    Right now, you can place either a Distillery or an Arsenal here. I find the 
    Distillery to be of more use at this point, but it's up to you.
    After using your new building, go up from the Monument to reach the Skyway.
    The Skyway is a world map. At this point, you can travel to the next area in
    the campaign, or you can go to the available Proving Ground. You can also press
    Y above each destination to have the narrator dish out a little info.
                                 | ================ |
                                 |                  |
                                 | The Workmen Ward |                          [W5]
                                 |                  |
                                 | ================ |
    There are four paths to take at the beginning. Take the left one to start 
    with. You'll immediately come across some Squirts. If you take the upper path
    here, you'll come to a new weapon: the War Machete. It's a melee weapon, so 
    you press B to slash with it. However, you can also hold B to throw it. This 
    doesn't mean that you lose it, so don't worry about that.
    At the end of the paths you'll come across quite a few Squirts and a Cornbin.
    Take them all out and pick up the secret skill behind the Cornbin called 
    Squirt Lure. Head back to the main island and use the fountain here to 
    restore your health and tonics. A bunch of Squirts pop up, including a large
    one. Once they're all gone, take the bottom path to Scumbag Alley.
    Some Scumbags drop in around you. Take them out (or let them walk off the 
    edge) and continue on. Some Squirts pop up, along with a Cornbin on the final
    island. Once you step on that island, a massive Scumbag named Gershel drops in.
    The more you hit him, the smaller and faster he gets. Quickly take out the 
    Cornbin, then deal with Gershel. The Squirt Lure skill is useful here. It 
    summons a Squirt to fight for you, and that Squirt can keep the Scumbag busy
    while you whittle him down. When he's gone, bust everything up and head back
    to the main island.
    When you get there, a Squirt pops out along with an upgrade material: Something
    Sharp. Pick it up and take the path that goes up and to the right. You'll 
    come across Gasfellas and Windbags on your way. A side path branches off to
    the right, but it only leads to another petrified person. At the end of the 
    path you'll find a new building: The Forge. Inside, you can use upgrade 
    materials and fragments to improve your weapons. When you're done, head back
    to the main island, defeat the Gasfella, and use the fountain if needed.
    Now take the uppermost path. When you reach the intersection, be ready to 
    evade back, because four turrets spring up around you, and a couple of 
    Gasfellas also come out. Take them all down and head left. You'll find various
    Tonics and a memento: the Ragged Hood.
    Keep going forward and you'll come to an island with the Core. It's locked in
    a cage. When you approach it, a bunch of Gasfellas come down and surround the
    perimeter. They won't attack you unless you get close to them. You will simply
    have to deal with the red Gasfella that drops down into the center of the 
    arena. His only attack involves spinning around in a circle with his hammer 
    extended. Wait for him to stop, then get in as many hits as possible, 
    preferably with a ranged weapon. If you approach the edge, evade immediately.
    The lesser Gasfellas have a slamming attack that cannot be blocked. Once the 
    main Gasfella is taken care of, the others will simply fade away. Pick up the 
    core and head back to the main island. You might have to fend off one last 
    Gasfella. Use the square on the ground to get back to the Skyway.
    You'll automatically be taken back to the Bastion. Talk to the Stranger 
    again about the Ragged Hood, and a friendly Squirt will pop up. Insert the 
    Core into the Monument and you'll be able to construct another building. This
    time, you can choose to build a Forge. When you're ready, head back to the 
    Skyway and you'll find two new areas have opened up. It doesn't matter which
    one you do first.
                                  | =============== |
                                  |                 |
                                  | The Melting Pot |                          [W6]
                                  |                 |
                                  | =============== |
    Move onto the main island and note the green plants with the red in the 
    middle of them. These are Stabweeds. If you touch them, you will be damaged, 
    so be careful when destroying them. Head to the right and obtain the upgrade
    material Something Nasty. A large Squirt appears right on top of you. Deal 
    with it and then go the opposite way, down the stairs.
    You see the Core in a cage near the top of this room. Go around the room, 
    eliminating all boxes and Stabweeds and whatever else you might be able to 
    squeeze some Fragments out of. There's a secret skill on the left side called
    Trip Mine that you can pick up. When you're ready, hit the switch near the 
    bottom of the room.
    The cage around the Core will SLOWLY raise up. A bunch of Fragments fall from
    the sky, followed by a bunch of Squirts and Gasfellas/Windbags. They will 
    continue to drop down for a while now. However, friendly Squirts also begin
    dropping in. Soon, a few Scumbags come into play. Shortly after this, you'll
    get two friendly Gasfellas to help you out. After they come in, all hell 
    really starts to break loose. You'll get a ton of Stabweeds dropping in, 
    along with the other enemies, including at least two Cornbins. Focus on these
    first or you'll be swimming in Squirts. Turrets are also introduced, including
    two with flamethrowers. Finally, you'll have to deal with one large boss-like
    Gasfella. Fortunately, along with all that, a bunch of Health and Black Tonics
    fall from the sky, so don't hesitate to use your secret skill. The mines you
    lay down do massive damage to surrounding enemies. Once all enemies have 
    been defeated, pick up everything you can, including the Ancient Spices memento
    that's dropped in the middle, and of course the Core. Get on the barge that 
    appears next to the switch and head back to the Bastion.
    Talk to the Stranger and insert the Core into the Monument. You can now 
    construct the final building. Head into the Skyway and you'll find you've 
    unlocked a new Proving Ground.
