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"EDF EDF EDF!!! YES!!!! You need to go buy this game now!!"

If you liked EDF 2017, you will like this game 3 times as much. Vicious Cycle has upgraded EDF in every conceivable way. From the 4 new player classes to offline and online co-op, this game is an absolute steal at $39. It is a definite buy for anyone look for a fantastic game.

Graphics 9/10

EDF 2017 was known graphically to be subpar due to it being a budget title with lots of action on screen. Somehow Vicious Cycle manages to pull of some very detailed and nice looking visuals and still have all the mayhem and action of the first game. The big explosions are still here although it is more of a plasma explosion rather than a fiery one. However the wow effect is still there. You can even change the color of your character which I thought was pretty cool. Every building, car, street light, vehicle, bug and soldier has 3 times the detail it had in 2017. So my first impression of this new Vicious engine is very good one indeed.

Sound 9/10

From the Bullets to the bugs, the game sounds great. I especially like some of the new humorous dialogue throughout the campaign. The voice acting is better but retains that corny campy B movie feel that we all know and love. This game in no way disappoints in the sound department.

Controls 10/10

The controls are smoother and more responsive than its predecessor. It is easier to aim, shoot and dodge in IA. I also like the fact that there are no wasted buttons this time around they all at least do something.

Gameplay 10/10

This is definitely EDF 2017 Upgraded. IA retains the exact same gameplay elements and features of the first game but is more fleshed out and fine tuned. This creates a very smooth, perfect paced and balanced game altogether. I really like that the 4 classes are all useful. They are well balanced and not one class outshines the other. After 4 hours of gameplay I have yet to decide which class I prefer to use (which is a great thing). This means that the game will have a longer replay value as you experiment with the different class combinations and weapon types.

Also new to IA are class specific special abilities. These really add to the depth of the gameplay. In 2017 each player simply chose two weapons to fight with. In IA you still can choose two weapons but the class ability is somewhat equivalent to a third. For example the Tactical Trooper can use the turrets similar to the first game. You don't have to waste a turret on a weapon slot. This is a big bonus for all of you EDF vets out there that use turrets heavily. The heavy class is slow and hard to maneuver, so instead of running from battle you can activate a shield which will absorb all damage and you can still use your weapons which is awesome. This shield itself also a weapon that can be used against the bugs. The Jet trooper has the ability to fly which makes escaping from battle pretty easy if you find yourself in a bind. The trooper class is able to move, revive and reload the quickest of any of the classes

You can tell Vicious Cycle really had the end user in mind here. They looked at each aspect of gameplay and fine tuned it for this experience. You can tell they took their time to analyze a class aspect here or a level aspect there. The game flow is just great.
I honestly haven't run into anything I can say about this game that is negative. I am sure I will come across something.

Multiplayer 15/10

Vicious Cycle out did themselves here. No slowdown and wait for it……… lag. Now I am sure I will have laggy matches eventually but I played for straight hours without a single hiccup. This is quite amazing. If a low budget developer like this can produce a multiplayer game of this scale with little to no lag, I now expect much much more from the Call of Duty and Battlefield studios.
Online also features drop in drop out co-op and it is the smoothest I have ever seen. So smooth in fact, if it weren't for the audio cue “someone has joined the fight!” I wouldn't even have noticed players joining the game.

Final 10/10

Yup I will be playing this game for quite some time. I will be going for 1000 gamer score on this one. The best part…I will love every minute of it! This is definitely a game co-op fans pick up immediately. No need for a huge learning curve or extreme frustration from game play. This is game represents what video games are really about. FUN FUN and more FUN!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/08/11

Game Release: Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (US, 07/01/11)

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