                                 | ================ |
                                 |                  |
                                 | The Sundown Path |                          [W7]
                                 |                  |
                                 | ================ |
    Go through the gate and the world will start to crumble. It seem someone got
    to the Core before you. Hurry along, and watch out for squares that turn deep
    red. They're about to fall. Ignore everything until you reach the first island.
    Here, defeat the Gasfellas and turrets, then destroy the rubble blocking your
    path. These islands won't fall, so you've got time.
    You'll soon come to a closed gate. It won't open until you destroy the 
    flamethrower turret in front of it. Hurry before the entire floor falls away.
    At the next island, fight off the large Squirt, Gasfellas, and turrets, then 
    hack your way to the Skybridge. Skybridges transport you to other parts of the
    same area. In this case, you're put on the piece of land right next to the 
    one you were on.
    On this island, head out onto the very thin bridge. It'll continue to come up,
    allowing you to access the small island to the right. Here you can pick up 
    the Bronze Spyglass memento. Head back and use the next Skybridge.
    Rush across this area, ignoring all enemies, and use the next Skybridge. Move
    forward and defeat the Gasfella and turrets, then use the fountain. The next
    Skybridge puts you on more crumbling platforms. At the end you'll find a huge
    Scumbag. You'll also have to deal with Squirts and turrets. There are Tonics
    on the upper part of this area.
    At the next bend, you'll find a new secret skill: Hand Grenade. Black Tonics
    will constantly drop down, so use the Hand Grenade skill to eliminate both 
    platforms of enemies that pop up. Once they're gone, use the Skybridge. It 
    takes you to a single island with an upgrade material called Something Burnt.
    Skybridge back and continue on through the gate.
    There's a large group of boxes Gasfellas between you and the exit. Take them
    all down and exit to the Bastion. There isn't much to do here without a Core,
    so exit to the Skyway when you're ready. You'll find a new Proving Ground and 
    a new area to explore.
                                | =================== |
                                |                     |
                                | The Hanging Gardens |                        [W8]
                                |                     |
                                | =================== |
    Not a lot happens in the first part of this level. You come across a lot of
    petrified bodies. Eventually you see a live person on an inaccessible island.
    After this, go right towards the gate. Two flamethrowing turrets drop down on
    either side of you.
    After going through the gate, a bunch of turrets drop in and surround you. Go
    back to the gate, which is now closed, and use your shield to counter their 
    projectiles. Once they've been taken care of, grab the Tonics and continue on.
    When you come across the next petrified bodies, a Gasfella appears. Keep going
    until you reach an island where you have to slash through the bodies of Grady
    Jr. and Sr. The bottom area has a memento: the Ura Sigil. There are also 
    Fragments that drop down nearby. Go back and head left now, on the white path.
    You'll come to the Core. It's surrounded by petrified bodies and enemies. 
    Defeat the Gasfellas and Squirts, then destroy the remains and grab the Core.
    Go through the open gate and speak with the Survivor to get back to the 
    Once at the Bastion, you can talk to the Stranger(Rucks) and to the 
    Survivor(Zulf) about items you've found. Now place the Core in the Monumen to 
    raise more land. You can construct another building now, either a 
    Lost-and-Found or a Memorial. The Lost-and-Found is a shop where you can buy
    Tonics and other assorted items. The Memorial gives you access to challenges.
    Completing challenges rewards you with Fragments. When you enter the Skyway,
    you'll find two new areas to explore.
                                    | ============ |
                                    |              |
                                    | Pyth Orchard |                           [W9]
                                    |              |
                                    | ============ |
    First, head to the bottom of the island and follow this path. You'll 
    eventually come to another island with a large bull statue on it. Head to the 
    bottom of this island and you'll come across the Plush Pyth memento. Now take
    the path above the bull.
    When you reach an orchard/field with some apples in it, go to the bottom-left
    and a path springs up leading to an upgrade material: Something Coarse.
    Back on the main path you'll come to another bull statue. Except this one 
    comes to life when you get near it. It's quick and it will chase you down. 
    Hold up your shield to stop its attacks. When it takes a break, lay into it. 
    Repeat this until the bull is dead. Grab any Tonics that might be available to
    the left of the Shrine entrance, then head inside.
    Inside the Shrine, you can invoke or renounce the Gods. Invoking a God 
    basically just turns up the difficulty in a specific way. You also get more 
    XP and Fragments for your trouble. Right now, the only God you can invoke is 
    Pyth. Doing this makes enemies faster. If you think you can handle it, 
    invoke him.
    Once you leave the Shrine, you'll immediately face some Squirts and Windbags.
    On your way back, you'll have to take on Squirts, Windbags, turrets, and a 
    Cornbin. When you reach the first bull, you'll find that it has come alive as 
    well, so deal with it, then remove the Stabweeds blocking your exit and 
    continue on. There a couple more turrets to deal with before you reach the 
    starting point again. Use the Skyway to get back to the Bastion. Talk to Zulf
    about the Plush Pyth to erect a bull statue.
                                 | ================ |
                                 |                  |
                                 | Cinderbrick Fort |                         [W10]
                                 |                  |
                                 | ================ |
    Move forward and a bunch of Squirts drop down on you. Head up the stairs and
    deal with the two Gasfellas and turrets that pop up. Ahead, you'll face 
    another Gasfella and a turret. This turret fires slow-moving pink energy
    balls. These energy balls home in on you and do a lot of damage, so be 
    careful. Try to counter each shot so that it veers away and disappears 
    before it can come back.
    When you reach more stairs, go past them. Turrets pop up on the same platforms
    as before, and you'll also have to deal with a Gasfella. The reward, though,
    is a bunch of Fragments. Now head upstairs.
    At the top you'll face Gasfellas and Windbags. The Gasfellas use a slam attack
    that cannot be blocked. Eliminate all of them and hit the switch. The cage 
    in front of you raises and you can pick up the Scrap Musket, which is 
    basically a shotgun. Use it to wipe out the Squirts that pop up behind you 
    and the debris ahead of you.
    Take out the Cornbin and Squirts at the top of the stairs, then go right. 
    You'll find an island with some Fragments on it. Go back and head left this 
    time. There's another Cornbin here.
    At the top of the stairs you'll find two pink-ball shooting turrets. Further 
    on there's a Gasfella and another turret, along with an Arsenal.
    Keep following the path and you'll come to the Core. Pick it up and head 
    through the gate. Don't go too far though. There are two red Gasfellas here 
    that spin around and have a lot of health, so take them on one at a time. 
    A bunch of Squirts also drop in.
    Once you've passed that part, fight your way through the legions of Gasfellas,
    Windbags, and Squirts. On the green and gold road, you'll have to deal with
    turrets as well. At the end of the road, take out the two green Gasfellas 
    and head up the stairs. There will now be a series of flamethrowing turrets 
    to deal with.
    After taking all of them down, you'll find yourself trapped in a boss fight.
    Turrets will start dropping down around you. More importantly, you'll need to
    deal with an oversized Gasfella and an oversized Scumbag. The Gasfella can 
    bust holes in the floor with his attacks, so try to deal with him first. 
    More Scumbags and Gasfellas also drop in, along with a Cornbin. Once they're 
    all done, pick up the Fragments and the Marshal's Badge memento near the exit,
    then enter the Skyway.
    Back in the Bastion, insert the Core and construct your new building. You can
    erect a Shrine, if you want to. Don't forget to talk to Zulf and the Stranger.
    Zulf can tell you about something he brought to the Bastion: the Smoking Pipe.
    When you use the pipe, you are transported to a place called Who Knows Where.
    Here, you have to fend off 20 waves of enemies. You can get Fragments and XP 
    by doing this.
                                  | ============== |
                                  |                |
                                  | Langston River |                          [W11]
                                  |                |
                                  | ============== |
    First, go to the right and pick up the Fragments on the small outcropping. Now
    head back the other way. There are Gasfellas and turrets to deal with, 
    particularly when you get close to the ferry. The area is also lined with 
    Stabweeds, so be careful. Hit the switch when all enemies are gone.
    While riding on the barge, Gasfellas, Squirts, and turrets will all come up to
    oppose you. After a while, the barge hits a wall.
    Move along the narrow walkway. You'll face a few Gasfellas and a couple of 
    turrets. When the path forks, take the bottom path to get to an Arsenal. Head
    back and continue on the main path. You soon come to the Core. Once you pick it
    up, you'll have to deal with a new enemy: Peckers. These flying birds are 
    fairly weak, but travel in flocks. Once upside, though, is that they seem to 
    attack almost anything, including other enemies. Head back to the barge.
    Once there, you'll notice that you've got two friendly flamethrowing turrets
    to help you out. Hit the switch to get going. Fend off the Peckers and 
    Gasfellas until three turrets show up. All three fire the highly damaging 
    pink balls. On top of that, a lot more enemies will drop in on you, including
    a huge Gasfella. Once they've all been taken care of, the barge rushes through
    the rest of the enemies and crashes onto an island filled with Peckers. 
    Destroy them all and press X next to the wooden path on the ground.
                                   | ============= |
                                   |               |
                                   | Prosper Bluff |                          [W12]
                                   |               |
                                   | ============= |
    Destroy the upright logs blocking your path, and deal with the Gasfella and 
    Peckers. When you reach the closed gate, head down and hit the switch at the 
    end to open it.
    On the next island you should see some purple plants. These are Swampweeds. 
    Don't get close to them. When they are destroyed, they release a poisonous 
    gas. Head down and deal with any Peckers. Go left when you get the chance and 
    pick up the Fragments and Health Tonic here, then go back and down. Hit the 
    switch at the end and use the Skybridge to get back to the gate, where you'll
    find a Pecker and a Gasfella.
    At the next gate you'll come across blue Peckers that shoot projectiles at 
    you. The railroad tracks don't lead to anything but a minecart that you can 
    destroy for a few Fragments. Head down and hit the switch, then use the 
    Skybridge to get back.
    At the next gate, do the same thing. You'll wind up on some railroad tracks.
    Take out the Swampweeds, Peckers, and obstacles until you reach the next 
    gate. Again, hit the switch and use the Skybridge.
    Pass the closed gate and keep going until you reach a fork. Go left and hit 
    the switch, then use the Skybridge to get back to the now opened gate. 
    Go through it and collect the Health Tonic and Fragments, then use this 
    Skybridge to get back to the fork. Head right this time.
    The side path here leads to a Skybridge that takes you to the switch. Head 
    through the gate once it's opened. Defeat the Peckers and destroy the logs.
    Flip the switch when you get to it and use the Skybridge. Head down if you 
    want, but it only leads to a Swampweed, some apples, and two Peckers. Go 
    through the next gate. You'll find a memento, the Hidebound Journal, and the
    source of the singing. Talk to the girl to get back to the Bastion.
    Same routine as before. Show your memento to Rucks and Zulf, and show all of 
    them to Zia, the Singer. Place the Core in the Monument, construct your final
    building, and head off to the Skyway.
                                | ================== |
                                |                    |
                                | The Wild Outskirts |                        [W13]
                                |                    |
                                | ================== |
    Move to the broken log and press X. You'll get the Dueling Pistols from it.
    These guns fire as fast as you can mash on the X button. You can try them out
    on a new enemy up ahead, the Pincushion. Pincushions are plants that fire a 
    stream of projectiles at you. Wait until it stops, then lay into it with the
    pistols. There are a couple more Pincushions ahead. When you reach the Core, 
    deal with the Pincushion and the Peckers. One of the Peckers is huge, so you'll
    really have to work your fingers to make it go down. Pick up the Core when the
    area's clear.
    You soon encounter another new enemy, the Wallflower. When their petals are 
    up, you cannot damage them. When their petals are down, they shoot projectiles
    at you. Further on you'll come across Pincushions. Go up to find an Arsenal.
    To the right of the Arsenal you'll find a big yellow dandelion and a couple of
    crates. Pressing X next to the crates will open the shipment. The shipment is
    two Gasfellas, so do this if you want the XP. There is a Wallflower above 
    the crates.
    You will quickly encounter two new Pincushions that fire projectiles in 
    multiple directions at the same time. The lower Pincushion drops an upgrade 
    material when it's defeated: Something Greasy. Move forward until you see a 
    campfire and some Peckers. There's a trail of yellow that leads up from the 
    campfire into the bushes. You might notice something blue. These are Fragments.
    Defeat the Swampweeds, Pincushions, and Peckers that show up. You'll now 
    face a new enemy: a Lunkhead. They bounce around and you cannot damage them 
    from the front. You must wait for it to land, then roll behind it and land a 
    few hits. Rinse and repeat until it's dead. Now you can explore this campsite.
    There are multiple items that you can investigate to get a little narrator 
    info. Near the Quarry Cart, some green dandelion-esque plants pop up. These
    are Vineapples. Destroy them and they'll heal you. Further on there's a 
    Sandbag on the left side that you can open up. It gives you the upgrade 
    material Something Foul. Now destroy the two Wallflower and head back to the
    Seems Zulf did something bad. Pick up the Fractured Monument memento and 
    speak with Rucks and Zia. Insert the Core into the Monument and head to the 
                                    | ========== |
                                    |            |
                                    | Jawson Bog |                            [W14]
                                    |            |
                                    | ========== |
    Keep walking until you reach a dead end. On the left side there's a large 
    piece of wood. It looks too steep, but you can use it to go down to the 
    next island. Keep moving until you reach the Shard.
    When you wake up, you find yourself back in Prosper Bluff. Move forward and 
    you'll find a new enemy: the Stinkeye. When the eye is open, which usually 
    happens when you're facing away or when it's moving, it takes more damage. 
    Still, even with the eye closed, they're fairly weak. However, after taking 
    down the first two, the light in the area will strobe on and off, and a ton of
    Stinkeyes drop down all around you. Evade a lot and remember where the edges 
    are when the area is pitch black. After all of that, talk to the Siren.
    You are now back in the Hanging Gardens. Destroy the petrified bodies 
    surrounding you and defeat the three Gasfellas and Squirts. You're in a pretty
    cramped position here. Just keep evading and you should be fine. The next 
    island has more Gasfellas and Squirts. Take them down and speak with Zulf.
    You are now at the Bastion...or not. There's a friendly Lunkhead and a friendly
    Wallflower. They don't stay friendly though. There's also a large Pecker and
    some Swampweeds dotting the area. Once they're all down, go to the Skyway and
    use it.
    You are now back in the Sole Regret level. A bunch of turrets start dropping
    in, along with a giant Cornbin that shoots out giant Squirts. Destroy the 
    turret behind the bar and take its place. Here you can shoot the Squirts and
    the Cornbin until it blows up. Mop up the turrets, pick up the Tonics, and 
    destroy Rondy's petrified body to move on.
    You are now back at the very beginning, in The Rippling Walls stage. Move 
    forward and destroy the Plush Pyth in your way. After this, you come across
    the Cael Hammer. It starts moving towards you, and soon you see yourself 
    holding it. You must fight yourself now, though it's not too hard. Just block
    your doppleganger's attacks and then retaliate with your own. After he's down,
    move forward until the screen turns white.
    You're now at an Ordinary Campsite. The floating white light tells you where
    you need to go, so head to the mine carts and grab some ore. Go to the wagon
    to pack the ore. Take some wood from the logs and put it on the campfire, 
    then rest.
    You are now truly awake, back in Jawson's Bog. Pick up the Shard and go left.
    You soon come across a new enemy called a Bootlicker. It's tall and will 
    surround you with thorns if you get close. You can destroy the thorns, though.
    Take it out from a distance. There are two side paths on either side of 
    the Bootlicker. One has some Fragments, the other has a Black Tonic.
    Up ahead you come across a large flower thing called a Lung Blossom. It 
    shoots a volley of fireballs at you and is accompanied by two Bootlickers, two
    Pincushions, and probably a red Vineapple which is definitely not friendly. 
    Before you move to the actual island that the Lung Blossom is on, take out the
    lesser enemies and explore two side paths that go around each side of the 
    island. They give you Tonics. Even after defeating everything but the Lung 
    Blossom, stay off the main island. More enemies will fall in from time to 
    time. Use the side paths as vantage points to hit the Lung Blossom repeatedly
    with a ranged weapon. Once it's gone, use the Skyway.
    Back at the Bastion, insert the Shard into the Monument. You can now upgrade
    one of the buildings. Upgrading a building makes new stuff available inside it.
                                  | ============== |
                                  |                |
                                  | Roathus Lagoon |                          [W15]
                                  |                |
                                  | ============== |
    Clear the obstacles and move forward. Deal with the Wallflower and the 
    Peckers, then head down for a Fragment. When you head back up, you'll have to
    deal with a Lunkhead. Pick up the Sneaky Decoy secret skill next to the 
    campfire and move on.
    You'll come across another Pecker. If you keep going straight, you run into a
    dead end with a Pincushion. Go left instead and deal with the Wallflowers 
    along this path. When you reach the small square where you first see the 
    Anklegator in action, keep going straight and a side path pops up with a 
    Pincushion at the end. There's also some food here that will heal you if you 
    step over it.
    Your path is soon blocked by a large plant: the Stinkweed. Use a ranged weapon
    to avoid dealing with the poisonous gas. You can also examine the side path 
    just before the Stinkweed, if you want to fight a Pecker and get some food.
    On this next island you'll find a new weapon: the Brusher's Pike. As soon as 
    you pick it up, a Lunkhead comes out of the tall grass. The Anklegator will 
    also come out, but you can't harm it, so just ignore it for now. Don't forget
    the Wallflowers in the distance either. You can also throw the Pike, if you 
    want. Go left to fight a Wallflower, then head back onto the main path.
    There are more Pincushions and Wallflowers along the path. At the fork, go 
    down and take out the Stinkweed, then pick up the goodies around him and go 
    the other way. This island has Pincushions and Wallflowers. You see the 
    Anklegator running away again. Keep going up and you'll find an Arsenal. Head
    back and continue on the main path.
    Once you reach the next field, you'll have to deal with a Wallflower, a 
    Lunkhead, and the Anklegator. You can actually deal with the Anklegator, but 
    it will certainly try to deal with you. When the area vibrates, evade 
    immediately. Go up from this island to get a bunch of Fragments hidden in 
    tall grass, but be careful. The Anklegator likes to hit you while you're in 
    there. Go back and head to the right now.
    Hurry past the first patch of tall grass and go up. Kill the Stinkweed and 
    collect the Something Pointy upgrade material. Continue on the main path 
    and hurry through the grass. At the end, go down and collect the Anklegator 
    Egg memento and the Health Tonic.
    On the next island, you're stuck in Queen Anne's lair. You can see the horn 
    coming towards you. When it reaches you, the Anklegator comes up. The best way
    to do this is to roll towards the horn, then roll away immediately. This will
    get the Anklegator to come up. At this point, you can hit it with your pike.
    The more damage it takes, the faster it becomes. Also, Pincushions and 
    Wallflowers drop in all over the place. Once the Anklegator is down, go pick 
    up the Shard and head back to the Skyway.
                                   | ============= |
                                   |               |
                                   | Point Lemaign |                          [W16]
                                   |               |
                                   | ============= |
    Move forward and deal with the Peckers, Stinkeyes, and Wallflowers. You'll 
    soon come to a new weapon: the Army Carbine. The longer you hold down X, the
    more powerful and more accurate it becomes. Deal with the Pecker, the 
    Stinkweed, and the Pincushions.
    If you cross the railroad tracks you'll find a side path that goes to the 
    right. There's food and Fragments at the end. Head back to the tracks and go 
    up. Here, the screen automatically scrolls up, so you'll need to keep pace.
    The hidden green things you first encounter are Stinkeyes. Pincushions, 
    Wallflowers, and even a Bootlicker populate platforms on the sides of the 
    tracks. Deal with them as best you can.
    At the top, when the screen stops scrolling, go right. There's a Lunkhead to 
    deal with over here, but the reward is some food and possibly a dropped Health
    Tonic. Continue up the railroad tracks and take out the two Wallflowers. 
    A side path opens up to the left and leads to some Fragments and another 
    Wallflower. Back on the main path, you'll have to deal with a Wallflower, a 
    Lunkhead, and a large Pecker. The next side path to the left leads to a 
    peculiar Wallflower and some Tonics.
    You'll soon reach an Arsenal. To the left of this there is a side path. You'll
    have to move to the very end of the block to get the next one to come up. At 
    the end you'll find a shooting Pecker and an upgrade material: Something Sharp.
    Once you pass the Arsenal, you'll have to fight through a variety of enemies,
    culminating in another Lunkhead, before you reach the Shard.
    After picking up the Shard, the screen begins scrolling up again. This time,
    the rail is covered with Swampweeds. Navigating them is a pain, especially 
    since you've got Peckers and Wallflowers also popping up all over the place.
    If you have to, just roll through them. There are also logs in your way that 
    you must destroy. The second set of logs gives you the upgrade material 
    Something Fancy. Near the end of the scrolling section, a large Stinkweed 
    blocks your path. Use ranged attacks and try to deal with it quickly. If 
    you've whittled its health down quite a bit, roll in and perform a close 
    range attack to take it out. If it still has some health, you might just want
    to fall off the side. You'll be deposited back on the other side of the 
    Stinkweed if you do this.
    The scrolling section stops when the railroad tracks fall away. Deal with the
    Wallflowers and Pincushions, then go to the end and speak with the Survivor.
    Pick up the Sealed Note and use the Skyway.
    Back at the Bastion, talk to Rucks and Zia. Zia offers up the Cermaic Stockpot.
    It appears next to the Smoking Pipe and leads to a different Who Knows Where
                                  | ================ |
                                  |                  |
                                  | Colford Cauldron |                        [W17]
                                  |                  |
                                  | ================ |
    Move forward and deal with the Vineapples and Stinkeyes. On the large island,
    you'll face Peckers. There's also a Stinkweed on a platform above you that 
    constantly bombards the area with poison, so stay on the move.
    On the next path you'll encounter a couple of Stinkeyes and another Stinkweed.
    There's also a Wallflower further on. Most of the Stinkeyes remain in the 
    ground. You'll soon reach a new weapon: the Fire Bellows. It takes up your 
    melee weapon slot, but using it shoots out a stream of fire ahead of you. Use
    it to deal with the Peckers, the tall grass, and the Bootlicker. Once you've
    removed all of the grass, you can go right. A Stinkweed and a Wallflower shoot
    at you from a far island. Deal with them and pick up Something Heavy at the 
    end. Go back and head down now.
    The path ahead is filled with enemies. You'll soon reach an island with 
    Pincushions and a Wallflower. Note that the Fire Bellows damages Wallflowers 
    even if their petals are up. After clearing this island out, a Pecker Nest 
    memento falls from the sky. Clear the grass and go down and to the right.
    You'll come across a large Pecker, Something Pointy, and an Arsenal.
    Head back and take the left path. You'll soon be surrounded by Wallflowers, 
    Peckers, and two Bootlickers. If the Bootlickers trap you in the thorns, 
    roll to get out. The path ahead is filled with Wallflowers and Stinkeyes. The
    Stinkeyes won't come out, however, until you pick up the Shard at the end.
    Head back the way you came, taking out Stinkeyes as you go. A shortcut pops 
    up to the right after a bit, and it leads right to a Skybridge. You'll need
    to deal with Stinkweeds and a Pecker before you can use it.
    Once you land, you'll be back where you found the Fire Bellows. There's a 
    large Stinkeye here along with some smaller ones. Backtrack up the path and 
    you'll face even more Stinkeyes, along with Peckers, Wallflowers, and a 
    Back at the Bastion, talk to Zia about the Pecker Nest to make a Pecker 
    appear. This should get you the Pet Sitter achievement. Use the Shard and head
    back to the Skyway when you're ready.
                                    | ========== |
                                    |            |
                                    | Mount Zand |                            [W18]
                                    |            |
                                    | ========== |
    You'll have to wade through a lot of thick bushes here. It's hard to see 
    anything. You'll have to deal with Lunkheads as you move forward. Once you 
    reach a pond, don't go past it. Instead, explore side paths just before it 
    that branch off to the left and right. If you go to the left, there's a small
    island with a few Fragments. There's also another side path further away from
    the pond that leads to some Fragments and apples. If you go to the right, 
    past the campfire, you'll find Something Greasy.
    Now head past the pond and you'll exit the brush. Go down and to the right 
    when you get the chance. You'll find an Anklegator, a Stinkweed, and a 
    Wallflower on this island. Kill them all for Fragments and a Black Tonic.
    Go back and head up to the next island. Deal with the Wallflower and 
    Stinkweeds, and grab the Health Tonic to the right. If you go left, there's a 
    Pincushion hidden in a bush along with another Health Tonic.
    Go up the piece of wood and grab a new weapon: the Galleon Mortar. Hold X and
    a reticule moves away from you along the line of fire. Release X to shoot a 
    mortar on the reticule. It does a lot of damage, so make sure you don't get 
    caught in the blast. Go to the right and deal with the Peckers and Stabweeds.
    There's an Arsenal over here, along with a Black Tonic and the Fine Gramophone
    memento. A Pincushion and some more Stabweeds appear behind you after you 
    grab the memento.
    Head back to where you picked up the mortar and go up this time. There are 
    three Wallflowers here. Keep going and deal with the enemies you encounter. 
    When you get the chance, go down a piece of wood and pick up the Tonics. Keep
    going, deal with the Pincushions that appear, and use the Skybridge.
    Pick up the Shard and two Lungblossoms drop in ahead of you, along with 
    Pincushions, Stinkweeds, Stabweeds, and a Wallflower. These Lungblossoms 
    shoot a bunch of projectiles up into the air that then rain down on you, so 
    you will constantly be on the move. Deal with the lesser enemies first, then 
    focus on one Lungblossom at a time. The mortar will probably be too slow to be
    of any use until you take out one of the Lungblossoms. Once they're all dead,
    use the Skyway.
                                  | =============== |
                                  |                 |
                                  | Burstone Quarry |                         [W19]
                                  |                 |
                                  | =============== |
    Move forward and you'll come across a new enemy: the Rattletail. It burrows 
    underground, throws a few rocks at you, then surfaces and runs away. You can
    only damage it when it's above ground, so they can be annoying. Luckily, you 
    also get a couple of Gasfellas to fight for you. They'll probably be busy 
    dealing with the Pincushions up ahead.
    Hit the switch to move the rocks coming out of the ground and open the way 
    forward. There's another switch up ahead that you'll need to press as well.
    It's guarded by Pincushions and Wallflowers.
    Before hitting the next switch, defeat the Lunkhead in the rock cage. The 
    switch lowers those rocks. Move forward and collect the Health Tonic next to
    the switch, but don't hit it yet. Instead, defeat the two Rattletails and go 
    up for another Health Tonic. Now go back and hit the switch.
    Take the upper path if you want to grab a few Fragments and fight the 
    Stinkeyes. Take the lower path to continue on. The friendly Gasfellas will 
    attack you if you get in their way. Deal with the enemies, hit the switch, and
    stop by the Arsenal if you need to.
    The path forks. Go left and hit the switch. You'll come to a bunch of 
    Stinkeyes and Something Stringy. Now head back and hit the switch again. Go
    down, take care of the Pincushions, but ignore this switch. Instead, go 
    further down and head up for some Fragments and a Health Tonic. Now hit the 
    switch closest to you to open the way forward.
    Go up when you get a chance to grab a Black Tonic, then go down and deal 
    with the Pincushions, Wallflowers, and the Lunkhead. Hit the switch and move
    You'll soon be in a large area with a large Lunkhead. He has a lot of health
    and is faster than normal. You'll also have to simulatenously deal with two
    Pincushions and two Rattletails. You must constantly be on the move. When the
    Lunkhead comes down, he does it with enough force to knock you off the edge of
    the world. Once they're all dead, go up and pick up the Tonics and Something
    Coarse, then head through the opened gates near the bottom. Talk to Zulf, hit
    the switch, grab the Shard, and leave.
    Once you arrive back at the Bastion, you will find that is indeed under siege.
    There's a Ura warrior right at the beginning. They are quick and can move 
    long distances. Deal with both of these guys and move up.
    Your way into the Bastion is blocked, so head down onto the tiled road. Two 
    side paths lead to Fragments and Zia's Harp Guitar. Head straight down and use
    the Skyway.
    You'll be dropped into the Bastion now. Your four pets are fighting a few 
    Ura warriors. Defeat them all and insert the Shard into the Monument.
                                   | ============= |
                                   |               |
                                   | Urzendra Gate |                          [W20]
                                   |               |
                                   | ============= |
    Head up until you see green Ura warriors. They move just as fast as blue Ura,
    but shoot at you instead of using melee attacks. Defeat them and go up for 
    some Fragments, then head back on the main path. The screen fades to black.
    You wind up in a jungle with a Lunkhead. Take him out and destroy the 
    vegetation in your way. You'll have to deal with a couple more Lunkheads before
    the screen once again fades to black.
    You wind up on some wooden platforms. Go left and explore the area back here
    and down the stairs for Fragments. Now head back the other way and deal with
    the green Ura. There are blue Ura as you progress. You'll soon reach an 
    island where you fight both. Look on the upper part of this island for 
    Something Fancy. Use the barge to continue on.
    In the next area, move along the path and defeat a single Ura hiding in some
    tall grass. Keep moving until the screen fades to white.
    You are now sleeping in a bedroll. A blue Ura is standing above you, so get up
    and take him down. Move up and to the right to get to the next area.
    A blue Ura is fighting some Peckers up ahead. Defeat all of them and head 
    down when the path forks. Here you'll find a Stinkeye and two Tonics. Head 
    back and continue up the main path until you can go up. You'll find Stinkeyes
    here and an upgrade material: Something Wrong. Follow the main path until 
    you are transported to a new area.
    Hard-to-see Fragments litter the ground in this area. Use the rocks to get
    from island to island. Once the path forks, go up to find more Fragments and a
    green Ura. Now head down and fight one more green Ura.
    The last area, finally. Move forward until a blue Ura come in on a barge. 
    Deal with him and collect the Shard ahead. Unfortunately, you are ambushed and
    the Shard is stolen. Deal with the Rattletails and use the Skyway.
                                  | =============== |
                                  |                 |
                                  | Zulten's Hollow |                         [W21]
                                  |                 |
                                  | =============== |
    As soon as you land, go right and defeat the two Ura, then grab the 
    Calamity Cannon, a new ranged weapon. Hold X to send out a ball of highly
    damaging energy. Destroy the four statues at each corner of the square to 
    open the way forward. Two turrets pop up at this point, and they seem to fire
    lasers at you.
    Go up now and deal with the Ura. You'll come to another square surrounded by
    four statues and filled with Stinkeyes. These statues are actually conductors
    that keep the place together. Destroy them all to open the way forward. Go 
    up for a Health Tonic and Fragments, then go right to get back on the 
    main path.
    Destroy the turrets and use the Arsenal if you want. Keep going, past the 
    turrets and Rattletails. Destroy the next four conductors.
    You'll come to an area with a few Rattletails in it. Defeat them and go left.
    The conductors are on the other side of a wall, but you can shoot one of them
    from your side. This will lower the entire wall. Go over there, defeat the 
    Rattletail, and take Something Burnt. Destroy the other conductor to get some
    Fragments. Now head back and go the other way.
    In this next area you'll come across Stinkeye Nests. These things spit out 
    Stinkeyes in the same way Cornbins spit out Squirts, so deal with them fast.
    There are also a couple of turrets and several conductors to destroy. Once 
    they're all gone, go down and defeat the blue Ura. You can pick up some 
    Fragments and Something Foul here. Now head back and go up.
    The path forks here. Go up and to the right to fight a couple of Ura and get
    some Fragments and a Health Tonic. Head back and go up and left now. There's a
    Rattletail, a green Ura, and two turrets protecting the next set of conductors.
    The next large island holds a blue Ura and a Stinkeye nest. Once they're both
    down, move to the rock wall and look to the right. You'll have to shoot one of
    the conductors to lower the wall. Once you're on the other side, destroy the
    other conductors, the blue Ura, and the Rattletail, then head down to 
    collect a Health Tonic and Fragments.
    Now head up and deal with the Rattletails and Ura. Go left after you've taken
    them out and you'll come across more Ura and turrets. There's also a Tonic 
    over here and Something Wrong.
    Go back and up this time. You'll encounter orange Ura warriors. These guys
    use rapid fire crossbows. Take them both out and destroy the conductors. 
    Deal with any turrets and Rattletails that pop up, then go up and left. You'll
    come across a memento: a Child's Drawing. Now head back and go up and right.
    Talk to Zia to head back to the Bastion.
    Once here, talk to Zia and Rucks. Go to the Pipe and Stockpot and you'll find
    a Bedroll. This takes you to yet another Who Knows Where arena. Make sure 
    you've taken care of business before you leave. The Tazal Terminals are the
    final mission.
                                | =================== |
                                |                     |
                                | The Tazal Terminals |                       [W22]
                                |                     |
                                | =================== |
    You're dropped in the middle of three small Rattletails. Defeat them. If you 
    go down, an Ura comes in on a barge. Go up deal with the turrets and Ura 
    until you reach an island with two Tonics in the middle. When you go to pick
    them up, six Ura surround you. Fight them off and continue up.
    You'll fight more turrets and Ura. When you reach the next large island, a 
    bunch of Ura come in on barges. There are also large orange Ura here. If you
    used the bedroll, you've already come across them. They fire one shot at you
    ever so often, but you will be poisoned by that shot and lose health for a 
    few seconds.
    After destroying a rock and going through an arch, you'll be on a large 
    island with a Stinkeye nest, a bunch of Rattletails, and some Ura. Best to 
    back up and deal with these enemies one at a time. Move forward and you'll 
    come across another Health Tonic and Black Tonic sitting together. Move 
    towards it and you are once again surrounded by Ura. These guys are harder to
    take down, though, so you might need to back up. They drop a few Health Tonics
    though. Get on the barge when you're ready.
    Fight your way past a couple of Ura until you reach an item called Hop Scotch.
    It allows you to jump! Press A to get over to the island with Tonics, then 
    head over to the next platform and continue on.
    You'll wind up in a big area with some Ura. Rocks/icicles fall down and create
    holes in the floor, so watch your step, and jump when you need to. Keep going
    until you reach a conductor guarded by a few Ura. Defeat them and destroy the
    conductor, then move on.
    The floor starts falling apart, so rush through this area. Jump over as much 
    stuff as possible, and try to ignore the Ura. You probably won't be able to,
    but try anyway. At the end, take out the orange Ura and use the Skyway.
    You're now on an island with a large Ura. Take him out and go down. You'll 
    be hopping across a bunch of small islands for a while now. There are turrets,
    Ura, and tonics to find. At the end, get on the barge.
    In the next area, jump to the islands on either side of the gate and use the 
    switches to open it. On the next platform, go up to find a Tonic, then hit the
    switch and head through the gate. At the end here you'll find a Battering Ram.
    Once you pick it up, you can only use it, but it does major damage. Press X to
    strike something and press B to slam it into the ground. Use it to deal with
    the two bulls that appear. You can also use its secret skill, if you want.
    Backtrack to the island and use the ram to clear out all of the rocky spires 
    on the left side. There are Ura here, along with Black Tonics. You'll 
    eventually come to a barge.
    When you land, you are facing several Ura. Now would be a good time to use that
    secret skill, which causes a ton of projectiles to fall from the sky around 
    you. Fight your way through the Ura and turrets until you reach the Shard.
    An Ura holds onto it and teleports away when you get close. Everytime he 
    teleports, more Ura drop in for you to deal with. This happens a few times 
    until the main guy finally decides to fight you. Two bulls surround the Shard,
    as well. Take them all out and grab it.
    Head down and you'll see Ura beating on Zulf. Go up to him and press X. You
    can choose to leave him or take him with you. If you take him, you lose the
    Battering Ram, and you can't fight back. Still, two Health Tonics should 
    cover you as you move to the Skyway. After a bit, the Ura stop attacking you
    and just watch.
    Once you're back at the Bastion, head to the Monument and you'll go inside of
    it. Talk to Rucks and Zia about your options, then use the Monument. You can 
    restore everything to its pre-calamity state, or you can choose to evacuate 
    with the others, staying in this post-calamity world. Making a choice ends 
    the game.
                                   ||             ||
                                   ||  Technical  ||                         [TECH]
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    Any website may use this guide, as long as it is kept intact and proper credit 
    is given. Contact me at pbreedlove89@yahoo.com if you have any
    questions about the guide or the game.

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